“They Are A Quarterback Away From Competing”

January 28th, 2020

Harsh criticism of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, was flowing at Super Bowl’s Radio Row this morning from a couple of former players.

Hall of Fame cornerback/safety Rod Woodson wouldn’t answer the question when asked whether he would rather play with Jameis or against him.

Woodson did tell WDAE radio that the career consistency of Jameis’ turnovers are “problematic,” and he believes the Bucs have the talent and the coaching staff to win.

A big believer in Bucco Bruce Arians, Woodson wondered aloud whether Arians can be objective with himself when he ponders whether he can get Jameis to the next level.

Move on from Jameis, said former defensive back Solomon Wilcots, who needled Woodson for being politically correct.

“Over five years I think you kind of know what you got [in Jameis],” Wilcots said. “You got a guy who’s got tremendous high end when it comes to throwing the football and creating big plays. You also have a guy that a tremendous high end of creating big plays for the opponent. So when you start throwing pick-6s and interceptions, your ability to go out and win football games, it diminishes drastically.”

Wilcots went on to note how effective the Bucs offense was over 2018 and 2019, and he lauded what defensive coordinator Todd Bowles accomplished as the 2019 season progessed.

“They are a quarterback away from competing in a very tough division in the NFC South and maybe even going deep into the playoffs,” Wilcots added.

77 Responses to ““They Are A Quarterback Away From Competing””

  1. Doug Says:

    Move on from him, we need consistency.

  2. TJ Says:

    Could not agree more. Let me hear it Joe but he lead the NFL in passing. Top 5 Qbs in passing yards have one thing in commonthis year they all did not make the playoffs. To qoute Raheem Morris Stats are for losers.

  3. Bruce Blahak Says:

    yes, yes….a QB away, exactly!!! Fitzpatrick would have won more games….

  4. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Andy Dalton for the playoffs

  5. BigHog Says:

    Simplified…you move on from FSMOUS and you move back to divisional basement dwellers for the next 5 years!!! KEEP GRINDING FORWARD WITH FAMOUS…TEAM BUC 2020!!!

  6. Allbuccedup Says:

    If the raiders move on from Carr and sign Rivers the Bucs need to trade their second round pick for Carr. Gruden has a problem with young QBs. Carr made the pro bowl a couple of years in a row before Gruden came.

  7. LordCornelius Says:

    I guess you can apply that statement to the 2nd half of 2019, but other than that it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve read regarding the Bucs.

    Other than the fluke 2010 season, these are the W:L records of the Bucs from 2009 forward before drafting Winston:


    That’s an average record of 4-12in FIVE seasons. That is what this organization was when we drafted Winston.

    Since drafting him, we have had a bottom 5 defense in basically every metric every year, other than 2017 (9-7 year when we had average defense, bad skill players other than Evans, no run game, bad kicker), and other than the 2nd half of 2019.

    Winston was the reason we weren’t 7-1 to end the season vs 5-3. But he isn’t the reason we aren’t winning super bowls in Tampa.

    Since 2009 this team has never just been a quarterback away from glory.

    If anything, after drafting Winston the only thing that improved as a team were passing metrics, receiving metrics, scoring metrics, etc. But the defense did not ever get decent outside of stretches in 2017 / 2019.

    The turnovers are bad and were horrible in 2019, but let’s not kid ourselves about the dumpster fire of a franchise our QB went to and the support he’s had when it comes to winning compared to succesful franchises that have developed QB’s.

    Still give me Winston or Eason 2020. I think the defense has finally arrived.

    It only took 2 GM’s and like 12 drafts but they finally may have a decent defense it looks like.

  8. Craig Says:

    Fromm in the second round to make an almost complete team.

    Almost because they need a RB too. J.K. Dobbins would be good with an Adrian Killins chaser. (undrafted free agent)

  9. BucBoy Says:

    Right! Only the 8th QB to throw over 5000 yards and was 25 years old and we want to get rid of him. No mention of finally getting a respectable defense or giving him a RB to keep the defense honest.

  10. SteveK Says:

    Refreshing and true!

    Ndog- are Rod Woodson and Solomon Wilcot’s “CLUELESS” too?

    Wake up and smell the turnovers!

  11. Sport Says:

    JW is polarizing. Facts can be used to support arguments on both sides. What tips the scales for me is his poor situational football rankings and his overall salary cap hit. Which would reduce our ability to keep this D together and get a few key free agents.
    RT, Safety (J Evans cannot be trusted at this point) resign Perriman, extend Godwin, resign our D.
    Whatever is left over after paying our draft class can go to QB. If it’s $30M or $20M. So be it..

    In BA I Trust!

  12. jmarkbuc Says:

    This team is still in rebuild mode…don’t kid yourself. Dline stil has issues, especially when the one year rentals depart. And the Oline? we all know about that. Then there’s the RB and QB positions…..


  13. Robert Says:

    a thief, an “accused” ra-p-ist and a horrible qb walk into a bar…………

    lol nevermind


  14. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    Mr. Franchise QB, he ain’t.

    Peace, out

  15. ATrain Says:

    Please Tell Me why do y’all always say he throw for 5000yrds

    That stat and $2 will get you a coke

    STATS is not what we care about


    How many 5000 yrd QBs in the playoffs

    How many 5000 yrd at ProBowl

    And if Jamies is so irreplaceable then why did he watch the ProBowl and playoffs AGAIN..

    Got to have something else besides 5000 yrds

    The plus is Jamies had 5000yrds and over 30 TDs

    Minus is Jamies had 7 pick 6s over 30 INTs
    Has a hard time reading a defense
    Stares down the receivers (can’t do that in NFL)
    Throws are inconsistent at best one might be a bullet the next is a dying duck

    Soo weight it out doesn’t really balance in the LOVERS favor

    But just like the GMC LOVERS nothing matters but your LOVE for a player not the team

  16. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I agree with you! JW is polarizing. And every time he opens his piehole you have to worry what might fly out.

    For NDOG, Awshucks, Stan and Big Hog…I hear ya…I feel ya…but in the words of MS John McEnroe’s great hit…

    There’s a reason why people don’t stay where they are.
    Baby, sometimes love just ain’t enough.…

    IMHO a fresh start will be good for the Bucs and for #3. And let’s face it…both the Bucs and #3 bring some baggage to a fresh start but perhaps a change will do us good. (yeah I could have worn out pop music references with Sheryl Crow)

  17. mark2001 Says:

    Unless he comes in on a “try it” deal, I’d say move on… about 25 mil. at most. And draft a QB or sign a high quality FA.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Lord C … “Still give me Winston or Eason 2020. I think the defense has finally arrived”.

    OK you lost me LC. Winston or Eason? A 5-year veteran versus a raw rookie? That seems like a scary either/or proposition. I like Eason too BTW, but Walter Football has him listed as going in Rnds 2-3 … he’s really only got 1 year of college ball (sat out 2018 & was injured in the 1st game of 2017). A raw talent IOW & probably not a starter in 2020. So why not Winston AND Eason?

    Also, sounds like you’re assuming that the Bucs will keep the 2019 defense together, and even improve on it some. I think that’s a big assumption IF we keep Jameis. Keeping the defense together would cost $90-$95 mil from what I can see, meaning that we’d need to ‘skimp’ someplace else (as in on OFFENSE?). For instance, maybe releasing (or trading) Brate & not re-signing Perriman IF we keep Jameis? Lots of different paths we could take, but they ALL end at the same place … making the salary Cap (around $210 mil for us this year I hope).

  19. NOLES Says:

    All valid points… but there is NO question that the Turnover Margin is the Ultimate predictor of success..

    Wether or not JW is our best option Now, we will NOT win if he continues with the same turnover ratio regardless of how awesome the D is or if the Kicking game is improved..

    I get the support but I also equally get the frustration and disbelief in JW’s ability. The team is in a tough spot curious to see what JL & BA do.. here..

    Looks like we should have better Uniforms next year if nothing else improves

  20. You look at my numbers, I'm ballin Says:

    More like, we are a “quarterback who doesn’t have to carry his damn team week in and week out” away from being anything special.

    For the past three years at least here’s what been consistent:
    – No run game
    – No defense until about week 9 in the 2019 season
    – Underperforming O-line (are they good at run blocking, pass blocking, what are they good at?)

    Let’s remember that 75% of this fanbase was ready to anoint him as the future of the franchise up until the last two games of the season where his top two guys with any experience at the WR position were out.

    Jameis is a stud. Teams with run games go to the super bowl. Those who don’t blame the QB.

  21. stravenite Says:

    Simplified…you move on from FSMOUS and you move back to divisional basement dwellers for the next 5 years!!! KEEP GRINDING FORWARD WITH FAMOUS…TEAM BUC 2020!!!

    Yeah he has made a great difference in the last 5 years !

  22. Bobby M. Says:

    He’s who he was scouted to be….talented passer with turnover issues and character concerns. When he was drafted the expectation was he would develop….he’s still the same QB he was in college. Flashes of brilliance followed by absolute bozo the clown moments. Its 5 yrs, you wont win with that dude without significant resources and you cant acquire all that without him taking a pay cut or Licht nailing every draft from here on out.

  23. D-Rome Says:

    There are Bucs fans and Jay-Miss WinsTOn fans. All Jay-Miss critics are Bucs fans. Not all Jay-Miss fluffers are Bucs fans. Many are Jay-Miss fans only. Those people don’t care if the Bucs fail or succeed with Jay-Miss. All that matters is that Jay-Miss is a starter.

    We all know who he is, even if the fluffers don’t want to admit it. Jay-Miss will never lead this team to a Super Bowl.

  24. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    The #winstondefenseforce/FSU homers do realize winston only made a real difference positively in one game this year. When we played the Rams and he still spotted them points with his pick 6. Every Year Winston is top of the NFL in turnovers. You people do realize how he is seen of as a joke around the NFL right? Defenses love to play him.

  25. Dapostman Says:

    Not that hard to figure out that Leftwich needs to be less risk it biscuit inside his own 25. Get the backs involved more especially early in the game. I’m not talking about being a captain checkdown either. How many passes are picked off throwing swing passes to backs? Not that many. As much as Arians throws the ball Leftwich is even more aggressive which will lead to more TO’s.

    If Leftwich figures it out Winston will star. There were rarely any plays that were tailored to getting the backs the ball in the flats. Hell he didn’t even get RoJo involved in the Texans game when his two star Wrs were out.

    Leftwich is the key where this offense goes in 2020.

  26. Robert Says:

    drop this bum for 2 reasons.

    1 he’s proven unfixable when it comes to turnovers
    2 he’s proven he can’t handle someone in waiting (Fitz or a high draft QB)

    just like a RB who can’t/won’t wait for the hole, this cat can’t wait to take his shots….so he forces it.

    on…..and OFF the field!

    drop the bum!

  27. LordCornelius Says:

    @Defense Rules

    My position on Winston or Eason is basically based on

    1) I do not like any Vet QB option over Winston unless they are literally willing to take $15+ million less than Winston wants.
    Rivers = older version of Winston with less of an arm at this point in his career. Bridgwater = maybe – but not a great deep ball / not a guy built for the offense. Same with Derek carr, Andy Dalton, & Nick Foles. They do not fit the BA offense at all. Weaker arm type guys that do not push the ball down the field as much. Foles Eagles run just seems like a werid fluke at this point.

    2) Considering I do not like the veteran options, I’d rather just go one more year with Winston. However – if we do not want to go that route for the sake of $$ – then just go all in on a rookie QB and save yourself $25M and build an elite defense.

    I’d rather take my chances on a guy like Eason – a big armed pro style QB that would fit the offense and mentality immediately – knowing we’d likely create the identify of the team around the defense in 2020 if this were the case, and free up cap space for the next 4-5 years at the QB position.

  28. LordCornelius Says:

    “The #winstondefenseforce/FSU homers do realize winston only made a real difference positively in one game this year. When we played the Rams and he still spotted them points with his pick 6.”

    meh I’d say more than one. Here’s a few games we lost even when he played well:

    Giants game: 62% 380 yards / 3 TD / 1 Int and the team scored 31 points but we lost

    Seattle game: 66% 335 yards / 2 TD / 0 Int and the team scored 34 points but we lost

    2019 was a bad year though for Winston. Way more INT’s than any other year and ending with 3 TD and 6 picks while the defense was playing elite the last 2 weeks was a horrible look

  29. mark2001 Says:

    LC… you would give JW 30 mil? And absolute recipe for disaster. Now give him 20 with an incentive that he hit 30 TD’s with 15 INTs. or less for another 10 mil, and I’m on board. But as is… 30 mil for what we had last year? Crazy.

  30. LordCornelius Says:

    “LC… you would give JW 30 mil? ”

    Where did I say that?

  31. LordCornelius Says:


    My ideal scenario is an incentive based short term contract with Winston that allows us to completely walk away if needed after 2020, or the right to do a bigger deal if he hits his incentives / is part of a bigger deal or whatever

  32. mark2001 Says:

    You said you would pay Jameis 15 mil more than any other vet. QB, didn’t you? You think one of the good Vets out there would play for less than 15 mil? So sounded like you were suggesting 30 mil. Or that you think Brady, Rivers et. all. are worth less than 15 mil.

  33. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    If you are a QB away you don’t have a qb

  34. mark2001 Says:

    LC…I agree with an incentive based ST deal, leaving us the cap space to sign a decent vet or draft a talented rookie. If Jameis succeeds, great…we win. If he fails, the decent vet may surprise us and we might get to the playoffs. And if it is the rookie, time to build with him. But also have to consider if we will we be in this draft position to get a quality QB with the D coming on and such? It isn’t an easy decision.

  35. You look at my numbers, I'm ballin Says:


    A few points:

    – unless they are literally willing to take $15+ million less than Winston wants
    Why? Not your money for one; lots of teams pay 25-30 mil for a franchise QB and have no problem winning

    – build an elite defense
    This conflicts with the identity of the team and makeup of our defense. We will be pulling out major contracts for the D-ends but other than them the majority of the unit is on their rook contracts. They trended up towards the end of the year so why are we likely overpaying veteran talent to take away snaps from the young guys?

    – Eason – a big armed pro style QB that would fit the offense and mentality immediately
    What about Eason makes you think he is a plug and play prospect? Arian’s offense is widely regarded as a difficult offense to learn and doesn’t take off until year 2. Eason, the rookie, will not step in to this offense and run with it – it just doesn’t happen even for vets.

    I know Bucs nation is conscious of the cap – paranoid even – but money aint the issue here. It’s about finishing building around Jameis to put him into a position to succeed. Without consistent D and run game no QB will succeed and we as Bucs will just continue to chase our tails.

  36. LordCornelius Says:


    Yeah that makes sense actually.

    The biggest unknown is the $$ amount Winston’s agent thinks he is worth vs any vet QB option.

    I just ultimately think the price points won’t be very different to where I’d rather go with a 25 year old in the same system, than starting over with a 35+ year old that I don’t personally view as great fits for the offense based on what BA has historically run with.

    If the only option was Winston at like $30M+ per year, or Rivers at $25M per year, then I’d probably say screw it and take my chances in the draft on a QB round 1 that I know will be locked into a cheap deal for 4-5 years, and build that QB an elite defense & run game with the savings.

    Elite defense + run game will win a lot of games regardless of the QB. That’s been proven every year lately in this so called “modern passing” league

  37. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    LC I wasn’t discounting the games he played good in. I wouldn’t compare the seahawks/giants game to the rams game when he was essentially the reason we won. but how many games did he almost by himself piss away. 9ers, panthers, Texans and the last falcons game. if it wasn’t for the improbable colts comeback he would have been the reason for our loss there too. that’s not even counting the boneheaded turnovers/bad decision making in all the other games.

    The issue is all we have to go on with Jameis is an upside that we haven’t been able to see without Mr Hyde showing up

    Now I will wait wait for Ndog to jump in tell me I am stupid and don’t know football or cannot think.

  38. Coburn Says:

    Have no doubt if Winston plays his tail off and gets on a hot streak he has the potential to win enough ganes for playoffs… but thats about ad far as I see it. Can’t see him con timing said streak all the way through playoffs and into the superbowl against elite teams. I’m not convinced he can keep it up that long with minimizing mistakes and I felt like a lot of his better games arent against elite teams. Platoffs require you to raise the bar to another level still and limit turnovers even more. Just look at thede last few games.. guys turning ball over are at home

  39. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I don’t know how or who at OBP is going to break it to Jameis that he is NOT in the salary range of “tagged or franchise quarterbacks”….maybe Ndog can make up the difference

  40. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    I think he has anxiety issues. As a kid, whenever I had a game I couldn’t sleep the night before. I’d start the game off crazy, couldn’t do anything. Or like you take a test and you run through and don’t know an answer, then you go back and calm down and realize you can do it.\

    I think that’s his problem. I don’t think he can fix it after 5 years in the league though.

  41. 813bucboi Says:

    are the titans a QB away?…..

    do they finally have their QB?….still to be determined…..

    but they still won games…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  42. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Here is where the “blameless” apologists are getting really tiresome.

    If we blow this up getting rid of “blameless” it’ll be reboot and another five years required.


  43. whats the bucs plan 2020 Says:

    “They are a quarterback away from competing in a very tough division in the NFC South and maybe even going deep into the playoffs,” Wilcots added…..

    well said end of discussion … over and out … good night sweet dreams….

    5 season and he is still wetting the bed at night time … he cant be potty trained….

  44. catcard202 Says:

    Imagine if the Colts gave up on Peyton Manning after Colts went 6-10 in 2001…Peyton’s age 25 season, when his career stats were at 111td to 81int (career 3.6% INT rate vs 61% completion rate)….He was considered inconsistent & turnover prone, but had put up a ton of passing yards.

    His age 26 on…Lights out. One of the all time greats.

    I look at JW3 in the same light…JW3 thru age 25 = 121tds to 88int (career 3.5% int rate vs 61% completion rate) is inconsistent & turnover prone, but also has a bright future ahead…Just keep the faith.

  45. stpetebucsfan Says:

    The reason you guys are stuck on five years for a new QB is because it’s BEEN five years with “blameless’ and what do we have to show. All this debate about whether it really takes six years?

    It didn’t take ANY of the playoff QB’s five years…with the exception perhaps of Tannehill…

    In todays game if a QB hasn’t reached the playoffs in 3 years you move on…6 years to reach a playoff?

  46. doctor_berto Says:

    Wilcox lost me when he said Rivers would be good for the Bucs.

  47. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I try to be respectful but your last post begs an explanation.

    Manning went 6-10 AFTER GOING FREAKING 13-3 HIS SECOND YEAR AND 10-6 the year before that 6-10.

    IE…JW is 28-42 Manning was 42-38 after five years including that 6-10!

    Dang I’ve seen some cherry picking of stats but that’s even poor for a “blameless” apologist.

    So recapping for the slow among us…STOP comparing JW to Manning. You embarrass yourselves. Manning had 3 winning seasons his first five years..#3 has eked out ONE. Manning made the pro bowl three times!

    Manning went to the playoffs THREE OF HIS FIRST FIVE YEARS!
    #3 has barely sniffed them one year.

  48. Tye Says:

    Arians is 67 and likely in the later portion of his coaching career…
    JW stayed a few years in Koetters offense and still kept screwing up..
    Bring in a well respected HC and yet still JW is a screw up…

    It is hard enough in the NFL to win games without having your qb play for both teams every single week… 30-30; 7 pick 6s; ints in the 1st drive; ints in the final drives; all the potential ints in between that get dropped… That is definitely NOT an NFL quality qb.. that is a liability, a detriment to winning and a recipe to get coaches fired…

    An upgrade at Quarterback and a good running back with just a few changes at oline and Safety and the Bucs could be next seasons Cinderella team…
    Make all the right changes but QB and get the same results.. all other changes are moot when your QB plays for the other team!

  49. tbbucs3 Says:

    Anyone who thinks were a QB away hasnt watched the Bucs defense the last 6 years.

  50. tbbucs3 Says:

    “Wilcots went on to note how effective the Bucs offense was over 2018 and 2019”

    Who do you think was throwing the footballs Wilcots?

  51. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jameis will be bawling when his agent shows him the Bucs first offer….

  52. Jean Lafitte Says:

    same ole song and dance repackaged

  53. Craig Says:

    A lot of us have already seen that written on the bathroom wall. The defense now has a coach that uses man to man players as that, not one who tried to force them to play zone.

    That means the defense is on the rise, as is the O-line. Cappa got it late last season and actually made some holes for a running game.

    The kicker will either be better or be replaced. An upgraded safety will define the defense and a better runner will replace Dare and maybe Peyton.

    The team will be on its way up if the QB doesn’t give games away.

  54. Sleepy903 Says:

    You’re never a QB away. That’s a lie and the record shows. Most teams that get a QB via free agency don’t make the playoffs let alone the Superbowl.

    over the past 10 years its only 10% of free agent QB’s that get signed as a starter to a team make the playoffs. A Chicago site ran the numbers.

  55. Bucsfanman Says:

    I would phrase it another way:

    We are good quarterback play away from competing.

    And please, please, please don’t roll the stats out as “good QB play.” It goes beyond stats.

    You could say the same for running, defense, and special teams too.
    Well, I guess we’re an entire football team away from competing then! LOL!

  56. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    The Niners just called. They said you can win without a QB.
    Load the trenches!!

  57. LordCornelius Says:


    I think the only people who are stupid are the people who care about being the most “right” fan on the internet regarding any of these debates. The real idiots when it comes to our team have been the ownership/front office the last 10+ years.

    Most years before 2019, based on the games I charted, it seemed I could typically point to 4+ games per year in which the defense was the complete and only reason we lost vs 1-2 games max per year in which the defense was actually playing really well in the game and Winston still lost it or it was his fault. Then there were like 3-4 team losses in which Winston/the defense/everything wasn’t great.

    2019 was the first year I think the tide changed on that. There were 4 games where just a decent game manager QB likely gets a win – 49ers at Home / Panthers in London / Texans at Home / Falcons at Home.

    Winston only overcame the defense for 1 game, and the defense / kicker were only to blame for 2-3 games (Giants/Seahawks/maybe Falcons).

    The above is my biggest concern about Winston. Before 2019 when the defense played at a high level we won and he didn’t typically have melt down screw ups. Most of those were typically in losses like the blowout at the Vikings, the blowout in Arizona, etc, where we were down a ton early and the D sucked.

  58. Bucs 14 Says:

    Bucs need to move from Mr. Magoo behind center. Jaymiss will not lead this team into the promised land.

  59. Sleepy903 Says:

    The 49ers and Titans showed whats capable when you have a top notch Defense and an elite running game.

    That being said address the trenches and get Antonio Gibson. He is going to be a steal in this draft. Elite athlete, RB/WR/KR. Him and Rojo will be dynamic behind a legit offensive line.

  60. Robert Says:

    bucs just need a qb with a brain.

    never draft some numb nuts named jaboo

    C’MON MAN!!!!

  61. catcard202 Says:

    Guys, We can agree to disagree…No hard feelings.

    It’s a business decision on JW3 at this point. If QB1 market wasn’t close to $30M/yr, JW3’s return would be a no brainer. Even if that’s just to tag him for 2020 & draft a Plan B…(Which I am still pissed didn’t happen last yr.)

    My point above was not based on team results…Manning wasn’t the only reason the Colts were successful & JW3 hasn’t been the only reason the Bucs haven’t…Just looking at how stats are very similar, considering the offenses they play in are very similar & Bruce Arians was Peyton’s / Colts QB coach for 1st 3yrs of Peyton’s career. So, I think it’s fair to draw a comparison between the 2.

    Team roster / talent / depth matters as much as QB1 by seasons end…Peyton had the luxury of a good K game, Vanderjagt was one of leagues more reliable K’s – good XP & FG % and range – imagine the difference a solid K game would have changed the last few Bucs seasons??? JW’3 numbers may be exactly the same, but W-L record would most definitely be better.

  62. Defense Rules Says:

    Lord C … Excellent points about Jameis & the defense & won-loss records. I haven’t done the in-depth look that you obviously have (kudos BTW), but I totally agree with your conclusions based on the Bucs’ games I’ve attended & watched on TV. And yes, 2019 was a different look for Jameis (ie, when ‘the tide changed’ as you said). The offense he quarterbacked produced more points than we’ve ever gotten, but the COST of that greater productivity there was prohibitive IMO (30 INTs & 11 fumbles lost). How much of that is on Jameis and how much is on the offense ‘design’ is anybody’s guess (you know I’m not enamored with the ‘Bombs Away’ philosophy).

    Many Jameis-backers take the position that 2019 was an anomaly & that he’ll do much better in his 2nd year in BA’s offense. I don’t disagree … MAYBE he will do considerably better (personally I’d expect that from any QB). However, the COST of definitely retaining his services for even just one more year, based on a MAYBE, is rather steep (franchise tag: $27 mil). If we don’t franchise tag him, I think it’s likely someone else (most probably Chicago IMO) will ‘steal’ him away when FA starts. We’d then be left with very few options.

    Bucs screwed themselves last year when we did away with any real competition for the QB position. The only QB who MIGHT be available that I have any interest in at all is Derek Carr (I still wish we’d drafted him when we had the chance). Going with a ‘raw rookie’ like Eason … even IF we manage to fix the OLine, running game & defense … probably won’t get us into the 2020 playoffs (and even Mahomes sat for a year before he shined when starting).

    Bucs are in a pickle when it comes to our starting QB situation. It looks like one of those ‘damned-if-you-do & damned-if-you-don’t’ situations. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    Robert …I don;t support Winston that much anymore, but I have a question for you…

    Don’t you get tired of repeating the same old Jameis Winston crap you’ve been posting for the last 4 years. I mean the same shyte over and over again…Crab man this and that.

    You must be a REAL “special” person Robert. (I figured it out everyone)

  64. BrianBucs Says:

    Wilcots and Woodson are exactly, 100% correct.
    Bucs are a QB away from being a consistent playoff team.
    Lots of Bucs fans have known this for a while.
    Bucs need to move on from Winston

  65. Matthew Fifer Says:

    It’s a little long but pretty well covers the polar QB currently on our roster.


    If for some reason the link doesn’t work, look up “Set the Edge Jameis Winston”. Around the mid-point of the video he does an analysis of every single INT thrown by Jameis this year. Of the 30, he credits 19 of them entirely on Jameis. Even at 19, that’s still a lot!

  66. DoooshLaRue Says:


    Thanks for voicing your opinion and even more importantly, thanks for never ever saying that you were through with this website and then show back up and act like nothing happened.
    Some people do that and then belittle other people.

    I could never respect you if you did that.

  67. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Solomon Wilcots must be a racist.

  68. Wesley Says:

    100% correct.

  69. Pit of Misery Says:

    Question for the Joe’s: whether it is all time or since “the modern era” passing, how many QB’s landed in the Super Bowl ( pinnacle each team shoots for) that lead the league in yardage, TD’s and turnovers? If a small percentage, what is the common denominator for a team that makes it?

  70. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    AlteredEgo, What makes you think there will be a first offer?

  71. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    BigHog, say it with me…… Jordan Love! You can do it!

  72. Ndog Says:

    Yes SteveK yes. Do you think they watched out games? Ok that’s what I thought. They are just like you and look at the stats and say man that’s not good.

  73. SteveK Says:




    Solomon Wilcots and Rod Woodson understand the importance of turnover margin. They’d have a field day playing against Jameis.

    Can it be that they view Jameis as too reckless/sloppy w. The football?

  74. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Everyone acts like the defense was there all season when in reality they cost us more games last year. How about with Jameis and a defense we will be hard to beat. Yes Jameis will cost us a couple of games but he will win us a bunch as well if the defense just plays decent. I want to see one season where both complement each other for a change. Go Bucs! Go Jameis!

  75. Losing hope Says:

    If there are still uncertainties after 5yrs . He’s not the answer. The only thing consistent about jaymiss are his turnovers and fumbles. He’s consistantly inconsistent

  76. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Stpetebucfan you forget though Jameis had historically bad defenses his entire career while being a Buc with the exception of the end of last season. Most QBs who have made it to the playoffs in 3 years most likely already had a defense in place. So again you are not looking at the big picture.

  77. BucFanDuh Says:

    Confession.. I had to google “Solomon Wilcot”, because I have no clue who he is. Google says he played in 92 games and only intercepted the ball 2 times. Among DBs, hes ranked at 1,254. On the opposite side of the argument is Rod Woodson, who was successful in his 17 year, 71 interception, HoF career. now how are their career statistics relevant when giving their two cents about QBs? Because one of these opinions comes from successfully analyzing Quarterbacks… while the other opinion is of someone who generally sucked at analyzing Quarterbacks. So back to my initial point, who the heck is Solomon Wilcot, and why am I wasting my time reading about his irrelevant opinion?