“Weird” Jameis

December 14th, 2019

Former Bucs guard explains.

Ian Beckles is confused.

The former Bucs guard who is now a popular local sports radio personality watches the Bucs each Sunday like all Bucs fans do. But he comes away shaking his head because he can’t figure out the team.

Except for maybe one thing: the Bucs have an extremist playing quarterback. In the same game Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston is extremely good and extremely bad.

“This is a weird football team we have,” Beckles said on his podcast, “In the Trenches.” “First of all, it is being quarterbacked by the weirdest athlete to ever play any professional sport. I’m just being honest with that. I have never seen an athlete that if you think he stinks you are right and if you think he’s great you are right, OK? Because I have never seen an athlete that you get the best of both worlds and all of it.

“Jameis is two things: he is the best of the worst. He’s the best quarterback I have ever seen who throws the ball to the other team. You can’t throw three [bad] picks and still play well and he did. I’ve never seen it before.

“And he is also the worst of the best. So he is the best of the worst and the worst of the best. Teams don’t normally allow their quarterback to throw that many interceptions. … But I will be damned if you have to watch it and he has to be in there. Cause when it is all said and done, he is about the middle of the pack as far as quarterbacks go.

“You can get rid of him, but you are getting rid of a quarterback that can throw for 456 yards when his No. 1 wide receiver is out. And he missed a series as well. … I don’t know if you can build a team around him but you’d be crazy to get rid of him.”

Beckles isn’t the first NFL analyst to refer to Jameis as “weird.” Joe remembers two or three years ago Scott Kacsmar, formerly of Football Outsiders, referring to Jameis as “weird.”

He may be weird, but he’s sure fun to watch and gives the Bucs relevancy.

60 Responses to ““Weird” Jameis”

  1. DoooshLaRue Says:

    He still sucks.
    Don’t be fooled.

  2. teacherman777 Says:

    Hes 25 years old and playing the hardest position to play in the world.

    Most QBs cant handle the hits. Jameis keeps getting up.

    Jameis will be the best QB in the NFL by the age of 30.

    And he will play until the age of 40.

    We must keep Jameis Winston.

    5 more years!

  3. Jeff Says:

    He’s 25. He will be the most coveted free agent QB on the market.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Jameis won’t be on the market….>BA likes him, Leftwich likes him, Licht likes him and Joe loves him….

  5. Pete I Says:

    We are keeping Weird Jameis “meaningless stats” Winston, America’s QB and Mr. Excrement and his 104 and counting turnovers.

    It will likely be a move ultimately regretted and not praised. Nevertheless, might as well hang on and hope for the best and just keep counting up those turnovers.

    27-40 just 13 more wins without a loss and JW is a .500 QB – so he has that going for him! The record will say It took him just 6 (hopefully 6) years to win 30 games!

  6. Tval Says:

    Peter and DOOOOOSH. Someone should introduce you two. Lol!!!
    You both STINK (hehehe) and offer NOTHING objective to the conversation.
    Go cheer for the titans and tannehill, you clowns.

  7. Onetrickpony Says:

    Its almost as if some people are watching and cheering for the interceptions like it is a status symbol to pass others in interceptions. My heart can’t take these ups and down much longer 🙂

  8. Fire the fans Says:

    Buckle up Pete, because he’s not going anywhere

  9. Deez days Says:

    Yawn …. he’s garbage

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Thought early-on this season that Bucs would move on from Jameis. We were 2-6 at the halfway mark, and a projected 4-12 season would’ve been the kiss of death for not just Jameis, but for a number of others. BUT … even with an OLine with no depth, a meh RB stable and the youngest (and most inexperienced) Secondary in the NFL, we’ve found ways to win in this 2nd half of the season. BOTH Jameis & an improved defense have been critical to our new-found success. Odds are very good that Jameis will be the Bucs’ QB next season.

    Fans (and some media … cough) don’t want to accept this, but COST is a major deciding factor into whether or not a team can AFFORD the talent that winning TEAMS all seem to have. Most seem to consider Bill Belicheck to be a great coach because he turned the Patriots into perennial winners, BUT I consider him to be an even better GM. He’s got a crystal clear VISION of who he wants the Patriots to be, and he finds ways every year to bring talented players on-board who’ll help him achieve that goal. The one player who’s stuck with him all these years is Tom Brady; not just a great QB but also the consummate TEAM LEADER. Drew Brees has virtually the same qualities and relationship with Sean Payton. BOTH Brady & Brees put WINNING above all else, even money (Brady is making $21.5 mil this year & Brees 22.7 mil). Those are TEAM-FRIENDLY CONTRACTS that’ve helped BOTH teams AFFORD the defense, RBs, etc that great teams NEED to win consistently.

    Jameis hasn’t had that same relationship IMO with either Dirk Koetter or Bruce Arians. Belicheck & Brady and Payton & Brees are the proverbial “two peas in a pod”. Brady & Brees are not just great QBs; they’re also great coaches on the field. An extension of their HCs so to speak. Jameis isn’t even close to that … YET. But he’s still very young, and the POTENTIAL is there.

    Many may not buy this, but whether Jameis stays or goes now depends on him more than anything else. He could easily price himself out of what the Bucs can AFFORD. BUT … I don’t think he will because this is HIS team AND he wants to prove that he can win as its’ QB. And for those who say “Oh but we’ve got $93 mil Cap space for 2020, we’re good” I’d say that you need to look MUCH DEEPER. Bucs only have 35 players under contract for 2020 (only TWO teams have fewer), and only about 25 of those would be considered ‘keepers’ at this point more than likely. We’ve got a LOT of UFAs to re-sign who were significant contributors this year (starters like Jameis, JPP, Suh, Barrett, Nassib hopefully) as well as a number of critical holes to fill (RT, RB, OL, DL, Safety), PLUS depth to improve upon. Bucs have their work cut out for them.

  11. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Imagine if Jameis was in ANY other profession and how long he would last after 5 years on the job with his “inconsistency”….let’s start with demolition expert

  12. Dan Says:

    Keep him and get the same result as last 5 seasons. Get rid of him and maybe we improve. Those are the choices. I’ll help you with the hard ones folks

  13. Fire the fans Says:

    Dan it looks like you might need the help because you’re not getting the picture. He is coming back. It’s clear as day

  14. K_bassuka Says:

    Beckles was born confused! There are no good options at QB available to us next year, unless Tua falls in the draft and he probably won’t play in 2020 anyway, therefore Jameis will be back and as long as the team wins I could care less about the turnovers.

  15. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Do we really need to see an add everytime we click something? How desperate are you?

  16. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Ding ! Ding! Ding!

    …… and now cue in the Jameis Apologists!!!!!!

    ….. Go for it Jameis lovers…. And let’s hear all the excuses as to why he sucks

  17. Ndog Says:

    I love some of these people saying “he’s garbage” or “last 5 seasons of losing will be repeated”. These people seriously blame the losses on a QB leading an explosive offense that 100% is carried by the passing game. I mean look at this team, THE ONLY THING we can count on every week is the passing game. The running game usually sucks, the pass rush is up and down, the secondary is usually bad but SEEMS to be slowly improving and the oline is OK most of the time. Jameis leads the only part of the team that we can count on and it is ELITE in the entire league. So sure let’s get rid of the only thing we can count on when he has many elite level assets to his game for as Dan says “maybe we improve”. Yeah sounds like a good plan.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    . . . And replace him with whom? Andy Dalton? Philip Rivers? Teddy Bridgewater?

    I called him a bust. I said he was done. I said get rid of him. I was wrong.

    When I saw the video of him looking at the iPad last week after a pick, dropping it and putting his head in his hands, and then coming back and tearing it up to win the game, I saw right then and there the metamorphosis from young QB to vet.
    If any of you do not see how hard he is trying and how much he cares, then you are not being honest. I’ll take that desire and his skills over any other QB available.

    Get him under contract and get him some better linemen. Sign the DL and Shaq. This team is starting to come together. Don’t disturb this groove.

  19. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Fix the OL and get an impact RB and we won’t be having this discussion anymore. Jameis may not be an elite QB ever, but he is still the best this franchise has ever had. The defense is just now starting to show signs of life. We have the best receiving corps we have ever had. Jameis is far superior to any QB we could sign or draft for 2020. He’s in his first year in a totally new system and he is setting single season franchise records with this offense. Imagine what he could do with a year under his belt, decent protection, and an NFL average ground game. This team has talent that can’t wait three or four years for a rookie QB to get acclimated to the NFL. Jameis is our best shot right NOW.

  20. DaPixAintDaProblem Says:

    Unless it’s deep in your own territory, is an interception really that bad? It’s just a change of possession. No different than a punt. Sometimes turnovers give the other team momentum, but a lot of times they don’t. The Pick 6’s are back breakers, and turnovers deep in our own territory are a problem, but overall I love watching Jameis play the game. I’m sticking with him. Jameis in 2020!

  21. Isaac haggins Says:

    Brady and Brees never ever hv played behind the o lines that Winston has !!! There’s the GM Difference those teams make sure above all else that the QB is protected !!!
    Brady is no better than Winston or Any other qb when he is hit and pressured to the likes of Winston and the stats factually prove this !!!

    Scheme and personnel protect the QB , last three weeks and throughout this year Brady is being pressured more and his qbr is dropping like a Dale Mabry Princess with five 100.00 bills in hand !!

    I will add the Bucs do have a talented runner but they are doing a very poor job commuting to using and developing him !!! See Joe Mixon , Bengals last week !!! Bengals have done a terrible job with a very talented Mixon because they have Meathead Jock disease in their organization ( don’t even know players skill set or know how to utilize the skill set/ good players) .
    Licht has this same disease and needs Rich McKay back as team President !! Get somebody to compliment what Licht does good but will carry listening clout and leadership for what he does bad !! Big Bill and Sean have this covered but Jason and the Bucs dont !! That’s why Winston gets hit 30 percent more than Brees and Brady and and and totally unfootball knowledge ,peeps want Winston to be them !!! Very very hard under the circumstances , just ask Brady the last few games and and and Brady has prob the best D they have had in five years !!!

  22. whats the bucs plan 2020 Says:

    JW isnt worth 30 million ….. glazers wake up

  23. Ndog Says:

    BTW when people say Jameis will never be elite let’s be clear here. If he continues to be a starting QB in the NFL, which should be a no brainier, he is on pace to have HOF#s. I know people are going to laugh and make some snarky comments but that is a fact. Heck if he keeps up this pace and plays 10-13 more years he could legit be the leagues all time leading passer (in yards) when he is done. Yeah that would not be considered elite.

  24. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    How long would Da ‘Joe’s tolerated a JBF writer with Jameis’s “inconsistencies ” ?:-)

  25. Rossta 61 Says:

    It seems like we have a lot of Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on anything. Jameis either needs to go he needs to stay. I say what’s best for the team right now? I don’t know who you get to replace him. I say try another year. I will say, he’s probably one of the most humble quarterbacks in the league. Most of those years He’s been here, it’s been the defense who can’t hold a lead and lets us down, it’s not just the quarterback. I think the secondary has been worse than any of the quarterback problems that we have. A long time Buccaneers fan I’m sick of losing too! Let’s. try to keep positive and move forward and hope and dream of a season that our beloved Bucs make the playoffs, Go Bucs!

  26. Hodad Says:

    Don’t know why we can’t do both. Draft a QB in rounds one, or two, I like J.Hurts. Franchise Jameis if he won’t sign a three year team friendly deal. Now you have Jameis back for at least one more year, and a good rookie to develop on a cap friendly rookie deal. Resign Gabbert for as long as it takes to get the rookie up to speed, and goodbye Griff. If Jameis goes down next season I’d rather see Hurts come off the bench then Griffen.

  27. Fire the fans Says:

    Hodad I usually don’t agree with you but that’s a solid plan

  28. geno711 Says:

    NDOG please compare Winston to this current era of players and stop comparing him to HOF Manning and Favre.

    Compare Winston to Cousins, Prescott, Watson, Mahomes, Jackson, Stafford, Wilson, Daulton, Ryan, Wentz.

    He compares favorably to them in passing yards. There are many stats such as passer rating or interception percentage that he is unfavorably compared to them. He would not make the HOF with just a high historic passing yards and no other premium statistics.

    How is Jameis Winston career any more HOF worthy than Matthew Stafford?

    His starting at a younger age is some of the puzzle but my gosh, he is now 5 years of being a full time starter so you have to use something other than the counting stats for yardage to make your point that he is a HOFer.

  29. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Licht and Team Glazer built the entire franchise around JW, so why would they get rid of him now? The problem is that Licht has neglected or missed on other aspects of the team.

  30. Ndog Says:

    geno711 not trying to be a jerk but I think ALL TIME does include everyone from any era bro. That’s kinda the point he compares to any player HOFs and not HOFs numbers are numbers you can’t say they don’t exist or argue them because they are facts.

  31. geno711 Says:

    Looks like last two years for Licht have been better – right.

    Vea, Jones, Davis, Cappa, Whitehead, Watson, Cichy – draft
    JPP, Jenson, Allen – other

    White, Bunting, Dean and Edwards (trade 1 3rd rounder into 2), Gay – draft
    Barrett, Suh, Smith, Perriman letting Kwon go – other

  32. geno711 Says:

    NDOG I do not mind you or others saying that Jameis needs to continue to be the QB of this team. You are just one of those guys that seem to continually go too far in your praise of him.

    You always point out favorable stats and leave off the unfavorable stats. All the time. His 5 year career, he has had a less than average passer rating in this league. That is never mentioned.

    You are disingenuous when you make an argument that he is like a HOF and point out one or two things and then when I point out something different just say it is statistical facts you are point out.

    By the way, Joe Flacco has almost the same amount of passing yards in his Baltimore career as Johnny Unitas. Yet played 5 less seasons than Johnny U there. They are not both great. They are not both HOFer’s.

  33. Ndog Says:

    Again I am not praising him at all I am pointing out something that is factual. I do this cause people keep saying things like, “anyone could do better in this offense” or “he sucks” when there is ample proof that is just not true and I want to point out how ridiculous their statements are.

  34. Ndog Says:

    Again geno711 I think you miss the point yet again, ALLTIME is every player ever including today’s players.

  35. SteveK Says:


    Great rebuttal. I agree whole heartedly. Ndog does not take a full approach on sharing his opinion of Jameis. Only the good and it’s blind love that hasn’t led to playoffs yet.

    Jameis might be back next year, then we can’t ignore the turnovers. They’re too damn many.

  36. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Passer rating is not dependent on the QB alone. Protection is a huge part of it, and considering the number of sacks and hits Jameis has endured, it’s never even been decent once in five years. Weapons available are another factor, and he’s had one season with a decent ground attack. He’s made the best out of his receiving corps, but it still takes a full team effort to contend in this league. When your defense is contending for worst in the hundred year history of the league, you’re very fortunate to have a shot at a winning season at 6-7 with three games to play. You’re very fortunate to have a QB who won’t quit despite a cracked bone in his thumb.

  37. Ndog Says:

    Again are missing the point I have to give the other side to shine light on the ignorant that post baseless crap here daily. No player is perfect including OUR QB, but to act like he sucks or anyone can do what he has done is ridiculously ignorant. Put an average QB on this team and might have one win. Circumstances matter and people just act like that is irrelevant when talking about TOs yet they use those same circumstances to excuse the positive numbers as “padding stats”. It is clear there is either a bias OR people just have no idea what they are talking about. After many years of going to games it is my belief that the majority of people don’t understand football, circumstances or what affects the other aspects of the game. They are told Jameis turns the ball over so he sucks, like many posters on this site just talk about the total number of TOs but there is zero context to it. I mean if you seriously watch this team you know this year alone we’ve had snaps when he wasn’t looking but it goes against him, he gotten hit while throwing on a three step drop but it’s on him, guys have clearly run wrong routes causing picks, it’s on him.

  38. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Ndog Says:
    December 14th, 2019 at 8:11 am
    BTW when people say Jameis will never be elite let’s be clear here. If he continues to be a starting QB in the NFL, which should be a no brainier, he is on pace to have HOF#s. I know people are going to laugh and make some snarky comments but that is a fact.

    The hall of fame voter that writes for this blog doesn’t even think the Bucs should keep him so maybe hold off on getting his jacket size for HOF.

    If your statement was even close to a fact we wouldn’t even be discussing whether the Bucs should keep him or not, he would have a long term contract.

  39. Slugglife Says:

    So you’re biased or you don’t know what you’re talking about if you don’t agree with NDOG.

    Saved y’all the time of reading that essay. Seems to be the go to opinion these days. Agree with me or you’re a dummy.

  40. Slugglife Says:

    And you don’t understand football and all it’s intricacies, dynamics, and derivatives thereof.

  41. Slugglife Says:

    In conclusion, just shut up and watch. Don’t worry about wins and losses and don’t dare be critical, lest you be labeled a racist, hater, ignorant, biased, or less knowledgeable.

    Your dollar means nothing. Remember that.

  42. D1 Says:


    I’ll do this once on one stat .

    Passing yards total / ranking Passing yards total / ranking
    Yr 1. 3739/3 Yr1. 4042/11
    Yr 2. 4135/3 Yr2. 4090/12
    Yr 3. 4413/1 Yr3. 3504/13
    Yr 4. 4131/2 Yr4. 2992/22


    Do you understand this? If not, no problem with an explanation .

    If you understand , why you lie? You getting checks?

    Support winston with integrity . You’re smarter than no one save anthem and John snow. VH3 celebrating getting trucked is less embarrassing than seeing you celebrate you’re own superior football IQ.

  43. 1sparkybuc Says:

    It’s pretty simple. Points scored against points allowed. Our offense has scored more than twenty nine other teams. Our defense has more points than thirty other teams. Obviously Jameis Winston is the problem here. Anyone that actually believes that either has an agenda, or is incredibly simple.

  44. View from 132 Says:

    Best ever and worst ever was also the first few games last year – so Fitzpatrick is also hard to figure out?

  45. tmaxcon Says:

    jameis is not going anywhere… he is the bays only hope…

  46. SteveK Says:

    Beckles take is spot on. Not sure it is a successful recipe for playoffs? The quantity of turnovers can be too much to overcome to be a playoff caliber team.

  47. OneBuc55 Says:

    I’m a certified football junkie, I’ve played the game for half my life and watched thousands of games…

    I can’t recall a QB other than Marino or Manning who has thrown the football more in their first 5 years than Jameis…As Bucs fans we’ve seen it all with Winston; the good, the bad, and the ugly…That said, I believe Winston is a keeper; he’s done so much but he’s still so young…For those who think Winston won’t have much value in free-agency you’re sadly mistaken; if we allow him to walk I can totally see Belichick and Patriots swooping in a signing him…

    Personally, I love his work ethic, guts, and passion; sure he has his bonehead moments but you can see the talent, and imo the good out weighs the bad…he’s a bonified gunslinger;
    young, fearlesss, and he has a very short memory…those attributes make for a pretty wild roller coaster ride every Sunday; but, I believe it’s something as fans we have live with for now because he’s still not a finished product just yet…

    As a coach If rather have the QB who you have to hold back than the guy you have to push…I want not parts of the captain checkdown QB, we’ve had that before (see: Mike Glennon) I want the fearless gunslinger; it’s up to Jameis and the coaching staff to find a happy medium that doesn’t hurt the team…lmo, once we decide to add a few more talented pieces to our Oline and balance out the play-calling with a good solid running game I expect those pesky turnovers to decrease organically…

    That said, I don’t expect Winston to ever be a single digit interception guy; his moto was “no riskit, no biscuit” way before Bruce Arians got here…

  48. Craig Says:

    I am sorry to say that I think we are stuck with Jameis for a few more years. I do wish he would do some better off season work to prepare for next year. Tossing a ball to Louis Murphy only reinforces his mechanical issues.

    I would much prefer to have a QB that can toss for 200 yards and five touchdowns, but that takes a running game and we don’t and won’t have one any time soon.

    456 yards and three touchdowns seem worthless to me. Too many marches between the twenties and nothing to show for it. Yardage does not win games.

    Maybe he will trash his thumb completely on Sunday. Playing him this week seems foolish. Maybe he’ll get pissed at the Bucs and fans like me, who just plain dislike him, and walk away. He will not have a problem finding a job, even if he is psychotic.

  49. Adrnagy Says:

    Beckels played along with left tackle Paul Gruber and centre Tony Mayberry. Head coach Bill Parcells criticized Beckles’ conditioning during his time in New York .

    This guy beckels calls Jameis weird ? This dude career was in the shadows of being around good players in Tampa and when he left he got exposed.

    I don’t care and believe what he says. It’s garbage. No point for him to talk.

  50. Adrnagy Says:

    There’s QB that come out of draft more mature than others ( burrow) will be one. Other QB come into a great organization that know their still immature and sit them for a year to learn examples (Mahomes)(Rodgers). And there’s QB than come into a good team and shine (dak) (Lamar).
    Others like our QB have the skills set and ability but are rush into the spotlight (Murray)(Winston) but the team overall sucks. These are “projects” not for the QB but to built the franchise overall …. some QB don’t make it. Look at the browns Qb ‘s the last 10 years.

    So what you do—— you keep a guy that fights, prepares 24/7. And has a GM swing in trades or free agents to build an effective overall team to compete.

  51. RustyRhinos Says:

    I agree Jamise is an explosive QB, with lots and lots and lots of yards, lots of TD’S and lots of INT’s lots of fumbles. My question is when should we as fans of the Bucs, see results of his explosiveness? With those results leading to the only stat that matters WINS! Next season, 21, 22, 23? When can we expect to see that? I agree we are in a difficult decision. And remember Winston is only one “hassel” away from not playing in the NFL. So a bad sports drink, bad place at the wrong time and the list goes on and on and on. And we have no Mr. Entertainment, America’s QB Winston. Is that fair, not my call, or cause. I just want to WIN games and win our Division. Can Winston be that QB, yes* if he stops his penchant for turning the ball over. But this has been his MO from back in his FSU days. Tough call.

  52. TexBuc Says:


    Drew Brees does not do team friendly contracts he has held out for market value each time. He is not under contract for 2020, but the Saints have a 15.9 Mil cap hit for Brees. That is was happens when a team kicks the can down the road.

  53. TexBuc Says:

    joe burrow is just a year younger than Winston, and seasons end will have 5 years of NFL experience. The key is whether the team drafting a QB is downtrodden team for a built team just needing a QB.

  54. John.L Says:

    The only clown here is Tval,don’t tell people to go cheer for a different team just because,they want a more productive Qb! Clown..

  55. Bucs “R” Us Says:

    love the Bucs . They were kicking when Dungy was coach. Then Gruden. But my point is they have up and downs . If the teams were stacked and winning Playoffs every year . Is it the coaches or the QBs . Jameis is a smart and ans young guy. He will go forever as long as no injury . The millenials don’t want to work as a team. They want to shine on their own . You see how the old guys still fight for the win. I see how the young boys stand back and let the ball fall where it lands. I m tired of seein Brady in playoffs every year . Want some of these other teams winning. Is it Bellichek or Brady. Is it Jameis alone?

  56. Ndog Says:

    John.L I don’t think you are going to find a more productive QB. If you want to talk about TOs or comp% when can have that debate but in terms of production Jameis is undeniably elite.

  57. Ndog Says:

    Rusty when we are not trying to win games with just a passing game then and only then we will games. You cannot win with a bottom 5 running game and a bottom 5 defense.

  58. July Joe Says:

    Jameis has had a defense that finished in the top half of the league in points allowed ONE TIME in his 5 seasons … in that one season, the Bucs went 9-7 and only missed the playoffs on a tie-breaker. Had they also had a league average run game, they likely would have went 11-5 or so.

    So, the fact is Jameis Winston has a playoff worthy record in 100% of the seasons he’s played where his defense was even average.

    The fans who bash Jameis are IDIOTS … and Arians & Brett Favre would agree those fans are IDIOTS.

  59. DalvinCookRules Says:

    If you get rid of him, and the right coach & play-caller pick him up, he could be one of the league’s best 5 QBs. A modern-day Brett Favre if he can get his INTs to just slightly above league average (right now he’s at twice the league average)… and they CAN be reduced through play-calling alone.

  60. Ed Says:

    Salary cap is up this year, so Franchise him and draft an athletic quarterback that has mobility and a quick release with accuracy. Someone to take over after next season when the Bucs play meaningful games in Sept and Oct against good team. Jameis over his career has proven his up and down play isn’t enough to build a team around him so use him as a bridge while you develop a quarterback that isn’t careless with the football. Unless he can get the Bucs in the playoffs next year there is no reason to put another 5 years into what the last 5 have brought us.

    There is still no excuse for throwing balls into contested areas, locking in on primary receivers and not seeing dropping linebackers that are stepping in front of his receivers and getting these easy picks.

    The Bucs have a very good compliment of targets, it would be interesting to see a good prospect behind Winston that is ready when he falters or is injured.