Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Saints-Bucs

November 17th, 2019

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Some games don’t lend themselves to detailed analysis.

The Saints swept the Bucs this season — and that should be no surprise. They’re a better team … a lot better. Bruce Arians said he wouldn’t be surprised if New Orleans goes on to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, and he’s right.

So it should come as no surprise that the Saints took care of business early and cruised to a 34-17 triumph. By the time New Orleans grabbed a 20-0 advantage, the Bucs had been outgained 195-11 and had maintained possession for only 4:46, compared to 20:01 for the visitors.

Speaking of the visitors, there were plenty of New Orleans fans at Raymond James Stadium, so many Saint supporters that Ryan Jensen had problems with communication in some instances.

The Saints won the turnover battle 4-0 and capitalized on a flat start by the home team. While Arians is still hoping to stack wins before this discouraging season is over, the Saints proved last week’s listless loss to Atlanta was an aberration.

Here’s how the Bucs suffered their seventh defeat, one more setback than Arians experienced during all of 2013, his first season in the desert:

* If you are what your record says you are, the Bucs have been putrid since that 2-0 getaway in 2018, engineered by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Following that impressive start, Tampa Bay has dropped 18 of its last 24 matchups. You don’t need a math degree at MIT to know that is a .250 winning percentage. A .250 batting average can get you a demotion to the minors. Buc fans have been watching minor-league football. for far too long.

* Anyone who believes the Saints got all the breaks Sunday was watching a different game. That’s just silly. Five of Tampa Bay’s first downs came courtesy of New Orleans penalties and the Saints had an apparent TD run by Alvin Kamara wiped out by a holding call. In contrast, the Saints did not register a single first down because of a whistle against the Bucs.

* Trailing 20-0, Byron Leftwich and Arians left the game plan blowing in the wind. Only eight times in 61 snaps did the Bucs run the ball, a franchise-record low that goes al the way back to the inaugural 1976 season. And two of those 8 rushing attempts came on Jameis Winston scrambles. For the record, the Bucs are 0-13 in the past five years when running 20 or fewer times.

* Yes, they weren’t all his fault, but Winston was picked off four more times by a defense missing stud cornerback Marshon Lattimore. That makes 18 interceptions on the year, or 13 more than Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater combined. I’m not blaming this loss on No. 3, but his performance surely didn’t enhance his chances for a long-term extension.

* Welcome back to the offense, Mr. Brate. Winston threw 14 passes in Cameron Brate’s direction and the sure-handed tight end latched onto 10. Considering Brate had only 15 receptions in his first nine games, Sunday qualifies as a coming-out party.

* Devin White led all players with 13 tackles, but he experienced some growing pains trying to stay close to the shifty Kamara, who caught all 10 passes sent his way. Kamara is a nightmare matchup for any defender, including White. Still, the first-round pick out of LSU is coming on strong.

* Although Arians suggested Tampa Bay’s pass protection held up decently, he probably should have checked with Winston’s bruised body. Winston was sacked only twice in 53 drop backs, but he was hit on 12 other occasions. Cameron Jordan, one of the league’s premier defensive ends and an annual tormentor of the Bucs, was credited with 1.5 sacks and 4 of those hits while stud linebacker Demario Davis posted 4 pass breakups. With or without Lattimore, the Saints boast a stout defense.

* It’s difficult to overstate how much of a disappointment O.J. Howard has been this season. He’s out of sorts, struggling since Week 1 to make a difference for a passing attack so reliant on Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. He has six weeks remaining to convince this coaching staff that he’s a PLAYER.

* A rushing defense that had been without peer looked a little soft against the Saints. Kamara averaged 5.8 yards on his 13 carries and when the Saints have that kind of balance, defenses are in for a long day.

* When Arians took this job, he vowed Tampa Bay’s self-destructing tendencies were over. Not quite. Through 10 games, the Bucs find themselves minus-10 on the turnover chart. “I just have to give our team a better chance to win the game,” Winston lamented. Next up: a road matchup against Atlanta. Do I have to say it? Loser stands alone in the NFC South basement. You can’t make this stuff up.

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Ira Kaufman launched his professional NFL coverage in 1979, back when Earl Campbell was the toast of the league and Lee Roy Selmon was defensive player of the year. After a lifetime at The Tampa Tribune, “The Sage of Tampa Bay Sports” joined in July of 2016. His twice-weekly podcast and three columns per week appear here year-round and are presented by Bill Currie Ford. Tampa Bay’s only Hall of Fame voter is a regular on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio and a part of the FOX-13 Tailgate Sunday show, in addition to his other appearances. You can hang out with Ira during every Bucs road games at Buffalo Wild Wings. His schedule is linked here.

89 Responses to “Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Saints-Bucs”

  1. WeeManOfScots Says:

    Spot on Ira…like always!

  2. BrianBucs Says:

    And who is responsible for all of this mess and fiasco? Jason Licht

    Licht and Winston both have to go. Period.

  3. 813bucboi Says:

    BA is running out of scapegoats….

    This team was unprepared and out coached….

    What message was he trying to send last week?…

    Will he call more players out?…Dotson..D.smith…OJ..

    hold them accountable


  4. Zzbuc Says:

    Ira and joe.
    Its important that you guys give an opinión on Licht’s legacy so far.!!
    He is for a lot of fans myself included, the bigest responsable for this mess that we are!
    Bad drafts Bad free agency bad coaches!!
    Glazers need to do some thing.
    We can argue about the OL running game whatever you want but Front office is a Big time shame!!!

  5. Rayjay1122 Says:

    We cant fire the Glazers so we need to boycott their product. Anyone still attending Bucs games and wearing Bucs gear really need to have their heads examined.

  6. Buc believer Says:

    Funny but I just don’t care anymore

  7. From76 Says:

    Can we see what Griffin can do? The very least we could see if we have a capable back up QB. Let’s see what he can do.

  8. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    Somewhere Greg Schiano is wondering why he got the axe and someone like Licht has a job.

    Licht has to know where a body from Mons Venus is buried. It’s the only way he still has a job.

  9. Jean Lafitte Says:

    If today’s game wasn’t testimony about Jameis’s career trajectory, and progression, then you’ll never convince his jockstrap fans he is part of the problem. We’d rather continue to lose than admit it’s over.

  10. Nick2 Says:

    It’s not like I want him to fail I’ve been defending him for years but it seems Winston throws into double and triple coverage or where a receiver is blanketed in coverage way too often leading to a majority of his interceptions. That’s not overconfidence it’s just not smart football. Agreed that someone like Mariota isn’t the answer but Jameis gives the other team short fields every week killing morale and changing momentum. It’s not a recipe for victories EVER. Also when was the last “had to win game” where Jameis didn’t come out tight and actually played well??

  11. Troy Says:

    Well, it’s comical that every week we’re here talking about who’s fault this train wreck is. As long as the Glazers are involved, this team will lose. Why? They are losers. Their dad was a winner. They’ve been handed everything they have. They don’t have a clue what it takes to win. How do I know this? I give you exhibit A – Jason Licht and Exhibit B – Jameis Winston. They allowed a loser (Lovie Smith) to pick Licht as his GM and kept him through multiple years of coaching failures and losing. The, there’s Winston. They signed off on drafting this guy to be the face of the franchise and he can’t play and has had off the field issues. Losers don’t know what winners and winning look like.

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    Well Ira like you like to say the game of football often comes down to physicality. Twice now the Saints have kicked our asses up and down the football field and won the games convincingly.

    You see a game like today and all’s it does is show you how far away this team really is. Just sad man.

  13. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Troy nailed it!

  14. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Lichtmyballs should be fired tonight, but he won’t be. Clearly, he has photos of Darcy Glazier.

  15. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Winston must go…. I don’t know how they should replace him. But it’s time for him to go. The game, at this level, will always be too fast for him. Games against the likes of Russell Wilson and Drew Breeze allow Buc fans to see side by side what a champion quarterback does and does not look like.
    I still have faith in the young defense. I think the corners will get better with experience and I really like the core of our front seven. Dotson needs to go on the Oline and we need to find another WR. Suddenly we have a real issue at TE as OJ is officially a bust in my eyes.
    Think it’s time to sell the farm to draft a QB Arians sees as best and bring in some veteran free agents to fill some other gaps. Let a young talented QB spark this franchise. Jameis was supposed to but NEVER has.

  16. orlbucfan Says:

    If Ira has any thing to offer, it should be Arians sucks on offense. If Winston is a bust, bench him and start Kyle Griffin next week.

  17. Jean Lafitte Says:

    When do we play the Colts? They racked up 264 rushing yards on Jags ..whoa!

  18. Jean Lafitte Says:

    If we draft a QB to start the season next year then I’d like to see us hire a different offensive coordinator with a west coast type defensive plan. I’m not a huge fan of this Don Coryell off shoot. Plus you’re asking a lot for a new rookie QB to run that kind of offense. It would be like watching David Carr all over again when he tried to run that run and shoot offense in Houston. Sort of like watching Jameis, but Jameis has had 41/2 seasons to learn NFL defenses.

  19. Greg Says:

    I feel for the people paying their hard money for tickets. i gave up my club seats after 14 years three years ago as i chose to support from home. The Glazers are making bank win or lose. They have spent money though misdirected. Licht and his staff of talent evaluators are beyond defensible. Arians may be a decent HC but retaining Licht to get him is a statement to just making money and not producing a winner. It won’t happen but we need new ownership!

  20. Jean Lafitte Says:

    correction *offensive plan

  21. Bosch Says:

    Well said Rayjay!

    I will just add one thing. Arians is all talk and no substance! Ira just said it himself.

  22. Ndog Says:

    I love you people I truly do. My goodness, I am just a average person but with you people around I seem like a freaking genius.

  23. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Good to see most of the other bottom feeding teams are starting to play better. That is except for our Bucs. So, did we move the needle up at all from picking ninth in the 2020 draft? Atlanta is going to eat our sorry a$$ lunch next week. Book it!

  24. NYC Buc Says:

    I truly feel bad for the season ticket holders and the fans in Tampa. I think of the Bucs games now as opportunity cost. Meaning can I do something better with my time than watching this team? The answer has been a resounding yes and that’s why I‘m going to stop watching and won’t renew my nfl Sunday ticket. I rather spend 3 hours enjoying what I do then watching this mess. The goal of this 3 hours is to be entertained and that clearly isn’t happening.

    I applaud the fans who don’t renew their season tickets. Ownership doesn’t listen to our rants, they listen to the closing of our wallets

  25. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Next years draft



    Replace those 2 turnstiles we had playing today

    If you cut hargraves for not hustling then you need to cut Dotson and Smith for impersonating an offensive lineman.
    I saw them get flat out manhandled today.

  26. Jean Lafitte Says:


    personally I think you’re a self promoting moron

    and I’m sure there’s someone out there that would second that

  27. Ndog Says:

    I love how people think White is “coming on”. The guy looks just like Barret Rudd a ton of tackles that mean nothing. Just as I was afraid of he’s a great athlete with very little football intelligence.

    And to me that is our main problem, we have a bunch of stupid football players.

  28. Ndog Says:

    Well Jean I know you are a moron as you prove it here daily.

  29. Nick2 Says:

    Just checked Duane Haskins had a better day than Jameis 2tds 1 int OUCH!!!

  30. Jean Lafitte Says:

    ^^^^So did Nick Foles in a loss

  31. tmaxcon Says:

    all you optimists sitting back saying damn that TMAX sure is a prick but man that guy is always right about this $h!t $how franchise…..

  32. JJV Says:

    Time to look forward to next season. The Glazers will still own the team. Jason Licht will remain as GM. Bruce Arians and his staff army will return. Jameis Winston will either be franchised or extended and once again be our starting QB. The draft and free agency will be ineffective. The roster will have changes and remain poor quality. And another wasted season ahead in 2020. Go Bucs!

  33. ElioT Says:

    The winds of s*** are always blowing for our Buccaneers.

    This franchise as a whole, is just an embarrassment.

    There has been no changes here with BA & Co.

    The roster changes, and yet the whole team looks the same.

    What are they building?

    Last week you think they might be a few pieces away…

    This week, the whole damn team is completely outclassed by the Saints.

    All this continuity.

    All this building through the draft.

    All the talent.

    All these experienced coaches.

    All this salary.


  34. Jean Lafitte Says:

    another QB we could go after next season

  35. Troy Says:

    Love hearing from Ndog, a founding member of JEM (Jay-Miss Excuse Machine). His ‘genius’ consists of trying to be an illusionist. By that, I mean he tries to convince everyone that the Jay-Miss you actually see with your eyes isn’t really the Jay-Miss that played in the game. The one that played was actually much better. Note that I said he’s trying to be an illusionist. The eyes usually don’t deceive, especially on 98 freaking turnovers.

  36. John Says:

    Jamis….. lmao

  37. NYC Buc Says:

    Also first time commenter and many years a reader/listener!! Love what you guys do Steve/Lee/Ira! Listen to you every week and I wonder how much more interesting the podcasts would be if you guys could cover a winner!

  38. tickrdr Says:

    @ Jean Lafitte:



  39. Jean Lafitte Says:

    We could have had Jimmy Garoppolo in the 2nd rd. but we chose Mike Glennon in the 3rd instead

  40. Ndog Says:

    And Jimmy G threw two horrible red zone picks today and won so what’s the point?

    Teams win games people, one day you will learn, well some of you Jean not so much.

  41. Ed Says:

    Ira was leaning with the 30% of the fans that polled to let Jameis walk. A change of scenery will be good for Bucs fans and for him. I’m sure this weeks poll will shift higher towards a wind of change. Can the fans do an impeachment inquiry on Jason Licht? His personel decisions have to be verified? Was it Rudy Guiliani whispering in his ear in the war room that Vernon Hargreaves and Roberto Aquayo are on the board because none of the other teams are as smart as you are Jason.

    Winston isn’t a quitter though, his courage is valiant. He isn’t afraid to play hurt. He does try very hard.

    He simply is a square peg trying to squeeze into the round hole. His game isn’t good enough to outsmart good defensive coordinators or outrun defensive pass rushers.

    Speed is everything, he waits too long to let the ball go, he has this awkward delivery, his game is too slow vs. the speed of defenses. Today his passes were way off target. Other than the beauty he hit Miller with, it was mostly wobblers and low balls near the feet of his receivers.

    Looking forward to this next Ira podcast to hear his opinion on whether loss-weary Buc fans can expect a new direction next season or a continuation of the status quo.

  42. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Jimmy G 34/45 ..424 passing yards 4 TD’s

    opportunities missed

  43. Ndog Says:

    Congrats Jean you got another one of your clueless mob to agree with you. Yeah someone finally agreed with Jean, congrats little buddy.

  44. BrianBucs Says:

    Surprised that Ira failed to mention how Donovan Smith got beaten like a drum all day.

  45. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Jimmy knows how to win even when he does have turnovers, Jameis NOT

    75% completion rate

  46. Ndog Says:

    Jean Lafitte Says:
    November 17th, 2019 at 7:51 pm
    Jimmy G 34/45 ..424 passing yards 4 TD’s

    opportunities missed

    Look at little Jeaine leaving out facts that make him look more clueless than normal. Forgot to post the two picks from Jimmy G today that took points off the board? Wonder why cause you can’t win with TOs right Jean? Then how did the 49ers win today?

  47. SteelStudBuc Says:

    This team needs Ryan Griffin at QB win or lose it doesn’t matter. Winston… put a fork in him; He’s done!

  48. Ndog Says:

    Oh Jean I got you again bud, give up you can’t beat me cause I’m not an IDIOT.

  49. tmaxcon Says:


    i’ll throw you a bone my man… .vh3bust never loafed as much as d smith, marpet or dotson….

  50. Dapostman Says:

    Abysmal coaching all around. Case in point.

    Arians: Challenges a PI when the odds are they don’t overturn those. Doesn’t challenge a spot when Brees extends the ball and pulls it back then is tackled behind the line. It was 4th down!!!

    Leftwich: I understand the defense gave up 2 FG’s early but it’s 2 FG’s. 6-0. Why are you abandoning the run so early? Please run more up tempo offense and run the dang ball more. You are not helping any offensive players when you are so one dimensional.

    Bowles: Man you are so clueless it’s unreal. Do you understand that the Saints have two offensive players Thomas and Kamara. One of these two guys should be doubled on every pass play. Sometimes BOTH! If Ted Ginn or Jared Cook torches you for 10/150/2 then you tip your cap to them. Right now you are the black Mike Smith as far as I’m concerned. Totally inept.

    This team’s identity is of Larry, Curly and Moe running this clown show.

  51. Ndog Says:

    Good night Jean isn’t it past your bedtime?

  52. tgregs Says:

    After Lovie was hired I was an anti-Buces fan. This year my son told me I actually needed to support a team I think Tom Brady, who refuses to cripple his team with an obscene salary, is the best example of a pro athlete so I became a Parriots fan. Rewarding because I can still hate the Bucs. Lame-ass making more than Brady? That is why the Bucs suck and Patriots rule And BS to “Brady’s wife makes so much” He wants rings!

  53. DB55 Says:

    he probably should have checked with Winston’s bruised body. Winston was sacked only twice in 53 drop backs, but he was hit on 12 other occasions
    Just for perspective Tom Brady got hit 3 times and missed on 50% of his attempts in the first qrt.

    So I ask again, which oline will show up?

  54. Bucofama Says:

    Ndog Says:
    November 17th, 2019 at 7:30 pm
    I love you people I truly do. My goodness, I am just a average person but with you people around I seem like a freaking genius.

    Must be hard to type with one hand NDog, but I’m sure Jameis enjoys it.

  55. DB55 Says:

    When the head coach has to ask the qb “can you move?” That’s not a good thing.

  56. GhostofSchiano Says:

    How Dotson and D.Smith are still employed tomorrow is beyond me.

  57. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Seems I’m not the only one tired of this Ndog character who resorts to name calling when he can’t get people to agree with him. If it is Jason Licht, he certainly shows he has no class.

  58. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Contrary to what some fans think, Jameis is not above criticism.

  59. DooshLaRue Says:

    “I just have to give our team a better chance to win the game,” Winston lamented.

    …… and if I could get ndog to stop scraping it with his teeth I promise I’ll play much better.

  60. Ndog Says:

    You guys are the best thanks for helping me realize how many people in this world have no clue what they are talking about.

    You guys are truly the best.

  61. down in the dirt doug Says:


  62. DB55 Says:

    6 runs by your RBs screams incompetence and 2 of those were from the 1 yard line and they still couldn’t punch it in.

    What I’ve learned today is that JayMiss ATM WinsNot the greatest quarterback in the history of the buccaneers can not carry this team on his own therefore there isn’t a qb in the world who can.

    At least y’all have that amazing 2-0 start by fitztragic to fondly remember.

  63. Ndog Says:

    Everyone on this team deserves criticism, but it needs to be evenly distributed based upon what they do. That’s all the coach is doing yet everyone is saying he is making excuses. It ridiculous.

  64. Defense Rules Says:

    813bucboi … You nailed it. This team was unprepared and outcoached. Yes the Saints are a better team player-for-player, but this game was a travesty. The Saints offense just had their way with the Bucs’ defense, while the Saints’ defense made a mockery of the Bucs’ offense. I am so sick & tired of hearing about how we’re the #4 best points scorers in the NFL. Every year it’s the same garbage: inexperienced defenses that undergo constant change while our offense leads the pack in turnovers & folds against the better defenses. Up & down & all over the place. Whoopee.

    Dear Jason: It’s called TEAM-BUILDING. You should try it sometime.

  65. Jean Lafitte Says:


  66. Bucfan1988 Says:

    DAPOSTMAN, that OPI challenge was TOTALLY justified with what happened to Evans.

    There is no fuk’n reason in the world that they let this call “stand”…Total screwjob call and MAJOR momentum changer in this game. We down 27-17 and that 1st down put us inside Saints 40.

    No way in hell officials can say this call “stands”!! They had PLENTY OF CLEAR REPLAY FOOTAGE to see that ME13 was LESS than 1 yard from LOS.
    If a FB has the right to jam a WR, then the WR has the right to negate it and push off the arm.

    And IRA, Saints didn’t get all the calls, but they damn sure got the bulk of them. SIMPLE AS THAT.

    NFL has ZERO respect for properly officiating Buc games. I’m fuk’n sick of it!!

  67. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Mike Evan’s OPI was a mf’n swim move. Horse manure calls from refs but biggest letdown is #3

  68. Bird Says:


    I believe you played football unlike Ndog
    But . Your comments have zero meaning now

    Biased and 100 turnovers dont mean nothing anymore

    I know a maggot

  69. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Thank u SteelStudBuc!!! Nice to know that someone else knows the rules…

  70. Defense Rules Says:

    down in the dirt doug … Jameis is not THE problem, but he is A problem. If you were the Glazers, would you fork out $30 mil per year for several years for a QB with his resume?

    Bucs need to look at the BIG PICTURE here. Our last 2 GMs have built a lopsided team and the RESULTS in no way, shape or form justify the expense. The ONLY reason we come in 4th place in the NFC South is because there are only 4 teams.

    We need to take a step back and rethink our identity first. Then focus on building the trenches, then on the ‘weapons’. As we saw today, without the beasts in the trenches, your ‘weapons’ are worthless. And right now we’re woefully short of beasts.

  71. Bird Says:

    Is jameiz the problem

    Of course not (all the way). Part of the problem
    But paying him more then his contract is stupid

  72. Kgh4life Says:

    BA thought transforming fhe Bucs into winners was going to be relatively easy, boy, was he wrong. Either Licht sold him a bill of goods or BA was too cocky to see this roster for what it is: couple of elite pieces at the skill positions and not much else. BA is 67 yrs old if I’m not mistaken, i don’t think he’s in it for the long haul. I expect he quits at the end of the season. Licht will obviously be fired also.

  73. DB55 Says:


    Which comment? Brady getting hit 3 times, BA asking can you move or 4 fkn run attempts? Lmao

    Trash org brother. Let jameis walk before he sues for cruel and unusual punishment, endangering the life of a minor and rape.

  74. JJV Says:

    The only part of our beloved team organization that actually earns their money is the PR department. Each year they have to be creative and find ways to blow all the smoke up the fans rear ends to generate all the hype and embellishments to give us hope. We are the off season NFL champions each year. Coach hirings, free agency, the draft- you name it. They paint a rosy outlook like no other team can polish a turd. By the time we get to the beginning of the new season, our excitement and expectations are inflated to the point that we start to see their logic through beer bottle glasses. Then the eventually reality check hits us before Halloween that another miserable losing season is assured when our dreams are burst. The illusion that they weave is unparalleled. Honestly, I do not know what to believe anymore.

  75. Bird Says:


    He believed in jameis too?

    Bad move

  76. Jean Lafitte Says:

    We have the 4th best QB in our division

    < something crazy Joe would lament on all the time with Freeman, and McCown

    except now …and all because he staked his reputation on Jameis.

    so instead of admitting he's wrong also something he always laments on Licht he'd rather see us flounder in hopes this leopard will change it's spots.

  77. Dapostman Says:


    I didn’t say it was PI. I said they usually don’t overturn those and if you are going to challenge that why wouldn’t you challenge the SPOT on 4th down? Just as important. The old man is done. He needs to go along with Leftwich and Bowles. These guys are as bad as Koetter and Smith.

  78. Frank Pillow Says:

    This team is so far away from winning consistently, it’s almost hopeless. This is a place where good players go bad and bad players get worse, while cashing in. We’re stuck in the redux of bad HC hires and questionable personnel decisions. Rah, Greg, Lovie, Dirk, Bruce—they’re all the same. Nothing changes. Like today, they’ve all been out coached and their teams out muscled. When the most tenacious locker room presence over the past decade is MRSA, you know it’s not going to get better. Not anytime soon.

  79. Troy Says:

    Defense Rules is on point. You can’t pay Jameis. It perpetuates this train wreck. This whole thing needs to be rebuilt with a competent GM

  80. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “I seem like a freaking genius.”

    Barking up the wrong tree there NDOG. I can’t remember which PGA touring pro was on a winning streak…he NEVER boasted about himself and when asked about it he said his mother and father taught him…if you have to say something good about yourself and pat yourself on the’s meaningless. It only counts if others believe you are a “freaking genius”. I suspect DB55 and a couple of others here believe that…NOBODY else. Apparently your parents missed that lesson with you.

    JW throws a horrible ball…he does not spin it with his tiny little hands..he’s inaccurate. You guys all want to pile on the OJ mistake…the int was clearly not on JW…the one that ME couldn’t pull in is questionable..ME would normally catch that but it was a horrible throw…behind a guy running across the of the most difficult catches…running hard one direction..not being led and having to reach back…the int near the end of the first half..another JW tiny hands wounded quail.
    The last int…do we really care at this point the game was already over.

    Meanwhile his supporters give him every benefit of the doubt but ignore passes that should have been intercepted in the end zone but batted to Perriman last week. Today a HORRID throw to Godwin…knee high and again behind him…Godwin makes a GREAT catch and then uses HIS ability to get to the end zone…yet JW will get credit for a TD that could have easily been just another incompletion.

    JW has a strong arm. He’s an incredibly hard worker…a tough kid with heart…great athlete..that left handed throw was way cool but overall he simply does NOT throw the ball well. A mediocre to poor talent MG8 could spin it far better than tiny hands JW. He does not see the field well…perhaps vision..can’t be lack of experience…how many weeks do we have to watch a replay with guys wide open that JW never saw. His decision making HAS improved but he had set the bar sooo low that’s still not enough.

    So who next? Do not lose games to simply move up a couple of spots. Draft picks..75% success in the top FIVE picks…50% for the rest of the first round..and then it drops. We need the draft OVERALL to build the team..but no SINGLE pick is going to change the current dynamic…we need several good players as well as a QB.

    I wouldn’t lose on purpose but I might start trading pieces to acquire draft picks to better our odds. That seems to be working for Chucky. Now tell me the number of teams that have lost for better draft picks and made it work…not the Bucs…not the Browns.

    It’s too late this year the trading deadline has passed. But in the offseason I might have to give up OJ if he could fetch another first rounder to go along with ours…two first rounders would really help.

    If there are assets that we could trade for draft picks we could load up. I DO NOT want to lose purpose to move up a few spots. Russell Wilson…3rd round…the GOAT Brady 6th round.
    Brees 2nd round Kirk Cousins in the 4th round.

    Trade to pick up some additional picks and spend them on the TRENCHES! Then worry about where in the draft to pick up a potential QB.

  81. Buczilla Says:

    Great article Ira. This team is getting really hard to watch and I stopped getting mad last week. We just aren’t very good and there seems to be a lack of effort in far too many players. There needs to be a serious house cleaning starting with Licht (wishful thinking I know), in order to bring some hope, any hope back to our team. At least Eugene Marve Jr. Is starting to play like a decent first round pick.

  82. ElioT Says:

    This team is so F***** that they have turned the fans against each other.

    What has this current regime built leading into next season?

    What had this team done differently that would give us any hope?

    What are we going to do about it?

    The answer is…


    Knock it off with all the infighting and childish make calling.

    This futility is much larger than the guy under center and that’s something we can all agree on.

    This IS about the state of the most PATHETIC franchise in the NFL.

    Quit the BS rhetoric and let’s focus on what, if anything this putrid organization can do to stop this train of futility.

    Honestly, I’m apathetic at this point, and I can’t even hope for the coming FA class or the draft.

    This franchise can’t do a single thing right.

    G** damn you Jason Licht!!!

    Shame isn’t even the right word.

  83. Little Bo Peep 🤡❗️ Says:

    Folks, I’m gonna tell you a story about the great Ira Kaufman. In 1985, Ira moved from NYC (Where Ira was the UPI Sports man) to Tampa, Florida to cover local events, including the Buccaneers for UPI. Early in the 1985 NFL Season where the Buccaneers were on their way to a 2-14 record, Ira scored a major nation wide scoop when broke the Hugh Green Story. During the 1st month of the 85 season, Green, a outside LB who was the leader of the Buccaneers Defense, demanded a trade out of Tampa because of his displeasure with the way then Bucs HC Leeman Bennett was using his talents. Shortly after Ira’s Story broke nation wide, The Bucs traded Green to the Miami Dolphins for a 1st and a 2nd Round Draft Picks In the 1986 NFL Draft. That’s why I respect Ira as a Reporter. I know when Ira reads this he will tell everybody, “That Little Bo Peep should get a job writing, but that’s another story. Just remember this, the problems that Hugh Green, (A Former College Defensive Player Of The Year from the Univ. of Pittsburgh and the #4 Pick Of The 1981 NFL Draft for the Bucs) Had the same problems as current Buccaneers TE OJ Howard does with current Bucs HC Bruce Arians, in that Arians is totally ruining a top talent in Howard, just like Leeman Bennett did with Hugh Green Back In 1985 ❗️Just remember, some people think they see the Forrest form the Trees, But at the end of the day ❓the sun will rise from the east in the morning, AND JAMEIS WINSON NOW HAS 22 ❗️TOTAL TURNOVERS (18 INTERCEPTIONS-4 FOUR FUMBLES LOST ❗️) AFTER THE 1ST 10 GAMES IN THE 2019 NFL REGULAR SEASON ❗️IN HIS 5TH YEAR AS A NFL STARTING QB ❗️

  84. Pugs&Bucs Says:

    “ It’s difficult to overstate how much of a disappointment O.J. Howard has been this season….”

    This season? How about for his career?

    Cook was the pick and every weekend we are reminded of that as Cook is having an MVP season while Howard struggles with routine catches.

  85. Defense Rules Says:

    ElioT … APATHETIC is a very appropriate word right now. I honestly felt that the Bucs COULD beat the Saints BEFORE the game started. By the end of the 1st quarter, there was no doubt in my mind that the Saints would win easily. NOT because the score was out of hand, but rather because it was readily apparent which TEAM came to play & which team didn’t.

    That loss was as much on coaching as any loss I’ve ever seen. The 1-7 Falcons (at the time) showed us the week before what it took to beat Saints … “BALANCED OFFENSIVE ATTACK (30 runs, 30 short passes, only 5-6 deep passes) that minimizes TOs (max 1) but maximizes TOP (33-35 mins), stout RUN DEFENSE (less than 100 yards), disallow the long bombs, LOTS of sacks (5-6) & QB Hits (10-12).” Wrote that yesterday.

    Problem is … the Saints read that; the Bucs didn’t. That was pretty much what the Falcons did to the Saints in Game 9. It was also pretty much what the Saints did to us in Game 10. Saints had the BALANCED ATTACK … 28 rushes (109 yards) to 35 passes (28 complete for 219 yards). They minimized turnovers (0), maximized TOP (37 mins to 23 min), had a stout run defense (held us to 36 yards rushing) and played havoc with our passing game (4 INTs & 58.8% completions for Winston who was under constant pressure).

    Bucs made it incredibly easy for the Saints. Abandoned the run early-on, opting instead to go with long-developing pass plays. Duh. 8 rushes for 36 yards (2 of them scrambles by Jameis & 2 ill-conceived 1 yard goal-line run by Dare). 30-for-51 passing for 298 yards for 2 TDs but 4 INTs.

    That was the dumbest game-plan I’ve ever seen unfold. It was a prescription for losing AND a prescription for getting Jameis killed. It succeeded at BOTH. It SHOULD also be a prescription for getting BOTH the HC AND OC fired. And in the process they need to take most of the OLine with them. That group should be ashamed of itself. Bucs’ OLine (9 players) is #2 most expensive in the NFL ($41.6 mil) followed by the Saints OLine (9 players) at #3 ($41.5 mil). One OLine earned their money yesterday; the other stole theirs. Guess which is which.

  86. KingBuc17 Says:

    @ Little Bo Peep – awesome quote, Forrest through the trees…. the sun will rise from the east in the morning. IRA, great article as usual, factual. Unlike all the fake news of today or overly dramatic news agencies spewing political garbage. Buc fans care about the FRONT of the Jersey, I am so tired of fans being worried about Jamies WINSTON. Five years is enough. please I am begging you, let Ryan Griffin have a shot for the remainder of the season. I want to see if he can be a backup to whomever we draft next year. I love JW and wish him the best but we need to do what is best for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the future is not bright with him at the helm. We need to build around the young Defense Core Barrett, White, Whitehead and Offensive talent we have on this team, Marpet, Evans, Godwin

  87. Pete I Says:


    98 Turnovers in an amazing 4.5 years

    First pick of the draft


  88. Colonel_mp Says:

    I knew it was going to be a long day when I saw our GOD AWFUL UNIFORMS! Please let’s go back to the red jerseys and pewter pants. We played like we looked, a pee-wee football team.

  89. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    What is Winston supposed to do? No running game and NFL dbs just waiting.. he throws the ball behind a shaky line and the Bucs are always seemingly down. Of course he’s going to throw ints… he was the freaking leading rusher for crying out loud. This team sucks. Brutal management, coaching, the gay game… I mean nothing has gone right except for a lazy vh3 getting lucky the Panthers RSN a trick play right at him and was in perfect position to make it because he was too lazy to move anywhere. This team stinks. Boooooo