Seahawks 40, Buccaneers 34 (OT)

November 3rd, 2019

Welcome to Buccaneers football. It’s very entertaining if you’re not a Bucs fan.

More was learned about Tampa Bay today.

Here are highlights:

The football field isn’t big enough for Scotty Miller. Where’s Donteea Dye?

Rookie cornerback Jamel Dean isn’t ready to use his length, speed and athleticism consistently, the reasons he was drafted, at least not in this game. And he wasn’t fit enough at the finish, which was embarrassing.

Despite two missed kicks by Seattle, a gift of a roughing the passer penalty, blown coverages, and seemingly nobody able to cover Mike Evans while Jameis Winston had a good day, the Bucs managed to lose by choking away a big lead. It’s what bad teams do over and over.

Evans’ prime is so much fun to watch, and it’s so sad that it’s being wasted. Hard to believe he’s halfway through his sixth season. He’s on pace for 100 catches and personal highs in touchdowns and receiving yards.

At 2-6, the Bucs’ postseason hopes are toast. Dirk Koetter never started worse than 3-5.

Devin White’s huge upside is evident, but his questionable coverage and tackling was on display in this game. Speaking of mis-tackles, four whiffs– FOUR! — cost the Bucs on Chris Carson’s 59-yard run that led to a critical score.

Ronald Jones was ok as a starter and bellcow running back today, but ultimately the Bucs don’t have what they need at the position.

Joe would write that the Tampa Bay pass defense sucks, but you already knew that.

Hang in there, Bucs faithful.

81 Responses to “Seahawks 40, Buccaneers 34 (OT)”

  1. Njbucsfan Says:

    Dean was exploited all game, just a plain trash, what a disappointing way to lose a game otherwise well played

  2. Tampa Gay Says:

    It’s simple this defense sucks

  3. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    What did you expect? They only had a 14 point lead in the first half! That’s not nearly enough!

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    The pass defense still sucks.

    There I said it for ya!

  5. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    Light needs to be held accountable for his DB drafts. Atrocious

  6. Curse of Gruden Says:

    But the secondary was fixed.

  7. buc15 Says:

    Why was Dean not benched for Ryan Smith?

  8. Bird Says:

    Yup …feel bad for Evans.

  9. Jean Lafitte Says:

    why didn’t Bowles help Dean?

  10. WorstFans Says:

    Close but no cigar.

  11. Dreghost Says:

    I’m blame this game on Jason Licht, he’s failed this team drastically in the scouting department!…#ToysforTodd offseason goals

  12. YuccoBruce Says:

    White cluelessly standing in the middle lost ?? Oh and Dean not getting taken out is ridiculous and these coaches suck !!! Please Bruce fake a heart attack and get the FAQ OUT

  13. Ndog Says:

    It’s ok according to all the idiots including Ira we will be better next year just by getting a new QB. Am I right guys ?

  14. Wesley Says:

    This team sucks bad, especially our pass coverage. #firelicht

  15. SteveK Says:

    We are too stupid to tank. And that’s the problem

    We need talent on this roster.

    Should’ve traded away everyone possible.

    It’s sad how bad we are.

  16. Rob Says:

    Dean should be cut. Go back to bagging groceries bro. Our defense sucked all day. Gave up 5 touchdown passes. Complete and utter joke. Defensive secondary fixed huh Arians? You sir are a washed up idiot. Go back to retirement. We list just fine without you

  17. DBS Says:


  18. snookman Says:

    I did not expect this team to win. We are a bad defensive football team but We did give it our best shot and did not give up. We are what we are. We could have came up here and got our asses kicked but we gave them a fight. Unfortunatlely the weaknesses of this team will hold it back and have held them back for years. I did not expect a win but I expected a fight and a chance to win……..we got that but the hope of having a winning season is over. This team will finish with 4-7 wins at best. Do you trust Idiot in Charge to fix the secondary? Another losing season

  19. tickrdr Says:

    The franchise QB won the game.


  20. Bird Says:

    Did anyone really think we would win the game even being up early ?

    It’s a Bucs life

  21. DB55 Says:

    Jaymiss Atm the only nfl qb required to score 50 ppg to win a game.

  22. BucsBandit Says:

    Easy, NDog, your hero Jameis played one good game after stinking up several in a row, so your strawman argument holds ZERO water.

  23. NYC Bucs Says:

    It’s a #Bucslife.

  24. BucfaninMi Says:

    Hang in there? Ha! Sick of it. Seems like the Glazers would be too

  25. Bosch Says:

    Yep. If the defensive backfield could at least perform at an average level. But that is not going to happen for the foreseeable. Bowles is less than capable as a DC.

  26. Jean Lafitte Says:

    If they had doubled Metcalf and Lockett we would have shutdown 2/3 of their passing game

  27. SteveK Says:


    Jameis played well today.

    We don’t think we can pay him franchise tag money. Use that savings in cap space for a CB that can actually cover and a DE or OL.

    Winston is not a franchise QB in terms of earned payback yet. Great game today!

  28. EA Says:

    Bruce Arians is just horrible at game clock management, what’s the point of having a large coaching staff if you’re gonna overrule them, I’m over BAs arrogance and lack taking responsibility for his mistakes, these are the bucs that other coaches couldn’t turn around…..come on fix it mister it’s totally fixed.

  29. YuccoBruce Says:

    on the last play ^^ number 5 pick is a joke !!!! Well played game by the offense, but Miller is starting ? Really !!! Bruce and Licht for the next 2 years !!! OMG !!! Poor Malcom and seeing what his inept kids did at ruining a franchise

  30. Sbucs Says:

    Did you believe at anytime the Bucs would win even when they led 21-7?

  31. Pete I Says:

    Jameis ” meaningless stats ” Winston played well today is 23-39

  32. It’s a bucs life Says:

    I just knew soon as we lost the coin flip that our defense was going to give the game away. Heartbreaking result but not surprising. Our dbs cant cover anyone unless they are committing pass interference. Waste of another great offense showing. Jameis was on point all game. This team just cannot get the offense and defense to show up in the same game. Sad…

  33. I’m a Tandyman used to be Bucs Fan Says:

    Well Jay Miss didn’t lose that game!! May have saved his job!!

  34. 813bucboi Says:

    Last week CD gave up 2TDs….

    This week dean gives up 3tds….

    SMB and VHG played well today….

    Safeties and dean got abused….


  35. Ndog Says:

    Ok SteveK you keep saying idiotic things there little buddy.

  36. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Can’t blame this on JW, he played well enough, but the better team with little Superman at QB won today.

  37. SteelStudBuc Says:

    A nail biter… refs weren’t bad… DB’S on bucs stink. Soft.

  38. Jean Lafitte Says:

    his turnover gave them the lead

  39. Anonymous Says:

    The schedule is no excuse, but no one saw this as a winnable game when the schedule came out. Jameis played well. The OL gave him time. The running game is mediocre. Scotty Miller is awful. Dean is out of shape. The pass rush was poor. Seattle is a playoff caliber team. Tampa is not. And yet, it went to OT.

    This team needs fixes. But it is not as bad as it may seem. These DBs will get better. If the red headed guy from Cincinatti is their answer to Jameis, Licht and Arians need to go.

  40. rrsrq Says:

    Jamal Dean
    Devin White
    Tanner Hudson
    Scotty Miller
    All played significant minutes, that’s an issue when you got vets like
    Ryan Smith
    That could’ve made a difference

  41. cmurda Says:

    Defense Joe. Everything else you stated could be said of virtually any team without an elite QB. Jameis was good today and we lost. The offense threw up 34 points and weren’t even allowed an opportunity to go on offense. I don’t even know how much to blame Bowles. If he goes zone, our secondary is burnt on slants all day. If he goes man to man, the defense gets burnt on everything. What can the man do with this dumpster of picks that Licht has failed on.

  42. YuccoBruce Says:

    Metkalf and Lockett couldn’t be stopped the entire game ??!! These coaches suck !!! Lmao 😂

  43. Ndog Says:

    Jean it wasn’t his TO it was on Smith, but I know you don’t care about the truth.

  44. Tampa Gay Says:

    It’s simple the defense stinks!

  45. cmurda Says:

    813. VH3 played well today? Tell me the truth. Did you type that with a straight face?

  46. Buccfan37 Says:

    At the 2 minute warning of the first half the Bucs actually lost this game when Winston overthrew Evans and another high ball to another Buc receiver. The balance of the game was a struggle in that the Bucs were outmatched frantically and folded. Typical finish.

  47. Jean Lafitte Says:

    on Smith what a joke …it was an empty hand …cause Jameis has small hands

  48. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The secondary will get better…but probably not this year.

    I thought this was a great game offensively. The one turnover was minor. The ball just slipped out of Winston’s hand. It wasn’t the result of a bad decision at least.

    Defense is better this year, but the draft class clearly needs a year to acclimate. The defensive line is killing it!

    Sure am missing Humphries about now.

  49. Jean Lafitte Says:

    not the first time he’s just dropped it like that

  50. JimmyJack Says:

    Freaking Dean……..The guy was a complete disgrace today. Sucky coaching to keep that stiff on the field today. Ryan Smith is a proven better player.

    They better fix this freaking secondary. Tired of waiting. Also Devin White is not a good football player yet. He is so lost on the field way too many plays.

    Defense is entirely helpless right now.

  51. Mike Says:

    Can’t win many games giving up 30 plus points every game. But of course IRA and the other Haters, will just blame Jameis.

    Does anyone really believe that Jameis would sign a new contract to stay in Tampa. With all the haters and a defense that requires him score 50 pts on offense each week

  52. orlbucfan Says:

    Well, there were no holding calls in this game.Why not? Woo wee. As far as I am concerned, Bucs won this one. I am so proud of them. Now, they come home. Watch the wins start. LVD led the team period. GO MIGHTY BUCS!!

  53. Fire the Glazers. Says:

    They can’t even win the @&$!ing coin toss.

  54. Defense Rules Says:

    Wilson chewed on Dean all game. He made some decent plays, but clearly doesn’t have the speed he was advertised to have. Obviously he wasn’t ready to start outside. Where was Ryan Smith? Or even why didn’t they put Vernon back outside? (Can’t believe I just wrote that). Anything once they saw what Wilson was doing to Dean.

    BTW, did anyone notice that Wilson took virtually every snap out of the shotgun? Plenty of time to survey the field, spot the open receiver, and let it fly. Wish they’d do that with Jameis. Personally think he does better out of the shotgun.

  55. aj Says:

    Can we just pretend Brate is injured and put him on IR. It’s embarrassing only to be able to find a way to get him on the field 3 or 4 plays a game.

  56. jugheadfla Says:

    Jean is right, just watched it 10 times in slo mo, all on JW…..just like his famous FSU fumble

  57. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    With the third overall pick in the draft, the Bucs select…a Right Tackle.

  58. Jean Lafitte Says:


    1st half – B+ maybe A

    2nd half C-

    overall performance B-

  59. DBS Says:

    Don’t forget Dotson cost us again. As he always does.

  60. Defense Rules Says:

    JimmyJack … ROOKIE Devin White made several very nice plays, but yes, he is still hesitant on many others. What I saw though was a rookie with great speed who can make plays. It’s taken Jameis Winston 5 years to get to this point, and folks are still questioning whether or not he’s a keeper.

  61. JJV Says:

    Watched the Winston fumble 10 times. He just dropped the ball. Smith did not cause it. Wth are some people seeing. Even Ronde Barber saw it.

  62. A Train Says:

    I hate to say this, but Ndog is right, Smith hit Winnie’s elbow on that fumble.

    I cannot stand Ndog’s relentless and man-crush-like defense of Winnie the Pooh all the time, even when he deserves blame.

    But in this case, he is right.

  63. Defense Rules Says:

    Jean Lafitte … This game looked eerily like the Giants game. Got off to as great start, but then stalled for way too long. At least we kicked it back in gear offensively towards the end. Still, too many costly mistakes by just a handful of players. Seahawks obviously played a much ‘cleaner’ game (a lot fewer mistakes).

  64. jugheadfla Says:

    @JJV its the Jamies nut huggers that can’t see the truth

  65. JimmyJack Says:

    Really don’t think I ever saw a CB hurt a team more the Dean did today. The guy couldn’t even freaking tackle. And over the last five games our secondary has had probably 25 times late in games where they could have made a play and paved the way for victory. Every single time they have failed. Every other part of the team has made plays and the secondary does nothing reapeatly.

    This Todd Bowles defense really is taking way to long for this secondary. I’m getting impatiet and if we don’t see results soon it’s going to be a coaching failure as well as players.

    Keeping Dean in that game even into and throughout the OT period is an insult to the fans.

  66. YuccoBruce Says:

    11 seasons of this sheet !!! This is absolutely ridiculous and this city settles for mediocrity?? The NFL needs to step in and demand the Glaz Kids sells the team ASAP because even though we suck they still make $200 and they have also ruined Manchester United !!! To have Licht who has no clue how to be a GM and keep bringing in these used coaches is a joke, but just look around the league and other teams and they are all improving ?? Yet we suck and now two years in a row we’ve missed on drafts and yet the same people will be doing it next draft ?? I’m so sick of this organization and honestly just move the team because we have the Bolts and maybe the Rays, but look at those organizations and how they are run.. Then looks at this team over the past 11 years and it’s a disgrace !!!

  67. Chris l Says:

    Joe did you ever see Jamel dean cover anyone in training camp? I haven’t seen anything good out of him and he looks slower than Peyton barber. I thought he was drafted for speed. My god that is embarrassing. This is so hard to handle. As a bucs fan, seeing this defense week in and out is so hard. You knew this was over when the coin flipped turned to heads.

  68. Tackleblockwin Says:

    1. They played hard.
    2. This loss is not all on Jameis.
    3. We do not have a talented secondary.

  69. Mike Says:

    We just scored 34 points on one of the best defenses in the league, but I guess JJV and the others are right about Jameis.

    Just sad!!!

  70. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules White did make some big plays today. But he is making way to many mistakes out there.

    All in all I consider it a bad game by him. He is just not a solid player for us right now. I’m willing to be patient. Just seeing a lot of poor play from White.

  71. Jim Says:

    What would this have looked like without Mike Evans? Think about that…

  72. JimmyJack Says:

    They at least could of ripped them stupid red sleeves off of Dean at halftime. Should have tryed to hide him better then they did.

  73. Dapostman Says:

    The offensive line played pretty good today so the offense including Winston played good today.

    If Winston like every other QB is under constant duress like he was against the Saints and Panthers(2) your offense is going to struggle.

    How did Aaron Rodgers do today against an underachieving Chargers team?

  74. Capt. Tim Says:

    The problem isnt that our rookie CBs suck. They are rookies- they are gonna suck!
    The problem is that our GM and Coach thought starting A secondary full of rookies and 1st year players had “fixed “ our horrible pass defense.

    “The Stupid” is string with this team.
    And once again- with 2 of the best WRs in the game, Jameis plays just well enough to lose close.
    And this was one of his rare good games.

    I hope someday we have a QB like Wilson, who plays just good enough to Win

  75. Nptbuc Says:

    It was obvious that Dean was gassed. Either in poor shape or just not in football shape from lack of playing time this year. If me and the neighbors could see he was gassed in the 3 rd qtr from a couch in NPR, how could coaches not see it? As a retired cop, I would call the fact that he could keep up with absolutely no one on the field in a sprint a CLUE. Nobody on the bench with fresh legs again? Another heartbreaking loss because of inferior drafting and poor coaching decisions. It’s a Bucs life for sure.

  76. down in the dirt doug Says:

    Am willing to give Jameis another year on a short leash–if they end up going 5 and 3 the second half.Right now that seems like mission impossible!!!!!

  77. TonyC Says:

    This team is a quick fix. I’ve been saying this for the past three years. Sign at least two solid vet corners and at least one vet safety. Licht has refused to address this deficiency and either gutted db leadership or continued to overdraft and depend on rookies or second year players. This is the result!The guy is an absolute doofus.

  78. TonyC Says:

    Dean had 4 pd’s and played pretty well in moments but he’s a rookie for f’s sake and shouldn’t be taking so many snaps. What’s wrong with this idiot GM and myopic coaching staff?

  79. I’m a Tandyman used to be Bucs Fan Says:

    Should have never cut Tandy!! This shat wouldn’t be hsppening !!!

  80. JimmyJack Says:

    Tony C four passes defended mean so so much less when you have also given up four passes into the endzone. Or was it five?

    Dean was awful but I won’t get too down on the guy as a rookie. The bigger problem is on the coaching staff to not have somebody prepared to step in. Inexcusable for a staff big enough to run 2 practice field. If the secondary doesn’t make any kind of stride in the 2nd half of season It will be very hard to trust that this staff can turn the team around.

  81. WhyIHateOurFans Says:

    VH was trash too. But Bowles blitzes no matter how bad our db’s are.