Wake Up!

November 17th, 2019

Soft, sleepy Bucs.

Looks and reality can be different things but one thing Joe saw today was shameful.

For much of the first quarter against the Saints, the Bucs played like they had just rolled out of the rack. Lethargic, tired, depressed, unattentive.

Only fitting for a gray day at the Den of Depression.

Only a couple of players who seemed awake and into the game. Mike Edwards played some ferocious ball in the first half, despite a few glaring mistakes. Lavonte David also as usual, played inspired football.

The rest? Wouldn’t even know if they playing in a game or taking the backfields at One Buc Palace for practice.

How a team like the Bucs, playing the NFC South defending champs in a home game, could play with so little effort early on as if they were prescribed valium before kickoff really is sad.

But that’s why the Bucs are the Bucs, and only family and friends come out to watch them bungle yet another home game.

Heck, even the locker room was dead silent after the game. Just as listless, lifeless and limp as the play on the field in the first half.

After watching today’s sad effort, why would anyone pay hard-earned cash to come back to the Den of Depression this fall much less renew season tickets?

And on a brighter note, does anyone really expect Shaq Barrett, Jason Pierre-Paul and Ndamukong Suh to return to this sinking ship next year?

43 Responses to “Wake Up!”

  1. Wesley Says:

    Not prepared again.

  2. Ndog Says:

    Yes this is really hard to keep doing year after year after year after year. So tired of watching this crap. It’s like the only thing we can be excited about at all is our passing game. Literally everything else is straight trash, EVERYTHING!!

  3. Pete I Says:

    Lots of Black jerseys in every view of the stands today.

    Saints fans payed plenty of hard-earned cash and were rewarded handsomely

  4. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    Wagering with Ira:

    Over under Mike Evans demands a trade this offseason?

  5. BrianBucs Says:

    Donovan Smith looked like he was sleepwalking the entire game.

    He got beaten more than a redheaded step child.

  6. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    My son and I have had this exact conversation. Why would these pass rushers return and why should we lay down $1600 for our 2 tickets in the South endzone? It’s not fun when you go in expecting to lose. A bad season here and there will happen, but a decade of irrelevance is inexcusable and an embarrassment to the community of Tampa.

  7. Troy Says:

    I don’t want JPP, Suh or Barrett back. Our pass rush is non-existent. How do these 3 guys make our rush better? Watch the game. Brees had all day to throw. So did Murray last week.

  8. Bird Says:

    Devin white had 13 tackles.
    Good game

    Jameis is not straight trash

  9. 541Buc Fan Says:

    On a positive note, Matt Gay is a solid kicker. 4th most FG at 86%.

  10. Pa Privateer Says:

    Try to keep Barret and Suh.

    Dump Winston and Dotson

  11. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    It’s bad enough to lose. It’s worse when the opposing fans are so disrespectful and outnumber Buc fans. It’s basically a home game for the road for them. If i’m paying for a road game experience I might as well do it in a city that I haven’t been to before.

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    Heck I don’t even gotta have the win. I can be patient and let this team grow……All’s I really want is a quality team that can play well rounded solid & hard fought football………Why TF is that asking too much?

    I’m literally asking for the bear minimum and the team refuses to deliver.

    Does anybody know a good hole I can climb into? Mine smells bad from years of overuse.

  13. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    man almost as though we should have drafted a pass rusher last year. good news is we should have a chance at AJ espenesa. Probably aren’t getting him though as we don’t believe in things like rushing the passer.

  14. Tempco Says:

    Been a season ticket holder since 2000 (section 108) Drive over two hours from Fort Myers. Im not renewing next year. I have more enjoyable thing to do then to watch this crap.

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    541……Thanks for trying……My positive would be Brate showing up today. Don’t know what the holdup has been all year but I want him as my TE and please trade OJ. He’s a bad pass catcher.

  16. Tye Says:

    Don’t know anything more shameful than starting JW!

    Found it highly telling that at the beginning of the game they talk about Sean Peyton’s interview where he said, something like ‘winston is going to give us plenty of chances to get turnovers, we need to capitalize on them!’ …. LoL

  17. WeeManOfScots Says:

    I will tell you…if they keep Winston another year, you will have MANY fans not renewing their tix…

  18. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    I am at a lose for words. What the hell is up with this team. I could only watch the first half. What can we say that haven’t been said already this season. Dropped passes, interceptions, defense getting their ass whipped in all my years of watching Bucs ball this is starting to look like expansion Bucs This off season something got to change. As much as I like Jameis I don’t think he will be back. He just will not stop trying to force the ball

  19. Miller5252 Says:

    They had a good week of practice according to Arians…… makes me feel so much better after watching that crap today!!

  20. Troy Says:

    Steve, I remember the expansion year pretty well. I think we played harder then. This team collects a paycheck. I have to be careful with what I say as the Joes are naive enough to think that the league doesn’t have any favorites.

  21. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Talent reality assessment:

    Offense –
    2 good TE’s
    2 elite WR’s
    1 good guard
    1 good center

    Defense –
    1 elite LB
    1 good LB
    1 good NT

    Special teams –

    1 good PK
    1 good P

    Analysis –
    Offense needs to replace both tackles, and the QB. We need an elite or at least a good RB.

    Defense needs to replace JPP and Ghoulston. Our entire back end is highly suspect and has not shown any signs that it has any good players.

    Special teams needs a returner.

    Overall –

    The team lacks speed and depth at nearly every position. Terrible pass defense, no pass rush, no running game. In short, the team is in the lower 1/3 of the league in talent. That is the reason we are 3-7.

  22. Ndog Says:

    In all seriousness due you people begging for Jameis to be gone really believe it matters who the QB is on this team? I mean we are freaking horrible in every way possible accept for the passing game.

  23. Oregonbucsfan Says:

    Well, here we are again- -in the cellar! I presume all the Pollyannas have left the room and all that are left are disgusted true fans. You know those of us that for some weird and malevolent incident are Buc fans. Me since 1978. That this team is bad is clear to everyone- -even Ndog (still missing NOSBOS). It’s now clear that we might not even get 6 wins this year. What an improvement over Koetter.
    I think the Tampa situation is similar to the republicans and trump. If the GOP dumps Trump they will all sink in 2020. If BA dumps Famous Jameis he’ll never see a winning season in Tampa. Of course, if he doesn’t do something at the QB position he’ll never see a winning season in Tampa anyway.
    As Don Merideth used to sing on MNF, “Turn out the lights, the party is over.”
    Time has already passed when we should be studying the draft.

  24. Mike Johnson Says:

    I told you all no way these Bucs were gonna beat the Saints. They very rarely lose 2 in a row, Their defense was Awesome. And our O line got beat..Like Congolese drums!! And Tampa Bay talks about Attendance? In the form of Jim Mora, Attendance? You kidding me?!!!!

  25. bojim Says:

    Those three leaving will make sink alright, just faster.

  26. Pelbuc61 Says:

    If this team has tuned out BA after 9 or 10 games, imagine what the next 4 yrs will look like. Sad to see what the Glazers and Licht have done to this franchise. BA and staff are just the present drivers of this train wreck.

  27. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Ndog, I think you mean “except” for the passing game. However, no rational person wants to “accept” Jay Miss.

  28. Buccfan37 Says:

    Expecting the unexpected was proven folly right from the start of the game. The effort was just not there in any shape, matter or form that looked like the eventual outcome would differ.

  29. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I officially am no longer a Bucs fan until the Glazers are out of the picture. I hate them for how they have ruined my favorite team and stolen my love of football in general. They can suck it and I refuse to support their lousy product ever again.

    Screw you Glazers! Really!!!

  30. down in the dirt doug Says:


  31. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Hmm Florida is mostly a transplanted fan base of folks from up north. Not many 6th generation Floridians like myself. They all are bandwagon fans like their parents and go with who is great today. Doesn’t surprise me when nobody shows up to the games when most who live here have their original teams. Just ask the Rays. Oh and yes I get that the lighting have a big following but haven’t they also been wining for a long time since their last championship? Most of those are bandwagon fans as well. Can they withstand constant losing for a decade? Ignorance and you all should be ashamed.

  32. Bosch Says:

    The answer to your last question Joe: Does a bear poop in a toilet?

  33. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Whatever 87…..I was born and raised in Tampa. Started going to Bucs games in 1977. Not bandwagon fan but finally had enough. You want to accept the Glazers lousy product and defend this hopeless situation, then go ahead but you are the one who should be ashamed. Real fans need to take a stand and not be pacifists like you.

  34. orlbucfan Says:

    If the players give up, who can blame them?? When you have yahoos like Arians calling shi**y offensive games and won’t adapt them to what the opposing team does?

  35. orlbucfan Says:

    We’re stuck with the inbred Glazers. Should not be that way but it is. Could always be worse and we could be stuck with a real yahoo like Daniel Snyder calling the ownership shots.

  36. EA Says:

    These players and coaches always talk about leadership and being motivated, that’s what was lacking last year and that’s part of the reason G-Mac was shipped to Carolina and the coaching staff was sacked.
    Well where is the leadership this year ??? BA comes out in the post game presser and says we had a good week of practice but failed to translate it to game time. Looking at the San Francisco coordinators they are fiery and creative ,.on the other hand both our coordinators look like they’re about to fall asleep on the side lines.

  37. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Why would any decent free agent want to sign on with this dumpster fire?

  38. bobby4919 Says:

    The crowd wasn’t into this game either! Only time there was any noise was when the Saint’s scored. Oh… and when the recruits taking the oath at halftime said ‘obey the orders of the President’.

    By the way… you could buy a jersey in the gift shop and get TWO free tickets to a future game!! What a deal!

  39. ClodHopper Says:

    This is the culture that you think is meaningless. Some people want this entrenched to get 4 spots higher in the draft just to draft a guy that will turn into this. How many times a year does Joe write about how lethargic the team is? 3-4?

    Culture Shmulture

  40. Sumosam Says:

    I mentioned this last week. This team has a hard time getting fired up to play. It sucks watching a team that does not want to be there. I don’t get it but I guess its hard to be up when you keep losing.

  41. buc up Says:

    I gave up my season tickets after 41 years. Only regret is why did I wait so long?

  42. Bucs96 Says:

    I was keeping up w/ the Broncos x Vikings game. I saw how the Broncos defense completely shutdown the Vikings in the 1st half, only to lose the game after being up nearly 20 points.

    You know the Vikings defense (great since Zimmer been there) woke up & allow the Vikings offense to come alive to eventually win.

    So once again, WHYYYYYY is it the offense has to play perfect for us to have a chance! Defense is giving up 32 points a game. Till that changes IDC if Jameis throws 100 ints in a season! No excuse for the defense to never really give us a chance or dare I say win the game for us!

  43. Bucs96 Says:

    FYI Joe(s)…

    Devin White was one of those ppl who came to play yesterday too. You can tell he’s getting used to the NFL speed. He’s gonna be fine if he stay healthy.

    I just wonder what’s it gonna take to turn this franchise around. I can’t wait till that is a topic here. Hopefully in my lifetime, I’m 34 lol