Bring ’em Back

January 14th, 2020

Wrap him up.

In his final press conference of the season the day after the loss to the Dixie Chicks, which closed the season with a 7-9 record, Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians seemed to hint the defense will be back.

The defense, which improved by leaps and bounds last year, is the strongest element of the team, along with the wide receivers.

In a postseason review of what the Bucs need to do this offseason, Jenna Laine of ESPN writes how the Bucs must keep the front-seven together and intact. Sad thing is, there are three key free agents on that front-seven including Ndamukong Suh, Jason Pierre-Paul and the NFL sack-leader, Shaq Barrett.

Clearly those guys need to get locked up. And if a report Joe read last night is true — Joe will have more about this report later this morning — it’s a good bet these guys get paid.

22 Responses to “Bring ’em Back”

  1. Steven007 Says:

    We’ve got the money. We’re in a situation where our free agents happen to be the best ones to fit our current needs. In other words to continue improving. No reason that won’t happen. It will be a bit trickier on the offensive side of the ball

  2. Rodney Munch Says:

    Do a bridge deal with Winston, like a 5 year deal but only 2 years are guaranteed money – then franchise Shaq. I like Shaq and he didn’t fluke into nearly 20 sacks, but if you pay him now, you’re paying him on production that he will almost certainly never replicate. Most likely Shaq is a 10-12 sack guy, which is really really good and something that shouldn’t be dismissed, but I can’t see him staying around 20. If he did it again next year – then sure, break open the bank since you’ll have to make him the highest paid defensive player ever. But I’m guessing he comes back down to earth and has a great season with like 11 sacks – and then you can work out a reasonable long term deal that doesn’t bankrupt the cap.

  3. Steven007 Says:

    Re-signing your own free agents is always where you want to be as a team. We have reached for years trying to do the opposite. Finally we’re in a situation where we can do what most good teams do. Granted we got lucky with Barrett but now he is our own free agent. You keep him.

  4. BB Says:

    Trade every pick in this years draft and trade next years first rounder plus o j Howard to the bengals for the number one pick and take joe burrow

  5. MadMax Says:

    Keep whats working, cut whats not working

    Sorry JW, bye.

  6. NCFlorIdiot Says:

    Agree 100% Steven007… Keep our defense together, use that cap space for them… Hardball Jameis to a low money contract/transition tag or let him walk… Draft O-line/QB in the 1st/2nd/3rd… RB after that… Trust in our coaches to get this done… Sign 1 or 2 FA’s under the radar just like they did last off-season.

    AND GET RID OF THE UGLY F#CKING UNI’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d be very happy with that off-season…

  7. NCFlorIdiot Says:

    Joe, hopefully that report has them (front seven) getting “paid” by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

  8. BrianBucs Says:

    Bucs should do everything they can to keep their front 7 together.
    Sign a cheaper QB that doesn’t turn the ball over and cost the team games

  9. LaMarcus Says:

    Yea man let’s find a cheaper qb that throws 5100 32 tds with less ints and for cheap? Ppl really be believing in their own stupidity

    Newsflash Brianbucs: that won’t come cheap

  10. NCFlorIdiot Says:

    LaMarcus… Titan’s are knocking on the door with a “cheap” QB… Just saying that it can be done

  11. Lavonte 1of1 Says:

    Next years roster is solely predicated on Jameis’s new contract.

    $30+ million certainly dictates all future moves including Shaq.

  12. Cobraboy Says:

    No Winston = intact D

    Big Winston deal = loss of key D front 7.

    I opt for the former. This team can win without Winston, and Arian’s said that himself.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    LaMarcus … You don’t NEED a QB to throw for over 5,000 yards & 32 TDs IF you BUILD YOUR TEAM PROPERLY. Most quality QBs who are in the playoffs threw for 3500-4000 yards and 25-30 TDs. Several others, Tannehill being a good example, only threw for 2500-3000 yards & 20 TDs. BUILD YOUR TEAM PROPERLY and you don’t need to constantly depend on your QB to win (or lose) the game for you.

    NCFlorIdiot … Tannehill isn’t a ‘cheap’ QB. He’s on a ‘try-before-buy’ contract with the Titans (($5.4 mil in 2019). Do you really think the Titans could re-sign him now for $5.4 mil? Before you answer, Spotrac lists his Market Value today at $30.5 mil. Odds are, first one in line to pay that will be the Tennessee Titans.

  14. firethecannons Says:

    cobraboy–on same page, sign the entire defense, Winston walks, we have cap space to work with, QB in round 2–make it work–better than signing winston to a huge deal

  15. 813bucboi Says:

    you get what you pay for…..

    lets just find a QB that doesnt blow games with his endless TOs…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  16. stpetebucsfan Says:

    It’s just business so let’s not get emotional…JW lovers…

    I agree TOTALLY with everyone here who talked about keeping the D together.

    Steven007 made a great point about this in general..

    “Re-signing your own free agents is always where you want to be as a team. We have reached for years trying to do the opposite.”

    So here it is for me…if the JW lovers win out and they give him 25-30 million dollars that should come completely from the offense. NONE from the D side.
    If you pay your QB the big bucks he needs to be able to compensate for the loss of cap space. Sooo…bye bye Perriman…Brate…perhaps an OL making too much money…replace them with cheap draft picks or FA’s.

    Sign all of our defensive FA’s…I mean ALL…Nassib…is Gholston an FA…if you can’t do it from savings on JW’s salary then start removing some #weaponsforJameis.

  17. bradinator Says:

    Sign Shaq! Get it done. I really love sticking it to my workmates here in Denver that they let him walk. We need JPP too! Those two together give us the best pass rush since the SB defense.

  18. BucsNation08 Says:


    Yea when you have a back you can give it to 30 plus times and throw for less than 100 yards both playoffs games, Bucs do not have anything close to that. Dumb comment is dumb

  19. TOM Says:

    Glazer’s listen to the fans. Most fans seem to want Winston to take a walk.

  20. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    We need to pay our current defense, all of them. But we need a few Offensive players too, namely line, QB, and maybe RB if a better one come available. Trading/letting go Winston would allow this to happen.

  21. PSL Bob Says:

    Agree with all re D front 7. Then, as good as he was, let Perriman hit the market, to free up a little cap space. Hate to see him go, but we don’t need 3, No. 1 wideouts. If BA is just not going to use his two receiving tight ends (OJ and Brate) they way everyone else thinks they should be, let one of them walk to free up a little more space. I could make an argument for keeping either one. Franchise Jameis, get a good RB with our first or second first pick, a good safety with the other first or second pick, and then start picking up O and D line players in latter rounds. Cap space should allow us to pick up an O-line player. Build for success.

  22. buc15 Says:

    @stpete – “It’s just business so let’s not get emotional”

    The Bucs are a passion of mine & nothing to do with business so alot of emotion when it comes to the team. I’m ride or die Buc fan for life