Winning Streak Adversity

December 14th, 2019

Talks the best kind of win streak.

The 6-7 Bucs are on a winning streak. Of three games!

And Bucs fans are giddy. That’s all you need to know how rotten things have been around these parts for this lost decade.

But with winning, Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians said yesterday at One Buc Palace, comes adversity. Teams are coming after you.

“Oh, it’s huge,” Arians said when asked about beating the Lions for a fourth-straight win. “It’s what we’re playing for right now, to keep building on this momentum. It’s always fun for me to see some adversity in a streak like this, losing Mike [Evans], maybe Donovan [Smith], and still go out and perform at the level we expect you to play at. No matter what number you wear, the expectation level doesn’t change.”

This much Joe knows: The Bucs will miss Smith more than they miss Evans. Yeah, Joe knows a helluva lot of Bucs fans have been trying to drum Smith out of town before he snapped on a chin strap.

However, Joe hopes those people revisit the five plays when Smith wasn’t on the field last Sunday. The Colts’ pass rush became a freaking jailbreak. It looked like a cattle stampede heading straight to Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Careful what you wish for.

And yeah, for the anti-Jameis crowd, maybe you do want Smith out of the game. The best way it appears for Jameis not to return next season is if he gets maimed behind an offensive line without Smith.

33 Responses to “Winning Streak Adversity”

  1. Hodad Says:

    This is where good GM’s, and head coaches make their money. The GM having a talented back up in place, and a staff that has that player prepared to play. If whoever backs up Smith struggles, I’d bet it’s a talent issue, not a coaching issue.

  2. geno711 Says:

    On those 5 plays Smith was out, the Bucs allowed three of their 6 quarterback hits and their 1 sack. He was missed.

    Too much hate on the offensive line on this site. Most every team hates their offensive line because teams go back to throw 40 times a game. We sometimes go back 50 times a game. It is easy to spot the plays the offensive line missed. BUT All teams have that now with a passing attack.

    Good news is this is a much better draft for offensive lineman than last year. I am glad we did not reach for an O Lineman last year. Most of them were misses.

    Get a good guy or two in this draft.

  3. Bobby M Says:

    Look at our stadium….nobody cares about beating two last place teams or Winston’s meaningless stats when we were talking draft/trades in October. They can win out….nobody’s going because the season is over. It was over weeks ago.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You reap what you sow……we have made very little investment in Oline depth…..not even late round picks…..and the depth we did draft earlier….Pamphile, Benenoch & that other milk carton dude are all gone….
    A bunch of UDFA……& hopes they can perform….
    Spent money on the starters…..but if they go down…..well, we will see.

    I totally agree we will miss D Smith more than Evans….we have several WRs…..and really only 1 LT……

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    Fabricating Joe’s record will not be tolerated. –Joe

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    Good observation 711. Could happen again with this year’s draft too. But got to try – a top flight OT in the new draft. Or (better, perhaps) a proven free agent.

    As for the game, who cares about winning these last games? Seems like it is more advantageous to lose them. Unless “momentum building” is a real phenomenon.

  7. Mort Says:

    Guys, nobody has a great backup LT. There aren’t even 32 starting quality LTs in the entire NFL! You shouldn’t have a great backup, almost nobody does.

  8. Slugglife Says:

    Those jailbreaks should have been countered by quick pass reads and screens.

    Perhaps we can replace a couple of those runs up the gut with something a bit more innovative.

  9. Slugglife Says:

    This fan base is owed wins for sticking by this team.

  10. TampaBayBucs55 Says:


    Winsafew has two monikers now? You are just being stubborn with the America’s QB shtick at this point. He doesn’t move the needle as you say he does. Go back and check the TNF, SNF, and MNF games he’s appeared in. They rank among lowest games of their kind, with respect to viewership.

  11. down in the dirt doug Says:

    Bobby—thanks for calling me a nobody—this nobody does care and wants us to win out.Sorry my friend—-Jameis will be back—BANK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. tmaxcon Says:


    Bucs were a tv ratings joke long before jameis just like they have been losing long before jameis…. sooner you accept jameis is 3rd most important and talented buc of all time the easier it will be for you to accept jameis as your true savior…… given you use vinceyoung55 in your handle you are probably incapable of understanding greatness….. let go of the one year wonder washed up has beens and accept the true savior of the bay America’s Quarterback jw

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Geno711 & Casual Observer … Excellent points. Bucs have virtually no OLine depth IMO. Our 1st Round draft pick NEEDS to be a Tackle because we’ve got to replace Dotson who’s a FA and old (that draft pick might also end up being Donovan’s backup at LT). Beyond that we NEED to pick up TWO quality backups, who together could cover all the OLine positions. Personally I’d sign a quality starter-capable veteran FA (preferably Tackle), and then draft a quality Guard in the 4th or 5th rounds. The 2nd & 3rd round picks need to go to a RB & DT (in BPA priority) IMO.

  14. NashvilleBuc Says:

    When did NFL football fans develop this playoffs-or-bust mentality? Last time I checked there were 16 games. Being a fan is about watching your team play – 16 GAMES. The season is not over. Fans like me are looking forward to watching more Bucs football regardless of our playoff opportunities. Yes, playoffs are out. But we’ve got a team on a winning streak. There’s some good football being played. We are beating teams we should beat. I’m gonna enjoy the rest of the season and I truly hope the Bucs keep playing to win. Go Bucs!

  15. View from 132 Says:

    An 8th win matters. A 9th would really matter. Either way, you end the season with a better record than a playoff team (NFC east champ) and start to cleanse the smell of losing seasons out of the building.

  16. tmaxcon Says:


    playoff wins are the only wins that matter…. with half the damn league basically making playoffs if you dont’ make the playoffs and win a game you season is a failure period.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    @Arians … “It’s what we’re playing for right now, to keep building on this momentum.” Bruce is focused on NEXT YEAR right now; this year is water under the bridge to him IMO. These young players especially NEED to know that they can win in this league. And our upcoming FAs (of whom we have many) NEED to know that this team can compete for a playoff spot next season. Other than that, no reason for them to stick around UNLESS we overpay yet again, which keeps us from being competitive for a playoff spot. It becomes a vicious cycle it seems.

    Winning TEAMS don’t start all over every single year like we’ve seemed to. They DEVELOP quality starters then improve the team incrementally every year. We’ve done an excellent job of DEVELOPING several players this year (RoJo, Cappa, Godwin, Vea, Barrett, Nassib, White, SMB, Dean, Davis, Whitehead, Edwards, Gay). And yes, Jameis has grown quite a bit also. Quality starting veterans like D Smith, Marpet, Jensen, Mike Evans, JPP, Suh, Gholston, LVD & several others played a major role in our young players development. Now’s our opportunity to fix the ‘holes’ we still have, not create new ones. Re-sign JPP, Suh, Barrett, Nassib plus several other key backups like Mincey & yes, Ryan Smith.

  18. Chesapeake Bucco Says:

    What Mort said!

  19. Chesapeake Bucco Says:

    Defense Rules, your re-signings made no mention of Jameis?

  20. martinii Says:

    It seems like Licht and BA draft and approach FA’s by position groups much like DB’s Dline WR’s. I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that we will see no less than 3 good Oline picks and/or acquisitions this offseason, not including UDFA’s.

  21. tmaxcon Says:

    There was no fabrication just like cancer93 this guy cant do no wrong in one of the joes minds… you protect him more than the radio personalities back in the day. Dont accusec me of fabrication just own your bias… Silly talk. Silly talk. –Joe

  22. HowMuchIsAnEarOfCornInTampa? Says:

    Where’s an article on Trent Williams? Janoris Jenkins? And for all of you who already know the ins and outs of them, give me a break. I come here for my bucs info. I don’t have time for every other sight, tv show, etc. I also love the comments on this site for the most part. Some of them are trolls, but some are insightful… Several above. In detail, too. Names of who belongs and who doesn’t. Jameis? League minimum prove-it contract next year! He sure as heck owes us, don’t you think? I personally don’t want to draft a qb next year with picks 1-3. Oh, and the very first time I put a uniform on is when I wanted to go to the playoffs. What the heck? That’s like Trump wanting to make America OK again!!!

  23. PSL Bob Says:

    Tmax, if you hate this team so much, why do you even bother watching on Sundays and posting on this site? Of course it could be that your sole purpose is to aggravate the rest of us, in which case you’re kind of pathetic. You might want to brush up a little on your social skills. Just saying.

  24. unbelievable Says:

    He’s already been getting maimed behind the offensive line even with Smith playing.

    But sure, it can always get worse…

  25. Kobe Faker Says:


    BA nonstop BSing

    Bucs are irrelevant

    beating bad teams when they are tanking while we are losing draft position!

    The day Jon Robinson left 1 buc place we have gone backwards

    congrats to GM Jon Robinson and the Tennesee Titans 2019 Superbowl Champions”

    Kobe Faker

  26. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Wasn’t the season win total over/under set by Vegas at 6.5 wins? I did not wager bit I will wager that this game has a lot of meaning for those folks as well as fantasy football playoffs if any Bucs are on your teams.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    Chesapeake Bucco … I commented before that I fully expect Jameis to get offered a contract for 2020 & beyond. Whether or not he accepts it, counters with a different position, or simply decides to walk & test FA is strictly up to Jameis IMO. None of us know at this point what his preferences are.

    The four who I mentioned (JPP, Suh, Barrett & Nassib) were JUST the guys on the defensive side of the ball who we need to re-sign IMO. On the offensive side, folks have discussed ad nauseam re-signing Jameis (or at least TRYING to re-sign him), plus we’ll probably try to re-sign Barber & Perriman.

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    The issues we have on our OL are directly related to the last coaching staff failing to develope not one player……not one C ….not one G…..not one T.

    Had they developed just one singular player for our OL we would not be so shorthanded today.

    But rest assured this current staff has done more in one Training Camp they the last staff did in 3 seasons. Developed Cappa. I refuse to give the last staff a shred of credit for Cappa based on track record.

    The OL problem was compouned by the fact that Bruce inherited the worst defene in football and had to dedicate a draft to fixing that side of the ball……..Again the defensive problems are worse due to a lack of develpoement……Most noticably our CBs. The last staff failed yo develope any CBs in three years…….As with the CB problem this staff did more in one Training Camp developing 3 corners (Bunting,Dean,Davis). I refuse to credit the last staff with Davis based on track record.

    Now we enter this off-season with a defense now on a better track. We can afford to spend draft capitol on the OL. If this staff continues to develope players like they have this year we will be in good shape!!

    GO BUCS!!

    **END RANT**

  29. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I’m so glad you worked in Ryan Smith. He needs to stay. He’s the best player on a unit that has showed out pretty well this year….our ST’s ranked 13th in Pro Football Outsiders rankings.

    Most of the really great teams I recall had a couple of ST stars whose major function was just that…star on the ST’s. Smith seems to have the talent to fill one of those spots.

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    @JimmyJack … “The last staff failed yo develope any CBs in three years”. I don’t disagree at all that the last staff didn’t do a good job of developing players, and especially in the Secondary, BUT … look at the talent they were given to work with. Our 1st Rnd pick, VHIII, was sent packing. MJ Stewart is riding the bench. Carlton Davis has turned out to be pretty good, but look at who he was ‘taught’ by on the field last year … Brent ‘I’ll do what I feel like doing and nothing more’ Grimes.

    Whitehead’s also turned out to be pretty good, although it’s too often ‘feast or famine’ with him. Nobody could figure out if Ryan Smith was a Safety, a corner, or a Special Teamer. They had Isaiah Johnson back there … cut. Also Elliott back there … cut.

    Bottom line: Very little talent. Part of that falls on the coaching staff (for their input into the draft). But a bigger part falls on the GM & his scouting staff.

  31. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Kobe Faker-
    Did you used to be Elmo from Sesame Street?

  32. JimmyJack Says:

    DR I think it’s short sighted to call it a talent issue. And on my part it’s probably narrow minded to simply say our staff could not develope a CB. The truth is likely in the middle & that good talent has to meet good coaching.

    All the draft picks had the raw abilities. That’s how they got selected. Talent only means so much in my eyes because half the game is 90% mental……..That’s where coaching has to step in and do their part. Help teach the mental hurdles these kids face.

    And that’s a great point about Brent Grimes. He was hand selected by the coaching staff to be a leader for the young backfield. This is a vastly important job and it’s part of the coaching. He is the coaches voice in the lockerroom & on the field. He confirmed that himself in his little Twitter tirade when he said he didn’t want to yell at the players like the coaches wanted him to………That was very revealing and showcases complete dysfunction in the chain of command between the message the coaches are trying to preach.

    That is a awful job of coaching to not know how to get through to your leader……A guy you have known for almost his whole career…… I can’t look at that situation and say anything other then the coaching staff was doing a very subpart job with their seconday…….And the overall results bare that out.

  33. JimmyJack Says:

    And when I look back at the Brent Grimes situation it shows how important veteran leadership is……..And it makes me feel very confident about this current coaching staff. Because when you study some of Bruce’s philosphys about veteran leadership he is very aware that those are vital positions for the team.

    This is why when a guy like Janorios Jenkins becomes available you can’t just kneejerk say we must sign him cause he’s good. Because he has to be more then good. He has to be trustworthy & he must have work ethic & he must be willing to relate and work with his teammates well. It’s a very fragile decision to pick the right guys for that role. Most guys are not good leaders………So if Bruce don’t want Jenkins then screw Jenkins. I will trust whoever Bruce brings in here until they proove otherwise.

    Or we can not care about leaders and captains……Thats how you end up with a Brent Grimes who runs away from tackles(not suprized we sucked at tackling) & DeSean Jackson sleeping in meetings(to say the least)………That’s bad coaching if you ask mine opinion. No suprized we won 10 in 2 seasons with them creeps.