Five Things

November 25th, 2019

Welcome to Victory Monday. A rare occurrence around here. Let’s get to it so you can get back to work.

“I Thought It Was A Dream.”

One of the coolest things in football is big guy touchdowns. You don’t get much bigger than Vita Vea and to see him run a pass pattern and haul in a touchdown, well, that will be remembered for years.

Now Vea is a super nice guy. Big ol’ teddy bear. But man, does he hate to talk to the Fourth Estate. Vea is absolutely paranoid that something he will say to a reporter will somehow get him fined. You could get more information from Crackhead Bob calling a Chinese restaurant for delivery than you usually get info from Vea.

But yesterday, after Vea pulled off the rare feat of getting a sack and catching a touchdown pass in the same game, Vea was bubbling over with glee, talking far more than Joe ever heard him.

“It was like a dream come true,” Vea said of the touchdown catch.

It probably was a dream. Vea, though he was a running back in high school, told Joe he never caught a pass in high school. And he never caught a pass at the University of Washington, either.

Vea is a good dude and Joe is happy for him. That play just demonstrated what a freak Vea is on the field of play. Even Chris Godwin noted Vea may be the best athlete on the team.

Just think, boys and girls, Vea hasn’t started 20 games yet. Lot of good football to come from him.


Yes, Joe already wrote about how cornerback Jamel Dean has blown up in his last few games. As a result, largely due to his five passes defended yesterday, Dean is one of the top players in the NFL in passes defended. Logan Ryan of Tennessee has 16. Jaire Alexander of Green Bay and Shaq Griffin have 13, tied with Dean.

This is just about unbelievable because Dean technically has only started one game (yesterday), and only once logged over half of the defensive snaps (Joe is still waiting on yesterday’s snap count to publish).

So basically Dean has been a very part-time corner and only one NFL player has more passes defended than he does.

This is both good and bad. The good is obvious. The bad is, why wasn’t Dean playing a helluva lot more a helluva lot sooner when the season could have been saved?


When is the last time the Bucs’ defense beat up a Pro Bowl quarterback so much his team waved the white flag and pulled the quarterback with time left in the game?

Well, that was the Bucs and Matty Ice of the Dixie Chicks yesterday. Atlanta pulled Ryan late because the Bucs were just teeing off. “I know I’m going to be sore [Monday],” Matty Ice said after the game.

The Bucs hammered Matty ice for six sacks and 13 (!) quarterback hits.

It reminded Joe of the Bucs choking out Russell Wilson at the Den of Depression in 2016 (six sacks, 12 QB hits) in a 14-5 win.

Shaq Barrett hit Matty Ice so much yesterday (sack and five quarterback hits) that Matty Ice likely has a tattoo of the Bucs’ helmet flag decal plastered on his ribs.

“We prepared well, we manned up,” Barrett said.

If the Bucs can continue to beat up quarterbacks like they did yesterday, this defense really could be something.

Career day

Bucs receiver Chris Godwin is just sensational. And if many had their choice, Godwin would have stayed a bit player.

Joe was among those who bellowed for the Bucs to keep reliable Adam Humphries this past offseason. He had a strong rapport with America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, and Humphries was good for YAC too.

But Bucco Bruce Arians wanted Godwin. Arians thought Godwin might be able to put up Larry Fitzgerald-like numbers. Man, Arians sure knew what he was doing.

Arians looks like a genius letting Humphries go. Godwin had 184 yards receiving yesterday, a career-high. Godwin and Mike Evans became the first two receivers on the same team to each record at least three 150-yard games in receiving.

Godwin also has 1,071 yards this season, his first 1,000-yard season.

Humphries was and is a good dude. But right about now, is anyone missing Humphries?

Godwin is a star and Joe doffs his cap towards Arians for recognizing this.

Shaq Attack

Barrett has an outside shot of setting the Bucs’ franchise record for sacks in a season. Warren Sapp has the record of 16.5 sacks set in 2000. With a sack yesterday, Barrett now has 12.5 and no Bucs player has ever had so many through 11 games.

Barrett would need four sacks in the next five games to tie Sapp, and five more sacks the rest of the season to set the record. Sapp had 11.5 sacks through 11 games in 2000.

69 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Jameis still sucks

    Jameis still is America’s turnover machine

    …….and no Joe, after one game he’s still not a Franchise QB

  2. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    If the defense could play like yesterday and Bucs could find a reliable kicker, then there is no need to sign JW.

  3. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ….and let me correct you on something too Joe…..

    It wasn’t rocket science to let Hump go because Godwin was here and he’s too good to keep him on the bench.

    I said this on the gameday blog yesterday that Godwin has actually IMPROVED since exploding at Penn State.

    -He’s faster than ME13

    -He runs better routes than ME13

    -He has better hands than ME13

    ……the ONLY thing that Godwin doesn’t have is the height of 6’5.

    Godwin would be a #1 on any other team than the Bucs and you can bet your arse once ME13s contract is up, the Bucs will lock Godwin up to a longtime term deal and let ME13 walk.

    Receivers like Godwin don’t come around this often in the NFL.

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Pelsbuc61

    You got that right buddy

    …….the Bucs will continue to be bottom basement NFL losers as long as Jameis is on this team.

  5. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    So the offense played the same but the defense stepped up and what do ya know? We won!
    Too bad Jameis can’t play better defense every week.

  6. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I was wrong, I predicted an Atlanta Blowout of us.
    But I am glad I was wrong! So proud of the Bucs!

  7. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Happy for the players !!!

  8. DooshLaRue Says:

    Great pic!

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So much for “playing for the draft”……where is that today?……Whining because our draft pick is worse?

    It feels very good to see our team playing well in all phases…..

    I am very encouraged about the development of Carlton Davis & the play of Dean and also SMB (who led the Bucs in tackles)

    Rojo did well as did Cappa…

    We have some very good young players.

  10. Bob in Valrico Says:

    if I was giving out gameballs,, there would more than two deserving candidates.
    From the tenacious way that Godwin and Davis played, they would be deserving candidates. Chris Godwin reminds me of both Larry Fitzgerald and Antuan Boldin.
    He has great concentration and brings in some pretty tough catches and wills his way into endzone no matter whether he completely upright or not.
    Equally impressive was Carlton Davis who has done a good job of limiting his penalties of late. His concentration and tenaciousness in coverage is really showing up big time. Supper effort on the INT.
    Problem is,VEA, Dean, SHAQ among others also deserve recognition for their play. Better buy some gameballs Coach,it was a team effort..
    After Jameis second INT, something clicked for him in a timely manner and he put together a very nice game.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “If the Bucs can continue to beat up quarterbacks like they did yesterday, this defense really could be something.”

    Contrasts nicely with your yesterday comment Joe about Todd Bowles …

    @Joe … “At some point, Bowles must be accountable for his horrible defense. In addition to coaching, Team Glazer knows Bowles had a strong voice in picking players.”

    Todd Bowles isn’t the problem with this defense. It was neglected for years, and even this year is still lacking several players who could’ve made a difference early in the season and put us in the playoff hunt. Growth takes time, especially in this very young & very inexperienced Secondary. Our rookies had a monster day yesterday:

    o Devin White: 8 tackles (5 solo) – 2 sacks – 2 TFL – 2 QB Hits
    o SMB: 9 tackles (7 solo)
    o Jamel Dean: 2 tackles (both solo) – 5 PDs
    o Mike Edwards: 3 tackles (2 solo) – 2 PDs

    Our 2nd year guys did just as well:

    o Vita Vea: 2 tackles (1 solo) – 1 sack – 2 PDs – 1 TFL – 1 QB Hit – 1 TD
    o Carlton Davis: 5 tackles (5 solo) – 1 INT – 5 PDs
    o Jordan Whitehead: 6 tackles (2 solo)

    Seriously doubt there’s another NFL defense starting so many rookies & 2nd year guys, all but one in the LB & Secondary position groups.

  12. Clw JB Says:

    That D completely turned it around it one week – the youth showed up and out

    I was a harsh critic, predicted gloom and we killed them

    Great job all around, let’s do it back to back please!!!

    The Jags are reeling, do we keep the killer mentality and swallow them up?

    Man that Giants missed FG is looming large right now

    Think of the narrative of 5-6 facing the schedule we have left – Jags, Lions, Falcons – just the Texans have a winning record –

    That 8-8/7-9 preseason prediction looks about right at this juncture…

    If the D continues to grow…we might just be on the path

  13. AwShbucs Says:

    Team Record when Jameis has zero turnovers. 12-14.

    If yesterday isnt a concrete examplale that this team can win with Jameis in spite of turnovers if the defense plays well, then idk what is.

    Give Tom Brady the defenses that Jameis has played with throughout his career and he would lose too.

  14. Allbuccedup Says:

    Anyone else notice Mike Evans has not very happy these days? Even during the falcons game when the bucs were leading by 15 points he looked upset. I wonder if hes asked to be traded?

  15. tmaxcon Says:

    5 things after a meaningless win…

    1. Jameis haters will still hate

    2. Vea fans will overreact and get his bust for Canton ready

    3. DBs are turning it around after they booted another bad character local feel good story who could not play ball in vh3bust

    4. Draft position cry babies will be out in force…. note to the dumbarses bucs have not drafted well in 43 years what makes you think this years picks will be any different…. sapp and selmon only 1sr rounders who lived up to hype anyway. Rest are bums, failures or coattail riders…

    5. The delusional optimists will pound thier chests and act like a meaningless win against another garbage franchise is turning everything around….

    Bottom line win does not count. Jameis threw a pick and we all know that if your qb throws a pick it offsets a win ….

    Only thing more predictable than low standard bucfan is Joe’s love of washed up has beens…..

  16. ATrain Says:


    Hey let the Defense have more than one down to rest maybe they play better

    THE difference is those other teams sustain drives

    Winston steps on the field and steps off one play later

  17. miken Says:

    What happened to our kicker? Those corners looked good!! Still didn’t get Rojo the ball enough but great win. No one on our schedule except the Texans will put up much of a fight the rest of the way, so 8-8 looks doable.

  18. Bolby Says:

    Not really comparable, you should be asking if we are missing hump over perriman, yes we are

  19. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Imagine a real QB with those weapons! He brings the whole team down, trying hard to give it away early…

  20. AwShbucs Says:


    Mikey gets like that when he’s not playing well because he holds himself to a higher standard. And like he’s said numerous times this year, he’s sick of losing. Just because we were winning yesterday dont change the fact that were essentially still out of the playoff picture.

  21. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Haters like Anthem so disappointed when the Bucs win. We have the worst fans. Jameis has his flaws, but he puts up a ton of points somehow and the Bucs win when the defense steps up. Yeah yeah, you guys will never admit it but this is a team game. If your QB puts up 30 points a game you should be able to win games. Amazing how that is exactly what happens when the defense steps up. You guys can go root for Glennon, Tannehill, Dalton, Bridgewater, etc. I for one hope that Jameis stays, reduces the turnovers and the defense improves. If that happens this teal will be good. A complete rebuild with scrub journeyman QBs or reaching for some rookie doesn’t sound like fun. I don’t want yet another 3-5 years of rebuilding.

  22. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Even if we win out…nine wins will not get us in the playoffs barring some incredible luck. So we look to next year a bit.

    First…this game should show everybody the futility of losing for a higher spot in the draft. All those first and second year players are building confidence and learning HOW to win.

    A question going forward. Do we hang on to BOTH ME13 and Godwin? IMHO the best combo since Stallworth and Swann. Both legitimate #1’s.

    If we plan to keep both then JW becomes increasingly unaffordable. But if we keep them both they can be real crutches to any young QB we might bring in to replace JW.

    Keep JW and trade ME for a first rounder and more?
    Trade OJ for a first rounder. JW would have to acknowledge that his high salary means he has to work with a little less on Offense.

    Meanwhile if we made those trades and picked up two more #1’s that’s three freaking #1 picks. Could we upgrade the OL?
    Could we upgrade the D? Could we find a great RB…I’m personally satisfied with ROJO/Barber.

    Remember as well that ME’s cap money largely would go to Godwin but then Godwin’s money could go to Shaq…JPP…Suh…Nassib…we’re on the verge of an excellent defense.

  23. AMI_Chris Says:

    The Bucs rarely get a win where I don’t have incredible heartburn at some point but this was a good one. I actually enjoyed the three hours of weekly life where I unplug from my family. The D played a solid game and maybe Dean’s rough outing in Seattle was a necessary baptism.

    That said, my opinion of Jameis hasn’t changed: He CAN make all of the throws…he just DOESN’T. Not consistently enough, anyway. But it’s awfully tough to get rid of a QB if you don’t have someone demonstrably better to replace him. The Titans had Tanneyhill ready to replace Mariotta.

    One more thing. This is typical Bucs. Season over, then give us a few flashes of competence to make us think that next year won’t be another disaster.

  24. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    There’s two problems that I have with ME13

    #1. He cannot get separation from decent DBs…..he’s just NOT crisp & quick enough with his route running.

    #2. He still has random inexplicable “hands of stone” since his rookie season?

    ………..Mike is what he is…..a big POSSESSION receiver with deceptive speed.

  25. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Seriously. You give Arians credit for realizing Godwin is a ⭐️. I think if you have two eyes, you saw that his rookie year..

    BA knows water is wet too…..

  26. Jmarkbuc Says:


    That’s pretty accurate. ME13’s best attribute is his catch radius, which has saved JW’s a$$ all of his career. That and his ribs, which have taken a lot of hits with JWs high and outside balls.

  27. Mort Says:

    That’s why I was hollering before the draft a few years ago to take Godwin. Dude did the exact same stuff in college. F-ain’t BEAST! Pay the man this off-season!

  28. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Jmarkbuc

    I know right!!! ^^^^^^^

    Joe……how you can you post something stupid like that??????

    ……WE ALL SAW Godwin’s Awesomeness against the Saints in his rookie season…..that was his coming out party……not yesterday. Joe never wrote that yesterday was Godwin’s coming out party.–Joe

  29. BrianBucs Says:

    Hard to get overly excited when your team beats up on a really bad team that’s actually worse than they are, but hey, a win is a win and we’ll take it.

  30. Allbuccedup Says:

    AhShbucs it’s a shame more of the bucs don’t hold themselves to a higher standard. It’s a shame Evans may never see the playoffs with this organization because I don’t believe the Glazers or Licht hold the same standard.

  31. JP_09 Says:

    Last year the Chiefs won in spite of a horrible defense, the difference is their QB didn’t turn the ball over. Yes our D has been absolutely trash for awhile now but as a “franchise qb” you should understand the weakness’s of your team and help the team by keeping the damn ball. 20 INTs and how many fumbles those year? The Bucs could be sitting at 6-5 or even 7-4 with this trash D if Winston just took care of the damn ball. No one is denying the fact this O can put up points, just imagine how many more points we would have if you even cut his turnovers in half. Don’t be afraid to make the team better, if you sign Winston you still need to bring in competition

  32. Allbuccedup Says:

    Arians believes he don’t want looking over his shoulder. If that’s the case we should eliminate 2nd and 3rd string QBs.

  33. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ JP_09

    If the Glazers sign Jameis this off season…..they are officially waving the “WE DON’T CARE ABOUT WINNING” flag to the entire NFL and the world.

    The GLAZERS are world class losers and they have proven it with 12 years of losing and also destroying the Manchester United team at the same time.

    If Malcom Glazer was alive… would’ve been a completely different story.

  34. Frank Pillow Says:

    1. The OL and DLs played their best combined game in a very, very long time- this one was won in the trenches.
    2. Dirk is going to Dirk. Rah is going to Rah. Both former HCs went with their ‘bread and butter’ schemes and looked bad doing so. Oh, Bruce definitely Bruced- We went turtle and there was some terrible game/clock management btwn the end of the 3rd and early 4th Qtrs.
    3. OJ continues to look lost out there…there were a few loafs and some mediocre blocking too.
    4. ‘Megatron’s Butthole’ was as empty as RayJay- not a good look for Mr Home Depot… Quinn should be terminated immediately.
    5. The kids looked good- Dean, Vea, Davis, RoJo, Cappa, Whitehead and White just might’ve played their best games of the season.

  35. J Says:

    Agree with you Brian, a win is a win and cant be taken off the board no matter how hard ignorant folks try to pound a narrative into our heads.

    JW played well and with purpose but his future is still frustrating to think about.

    Secondary needed a day like yesterday to build confidence and against a great receiving core so that counts big.

    Lots to be excited about but, can we string together multiple wins to prove it’s no fluke?

    Hope so

  36. orlbucfan Says:

    Career day

    Bucs receiver Chris Godwin is just sensational. And if many had their choice, Godwin would have stayed a bit player.
    Not this Bucs fan. I was an Ungodly fan the first time I saw him play in preseason. He is also a class act off the field. I’m still not totally sold on Arians. Bowles–you bet!!!!! Why doesn’t BA use our TEs as receivers? Brate and OJ (Licht signed both BTW) are all-Pro talents. If BA has a hair up his butt about throwing to them, he should have kept Hump. At least, the enigma would have 3 trusted targets to throw to. I like BL better than BA, and BL’s the intern. Go figure!?

  37. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    On a side note since everyone always talks about how many ints winston shoulda had if the dbs didn’t drop them. Matty ice shoulda had 6ints if our DNA hadn’t dropped easy ones. It’s amazing what happens to a great qb when hes sacked a bunch n is always under pressure 🤷‍♂️

  38. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    JP_09 Says:
    November 25th, 2019 at 8:36 am
    Last year the Chiefs won in spite of a horrible defense, the difference is their QB didn’t turn the ball over.

    Right n mahomes wasnt under pressure all the time either

  39. Tom Edrington Says:

    Last month playing tough, tough Muirfield in Scotland, getting battered by the course — hit a magnificent shot — my Scottish caddie chirped: “Brilliant”….to which I said: “Can’t hit ’em all bad…..”

    The Bucs “can’t hit ’em all bad”……they finally found a fellow 3-7 patsy and kicked the crap out of the Falcons…..

    I wouldn’t get all excited about this one, but nice to know the Bucs are not the worst…..

  40. DB55 Says:

    Let Him Walk!

    Looking forward to June, so many possibilities.


  41. D-Rome Says:

    Humphries was and is a good dude. But right about now, is anyone missing Humphries?

    Bonzai misses Humphries. He predicted he’d be a pro-bowler this year.

  42. diggler Says:

    When was the last time the Bucs dominated somebody?

    If Dean isn’t an anomaly then Bucs could win out, just pray for his knees.

    Maybe Licht is onto something.

    Yesterday showed the bucs can win despite Jameis, kind of like how the Ravens won in spite of Dilfer.

    Why am I writing kind of like Kobe Faker?

    ~Son of Digger

  43. D-Rome Says:

    sapp and selmon only 1sr rounders who lived up to hype anyway. Rest are bums, failures or coattail riders

    You’re forgetting Derrick Brooks. If it wasn’t for Tony Dungy we would have never even heard of Warren Sapp or Derrick Brooks. 🙂

  44. AwShbucs Says:


    Incase you didnt know, Tmax thinks that 1st Ballot Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks was a glorified backup rode Sapps coattails.

    It’s easily the stupidest opinion he has.

  45. JP_09 Says:

    @ Rodney Allen

    Yeah because Winston was under so much pressure yesterday when he threw those two… Outside of the two Saints games Winston has had plenty of damn time to throw the ball

  46. Steven007 Says:

    Diggler, that was amusing. Kobe is ridiculous but mocking him iis not ridiculous. It’s amusing.

  47. AwShbucs Says:

    Yup Jameis Haters, Jameis’ 300 yards passing, 3 touchdowns, and several clutch scrambles for 1st downs had nothing to do with us winning the game. We won in spite of him.

    Yall are really something.

  48. tmaxcon Says:


    55 is the vince young of Tampa bay popular and somewhat talented but not enough intelligence to led a team to the promise land…. if 55 was a god why could he not lead bucs to at least one playoff victory without riding sapp coattails…. 55 and barber never won a damn thing without sapp… 55 is cancer93 without a sapp to drive the train.

  49. JP_09 Says:

    why is everyone else being held accountable minus the one guy who touches the ball every play. You can’t judge his season on just one game, he still has 5 more this season then you judge him on what he did through 16 games

  50. simeon 97 Says:

    This site reads like the bucs just won a big game. This is groundhog day folks, i think 9 out of last 10 years season is over mid way and then they beat a couple teams, people get optimism about next year. When did those few wins at the end of the season ever turn into something good early the next? So many things change in the offseason, this win was meaningless and only hurt the team.

  51. JP_09 Says:

    This offense is taylor made for QBs to have big number. You’re naive if you think another QB couldn’t come in a put up the same if not better numbers, especially with the weapons on this team. The interception are going to be higher in this offense but they’re supposed to happen down the field on the home rub balls not when the other teams #1 corner is covering you #2 RB and you have Evans and Godwin on the other side of the field, his pre-snap recognition is what gets him in trouble

  52. Show me the TDs Says:

    @Alaskan. You got that wrong, buudy. Jameis consistently plays Defense. At least 100 times in the last 5 years!

  53. #1bucfan Says:

    Thank you d-Rome. T for whatever reason hates DB55 just goes to show how little he knows an your right Dungy brought sapp in too an yet T disses Dungy but sucks up sapp haha so uneducated T is

  54. Jeffbuc Says:

    Some of you guys crack me up. Trade everybody for first round picks so we can build the team. You want licht with three first round picks. He has missed on more than hit on. And the ones he hit on are the ones you guys want to trade. Mike Evans is 3rd in the nfl in receiving yards. And you guys act like he is just a possession receiver. You do realize that he was double triple teamed all game and every game that Godwin goes off. Not saying Godwin isn’t elite he is damn good. But he just reminds me of someone who if say the giants sign him to be there number one he won’t put up any where close to the stats he has this year. Because teams will just give him the mike Evans treatment. They complement each other well. They are a great 1-2 punch. Then in the games mike gets single coverage like two weeks ago he catches 10 for 180 and 3 tds. How quickly you guys forget that mike with one on one all game will torch dubs. Only randy freaking moss has as many 1,000 yards season to start there career. In the history of the nfl. Durability and shows up. And some of you want to trade that for a 1st round pick for a 50/50 shot at an offensive lineman. When are whole line is young and are growing together and getting better. Besides old man Dotson.

  55. Troy Says:

    It’s just like every other game. Good things and bad things. I really loved our defense yesterday. They overcame offensive mistakes and held up nicely against a good offense from Atlanta. I loved Winston’s perseverance. He shook off two horrible mistakes and played well. I liked the play calling. We ran the ball more. Finally.

    I really hate the lazy routes by our receivers at times. You play hard every play. Winston’s stupid picks drive me nuts. We can’t beat better teams when he does this. I don’t care how well the defense plays. Lastly, where has this defense been? Fans deserve more.

  56. nick Says:

    man that anthem guy is way off base, obviously he never played ball, jw cant play defense, and he usually has to score 45 plus points a week to even have a chance to win, yeah turnovers are high but he isnt captain checkdown either so, no risk it no biscuit, i guess you hated FAVRE too. hey anthem get a clue, your prolly a gator fan

  57. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete … I can’t see where Mike Evans is going anyplace soon. If you look at his Dead Cap after all the contract restructurings this past year, he’ll most likely be with us until 2023 at least. For instance, next year he’ll make a tad over $18 mil, and his Dead Cap is about the same. Really hard to trade someone with a contract like that, and definitely too expensive to cut him. Besides, Mike’s very very good.

    At the same time, Bucs MUST find a way to keep Chris Godwin. It won’t be cheap (probably in the $18-$20 mil range per year) but he’s worth every penny IMO. Chris is catching over 70% of the balls thrown to him for LOTS of yards & TDs at a time when Jameis is throwing at a 60% completion clip. With numbers like that, not hard to figure out who’s making who look good is it.

    So yes, I think we’ll hang with BOTH of them, which makes Jameis unaffordable (he was going to be too pricey anyways given what we’ve got sunk into our OLine). Trading OJ for a 1st isn’t gonna happen IMO (maybe a 2nd or a 3rd though) but he’s relatively cheap at $3.5 mil so he’ll probably be here. Brate’s getting relatively little usage right now; his contract only goes down by $1 mil next year ($7 mil to $6 mil) but has no Dead Cap (thus he becomes expendable & trade bait?).

    What I think will be intriguing is the defense though. ASSUMING that it plays well the rest of this year & shows growth, what do you do if you’re Arians & Bowles? Do you let the FAs walk? (JPP, Barrett, Nassib, Suh, Allen, Nunez-Roches, Minter, Adams, Ryan Smith) or do you try to keep the band together, focus on upgrading a couple of positions in need of help (DLine, CB, Safety?) & use most of the upper draft on improving select offense positions? Gives new meaning to the word ‘conundrum’ doesn’t it.

  58. PUGS&BUCS Says:

    Is anyone missing Humphries?

    I’d take him over Miller and/or Perriman as our 3rd receiver.

  59. D-Rome Says:

    This is groundhog day folks, i think 9 out of last 10 years season is over mid way and then they beat a couple teams, people get optimism about next year.

    Agreed. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as “momentum” going into the next year. It’s a different team!

  60. AwShbucs Says:

    Easy to say Godwin is making Jameis look good DR. Just as easy to say that Perriman, Miller and OJ have been making Jameis look bad with lots of catchable passes being dropped…

  61. 1sparkybuc Says:

    @Pugs. Not at $9,000,000 a year

  62. Cgmaster27 Says:

    Cant wait for the bucs to franchise jameis so we can watch anthems head explode. It would be delightful to watch that clown bitch every week as he does now.

  63. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Jameis May never qualify as “elite”, but he is still far and away the most prolific QB the Bucs have ever had. The core of this offense going forward should be Evans, Godwin, ROJO, and Winston. The core of the defense is Vita, White, hopefully Shaq, and possibly Whitehead and Dean. Those are the guys we have to build around. It would be great if we could hang on to some of our free agents, but there is a nucleus here already. Draft Dotson’s replacement and fill a few other holes, this team should be competitive next year. We have star players on this roster that don’t have time for a rookie QB to develop.

  64. Armando Says:

    How about some applause as the #3 Jameis Winston leads the league in TD’s – thats at least got to be a first.

  65. TexBuc Says:

    Even with Winston throwing his 19th and 20th INT BA looked like a guy who just won the lottery. Get used to it Winston will be the Bucs QB next year. Maybe some fans are too young to remember the days we would get excited when the offense scored more than 18 points in any game but I do and it sucked.

  66. Defense Rules Says:

    AwShBucs … I agree with you about Perriman & Miller; not so much on OJ. He had 6 TDs in 2017 & 5 TDs in 2018, but only 1 TD this year … all the pieces aren’t fitting together IMO.

    Still think that Godwin is making Jameis look good though. Jameis is throwing at a 59.9% clip, but Godwin is catching at a 71.4% clip while ME13 is catching 59.0% of the balls thrown to him. If Godwin was catching at 59.9% clip, he’d have caught 11 fewer balls and Jameis’ completion percentage would be down at 57.4% … a full 2.5% less.

    Perriman, Miller & OJ have been targeted 83 times this season & caught 39 passes for 47.0%. Had they been catching at a 59.9% clip, that would’ve been 11 more catches made. So I’ll expand my statement AwShBucs … Godwin is making EVERYBODY look good.

  67. diggler Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    November 25th, 2019 at 9:22 am
    barber never won a damn thing without sapp…

    ^^^Do you not remember the NFC Championship game good sir? Was it Sapp running that pick back?

  68. Allbuccedup Says:

    Picture looks like they just won the Super bowl. We will probably get back to reality next week with a sh_ty Jacksonville team and struggle.

  69. Nascardave Says:

    I think the Buc’s are great no matter what anyone says..hey..i help build that stadium…just saying