Pass Defense So Bad

November 3rd, 2019

No answers in secondary.

Yeah, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, made a mistake. Or was it Donovan Smith?

(Yes, Joe is well aware Smith hit Jameis’ elbow as Jameis was winding up to throw, which cost the Bucs a field goal and eventually the game.)

Fact of the matter is, the Bucs pass defense is so rotten to the core, the Bucs’ offense has to play perfect to win. They were slightly imperfect. One turnover. That did them in with Russell Wilson throwing five touchdown passes and roasting the Bucs for 378 yards through the air.

Joe was watching the Colts-Steelers game to start the NFL afternoon. Minkah Fitzpatrick, who costs the Steelers a first-round pick, took over that game.

The Bucs have garbage in the secondary. Pure and unadulterated trash with the exception of Jordan Whitehead. How much better would this defense look with Fitzpatrick starting?

But oh no, the Bucs just cannot spend a valuable first-round pick on a proven defensive back who is a game-changer? Why? So the Bucs can burn the pick on another bust in the defensive backfield.

But that is the Bucs. The offense has to play perfect for the team to win. Meanwhile, keep on keeping on and #BlameJameis.

After all, Andy Dalton will save this franchise.

68 Responses to “Pass Defense So Bad”

  1. ElBajito43 Says:

    So if Bucs have 3 high profile QB prospects available with a top draft pick????
    You mean “Trash” Licht will blow it and Draft a safety?

  2. Pete I Says:


  3. Lamarcus Says:

    I told y’all. We ain’t going no where with this secondary. Vh3 is stealing money and coaches are allowing him to

  4. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Here comes the finger pointing… Jameis had a decent game but defensive backs need new underpants… they’re stained…

    Andy Daltton might not be the greatest but he doesn’t turnover the ball at these rates. Well have to see how season ends who Jameis really is.

  5. cmurda Says:

    Agreed Joe. We should be trading away picks like it’s stale candy. Have you seen the result of picks with our brilliant GM at the helm. VH3, Dean, Aguayo, Bunting. Most of Licht’s picks have shown to be reaches and fails. We could have Minkah instead of the risky Licht pick next year. In fact, it would speak volumes about the fail of the organization starting at the very top if Licht remains GM after this year

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    Folks wanted dean…lol…and they got him….and 3 tds came with him….


  7. Ndog Says:

    Let’s see how many points score 34 points and lose. On the road no less but I know I know it’s the QBs fault. Oh BTW we were up 14 points in this game and lost.

  8. Pewter power Says:

    It’s 2019 how the hell do we keep hiring coordinators that dont know how to defend a crossing route, it’s a big play everytime and you would think that would be figured out after half a season

  9. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    This comes back onto the GM who refuses to sign a Veteran CB, the position group that is most dire in need of having a veteran leader. They don’t have to be Darrell Reivs, but you need SOMEBODY with experience!

  10. ModHairKen Says:

    Licht has to go. But the coaches have to get these guys ready. How can a DB be out of shape?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Licht drafted Winston too…the worst bust of all.

  12. 813bucboi Says:


    VHG forced a Fumble today…

    Cmon man…

    Dean gives up 3tds and you talk about VHG….

    CD gives up 2TDs and you talk about VHG….

    that’s 5 tds in 2 games…none against VHG….



  13. reply Says:

    4 the love of god sell this team PLEASE!!!

  14. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey Joes: PISS on you! Bucs played a great game today. Hey, where were the so-called referees on holding??????????? They are a waste of time and money cos they are so incompetent and bought off.

  15. Joe Says:

    Hey Joes: PISS on you! Bucs played a great game today.

    You and Joe clearly have a different definition of “great.”

  16. TiredOfLosingGoBuc Says:

    @813buc ### FACTS###

  17. 813bucboi Says:


    I told you….

    We ain’t going no where as long as JWs our QB turning the ball over….


  18. Deminion Says:

    Bunting did good tho lol

  19. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    That so many want to blame him even when it might not be his fault should tell you a lot about the person you decided to go all in on. America’s Most Hated Quarterback long ago blew his chances to get the benefit of the doubt.

  20. TJ Tillman Says:

    Jason Licht picked these guys

  21. orlbucfan Says:

    Big shout out to BBonzai! Now we come home and start winning.

  22. kevbeth5 Says:

    I never read the subject and went straight to the comments. Its the ABSOLUTE worse curse to be a Bucs fan. But next year we’re going to the Superbowl, lmaoooo

  23. Sharthappens Says:

    Slow down joe. JW did not make the mistake. His father did by not pulling out

  24. JP_09 Says:

    Bahhahahhahahhaha so your still talking about Matt Moore who couldn’t make it with the dolphins throwing a pick six….. would Fitzpatrick have played corner for Dean?

  25. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    The team really missed Carlton Davis today. Not saying Carlton Davis is an All-Pro but there is a massive drop off between him and Dean.

  26. EA Says:

    Secondary has been bad since Schiano days when they got rid of Talib and Rhonde retired, four coaching changes and 10 years later the secondary is still trash, you can’t make this stuff up.

  27. YuccoBruce Says:

    11 seasons of this sheet !!! This is absolutely ridiculous and this city settles for mediocrity?? The NFL needs to step in and demand the Glaz Kids sells the team ASAP because even though we suck they still make $200 and they have also ruined Manchester United !!! To have Licht who has no clue how to be a GM and keep bringing in these used coaches is a joke, but just look around the league and other teams and they are all improving ?? Yet we suck and now two years in a row we’ve missed on drafts and yet the same people will be doing it next draft ?? I’m so sick of this organization and honestly just move the team because we have the Bolts and maybe the Rays, but look at those organizations and how they are run.. Then looks at this team over the past 11 years and it’s a disgrace !!!

  28. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Ndog – It doesn’t do any good. Look at the dumb a$% fan Pete posting the team’s record under Jameis. Jameis put this team on his back and carried the team to at least tie it at the end of regulation. Defense let them get back in field goal range before regulation ended and immediately lost it in overtime because they can’t stop anyone. Yet Pete here posts the teams win loss over the last several years. The moron doesn’t even understand that it’s a team game. Today Jameis did all he could do to give us a chance. It was the secondary that lost the game. That defense costs us wins over and over again and yet Pete wants to blame Jameis for everything.

  29. Leighroy Says:

    Totally fixed. Nothing to see here

  30. Ship thief Says:


  31. orlbucfan Says:

    Joe Says:
    November 3rd, 2019 at 7:52 pm
    Hey Joes: PISS on you! Bucs played a great game today.

    You and Joe clearly have a different definition of “great.”
    How long have you been following this team? I bet it hasn’t veen 40 years.

  32. Kgh4life Says:

    The Bucs are not a CB a way from going to the Super Bowl. First round pick is too rich. The seconday is bad yes, however, more talent is needed.

  33. The Graham Tram Says:

    Jameis needs to sustain the drive before half. He doesn’t do the small things that help you win

  34. DBs are Garbage ! Says:

    One word to explain the Bucs back field GARBAGE!! I can’t believe this shat, not only has our DBs have been the worst in the NFL, but this dumb arse coach we have didn’t emphasize that and get some talent before the trade deadline. Oh wait he is the person that said we have “TALENT” in the backfield . I don’t know if this coach can see right but what I seen out there is a bunch of high school DBs lost out there! Especially a veteran in VH3, what the he’ll does Arians or Bowles see in this no talent kid ! Today’s game falls on them and no one else !!!

  35. Boyd Says:

    It wouldn’t have to be dalton. Teddy, probably Foles shoot maybe even Brady will be free next offseason. Sign one of them, draft okudah or delpit sign a vet and take advantage of Godwin’s rookie deal cuz we may not be able to pay him with the money we already have me13

  36. Leighroy Says:

    What is the logic of this article? Trading away a high draft pick for 1 DB is like farting at a tornado. Quit trying to band-aid solve problems on this team Joes.

  37. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I laugh when people say the Bucs should tank now. The Bucs don’t need to tank to keep losing. Lmao

  38. ElioT Says:

    Jason Licht MUST be fired!

    This defensive front and LBs are good enough to win, and most of them will have to be paid a RANSOM to stay with this garbage franchise.

    Jason has just relied on a bunch of young DBs, with questionable talent and no veteran leaders.

    This was a back breaker and again…

    Another formula for losing.

    Season is over, we’ll see what a great coaching staff this is to keep guys from shutting it down.

    The only certainty is that THE WORST GM IN SPORTS must be fired.

    He’s directed this ship and has steered it into an freaking massive iceberg.

    Hopeless is the word.

    We can’t even have hope with a full rebuild…

  39. Sharthappens Says:

    Dumb as a bag of hammers JW has the final nails banging down on his coffin. Love it. Free Snowcrab University losers can go with him. Don’t forget this clown was pimping snow crab legs at his draft party….just to prove how much a retard he is

  40. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Three straight DC’s have failed and each have one thing in common: Licht’s players. The Glazers gave him an extension even though his record is worse than the Rockstar’s. Why? Because he coaxed Arians to come out of retirement for millions of dollars? The Glazers are clueless, pure and simple. If public pressure is not brought to bear on them to hire a CEO this insanity will continue, guaranteed. With the Big Dog (RIP) in heaven, that leaves the Joes.

  41. Dean Says:

    Dean sucks

  42. Ship thief Says:

    At this point I hope we stop drafting DBs for awhile.
    Give me the biggest meanest dude in round 1 of the draft.
    Give me his little brother in round 2.
    Sign some serviceable vets in the secondary.
    Make a decision at QB and stick with it.

  43. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    And for those of you who think a change at QB is the magic elixir, I must ask how hard is it to breathe with your heads buried deep inside your hind parts. We give up over 30 points a game on D because our defensive players are bad.

  44. spicoli Says:

    Not sure why Joe keeps calling Winston, America’s quarterback…

  45. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Seattle’s secondary is just as bad as ours if not worse. Why are they now 7-2 and we’re 2-6?

    Could it be that their QB is composed and in the middle of an MVP season while our QB just seems to be snakebit.

  46. Buc_The_World Says:

    Bowles deserves a lot of the blame, his stubbornness to quit blitzing all the damn time cost us the game. dean was get killed and instead of running zone to help him out which was working he decides to keep putting him on an island. This dude is way overrated!!

  47. BucsBandit Says:

    LOL @ You Losers (and this Joe) trying use some sort of flawed logic that our losses this season aren’t on Jameis at all because clearly look what happened in this game -> Winston played well and yet we still lost, therefore, it’s not Winston’s fault we’re 2-6 on the season! Give that man $30M+ a year, pronto!

  48. Capt. Tim Says:

    Who fking cares.
    Once again, On his good game day, Jameis plays just well enough to lose close.
    The list of excuses would cross Tampa Bay. Always some reason he loses.
    Can we find a QB that wins, despite the lil ups and downs of the game.
    If it takes a perfect pocket, with no rush, and no defensive backs- for Winston to win- guess we wont be worried about a Playoff game anytime soon

  49. cgmaster27 Says:

    @sharthappens, tell us where Jameis touched you. It’s clear you either a gaytor fan, or some scrub who signed up real quick on this site to spew stupidity. I’m guessing it’s the later.

  50. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog today you are right. No QB wins a game with defense that bad. And Winston still could have won us the game but it was totally luck dependant. Not possible to depend on that pass defense today.

  51. Bucyou Says:

    Nothing will change until the Glazers sell the team. Malcolm’s idiot sons are incapable of running the team successfully. Until ownership changes, nothing will change.

  52. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Bucs had a chance to draft Fitz but decided drafting a tough guy up front was more important

  53. JimmyJack Says:

    Captain Tim…..What excuses? There’s nothing to excuse. At least not today.

  54. DBs are Garbage ! Says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here saying Winston is a good QB when the OL is blocking but they need to do a lot of changes meaning veterans at the DB position and let go off Dotson who is garbage and Donovan smith who is way overpaid, he kept getting beat all day . Go get some good veterans at OL or draft OL . Everything else is ok . #1 thing for offseason is DBs and OL !!

  55. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When you lose a game after scoring 34 points….it’s quite obvious why…..

    Our defense is horrendous…….

  56. Buc_U Says:

    It’s funny how all these A-holes are still whining about Winston when we have much bigger problems. Take your idiotic whines somewhere else.

  57. Defense Rules Says:

    JBFers are unbelievable. There were time today when Todd Bowles had to put FOUR rookies on the field at the same time, with THREE of them in the Secondary. These are kids who were playing college ball less than ONE year ago, and now they’re trying to defend against one of the Top-5 QBs in the NFL.

    Jamel Dean shouldn’t have been on the field today. He’s been hurt a bunch so far, and I certainly didn’t see any 4.3 speed today. But with Carlton Davis hurt, TB apparently had no choice but to start SMB & Dean today. Noticed that Edwards was also in there at times (not so sure that he’s 100% either), but that Adams was out there quite a bit too.

    With Russell Wilson operating exclusively out of the shotgun, and with us getting very little QB pressure on him, why is it so hard for folks to understand that he’s gonna complete his share of passes. In fact he hit on 67.4% today … his average on the year is 68.4%.

    Reality is that the Bucs’ Secondary is a group of college kids with VHIII as their senior rep. Good luck with that.

  58. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete … I for one agree with you 100%. Russell Wilson is what teams look for in a franchise QB, capable of pulling out a win when the chips are down. With their turnover today, that makes 9 TOs in 9 games, just 1 per game. Wish the Bucs could do that well. We just keep shooting ourselves in the foot, game after game.

  59. orlbucfan Says:

    Defense Rules Says:
    November 3rd, 2019 at 8:31 pm
    StPete … I for one agree with you 100%. Russell Wilson is what teams look for in a franchise QB, capable of pulling out a win when the chips are down. With their turnover today, that makes 9 TOs in 9 games, just 1 per game. Wish the Bucs could do that well. We just keep shooting ourselves in the foot, game after game.
    You notice how many holding calls, offense/defense in this one? Like close to zero.

  60. Dapostman Says:

    According to Next Gen Stats

    The Bucs blitzed Russell Wilson on 76% of his drop backs today. The highest Blitz rate in a game in the NGS era (since 2016).

    Wilson finished 19/32 for 221 yards a 3 TD’s against the blitz, having been pressured 5 times on 35 blitz drop backs (14% pressure rate).

    So they pressured Wilson 1 out of every 7 drop backs and Bowles continued to blitz leaving his young secondary exposed. If you aren’t getting home maybe you should try more coverage?

  61. Capt. Tim Says:

    We lost, right.
    2 post on who bumped Winstons elbow.
    Rookie DBs taking their usual undeserved beating
    Arians blamed all the Travel

    And the game just ended a couple hours ago.
    Some teams win. Some teams win at making excuses.

  62. Scot pederson Says:

    Speaking of bad pass defenses Seattle was in soft zone most of the game, they were letting the bucs wrs get very open, missed assignments. So it was 2 bad defenses and the better team, better qb won the ga e.

  63. JP_09 Says:

    @joe I apologize, I confused Matt Moore with Brian Hoyer (both back ups playing today) but same point Hoyer is a journeyman back up who is expected to make mistakes

  64. unbelievable Says:

    Say what you will about Dean but he also had more passes defended and batted down today than VH3 has had all year.

  65. adam from ny Says:

    bowles sounds so official and efficient in his pressers…

    but truth be told, this guy is simply pumpkin pie…


  66. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Someone mentioned in an earlier post about VH3 avoiding contact on running plays and after a catch is made. I was only able to watch the first half, but I noticed that on a few plays, too. VH3 did finish with 4 tackles, so maybe it wasn’t the whole game, but he looks soft as Charmin and may have quit on the team, IMHO. I’d be okay with cutting him and promoting Mazzi, or signing someone off the street. Sign a Robert McClain type from a few years back.
    P.S.: Dean looks like he runs a 4.7, not 4.3

  67. simsini Says:

    It’s scary to think that the last time the defense was any good, Greg Schiano was the head coach.

  68. 813bucboi Says:


    He also gave up more TDs in 1 game than VHG all season ….LOL…

    that tends to happen when you’re getting picked on…lol…