“We Definitely Have A Schizophrenic Quarterback Here”

November 25th, 2019

Ex-Buc chimes in

A former Buccaneer today sang a slightly different version of the Jameis Winston song. But the chorus remains the same.

Jameis sucks. Jameis is great.
Jameis is a talented genius who makes bad football decisions.
Jameis is terribly inconsistent at a position that demands consistency.

Former Bucs starting guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996) took to his In The Trenches podcast today to talk about his favorite team, our beloved Buccaneers.

The roller coaster that is Jameis has Beckles buckled in and trying to figure out the ride.

“Jameis is one of the weirdest football players or athletes that I’ve ever covered, because the throws, he had four throws in that game that there’s only a half dozen quarterbacks in the league that would even try. He’ll have a half dozen throws that only the elite could even attempt,” Beckles said. “And every game he’ll have three throws that only the worst quarterbacks in the league will attempt.”

Beckles likes how Jameis is running more and he likes that the team looked better around him, but Beckles can’t write off mental mistakes.

“What it turns into is a guy you can’t cut and a guy you can’t bench. He’s too good to bench, but he makes some bonehead plays,” Beckles said, adding that yesterday’s Jameis performance in the win against the Falcons was a microcosm of Jameis’ career.

“We definitely have a schizophrenic quarterback here.”

Joe agrees with Beckles, but the real question is the big one.

Can Jameis play consistently enough to be a successful playoff quarterback? Joe can’t answer that. Nobody can. And that’s the current conundrum.

134 Responses to ““We Definitely Have A Schizophrenic Quarterback Here””

  1. Sport Says:

    Franchise tag is the current logical option. Free agent, and or draft one next year. Time to bring on the competition.

    Team efforts like yesterday make Schizo palatable.

    In BA I Trust!

  2. Ndog Says:

    Scoring points and the fact that many of these TOs are at least partially the fault of others makes this really a easy decision in my opinion. I mean really if we take away the OJ pick, both off his hands, the Godwin, Perriman, Evans and Barber wrong routes we are not taking about a crazy amount of picks. Of course he throws picks there’s no way to argue that, heck I get extremely frustrated like the rest but I also love having a guy that has PROVEN he can make elite throws. Believe it or not scoring a ton of points is not a given and building a team to win just on defense is really hard with today’s rules unless you’re named Bill Belicheck. Guys the way we are scoring with this QB is not easy. I know I argue with quite a few of you on here but seriously Jameis will not be easily replaced and yes you could possibly get a guy with less TOs but it is very likely that we will also get a guy that is going to score many fewer points.

  3. TexBuc Says:

    Winston will be under center next season.

  4. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Too good to bench? LOL !!! Not too good to let him walk. Again, it’s all about Vince Lombardi’s….and he ain’t gonna get one. Ever.

  5. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Winston gives both teams a chance to win. Also glad he has started running again.

  6. geno711 Says:

    Jameis clearly good enough to play in this league. I get concerned with those who put so much of the blame on others on the team for Jameis’ bad decisions.

    I have seen too many quarterbacks who have had to play three tough defenses in a row during the playoffs and struggle during the early part of the game. They have even been behind but don’t try to win the game in the 1st quarter because they are down 10-0. Some how those better QB’s adapt to what the defense might allow.

    If we get good enough to make the playoffs, we would most likely be playing better defenses. There will be some studs on defense that will make an offensive lineman look bad. Can we survive that? I would hope so. If we keep Winston, could he be the guy to make the smart plays when there is that breakdown? I hope so.

    I will support whatever way the Buc’s want to go in the off season.
    If it is keeping Winston so that is fine.
    If they think the money is smarter spent on Barrett and JPP that is fine also.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The problem is the money……the inconsistency doesn’t deserve the big paycheck…….consistency does….
    If we keep JW, we need to save enough on his contract to pay for another $5 mil player or 2…..

    If he’s that bad, no other team would offer the big bucks.

  8. Duane Says:

    Can you score points? Can you keep the other team from scoring points? The better teams manage this ratio to create wins. Jameis is a gunslinger with a do or die mentality. You have to live with that because the offense is scoring points. I do not think its unreasonable to expect the defense to do a better job at keeping the score lower. Its more unreasonable to expect someone else to play the position and get wins when we give up over 28 points per game.

  9. Jean Lafitte Says:


    is this James from Mr. Bucs nation? You sure do have exactly the same talking points and the fact that you like to say “hey guys, you guys” sounds just like him.

  10. diggler Says:

    ‘I’ll tolerate you until I can replace you’ should be the mantra for Winston going forward.

  11. geno711 Says:

    Regarding Bill Belicheck. I have heard so many of his former players talk about how he does not tolerate the same types of mistake.

    New England seems to give so many talented players 2nd or 3rd chances. Some seem to work out. Other’s don’t. Those that don’t are gone pretty quickly it seems. They have failed on many talented players.

    Some have suggested before that Jameis would end up on New England and win Super Bowls there. I have no idea what would happen but I think Belichek and New England could be a team that would give Winston another chance.

    Yet going back to the 1st comment, he would be gone pretty quickly if making the same mistakes over and over.

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    Joe, I really believe its a matter of..How good of a Defense can we muster up to support Jameis. He is Not going to stop his erratic play. Its who he is. He can throw 3 interceptions a game and still score 3 TD’s. Problem is..can Our Defense stop teams when they need to consistently like they did against the Falcons? If we gonna keep Jameis. them shore up your Defense and make it..A Great one. Make no mistake this offense will score. We just gotta stop the opposition from scoring more than us. DEFENSE baby!

  13. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I say let him test the market and see what he gets for offers. Let the market set his value. Then if we feel it’s reasonable, counter offer a little more, or just walk away.

  14. Jim Says:

    This was supposed to be Winston’s make-or-break it year, his third as I recall. That was supposed to mean the play-offs, then it was maybe 10-6, then gradually lowered itself to now we’re sayin’ 7-9 spells success. Let’s see where we end up…

  15. Allbuccedup Says:

    Brett Farve had 336 career ints Jameis has 78, 258 to go come on Jameis.

  16. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Mike Johnson says,

    Make no mistake this offense will score. We just gotta stop the opposition from scoring more than us. DEFENSE baby!

    lol, you mean stop the offenses from scoring on everyone of Jameis’s turnovers?

    You mean we need a defense that can stop Jameis?

  17. Kobe Faker Says:

    Joes or others

    How does this franchise tag work exactly work pertaining to JW this off season?

    We can franchise tag him for 1 year but JW and his agent can shop around for more per year and longer length contract?

    Is he forced to take a 1 year contract with the franchise allotted salary?

    Ty in advance

  18. Ed Says:

    Good Jameis, Bad Jameis. Inaccurate Jameis, thread-the-needle Jameis. Taking sacks Jameis, running out of the pocket Jameis.

    He is impossible to count on, like Tony Gonzalez called him on Fox halftime yesterday, “the Microwave”. Yes he gets very hot, but it doesn’t last very long.

    Every great quarterback has a bad game now and then, but Jameis has so many over his career that it isn’t just coaching or other player’s mistakes.

    Its his decision making, even that throw to Godwin in the end zone was the most awkward touchdown I’ve ever seen, it was not a good pass but Chris made what looked like an impossible catch. The seam throw he put in Godwin’s bread basket was a tremendous throw and an even better job of Godwin bouncing off those defenders.

    Jameis is the most “proceed with caution” quarterback in the league. You don’t make 100 turnovers in less than 5 years if you are prepared. It really sucks because there is some great plays he makes now and then but the consistancy is really bad.

  19. Craig Says:

    The most amazing thing about Jameis is how he can pile up so many yards and so many touchdowns and still lose most of the games he plays in.

    If he was a playoff capable QB we would be 6-5 or 7-4 at this point, not 4-7. He has given those other games away.

    Franchise Shaq Barrett, see what Griffin can do in a game and let Jameis walk. There are going to be 24 QBs in the draft, that means plenty that will be available in later rounds.

    Start with O=line monsters and get Jalen Hurts in a later round.

  20. Ed Says:

    Anyone that thinks Jameis would fit into New England’s offense after watching Brady is off base. Brady gets that ball out so quickly and anticipates where the target is moving to. Jameis doesn’t get it out quickly and has difficulty on a consistant level of leading receivers to the ball.

    Brady is calm and poised in the pocket, whereas Jameis gets panicky and makes these wierd throws.

    The only true improvements that the team needs to see is consistancy, throwing the ball away, checking it down and not running into sacks. When he scrambles good things happen.

  21. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I agree with TBBF. It’s just business. I like JW but it’s not about him personally anymore. It’s down to dollars and cents.

    And like TBBF I think some adjustments financially will be required to keep him…even franchised for a year.

    And some adjustments to rebalance the team and make it solid enough to outplay “bad Jameis”. That starts with a defense like the old days.

    Yesterday showed we have some good pieces in place..starting in the very middle with that “wasted” #5 draft pick. White is literally just getting up to speed and he’s become a game wrecker. Two strip tackles forcing fumbles…and they yesterday two sacks and the usual large number of tackles. He’s doing things even above and beyond stats…running to plays that might break free and slamming the door. Devin White will be a terror before the season is over…hell he already is as of yesterday.

    Add Vea…and a promising trio of safeties…and we’re looking awesome up the middle of our D. CB’s…young and improving.

    So if we made a big splash…trade ME13 and OJ…that adds two first rounders to our own. THREE first round picks to select best DL and OL and another wide receiver….JW would have to give up one of his toys…he’d still have Godwin and Brate and the next man up…perhaps drafted.

    This also takes pressure off the salary cap. We could then at least consider who we want to resign…Barrett…Suh….Nassib…even JPP.

    If we used that draft capital to build a top five OL…protection for JW and running room for ROJO and invested the rest in defense we could build a team strong enough to overcome bad Jameis.

    If OTOH we decide to dump JW and go with a new young guy then we keep ME perhaps trade or keep OJ depending on a deal for a great OL.

  22. geno711 Says:

    If it comes down to signing Shaq Barrett and JPP for 26 million per year or Jameis Winston for 26 million per year – which would you do.

    I would go for the two disruptive defensive guys myself.

  23. jjbucfan Says:

    Could be worse-could have drafted Mariota who will be out of the league soon. At least this guy can play. Build the line around him and continue to build the D-line. He is still only 25. Aaron Rodgers didn’t play his first snap until he was 25. Jameis has 18,000+ yards 110 TDs and of course those 78 INTs. Not comparing him to Rodgers because A-A-Ron got to sit behind Favre and began playing for a proven winning team. Jameis went to the worst team in the league and maybe the worst franchise in sports history.

  24. #1bucfan Says:

    Forgot who commented it. But we need a defense that can support #3 no doubt. He isn’t going anywhere yet f out defense can play like the falcons game an Winston can cut his int to half then we are good. At least to make the playoffs. Defense wins championships. It will be the PATRIOTS defense that gets them back to the super bowl. I don’t think mahomie does it until the chiefs defense gets better. He puts up all the points but it’s the chiefs defense that kills them just like the Bucs.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Kobe Faker…yes I believe he HAS to take the franchise tag no matter what.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Love articles like this. And there have been hundreds of them it seems. Good Jameis, Bad Jameis, High-scoring Jameis, Turnover Jameis … this is worthy of becoming a roller-coaster ride at Busch Gardens.

    Jameis has 1 great game with only 1 TO but 4 passing TDs like the Rams game and the pro-Jameis crowd bellows ‘Oh we just HAVE to keep him; he’s the messiah’. He has 1 bad game with 6 TOs & 2 passing TDs like the London game and the anti-Jameis crowd bellows ‘Make him walk the plank; he’s dogmeat’. Then he has 1 decent game like yesterday with 2 TOs & 2 passing TDs and BOTH sides get to sustain their arguments pro & con. Wow, that really is a conundrum Joe.

    I still contend though that none of it matters because of this little thingie called a salary Cap. We got by VERY cheap this year on defense because of (1) using so many rookies, especially in the Secondary; (2) signing several ‘try-before-buy’ FAs like Barrett; and (3) restructuring JPP’s contract. Well, can’t do that next year … we’ll have to pay the piper if we expect to field a quality defense. Quality players cost money, and according to Spotrac our current defense is costing us $59.2 mil for 24 players (we’ve actually moved up to #21 in the NFL). Next year we can expect that to rise to the $80-$85 mil level (at least) UNLESS we want to go with rookies again (or cheap FAs) to fill positions now held by JPP, Suh, Barrett, Nassib, etc.

    Problem is that our offense is currently costing us $98.5 mil for just 23 players. Yup, we now rank #1 in terms of cost of offense in the NFL. Thus something has to give … and we’ve already got a bunch tied up offensively in ME13, Donovan, Ali, Jensen & Brate for next year (right at $60 mil). Add in a franchise tag for Jameis (they project $27 mil) and that brings us to $87 mil for just 6 players … with another 18 or 19 still needed. Wow.

    Deciding who we want to be when we grow up … an offensive or defensive or balanced team … and then prioritizing the salary Cap accordingly, is the REAL CONUNDRUM for next year. But not now. Beating the Jaguars should be our only concern right now.

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    Agreed about the part of Winston running more. And he does seem to be getting more decisive.

    The run he had out of the endzone yesterday was a thing of beauty. Wondered if that was a designed run.

    Joe if you think it’s a good question to ask I’d love to hear Bruce’s take on Winston running more now and if it’s something h s being coached to do?

    Do remember in preseason them saying they wanted him looking downfield and not running but it seems like their may have been a change to what he was doing earlier in the year vs the last few games.

  28. BrianBucs Says:

    What will probably happen is some desperate QB needy team will offer Winston a lot of money just based on his overinflated stats and so called potential. They will think they can “fix” him like other have thought. He will do there just like he has done here, and cost another head coach and possibly GM their jobs.
    Of course this would be the absolute best scenario for the Bucs by far.

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    DR I’m not big on thinking about off-season moves in November but I would to hear your thoughts on the WR position. Something I wonder about a lot.

    With Chris coming up for contract and Mike desreving of a good CAP chunk what do you think we should do? Paying both is a lot of money to tie up into that position. Really tough call.

    What the rest of y’all think?

  30. danr Says:

    Joe weird stat request.

    I think a particular line of stats will color this season one way or the other for the ‘ yeah but interception crowd’ or the yeah but db’s crowd

    defensive yards allowed per drive. or points allowed per drive.

  31. LargoBuc Says:

    I feel like a broken record at this point. But Jameis’ lack of consistency is costing us games. Sure we have some playmakers but overall this team does not have the talent to overcome 3 plus turnovers nearly every game. As bad as our secondary has been, it makes it way worse when you hand the opposing offense field position via turnovers.
    And I just found out. So sorry. RIP Macabe.

  32. Jean Lafitte Says:

    He’s still got 5 games to go. We go to Jacksonville, who are vulnerable but also opportunistic. They have a pesky defense that is ranked #10 against the pass. Which Jameis can we count on. Do you suffer the heartache as a fan to always have that question before every single game? Before I even think “will our defense blow it” or “Jeez I hope our kicker doesn’t blow it” my first thoughts since the middle of last season have been, “Man, I hope Jameis doesn’t turn the ball over”. As a fan, he||, I don’t even have confidence anymore.

    Jameis gives me Arrhythmia

  33. Irishtony Says:

    Ok give him “one more year” and if they don’t make the playoffs then that’s it, kaput, over it, no more excuses! I’ve put up with this crap for 11 years.

  34. BucsBandit Says:


    How can you say, “Jameis won’t be easy to replace?”

    Ryan Fitzpatrick replaced him just fine with the same offense (but without Godwin starting). Fitz ended up with a higher winning % in the games he played last year compared to Jameis.

    ENOUGH of this “high scoring and yardage is only because of Jameis” FALSE NARRATIVE. It’s just not true.

    I would bet every dollar I have that there are many, many QBs that could have success with our current offensive players.

    I don’t care WHO your QB is, you don’t have WRs put up over 1,000 yards in a season by Week 11 unless they are GREAT WRs.

    Any decent QB could score lots of points with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a FOOL.

    Chris Godwin may end up being a Hall Of Fame receiver with how amazing he is at such a young age. Godwin is ELITE and a special player for sure. We could see that in his rookie training camp when everyone (coaches, GM, etc.) were raving about him.

  35. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    What are you talking about Craig? Jameis drove them down in the last minute against the Giants and all it took was an easy kick to win the game. Jameis drove them down in the last two minutes to tie the game with the Seahawks and the as soon as the Bucs lost the toss we all knew it was over because the defense can’t stop teams. Jameis made a late drive to beat the Cardinals, played well enough to beat the Panthers, had them in position to win the Titans game, and led the to wins in the Rams and Falcons game. By that count Jameis did all he needed to do to win 7 games and the DEFENSE is responsible for far more losses that Jameis is. Really annoying when you guys just twist everything because you simply don’t like Winston. Facts matter.

  36. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Bandit be quiet man. You are so dumb. Great recievers catching 1000+ yards and the QB has nothing to do with it. Fitz had two great games and then Fitztragic was back chucking picks and sucking ass. Go root for another team in 2020 when Jameis is here!

  37. DB55 Says:

    Can Jameis play consistently enough to be a successful playoff quarterback?
    Tomlin knows the answer and hopefully we’ll see it next year. PROTECT THE QUARTERBACK!!!!! Duh!


  38. DB55 Says:

    Bandit still hanging his hat on a 2-6 record? Lmao

    What was that winning percentage.33 vs .30? Ohhhhh watch out Fitztragic going to light the SB on fire. How is Miami doing nowadays?

  39. Ship Thief Says:

    I agree.

    I’d also like a 1st or 2nd round pick going to the offensive line.

    Instead of franchise tagging JW, I would probably offer him a deal, but it would not be a top dollar deal.

  40. Ndog Says:

    BucsBandit you are flat out wrong but listen that’s ok cause the stats will provide the truth. If any QB plays an entire season and is in the top 5 in yards AND TDs he is not easy to replace, regardless of what you “think”. I know you loathe him, for some weird reason but get use to it he’s a unique and special player. Is he perfect no but show me who is and yet again when we have any defense and running game we win. Isn’t that what you want, wins?

  41. Anonymous Says:

    anyone who brings Fitzpatrick to a quarterback discussions immediately loses all creditably and proves their ignorance beyond a shadow of a doubt…

    fritz has played for every team in the league twice and has been bounced. he is garbage a career loser and complete failure but hell low standard bucfan puts career losers in the ring of underachievement faster than Walmart pimps Chinese products.

  42. thisisouryear!! Says:

    There’s no way he’s a million dollar quarterback. Perriman was wide open. Even when he’s what everyone says hot, he still doesn’t hit receivers in stride. I’d sign a free agent, first round trenches, 2nd round QB and hit the trenches after that. Go Bucs!!!

  43. thisisouryear!! Says:

    Supposed to be 20 million dollar qb

  44. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Ahhh yess. How good it feels to read the Jameis Bashers tears in the comments section. The hate for one of the greatest men to grace to face of the 🌍 Earth is comical at this point. Here are the hot Jameis Basher takes: Bucs are winning, Jameis is messing up our spot in the draft. All picks are Jameis’s fault, he should have more. Jameis is worse than Tim Tebow. It gets more comical every week.

  45. Brandon Says:

    He’s Brett Favre with a bad defense. Plain and simple. Remember his playoff game against the Greatest Show in Turf? He looked horrible from the first snap. He was pressing. Like Jameis everytime he thinks he needs to score 50 to win.

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    Bandit the problem is Fitzpatrick didn’t replace Winston just fine. In case you forgot his play dropped off last year. Significantly.

    What you witnessed was him getting on a hotstreak which he couldn’t maintain. It’s called catching lightning in a bottle. It’s also been a trend for much of his long career.

    Stop treating him like he’s a measuring stick cause he’s not man. He’s just a QB who been around a long time and seen a lot and still got a decent arm…….If you put him in an ideal situation(like them first two games 2018) he’s capable of playing at a high level…….However like many other QBs and almost any backup QB if you put him in an unfavorable situation and he starts facing a lot of pressure and gets rattled he’s not going to succeed. He never has and never will. Unfortunately cause I was rooting for the old man last year.

    Stick to what you do best which is criticizing Winston. Much of what you say is true and fair. But throwing Fitzpatrick into the conversation is just silly. So an old journeyman had a great couple games once. That’s all that happened and prooves very little……….Or did you not see Trubisky have a great game against us in an ideal situation.(like many other QBs have)…….Similar argument that prooves little.

  47. Old Sombrero Says:

    Jameis is very consistent when it comes to losing. He’s quite proficient at it.

  48. LongSeason Says:

    Beckles is right. “Can’t cut him and can’t bench him.”

    I’m going to say this. Our QB is maddening. Jameis can get the yards and he can score points. He can make all the throws. He can also play Santa Claus all too well. To cover for the turnovers he needs a defense that can clamp down and minimize the damage holding opponents to field goals instead of touchdowns. He also could use a defense that can turn the ball back over to him on a regular basis.

  49. TexBuc Says:

    Maybe some do not remember when we scored above 20 points a game was rare event or wishing our offense could be in the top 15.

    Stop comparing how quick some QB’s throw the ball, each team plays DIFFERENT offenses. We run the FOUR VERTICAL OFFENSE which is a PLAY ACTION PASS long shot offense. In our offense Winston is coached to read the safety and look FIRST for the long ball then short pass that is why he HAS TO HOLD THE BALL LONGER.

  50. Defense Rules Says:

    LongSeason … Problem is that when you pay Jameis & his offense the mega-bucks that they get allocated, there’s not enough left to afford the defense that can compensate for his giveaways or that’s stout enough to get bunches of takeaways. As presently constructed, this is not a playoff team nor will it be UNTIL we decide who we really want to be when we grow up … offense-dominant, defense-dominant, or balanced.

  51. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I stopped reading at ‘Ian Beckles’.

  52. Kord Says:

    Hope we can see a rally through the rest of the year, think the cons outweigh the pros on him and let him walk. Minshew would be mint on this team

  53. JimmyJack Says:

    Bonzai…..You ever heard Beckles podcast? It’s quite good in mine opinion.

    He knows a lot of the players new&old on a personal level so it’s a unique perspective thats rarely heard.

    Also don’t think he cares about credentials and media passes like many others so he seems to hold back a lot less then others. Once heard him say players told him McCoy was a P word. Don’t hear stuff like that very often anywhere.

  54. Buccfan37 Says:

    This Jameis love-hate relationship is driving me batty. He’s still here and is all we have. Obviously he will be retained next year. Familiarity over rules what ifs.

  55. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules…….I think every team in the league wants a balanced team. And I think a roster and CAP has to be a fluid thing.

    Right now we are seeing a team that has a lot of money tied up in offense & that’s because the way it was built dating back to when Lovie/Licht walked through the door and decided to blow the whole thing up and tank for Winston.

    We drafted Evans and a bunch of weapons so we would have them for Winston in 14′. Then in 15′ we drafted Winston and OL pieces to protect him.

    The inflated offensive salary we have right now is an effect of all them offensive players now on second contracts. Inflating those offensive salary numbers over the last few years was not being able to develope OL to compliment that group and paying high dollar to guys like Jensen and Sweezy.

    Idealy we would be more balanced with a salary that would show if we had drafted successfully on the defensive side and had cornerstone shutdown corners and edge rushers………But we flopped on Vernon and Spence. So the defense is still a work in progress. Looks like we might got some defense guys to build around and acieve good balance that will show on both roster and in CAP. Once/if guys like VitaV and White(among others) get second contracts.

  56. BucsBandit Says:

    Ndog/Anonymous/Jimmy Jack,

    Apparently reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. I was by no means saying Fitzpatrick is a good QB, in fact, he’s not.

    My point about Fitzpatrick is that he had several games (it wasn’t just the first 2) where he put up big numbers with the same offense Jameis is putting up big numbers with.

    In HALF the 8 games that Fitzpatrick played in 2018 (starting 7) he threw for OVER 400 YARDS A GAME.

    So 50% of the games he played in with this Bucs Offense (without Godwin in the starting #2 spot) he threw for over 400 yards.

    In 4 of his starts last season he AVERAGED 3.75 TD PASSES PER GAME.

    He had 3 games where he threw for 4 TDs and another where he threw 3 TDs.


    Tell me again how Jameis is “SO SPECIAL” and doing something other QBs can’t do with this same Offense?

    Fitz isn’t even a great NFL QB and he put up all those numbers with the Bucs AND had a lower turnover % than Jameis!

    Hell, Jameis sucked so bad at one point last year HE WAS BENCHED. How many “elite” NFL QBs in the last 25 YEARS have been benched for poor performance?


    So enough of this TOTAL GARBAGE that Jameis Winston is some sort of special QB. He’s not. Fitzpatrick proved it.

    Do you have any idea the yardage and TDs a ‘good’ QB that doesn’t have Winston’s turnover problems and streaky accuracy issues would put up?

    Good Lord. Mahomes would score 50 points a game with this Bucs Offense. So would many of the other good NFL QBs in the league.

    Not only would MANY other QBs in the league put up the same big numbers (or bigger) as Winston, they wouldn’t have the massive turnovers he commits.

    If you knuckleheads can’t grasp those facts that you need to pick another sport to watch. It’s really not rocket science.

  57. DooshLaRue Says:

    Ndog was questioning his own loyalty to JayMiss after that 2nd pick yesterday, go back and check it on the game day thread.
    Then his hero got lucky a couple of times and he was right back on the Nuthugger train.
    That crap he spewed about some picks not being JWs fault holds no water when he throws the ball directly to a defender 2-5 times a game and the DB drops the ball.
    Those are on him and he gets lucky they don’t catch more of them.

    Jamies sucks.
    Don’t be fooled.

  58. Lamarcus Says:

    It’s all been like this and will always be.

    Doesn’t matter the QBs or Rbs or turnovers

    This is not a “one shoe fits all league” we are built to play an average defense and run the ball 30+ times like we did yesterday and we probably talking playoffs if we did that.

    Atl was one of hottest teams coming in and we blew them out I knew we had that in use we have to play defense, protect the qb, and run the ball and we look competent as a team except for special teams and it was good enough

  59. Kobe Faker Says:



    Wonder if JW agents is going to make him sit for the 1st 8 games like Melvin Gordon

    JW won’t get paid for those 8 games but it still will be considered a official year

    JW agents hoping he gets top 3 in total yardage

  60. BucsBandit Says:


    Serious question…

    Do you think Winston has a “Turnover Problem”?

    Don’t you think after 5 years he would have improved on this? (Which he hasn’t.)

    And, honest question…

    If a QB is in the Top 5 in yards and TDs, but leads the league in turnovers… isn’t he actually no where near a “Top 5” talent? Doesn’t the turnovers count for something?

    AND… wouldn’t it also be a fair valuation of his “yards and TDs” to adjust the numbers based on WHEN/HOW those numbers are achieved?

    In other words… I’d love to see a League Ranking of QBs for yards and TDs per game that are achieved when his team wasn’t trailing by 2 scores or more.

    I’d love to see Winston’s “yards and TDs” IN THE FIRST HALF compared to the rest of the league’s QBs for their yards and TDs in the 1st half…

    I haven’t seen this breakdown but I would place a large bet that Winston does NOT rank in the Top 15 for yards & TDs based on FIRST HALF production. I’m happy to be proven wrong if someone wants to pull that data. Although, I imagine if one of you Winston-Homers calculates that data you’ll be quiet and won’t post it because it will make your hero, Jameis, look not so great…. AND his turnover problem is the same.

  61. Lamarcus Says:

    Jameel dean, Murphy Bunting, Vea looks better than:

    Greedy Williams, Vh3, Darrell Henderson, and derwin James

    Jw is better than Jimmy G, Goff, Wentz, Dak, Rivers, Dalton, Lamar Jackson, Fitzpatrick, Allen, Cam, Mitch, Haskins, Mayfield, Rudolph, Minshew, Foles, Danny dimes, Eli, Flacco, Allen,

  62. Defense Rules Says:

    JimmyJack … I personally don’t know why Perriman & Miller even see the field they’ve contributed so little. Drew Brees has proven to me that you can win LOTS of games with 2 WRs, 2 TEs & 2 RBs. Brees & Bridgewater have attempted 391 passes in 11 games … 342 of those went to Thomas (124), Ginn (45), Cook (47), Hill (24), Kamara (58), Murray (33). That’s 87.5% of his passes to 6 players. The remaining 49 passes (12.5%) went to 8 different players.

    Jameis & the Bucs have a significantly different ratio. Jameis has thrown 418 passes in 11 games … 325 of those went to ME13 (105), Godwin (98), Brate (35), OJ (28), Dare (33), RoJo (26). That’s 77.8% of Jameis’ passes to 6 players. The remaining 93 passes (22.2%) went to 9 different players (includes 1 to Vea).

    Saints sport a 9-2 record and have scored 272 points, with Brees and Bridgewater throwing at a 72.1% clip. Saints defense has allowed 230 points.

    Bucs have a 4-7 record and have scored 312 points, with Jameis throwing at a 59.9% clip. Bucs defense has allowed 335 points.

    Those are all just numbers of course, and numbers never tell the whole story. Coaching, quality of field leadership, and many other factors I’m sure go into painting the whole picture. Saints whooped us twice this year because they exploited our weaknesses in a very convincing fashion. IMO, IF we keep overpaying certain position groups, we’ll always have those weaknesses for good teams to exploit. The end result will be just more inconsistency. Aren’t you sorry you asked?

  63. Tc Says:

    He had a 108 qb rating and won the game and still people complain!

  64. JimmyJack Says:

    Bandit……I agree with Beckles on this. Jamies is capable of making throws that only a few can make. That’s what’s makes him special for me.

    That’s not to say he’s a franchise QB or try and change your own opinion about him.

    That’s just what I see when I watch him play. And I don’t care about stats. I’m not a stat guy. I really don’t care that he throws all these 300 yard games. He’s left wins on the table and the stats don’t mask that.

    By the same token I didn’t care about Fitzpatrick’s stats. It’s was a cool record that’s about it for me………I’m just getting annoyed hearing you talk about Fitzpatrick. It’s just dumb. The dude is a backup QB he’s not worth thinking about………….You wanna do us some good then talk about a relevant QB to the situation……..The question keeps being asked(it’s not a bad Q) if you move on from Winston who you gonna replace him with? Bring up a QB who can answer that question and be productive. Stop wasting space talking about Fitzpatrick…….If you think somebody like him coming in here winning a bunch of games I beg to differ. So is that what you think? Fitz can come here and win games? If so your wrong and if not your spinning wheels.

    Or let’s just get Case Keenum cause we all know he can put up 400 yards. Is this what we talking about or not?

  65. Tc Says:

    Wentz and Goff got paid over 100 million. They are not exactly lighting it up.

  66. BucsBandit Says:


    For those of you ‘confused’ by Jameis Winston’s mighty “Yards & TD Passes” big numbers and “Top 5” ranking for those elements, please get a more REALISTIC view of Jameis Winston’s TALENT with some of his other important statistics…

    AS OF WEEK 11:

    – Jameis Winston ranks #1 for INTERCEPTIONS. If you eliminate Rivers and Mayfield (ranked #2 and #3 in INTs) then you can say that Winston has more than DOUBLE the number of interceptions than every other NFL QB in the league.

    – Jameis Winston ranks #2 in PASSING ATTEMPTS. He only has 5 less attempts than Tom Brady. Brady has more because of his the Pats short-quick-pass offense. Outside of Brady, Winston dwarfs every other QB in passing attempts. You throw the ball more you’re going to end up with a ton of yards.

    – Jameis Winstons ranks #33 (not a typo… #33) in COMPLETION PERCENTAGE. Yes, the mighty Jameis is ranked as the WORST NFL Starter currently in the entire league. (But yeah… tell us again how he doesn’t have accuracy and other issues.)

    – Jameis Winston ranks #28 in Quarterback Rating and #19 in QBR. Both QB rating formulas place him in the BOTTOM HALF of the league.

    HOMER NOTE: Before you homers cry about Winston being ‘hit’ and sacked more… he’s only been sacked 3 total times more all season than Russell Wilson… Wilson is ranked #2 by Quarterback Rating and #4 by QBR. BUT… BUT… BUT… I’m sure you’ll find some other excuses.

  67. BucsBandit Says:


    There are MANY QBs currently in the league that would put up more WINS than Winston with this same team. I would bet any amount of money that Teddy Bridgewater, for example, would be worth 3-4 more wins per season than what Jameis produces.

    I agree that Winston has a strong arm and can make some incredible throws that many others can not… Jeff George and Ryan Leaf quickly come to mind. I’m sure there are tons of others. A strong arm and being able to make certain throws that most can’t doesn’t translate into a winning QB. Winston CAN make throws that Tom Brady isn’t even capable of making at times, but again, that doesn’t mean much because you have to consider someone’s OVERALL game, ability to read defenses, accuracy, decision-making, etc.

  68. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules……I actually liked Miller yesterday and thought he played well. I also liked the plays they desinged for him even though they didn’t work. Still though they were good play calls. And plus he had a big play the week before.

    Don’t mind seeing Miller out there right now since he seem to be developing OK.

    Other then that I do not really understand all them percents and won’t attempt to make sense of them.

    I will say this though that our game plan yesterday looked great to me and I have heard almost anybody credit Byron. Also thought our game plan was bad the werk prior and heard a lot of complaining. I do think it’s a shame that critics don’t give credit when it’s due and instead go silent. Maybe that’s the nature of the best though.

  69. Tc Says:

    The ONLY consistent QB in the entire NFL is #12 up in New England. Every other QB has ups and downs.

  70. BucsBandit Says:

    TYPO ABOVE: I meant other QBs like Jeff George and Ryan Leaf were also QBs that had strong arms that had other problems that kept them from being GREAT QBs.

  71. BucsBandit Says:


    They ALL have ups and downs. It’s sports. Even Brady has bad games (like Rodgers had a bad one last night). BUT…

    It’s about the “Law Of Averages.”

    When you take ALL of their play and average it together, how does it look?

    Winston’s averages over his ENTIRE CAREER has him leading the NFL in turnovers. His winning percentage is also PATHETIC; can you certainly can’t blame losses all on Winston as our Defense has stunk it up, but he has definitely contributed heavily with his turnovers and stretches of abyssmal play.

  72. JimmyJack Says:

    Bandit I do not see Bridgewater as an fit here and not an option.

    He’s never been asked to and probably cannot run a vertical offense like we have here.

    I highly doubt Bruce would consider Teddy. So it’s kinda a mute point unless you want to blow up our entire coaching staff and install a whole new system which is entirely out of the question.

    Andy Dalton actually has the arm to fit this offense which is a reason why Joe probably keeps bringing him up. I don’t like that idea but I’ll think outside the box and throw a Matt Stafford trade or Derek Carr trade on the table as possible options that wouldn’t shock me too much.

    But if I had my way I’d be running to the wooden desk with a 12 year contract with Jamies Winstons name on it!!

  73. Tc Says:

    Turnovers do not always mean you lose. That is a paradigm. Winston had 2 terrible turnovers within 10 minutes and yet they still won.

  74. Lamarcus Says:


    With all that bad he still on pace for 5,000 yards about 30+ tds with about 26 ints

    And we can win more games if this TEAM can play like they did yesterday get him about 28 passes with a run game of any sort

    Hyper focused on the qb you acting like you have a crack head obsession over JW situation

  75. JimmyJack Says:

    Also disagree that many Want would win with this team.

    I defientally don’t see a Bridgewater winning that Rams game or many of the other games we have played to date. Not sure who else you think is winning some of these awful games we played as a team this year but if you thinking guys like Bridgewater gonna be making playoff runs here right now that really kinda sounds foolish. To say the least.

  76. Ndog Says:

    You people are obsessed with TOs. It is simple TOs are a team stat just like passing, rushing, points, sacks, all of them. All of these things come from the TEAM. Some TDs are off great throws, others are off of great catches, others are off of excellent runs but they all happen together. Just like TDs are a team stat so are TOs and that is all that I am saying but you people want to always blame one person, it is simply ridiculous. If you are not man (or women) enough to admit that probably half of the TOs that Jameis has been part of this year are not his fault then I don’t know what to tell you. I mean we have seen countless bad snaps, many poor routes, at least 8 hits as he’s throwing the ball, passes bounce off of guys hands to get pick (Im looking at you OJ) and yes SOME BAD THROWS! This team is inconsistent everywhere the oline has been great (Rams, Falcons) and they have horrible (NOx2 and Carolina), the WRs have been awesome (Rams and Falcons) and they have been horrible (Carolina and Tennessee) Jameis has been great (Giants, Rams) and he has been horrible (Carolina and Saints) yet of those the only player you want to blame is the QB when they are all intertwined. It simply makes no sense, why can you see that? Each player effects the other player and vice versa and yes after that first pick yesterday I was pissed at Jameis cause I WANT TO WIN but after seeing it a second time it was both a poor route AND poor decision. By the way it can be both and both players should do better but for anyone thinks that was good route just simply is blind to the truth.

  77. Lamarcus Says:

    Come on Bucsbandit. The guy was drafted to the worst franchise in sports history. Just wikipedia the Bucs and read their history. Its sad

  78. Bird Says:


    Talking about seat of your pants

    I just shot my pants watching lamar right now
    16 tds to 1 int

    Turnovers dont matter

  79. Ndog Says:

    Seriously Bandit do you actually watch other teams play? Bridgewater has a dominant run game a great I mean GREAT oline and oh yeah the ultimate weapon Karma. So on this team you think he gets that kind of time and that kind of oulet RB to check down to? Oh yeah he also never had to play from behind as his defense is awesome. But yeah none of that matters does it, cause it is all about the QB right? Come on man wake up.

  80. DooshLaRue Says:

    Keep those stats coming Bandit.

    I appreciate REALITY!

  81. Bird Says:

    Im in moderation so bye bye

    One joe is cool and logical
    One joe is absolutely the worst

  82. Lamarcus Says:


    Jw is a lesser Roethlisberger. Jw is a big strong guy and believes in his ability more than his athletic ability and his will to win in his heart is more than any player on that field on any given Sunday and it gets in the way. And I’m good with that

    Jw styles like Big Ben and Favre Favre interceptions come with the territory that’s why they bounce back like it ain’t nothing. Jw is so good with me. Sign him

  83. BrianBucs Says:

    Indeed Winston is an enigma.
    Sometimes he plays like Tarzan, sometimes he plays like Jane.
    Occasionally he looks like Joe Montana, occasionally he looks like Hannah Montana.
    Winston will put his team in position to win 4-6 games per year, and he, individually will cost the Bucs 4-6 games per year.
    Half the Bucs fan base wants to see Winston be the face of the Bucs. The other half want him to never wear a Bucs uniform again.
    The Bucs have never had a more Polarizing figure.

  84. Ndog Says:

    Jameis Winston ranks #2 in PASSING ATTEMPTS. He only has 5 less attempts than Tom Brady. Brady has more because of his the Pats short-quick-pass offense. Outside of Brady, Winston dwarfs every other QB in passing attempts. You throw the ball more you’re going to end up with a ton of yards.

    – Jameis Winstons ranks #33 (not a typo… #33) in COMPLETION PERCENTAGE. Yes, the mighty Jameis is ranked as the WORST NFL Starter currently in the entire league. (But yeah… tell us again how he doesn’t have accuracy and other issues.)

    These are great stats Bandit and they do prove a point and that is when you are forced to throw the ball over and over and over and over and over and over and over again the odds of TOs also go up and the odds of incompletions also go up because everyone in the stadium knows what you are going to do. How can you possibly think that if teams know what you are going to do it doesn’t give them an advantage? I mean that is why teams do play action, to trick people. Well guess what if you never run the ball then you don’t trick anyone. It is really not that hard, I honestly can’t believe there are people out there that can’t see it. But I guess you are proof that people can actually be that clueless

  85. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog It’s very disingenious to say turnovers aren’t a QBs fault. Sure you can microscope a few here and there but as a totality its poor practice and it’s unfair.

    There’s a bottom line and it’s 2.2. that’s his average they showed yesterday. It’s too many no matter how you disect it.

    In any sport you have to outplay your opponent to win. That means its fair to compare…..especially for vitally important things like turnovers. And when you compare Winston to his opponents 2.2 is too high. It’s higher then every body else. This is a problem. Now if you want to take this problem and nullify it by sharing blame to the team then you must be fair and honest and use an even scale. Which means you better disect all of Winston’s opponents the same way you do Winston and cut the turnovers that are not their faults. But you don’t do this and you argument about turnovers is totally disingenious.

    Every QB has turnovers that are hard to avoid. Like Winston’s first one yesterday that was likely a lazy route by a reciever. Still was maybe avoidable but teammates made it harder then it should have been…….But if you honestly disceted all of the QBs in the NFL and not just one player you would likely see that Winston’s opponents rarely make plays like the jump pass INT that Winston made. These plays like this are common for Winston and something you rarely see from other QBs……..This is the plays that give Winston the 2.2.

    Do I know all this for fact? Nope. But I don’t need to. Because I’m not excusing Winston’s high turnover rate. You are do be fair and you do the study. Otherwise come across as the disingenious excuse make you common get labeled as.

  86. DooshLaRue Says:

    So if that is true ndog, then shouldn’t Brady have at least as many interceptions as JayMiss?
    It only stands to reason right?

  87. Tye Says:

    ‘Can Jameis play consistently enough to be a successful playoff quarterback?’

    5 seasons (66 games) only once (1 time) has JW ever won more than 2 games in a row… he plays ok when the games aren’t significant… Meaningful games he amps up the Turnovers..

    His history would suggest a very HARD NO!

  88. BA Redzone Says:

    Am a Long-time Bucs Fan – my vote is like @DB55 #LetJameisWalk Best for both parties.

    Bucs fans will get a new QB, and have opportunity to see if Rookie/Veteran FA can lead the team to wins, with all the O weapons, and maturing D. Maximize potential of talent on the team for wins, and playoff options.

    Jameis will get signed somewhere – backup likely. Maybe starter, not sure where right now.

    Fresh start for all.

    All Head coaches think they can fix a QB — JW has a horrific TO problem, that many coaches will want to show their mettle in correcting, to go along with his considerable production at young age – by then 26 yrs old.
    Like many posters opinions, if JW is set free, would not surprise me to see Bill B (NE) sign him to a team-friendly 2 yr deal, to learn from Tom Brady. Tomlin (Steelers) might be another option – same thing, sit behind Roth for a year. Who knows?

    No matter, it is clear from the majority of posters, that even if JW and Bucs win the next 5 game, make playoffs – regardless of “Stats”, that extreme JW fatigue has set in with Bucs fans.

    Net – Let him walk, for benefit of all parties…..

  89. DooshLaRue Says:

    Oh, Brady has 5 interceptions this year.
    ….. but only 2 were his fault!!!!!

  90. JimmyJack Says:

    Wow good work Tye. I never realized Winston wins consecutive games that rarely.

    But I do wish you never said that cause it hurts to see it Especially coming off a win.

  91. JimmyJack Says:

    Doosh…….Dak Prescott has ten INTs and only 4 was his fault hahahaha

  92. JimmyJack Says:

    Josh Allen got 8 INTs and just one was his fault. Is this the game we gotta play? It’s really silly.

  93. JimmyJack Says:

    Dalton 8 picks. 5 was his fault. So Joe is right. Let’s sign Dalton.

  94. TexBuc Says:

    The ONLY opinion that matters is Bruce Arians and I would bet money Winston will be our starting QB next year.

  95. Ndog Says:

    So JimmyJack do not think it is fair to say our team as a whole makes a ton of mistakes, in fact more than most evidenced by our record?

  96. View from 132 Says:

    How did Ian Beckles become an expert? Anyone remember the awful Buc teams he was on?

  97. 2002WasALongTimeAgo Says:

    Very timely article, I was just wondering today what Jameis’ diagnosis would be. Yes, he can make some great throws. More often he is staring down his first option, holding onto the ball, letting the other open receivers get covered, then attempting to scramble out of trouble (with occasional success) or throws into triple coverage to his first option(generally with less success).

  98. Ndog Says:

    I also wonder why Jameis gets all the blame for the TOs from you people yet he gets no credit for have the 3rd highest scoring offense in the entire league? Oh that’s right anyone could do that my bad.

  99. BucsBandit Says:


    Yards and TDs don’t always tell the whole story. You can probably realistically subtract 50 yards of passing for every INT thrown and still end up with the same number of wins OR MORE in a season. That’s what guys like NDog just don’t get. INTs are NEGATIVE YARDS and BETTER STARTING FIELD POSITION (one of the strongest predictors of victory in football).

  100. Ndog Says:

    I just they would get in inevitable over with and just sign him already so we can get rid of all the negative nasayers, Debbie downers and crybabies who don’t understand football in the least.

  101. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog……..so the only evidence required is record? So does that mean its only fair to compare Winstons turnovers to QBs with 4 or less wins? What about 5 wins?

    Ok, for the sake of argument that sounds pretty fair. You the one making “excuses” so let me know how many turnover those 4 and less win QBs got and how many was their fault. I already got you started with Dalton with 8 picks on a zero win team…….let’s assume all eight was his fault. Still less then Winston. How about the rest of the league? Whose Winston better then in terms of INTs that are his fault?

  102. BucsBandit Says:


    I’m sorry, bud, but no matter how you want to “spin it” Jameis has royally SUCKED when it comes to turnovers. Many NFL experts (like multi Super Bowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson) agree that the Bucs need to let Jameis walk due to his turnover problems regardless of his yards and TDs.

    Turnovers, like any other stats in sports, CAN have a realistic barometer based on the Law Of Averages. For every INT you try and say isn’t Winston’s fault, there are probably just as many INTs that should have been legit that the Defense dropped. But either way you can analyze the career INT numbers for ANY QB and find a similar statistical correlation to why was their fault and what wasn’t. But the AVERAGES over time don’t lie. Winston being a turnover leader every season in the league proves that he sucks when it comes to protecting the football. Plain and simple.

    THAT is an argument you will not win no matter what you try to say. So come to terms with that one.

  103. Ndog Says:

    Whatever guys just do us all a favor and please leave when he gets resigned cause we are all tired of your cluelessness.

  104. JimmyJack Says:

    And Ndog I’m not trying to be a hater here or nothing like that……..as I told Bandit I’m not a stats guy. I don’t really care about stats. I care about how they play the game above all.

    Just like I said how I do think care about all the 300 yard games that much I don’t care about the INT stats that much……………case in point the Saints 4 INT game…..None of those INTs degined that game to me and didn’t have a major impact on the game. Except the OJ bobble INT that was no a bad play from Winston……..in that same vein Winston had the ball in his hand in Game 1 vs San Fran and made a awful decision and lost us the game. That one INT vs San Fran meant everything while 3 picks vs NO meant very little.

    At the same time he threw a ball right to a stationary DL in the Tennessee game that was one of the worst throws I ever saw a pro QB make that was dropped and recorded as nothing more then a incompletion. Meanwhile he took a chance on Perrimans lone TD catch this year that should have been a INT throwing into double coverage but I like that play because of the game situation and what the score was and got no problems with him making a bad throw on that.

    Point is I got my own way of viewing and evaluating a game. I will see thhings the way I always have. But you wanna dwell on the stats and try to make sense of them all and excuse ones when necessary then that’s your way……..so if you gonna peddle your way to all of you said then do the homework andet us know where Winston stack up compared to his opponents.

    Otherwise their guys putting up solid stats andaking far less mistakes that none of us can expect to beat when our QB killing us based on all these turnovers.

  105. Tye Says:

    2015 – only once did he win 2 in a row
    2016 – 5 in a row (the only time back to back wins)
    2017 – only once did he win 2 in a row
    2018 – 2 different times 2 wins in a row with many loses between
    2019 – not 1 back to back win yet.

  106. JimmyJack Says:


  107. Tye Says:

    Correction- 2018 the 1st back to back wins belong to Fitz

  108. Tye Says:

    So we can deduce from this history that JW is only good for just 1 – 2 wins in a row – a season

  109. JimmyJack Says:

    Tye I though you meant Winson only won consecutive games once In his whole career.

    Now I feel better. Based on your last post we can say Winston never ever went a whole season without winning consecutive games. That means we have a great chance of winning Sunday. Because Winston is too good to go a whole season without winning two in a row. That’s why it never has ever happened.


    GO BUCS!

  110. FireJasonLicht Says:

    Hard to play defense when your quarterback puts you right back on the field after you just came off of it. Only way I’d keep Winston is if he agrees to 0 guaranteed money so we can cut him with zero or minimal loss. He shouldve had 3 ints if it wasnt for Godwins amazing 1 handed grab. That throw was behind Godwin and headed str8 to the defender.

  111. Tye Says:

    LoL JimmyJack.. sorry for the confusion… That’s why I decided to post details..

    It’s not that he is horrible, it’s that he isn’t consistent, not even close, not even a little bit..
    A QB that can’t seem to win more than 2 games in a row is NOT going to get anyone to the playoffs… SB never happen!

  112. Tye Says:

    So the math suggests JWs best record; if he only can win 2 in a row only once in a season; would be 8-8 season… And he struggles to even get close to that!

  113. BucsBandit Says:


    Don’t worry, if they resign Winston I *will* be gone and boycott spending another dollar or any of my time on this team until he’s eventually gone. And I know there are THOUSANDS of Bucs fans that will do the same.

    Enough is enough. It’s time for this guy to go and to usher in a New Era in Bucs history. He’s not getting it done after FIVE LONG YEARS. He’s too turnover prone along with his other bad decision-making, accuracy ups and downs, ball-holding issues, and obvious lack of defense quick-reads. He’s way too inconsistent to be tagged for $27M/year or even worse, signed for multiple years of guaranteed money which his agents will 100% require.

  114. Destinjohnny Says:

    As much as you want to…You can’t say jameis is a top 20 qb
    So if i go to a new team as a gm and say at the presser
    Our goal is to have an inconsistent qb who ranks about 20th at his position
    How does that play out ?

  115. lambchop Says:

    If Jameis plays the way he played against the Falcons consistently, I’ll take it. He had no excuses with a stout defense and good running game.

    Do you see him playing this way every game? He plays like hot garbage when the team is behind. Sometimes, even with a good defense and running game, other teams will score in bunches. Can he come from behind without imploding? It’s ok for Winston to take risks when the team is up, I don’t mind it as much. But, he does the same when we’re chasing, maybe even more recklessly.

    Anyway, let’s see how the rest of the season goes. I like that he threw balls away and lived to see another down. Even if your defense sucks, give them a longer field to defend.

    And no more hero ball. He tried to pull the poor man’s version of Mahomes jump pass. Jameis Winston is no Patrick Mahomes.

  116. lambchop Says:

    I just want an average QB for crying out loud. Gimme a defense to carry this team all the way.

    I would prefer Jameis get an incentive laden contract or worse case he gets franchised on a yearly basis. If he balks at that, tell him to GTFO.

  117. Oneilbucs Says:

    I hope they resign him so bucsbandit and all the rest of the fake fans can go. Because yall don’t know nothing about football anyway and the hate yall have for Jamies and maybe some of you really don’t want a black quarterback. Me personally I don’t care who the quarterback is if you can’t stop the other teams from scoring you are going to lose regardless of who the quarterback is. Quarterbacks don’t win games it’s a false narrative about the quarterback position and you guys just don’t get it. Because you really don’t know nothing about football. Keep Jamies and let’s keep building the defense and offensive line with this draft and the next draft in 2021. Now I don’t mind getting a quarterback in the 3rd or 4th round . But Jamies is good enough to win with when we run the ball at least 20 times a game personally I wish we could run 25 times a game and Jamies will be ok . Go Bucs…..

  118. Sharthappens Says:

    Make you wonder if meds would help
    His mental
    Illness along with his in the field
    Decision making.

  119. Allbuccedup Says:

    Winston should have a field day against sorry ass Jacksonville.

  120. Bucs911 Says:

    While some of JW’s TO’s may not be on him and I agree. But the consistency of them has to get the whole team down. I’m sure the defense is like f#@k here we go again, kind of a punch in the gut and maybe they don’t play as hard as they should then.

  121. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  122. Bird Says:

    Ndog Would suck the farts out of jameis butt if he could

  123. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    So i may be turning the corner on keeping winston at franchise tag or low deal to build team. BUT!!!…. they need a new GM or director of football ops and do not let arians call the shots at personnel he is aa bad as licht. The bucs need the trenches and a RB. The OJ pick is haunting the team like vh3, send licht packin

  124. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Lick your finger, and see which way the wind is blowing on our QB who blows. Four times this season, the commenters defending America’s Grop…….errrr, Quarterback come out of the shadows. Seven times they haven’t. It’s all about the won/loss record, and Winston is a loser.

  125. MTM Says:

    Winston is just not very good. The QB position requires a consistent, stable problem solver. He has none of these attributes. Passing shouldn’t be a coin flip. With Winston it always feels like a 50/50 chance of a completion or pick. It’s not good. He’s no worth a franchise tag or long term deal. Buc fans are tired of the rinse and repeat cycle that goes on every year with this franchise.

    It’s high hopes every off season.
    Then comes the first 5 games and its onto the draft because they are awful.

  126. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    MtM to MTM….well said.

  127. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Been gone for a couple of years, but I have been a Buc fan for many years.
    I used to be very passionate about the bucs and had many arguments on here like some of you are having now. But reading some of these posts on here shows me how wrong I was to be as hardheaded as I once was on here.
    I would like to chime in on a couple of issues. One being coaching. When the Glazers hired Arians I thought it was a good hire considering his wealth of FB knowledge. But now I question the hire because it seems that we fans are not getting Offensive mind of Arians, but the “Coach in training” mind of Leftwich.
    As for the DB issue, I think that the rookie DB’s this year are a lot like 2 cornerbacks that were not very good when they were rookies, Rhonde Barber & Donnie Abraham, which turned out to be pretty good corners in my book. No, they will not be perfect this year, but you can see improvement every game.
    As for Winston, He is in his 5th year and is still is the same Winston that he was in College. He was never consistent and probably never be in the positive sense. While some fans Love the way he is, common sense tells us that after 5 years, we will get the same TO,s for the next 5 years as well.
    I have always believed the the biggest problems with the Bucs were that Malcolm died and left the Bucs to kids that could care less about the City of Tampa, or the Fans of the Bucs. I still believe that the problems with the GM, coaching, or good or bad player hires starts right at the top with The Glazer Boys, who care more for the Glazer bottom dollar than they do for the Fans of the Bucs.

  128. orlbucfan Says:

    Enigma is a nicer way to say Schizo. Not sure what to make of this whole JW argument. I like his running the football, and JW can do no-huddle and 2-minute type plays. They just need to be called. THAT one’s on BA.

  129. orlbucfan Says:

    Formerly Tampa 2 Says:
    November 26th, 2019 at 12:07 pm
    Amen to your post especially the last paragraph.

  130. ufour20 Says:

    Dude is averaging 2 TDs and 2 Interceptions a game, he aint exactly setting the world on fire. Keep about how he throws TD’s, an average of 2 is great?!

  131. BucsBandit Says:


    We get it, you’re a black guy and you’re very bitter about people criticizing Jameis Winston, who is also black.

    We get it, anyone that doesn’t want Winston to be resigned must be a RACIST.

    We get it, if you’ve been crying ‘racist!” and making excuses for Winston for ages. No matter how bad he plays anyone that doesn’t want him here is racist. We get it.

    Race, race, race. It has to be about race.

    I’m not a ‘real’ Bucs fan because I’d refuse to keep supporting the team for awhile if they keep this turd of a QB, Winston. YEAH, OKAY…

    Dude, I’ve been to far more Bucs games in my life than you have and I can guarantee you that. I was also at the Super Bowl in San Diego when we won in 2003.

    I admit it, I’m a middle age white guy. But one thing I’m not is racist, no matter how many times you want to try and imply that I am because I dislike Winston and he think he sucks and has to go.

    Doug Williams was one of my idols as a kid. I have photos of me and him. I loved Williams and hated Culverhouse for treating him badly and not paying him. Watching Williams the Super Bowl was one of the happiest days of my life as a sports fan, especially when it was a team (Redskins) that I don’t even like.

    Ronde Barber is also one of my favorite players of all time, and I’ve also spent lots of time chatting and getting to know many other BLACK Tampa Bay Buccaneers players – from enjoying my gas station run-in with Gaines Adams when he was a rookie (RIP), to seeing Shaun King at Westshore Plaza mall, and other fun random run-ins with Bucs players over the years; Hardy Nickerson, Sapp, Warrick Dunn (awesome guy), and many more.


    1. I am not racist.

    2. Jameis Winston sucks and is a nightmare for this team if they keep him; not only because of his massive salary cap number he’ll require at this point (tag or contract) but that’s he’s an inconsistent, turnover machine that’s holding us back from our full potential.

    Those are the FACTS. So stop spewing the same garbage ‘you must hate black QBs’ BS. You have actually demonstrated more racist behavior on this site than most of the posters here with your comments about rednecks/whites/etc. So let’s give this ‘racist’ crap a rest and stick debating the merits of Jameis Winton’s performance on the field, which after FIVE YEARS has sucked due to his inconsistency and giving opponents better starting Field Position (one of the most critical elements in all of football).

  132. lambchop Says:

    I watched the interception that Mark Schlereth said was a poor route by Mike Evans from Eye in the sky and Mark was wrong. That was 100% on Jameis because he stared down Mike and/or Trufant was trailing Mike and had the inside position to pick off the pass. Trufant just cut underneath and blocked Mike from making a play on the ball.

    You can see it clear as day. Ball placement was piss poor as well. He should have had his trademark overthrow and it never would have been picked.

    Go and watch it again.

  133. Dapostman Says:


    on another article Arians said Winston was looking off the safety and the corner just made a great play. Did his film homework knowing the route and Winston thought Evans would cross his face. So he did not stare down Evans according to Arians.

  134. T REX Says:

    One game erases five years of futility.

    Glazers will resign him to a 10 year deal because they are stupid and inefficient.