Look Elsewhere

January 18th, 2020

A good way to judge what a team may do in the draft is what happens in free agency. And if that is the case, an SI.com writer knows what the Bucs should do this offseason.

Connor Orr of SI.com thinks Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians is such an offensive genius, he doesn’t need a turnover artist as his quarterback. Therefore, Orr believes the Bucs don’t need a quarterback in the draft because they can find any warm body in free agency who can run his offense.

Cut ties with Jameis Winston: Bruce Arians doesn’t have to dip into the rookie pool; there are plenty of veteran quarterbacks who will hit the market this offseason. But I can’t imagine it’s enjoyable to craft excellent game plans every week only to walk into the stadium completely unsure of how they’ll play out. Winston’s unpredictability may attract some coaches, but Arians should make a run with a more responsible player under center.

Joe just loves how these guys think anyone can produce under Bucco Bruce Arians, as if Andy Dalton can become Pat Mahomes, or Teddy Bridgewater can magically become Dan Marino, or Chase Daniel can become Drew Brees.

If someone’s entire concept of offensive football revolves around one stat (picks) and one stat alone, then quit f@rting around and get a pure checkdown artist and re-sign that slug Nick Fitzgerald who will hand the ball off 40 times a game to running backs and fully waste two of the best receivers in the game, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, not to mention the Bucs tight ends.

Oh, that’s right. The Bucs don’t have a running back. Silly Joe.

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  1. martinii Says:

    I don’t think Orr is saying that a mediocre QB needs to become a super star. I think he means with a well balanced team around him an Andy Dalton or Teddy Bridgwater can win games you know kind of like Brad Johnson.

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    Parole Jameis he deserves better than this minor league small market joke of franchise!

  3. SammyRebel Says:

    After a lot of thought and ouija board nights , if the Bucs move on from jameis then I’d expect them to go after Teddy B and I’ll be perfectly fine with that Joe

  4. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    I guess we could resign him we would just never make the playoffs…..ever. with game managers you have a chance with winstons turnovers you cannot win games you will lose 80% of games you play if you cannot win the turnover battle.

  5. Man of Constant Sorrow Says:

    Jameis does NOT define Arians offense. Anyone with a strong arm and a I don’t give a crap attitude about turnovers can duplicate what Winston has done.

    Don’t let Joe tell you otherwise.

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    Tampabuscsbro Says:
    January 18th, 2020 at 10:19 am

    I guess we could resign him we would just never make the playoffs…..ever. with game managers you have a chance with winstons turnovers you cannot win games you will lose 80% of games you play if you cannot win the turnover battle.

    Bucs have been missing the playoffs LONG before jameis moron…. This franchise has a PATHETIC 6 playoff wins in franchise history…. yet another dumbarse blaming a 25 year old savior for a 43 year old problem… do you need to be reminded that this franchise owns the worst winning percentage in pro sports… they achieved that precious title long before jameis….. JPP missing all those games because of another mature decision cost the bucs far more than jameis did but that does not fit the ignorant fan bases agenda so let’s just conveniently leave that out….. you low standard morons call washed up has beens with a pathetic 5 career playoff legends and you are going to run the only true savior the bay has ever had out of town…. the buc fanbase is by far the most ignorant and laughable group of sports fans the world. Simple as that… Jameis will get the last laugh…. Parole Jameis the small market retirement community doesn’t deserve him.

    Joe, you should apply for a grant…. get you some of that government handout coin my man…. you service more mentally challenged fans than the public health department has patients.

  7. SteveK Says:

    Turnover margin and winning football games. Two things Jameis doesn’t do well.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe just loves how these guys think anyone can produce under Bucco Bruce Arians, as if Andy Dalton can become Pat Mahomes, or Teddy Bridgewater can magically become Dan Marino, or Chase Daniel can become Drew Brees.

    Thats a false premise……all they have to be is themselves……Andy Dalton, Teddy Bridgewater or Chase Daniel & they very well may be adequate (for the money)

    Winston cannot price himself out….

  9. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Here’s a telling stat:

    In 2018 the S.F. 49ers had the WORST Turnover Differential in the league…-25!
    Garapollo was injured and they finished the year 4-12. (BTW… Bucs had the 2nd worst TO/Diff at -18!)

    Fast forward to this season….the 49ers improved their TO/Diff to +4 (11th best in the league). Garapollo had a solid, if unspectacular year (4,000 yds, 27 TDs vs. 13 INTs), they improved their defense with some good draft picks and solid free agent pick ups, and now they are playing in the NFC championship game!

    Our beloved Bucs this year had the 5th worst TO/Diff (-13), and despite over 5,000 yds passing and 33TDs, (and a much improved defense) Winston’s record 30 INTs left us with another losing record!

    Why can’t we do the same with another QB who doesn’t throw away our chances of winning? Let Winston go….re-sign Shaq, JPP and Suh….Draft a young QB of the future…..bring in a steady vet QB who won’t put us in losing situations….draft a good young RB (JK Dobbins or A.J. Dillon)….and with the other weapons we already have on offense….THAT COULD BE US IN THE NEXT NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

  10. Adrnagy Says:

    “Leftovers” qb.

    Just like most thought Donovan smith would not be back last year or sign to a minimum. Same will happen to Jameis. Big 4-5 yr contract will be sign.

  11. BFFL Says:

    I did not enjoy watching that brand of football where the QB just completely disregards interceptions (snap and clear, what a joke). Terrible feeling when you expect an int to happen at any moment.

  12. 541BucsFan Says:

    The first three comments were spot on …
    1. Bridgewater isn’t perfect but he’s solid option
    2. 5 years with Winston and we’ve never sniffed the playoffs. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.
    3. Any QB can launch balls and put up big numbers if they (and the org) tolerates INTs and losses.

    Here’s my add: If Winston leaves he’s a career backup. No other organization drafted him #1. No other team is obligated to tolerate his INTs. He’d get pulled after two 3-4 pick games because every team knows you win +70% of the games you win the turnover battle.

  13. Blogtalkfootball.com Says:

    But it takes so long to learn BAs offense!

  14. Mr. Reality Says:

    Well, did Orr actually say any warm body would do? I read the article linked and didn’t see that comment. Hmmm…..maybe I missed it? Or is this the pycho Joe putting words in peoples mouths and thoughts into their head yet again? (dishonest things like “You want Gabbert” or “You’d rather have Glennon” nonsense statements).

    This phrase right here demonstrates the Joe that wrote this article doesn’t get it: “If someone’s entire concept of offensive football revolves around one stat (picks) and one stat alone, then quit f@rting around and get a pure checkdown artist and re-sign that slug Nick Fitzgerald who will hand the ball off 40 times a game to running backs and fully waste two of the best receivers in the game, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, not to mention the Bucs tight ends.”

    Who says that? Who wants that? Such messed up lies, Joe. Another stupid stretch. Maybe this Joe will stay away from One Buc if the Bucs send Winston packing? Let the other Joe and Ira cover the Bucs in a more professional fashion.

    Here is the reality. There ARE free agents worth looking at as a bridge and the Bucs would be foolish not to look at them and evaulate hard, from football to business. This year, Winston was arguably more effective in CAR 1 when he was mere game manager that let good D win the game than with HOU and so many others where he passed for loads of yards but gave the game away. Somewhere in between is what the Bucs need…and YES, there are viable options out there IN ADDITION to drafting a QB. Guys that can throw the ball for points and yards, and make good decisions, and be trusted to take care of the football. Phillip Rivers for example. One thing is clear: The status quo is not working, and it’s been five years.

  15. NO FEAR... Says:


  16. Waterboy Says:


    You talk like picks/turnovers aren’t a very important stat and can just be ignored due to all of the other positives. Based on a stat thrown out on Bobby Gameday’s podcast, Bucs led the league (with 15) in allowing opposing teams to start drives inside their own 30 yd line. Add that up with 7 pick 6’s and you have 1 guy digging a huge hole for the team to pull out of. You’re not going to win in the NFL with that formula.

  17. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Am I the only one who sees inconsistency in the argument being made to defend “blameless” about ONE stat yet we are supposed to believe only ONE player can QB this team. That’s just absurd on the face of it!!!

    If Brady moves on as expected do we think the Pats will find another QB? Seems Jimmy Garrapolo gives them hope. They’ve done it before and if it’s Belicheat I gotta believe he’ll figure a way to do it again.

  18. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    If they are moving on, draft Jordan Love at #14.

    If they are keeping Jameis, draft an OT to protect him. I saw some highlight’s of Mekhi Becton, OT from Louisville. One of the most dominant high school players I have ever seen.

    At 6’8″ 370 Lbs, his only weakness is when he pancakes a player, he stops and just watches, admiring his work. If a coach taught him to keep going, he could probably get multiple pancakes on many plays.

  19. Mr. Reality Says:

    I will say this though, I don’t agree with Orr that BA is an offensive genius. He’s an NFL head coach who has done well for himself, but he’s probably just above average if that…and so far, he’s not done a with Winston other than waste fans money demonstrating what they already knew. Then again, I dont see where Orr said BA was an offensive genius. He just said (rightfully) Arains “should make a run with a more responsible player under center.” Another example of where this Joe likes to make stuff up.

  20. Mr. Reality Says:

    @stpetebucsfan, yes, funny how the nuthuggers have to spin it. You either have to Winston or Glennon, when any logical person is merely saying “it’s clearly not Winston.”

  21. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Best advice I’ve heard from an outside writer. Winston is NOT going to change no matter how many Buc fans think that he will. We need a solid RT, and to bring our defense back. And we need a good draft. Arians knows most of the free agent QB’s and can pick a decent one.

  22. ou812 Says:

    STOP JOE !!! JUST STOP !!!

  23. tmaxcon Says:

    nothing more fun than exposing hypocrites for the mentally weak judgemental fools they are…. Non stop blame on jameis yet jpp who has a long history of bad and immature decisions get’s a complete free pass missing games and not showing up for offseason or team functions. the hypocrites love the double sided rule book. jpp cost the bucs the post season not jameis….

    so i get it now, the completely misguided defense first fanboys led by the dungy nuthuggers association would rather go back to having no chance in the post season and a fluke championship every couple of decades as long as their team doesn’t turn over the ball over, loses quality, dances down 40 and welcomes all to the goat pasture formally known as rayjay head down butt up. oh and joins a local cult while performing meaningless PR stunts.

  24. SteveK Says:

    This scenario would make our team the strongest.

    No more gambling on turnovers to improve

    Pay the defense: Shaq, JPP, Suh, Nassib

    Extend Godwin

    Let BA pick a QB between the FA, draft pool. It is totally possible to find a QB who can produce and not turn the ball over like Halloween candy.

  25. bucsfaninoregon Says:

    This is obviously written by the “dumb” Joe. To think that we automatically waste our receiving talent if we don’t have Famous Jameis at the wheel is ludicrous. Fitz showed at the beginning of last year that another QB can run the show. Sure, he had a bad game (game 3?) and then jameis was back. Rivers, Mariota, Gabbert or the Man-in-the-moon, dump this clown and move on. Otherwise, look for a collapse in home attendance and more disgusted long time fans to leave the team.
    Myself, I found myself “waiting and watching” for the next int. That is no way to enjoy a game. My original team, the 49rs, may throw ints tomorrow, however, I won’t be assuming it will happen. With the Bucs its automatic almost 2 per game.

  26. SteveK Says:


    Why so over dramatic? Can you seriously not fathom another QB succeeding with our outstanding targets? Do you give credence to QB DVOA-Jameis ranked 25th among QBs who threw 100+ passes?

    I don’t understand your extreme view of “it must be Jameis that succeeds, or nobody else.”

    It is very possible we can find a FA QB that is worth a damn. What fA QB wouldn’t want to throw to our targets and play for Arians in a pass happy offense?

    Do you value price vs. production? And, lastly, are “haters” possibly just analytical fans that value the hell out of turnover margin and not putting more than 5 years in false hope.

  27. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “Big 4-5 yr contract will be sign.”

    If that happens I’m no longer on the BA bandwagon. Given 28-42 and the record pick sixes…

    Now if it’s “fake” 4-5 yr where the Bucs maintain a cheap out that doesn’t destroy our cap if we have to cut bait…OK…

    “blameless” clearly has an agent as do all NFL players. I “assume” that the agent has a team in place for “blameless” that includes a PR person.

    Here’s a tip from someone who is familiar with PR. If “blameless” just wants the biggest bucks he can get…planning to leave or at minimum being wide open to the thought…then keep running your yap “blameless” even after a pick six that gave the Bucs yet another losing season.

    IF “blameless” REALLY wants to stay in Tampa he needs to be a choir boy!!! He has burnt any good will…except with the diehard Noles..he ever had. He shouldn’t be boasting about how good he is…he is still talking about POTENTIAL not results. It’s moronic to say..oh 5000 yards 30 tds without addressing record setting pick sixes. IF we had gone to the playoffs it’s different.

    Is there anybody here left who believes 30 TD’s are worth it when matched against record setting turnovers. 7-9!!! is the final argument that MATTERS!

  28. Steven007 Says:

    Mr. Reality, well said. All of it. Pretty much my own sentiments.

  29. PSL Bob Says:

    The Bucs offense under BA is built on running and throwing the long ball. We’re only half way there. Have to, just have to, get a good RB in the 1st or second round of the draft. I say safety (Delpit of LSU) in Rd 1 and a RB in Rd 2. A QB that just dinks and dunks isn’t going to work in BA’s offensive scheme.

  30. Youngbucs Says:

    These articles are reminding me a lot of the one handed alligator repellent salesman. You live near the river I can keep the alligators off your property he convinces you. Even though you’ve never seen an alligator on your property before you pay him, soon you start to realize no alligators have ever lived near you. Then tell the scammer I’m not going to pay you anymore and he says well there’s no alligators you don’t want to lose your investment in me do you?

  31. Scorps1 Says:


  32. Ocala Says:

    I’m ready for the Bucs to sign Jamies so we can quit with this crap.

  33. Buc1987 Says:

    Mr. Reality…Rivers is an INT machine too. Not as bad as Winston of course, but he’s up there. Like 2nd behind Jameis for most INT’s thrown by QB’s in the last 5 years.

    You basically said there’s lot’s of viable options for the Bucs and then name ONE QB ….that’s a very bad example.

  34. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Hopefully Jason Gump and his idiots dont leak their draftboard like last year

    “In the 2nd round every NFL draft room knew Gump wanted offensive lineman either Greg Little or Cody Ford at the 39th pick

    Carolina (GM Hurly) and Buffalo (GM Brandon Beane former assistant Panthers GM) gave up draft picks to move and jump exactly in front of Jason Gump at pick 37th and 38th to take our 2 intended offensive lineman

    Kobe Faker knows who leaked to Carolina Panthers”

    Kobe Fakers Niece

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    Mind you I want Jameis gone too, but I really don’t see all these great options…I’m for whatever option the Bucs decide. I don’t have a choice in the matter. None of us do…I hope if he’s brought back fans will still be fans. Stay on JBF and whine about Winston for another season that is.

    Go Bucs! (where I have no idea)

  36. BrianBucs Says:

    Mr. Orr is 100% correct.
    Sorry Joe, Winston has to go.

  37. Ndog Says:

    What I find funny is that people think Arians can win with anybody when in reality he hasn’t won crap without Manning #1 overall pick, Luck #1 overall pick, Palmer #1 overall pick and Big Ben #11 overall pick. Yeah those guys are anybody, get a clue fellas.

  38. JP_09 Says:

    All you need to know is with Evans, Godwin, Howard, Perriman and Ogunbowale on the field Winston went up to the line looked and saw Ogunbowale covered by Richard Sherman. Yes, the 49ers # 1 CB and chose to throw it to his least favorable target in Ogunbowale. So your telling me with two all pro receivers and a mis match tight end you really thought that was the best option. He lacks the ability to diagnose coverages pre snap and makes awful decisions. That ball should’ve never been thrown, it doesn’t matter if Ogunbowale ran the wrong route. That happens to many times with Winston, I’d take him on a 20 mil prove it deal but nothing more, he does have talent but he surely hasn’t been the savior

  39. Pewter power Says:

    All this speculation is getting pointless coming from people who dont know enough to give a valid opinion. Too many free agents sounds about right meaning he should get franchised and it means they dont have to sign to a long term deal. Franchise or bust because if a quality quarterback is there no one is expecting they should hand in that card instantly.

  40. Swampbuc Says:

    The Connor Orr position on Arians is ludicrous. Ben Roethlesberger, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Carson Palmer — yeah, Arians can win with any QB.


    Blaine Goobert won a few games because of the Cardinals defense.

    Give Winston some confidence in a sustained defensive competency and watch him return to the QB he was in 2016 during the 5 game win streak.

  41. SteveK Says:

    Swamp Buc,

    Arians was the QB coach for the Browns in 2007- when Tim Cocuh and Kelley Holcomb went to the playoffs.

    Yeah, any QB!

    Wake up and smell the turnovers.

  42. SteveK Says:


    After 70 starts, you’re hoping Jameis returns to form of a 5 game winning streak more than 3 calendar years ago.

  43. Mort Says:

    Once again – sign Jameis. If we go another QB, y’all gonna just b!tch and moan that he throws 22 picks anyway.

  44. Ndog Says:

    As usual SteveK you are full of it. First of all were giving credit to the QB coach for a team making the playoffs? Second of all it’s irrelevant cause the Browns did make the playoffs in 2007. So what’s your next lie?

  45. Ndog Says:


  46. SteveK Says:



    Arians led Tim Couch and Kelley Holcomb, as WB coach of the Browns to the playoffs in 2002*

    Please continue to blatantly overreact for a mistake.

    I was wrong about the year, I’m sorry.

    But you’re wrong about the turnovers and the price vs production of our QB.

  47. SteveK Says:

    Not full of it.

    Your are full of it with your apologist/turnover don’t matter point of view. Jameis has more turnovers than touchdowns in 2019. Unacceptable. Wake up and smell the turnovers.

    Your reaction is a little excessive don’t you think? But then again, when is your more pint of our QB rational, unbiased, and factually considering the NFL historical statistics of turnover margin? Oh yeah, you can’t. Fans that hate losing and crave to understand “why” (turnover margin) are not clueless. Rather those that blindly fail to acknowledge the turnover issue are ones in need of a clue.

  48. Mr. Reality Says:

    There are too many myths out there right now. For example:
    Myth 1. Naw, BA’s system is such that QBs do throw picks the first year, but then they are fixed.
    Really, and exactly what football mind out believes any such system would be designed that way, and that it would work only after the second year for a QB? This is mere coincidence that Palmer and company cut their picks down.

    Myth 2. Who would give up on any QB that just led the NFL in passing yards with over 5100? That would be dumb.
    The majority of those yards came after the mid-seaon point when the run game was weak and the Bucs were already out of it. All the bravado behind a big stat like passing yards means nothing without wins. The INTs ARE more significant because they directly correlate with losses. The first principle any coach at any level teaches players: Take care of the football.

    Myth 3. This fan base shows how stupid it is by trying to fun off the best QB the Bucs ever had.
    “Best” is defined by what? Total yards? TDs? Points? Autographs? Ticket sales? There is no formula, but I think anyone would agree the “best” at anything (a “relative” term with our Bucs at best) means the person has to be EFFECTIVE at all things important. A QB who loses way too many games by giving the ball to the other team (the wrong thing to do) is by definitive, ineffective.

    Myth4. It’s his color, that’s why some people don’t like him.
    That would be true for anyone who said things that are racist or hate speech, like “get that *%$#! out of here” or (I remember this one from the old days with Parnell Dickinson) “A black man can’t process that information.” But this is over 40 years later and I don’t think those down on Winston who clearly call out his turnovers and losses he causes would not jump to have a guy like Russel Wilson or Patrick Mahomes or even Dak Prescott run the team. Buc fans pretty wanted to run Vinny T out of town for the same reaon, and Dilfer….just sucked.

  49. JimmyJack Says:

    Actually Bruce Aruans did win with a few basic anybodies. Carson Palmer was considered washed up. That’s why he was traded for like a 7th round draft pick.

    He also had Tim Couch playing 500% ball. No small ackomplished considering his record without Bruce was like 3-100.

  50. Mr. Reality Says:

    Swampbuc said” “Give Winston some confidence in a sustained defensive competency and watch him return to the QB he was in 2016 during the 5 game win streak.”

    WHAT? You mean like the back half of this season where the D played lights out and he threw record numbers of picks and lost more games (in his fifth year than his second year?).

    Nope, not buying it.

  51. Defense Rules Says:

    @Adrnagy … “Same will happen to Jameis. Big 4-5 yr contract will be sign.”

    Seems like you predicted that earlier. Just out of curiosity, WHAT in Jameis’ 2019 performance makes you believe that the Glazers (you know, the OWNERS of this team) are willing to commit to Jameis for ANOTHER 5 years? They’ve seen losing record after losing record, with never even sniffing the playoffs. They’ve seen fan attendance slide steadily, largely BECAUSE of CONSISTENTLY putting a losing team on the field.

    Bucs had LOTS of talent on their 2019 roster … the most expensive roster that money could buy … and STILL they only produced a 7-9 record WITH an excellent coaching staff. If YOU were those owners Adrnagy, would YOU be giving out a 5-year contract to the QB who orchestrated that performance?

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    Take a chill pill dude

  53. Mr. Reality Says:

    Buc 1987….you said “Rivers is an INT machine too. Not as bad as Winston of course, but he’s up there. Like 2nd behind Jameis for most INT’s thrown by QB’s in the last 5 years.” Yes, Rivers throws picks, and folks could coddle him and say this one is his fault, not that one, etc. And he’s second in the NFL this year, but that’s not even close to Winston. Plus Rivers has won his division has taken his teams to the playoffs, etc. He is available. Yes, there are guys like Dalton, Newton, Tannehill, Bridgewater, Flacco…all guys that I think take better care of the football even if they don’t have the stronger arm than Winston…But I didn’t mention them because some like Teddy aren’t realistic or they are not totally avaiable (like Dalton). None of them are long term solutions. But the status quo isn’t working.

  54. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules……I think it’s a good chance the Bucs do resign Winston to a 4-5 year deal. But if they do I would only expect two years(same as Arians deal) would be guaranteed. Meaning it’s a 5 year deal, yes….but only a two year commitment.

  55. TOM Says:


  56. JimmyJack Says:

    SteveK good catch. Didn’t even notice one of them Tim Couch years was a playoff year. Also what I read said Bruce was the OC for the Browns. Not QB coach.

  57. JimmyJack Says:

    And if the Bucs do resign Winston to a 4-5 year deal maybe they just take some of the guarantee and push if onto year 3 or four of that contract as dead CAP hits.

    That would make Jameis would make a lot of money this year but not all of it has to be a CAP hit…..Freeing up space to resign dudes like Shaq and Suh. With the franchise tag there is no flexibility so even if you pay him more it can still be a lesser CAP hit then the tag could be.

    Having more options is a beautiful thing in football. That’s why I am on board with Joe’s idea to sign that RT. Don’t go into draft with a desperate need. It’s opens more options that way.

    GO BUCS!!!

  58. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I just read that Phillip Rivers has moved his family to Florida…Can anyone confirm that to be true?

  59. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe…..I just texted Kobe Faker. He’s grabbing his binoculars and heading up to the interstate. Will inform if there are any Phillip sightings.

  60. tickrdr Says:

    I wish I could remember who to credit for this statistical find, so mea culpa.

    JW3 in 2019 passed for 5109 yards, 33 TDs and 30 INTs, including 7 pick6’s.

    JW3 AND Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2018, combined to throw for 5358 yards, 36 TDs, and only 26 INTs.

    So the overall passing attack produced MORE in 2018, than in 2019.


  61. Adrnagy Says:

    @defense rule

    Acouple scenarios. First. Jameis was 1 overall. He has the talent and works hard.and the glazers seem to like him. He’s improve not only in the field but off the field. Second. Licht history of resigning own players. And third is the system. Bruce. and jameis has only one problem. Turnovers. Which Bruce was willing to work with.
    when I look at possible free agents. The one thing that stands out to me is can a “new” Qb win now with learning not only the system but the receivers.

    Only One can do it. Rivers. So if licht. Glazers. Bruce believe rivers can play another 2-3 yrs then his a lock. Otherwise Winston signs a 4-5 yr contract and either sink or swim.

    Brees won’t leave saints. Teddy won’t leave saints. Brady won’t leave kraft. Drafting a QB no way. Mariota no.

  62. WestChap Says:

    Or, that Ryan Tannehill could become… Ryan Tannehill?

    Joe, if you love Jameis that much you should consider that a chnage of scenery could be the best thing for BOTH parties. I recognize the upside JW has but, jeez, what makes you think year 6 is going to be different?

    We can load up on OL and maybe he won’t throw any wild passes while dodging/falling. We could even load up on a dominant RB or 2 and maybe he will throw less picks because he’s nit throwing as much. But, after watching every pick again, he will never see the inside backer waiting to take it to the house… he will never have the elite ball placement to avoid those “its the WR/TE’s fault because they didn’t jump high enough or reach far enough behind” picks… and he will never be able to quit staring down his receivers in clutch time so that superior DBs get to feast on him.

  63. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Jimmy Jack: Hahaha, thanks!

  64. Joe in Michigan Says:

    It could be that Rivers is actually retiring and moving to Florida, instead of paying a ridiculous amount of taxes in California.

  65. Adrnagy Says:

    also , on rivers…. he would be cheaper than Winston. But then there’s this,

    Chargers GM Tom Telesco on Philip Rivers’ Contract: ‘He’s Not Going Anywhere’

    So it’s Winston 4-5 yrs contract.

  66. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    Not a sports expert but I do know that the Bucs wins was just Winston playing well and their losses weren’t just Jameis fault It’s a team deal. Maybe Dalton is the answer for the Bucs or maybe Bridgwater but I am not gonna keep bashing Winston I just want the Bucs to find what is needed and let’s make the playoffs half of the that finished the nfl season behind the Bucs this year had so call franchise QBs because it’s a team effort

  67. Mr. Reality Says:

    Adrnagy….you do realize that Telesco said that in January of 2019 when he had one year left on his contract, right? Did he just say it again. Sure, last year was the talk about if they traded Rivers, who was due to make just a bit more than Winston did last year….

    Rivers is free and clear, and unless you have seen something more recent, no reason for a GM to say anything of the sort for a 38 year old QB. And Winston for 4-5 years? Not a chance. He’ll go to FA and test the waters and come crawling back happy to get $18-19M.

  68. Defense Rules Says:

    Adrnagy … First off, forget Rivers. He’s 38 years old, has played 16 seasons with the Chargers, and sports a Market Value of $27.5 mil. For that amount Bucs could franchise tag Winston, so saving money wouldn’t be the motivation for us to sign him. He’s probably only got a couple years left in the tank, so forget ‘franchise QB of the future’. No, nothing about signing Rivers sounds appealing. And Brees & Brady were never REALLY options for the Bucs.

    In terms of Jameis, very few (certainly not me) deny that he has the talent or that he works hard. You might have added that he NOW has 1-year under his belt in BA’s system, which is also a PLUS because he knows not only the players but also the system. No, the BIG question is TURNOVERS … Interceptions AND Fumbles. And especially MULTIPLE TURNOVER games … those are the killers.

    I’d bet that BA & his staff (OK & maybe Jason too) are pulling out their hair trying to figure out ‘What to do about Jameis’. I trust that they’ll all come to a solid decision, but also still think that in the end it’ll come down to MONEY.

  69. Mr. Reality Says:

    Now Adrnagy…something more….THIS YEAR Telesco said: “When you go 5-11 and 0-6 in the (AFC West), I’m doing a disservice to the organization if we don’t say, ‘Hey let’s look at everything. Let’s see all the pieces fit into this.’’ He also has said in a perfect world, Rivers is their guy…and of course, “perfect” can mean anything. I doubt the chargers are willing to pay much more if anything than they did last year…and a two year deal with the Bucs for $55 million $30 million guaranteed would be perfect. Which guy do you think has the most experience leading his team to championships to mentor another player? Which guy is a better mentor and coach? Which guy will most likely bring Bucs fan back this year vice have them roll their eyes and ask “oh, again?” Even Telesco says he is going to be a great coach (in some capacity down the road). Yup, look to the Rivers Bucs!

  70. Mr. Reality Says:

    @Defense…think you are totally missing the logic of Rivers and the options for he or another. Don’t think just of the salary for a one year hit. Don’t think of or assume either Winston or Rivers as the franchise QB, any more than we think about Arians as a long term coach. Just saying… you are correct about Brees, Bridgewater, and others…

    Rivers offers a (at lease plausible to ticket buying fans) short term way to get better now as they draft the QB of the future under the tutelage of Arians and Rivers. The Bucs MUST hit one out of the park NOW.

  71. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Unfortunately as long as Licht is GM, Jameis is going nowhere.

  72. Defense Rules Says:

    Interesting perspective Reality … “The Bucs MUST hit one out of the park NOW”. If by that you mean ‘make the playoffs in 2020’ then I agree with you wholeheartedly. The NFC South is weakened right now, the Bucs are rising, and now is the time to make a play. I’ve long said that ONCE you’re in the playoffs, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. The trick is in getting through the door.

    Last year’s team had a LOT of talent IMO; just not enough. With any ‘luck’ at all, they could’ve been an 8-8 team, maybe even 9-7. BUT not good enough to make the playoffs in any event. And we’ve lost a BUNCH of players now to free agency: 19 UFAs according to today’s Spotrac. And of those, I’d say that 7 were starters for over half the season (Winston, Dotson, Barber, Suh, JPP, Barrett, Adams), another 2 got significant time as key rotational players (Perriman, Nassib), and at least 5 more got fairly significant snaps (Allen, Nunez-Roches, Minter, Watford, Ryan Smith). That’s FOURTEEN players who NEED to be replaced, just for starters.

    Everyone’s optimistic because we now have a pretty good feel for what we have in our veterans (like ME13 & LVD), in our ‘youngsters’ (like RoJo & White) and we also saw how well most of those 19 UFAs performed. A little nip here, a little tuck there, and whammo … we could have a playoff-caliber TEAM. If it were only that simple huh. Bucs’ management & coaching staff has a tall mountain to climb to create that ‘playoff-caliber TEAM’ with our available resources. I don’t envy them their task.

  73. Mr. Reality Says:

    @defense….you don’t envy them? Why? We must all envy them, and they need to be pushed. This is their jobs. We’d love to have what they make. There has been failure for a decade. All this “let’s trust them” is crap.

    Now, by “hit one out of the park now” I mean first get fans back in the seats now, as they all decide whether or not to renew (which is one reason why they won’t say a word on Winston). Next, get fans (season tickets or not) excited about Camp and beyond (scratching their…heads…now wondering, waiting). This is a way to creat a buzz that needs to exist. Last, DEMONSTRATE something different this year from that past several seasons. A BA second year is not enough, especially if it is another “Winston prove it year.” So that means new/another QB. FA, draft, combo of old and new. But if this team extends Winston and says “We got it under BA” and brings back the status quo, you don’t have to worry about new concessions menus. The only fans there will be those happy with the wrongheaded past. The nuthuggers typically aren’t at the games anyway. They are not Bucs fans.

  74. Bill Gootee Says:

    You always speak disparagingly about people who dislike JW’s number of picks as if that’s the only thing we consider. It’s isn’t. We also consider win-loss record, fumbles, stupid penalties, and other bone headed decisions.

    You apologists only consider yardage. We don’t get points for yards. Yeah, you JW lovers may also consider the number of touchdown passes, but if he throws for 33 TDs and the opponents score 10 TDs off his picks and fumbles, he’s actually a 23 TD QB. But hey! He throws for lots of yards, so it’s all good. SMDH

    I’d rather have a 20 TD, 8 interception, 3,000 yard guy and a post season berth than a QB who throws for 5K yards and has 36 turnovers.

  75. Mr. Reality Says:

    ^^^^ Oh, and yes, playoffs is great…but let’s how about….be in the freaking hunt for real in late October for a GD change? Huh? Let’s not embarass our city by the QB throwing two pick sixes to disrespect all? Huh? He does this again and they won’t recover. Do the Glazers think that much of a guy who has already screwed them so much? So “hit one out of the park is more than just “playoffs.”

    Oh, if we get to the playoffs no telling what will happen? Well, Winston will throw a pick six and they will out of it the first game. Then the nuthuggers proclaim improvement and blame the refs, or the kicker, or the relative humidity.

  76. Mr. Reality Says:

    Bill Gootee….you are on it Bruh. Great words.

  77. Alanbucsfan Says:

    32 Starting QB’s in NFL-
    Jameis is better than maybe 8 of them:

    Maybe you could add Minshew/Foles , Mayfield and J Allen to list, but I wouldn’t.

    So if more than half of starting qb’s are better than Jameis – do you want to lose key free agent Defensive players or Receivers or a potential free agent OLineman or Safety so you can overpay a QB who loses and doles out interceptions like Halloween candy.

  78. Defense Rules Says:

    OK Reality, but that ‘something different this year from the past seasons’ NEEDS to be the playoffs this year. I remember the turnaround when the Glazers bought the team from Culverhouse & starting WINNING in Season 2 (1997). Remember the Waiting Lists to buy season tickets?

    And in terms of trusting BA being ‘crap’, I disagree. This team was in a shambles when he was hired IMO. Our salary Cap was a disaster, and we had a BUNCH of players (including our own draft picks) who weren’t worth a hoot. The personnel makeover in just a few months was VERY impressive far as I’m concerned, and IF we’d had more salary Cap space to work with I believe that BA would’ve done some things quite a bit differently (OLine, RBs, veteran for Secondary, etc). But he didn’t have that luxury unfortunately. This year it’s still tight, but he’s got a bit more flexibility in how he approaches the roster. And yes, I do trust him to make good decisions from a personnel perspective. Who would you rather trust? Jason Licht?

  79. Kobe Faker Says:

    “@Jimmy Jack

    Kill 2 birds with 1 stone

    Rivers as startjng QB and all his 11 kids to fillup RJS stadium

    Den of Depression turns into Daycare Den”

    Kobe Incognito Faker

  80. Mr. Reality Says:

    @Defense…the fact the world thinks, right or wrong, that BA is calling the shots over the GM is clear proof this team is still a shambles. Arians is a Hail Mary. And he came in riding around in his golf cart preaching up Jameis, who turned in another typical Winston season. I do agree he brought in a DC that actually got results. And hopefully we don’t don’t lose Bowles.

    Yeah, what team would not say “if I only had more cap space?” Duh! Why is it tight this year? Because he apparently still holds to the social experiment called “Winston” and his alleged “boss.” Again, the fact that anyone is saying they are glad it’s Arians and not Licht (and don’t be so sure) shows how messed up this train still is.

    Arians is a 7-9 coach right now with a QB that could have handed him 9-7 but chose not to for the same reasons Arians was here to fix. Two fails.

    Let me ask you: Do you pay money and time to go watch this abortion?

  81. WestChap Says:

    The personnel did turn around… the worry is how many contributors are now FAs. Huge credit for a few moves that did impact culture positively… cutting GMC, Spence, Benenoch and (eventually) VH3 while adding Barrett and Suh. Coaching up RoJo and Cappa also a plus… while putting Godwin in position to make All Pro… not to mention one of the highest contributing rookie classes in a while. One more year of that kind of upgrade and who knows what the Bucs might do.

  82. Defense Rules Says:

    Reality … Your view of the Bucs is too tainted. Or is that jaded? PO-TAY-TOES PO-TAH-TOES. And yes, I was a long-time season ticket holder up until a couple years ago. I’ve gone into the reasons before as to why I gave them up & don’t choose to go through that again. Suffice it to say that I still love the Bucs, try to go to a couple games each year, and do NOT consider to be an ‘abortion’ as you describe.

    Strange this is … your handle (Mr. REALITY) and your descriptors (ABORTION) don’t really jive. At least make an attempt to be more objective. Bucs DID make some substantial improvement this year, and that’s hardly what your word ‘abortion’ would imply.

  83. JimmyJack Says:

    Mr Reality what are you talking about? Like Dirk used to say the NFL is a results business. Whatever these shambles your talking about is just your opinion not shared by many.

    What matters is results. They speak for themselfs. First order of business was running off McCoy. Then bring in Suh. The results? #1 run defense…….Got rid of Kwon. All the sudden we can now cover over the middle…….Bring in a edge player. Becomes top sackgetter and we now have a passrush……..Drafts a bunch of DBs. Our secondary is now legit. Brings in Perriman. Turns him into a #2 WR this off season.

    Whine all you want about whose calling the shots. It’s clearly working very well.

    And you think the CAP space is tight? That’s laughable. Try close to 100M in spending freedom. Tops in the league.

    Your above post is pure crazy talk with some “I Don’t like Winston” sprinkled in.

  84. Mr. Reality Says:

    JimmyJack, from what rock did you crawl? Do YOU own season tickets? Do you like that running dialog as it is always something and we are improving, but unlike other teams the Bucs just never seem to be make it out? Results you say? Yeah, results: No kidding

    It is working well? Really? You like 7-9 and the team scratching their azz about well, we are looking at it (at year 12)? You are a typical guy with a loser attitude. Trust someone else, let them call it, depend on them, and well, there is always next year. And I’l l be an idiot again. You must be a guy who: owns someone else a lot of money; doesn’t own a business; don’t manage people; don’t own season tickets.

  85. Mr. Reality Says:

    And Jimmy Jack…cap’s about $91M and if you want to bring back the D and sign rookies, that’s not “freedom” or as you seem to support…”waste.” I don’t care about Winston. What I don’t like is a gambling sixth year on a QB who has turned in year 5 worse than his first year. Are you that stupid?

  86. Mr. Reality Says:

    AlanBucsFan…good post.

  87. Mr. Reality Says:

    Go ahead Jimmy Jack…say it…how many games did you attend last season? How much did you spend to go watch the team play that you love so much? Go ahead.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t be a Bucs fan…but a null answer means you have no skin in the game.

  88. BigHog Says:

    This is no tit for tat or quid pro quo type situation…this strictly a BUCS problem, one like no other before, we have still a young QB with 5 years under his belt, still with plenty of upside and some just want to let walk away /newsflash-for no good reason/ been there and done that, there is no attacking the open seasvithout FAMOUS at the helm, any QB drafted are free agent will flounder at sea in his first year in this offense , this is not the time to see if anyone else can lead this team. This team belongs to FAMOUS ….add a running back or two or subtract one…pick an onlineman in the draft or bring one in or draft a kicker (on the 3rd round not before), but don’t make the mistake of letting FAMOUS walk because if you do, we will be set back for no good reason!! NOBODY can lead this team like FAMOUS…he is the HEART N SOUL of this team. We have been at this crossroad before (Doug Williams) and we were stuck in a down spiral for years, wake up people FAMOUS is the best choice at

  89. BigHog Says:

    this time!!!

  90. JimmyJack Says:

    Mr Reality. All them are fair questions. Except for your question about season tickets. That’s not relevant to nothing.

    But I was specifically replying to you saying the team was in shambles. That’s clearly wrong. Of course I’m not happy about the win total. No fan should be. But to say we are in shambles is freaking ridiculous.

    And yes we do have spending freedom no matter how you want to deny it. We will likely keep most of our own players which is actually a good thing. But we have the freedom to choose any direction they see fit.

  91. Mr. Reality Says:

    BigHog…and how much skin do YOU have in the game?

  92. JimmyJack Says:

    And I got no idea why you care. You’re running around asking people how many games they go to. Don’t see how it matters especially to somebody who refuses to go………I’ll never own season tickets. Not my thing. I go to 1 or two games per year. Twice this year Cards/Falcons……Again not sure why this is a topic for you but there’s your answer you wanted so badly.

  93. Mr. Reality Says:

    Jimmy Jack, if you don’t think 12 seasons with no playoffs, usually in the cellar of the NFC South, and having second lowest attendance other than CIN (LAC doesn’t count due to small stadium), with a HC percieved to be more powerful than the GM, and you don’t think this team is in a shambles, then the “L” on your head is the probelm. You can’t fix stupid. And yes, the season ticket question is relevant. Like the crack addict on 6th Ave, no contribuition to anything, but yes, you still get a vote. Thank you!

  94. Mr. Reality Says:

    Earth to Jimmy Jack…if YOU got a clue about what losing is, and knew what it was, and decided it’s unacceptable, you’d have a more proactive approach. You have no skin in the game. You are why this fan base sucs: stupid, broke, and naive.

  95. JimmyJack Says:

    Nope this team turned a corner last season. Most fans noticed it and so did most analysts. The Bruce Arians Era has nothing to do with any of the other 45 seasons before he got here.

    And if you Don’t think there been some great HCs who held most of the power you Don’t know football……Heck that means you Don’t even know Bucs football. Maybe you should go see My Ma…..I think it may be time for your nappy. You see a bit cranky

  96. JimmyJack Says:

    It is unacceptable. Never said it wasn’t. Only denyed that we are in shambles.

    Major difference between a franchise coming off a losing season and one that’s in shambles.

  97. JimmyJack Says:

    And why do I get the feeling that this “proactive approach” you speak of entails agreeing with your opinions?

    Please share this proactive approach that I dont possess. I’d love to hear all about it.

  98. Mr. Reality Says:

    LOL! Off A losing season? As in ONE? Again….how many since the last playoff appearance and that’s not a shambles? Turned a corner? Like when they paid Smith HC pay after 2016? Yeah, that’ run after 2-7 was really exciting. In it baby.
    Go see your Ma? ??? Wow. What an idiot.

  99. JimmyJack Says:

    Oops……that should have read Ma Ma. Your Ma Ma.

    And I am sorry you Don’t want to judge this regime separately from the others. I Don’t think that’s fair at all. Totally disagree with that logic. To each their own I guess.

    Sure if we lump last year in with the past twelve the team is basically in shambles. I guess I can understand where your coming from with that.

    I just have a much more open my nd about things then you and understand how a complete flip of a entire coaching staff makes a major difference and can legitimately be judged separately. And there’s actually a lot of positive signs coming out of One Buc from last year if you just pay attention.

    You need more proof then some. That’s cool. Just be prepared for some good football next year and probably a legit contender. We’ll save a spot for ya on the bandwagon.

  100. BigHog Says:

    20 touchdowns and eight interceptions just will not cut the cake on this time because your not attacking with down field throws and at this time we built for that and with that kind of production you will not make the playoffs because we don’t have a 1300 yard running game needed to go with that kind of QB production …..come own man …in this offense we need FAMOUS with less interceptions, yes….with less (bone headed plays) yes…

  101. BigHog Says:

    But I would rather try to fix FAMOUS than take a chance without him..

  102. Defense Rules Says:

    JimmyJack … Two old sayings might apply here:

    1 – Get in a peeing contest with a skunk and you’ll always come out smelling worse than he does.

    2 – Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and besides, the pig likes it. (George Bernard Shaw)

  103. JimmyJack Says:

    Yes Defense Rules. Defientally one of the most childish conversations I’ve had here.

    I guess just like the games some discussions are winners. Some are losers. That one was for sure a loser.

  104. T REX Says:

    Ndog Says:
    January 18th, 2020 at 12:16 pm
    What I find funny is that people think Arians can win with anybody when in reality he hasn’t won crap without Manning #1 overall pick, Luck #1 overall pick, Palmer #1 overall pick and Big Ben #11 overall pick. Yeah those guys are anybody, get a clue fellas.

    Lies. Another Winston knob gobbler that LIES. These disgusting people will lie to keep their idol and loser in tampa.

    Arians went 11-5 with Palmer(6 games then IR), Drew Stanton and Ryan Lindley.

    Don’t believe the Winston knob gobblers. They lie and will do anything to promote their man crush the L-eater himself.

    You can google this yourself and see ndog is a lying piece of crap, troll.

  105. Jameishas2go Says:

    From Joe

    “If someone’s entire concept of offensive football revolves around one stat (picks) and one stat alone, then quit f@rting around and get a pure checkdown artist and re-sign that slug… Nick Fitzgerald… who will hand the ball off 40 times a game to running backs and fully waste two of the best receivers in the game, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, not to mention the Bucs tight ends.”

    I think Joe buried the LEAD!


    Practice Squad camp arm guy get’s a burial to make a point. Got it.

    Donteea Dye, Mike Glennon, Sabby the Goat is not around anymore to bury, time to find someone else.

    Don’t worry we still DARE OGUNBOWALE.

    Just an aside, if Nick Fitzgerald becomes a Taysom Hill like player for us, I will laugh so hard about this.

  106. Craig Says:

    The two biggest deals here are what Arians thinks of his own mortality and why do people think this is Arians offense. Leftwich is the OC. He calls the plan based on a loose plan by Arians.

    Arians might feel he is in too bad of shape to train up a draft pick QB. Then. again, Jameis has come close to giving me a heart attack every damned week of this season. It might be the whiskey for breakfast dies he causes.

    Top flight QBs these days have had serious coaching and QB whisperers since high school. They can adapt, think Mahomes, and will pick up the system better than Jameis ever will. Jameis backslides every week.

    Start over at the QB position. It will always be a question of why Griffin never replaced Jameis when he decided to suck eggs during a game.

  107. Mr. Reality Says:

    Craig says well what so many won’t say at all. Good on you.

  108. Mr. Reality Says:

    @Defense Rules: You write a book every time you post, and you never really come down on a position; you never really say anything. Very skilled writer, very weak in points. When yiou get cornered, you collapse and go away. You seem like a guy who has nothing else to do but write about stuff you really have no firm principles on. But again, you write “forever.” That is fine…but consider this. So if I’m a skunk…again…let me ask you…again. What skin do you have in the game? I’ll bet it’s none. Skin in the game…what do you lose when the Bucs fail again? You write day after day, book after book, but no one really knows what the hell you are talking about. For example: Keep Winston or lose him? You can’t seem to offer your own opinion. Yes, Jimmy Jack is a clear loser in life, like Winston. So they all flock together.

  109. Mr. Reality Says:

    Jimmy Jack’s words: “I just have a much more open my nd about things then you and understand how a complete flip of a entire coaching staff makes a major difference and can legitimately be judged separately. And there’s actually a lot of positive signs coming out of One Buc from last year if you just pay attention.

    You need more proof then some. That’s cool. Just be prepared for some good football next year and probably a legit contender. We’ll save a spot for ya on the bandwagon.”

    Again, “more proof than some” (what I think yoiu meant) means not the same thing over and over again. No, it’s not “cool.” You don’t spend money to see this team so you are good with whatever. Ticket buying fans are NOT good with “maybe next year.” This is a key thing…sure, you have an opinion, but win or lose, you have no skin in the game.

  110. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Defense, if the Bucs make two field goals, one chip shot against the Giants and any one of the three attempted vs the Falcons the Bucs have 9 wins. If the refs don’t blow a fumble call vs the Titans the Bucs have 10 wins. Lastly Jameis and the Bucs offense played well enough to beat the Seahawks but the Bucs defense blew it because that was right before the defense was able to stop anyone. At the very least the team should have been 9-7 or 10-6 and good enough to make the playoffs by the end of the season. Anyone watching the games can see the Bucs have finally turned the corner. I am amazed that real fans would want to run of Jameis when even with 30 turnovers they should have won 10 games. Jameis average over the first four years was have the interceptions and no reason not to think that in year two he will go back to his average number of picks and the Bucs should win a lot more games.

  111. SteveK Says:


    Jameis had two home games to end the season, and lead us to 9-7. He imploded, throwing 6 INTs: 2 pick 6’s (3rd one called back).

    We had a chance for a winning season and to show marked improvement, but he failed and played poorly.

    Look at the 1st half of seasons under Jameis. How many multigame winning streaks in those first halves off seasons in 5 years? 2: one for Fitzmagic and one for Winston.

    Jameis turns it over more than anyone and we lose a lot. It’s done. And we can do better.

  112. BucFanDuh Says:

    Why would any QB want to play for a fanbase that is consistently over critical of its QB? Bucs fans are notorious Azzhats when it comes to QBs. Sorry buc fans, why would a quality QB want to come play for an ignorant fanbase?

  113. BucFanDuh Says:

    SteveK… Matt Gay missed a game winning chip shot, which Winston set him up for In the final minute of the game. in the game against the Falcons, how many FGs did Matt Gay miss? 1.5 Tds worth, in a close game. There was a blown call on a fumble that should have been a defensive TD.. which resulted in a loss. Half the season, our pass defense was an absolute JOKE. The bucs were 2-6 during that time. Point is, we didn’t have a chance at a winning season, because the bucs weren’t a winning team. Blame the QB for everything, it’s what bucs fans do. Team is inadequate, but it’s the qbs fault every time. You sir… should stick to licking windows.

  114. SteveK Says:


    Week 1, RayJay, two pick sixes and 4 INTs. A loss to the 49ers.

    London- what a debacle.

    19 INTs in Ray Jay this year, and 24 INTs in all home games, counting London.

    Please continue to hurl insults on this fine Sunday morning. It shows your weakness in the argument.

    Wake up and smell the turnovers!

  115. SteveK Says:


    Gay did cost us two games. He’s s rookie, 5th round pick.

    Jameis is the former #1 overall pick, in year 5, and he comes out and outright loses is games with his recklessness with the football. And he makes $20 million, wanting/expecting $30.

    Expectations should absolutely be different.

  116. Mr. Reality Says:

    SteveK speaks the truth. First, thanks for not blaming games on officiating like some losers, including what the HC does. However, with his career on the the line and being able to hand his new coach, his GM and his owners who have done all for him a winning record and stem some chatter…against ATL Winston had the game in his hands and he gave it away. Kicker or not. That is not what franchise QBs do. That is not what starting QBs do.

  117. Defense Rules Says:

    TDTB … Let me make sure I’ve got this right. While 5 other teams that we played but LOST TO 6 times (49ers, Saints twice, Titans, Seahawks, Texans) … largely due to 18 offensive turnovers … were in the playoffs this year, you’re making the argument that ‘It could’ve been us in the playoffs if not for the defense, S/Ts and refs?’

    Uhhh, might want to go back and look at the 18 TURNOVERS in those 6 losses, AND who made them BEFORE you blame the defense, S/Ts and refs. But I will give you this, it’s a TEAM sport. You WIN … or LOSE … TOGETHER.

  118. Defense Rules Says:

    Mr Reality … “So if I’m a skunk…again…let me ask you…again. What skin do you have in the game?”

    Oh wow, you take things MUCH too personal. Actually my favorite skunk is Pepe le Pew. If you don’t know the name, try Mr Google, he’s a friend you should meet. Oh wait, never mind. You’d probably insult him just like you try to insult everyone else.

    (BTW: Just as a suggestion, might want to brush up on your reading skills, especially the comprehension part).

  119. Losing hope Says:

    Yeah Joe just one stat. FOR 5 YRS,WITHOUT A WINNING SEASON! You’re in the minority and You really really sound stupid. Get of jaymiss’s nuts and accept the fact that he’s trash. Just like this site.