Kwon Living Large

January 28th, 2020

49ers MLB Kwon Alexander.

Of all the 49ers players Joe spoke to and/or noticed last night at Super Bowl Opening Night, no San Francisco player was more stoked than former Bucs middle linebacker Kwon Alexander.

The former Bucs fourth-round pick, fan favorite and crushing tackler left the Bucs in the offseason and was plucked from the entree dish after the free agency dinner bell rang by former Bucs legend and current 49ers general manager John Lynch.

This season looked doomed for Alexander. He was placed on the injured reserve list for the second season in a row. Last year with the Bucs he blew out a knee. This year on Thursday Night Football, Kwon tore a pec muscle.

Kwon was activated earlier this month and last night was part of the Super Bowl glitz with reporters from around the globe begging for his words while scantily-clad captains pranced before him.

“I want to thank God because he made me smarter and got my head clear and here I am,” Kwon said with a wide smile and plenty of bling to shine brighter as his smile.”

Of course, what player wouldn’t be beaming? A year after leaving the Bucs and their ugly uniforms, a franchise that struggles not to trip over itself in the post-Chucky era, Kwon is now ready to play in the sport’s biggest game, a dream of every little boy playing football.

So Joe asked him why is it the Bucs are stuck in a losing rut but the 49ers, except for a brief spurt with Jim Harbaugh, have been just as lousy yet the 49ers found a way to turn things around and are one win from a Super Bowl title?

What is the difference in the Bucs organization from the 49ers? Why is the vibe different?

“It’s two different teams,” Kwon said. “I really don’t know other than it is two different teams. And I really don’t know what’s going on on the other side [Bucs]. I’m just doing my thing by the Bay.”

Joe is really happy for Kwon, and it’s good to see a guy battle through a suspension and two major injuries in his still short career, and now be one game away from reaching the peak of football.

Should the Bucs have kept Kwon? Well, he was injury-prone and that continued with the 49ers. Is Kwon a better player than his successor Devin White? That’s debatable, though White was a rookie and Kwon is in his fifth season.

Anyway, Joe is happy for Kwon, who sure seemed to be living in a fantasyland last night.

30 Responses to “Kwon Living Large”

  1. Smashsquatch Says:

    Can’t keep them all, Bucs made the right choice. Niners ponied up too much cash for Kwon. He’s a future cap casualty.

  2. Doctor_Berto Says:

    Kwon is overrated, could care less about him in San Fran. Wish the Bucs got Shanahan though…

  3. You look at my numbers, I’m ballin Says:

    Smashsquatch is correct. Thinking Devin White won’t make us regret Kwon’s moving on.

  4. Tye Says:

    Everyone should be excited when the moment in life comes along that you have gone from rock bottom to the top of the mountain, from the darkness at the bottom of the pit to the light climbing out, from losing to winner!

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    No, the Bucs should not have kept Kwon. Not at THAT asking price.
    I’m happy for the guy, I really am.
    Lets not kid ourselves though, Kwon is injury-prone and above average, at best. He’s just on a really, really good defense.

  6. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Great non answer from Kwon

  7. Buczilla Says:

    I’m happy for Kwon and I’m even more happy that we didn’t grossly overpay for him. Devin is already a better player imho.

  8. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    glad kwon in niners; much easier to play his style with that front he has. Always thought he would be better at will backer than middle as he was here; the DC out there looks like a genius playing some kiffen/pete carroll concepts in his defense but you have that front 4 could make mike smith look like a HOF coordinator

  9. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    In the long run I don’t think there will be any debate over who the better LB is. Devin White had a hell of a rookie season and will continue to improve over time.

  10. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    He lead the league in missed tackles by an LB. Is that stat worth what 49er’s paying him?

    That’s like paying JayMiss 30+ M for founding the 30-30 club. Makes zero sense.

    Heard Kwon was the “communication issue” that Mike Smith spoke about while he was DC here. The other players had trouble understanding him when he called plays. Any wonder the D got better after he blew out his knee?

    Peace, out.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I hated seeing Kwon go…but it was the right call. I DO believe White is better. (that sounded so racist)

  12. 813bucboi Says:

    we shouldve kept him…..his leadership was unquestioned…..and he produced at a high level….we’ve re-signed plenty of players that were injured, continued to get injured or didnt produce….conte, justin evans, dotson come to mind….

    it is what it is….im happy for him….he bet on himself and hit the jackpot….he’ll be the next former bucs to win the SB a year after leaving us…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  13. jmarkbuc Says:

    What has he contributed to the Niners this year… I could ride the bench to the SB….

  14. Allbuccedup Says:

    Kwon great player great attitude but very injury prone. Only bad decision Lynch made this year. Devin will definitely be better in the long run.

  15. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “That’s debatable, though White was a rookie and Kwon is in his fifth season.”

    White had virtually the same rookie year as Kwon…in his first Kwon played 12 games White 13…Kwon was in on 93 tackles 59 of them solo…White had 91 with 58 solo…I could go on but their stats are virtually a carbon copy.

    So based on ONE year they were equal…at least statistically…White had more splash plays.

    Kwon has surely not set the bar very high for White going forward. Kwon is fairly fragile…he’s only played a full season once..his second year…since then he has struggled to stay on the field.

    Kwon 6-1 227lbs 4.55 40 White 6-0 237lbs and a blistering 4.42 40!

    White is larger and MUCH faster and is a devastating hitter when he puts that size and speed together. He also has that intangible…a nose for the ball..he seems to be in the right place to do things like scoop a fumble and score a TD.

    I’m not really sure this is debatable but since you qualified it with White is only a rookie I guess we’ll have to wait. I’d bet 100 to your ten that White will obliterate Kwon’s production going forward.

  16. morgan1672 Says:

    14 million for a ILB that is always injured. I like Kwon, but he isn’t worth 14 million

  17. Buccernutter Says:

    Kown and Doug are two of my favorite bucs of all time. When Doug left, I cheered for him to succeed. When Kwon left, I don’t feel the same.

    I can’t really tell you why but I think Kwon was a little hostile to us when he bounced. He has had several passive aggressive comments about our team and franchise.

    Let’s be honest though, he was NOT worth the investment. The niners proved it. They were as good if not better when he got hurt and he GOT HURT. I think his passion is a huge asset for sure, but that’s why i want jpp back over shaq. It’s infectious.

    I don’t know why but a big reason I want KC to win is so that kwon to spite kwon. I like the guy but just look at the jewelry. His intentions were not honorable. That chain has got to be a couple game checks. He’s about the $ just as much as the passion. If he does win and it’s out of my control, well congrats dude. smh

  18. Snook Says:

    All of this for a guy who didn’t even play much in the NFC championship game?

    Did the 49ers figure out his backup is just as good?

    Kwon and McCoy are overrated. NEXT!

  19. fernando diaz Says:

    overrated, whiffs on tackles not worth what he got.
    they didn’t miss him

  20. Waterboy Says:

    He’s probably thinking more money and a super bowl appearance who could ask for more. Sure beats the 5-11 seasons that I’m used to.

  21. 813bucboi Says:


    if white and kwon had just about the same stats as rookies, what does that say about kwon?…..

    an undersized injury prone 4th round pick played like a top5 1st round pick….


    a 1st round top5 pick played like an undersized injury prone 4th round pick…

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  22. Craig Says:

    Kwon was the heart of the defense for a couple of years here. He always found the ball and has a high motor. That meant he was under-rated here, see Lavonte David.

    The rest of the defense really sucked while Kwon was here, so I’m glad he is getting some attention for the 9ers.

    It will be a very good game with these two radically different styles.

  23. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I don’t hate Kwon and I wish him well….. but…..

    Dude looks like an idiot.
    Is he channeling his inner Leon Spinx?

  24. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Depends on your perspective I suppose.’

    Stats are the same but little else…splash plays all to White.

    Hindsight will answer that for us after time. Right now it looks like Kwon was a steal but too small or fragile to hold up. White also had a knee injury but healed and finished VERY strong.

    Looks to me like BOTH choices worked out…kudos to Licht.

    Now if White regresses or gets injured as frequently as Kwon he’ll be a huge disappointment.

  25. Wesley Says:

    I can remember Kwon over-perusing and not being very good in coverage. I’m happy with White so far, as long as he progresses. Time will tell with Kwon, but he’s been injury prone so far in his career.

  26. firethecannons Says:

    The difference is Shanahan and Garoppoplo, Kwon is over rated. Remember how he was overhyped to play against the Bucs and was tossed for targeting on Jameis. Not smart often.

  27. Clean House Says:

    Wish Joe would stop being such a downer even mentioning this miserable dumpster fire to Kwon and Honey Badger- let them enjoy their escape to relevance in peace.

    It’s not all about this circus act

  28. Pick6 Says:

    The bigger story is how well Kwon’s replacement played. The niners might’ve been just as well off not having Kwon at all

  29. Pick6 Says:

    Come to think of it Kwon’s replacement on both teams was pretty great.

  30. Buccernutter Says:

    Looks like we got value kwon out of the fourth round when he was humble and trying to earn a starting spot.

    niners got rip off kwon who is injured all the time and is about chains and jewelry now and the defense didn’t miss a beat without him.