Learning Experience

November 12th, 2019

Renewed work ethic.

If this is true, it sure points to larger issues at One Buc Palace.

In a video report by ESPN’s Jenna Laine cut minutes after the Bucs beat the Cardinals on Sunday, Laine talks to Bucs rookie corner Jamel Dean, whose game-saving interception allowed the Bucs to mount a touchdown-winning drive.

Dean admits to Laine that he needed to take studying film of opponents seriously and has begun to do so. Apparently, Dean wasn’t a big believer in studying tape. That changed when he was roasted in Seattle like a venti-sized coffee.

Since that Seattle game, Dean and other defensive backs meet daily with Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles for one-on-one film sessions.

We all know the secondary is flat garbage. And to the best of Joe’s knowledge, Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians hasn’t let them skate. He has regularly called out the secondary and we all remember how Arians held Vernon Hargreaves out of the first spring practice because Arians said Hargreaves wasn’t mentally ready.

But Arians has much bigger fish to fry than working individually with defensive backs. Hell, that’s why Arians hired two-dozen-plus assistants.

But why the hell was Dean (and it seems others) not big on studying tape? Shouldn’t this nasty if not lazy habit been detected at some point before November? And if it was, why was it tolerated and accepted?

Maybe this explains why Dean, a late third-round pick, had played so sparingly until just recently?

And if Bowles has to have individual brainstorming sessions with defensive backs to review film, then what are the defensive backs coaches doing? Playing dominoes with the players when they should otherwise have their heads buried in a tablet?

It took Dean until November before he started taking his craft seriously?


Props to Dean for manning up and (finally) taking ownership of this, but where was the guidance from this army of assistants Arians has Team Glazer is paying for since Dean was drafted in April?


23 Responses to “Learning Experience”

  1. Todd Says:

    This development is so cool. Love to see it.

  2. BigHog Says:

    Your looking backwards…things weren’t right it’s been corrected, now let’s move on. Like can we get another win Sunday…that would incorporate a lot of confidence in the secondary if they continue to grind in between games!!

  3. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Agree with Big Hog.

    Also want to defend Dean’s “indefensible” lack of mental prep.

    He’s a KID. He’s just out of school. He’s incredibly fast. His entire athletic career he’s simply overwhelmed his competition with his natural talent…no brainpower really needed.

    Now he’s in the NFL and Wilson and Lockett showed him that EVERYONE in this league has immense talent. Dean still made some great plays in that Seattle game on physical skill alone…in between the times he was getting roasted.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If you review the body of Jamal Dean’s work you will probably agree with me that there is definitely a lot of good there…..he covers very well…..Russell Wilson threw some brilliant passes against him that were perfectly thrown while Dean had great coverage…..yes, Dean did miss a couple.
    As far as the interference calls…..they were certainly not blatant PIs from Dean.

    He has great length & speed and I think good instincts….he should become a good corner for us…..SMB is getting better and I think Davis is good if we can teach him to eliminate the PIs.

  5. Sleepy903 Says:

    We are talking about some of the best players at their prior schools. A lot of these players didnt have to watch film and they got by on their physical skills alone. It takes games like that or potentially being out of the league for some players to get it. This is the NFL. Coaches arent going to go find players and tell them to come in for 1 on 1 film sessions. Thats on the players.

    Some players already know how to break down film depends on their own work ethic and probably what college they went to. I have friends that played at UT when Mack Brown was there and Oscar Giles and Duane Akina taught the D-linemen and DB’s how to break down film. Im sure its not the same at every school and its a lot more distractions now then back then.

    Good for him realizing that he needed to take accountability and get the extra work in. Thats the sign of player getting a wake up call and wanting to be great. Another reason why a seasoned vet not named VHIII needs to be in that secondary with all those young players.

  6. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    He got burned and wanted to get better, he made some plays but the bad ones overshadowed them. He learned and prepared for the next week. Wish i could say that about the rest of the secondary that has been here longer. It seems the mentality of these players is that if they aren’t starting they don’t prepare like they are, that’s on leadership and coaching IMO. Next man up and BE READY!!!!!

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Part of me wants to give kudos to Jamel Dean for manning up & admitting he wasn’t putting in the film study time necessary to be a quality outside corner in the NFL. But another part of me thinks he’s a dumb-arse for both admitting it to the media (how’d that work out for ya Jamel?) AND for not doing all he could to perfect his craft prior to the Seattle game.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that WRs like Julio Jones & QBs like Russell Wilson will eat cornerbacks for lunch if they’re unprepared. MAYBE that’s why Dean only had 3 defensive snaps prior to the Seattle game? And he only started that game because TB had no choice once Carlton Davis went down in warm-ups.

    And a DC having to take his time to teach you one-on-one how to film study says a LOT about Dean’s poor preparation habits AND the defensive backs’ coaches lack of performance. The word ACCOUNTABILITY once again comes to mind.

  8. Bobby M. Says:

    This is the product of drafting players and plugging them in immediately without actually earning anything. Hargreaves has never earned his reps…..He was plugged in and has been a complete bust. He’s the “vet” in that group…..a “vet” that was just yanked from a game for lack of hustle…a “vet” who was sent home the first day of training camp. Its terrible……

  9. idiaznet Says:

    Joe this happens all the time. Look at the references from Bret Farve on not knowing what a nickel or dime defense was. Dan Marino had the same problem his rookie year. It takes time before these kids realize that it isn’t all about talent, but game prep. They take time to mature. Ronde took his first contract before he really took the time to get better. If you remember we let him walk then resigned him. For some kids it just happens faster than others. The coaches can only tell them so much before they tune them out. That isn’t on the coach but the player. You can hear from Hargraves that he just isn’t getting it. I don’t think he really understands. That is more of a cultural problem now with today’s players and the poor teaching happening in the college and high school programs really. This is why Alabama players are so highly sought after.
    The lack of playing time at this level is really all the coaches can do. If you do more then you see the rebellion that happened to Sciano and Tom Coflin (can’t remember the spelling) when they docked pay. The new CBA is really hampering coaches and hurting the game.

  10. Ndog Says:

    All I take from this we would have won the Seattle game if he was prepared. How do you think the other players who busted their butts preparing feel about that and yet they are the ones blamed for the loss and raked over the coals. This is a prime example of why no one should judge one player when it comes to Wins and Losses alone. Evans, Godwin, Cappa, LVD, JPP and so on balled out yet lose cause this millionare kid didn’t prepare. Ridiculous.

  11. ClodHopper Says:

    I’m glad he’s learning how to study and the importance of it. The next step is the grind. Does he have the motivation to do it week in and week out?

    My job for example: I have no problem going out and doing the work. I enjoy it. Makes for great days. Then I get home and have to do the paper work. I slack on that part week in and week out. It’s the most boring part of the job. I think film study is like that for them. Boring, and sucky but a necessary part of success. Can he grind through the boring necessary part week after week after week to succeed at the fun part?

  12. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Biggest coaching staff in NFL and they can’t impart the importance of film study/ preparation to these guys?

    Sorry state of affairs in Bucdom.

    Peace, out

  13. ancientasbuc Says:

    It is what young players do. Ronde did it, Brooks did it, Sapp did it. Preparation is lip service in college even for the greatest players. This is natural and will continue to happen.

  14. Bradentonbuc Says:

    Not sure if this is really water under the bridge. Maybe lack of veteran leadership in the secondary?

  15. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    It still falls on Ligcht for drafting unserious football players. I know BA loves him but it’s time to get a new (better) GM.

  16. christopher Says:

    Yeah, stop with the “flat garbage” stuff. Yes, VHIII and MJ or Ryan Smith at corner are rank But MJ at safety, Justin Evans, CDIII, renewed Dean, learning Edwards, WHITESIDE, improving SMB. Just super, super young, no need to bury.

  17. BA FAN Says:

    Skip the we need another GM. Licht has the ability to find bargains later in the draft such as drafting down to pick up both Dean and Bunting who will be able to be great CB Stars in this league. Licht also got us Edwards and Whitehead who will be our starting Safeties for years to come, and he saw the ability in Jones too, and Vea, and got us Suh, Cappa, JPP and Barret. Besides he has a five year contract to stay with BA. BA just turned the corner to do away with the losing culture. Add just one fast with length Veteran CB next year so we can jettison slow Stewart and Hargreaves. You watch, BA will have this team fighting the rest of our schedule believing we can win every single week including the Saints playing on grass with a full stadium of Buc Fans at Ray J!

  18. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    I think JPP said it best when he was shocked that the only concern the young players on the sideline had was, “Where the white women at?”

  19. Colonel_MP Says:

    VHIII finally released. Time to give this young secondary some serious experience. First up … Drew Brees

  20. unbelievable Says:

    Hargreaves released LOL.

  21. Buczilla Says:

    This season is so lost that I can’t even get mad anymore. How the heck is it that this kid doesn’t realize that he has got to study film until week 8? What’s the point in having so many coaches if our guys aren’t properly taught every aspect of the pro game? Dean has a great story and I hope that he starts playing up to his abilities despite the fact that our coaches seem to be on a Florida vacation.

  22. HUNTER LEACH Says:

    Great content @Joe!

  23. jerseybuc Says:

    Knock on wood if you are with me.