Decision Jameis Poll No. 3

November 30th, 2019

Have your say in this new, weekly, 24-hour poll on the Bucs future of Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback. Poll posted at 10:17 a.m. See last week’s results here.

141 Responses to “Decision Jameis Poll No. 3”

  1. Rick Says:

    So you franchise him and sign shaq? If that happens I’m cool with that I guess. They should think long term though. The Bucs will be picking in the late teens, like in an article yesterday, plenty of OL to be had. Doesn’t matter who plays Qb, doesn’t matter who runs the ball, they’re going to need some hogs to play with.

  2. DooshLaRue Says:

    Jamies still sucks.
    Don’t be fooled!

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    Why franchise him to $20+ million? Let the market dictate his salary. If it’s larger than we care to pay, let him go. If the market is $12, 15, or even $18 million, that’s a net savings over franchising. Not to mention that you can make the contract incentive-laden.
    Let him walk and test the market. Why overpay when you’ve already bought these groceries before?!

  4. Ndog Says:

    Wow 73% want him back in some fashion! So It Figures only people that have the football intellect of a Doosh would want to change QBs on the 3rd highest scoring offense in the league.

  5. Mort Says:

    Yes, what should we do with the best QB our franchise has EVER had. I wonder… 43 or something years and Jameis is the best. I’m sure if we just try again, we might even draft the next Steve Young!

    Keep Jameis.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    First, that’s not nice. Second, Bucs fans make up their own minds. –Joe

  7. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Yea …four more years of losing

  8. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I want a QB who actually plays for our team only.

  9. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I want a QB who actually scores for our team only.

  10. DooshLaRue Says:

    If only I had football intellect…..

    I guess it must be an awful lot like having a high football IQ.

    I guess I’m just not Pro-ready…..

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  11. TexBuc Says:

    Teams that may need QB next year; Steelers, Chargers, Denver, Patriots, Miami. Bengals, Jaguars, and Bucs if we let Winston walk. Someone will offer a contract he may not be able to resist.

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    Ndog … Unfair. Joe’s poll didn’t provide the more likely option that Bucsfanman proposed. Franchise tag would probably cost $27 mil (or more), not $20 mil. Signing Jameis to a long term deal COULD cost even more than that (once a long-term deal is offered, it’s then a NEGOTIATION & all bets are off the table). There are 31 other teams in the market.

    Spotrac lists Jameis’ market value at just about $23 mil, just a little over what he’s making right now ($21 mil). At THAT amount, there are a lot of ways the Bucs could go IMO … sign Jameis, sign another veteran QB, beef up OTHER positions then draft a rookie to ‘manage’ it, etc. Kinda depends on what their vision is for the future I’d think. Plus a LOT will be affected by what Jameis shows in these last 5 games. Time will tell huh.

  13. bucfan999 Says:

    We have to remember Bruce Arians is 67 years old and he didn’t sign up for a total rebuild and going with a rookie QB would be tantamount to a rebuild because most rookies take a few years to develop. Not only that Jameis leads one of the highest scoring offenses in football over the last few years, it’s been the defense that has cost us victories. It’s hard to win games when the offense averages 30 points a game but the defense is giving up 35. I say keep Jameis, draft a right tackle and go mostly defense in next years draft again. I think if the defense gets better Jameis will throw less INT’s because he will have no reason to feel he needs to score every time the Offense has the ball because the Defense is so BAD.

  14. JP_09 Says:

    Where is the short term team friendly option. I.E. 2yr/30 mil with incentives?

  15. buc53 Says:

    Seems pretty cut and dry.

    Unless you have designs to get a free agent QB–franchise Jameis and draft a QB. If Jameis cuts down on his picks (unlikely) then you’ve got one of the best QBs in the NFL and you can trade away the rook. If he doesn’t, you’re grooming his replacement.

  16. buc53 Says:

    *Assuming there is a rookie worthy of a pick at our spot.

  17. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Unless JW has a meltdown, I get the sinking feeling that we are stuck with him for at least another year. Does Coach Arians have the patience or the time to develop another QB at this point in his coaching career?

  18. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I think if the defense gets better Jameis will throw less INT’s

    You’re absolutely right, we need a defense that can nullify every turnover committed by Jameis. We need a defense that not only keeps the other team from scoring but can keep Jameis in check as well, except pick 6’s of course.

  19. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Jettison him. He is what he is and that’s not very good, unless you like mediocrity.

  20. Coburn Says:

    I guess I must have football iq of a doosh then. To me I’d rather just forfelt a year building than to pay a huge one year rental on a qb you know isn’t taking you to a superbowl. Some of ya may say well it’s only a year.. but remember that salary cap rolls over. That’s long term thinking. Even short term thinking we need to get shaq back and grab a few pieces still. May not be able to d that woth Winston franchised

  21. ModHairKen Says:

    The cost to keep Shaq is the issue. It is much easier to find an outside LB who can rush than a QB. Shaq’s success is because of the scheme. That was proven in preseason when others were having success from that position.

    Shaq will command a higher salary than his worth to this team.

    If they can upgrade from Jameis, they should. But Dalton or Rivers is not an upgrade. A rookie may be, but not Herbert, Eason or Fromm. Only Hurts or Burrow or Tua.

  22. MadMax Says:

    2 yrs, 36 mill, incentive contract…..then try to get Jalen Hurts in rd 2 or 3 (hopefully the 3rd), use 1st and 2nd on D line/safety LB hybrid like Simmons…and on Mekhi Becton who can play both LT and RT.

  23. Buccfan37 Says:

    Jameis the divider with no in between lives on. Both pro and anti sides have good points. It doesn’t feel like his is parting ways with the Bucs though.

  24. MadMax Says:

    Mekhi Becton is on right now 12pm….Louisville vs Kentucky….announcers just gushed about how fast he can move for his size!

  25. Sport Says:

    Agreed there should be another survey question.

    ‘Signe JW to a team friendly, incentive laden contract.’ – that would probably get the most votes.

    And change the existing long term contract question to include “$100m long term”. – This would probably get the least amount of votes.

    Survey bias is tough to manage.

    In BA I Trust!

    That would most likely get the most votes.

  26. Sport Says:

    Typo. The last sentence should have been removed.

  27. Ndog Says:

    Those of you that would like Hurts do realize he got benched in college right? But you think he will be better than Jameis? What are you smoking?

  28. Ndog Says:

    Just a little FYI for the Clueless. Only 4 times have 2 WRs have each had 1,000 after only 11 games in the history of the NFL. Our Bucs are the 4th all time this year. The other 3 QBs that have done this are either already in the HOF or will soon be (Peyton Manning). So those of you that think any old QB could do this are sadly mistaken, like usual. This has happened 3 times EVER before this year but yeah any QB can do it right?

    Moss & Carter never did it.
    Rice & Taylor never did it.
    Monk and Clark never did it.
    Clayton and Duper never did it.
    Harrison & Wayne never did it.

    So if you think it only takes great WRs think again.

  29. Jean Lafitte Says:

    ndog (James)

    They didn’t have the new passing and QB rules back then either. Had it been apples to apples it would have been different.

    McCown and Glennon put two receivers over 1000 yards receiving one season. It was mainly because of the receivers.

    If Evans and Godwin were just average you probably couldn’t use this tired argument.

  30. Adrnagy Says:

    According to CBS Sports Jason La Canfora, HC Bruce Arians has expressed an interest in bringing long-time Bengals’ starter Andy Dalton into Tampa Bay to take over the helm in 2020. Dalton has one year remaining on his current contract and the price tag for his services would be in the neighborhood of a RD2 pick in the 2020 draft.

    There is no guarantee of the Bucs landing Dalton, as there will be other interested teams in the fray (Chicago, LA Chargers, Tennessee). For that matter, there is no certainty that Winston, an impending free agent, is even interested in staying with Tampa Bay and their continued inability to supply him with an adequate offensive line. Winston is among the league leaders in yardage (2nd with 3391), touchdowns (2nd with 22) and yards per catch (3rd with 13.0), but also leads the NFL in getting sacked with 36. He’s the most-blitzed QB in the NFL at 157. Despite the offense fireworks, the pressure is in part responsible for Winston tossing 20 interceptions through 11 games, far and away the league’s worst. INTs are Winston’s long-time bane, and are what has the fanbase calling for Winston’s departure.

  31. Jmarkbuc Says:

    “If the defense gets better JW will throw less picks “

    Have you seen his first possession (and sometimes second possession) picks?
    Or last possession picks with the game on the line, when he actually DOES have a chance to go and win the game?

    We all know the defenses shortcomings, but putting them on a short field , especially early in the game is what puts us behind as well….smdh.

  32. Jean Lafitte Says:

    More starting QB’s since the new CBA are putting up 4000 yard seasons. More than ever before the new rules. Some are even getting closer to 5000 yard seasons.

  33. Stanglassman Says:

    23% want to let him walk. I knew it was just a loud vocal minority but I had no idea it was that small. A couple of more good games and it will be back down to the half dozen on JBF message board that he could never satisfy.

  34. Ndog Says:

    First of all I know idea who James is but whatever. Onto the point, the first QB ever to do it was Joe Namath so there goes your argument about rules and when it happened. Wrong again!

  35. Jmarkbuc Says:

    . Despite the offense fireworks, the pressure is in part responsible for Winston tossing 20 interceptions through 11 games, far and away the league’s worst.

    And then there’s the ones where he just throws it directly at the defender…pressure or no.

  36. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Poll can be read different ways…

    What I see is 75% who do not want to sign him to a long term deal…giving him another “prove it year”, hardly a ringing endorsement.

  37. Jmarkbuc Says:

    And it doesn’t take into account the carpal tunnel Ndog has gotten clicking furiously…..

  38. Adrnagy Says:

    When you get draft #1 overall. Your team as a whole sucks. Winston stats are great except the turnovers. If Bruce trades 2nd rounder. For dalton and let’s Winston walk … we go backwards. Bringing dalton is not much improvement over Winston plus we lose a 2nd rounder. Oline will get dalton wacked.

    Idk man.. Bruce might bring in a old vet qb. Or stick with Winston for 2020 at least. Grandpa is in for a rebuilt not reload. He can reload in the offseason for sure. And hopefully he recharge.

  39. DooshLaRue Says:

    23% want to let him walk. I knew it was just a loud vocal minority but I had no idea it was that small. A couple of more good games and it will be back down to the half dozen on JBF message board that he could never satisfy.

    Look up the poll after the Seattle game, it was quite different.
    What you’re seeing today is the Nuthugger Brigade out in force because their Messiah didn’t totally sh!t the bed last week.
    He tried….. and almost did but Atlanta sucks and we won.

    JayMiss sucks.
    Don’t be fooled.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    Sport … Yes the survey needed a 4th option, and you stated it perfectly. The results certainly would’ve changed.

    This might sound a little crazy (OK, maybe a LOT crazy) but IF the Bucs do an exceptional job of managing their salary Cap in 2020, I believe they could not only make the playoffs, but also do quite well when they do. Imagine how productive the Bucs’ offense COULD be IF they improved their OLine some, grabbed a quality RB to complement RoJo, & added a 3rd WR who was good at ‘moving the chains’. I think our offense could be a Top-5 offense with those improvements, PROVIDING that we could cut down on the turnovers.

    Then imagine how much better our defense COULD be IF we brought back our DLine FAs, added a quality DE/OLB via the draft, & solidified our Secondary by adding a quality veteran CB & Safety. If our youngsters keep improving as they have been lately, I think this defense could be Top-10 defense in 2020 with those improvements, PROVIDING of course that it could stay healthy. Multiple injuries on our defense especially have killed us in years past, because we lacked quality depth IMO.

    But there’s a ‘fly in the ointment’ as they say. How do we PAY for the improvements we’ll need to be a playoff contender? Re-signing our own FAs … or comparable FAs from other teams … won’t come cheap (I prefer re-signing our own personally). Upgrading the positions I mentioned (and hopefully others) won’t come cheap either. In my estimation, we’ve got at most a 2-year window to make this work (and maybe only one) BEFORE some MAJOR CHANGES will have to be made (because of when key contracts expire).

    My gut tells me that Bruce Arians sees that same window … after that, he’s gone (either retired for good, or more likely to a President of Football Operations position). That same gut tells me that he wants to go out with a bang, as in Super Bowl victory. I think this team has the potential to give it a ‘jolly good go’ IF it makes the right off-season moves. Overpaying for key positions ISN’T the way to make that happen because it limits the improvements that you NEED to make elsewhere to be a contender.

  41. Ndog Says:

    So Doosh you think the Seattle game was a bad game? A game where he threw no picks and the only TO in the game was because our LT got beat in two steps? The game where we went on a game tying drive on the road in Seattle? Dude what are you on?

  42. MadMax Says:

    Whatever NDUG, go watch him….kids not bad. Plus we’re obviously lacking at backup QB since theres no faith in putting Griffin out there…….try thinking outside the box kid.

  43. Ndog Says:

    We don’t need to waste a draft pick on a backup QB we need to load up on oline and dline then also get a second reliable RB that can catch and block.

  44. Jmarkbuc Says:


    The absolute last thing I want to see is BS Arians as the president of ops…

    Talk about out of the frying pan….

  45. DooshLaRue Says:

    Sorry, I meant the New Orleans game.

  46. Defense Rules Says:

    Jmarkbuc … IF BA got us a SB, the Glazer Boyz would do anything he asked. just imagine how a SB victory would pad their coffers.

  47. DBS Says:

    So because they beat the lowly Falcons who are as bad aas the are the vote changes. Typical. Just like the BA vote. Now if they get their ass whipped this week watch the votes change again. This is not a new trend.

  48. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Except for #1 Dak Prescott, #2 Winston, #3 Ryan, and #4 Rivers who are the league leaders in passing yards all quarterback in a Don Coryell type offensive scheme. I’m tired of fans using this argument to advocate for keeping Jameis. Put Jameis in more of a west coast type scheme and he’s not in the top 10. Same for Ryan, and Rivers.

  49. MadMax Says:

    Ndog, its not a wasted pick if he turns into a starter in a year or 2…which would be my plan.

  50. Ndog Says:

    Correct Jean but he also wouldn’t have nearly as many TOs so then you would have nothing to obsess about.

  51. Jean Lafitte Says:


    Most of his turnovers are from short passes. Where do you think all those pick 6’s come from?

  52. Ndog Says:

    Max Hurts is not a starter in the NFL unless a team goes full Baltimore and even then he no where close to the athlete that Lamar Jackson is.

  53. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Too much time already wasted on America’s Turnover Machine, JayMiss Winnone

    Time to move on.

    Peace, out

  54. MadMax Says:

    Lol, screenshot Ndog….not an nfl starter, thats too funny….we’ll see.

  55. Ndog Says:

    Jean completely inaccurate like always. Pick 6 vs Rams was not short, pick 6 vs Saints not a short throw, first pick 6 vs 49ers not a short West Coast type of throw the second was on a screen which has nothing to do with type of offense. Dude can you get anything right? It’s boring arguing with you as you never make any valid points. Step up your game man.

  56. Jmarkbuc Says:


    That’s a HUGE if……

  57. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Short term deal with milestones to earn the full amount.

    Say, for example, a 3 year deal, less than 12 picks, less than 4 fumbles lost, a winning season, a playoff spot. Full amount around $63 million, one year guarantee. Maybe an option for a 4th year to jack up the apparent price.

    That way we can move on after a year if desired, without penalty.

    That would seem the smart move. We can also draft a QB 2nd round or later to back him up an develop.

  58. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Franchise Jameis and if a QB in the draft starts falling into the 2nd or 3rd round grab him. Let the best man win, and hopefully it’s the cheaper draft pick. Nothing against Jameis but I can draft someone to do what he does at a friendlier salary cap hit.

  59. Jean Lafitte Says:


    Someone needs to take you outside for a walk. You’re full of sh|t. Every pick six he threw was a 20 yard pass or less.

  60. Craig Says:

    Trade him, you might be able to get a third round pick for him, if you are lucky.

  61. TexBuc Says:

    Winston in my opinion will be under center next year.

  62. BucsBandit Says:


    In the next poll, please include the estimated SALARY COST for each option.

    I would bet anything that most fans don’t realize the “Tag him for a one year deal” (which over 50% voted for) would mean about a $27,000,000 salary.

  63. Buczilla Says:

    If it’s me, he’s getting 3-5 million per year tops. Since Licht (pitiful and sad) will almost certainly be here for at least 2020 my bet is that they franchise Jameis and give him another year with Arians. That will most probably prevent us from resigning JPP (resigning Shaq should be priority number one) or signing an o lineman or corner that can make a difference. I’d be shocked if they let Jameis go since both Licht and Arians would lose face.

    It sucks that our team has regressed back to it’s creamsicle days but as long as we draft a QB relatively high (rounds (2-4)) to take over when bonehead Jameis inevitably rears his head, I can live with it. Between all the sissy a$$ rule changes, the constant game stoppages, and the state of this train wreck of an organization, football is becoming very hard to enjoy. 😛

  64. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe makes a good point elsewhere about the Bucs’ offense currently being #3 in scoring with 312 points or 28.4 PPG. And the 312 points is a FACT. Folks obviously give a lot of credit to Jameis for that. And at the same time Joe normally denigrates the Bucs’ defense because it’s currently #31 in scoring, allowing 335 points or 30.5 PPG. And the 335 points is also a FACT. How those FACTS came to be though never seems to be mentioned because it rarely fits the narrative.

    Bucs’ offense has directly benefitted from our defense scoring 3 TDs. Subtract those 21 points from the 312 total points and 291 points remain … 26.5 PPG. And the OTHER Bucs contributions to the offense, excellent field position as a result of many of the additional 14 TOs (defense has 17 takeaways total) has certainly helped the Bucs’ offense put up a lot of other points. COMPLIMENTARY FOOTBALL.

    But the Bucs’ offense has also hurt the defense by committing a total of 28 turnovers in 11 games. The 4 Pick-6’s and the safety all by themselves resulted in 30 points charged against the DEFENSE. I’ve often thought that it’d be much fairer to SUBTRACT those points from the offense’s production (creating a NET production?). IF they did that (and they don’t), our offense’s production would go down to a NET 23.7 PPG. Bummer.

    The FACT remains that the Bucs’ defense has been charged with giving up 335 points in 11 games … 30.5 PPG. If one were to SUBTRACT the 30 points that the Bucs’ offense so graciously directly contributed via those 4 Pick-6’s & safety, the defense goes from allowing 335 points down to 305 points … 27.7 PPG. And some additional points surrendered were unavoidable because our opponents were already in FG territory after the offense turned the ball over. Subtract all those and we might be the #1 defense in the NFL. Well, obviously not really, BUT … Look ‘behind the veil’ as they say in the corporate world, and things are never as good as they seem, nor as bad as they seem.

    One thing that’s interesting is that last year, after 11 games, we had a 4-7 record. Same as this year’s record. Last year, after 11 games, we’d scored 294 points and had 29 giveaways, but only 1 Pick 6 takeaway for 7 points. So our offense had put up 287 points on its own. This year we’ve scored 312 points and had 28 giveaways, but the defense has contributed 21 points via 3 takeaways. So this year’s offense has put up 291 points. Oh and BTW, in those 11 games we had a MINUS 2 or more turnover differential in 8 of those 11 games … we lost 7 of those (but we did squeak by the Browns in the other one 26-23).

    Hmmm, almost exactly the same offensive production as last year (291 vs 287) after 11 games when you take the defense’s scoring out of the equation, and almost the same number of giveaways at this point (28 vs 29 TOs). Now THAT’s consistency Joe.

  65. Ndog Says:

    Again Jameis has done this year what only 3 QBs in the history of the game have done before him with having two 1,000 yard receivers in only 11 games, but yeah any old QB can do that. You people are RIDICULOUS!!!

  66. Erik W Hesson Says:


  67. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Great comment DR. The scheme is practically the same but your evidence of Jameis’s turnovers is a major factor at why our defense is ranked 31st. Take away those 4 pick 6’s and the automatic short field FG try’s and our defense isn’t ranked dead last and used as an excuse for why Jameis can’t win.

  68. Ndog Says:

    Then why is our passing defense dead last in passing yards with the most given up? How’s that Jameis’s fault?

  69. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m taking Winston long-term if it’s me. Sign him up now while the gettins good. You can get him a little cheaper based on his jeckle/hide national perspective. I’ll give him 12 years 150M guaranteed.

    But it’s not my decision. I trust Bruce knows what he’s doing and he will be the one making the call I bet. I’ll stand by whatever decision is made.

    The fans have spoken……we want Jamies……..we want Jamies………we want Jamies!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  70. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Winston stays I believe ( which I’m for…many are clearly not )…he’s tied to Licht Weight…barring a complete house cleaning…which is highly unlikely. Should be an interesting final five ( winnable ) games.

  71. Adrnagy Says:

    So if “Winston” not the Bucs win the remaining games he should get another shot at staying … if “Winston” loses the remaining games he should let go .. wow , so the weakest link in the Bucs is Winston the last 5yrs? So if Winston would have half of turnover we should of been in playoff every year right?

  72. Ndog Says:

    Remember when these same fans wanted us to let Jameis go last year for Nick Foles? You were probably one of them Jean, cause it’s clear you are CLUELESS.

  73. Adrnagy Says:

    I see a lot of favre and Big Ben in Winston. Winston is a fighter. He wants to win. First guy in last guy to leave. Young. You keep him. Build the team defense. Oline. It’s not like we are going to playoff with new qb with our rb, defense , oline.

  74. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog the passing defense is bad and nobody denys that. Nobody has ever denyed or defended that. Nobody.

    People got issues with the turnovers………it is completely separate and independent from the defense……In football turnovers hurt the team. It’s elementary. And it is completely fair for people to be upset about the turnovers. No matter how you slice it turnovers are a problem. A big one actually.

    Our pass defense can be the greatest to ever play or the worst ever & the turnovers are a issue. There’s absutley no denying it unless you are clueless to the game. Nobody’s denying pass defense…..nobody. & we all should acknowledge that turnover are a problem too. That’s called being fair

  75. JimmyJack Says:

    But what is unfair is to call others clueless when you refuse to acknowledge how big a problem turnovers are……….Instead finding something else to blame on the ready while forevermore avoing how large a problem the turnovers are.

  76. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog the unfairest poster in all the land

  77. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Actually I backed Jameis last season

  78. Ndog Says:

    What you people don’t seem to understand is that when you know you have to score each possession it puts extra pressure on each player on the field. It also takes you out of what you want to do so you become more predictable. It all goes hand in hand cause if you HALF TO SCORE it’s not quite as easy to throw the ball away or take a sack or try to catch the ball first before running with it. You know if you punt you are basically down by two scores and then it’s an uphill battle the rest of the game. Each effects the other and if you are so worried about TOs why do people not want to get rid of D. Smith, R. Jensen, OJ, Godwin, Evans, Barber, Rojo and Perriman as they are each responsible for multiple TOs this year as well. Our TOs have not been all on the QB regardless of what the talking heads say.

  79. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Interesting results

    Kobe for sure thought at least 50% wanted him out of town

    Agents job is to get the most for his clients

    JW agents is going to demand a five year deal

    JW power agent is Joel Segal

    Segal reps Khalil Mack and didhis megal deal and trade to Chi town

    if JW does a 1year, that mean his agent and NFLP union lost

    very interesting offseason”

    Kobe Faker

  80. Adrnagy Says:

    What makes you think …. that Jameis wants to stay in Tampa ? Or , if he gets tag he will sign ?

    Here’s a option. Let’s say dak Prescott gets tag… should bucs trade for him ?

  81. Ndog Says:

    JimmyJack trust me I know you are among the CLUELESS as well, it is very apparent daily. Of course TOs are important but blaming one person is idiotic when it is crystal clear this TEAM has had an issue with TOs not one player.

  82. JimmyJack Says:

    Oh and Jean is a good poster here who comes across as a very loyal Buc fan and consistently brings up facts and opinions that have depth and often has points that others overlooked.

    I’ve actually learned a thing or two from reading Jeans posts………You are basically running your mouth trashing decent Buc fans cause their opinion don’t match yours…….You actually come across as the clueless one to intelligent fans and confirm as much when you resort to petty nametelling

  83. JimmyJack Says:

    Nobody blames o e person and it’s completely foolish to think that………Look at the headline guy. We are in a Winston article. The subject at hand is Winston………We will talk about the pass defense when that is the subject at hand.

  84. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Thank the football gods for some of the most miraculous catches by our receivers and dropped INT’s by the enemy or Jameis could be already breaking the all-time turnover record.

  85. Ndog Says:

    What’s going to suck is of Jameis says screw this crap and bolts them Arains quits, Licht gets let go and we are starting all over again.

    Meanwhile Jameis will go to a place like the Bears, Patriots, Raiders or Panthers and kill it while we are trying to learn ANOTHER new scheme, trying to find another QB that is special, like we just lost, and suffer through another 5 win season.

  86. Adrnagy Says:

    I’ll be down to watch a game together with ndog, jimmy and jean.

  87. Ndog Says:

    Jean is CLUELESS!!!

  88. Jean Lafitte Says:


    I’m for it but we’d have to muzzle ndog

  89. JimmyJack Says:

    At least I say say with Ndog that he too comes across as a loyal Buc fan……..But the posters who tilt me most of all are those who are unfair and those who bash their own fellow fans. Unfortunately Ndog matches both.

  90. Ndog Says:

    Thanks for the offer but I watch games alone, outside of the home games of course, I just can’t take people that have no idea what they are watching saying stupid stuff.

  91. Jean Lafitte Says:


    or Jameis goes to one of those teams and they can’t get out of the basement either. Bet they wouldn’t wait 5 seasons to realize it either

  92. Ndog Says:

    I try not to bash but I got people calling me out all the time, even on articles I haven’t posted on, and when that happens I’m going to defend my opinions.

  93. Ndog Says:

    Again FACTS, the one year Jameis had a defense not in the bottom 5 we went 9-7, how do you explain that?

  94. Jean Lafitte Says:

    luck and easiest strength of schedule

  95. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog…..I will easily explain it. Our offense hasn’t all that good in most of them seasons.

    Remember all them blowouts?

  96. JimmyJack Says:

    You go through all our halftime scores from 2016-2018…….You gonna see a lotta 3s, 6s, 7s and even a few gooseggs…….Our offense has been very much a part of the problem over the last several years.

    This year, I’ll give it to ya. The offense is playing much better but still too many turnovers……Turnovers that have cost us a few games too by the way. Not all on defense

  97. Jean Lafitte Says:

    In 2015, Jameis’s miraculous 9 – 7 season, his opponents had an overall .426 winning season in 2014. Ranking them #29 in hardest to easiest schedule. Atlanta had the easiest at .410 last #31

  98. Jean Lafitte Says:

    correction* Atlanta #32

  99. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Funny how 75% of people want Jameis here next year yet 75% of the comments are anti-Jameis.
    The loudest ones in the room are the weakest ones in the room.

  100. JimmyJack Says:

    Facts???? I barely see o e there. How bout you start with this fact buddy……go back last year and the year before and the year before that ect..

    Look at red zone %. Those offenses were bottom tier bro.

    How bout look at turnover rates? Bottom tier.

    That’s not good offense dude. Efficiency matters. Totally foolish to point a finger at one side of the ball.

    Here’s another fact that I don’t gotta look up to know. When you freaking finish at 5-11…..historically it’s because you got problems on both sides of the ball. Not just one.

  101. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    “NDog…..I will easily explain it. Our offense hasn’t all that good in most of them seasons.

    Remember all them blowouts”

    Yeah Jameis sucks at defense doesn’t he?

  102. Wesley Says:

    Looks like a lot of you want to waste more years.

  103. Ndog Says:

    This year we allowed 32 points to the Giants with 1 TO, we allowed 32 points to the Rams with 1 TO, we allowed 31 to the Saints with 1 TO, we allowed 40 to the Seahawks with 1 TO.

  104. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Franchise him but draft another quarterback that’s not just a glorified yard ornament, like Griffin. Draft one that you would actually consider letting hit the field.

  105. wantstastayabuc Says:

    So in your earlier post you seemed to indicate that Winston throws picks because he is under extra pressure to score because he has no faith in his defense.

    So let’s re-sign the QB that performs poorly under pressure, gives the ball away, and makes his teammates worse rather than better (early picks don’t help a defense pin their ears back)? He can’t even take the pressure of a good backup QB.

    But, look at how many yards he threw!, right?


    Which team will you and Winston be on next year?

  106. JimmyJack Says:

    Alaskan……Funny thing is I voted multi-year in the poll. Reading most my comments they are mostly negative towards Winston.

    That’s cause Im arguing with and unfair commenter.

    But hey bring in a unfair commentor who plays the other side of the coin like bandit……then my comments would be pro Jamies.

    It’s freaking sad the extremists do little except create a divide in the fanbase. Their unrational and extreme comments basically make us normal fans……the clueless ones……choose sides. Unwittingly they hurt the fanbase.

  107. DooshLaRue Says:

    Turnovers create panic and momentum shifts.
    Early turnovers are especially bad in regards to team psyche because it creates the “oh sh!t, here we go again” feeling.

    JayMiss is a master of the early and demoralizing turnovers causing his team to fall into disarray.

    JayMiss sucks.
    Don’t be fooled!

  108. Ndog Says:

    Last word on this thread from me. Offer him a 4 year deal around $18 million a year and negotiate from there. Build in some outs if he puts himself in another stupid position. Then draft to complete this team so next year we can explode FINALLY.

  109. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog correct….Our defense was brutal in them games. And the offense was brutal in Game 1 and in London.

    But I’m not dwelling. The team looks primed to starting coming together finally. Both offensively and defensively.

  110. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    In Jameis career we are 12-14 when he doesn’t throw a single interception.


    In 2017 he had 8 games without a pick and in those games we were 2-6.

    I get it, y’all need someone to blame but no offense I feel like some people here don’t get football. Which is fine, fans don’t need to, but some act like they are so sure of what they are talking about. It’s entertaining for sure but this poll here goes to show that the trolls that are here on this site don’t represent the general opinions of Bucs fans.

  111. Jean Lafitte Says:


    So says the guy 2000 miles from Tampa. You sir, don’t live in the misery 24-7. Don’t even try to wear your Buc colors to work around here, unless you want to listen to the normal criticism and Jameis one liners all the time. At least 10 or more times a year. That’s every stinking year since that miraculous 2002 season. The only damn thing we can hang our hats on. 5 years of Jameis and most of you have amnesia. You’re hanging onto a miracle that somehow Jameis will change his spots.

    What’s the definition of insanity?

    Doing the same sh|t over, and over expecting a different outcome.

  112. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Grew up in Florida my whole life and was season ticket holder for many years until I didn’t want to spend money to leave disappointed every freakin week.

    I know the pain of being a Bucs fan, at least in Florida you have sympathizers there. Here, it’s just plain disrespect because all people know about the Bucs is how they’re portrayed in the media.

  113. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Now Jameis gets to play in the easiest part of the schedule, and most of you want to hand him his crown on a gold leafed offering plate. If he wins a couple of those games and go’s to say 6 wins most of you would simply cream all over yourselves. Who always says “low standard Bucs fans”? That is aptly applied here.

  114. JimmyJack Says:

    Alaskan reguaring my previous post I argued that for years that our offense was never all that great. That’s why I mentioned blowouts because it usually takes both offense and defense playing poor to get blown out.

    I know most fans disagree. That’s fine. Like I said argued it for years. Not much need to keep on.

    My good news is that I do think this offense works much better and results are starting to show. Even better might be that our defense looks like they may be ready to complement the offense as well.

    Been saying all year that this team will hit a turning point and I think we are there right now. It sucks it couldn’t happen earlier but I’m geeked up to see this team finishes strong this year!! We might just got more pieces setup for success then people realize……And Winston is very much a big piece of that in mine opinion.

  115. Defense Rules Says:

    @Ndog … “Offer him a 4 year deal around $18 million a year and negotiate from there. Build in some outs if he puts himself in another stupid position. Then draft to complete this team so next year we can explode FINALLY.”

    THAT Ndog is a sound offer, contingent of course on Jameis doing OK for the rest of this year. At $18 mil a year, Bucs SHOULD be able to fill in the rest of the puzzle & build a playoff contender. More than that though and we’d be sacrificing some other ‘fixes’ that we sorely need (OLine, RB, #3 WR, CB, Safety plus of course re-signing guys to fill our own FA positions, like Barrett, etc). Drafting well is still a key to next year.

  116. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Jean be careful you’re starting to sound like tampax over there.

    Pretty sure no buc fan was hoping for 6 wins at the start of the season. Maybe some expected it but nobody was wishing for it.

  117. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    JimmyJack, I agree about of offense not being as good that year. Just imagine if we had this offense and the defense was being opportunistic like that again!

  118. JimmyJack Says:

    Jean……We got 5 games left. 4 wins now.

    6 wins mean we finish 2-5……I don’t think anybody’s getting jerked up about that finish.

    These are my goals in no particular order.

    -2nd place in our division

    -Go 500% at home. Means we gotta win every home game.

    -Get yourself to 8-8 minimum

    -Beat the Falcons and force them to fire their entire coaching staff…..thusly making them the new cellar dwellers of the future.

    -Finish 500% in division. Best possible outcome…..And thank you Bucs for making this goal possible last week.

    -Above all I want good ol solid football.

  119. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Re-sign Jameis-

    If he doesn’t turn into a winner, he could go for Testaverde’s interceptions record, and then he could go for Favre’s.

  120. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I like your passion JimmyJack, but what indication did you receive that we can win out? Cause we beat Atlanta? …c’mon.

    When we start the game next Sunday on offense. What will be the first thing on your mind watching Jameis?

    I know, unfair question, but it’s absolutely true, and after it happens, you’ll say to yourself “there it is”. How do I know this you may ask? Because I’ve been living the same nightmare since the end of last season.

  121. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Ndog says:

    Again FACTS, the one year Jameis had a defense not in the bottom 5 we went 9-7, how do you explain that?

    During the 5 game win streak, Bucs won the turnover battle every game.
    Then, when Jameis started throwing picks again, they lost.

  122. JimmyJack Says:

    Alaskan don’t look now but the defense we have right now may have the potential to be much more opportunistic then you think.

    Remember last week we could of had much more picks then we got. You can also notice that this defense does bat down a lot more balls then I think we ever saw in Tampa.

    Another key part is forcing fumbles…..not just on D but we have see way more then I ever remember on ST.

    I keep going back to preseason…….Our defense(and ST) was making consistent splash plays then……Stands to reason we saw more splash then because the offense gameplans were generic…..None the less I think it was a taste of what this defense is designed to do. We haven’t saw it really materilize yet but there have been some signs of life and last week easily could have been a coming out party!!!

    Don’t know about y’all but I wanna keep as much of this defense together as possible. I want a loose comfortable defense next year and truely think we got the pieces to do it…..Really think this squad can take off if we can keep the key pieces together………My biggest key piece……..wait for it……….wait……….SUH baby!!!! The man with 2 TDs this year!!! He must return in my estimation!!

  123. JimmyJack Says:

    Jean……..What indication?

    Allow me to quote the King on this one.

    That was the best game of football I’ve seen this team play in……3…….years!

    Agreed and that is all the indication needed Jean.

  124. JimmyJack Says:

    @Alan……Then after that 5 game streak came Dallas. & The loss had nothing to do with turnovers. When our offense needed to make a play we had no answer and no adjustment at RT……He was consistently beat each and every time it was a clutch moment(Cherilois?)…..Then on defense we had no ability to win in the trenches to stop Zeke. If they needed yards it was easy. Our defense had no ability to stop Dallas in that game.

    Following that game we still had a chance to beat a bad New Orleans team for a playoff berth. We proceeded to play with a supreme lack of energy and played like a broken old man.

    What ensued if that off-season was nothing more then nonsense of the fans calling for Weapons for Winston and claiming multiple SuperBowls were in the future as we signed Djax. Personally my confidence was completely shattered but tryed my best to stand strong. We proceeded to win 10 of our next 32 and the rest is now history.

  125. JimmyJack Says:

    Enter 2017 and a real chance to make a statement at home on Thurs Night getting N.E. on a short week……..Perfect opportunities like this only come along if your lucky.

    Yeah……Don’t get me started on that abomination.

  126. Alanbucsfan Says:


    The stats don’t lie, sir.
    When you lose the turnover battle, the odds are 2-1 against you to win the game.
    And I remember In that Dallas game, Jameis throwing a pick late in the 4th quarter when Bucs still had a chance.

  127. Deez days Says:

    You guys who voted for franchise tag must love losing

  128. Buccfan37 Says:

    At least there is no high confidence in Bucland on who will win this game in Jax. You never know what we’re gonna get. Go Bucs!

  129. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Whatever happens, you can bet the ranch that Team Glazer is dying to give JW a multi-year contract extension and then cut him. They love paying players not to play. They just can’t help themselves. That’s just how they roll.

  130. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I love all the talk about the offensive stats. We probably have the best WR tandem in the league and Jay Miss is fameis for engineering comebacks late that JUST fall short. He’s the guy that puts the team behind with pic 6’s and first pass interceptions. The guy flat out stinks for a #1 pick. Jay Miss and LichtMyBalls gotta go!!!!!

  131. Ndog Says:

    So Alvin did all the TOs kill us vs the Saints the first game, or vs the Giants, or vs Seattle or vs the Rams all in games where the defense got their doors blown off?

  132. Jean Lafitte Says:

    We’ve won 4 games. Take away 3 of those 4 games because we beat the Rams and that adds up to 7. Subtract that from how many games played so far and that leaves 4. So yes all those turnovers resulted in those 4 losses. We should have 6 to 7 wins at this point if not for those 4 multi turnover games by Jameis

  133. July Joe Says:


    – Leads #3 scoring offense even though he has #20 run support and takes more QB hits and gets sacked more than any other QB

    – #2 in passing yards

    – #3 in TD passes

    – Will be 26 years old next season

    HE’S GOING TO GET PAID no matter what idiot fans and clueless media say or think …

  134. July Joe Says:

    BTW, a whole bunch of HALL OF FAME QBS also led the league in interceptions over a season and many of them did not also finish top 3 in yards, TDs and scoring … people are soooooooooooooooooo stupid.

  135. July Joe Says:

    Jameis is like Allen Iverson instead of Jeff Hornacek … Iverson needed way more shots to score the same amount of points as the far more “efficient” Hornacek, yet everyone knew Hornacek was nowhere near the “talent” that Iverson was, nor did Hornacek have any chance of carrying a team the way Iverson could.

    You could also say Jameis is like Russell Westbrook instead of John Stockton … Stockton was far more “efficient” as a scorer and turned the ball over far less than Westbrook, but Westbrook was by far the better “talent” and the only one of the two that had any possibility of “carrying” a team.

    Jameis is to Iverson and Westbrook as a guy like Teddy Bridgewater is to Hornacek and Stockton.

    And, just as a team loaded with top talent and great scorers might be better with Stockton than it would with Westbrook, an NFL team that is loaded and just needs a game-manager might be better off with Bridgewater … but EVERY OTHER team would be better off with Westbrook/Jameis …

    So, if the over this next off-season the Bucs completely transform their roster and look like they’ll have a top 10 defense AND top 10 run game AND top 10 O-Line, go ahead and draft a game-manager like Jake Fromm … but if they are still a team built to have to win shoot-outs, ONLY AN IDIOT would move on from Jameis Winston.

  136. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    @Alvin-“I love all the talk about the offensive stats. We probably have the best WR tandem in the league and Jay Miss is fameis for engineering comebacks late that JUST fall short”
    How can they be considered the best tandem WR if they don’t have a QB that can get them the ball?
    The same QB that gets hit more than any QB, has less time to throw, and receiver aren’t separating.
    Yes, thank goodness for those WR.
    Great WR tandems don’t have garbage QBs because if they did, they wouldn’t be able to play great and wouldn’t be considered great. It’s simple Watson.

  137. John.L Says:

    It’s amazing I voted 3 times already…

  138. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Jean when was the last time our defense was top 15 or better in overall defense? Enough said.

  139. BucsBandit Says:


    Serious question…

    If Jameis is so special and apparently (in your mind) one of only a tiny number of QBs that can put up numbers like he has this season…

    Then how on earth was Ryan Fitzpatrick able to have 3 games of over 400 yards passing with this same team (although he had me-Jax instead of stud Godwin starting)??? He also has mad multiple games of 4 TD passes.

    How is this possible? It’s not like he has ONE fluke super game.. or even two. He had many games of BIG yards and scoring.

    If you really feel that Jameis is the only one that can do this for the Bucs, then again… how on earth was a journeyman QB able to do it too?

  140. spicoli Says:

    I would rather give him a one year prove-it deal for $15M

  141. Anonymous Says:

    Fickle. Throw mutliple picks in JAX and help yet again with a Bucs loss and this poll willl turn over proportionately to be opposite. Consider the emtpy stadium too, the off field baggage that sent fans away (those with money that don’t read this site), and you have our problem with the Bucs.