Standing Firm

January 9th, 2020

Joe loves NFL fans. They’re filled with deep passion and strong opinions, and they make the game fun year-round.

And fans love to stand firm on players they love or hate, no matter what happens on the field.

Joe brings this up because of the stunning revelation by Titans beat writer Turron Davenport on WDAE radio.

In October, the Titans sent starting QB Marcus Mariota to the bench in favor of Ryan Tannehill. And chatting about that switch this week, Davenport said despite the Titans going 8-3 with Tannehill leading the way (including a playoff win), there are loads of Tennessee fans who disapprove of the move.

“There is a large group of [Titans] fans that still want Mariota to be the quarterback,” Davenport said. “He just has a way of connecting to people. You know, he’s a very nice guy. Listen, he showed spurts of special talent but the problem is spurts don’t win you games week-in and week-out. They’ll win you a game once in a while.”

Think about that. In comes experienced Tannehill, who literally lit up the Titans offense off the bench and transformed it, and legions of Titans fans still want bland Mariota.

Hearing that made Joe think about the Jameis lovers and haters. The lovers would have been pissed if Fitzmagic thrived as a starter and lasted, and the haters would want Jameis gone no matter what he accomplished on the field.

Some people just cannot be shaken.

It also lets Joe there would be all out chaos in Tampa Bay fandom if the Bucs, say, brought back Jameis for 2020 and drafted a quarterback in Round 3. If that rookie completed a few good passes in preseason, an absolute civil war might break out among Bucs fans.

96 Responses to “Standing Firm”

  1. Steven007 Says:

    It reminds you that the word fan came from the word fanatic.

  2. 813bucboi Says:

    how many yards did JW pass for this season?…..

    thats the number of excuses “the lovers” have come up with……

    GO BUCS!!!!!!!

  3. SmittyToiletBowles Says:

    Yes it is crazy. This fan just wants wins. I was a Jameis fan but after 5 years I havnt eaten enough W’s. Pick up some alphabet soup on your way home cuz we are starving for W’s!

  4. Buccernutter Says:

    Unfortunately, our fan base is so dumb I don’t think they will ever position him for success. It’s so bad I bet there would be a large number of Bucs fans that would be mad if he won a Super Bowl.

    He’ll be back next year but its unfortunate how much he’s divided the fan base. That’s the only thing I can blame him for. But it’s really not directly his fault.

  5. Adrnagy Says:

    I don’t care what titans fans want. Think. Or say.

    If the QB is liked , the fan base will be as one. If the QB is not like you’ll have a split fan base just like we have.

    Let’s say you bring Aaron Rodgers. Everyone (fans) will love the bucs. Let’s say you keep Jameis , half fans will love / hate the bucs.

    QB is not the most important position on the team but also on the fan base.

    But there’s also fake fans like bucboyie and diehard fan like me.

  6. LordCornelius Says:

    The good:

    #3 scoring offense
    5100+ passing yards
    47 offensive TDs
    8.2 yards per attempt

    The bad:

    41 offensive turnovers – 35 by the QB (30 INT / 5 fumbles)
    3.7 YPA rushing attack

    The hopeful:

    1 INT per 21 attempts in 2019 vs a career history of 1 per 33 from 2015-2018
    The “1st year in Arians system” splits of every QB before him

    I think we ride or die 1 more season.

    Go Bucs.

  7. LordCornelius Says:

    Also the reason Mariota is less polarizing is he didn’t have the FSU baggage coming into the NFL. A lot of Bucs fans hated Winston before he threw his 1st pass whereas Mariota is Mr Rodgers or whatever.

  8. ben Says:

    Winston is like fool’s gold

  9. 941bucsfan Says:

    Mariota doesnt turn the ball over… but all fans had to say was “mariota got a playoff game but jameis doesnt” mariota gets benched and tannehill does the same shyyt. Mariota is a checkdown artist that still landed him on the bench. Alex smith was a checkdown artist that got him ran out of town in kc and san fran. Hey not turning the ball over gets you ran out of town too

  10. Mister Negative Nancy Says:


    Many of us don’t like Winston because we believed the accusations against him. That he’s also turned into an ineffective quarterback is relieving.

    Were Joe ever to address it and post an article that clearly exonerates Winston, then I’d happily change my stripes and just dislike his play alone. Make the case.

    For some of us it really does matter. I’m not going to stand and cheer for someone I believe ruined a poor girl’s life. Not ever.

    If that makes me a “hater” then I’ll consider it a badge of honor.

  11. Robert Says:

    winston is like ricky bobby from talledga nights

    1st or last!

  12. 813bucboi Says:

    i think thats more of davenports opinion vs the actual truth…..

    one of my business partners lives in nashville and loved MM when he was drafted….rooted for him…but was feed up with him this year…..when we speak, he says lots of fans were done with MM….

    the biggest difference between JW and MM that we’ve discussed is that MM didnt play college ball in TENN……TENN fans wanted and needed a QB in 2015…..didnt matter to them…..he said they wouldve taken JW with open arms…..

    JW was a different story because of where he played college ball…..besides the bucs needing a QB, they also needed to fill the seats…..JW offered the glazers the ability to kill 2 birds with 1 stone…..

    funny thing is, TENN fans are glad they didnt draft JW and BUCS fans are glad we didnt draft MM…….

    but even with his benching, MM does have a playoff W……lol….

    GO BUCS!!!!!!!

  13. Troy Says:

    Funny how this happens all over the league. Come to Illinois and listen to the Trubisky haters, or Jacksonville with Minshew Mania. It’s the fans recognizing that QBs drive the team to wins and losses more than any other position. I love Winston and I hate Winston if that’s possible. That’s why I want to move on from him. It’s like a relationship that just isn’t working out. The highs are great, the lows are horrible, and the promises of “I just got to get better” aren’t cutting it anymore.

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    computer error it this post twice….lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  15. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @Buccernutter Says:
    “Unfortunately, our fan base is so dumb ……”
    Which fan base are you part off “our”, then you are dumb too….. 🙂 ..
    or FSU fan base?? in this case, we the Bucs fan base, know what you are….:) 🙂

    BA = LovieS 2.0

  16. gilhealy Says:

    Hmm, let’s see, how can I turn this into an anti Winston piece? You’ve gone to a sad place, JoeBucsFan. Constant drivel to satisfy the majority of your commenters. I used to love this site. Couldn’t wait to read it. Would comment frequently. My god, you’ve fallen over the cliff. You’ve let the inmates run the show. Shame on you.

  17. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    mariotta is a playoff qb and winston is not; so there is that as well…and mariotta played in a playoff game in his NFL career so there is that too

  18. gilhealy Says:

    Hey Negative Nancy, dumbas$, so you take her word without fail, and discount Jameis’ wholesale? Why then did she back off the civil suit as soon as he counter sued? Why did her story change no less than 4 times? Why did she ask her girlfriend to change panties with her because” it’s just what you do in this situation”? Rube.

  19. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Interesting how some “I know more than you” types on here (bucnut something) calls the fan base “dumb”…..the dumbest thing is calling fans dumb. And he’ll do it again.

  20. Buccernutter Says:

    Just when I think I’ve seen the dumbest comment ever, crazybucs one ups it.

    Suggesting BA is lovie 2.0 is unbelievably stupid. I wish I could debate with these kids in person. I would trump almost all of you.

    We will contend in 2020.

    crazybucs Here’s some advice, don’t pigeonhole yourself if I’m not talking directly to you. It’s evident you don’t like jameis but you’re in for a long ride.

  21. Buccernutter Says:

    o and btw


  22. Colonel Angus Says:

    That’s funny, I live in Nashville and haven’t talked to a Titans fan yet who is complaining of the move, quite the opposite actually. Dude isn’t talking to Joe Titan Fan I reckon.

  23. gilhealy Says:

    Colonel Angus, of course they’re not. It’s just a way to get another Jameis hater thread started. It’s all this site has turned into. Rile up the masses. Damn shame.

  24. ATrain Says:


    What has changed?????


    A bunch of Stats. —— Ask Raheem about Stats

    You want FANS to love an arrogant loser. He learned from McCheckCash

  25. VA Tom Says:

    “Legions”? 🙄

  26. 941bucsfan Says:

    Lol didnt I tell yall in my comment earlier… look at Dusthty comment lol. Thats the only argument. So has trent dilfer, rex grossman, mark sanchez and ton of worse Qbs lol. That playoff win got him on the bench lol.

  27. LaMarcus Says:

    I stand behind JW no matter what. Even if he throws 40-40 next year.

    I cant wrap my head around turnovers losing games and stuff like that. The secondary failed is and our season. I’m no dummy. I saw what happened. blaming ints is lazy

  28. 941bucsfan Says:

    I remember when fans used to say “well mariotas doesnt have the weapons like jameis” and thats why he doesnt put the same numbers up as winston does….. then ryan tannehill goes in with the same “non weapons that mariota had” and lights it up…. now its “mariota needs to find the right coach” lol . This guy threw only 2ints last year, has a playoff game under his belt and Jameis is still gonna make more $$$ than him next year lol

  29. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Tannehill has been throwing for 100yds/game the past few games….winston would lose you games that are very close by doing a dumbheaded play that he always does; and the bottom line is getting into the playoffs and rex grossman dilfer, doug williams (super bowl MVP), nick foles, brad johnson, jeff hostetler, phil simms, eli manning, jim plunkett, frank reich, warren moon would take all except dilfer over jameis in a heartbeat

  30. catcard202 Says:

    When was the last time a drafted Oregon QB got a 2nd contract from their original drafting team???? Dan Fouts???

    Mariota was a system QB that never really fit what the Titans wanted to do. (Square peg / round hole)…As such, he’s on his way out of Nashville! (Look-out LAC! Your next BU QB is right around the corner!!!)

    Herbert’s the latest Oregon QB flavor of the month, but I’m sure he will sour with time – once he gets into the league & isn’t playing against soft Pac12 DEF schemes.

  31. Craig Says:

    It is unfair to Mariota and his situation to compare him to Jameis.

    Mariota is a genuinely nice guy and did take the Titans to the playoffs. He got damn close a couple of other times but bot injured. He would give any team a better shot at the playoffs than Jameis.

    Jameis might be a nice guy, but he has made it hard to see all the time and has come off as a total ass most of the times he opens his mouth in public. He is also 28-42 as a starter. It is not that he has lesser talent around him than Mariota, he just keeps shooting his team in the hamstring.

    There will always be some malcontents who will say that we were better off with Winston if we moved on. If we get to the playoffs without him a lot of those will change their colors and get on board. There will still be some who are true believers that he was a winner. I’m sure Ryan Leaf still has some folk that say he got a raw deal.

  32. Posey99 Says:

    We also don’t have a tannehill playing behind winston. If we did, he would of played this year too

  33. gotbbucs Says:

    I wasn’t a “hater”, which is a ridiculous way to categorize us, until the gropping incident and Fitzpatrick’s incredible play to open last season and the organization’s complete lack of awareness in seeing how the team performed for him. Winston completely lied to the organization and the fan base and they let him slither his way right back onto the field only to watch him piss away more winnable games.
    Enter this year, with a completely new coaching staff, assembled to get the best out of Winston, and not only does he regress on everything other than throwing jump balls to two Pro Bowl caliber receivers deep, but he sets historic records for turnovers, and in the end thinks that he “balled out” all year. Never mind the historic turnover records.
    The guy has no conscience and more money won’t make that better. It’s one thing for a QB to have a short memory and move on from his mistakes, but to show not even the least bit of understanding and going right back out there and doing it over and over and over again, without regret is unacceptable.
    We can lose just fine without this kind of QB, nevermind with this kind of compulsive sexual deviant of a human.

  34. Swampbuc Says:

    Lots of very ignorant people in the world.

  35. NO FEAR... Says:


  36. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Joe, quoting Davenport about Mariota, ” he showed spurts of special talent but the problem is spurts don’t win you games week-in and week-out. They’ll win you a game once in a while.” Couldn’t we just switch Winston’s name for Mariota and say the same?

  37. Couch Fan Says:

    “He shows spurts of special talent”….

    That sounds exactly like Winston. Make no mistake, I’d take Winston over Mariota all day every day but it sounds like they are talking about the same guy here.

    And the fan base is only divided because Winston hasent brought us many wins. If he did, we wouldn’t be having these conversation. He hasent been good enough period. Spin that.

  38. Bucs4821 Says:

    Davenport: “Listen, he showed spurts of special talent but the problem is spurts don’t win you games week-in and week-out. They’ll win you a game once in a while.”

    Sounds like he’s talking about Winston.

  39. Bucs4821 Says:

    Looks like 3 of us came to the same conclusion and posted simultaneously!

  40. chris L Says:

    yes it is wild but i dont care who plays on the team. i want winning results from the team and players. joe just because people criticize jameis they are not haters. some are but some are absolute apologists. i want the team to win. i dont give a damn who does it but they better represent the bucs well on the field and off. when i criticize jameis it is the turnovers because that loses games.

    do i want him to succeed? you better damn think so.

  41. Joe in Michigan Says:

    New guy in 1st year in Bruce Arians offense, throws interceptions.
    The next new guy in 2021 throws interceptions learning BA’s offense.
    It’d be an endless cycle, if they let the fans decide.

  42. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Mister negative Nancy – you def SOUND like a Nancy boy. Grow a pair

  43. Coburn Says:

    Can we just have them make the decision soon. I’m tI red of every other artile or mb thread being about Jameis. At least this article offered a unique perspective but there isn’t much left to say about Jameis at this point. Both camps know both their own arguments and the ones from the other camp

  44. LaMarcus Says:

    Joe in Michigan wins the day.

  45. DrDolittle Says:

    Joe you are wrong about one thing. As a Jameis supporter I wanted to keep Fitz startingas long as he was winning. I was a Bucs fan before I was a Jameis fan. Right now, I think he had more upside than any other WB that’s available to us at this time. Bridgewater is good but Jameis is great. It takes a special talent to throw for 30 ints, 30 TDS and, 5000+ yards!

  46. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Always do.

  47. DrDolittle Says:

    ATRAIN What has Jameis done for this team???When you see the TV schedule for next year, you will know. Almost every sports show I watch talks about Jameis. Jameis is Must SEe TV!!!!

  48. D-Rome Says:

    Gauging by the Tennessee Titans subreddit half of the fanbase was divided on benching the Hawaiian Prince. When they started winning, those in favor of Mariota starting dwindled but there are still die-hards out there. The majority of those Titans fans want to win no matter who the QB is. The thing is, all Jameis critics are Bucs fans but not all Jameis fans are Bucs fans. Many of those folks are Jameis fans and that’s it. They can’t be taken seriously. This would hardly be a discussion if Jameis went to Boston College instead of FSU and those poll numbers would look closer to 65/35 in favor of moving on from Jameis.

  49. 813bucboi Says:


    if it wasnt for realist and lamarcus, you would win the FAKE FAN award….

    but you certainly WIN the DUMBEST FAN award!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  50. AtlBucs Says:

    ATRAIN What has Jameis done for this team???When you see the TV schedule for next year, you will know. Almost every sports show I watch talks about Jameis. Jameis is Must SEe TV!!!!

  51. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mike Evans pulled out of Pro Bowl…not sure why. Maybe an injury?

  52. '79 Defense Says:

    “…if the Bucs, say, brought back Jameis for 2020 and drafted a quarterback in Round 3. If that rookie completed a few good passes in preseason…”

    Sad to say, but after 44 seasons (44 freaking years) of not having anything close to a legitimate franchise quarterback, any Buc fan who’s been around a while knows that whatever round a QB is picked by this team, that guy’s chances of having a long, overly successful career in Tampa basically non-existent.

  53. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Well, I guess we know DrDolittle & AtlBucs is one of those guys who uses multiple usernames.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I would take Mariota…as a backup. Certainly a better option than most others.

  55. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Look at those eyes

    the eyes are the window to the soul

    these 2 set of eyes are saying to each other

    You going back to Samoa to be a high school football coach?

    Im going back to Hueytown Alabama to do the same”

    2015 Hall of Shame members

  56. LaMarcus Says:


    I support my Qb. If it makes me fake fan so be it. Because I’m supposed to think like u and bash a player for “trying to win” for us and I’m supposed to hate him because he cant do it?

    Until we get a qb that’s a blend with Vick, terminator, and Thanos prototype and could play all the positions out there then I will blame the Qb for not getting us out of futility

  57. AtlBucs Says:

    When Joe did that article about the abandoned/run away dog I did a spoof post as Dt Doolittle. When I posted today I forgot to change it back to ATLBUCS, which I primarily post as.

  58. ATrain Says:


    That’s the other Teams

    But your right Winston has done something for the NFL : He changed the name of the CB into the CBWR

    And He has another first being the MVP of a game as the losing team for throwing more TDs passes than their QB

  59. ATrain Says:


    Is like any bra He supports the Boob no matter what

  60. JimmyJack Says:

    Winston will always have at least a small section of haters just cause of off field issues.

    But I know if he was a winning QB almost all the fanbase totally behind him. Heck just go back to when he had them 2 wins and threw for 450 per. He was doing great in the polls here and was starting to get full support for all the media’s and podcasters………And then the wheels fell off the support wagon.

    Guaranteed if this team starts 2020 at like 5-0 or something Winston will win over lots of fans. There will still be a lot of skeptics until he puts together a full season but if he can lead us on a deep run the haters will be mostly all gone.

    GO BUCS!!!

  61. mike malarkey Says:

    so basically we shoulda did what the titans did and we would be in the playoffs right? sounds right… “Listen, he showed spurts of special talent but the problem is spurts don’t win you games week-in and week-out. They’ll win you a game once in a while.””winston needs to go

  62. Adrnagy Says:

    There’s no excuses. The fact that others players mistakes fall into Jameis. Example O.J. Howard vs 49 had two int. But fall into Jameis.

    Now, has Jameis decisions making been great no. But I agree 100% half of his int are not on him.
    There’s no excuses. Just watching football. It only takes basic knowledge to see which obviously you don’t have. You’re caught up in the I like or I don’t like dilemma

    813bucboi Says:
    January 9th, 2020 at 12:11 pm
    how many yards did JW pass for this season?…..

    thats the number of excuses “the lovers” have come up with……

    GO BUCS!!!!!!!

  63. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    “I’m not going to stand and cheer for someone I believe ruined a poor girl’s life. Not ever.”

    For the record, Jameis did not get that young girl drunk. She showed up at his dorm drunk on the back of someone’s (Bobo?) motorbike. She wanted to have sex with JW. She later claimed that she didn’t know who Jameis was although she had a class with Jameis.

    Girls talk, do you really think that she had a class with the star QB of a National Champion football and nobody whispered who he was. I think a 6’5″ good looking guy would stand out and be noticeable by most girls.

  64. 813bucboi Says:

    LaMarcus Says:
    January 9th, 2020 at 2:44 pm

    I support my Qb.

    support and accountability are 2 difference things……

    i support JW just as much as i supported VHG….

    but unlike you, i hold both of them accountable……

    dont make excuses and throw a pity party for poor ole JW….he’s not the only player “trying to win”…..

    we dont need JW to be the best thing since sliced bread….we just need him to protect the ball, make good decision and keep his nose clean…..

    all INTs arent his fault but damn, 30INTS….and i aint even mention the fumbles…..

    hold JW accountable…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  65. 813bucboi Says:

    Adrnagy Says:
    January 9th, 2020 at 3:51 pm
    There’s no excuses. The fact that others players mistakes fall into Jameis. Example O.J. Howard vs 49 had two int. But fall into Jameis.

    so all 33TDs JW threw, he was accurate, made the right read and the ball placement was perfect?…..HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ME13, CG12, perriman all had to bail JWs @$$ out plenty of times……there have been passes that were made that shouldve been picked but the WR made a play on a bad throw…..

    so folks want to say, half the INTs wasnt his fault…..welll the same can be said about half his TD passes…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  66. JimmyJack Says:

    Lamarcus is a hypocrite. He said that it is lazy to blame INTs. I actually agree with that point………But then he allows his biased hypocrisy to get in the way and says “the secondary failed and is our season”.

    Maybe, hopefully one day we can evolve and a fanbase and realize that their doesn’t have to be a singular scapegoat for every win and loss.

    Football after all is widely considered the ultimate team sport.

  67. JimmyJack Says:

    Adrnagy……..That is a disingenious argument. While yes it is true not all turnovers are completely on Winston. You can’t just look at those and erase them from the total…….If it’s fair to do that then fine, but you have to make it fair all the way around and you then must account for all the plays that were 100% Winston’s fault but weren’t recorded as INTs…..either because of drops or pentalty. Disingenious to only look at one side of that coin.

    At the end of the day what matters is being better then you opponent. No matter how you slice it Winston threw the most in the league. You can take away some if you want but it’s unfair unless you do it for every QB in the league. Just like you can count extra for every QB in the league that were dropped. Now matter how you study it the result will always be that Winston throws more INTs then his opponent.

  68. JimmyJack Says:

    For me I don’t necessarily care about the totals. Case in point the multipick game he had against the Saints. None of them INTs were at pivitol or key moments. They were desperation plays for the most part.

    I’m more about situations then about stats. Basically saying not all turnovers are created equal.

    Give me those 4 he had against the Saints three games in a row. I won’t care…….But I demand you limit the OT pick in week 17. Because of the situation…..Football is a game of moments in my mind……not a game of numbers.

  69. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “there would be all out chaos in Tampa Bay fandom if the Bucs, say, brought back Jameis for 2020 and drafted a quarterback in Round 3. If that rookie completed a few good passes in preseason, an absolute civil war might break out among Bucs fans.”

    Nice Joe, nice. How to stir the cauldron. You know good & well that IF Jameis were a CONSISTENT winner here in Tampa Bay, there wouldn’t be any chaos at all. He had no real competition this year & put up HUGE stats … Good AND Bad. That’s Jameis … Good Jameis & Bad Jameis.

    Surely Jameis will cut down on those 30 INTs if he stays this year (or BA would bench him), but he’s still Jameis. And this is still a ‘No-Risk-It-No-Biscuit’ Bombs Away offense. Time for the Bucs to look at offensive & defensive production from a TEAM PERSPECTIVE and stop focusing so much on INDIVIDUAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS … pro or con. And oh BTW, COMPETITION never hurt anyone.

  70. LaMarcus Says:

    That’s right!!! I’m bias as hell and I believe JW is somewhere in the top 5.

    But you guys really believe the Bucs can win anything with certain circumstances….. gtfoh. Yall delusions are getting to you. Making someone accountable doesnt mean to go to the comment section and say something. How childish is that?

  71. BrianBucs Says:

    I said before that 2015 draft that neither Winston or Mariotta were true franchise QB’s, and time has proven me to be 100% correct.
    That being said, fans of all teams have their favorite players, and players they don’t like. But what true fans want is what is overall best for their team they support. That is why that true Bucs fans should want Winston to move on.

  72. LaMarcus Says:

    Ppl who never played football, wasn’t good at it, never made the team, or dont have a athletic backround in a sports SHOULD NOT HAVE A OPINION

  73. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    “Ppl who never played football, wasn’t good at it, never made the team, or dont have a athletic backround in a sports SHOULD NOT HAVE A OPINION”

    Like the Glazer Boys?


  74. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “JW was a different story because of where he played college ball”

    Amen 813. Again I went to Cincinnati and in our great football years we only reach mediocrity. We are never in the same class as FSU or UF.

    But Nole fans…you guys are obsessed..I love fans but the constant whining any time we pass on an FSU player grows tedious. I accept the blind love of JW but when it makes you call those who disagree Haters…or too stupid to understand it’s time to drag out your mirrors. WE ARE ALL BUC FANS. 50% LOVE JW 50% are ready to move on.

    D-1 made a great point yesterday…NOBODY is right or wrong because we are talking about the future which is literally unknowable. You can’t claim next year’s scoreboard.

    If BA decides to keep JW….I disagree but I respect BA’s knowledge more than mine. No matter what it won’t change my view of the Bucs. I hope JW lovers feel the same if BA moves on from JW.

    I’m done debating JW. NOTHING is going to change at this point. We are all now set in our beliefs…but not simply because we are haters…I’ve been on and off the JW bandwagon so many times I feel like a schizophreniac.

    I do NOT want MM here under ANY circumstance as that would be salt in the wound of JW lovers.

    I get slang…calling someone who disagrees with you hater is growing weary…but I get it. However I’m OVER the LOSERS who come here and call Buc fans dumb…does that mean by definition then they are either dumb or not a Buc fan themselves?

    As for me I do not “hate” JW. I do not trust him to become consistent. But I accept whatever BA decides. At the end of the day it’s BA’s rep that is going to improve or regress dependent on HIS decision.

  75. Rodney Munch Says:

    All the 3rd round QBs going back to the golden one…

    Will Grier
    Mason Rudolph
    Davis Webb
    C.J. Beathard
    Jacoby Brissett
    Garrett Grayson
    Cody Kessler
    Sean Mannion
    …and… Mike Glennon

    Yeah, no thanks…

    Anywho Joe, you forgot to mention the top running game, the cupcake schedule and of course the refs literally giving them at least one W.

    But they did have some awful FG kicking – not sure if that cost them any games or not, but the box score on FGA and FGM is Bucs level bad.

  76. JimmyJack Says:

    StPete……I have done an extensive study on this weird sect of fans(and there are quite a few) who love to come on here and tell Bucs fans how dumb they are.

    It’s my conclusion that the vast majority of fans who act this way are northern transplants. Not sure why they act this way but I think it’s cause our fanbase has a different attitude their theirs…..or their former. Whatever not sure if they are true Bucs fans or not. We don’t empathically boo and run our players out of town. We get drunk too but don’t get so obnoxiously inebriated we cuss and fight in the stands. We don’t throw garbage on the field when we are unhappy and hurl batteries at Santa Claus. They don’t like us and namecalling because we’re different.

    Oh and we don’t urinate in our streets and our city still smells clean.

  77. Defense Rules Says:

    Well put StPete. I’m over it too as far as ‘personalities’ go, but not from a financial position (bizarre huh). I am concerned that spending too much on the QB position AND on his ‘weapons’ will screw up we FINALLY started to build for a DEFENSE.

    We’ve all travelled around this country I’m sure and seen awesome (and very expensive) cars & trucks parked in the yards of dilapidated houses. Hey, different strokes for different folks. We all have different PRIORITIES. In the case of our Bucs, the offense was the PRIORITY under Jason Licht’s watch … until BA got here. The offense still got the lion’s share of the salary Cap, but the defense got the draft picks AND a few try-before-buy FAs.

    Well, the chickens just came home to roost. Bucs now have to decide what their true IDENTITY will be going forward. Will offense still be our Priority #1? Defense? More of a Balanced Team? I’m rooting for what’s behind Door #3.

  78. Buczilla Says:

    It’s ok to be somewhere in the middle too. If Jameis finally plays like a franchise quarterback this year and dramatically cuts down on his bonehead plays, then pay him what that’s worth. If not (far more likely given his history), then it’s time to part ways. I want Jameis to be a good quarterback, but he hasn’t shown me that he can be that on a consistent basis.

  79. Rodney Munch Says:

    Hey Joe, if you want to have some fun – go through every single pick this season, who was the intended target, what was the depth, what the situation (was it down by 14 with 2 mins left in the 4th quarter) and what was the fallout. Also include what Arians had to say – did a receiver run the wrong route, tip the ball, etc.

    I mean when you go game by game, INT by INT, often (I’d say the overwhelming majority of the time) you find a receiver tipped the ball, ran the wrong route, or you have like you saw opening day, you have the angry ginger center knocking down the receiver on a screen pass for a pick-6.

    …then, if you really are ambitious, go find another QB who throws it deep a lot and how threw INTs and compare how they did. I really don’t know the outcome there, it’s not a loaded question, I’m actually interested in seeing how it stacks up.

    A lot of Winston’s bad stats came in impossible situations – the perfect example is the 4-INT Saints game, when you go pick by pick, it turns out the INTs were from OJ juggling the ball, a deep pass right at halftime that Godwin deflected into the air, a 4th quarter INT on 4th and 10 when he had to force the ball and a meaningless INT down by multiple scores with 2 mins left. Yeah that’s a 4 INT game, but what exactly did Winston do that was bad? Sure, he could be Mike Glennon, not throw it deep to end the half, throw it out of bounds on 4th down, not try to score with 2 mins left and ended the game with 1 INT that was 100% on OJ… but how does that help you as a team?

    Anyways, this would be good content and if you actually watched the all-22 and took comments from Arians on Jameis and whoever on what happened, it would be interesting to piece together the entire season and see how many plays were boneheaded plays, and how many were meaningless. Certainly there were meaningful INTs, but I’m guessing it’s less than 10 (purely a guess off the top of my head, not researched).

  80. DBS Says:

    And who helped put us down multiple scores? And who helped the other team have the points they had? Yes Winston is responsible for scoring or helping score for Both teams.

  81. ATrain Says:

    Hey Rodney



    Jamies has changed One thing. MORE INT

  82. ATrain Says:


    Madden doesn’t make u a football player

    Hahah Joke

  83. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    To StPete and 813, stop with the FSU fan angle. People that come to this site day in and day out and post here are Bucs fans first and foremost. I know it makes you feel better to believe this but it simply isn’t true. I went to UCF and while I hoped Bortles would do well, I really didn’t care that he failed as he wasn’t a QB for the Bucs. I prayed that Hargreaves would eventually figure it out, not because he was a Gator, but because he was a Buc. I wan’t Jameis to do well because he gives us a better chance to win than scrubs like Foles, Keenum, or Jake Fromm. Where all of these guys went to school is irrelevant to me and to the overwhelming majority of Bucs fans. Some of my friends that are the biggest critics are FSU grads. I have UF grads furious that we took VV instead of Derwin James and OJ instead of Dalvin Cook. The FSU angle you keep trying to promote for JW supporters simply isn’t true.

    Oh and Dr, at this point it appears you simply don’t want to believe that JW may not have done what he was accused of. There is plenty of news out there that make it very unclear what actually transpired that night. You seem to have chosen to simply ignore all of that because you want to believe the worst.

  84. SteveK Says:

    Joe and JBF Nation,

    Catalog me with the Buccaneer fans that can care less about “who”
    Is at QB. As the late great Al Davis said, “Just win Baby”.

  85. Defense Rules Says:

    @TDTB … “Oh and Dr, at this point it appears you simply don’t want to believe that JW may not have done what he was accused of. There is plenty of news out there that make it very unclear what actually transpired that night. You seem to have chosen to simply ignore all of that because you want to believe the worst.”

    I don’t have the foggiest idea what the blazes you’re talking about. Whatever it is you’re reading into anything I wrote here, that’s on you dude. You have no idea who I am or what I believe, so don’t go spouting this ‘believe the worst’ crap. Thank you.

  86. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    That’s me! A Buccaneer FANatic.

    The glass is ever at least half full.

  87. Rodney Munch Says:

    “DBS Says:
    January 9th, 2020 at 6:34 pm
    And who helped put us down multiple scores?”

    Normally the defense.

  88. gotbbucs Says:

    At a certain age and pay scale, “my bad” doesn’t cut it anymore when a guy screws up at work, especially when they have those moments more and more often. You expect $10 an hour guys to screw up from time to time, but the more you pay them the less those things shouldn’t happen.

    When it starts to affect the bottom line and the rest of the company has to suffer for one idiot’s constant screw up’s, you cut bait and let the rest of the company know that that kind of nonsense won’t be tolerated.

    Why should a professional sports team be any different? The rest of the teams production is directly affected by anything the QB does, especially defensively when most of those turnovers are on our side of the field.
    How many more yards and TD’s could Evans and Godwin have had had the QB not turned the ball over 35 times? It’s probably the difference between Pro Bowl and 1st team All-Pro.
    How many more sacks could Barrett have had if the defense wasnt defending a short field on 17 posession’s that were the direct result of interceptions that weren’t returned for TD’s? Definitely the difference between 1st or 2nd team All-Pro.

    He took 35 offensive posession’s away from the offense by himself and forced the defense to defend the short field 17 times if you take away the 7 pick six interceptions.
    This is one player out of 53.

  89. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    I am just glad I don’t have to make the decision of whether to keep Winston or jettison him.

    Whatever decision BA recommends, the Glazers ratify or not and JL executes I will go along with.

    I do look forward to more progress this year for the franchise because I really do trust in BA and his coaching staff.

  90. DBS Says:

    Munch only normally pick 6’s and putting the defense in a position where the other team can score at least 3 points does not help does it? We can argue over this guy for ever. But if they bring him back which they probably will nothing will change. So be prepared for more of the same.

  91. D1 Says:

    The idea that MM. is a check down artist is a long running narrative that finally came to reality this year. I would argue last year, but it’s debatable.

    Prior to the season,

    Jameis Winston‘s average pass completion has traveled 8.24 yards in the air, the longest distance in the league.

    On Carson Wentz‘s average completion, the ball traveled 8.11 air yards.

    And Marcus Mariota? His average completion picked up 7.61 air yards before being caught.

    Those are the three most vertical passers in the NFL this season by that metric.

    Last year, Winston and Mariota ranked 2nd and 3rd in this category: Winston’s average gain was 7.89 yards before being caught, Mariota’s 7.86. Cam Newton led all passers at 8.14 air yards on completed passes. But Wentz? He ranked 27th out of 30 qualifying passers, at 5.34 yards.

    In 2015 — the rookie years for Winston and Mariota — Winston ranked 2nd behind Carson Palmer with an 8.13 average; Mariota was in the top 10 at 7.24.

    Winston ranks only 4th in yards per completion, while Mariota is down at 11th in yards per completion. That’s because those two — and especially Mariota — aren’t getting much yards after the catch from their receivers. Mariota and Winston are both getitng just 4.2 yards of YAC per completed pass, ranking them both in the bottom six of that metric.

    Last year , is the season of separation between the two QB’S. Until then, the majority of QB grading methods had the two ranked together (13-14. OR 14-15) with MM. ahead of JW.

    I’m not suggesting that MM is better than JW , nor we should have drafted MM instead of JW. If they had, I’d no longer be a Bucs fan. My point is simple,
    Winston fan boys love to make MM the straw man of their argument, they do so without knowing jack spit about the Titans or MM.

    If you believe winston is superior to MM, which I don’t think is a question, just say that and move on. Throwing out MM a check down king is not a substitute for real analysis it’s just prepackaged barroom banter material. Totally berift of any substance and easily dismissed.

  92. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    That wasn’t directed at you defense. Lol!

  93. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Again another excellent post!


    I accept your criticism in one sense for sure. I may have overreacted because of FEW FSU fans. I will offer a mea culpa to those FSU guys who believe I allowed a few Noles to color my entire view.

    But in addition to the crap we all took for pointing out it’s braindead for a guy accused of rape…beat the charge…personally while I understand those who worry about the women in our society…I also understand innocent until proven guilty….I do not understand going out just a year later…getting by his own description blackout drunk while partying with two dudes with horrible reps with one of them a wait for it…..convicted rapist…and to put a little icing on that…lying to his team about it.

    I grew incredibly weary of the crap hurled at Licht for picking OJ over Dalvin.
    BTW I was a HUGE Dalvin supporter. Then when he blows his knee out right at the start of his career the griping stopped, only to resurface this year with OJ’s slump and Dalvin’s great season.

    But the most aggravating…the whiners who spent last year griping about Vita Vea’s slow start while Derwin James picked four spots later was still available.

    Haven’t heard much about that this year. Honestly I know James played lights out last year…this year…I didn’t pay attention…he’s not a Buc and I didn’t go to FSU.

    If you look at the charts showing which position makes the most…after QB and WR we quickly get to the DL…Safety is well down the list. If James and Vea were both equal at their position the NFL values (show me the money) Vea over James.

  94. T REX Says:

    This was the worse place for him to go to. He should went out west somewhere. His problems followed him here. It divided the fanbase. It still does. Move and bring the fans together. He’d be better off with a new start somewhere else.

  95. Buccernutter Says:

    T Rex

    You think if jameis leaves the fan base will unite?!?!


    This fan base is 60% idiots, 10% intelligent football fans, and 30% ghosts.

  96. AllhailJPP Says:

    Nah thats some BS… even the “haters” myself included..gave the guy a chance..and another and another..and another…over it..move on now.