Arians On Jameis’ Picks

November 17th, 2019

Interception talk.

Plenty of Bucs fans see one stat when it comes to Jameis Winston and one stat only. It’s like a drunk who can’t see the hot chick hitting on him at the bar through his brown beer bottle.

So Joe knows the following will come with keen interest to these interception-obsessed folks.

In his postgame remarks, Arians was asked about the skyrocketing interception numbers of America’s Quarterback.

Currently Jameis is on pace to shatter his career-high in interceptions. That came in 2016, when Jameis threw 18 picks. Ironically, the Bucs won nine games and missed out on a playoff berth in a tiebreaker.

Arians was asked why Jameis has lost his mind with picks this season. Arians replied that not all were on him, and angrily pointed out O.J. Howard trying to Be Like Mike with a behind-the-back dribble that turned into a pick should not be blamed on Jameis.

In short, Arians said his best guess is Jameis is responsible for 10 of his 18 interceptions this season.

100 Responses to “Arians On Jameis’ Picks”

  1. Troy Says:

    Thank you JEM (Jay-Miss Excuse Machine)

  2. Stevek Says:

    Errr! 😤 😡 😠 must call out the receivers, but not the QB.

    How do the most turnovers ever and no playoffs sound to you? But points per game!

    Garbage stats galore. It’s a Bucs life.

  3. YuccoBruce Says:

    Joe I have to finally say this SORRY, BUT ITS TIME !!!! The Tampa Bay Bucs are so pathetic and honestly not even watchable? Malcoms kids have ruined Manchester United and now have destroyed a once promising football franchise we had? 11 SEASONS in a row of losing and watching/ accepting mediocrity on game days !!! You call that a game plan or having a team ready to play today BA 😳 I really hope Bruce retires and takes his coaches with him because it’s just not working and so over the excuses week in a week out !!! Licht should be fired immediately and most teams show some improvement after 10 games, but not in Tampa. I know JW3 can’t do any wrong in FSU fans eyes, but he’s on pace for 100 turnovers in almost 5 years ? Sadly Winston has no pocket presence or awareness and America’s turnover Machine doesn’t even have the intangibles to be a starting QB in the NFL !! It’s beyond obvious and he’s SO not deserving of a new 5 year contract that would pay him 20 to 25 million a year to one of the worst QBs in NFL history??? 😳 THATS DISGRACEFUL !!!! If this franchise really cares about the fans and city they will start to make changes ASAP at many positions !!! We are the laughing stock of the NFL and I and many others are beyond over this Yucs team, but until ownership starts caring or hopefully sells the team it’s going to keep being a SHEET SHOW !!!! We the fans deserve so much better
    Disgusted Fan

  4. WestChap Says:

    Fake it ‘til you make it: I guess we’re just going to pretend JW really protects the ball… until he does.

  5. Troy Says:

    PS – as fans we deserve what we get tolerating this nonsense from a HC.

  6. Leighroy Says:

    If he really thinks that, the Arians is delusional. I couldn’t be less impressed with him considering his resume. I long for Dirk Koetters game management by comparison.

  7. BuccoBrucey Says:

    jameis still needs more time. it’s not his fault. year 6 will be when it all starts to finally come together. Plus, you’d hate to see him go to another team and win 5 super bowls.

  8. Stevek Says:

    Wake up and smell
    The turnovers.

  9. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Oh it’s crazy pro bowl joe!
    Hahaha you need to see a doctor cuz your eyes ain’t working!

  10. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    The thing is that every QB has picks that aren’t his fault. So pick a QB that has 10 interceptions on the season so far, and then a fan of that team can say “only 5 were really his fault”.

    Winston is who he is.

  11. 813bucboi Says:

    Only 10….lol…


  12. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    I am really concerned going forward. Dirk managed these games better. that is really bad.

  13. Stevek Says:

    Done with the turnovers and the excuses. It’s over. Too kucboosing. Fans don’t care anymore. It’s been four plus years.

  14. T REX Says:

    Arians needs another physical and mental check up. I’m afraid he lost it.

    Enemies of this franchise.

  15. lowercaseg Says:

    glazers sell the team

  16. Tye Says:

    3 were clearly on Tampa’s incompetent, inept, stumbling, bumbling, fumbling, can’t read defense, holds the ball to long, int tossing, HORRIBLE starting QB Winston…

    Respect for Arians is lost!… NO winning HC would ever put up with a QB that cannot take care of the ball… Ball security should be priority number one and JW has proven beyond ALL doubt he can’t do it!!!

    Blow it ALL up and start from the foundation up if this is the best we can expect from this coaching staff and players!

  17. Troy Says:

    10? In dog picks? So more like 17.

  18. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Easy for BA to say….he is a newbie to this Jamyth world….4 1/2 years of absolute crap QB play and my Buc fan enthusiasm has been lobotomized

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    Hey Coach……..Why did we throw the ball 60 times today. Awhole.

  20. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Here’s an idea… Stop going to the games and things will change. I cancelled my season tickets and it’s the best decision I have made. That’s like returning to the same restaurant that serves lousy food and terrible service. Wake up.

  21. Jean Lafitte Says:

    nobody blamed Jameis for that one


  22. BrianBucs Says:

    Why are the Bucs so very afraid to play Ryan Griffin?

    Are they afraid that he will be very bad, or are they even more afraid that he will be very good?

  23. AwShbucs Says:

    Yup. Who knows more? Arians who’s seen it and done it with the best of them for 30+ years. Been under the tutelage of legendary coaches, coached up QB after QB… or you fine folks?

    I’m gonna go with Arians. Because I’ve watched every game and I’ve seen the same thing. Jameis was hit 12 times today. Brees was hit twice. That, other than the refs god awful officiating, is the true reason we lost today.

  24. Ndog Says:

    Yeah let’s just cut the QB that will fix the crappy routes, horrible oline, invisible running game, putrid defense and God awful officiating.

  25. Old Sombrero Kid Says:

    Jameis is Bruce’s love child He can do no wrong in his eyes

  26. ClwJB Says:

    What a joke this has become – one of the 4 not on him

    The 15 other times he held the ball too long or missed wide open receivers/ lets overlook those

    The D is just not good enough – the O did them no favors giving away most of the first half

    Where was JDean today?

    SMB- looked bad

    Stewart – one good play, 3 bad, one good play, 3 bad

    It’s such a Bucs life, my wife offered to have a comfy couch day and my dumb arse makes her go to this pathetic game

    Stupid me….

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    Nobodies blowing nothing up idiot. That’s what got us in this mess idiot.

    Also don’t be a idiot.

  28. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    The fact that we’re now debating how many interceptions are JWs fault… Unreal. It’s a far fall from the 2000s. Loser organization and it’s embarrassing.

  29. Troy Says:

    The Bucs are afraid to play Griffin because it’ll prove that we don’t have a GM.

  30. 813bucboi Says:

    I wish BA would hold other players accountable like he did VHG last week…


  31. Coburn Says:

    I’m convince we need to start over yet again. Does arians think other qbs don’t have their receivers and others on thr team not nake mistakes? Does he really think jameis is the only qb who has INTS that aren’t his fault? Arians is part of th problem.. the and he leaves play calling to lefty

  32. Bird Says:

    Ndog would say 2 were his fault

  33. D-Rome Says:

    Jay-Miss should have been benched when he was hurt in the 4th but they didn’t want to risk Griffin looking sharper and more poised than WinsTOn.

  34. Bird Says:


    He cant get in jameis head
    “He looks fantastic “

  35. Troy Says:

    I’m with Ndog. Let’s cut him because HE CAN’T PLAY QB IN THE NFL.

  36. williejes Says:

    Please draft a left tackle in next years draft and put Donovan Smith on the right side. He is not a left tackle and just a mediocre NFL player. Jameis was getting hit and under pressure all day. Our Offensive coordinator is terrible. Bruce please take over the play calling

  37. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Man the Senile old man has no clue.

  38. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Jay Miss may be the longest failed QB experiment in the history of the NFL.

  39. MadMax Says:

    It takes a team effort…AND coaching effort to win.

    Ive seen some player fails but many more coaching fails. Granted its his first year here, but im seeing the writing on the wall….hiring BA was a bad decision.

    Now dont get me wrong, bad ref calls are all over the place, makes me want to give up. But the play calls are atrocious and that falls on BA for Leftwhichway….

    Its just not working and i think its time to bring in some young talent (proven talent unlike leftwhichway) to start coaching us.

    We probably cant afford to bring back Barret, JPP, and Suh…(and they know it)

    Its time to nuke this btch!! Lose out for better draft position!!!

  40. Bird Says:

    Is Ndog actually arians or licht

  41. JGhoti86 Says:

    So Arians excused one of Jameis’ INT’s on OJ (and rightfully so), but what about the other 3?

    Better yet, what happened to the whole “you (Jameis) get one” when asked how many INT’s he’s allowed to have in a game, in this system?

  42. Pete I Says:

    98 turnovers in the record book next to Jameis ” meaningless stats ” Winston America’s QB’S name.

    There are no asterisks as to whose fault they were…they are assigned to Jameis ” meaningless stats ” Winston America’s QB and no one else.

    Someone tell Bruce ” Lack of preparation H – didn’t really miss coaching but why not ” Arians that Jameis’s next turnover will be his 99th!

    99TH! Amazing

  43. BrianBucs Says:

    When Winston is 35 years old, people will still be waiting for him to “develope “

  44. Bird Says:

    Nobody looks better in a jersey then winston

    Tight buttocks
    Nice bulge
    Strong arm

    Love Always


  45. MadMax Says:

    Bring in Ohio St. HC Ryan Day! Do what it takes Glazers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Bird Says:


    I think its 100 bro

  47. Miller5252 Says:

    Anyone see the stat before the game about Drew Getting the all out of his hand in 2.6 seconds……. wonder why he doesn’t throw 50 INT’s….. play calling and knowing where his receivers are going to be so he can get it out of his hands. No pass rush from Tampa??? How when he gets the ball out to playmakers to make plays.

  48. Bucsace Says:

    This is unbelievable….Winston has killed 2 coaches in 4 seasons….he might get the trifecta if he’s given enough time…..and Arians ia giving him the ammunition! Only in Tampa

  49. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Ndog is Jameis 1 of 1

  50. SteelStudBuc Says:

    BA needs to take those sunglasses off and take play calling responsibilities. Obviously his eyes ain’t working either. Sit Winston and play Griffin please. This team needs a spark. Big time. Jameis’ spring is sprung… He deflates more than deflate gate… He pushes fans away instead of bringing them to the games. He has his team demoralized game after game. Probably took 4 years off Arians life.

  51. Bird Says:

    Jameis throws when a guy is open

    Remember last week
    Oj was wide open

    Ndog said great throw

  52. Bird Says:

    Where is July Joe

    1 of 2 balls in a nut sack

  53. Craig Says:

    Jameis made it to perfect balance today. 18 touchdowns and 18 interceptions for the season. How zen.

    Isn’t the reason for a backup QB to take the trash snaps after the starter is injured. Is it that Ryan Griffin scares Jameis even more than Fitzpatrick did?

    Why spend a few million a year for a backup and not put in today is a haunting question.

  54. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Look I know Jameis makes mistakes, but his O-Line is putrid!!
    Overpaid lazy-ass LT, his RT should be out of the league, his RG is a newbie who is still learning, uand his center for some dumb reason keeps hiking the ball to Jameis when he never called for it (3 times in this game alone!!)

    Jameis is the MOST sacked QB in this league but everyone wants to blame it all on him….

    I want him back for 2 year deal w lower base salary & incentives.
    FIX the O-line!!

    Defenses know if they pressure Jameis then Jameis will get fidgety and start seeing ghosts. He was getting mauled today.

    This and PATHETIC officiating were the main highlights in this game…

  55. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe is a JW apologist

    Kobe agrees JW will throw 4 ints per game with BA/BL twins because

    it all starts and ends with the offensive line

    and nothing ever will change”

    Kobe Faker

  56. Pete I Says:


    No it’s 98, he has 76 interceptions and 22 lost fumbles. They even showed the graphic on tv today.

    Wait a week and you’ll likely be right.

  57. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Let Jameis go to another team and become a winner like the Jameis lovers say-

    I want to see it, really I do…

  58. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Now points allowed off Winston turnovers has increased…

    thru 9 games… 58 points (21% total points allowed)
    thru 10 games… 72 points (23% total points allowed)

  59. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    Winston might literally kill this coach with stress and heart attacks. How high must Brucies blood pressure rise after each turnover? Which week do you think that Brucie realized that his ole pal Jason Licht is way in over his head and shouldn’t have a job as a GM, but you don’t want to throw your buddies under the bus, much less Byron Leftwich.

  60. Buccfan37 Says:

    Meanwhile the GM is insulated out of the picture remaining mute at his less than acceptable building of a competitive team.

  61. Bucsace Says:

    Yeah, but…..he wouldn’t have thrown that pick 6 if he hadn’t sprained his ankle!!!!????

  62. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Joe, how about this “stat”…..Jameis is completing only 59.7% of his passes this year. He doesn’t even register in the top 50 passers in the league this year in completion percentage! There are guys much younger and greener than Winston completing 65% -70% or more.

    If Arians is supposed to be the “QB Whisperer”, maybe he’s not whispering loud enough because JW is regressing…not getting better.

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    Bench him.

  64. soggy Says:

    looks like we will be botom feeders soon, our division loves the bucs.. oh ya…

  65. soggy Says:

    MY mistake as of now we are bottom feeders of the division all I can say is bucs football BLOWS

  66. mh1023 Says:

    Bruce Arians might smoke weed but he chases it with acid. It would be completely unfair for me to say it’s not a drug form of acid. He’s old but he’s living the ‘Youngry’ life.

  67. John.L Says:

    It’s time to bench NDOG…

  68. NYbucsfan Says:

    What a line of BS!!!!

  69. wantstastayabuc Says:

    “Yeah let’s just cut the QB that will fix the crappy routes, horrible oline, invisible running game, putrid defense and God awful officiating.”

    Yes it will!!!!!! Save $30 million from next year’s salary cap and you can improve those things.

    You must know this is true.

  70. tgregs Says:

    So sayeth the guy who sold his soul to the Glazers to get the task of coaching Lame-ass. Who believes this clown. Furthermore who even cares anymore. Ride with Lame-ass and another losing season

  71. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Ndog I’ve seen you on here time and time again and I appreciate you looking out for the team. I have your back bud! Go Bucs!

  72. Gettinthebucs Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think Jameis is the best option for this team if Arians is going stick around. With that being said I’m not a fan of this offense even with all of the points scored. If it was up to me I’d blow it all up and try to find a more athletic QB, tailor an offense around him and put a combination of size and speed around him. That seems to be working pretty well in Baltimore. Wouldn’t mind if Greg Roman took over and let him pick a guy from this next draft and roll with that. That still wouldn’t fix the defense but it would be a lot more fun to watch on Saturdays. I’m drunk as hell right now and I’m just ranting. No one on this offense puts fear in opposing teams.

  73. Gettinthebucs Says:


  74. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    To the folks calling a coach who is 67 years old a lame arse. Who are you? Respect your elders! Part of the issues with our would is our own ignorance.

  75. Trey Says:

    Tired of Arians making excuses for Jaemis.

  76. wantstastayabuc Says:

    You are a polite and well-spoken drunk.

  77. Vooloo Says:

    Whoops, my bad. He only has 102 turnovers.

  78. Fire the fans Says:

    I’m having a tough time trying to defend the wall tonight

  79. orlbucfan Says:

    Get rid of Arians. How exactly did this moron win coach of the year??????

  80. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    this guy REALLY believe he is a genius…and that is a big big problem…

    BA = LovieS 2.0

  81. mark2001 Says: sound drunk…look at the body of work of Jameis this year…Jekyll and Hyde…not a winning formula. Did you see the game? How many times do you have to see him miss easy passes and as the games progress, throw crazy interceptions. You run a great route and where is the ball? Even if you are targeted, half the time it isn’t there. Time to turn the page.

  82. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Want to know why Jameis’ picks are high? I’ve pointed it out before.

    When his sacks go up, his picks go up. He was hit constantly in this game for example…to the point of injury.

    Personally, I would love to see him sit out the next game to heal up after today…it is a good excuse to get Griffin some real reps.

    Even if Winston had not thrown picks today, it would not have mattered. He did not throw the ball well (probably because he was being hit so much), the oline sucked. The WRs dropped passes, but the biggest issue was the defense. They could not stop NO from scoring. At all.

    Once behind, there was no chance to catch up.

  83. Allbuccedup Says:

    This team is horrible outside of Lavonte david, Devin white, Vita vea, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin get rid of the rest and start over including the GM and Head BS Coach.

  84. Nick2 Says:

    Folks your watching the next Jay Cutler without a pouty face bad attitude. The numskull decisions to throw passes no franchise quarterback attempts??? They come in great numbers. Jameis is a turnover machine and nobody wins with one and the Joe who defends him is getting less and less to turn to. Big game 17 points? Wow

  85. I’m a Tandyman used to be Bucs Fan Says:

    Jay Miss gets sacked alot because he’s slow, not very nimble of Foot also, not all OLines fault!! Also really watch passes dropped and intercepted!! Passes are thrown behind receivers, to low and a lot of times to high!! Arians can keep making excuses, why I don’t know but bottom line with #3 back there he has proven over 5 years it all remains the same!! Bucco needs to grow a pair and sit Jay Miss ass and play Griffin one game to see what happens!! He is losing his team and the Fans are slowly falling off the Boat!! Evans is a mad Dude tonight as a lot of the Bucs are!! Jamal Deal probably the most pissed!! Didn’t even see the field after the game he played last week!! Oh my bad the secondary is fixed!!

  86. WyldKat Says:

    Between the O-line, the playcalling, Jameis, and the kind of receivers they draft and bring in… insanity; same thing every year.

  87. Sumosam Says:

    Jameis stinks. Simple as that.

  88. Tyler Chick Says:

    Defending JW is as bad as throwing interceptions yourself it might be time to clean house with JW and the coaching staff and the GM .They want to bring him back next year and fans deserve better

  89. Capt. Tim Says:

    Man, I wanna be like Jameis.
    Off the field, or on the field- theres always someone ready to make excuses for you!!

  90. Sbucs Says:

    I wonder when BA will yell at the kids to get off his lawn.

  91. TBUC North Carolina Says:


    Nobody looks better in a jersey than Winston.

    Tight buttocks
    Nice bulge
    Strong arm

    Love Always


  92. FanO’Bucs Says:


    AwShbucs Says:
    November 17th, 2019 at 5:33 pm
    Yup. Who knows more? Arians who’s seen it and done it with the best of them for 30+ years. Been under the tutelage of legendary coaches, coached up QB after QB… or you fine folks?

    I’m gonna go with Arians. Because I’ve watched every game and I’ve seen the same thing. Jameis was hit 12 times today. Brees was hit twice. That, other than the refs god awful officiating, is the true reason we lost today

  93. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    He’s either delusional or lying to protect his QBs fragile psyche.
    Either way he must be starting to lose credibility with the other players who aren’t the coddled QB.

  94. KingBuc17 Says:

    Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, really what is the sense in keeping JW in the remaining games?
    Please tell me after this season, or the last 4, we are not going to franchise ($29M) or renew (3 years/ 40M). If they extend for 5 years ($100M) I am done.
    Let’s see if Griffin can be our backup to a rookie next year. We have weapons on O, need to draft or bring in a line. We have a good core on D… Lets reload 1- DL, 1-LB and 1-CB. Our kicker is now solid and punter might be upgraded for cheaper? BA take over play calling and we have another year under Bowles system. Licth replaced before Draft as too Chummy with BA… it’s a business. Good ol’ boy network needs to be uprooted. Get players and coaches young and hungry!!!!

  95. Ed Says:

    This is the era of the quick thinking, highly mobile speedy quarterback. The big, lumbering, slow reacting QB’s like Jameis are too easy to defend. The slow release gives a DB more time to react to the ball. Even if Jameis was accurate he still doesn’t possess the skills to play against elite pass rushers.

    Yesterday he was totally unaware of where to move in the pocket. I really thought after 5 years he would have studied the way Brees and Brady move around in the pocket and buy time. Even roll out. He is too stationary.

    Bucs need to bring in some athetic quarterbacks and change the offense to emulate what Ravens, Chiefs, Texans, Cowboys, Saints do, quick passing, solid run blocking and more efficient offensive play calling. You cannot compete with this offense and this quarterback standing around in the pocket taking hits play after play.

    If you have weak tackles, what do you do? You 2 step and 3 step and let your WR’s catch the ball 5-6 yards off the line of scrimmage. You dink and dunk your way up the field. You keep your defense rested. The old school keep the quarterback in the pocket to wait for big plays isn’t working.

  96. Sharthappens Says:

    makes me wonder what he may have done with the Barber twins when he “babysat” them.

  97. whaaatttsss uuuup Says:

    lmao!! yeah 2 top 5 receivers!! lets blame it on them!!! lol …. this is getting downright funny now!!! Evans and Godwin make him look like twice the qb he is which isn’t much to begin with!! good thing they both brought their ladder with them yesterday to make those catches!! brate too he brought the ten footer!! … oh and hey look what that guy (you picked on all year for ya know, being open and jameis overthrowing him) did with all that speed when the ball was thrown accurately to him!!…. jameis cost him his first touchdown on the one he tried to get his head taken off with!! he led him right into the safety

  98. Oneilbucs Says:

    I’m ready for Jamies to leave as well. So when he’s done in Tampa then maybe we can build a team. Cause as long as Jamies is on this team he will be blamed for every lost this team will have next year. So go draft a rookie quarterback because that’s all we are missing right now is a quarterback. Lol lol lol

  99. Oneilbucs Says:

    Ed I agree with you bro!!! Jamies is not a statue quarterback he can run the ball like he did his rookie year. It’s just the coaching staffs he’s been with tells him not to run . You don’t have to run a 44 in the 40 to run and keep drives alive. I want BA out of here because he didn’t come here to coach he came to give other people a chance to be a head coach .

  100. Matt Says:

    Mike Evans is responsible for 2 interceptions in the London game.