Daniel Jeremiah: Time To Find A New QB

November 30th, 2019

NFL Network

During draft season, Joe often quotes NFL Network draft guru Daniel Jeremiah, the former college quarterback and NFL scout for the Eagles, Browns and Ravens.

He’s a very credible analyst well respected in league circles.

So Joe was intrigued listening to Jeremiah this week talk about how our beloved Buccaneers should be searching for the guy to replace America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

The Jameis inconsistency is too much for Jeremiah to believe the Bucs can be contenders with Jameis under center.

“He does a great job of keeping both teams in the game, yours and theirs,” Jeremiah said of Jameis. “He’s capable of beating the best; he’s capable of losing to the worst. It is a wild roller coaster ride with Jameis Winston. Now can you ever be a consistent winner with an inconsistent quarterback? I don’t believe you can. To me, I would be in search of the next [Bucs quarterback]. Because it is high highs and low lows and this has been his pattern for a long time now,  and I don’t know if it’s ever going to change. He’s like a high-volume [basketball] scorer jacking up shots from all over the place.”

Jeremiah made the comments on his popular NFL.com Move The Sticks podcast with former draft guru and former NFL defensive back Bucky Brooks.

Brooks said he believes the Bucs have a challenging decision ahead because they may not believe they have a better option at quarterback, in the draft or in free agency, adding that Jameis is very difficult to evaluate because of the extreme highs and lows in his play.”

I don’t know which direction you know if you’re Jason Licht and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Brooks said.

The one thing that’s undeniable with Jameis is that inconsistency. If Jameis can’t lick that over the final five games this season, then the reality is the Bucs would just be hoping it gets corrected in Year 6. That scenario would represent quite a gamble.

Derrick Brooks & Ira Kaufman in Episode 2 of TAMPA TWO this week dive into Sunday’s pivotal Bucs-Jags game. Yes it is a crossroads kind of game. Presented by Caldeco Air Conditioning & Heating. Another great production from The Identity Tampa Bay and Joe.

89 Responses to “Daniel Jeremiah: Time To Find A New QB”

  1. Pete I Says:

    Even if he has a good last 5 games the Bucs can only hope that it gets corrected in year 6.

    Jameis ” meaningless stats ” Winston America’s QB whos next turnover will be the start of his second hundred, will always be a gamble.

    Pay the fool 100 million, the Glazer babies deserve to lose that money.

  2. Kobe Faker Says:


    lazy journalism

    1 hater writes an article and everybody repeats it Kobe bets that 95% of these experts think that Arians is calling the offense and gameplan

    we need more unbiased writers like Jameis1of1”

    Kobe Faker

  3. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    It would be encouraging to see consistency these last few weeks for sure. I give props to this team for going from year 4 of an offense to a brand new offense with no drop off. I expect them to continue to get better and stop all the gaffes and miscommunications.
    The defense had nowhere to drop off to because we were already rock bottom but first year in the scheme I expect them to continue to get better this year.

  4. mickman Says:

    no way that is exactly what we need…listen to that avantage xQB…whose claim to fame isn’t what? That he thought Mayfield is the guy? lol.

  5. MadMax Says:

    He’s 25….boneheaded throws and decisions is maturity….sign him to a 2 year deal, see if he finally matures enough, but also draft a QB in 2020 (Jalen Hurts) in the 2nd or 3rd and break him in behind JW. He and JW compete, and if Jameis turns out to be the guy we go with, then we have a VERY capable backup.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We need a RT & DE/DT in the first two rounds…..after that, you can draft anyone at any position….including QB.

  7. SteveK Says:

    I’m out of hope for it to be anything more than it is already. I can’t do another year of the playoffless roller coaster.

  8. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I couldn’t explained it any better.

  9. Dewey Selmon Says:

    He could finish the rest of the season without throwing a pick and still finish with 20. His reputation is not going to change in 1 month. He is a turnover machine.

  10. Buc believer Says:

    Love how all the guys who either couldn’t play the game professionally but were decent in college or the one who played professionally until it was found out they sucked out loud so they became an “analyst” are all jealous of Jameis. Sure he turns it over a bit but he does WAY more good than bad. Suck it up buttercups and eat your heart out! Jameis is here to STAY!

  11. Buczilla Says:

    Jerimiah has common sense and is one of the few national guys that I respect. If Jameis hasn’t found consistency in 5 years his chances of finding it in 5 games is close to nil. I hope he does it and becomes the highest paid player ever. Lol, I won’t be holding my breath though.

  12. Biggun Says:

    Let him go… use the money to shore other needs like Shaq… and go get Teddy Bridgewater. Draft a good QB in waiting. Its very simple. Question is can we get TB from the Saints? And if Joe Burrows gets down to our pick grab him.

  13. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Again what defense has he played with since being here? When the defense has actually played well he wins! Go F’n figure!

  14. TampaBay55 Says:

    No risk it, no biscuit, Joe.

  15. Jean Lafitte Says:

    So I guess a defense is only good if they give up less points than their offense produces. So like when we lose 17 to 7 or 13 to 3 or 10 to 7 it’s “stupid defense”. Especially when a score or two were the result of turnovers by your own QB.

  16. TexBuc Says:

    Winston I believe will be under center again next year.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Buczilla … IF Jameis “becomes the highest paid player ever” like you hoped, the Bucs would be destined for losing seasons for the life of his contract. Bucs simply wouldn’t be able to afford enough quality players to upgrade the trenches, RBs, Secondary, etc.

    New England, New Orleans & other consistent winning teams figured out long ago that building a consistent winner requires superb management of your salary Cap. And paying any one player far in excess of their individual production on the field is the kiss of death. Winning QBs like Brady & Brees understand that relationship VERY well, and that’s why they play for $21.5 mil & $22.7 mil respectively.

  18. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jameis is as Jamyth does…

  19. SammyRebel Says:

    You know what Joe, in all my years of watching countless pointless hours of draft coverage on NFL network, these guys get paid to spew out garbage all show long because they’re only right about 1/4 of the time they “predict” well I don’t need to know what’s gonna happen to Jameis come March, he’s staying in Tampa whether it’s the tag or a contract that is favorable to the Bucs that can be similar to Derrick Carr’s contract where guarantee $$ get bounced after year 2 or 3 but as long as Arians and JLicht are here so is America’s QB

  20. MadMax Says:

    Biggun, Burrow and Chase are going #1 and #2….

    I would actually pick Chase if i had that pick.

  21. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Jean other then the last game where Jameis could have put us in a hole he for the most part his entire career has been playing from behind because our defense has not been able to stop a lawn chair. Many of his interceptions have accrued when trying to keep the team from falling into a bigger hole. So yes the defense has been garbage. Let’s see if the defense can make it two weeks in a row of playing decent football.

  22. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’ll keep sayin this. IF…You are gonna keep Jameis, then you’d better get the very best Defense money can buy. And I do mean the best. Your Defense is gonna have to be in the top 5 every year..no exceptions. Because Jameis is..Mr. Helter Skelter. Any thing can and does happen. Let me ask all of you..How many of yu cringe everytime Jameis goes back to throw? Quite a few. Its like Russian Roulette. I’m sittin on the edge of my recliner with full shot glass in hand..Prayin.
    I do believe Jameis stays for another yr because Arians really believes he can fix Jameis.

  23. RustyRhinos Says:

    I’m tired? What? Have you not witnessed the several Picks our QB has thrown on the first play if the game? Was he playing from behind at the start of the game? The first series? I will agree that after those Picksixes he was needing to play catch up.

  24. ben Says:

    WHY .. Winston is not even an average qb by nfl standards and yet some buc fans seem ok with keeping Winston,year after year .. .

  25. ElBajito43 Says:

    WALTER FOOTBALL says, “The Buccaneers could draft a quarterback, but that would require general manager Jason Licht to admit that he was wrong about Jameis Winston. Licht believes he’s right about everything, so Tampa might give Winston another shot in 2020. If so, perhaps this pick will be used on a safety to finally make amends for not selecting Derwin James.”


    but the point is “Trash” Licht and co. will never admit that it is time to draft a QB

    Maybe we get lucky and they draft Hurts in the 2nd or 3rd rd

    More than likely NEGATIVE


    Papa BWUCY BWuce make it awwww better. Explain aww the INT and FUMBLE away

  26. J Says:

    You’ve already posted about this Joe in a previous article..dementia?

  27. Papa Bwucy Bwuce Says:

    Thats right “Baby Winny” I got your back. Me and Jason we feel good about our QB situation for 2020

    If something happens we know that RG4 can step right in. I saw him on Thanksgiving a few days ago and he threw a perfect TD to Uncle Joel in the back yard. He’s ready!

    Im here for you Bud! I love you man, that’s why whenever you mess up big time on TV im always right there whisperin’ WHISPERIN’ IN YOUR EAR….

    With a SOFT GENTLE “MATT GAY” hand on your helmet as I look deep into your eyes and say, “THAT INTERCEPTION WAS MIKE EVANS FAULT”

  28. Buccfan37 Says:

    Good one Mike Johnson… I can see the likeness between Winston and Helter Skelter.

  29. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Other than some of the dopes on this website, almost everyone nationally, be it pundits or fans, realizes Jay Miss is a hopeless case. He needs to go and JasonLichtMyBalls needs to go as well.
    If the old man on the golf cart who eats too much red meat, drinks too much and doesn’t exercise, wants to stick around and groom a new QB, so be it.

  30. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    75% of fans want Jameis back next year.

  31. tnew Says:

    I didn’t comment on this the first time on JBF… I guess the second time is the charm. Objectively, Winston and the receiving corps have struggled in the assimilation of the Byron Leftwich/Bruce Arians lite offense. Yet they are putting up huge yardage, however, the Bucs “great” receivers generate the least separation in the league. Couple this with the second most intended air yards per attempt and its pretty easy to understand what is happening regarding turn overs. This is a multi faceted but fixable issue. Winston is FAR from the main reason this team hasn’t been winning over the course of his time in Tampa.

    I am still waiting to see the end of the season before I definitively comment of what I would do, but given the situation, the Bucs need to play and plan for 2021. (if they run off some wins and end up 8-8 or 9-7 I will have a different opinion, my basis this will be a 7-9 team, if they lose out, I will have another opinion)

    I would absolutely keep Winston and sign him to a multi year deal for as team friendly as I could with team options that were more player friendly.

  32. Jean Lafitte Says:


    Exactly and especially since Jason Licht has a burner account under the handle of Jameis 1 of 1 out there trashing anyone and everyone who has anything negative to say about Jameis. Just doing all that makes me believe the only way we will ever move on from Jameis is to fire Jason Licht. Personally I hope Arians quits and the Glazers fire Licht. It’s too bad, cause I actually liked Jason but his refusal to recognize Jameis as a possible disappointment to this point is mind-numbing and a betrayal to the fans.

  33. tnew Says:

    Early send there.. My logic is I would build the team with a solid offensive line and running game, but I would also try to maneuver so that I could have two #1’s in 2020. This way, you have a chance to get in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. I would give up the number 1 pick the next 3 seasons at this point, to draft Lawrence. He has the athleticism, arm and the it factor to truly be the next great NFL QB. I would absolutely ride the Winston roller coaster one more season, then go all in for Lawrence. I know that sounds crazy but everyone on this board would trade a draft pick, OJ Howard and Vernon Hargreaves for Trevor Lawrence.

    No matter..Go Bucs. Win out and lets see what happens..

  34. Barbosa Says:

    Franchise tag Winston. Try to keep as much together as possible for next year.

  35. Adrnagy Says:

    I don’t believe anything “analyst “ say. Why because 100% of the time they are wrong.

  36. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Can you ever be a consistent winner with an inconsistent QB? No.

    Well put Mr. Jeremiah.

  37. Ndog Says:

    Build the defense line up, upgrade the RT, add more depth to the WRs, DBs, RBs and TE and we will win more than enough to make everyone here happy and then they will magically start loving Jameis.

  38. Ndog Says:

    Can you ever be a consistent winner with the worst defense in the league. No.

  39. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Can you ever be a consistent winner when you have a QB that plays for both teams?

  40. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Alabama Mac Jones the white Jaboo

    He is scoring all the pts for both teams”

    Kobe Faker

  41. July Joe Says:

    Jameis Winston:

    – Leads #3 scoring offense even though he has #20 run support and takes more QB hits and gets sacked more than any other QB

    – #2 in passing yards

    – #3 in TD passes

    – Will be 26 years old next season

    HE’S GOING TO GET PAID no matter what idiot fans and clueless media say or think …

  42. July Joe Says:

    BTW, a whole bunch of HALL OF FAME QBs also led the league in interceptions over a season and many of them did not also finish top 3 in yards, TDs and scoring … people are soooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!

  43. Jeagan1999 Says:

    My Bucs offseason plan:

    Wave goodbye to JW…
    Sign Teddy Bridgewater to a 3yr $48mil deal….
    Extend Barrett & Godwin…
    Sign a good FA Tackle….
    Draft Round 1 Jalen Hurts (QB)
    Draft Round 2 JK Dobbins (RB)
    Draft Round 3 AJ Terrell (CB)
    Draft Round 3 AJ Dillon (RB)

  44. July Joe Says:

    I love the volume-scorer NBA comparison as it’s a great one.

    Jameis is like Allen Iverson instead of Jeff Hornacek … Iverson needed way more shots to score the same amount of points as the far more “efficient” Hornacek, yet everyone knew Hornacek was nowhere near the “talent” that Iverson was, nor did Hornacek have any chance of carrying a team the way Iverson could.

    You could also say Jameis is like Russell Westbrook instead of John Stockton … Stockton was far more “efficient” as a scorer and turned the ball over far less than Westbrook, but Westbrook was by far the better “talent” and the only one of the two that had any possibility of “carrying” a team.

    Jameis is to Iverson and Westbrook as a guy like Teddy Bridgewater is to Hornacek and Stockton.

    And, just as a team loaded with top talent and great scorers might be better with Stockton than it would with Westbrook, an NFL team that is loaded and just needs a game-manager might be better off with Bridgewater … but EVERY OTHER team would be better off with Westbrook/Jameis …

    So, if the over this next off-season the Bucs completely transform their roster and look like they’ll have a top 10 defense AND top 10 run game AND top 10 O-Line, go ahead and draft a game-manager like Jake Fromm … but if they are still a team built to have to win shoot-outs, ONLY AN IDIOT would move on from Jameis Winston.

  45. BrianBucs Says:

    Time for the Bucs to move on from Winston. He has hit his ceiling so what you see is what you get. Bucs can’t win a championship with this guy.

  46. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Yup he’s 26, he couldn’t possibly ever get better.

  47. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    25*. He should start looking into retirement homes and funeral arrangements.

  48. DooshLaRue Says:

    Doesn’t matter your age when you’re a mental midget.

    JayMiss sucks.
    Don’t be fooled!

  49. Oneilbucs Says:

    Teddy Bridgwater will not be successful in this offense. This offense is a up the field pass happy offense. Teddy Bridgwater is a dink and dunk quarterback which is not a bad thing but the offenses that Jamies have been apart of are all high risk type throws. And this trash fan base just don’t understand. Ain’t no rookie quarterback is going to be successful in this type of offense that don’t have no running game. When was the last time that we had a 1000 yards rusher??? 2015 and our defense was ranked 32 that year. We need to keep Jamies and build a defense. Again the narrative of the national media is soooooo wrong but none football knowing fans buying in to the lie all the time.

  50. DooshLaRue Says:

    Hmmmm…. Alabama QB threw 2 pick sixes and they lost?
    How can that be?
    It’s the defense and the kickers fault isn’t it?

  51. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    As much as so many Bucs fan want Winston gone I think Winston will be franchised and play one more year in Tampa. I do think Arians will draft a QB in the second and tutor him for a year. I really think this team is improving and will be a playoff contender in 20 with or with out Jameis

  52. Mort Says:

    Copy / paste the same thing about Brett Favre. The all-time INT leader in NFL history.

  53. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Doosh you must have spent a lot of time with Jameis to know he is a “mental midget”.
    Weird because coaches rave about his ability to learn and retain football information.
    I bet if you had less than two seconds to throw a football to a blanketed receiver, you would throw some interceptions too. In fact, anyone in the history of the planet would.

  54. Tye Says:

    “Time To Find A New QB”

    If only someone at one Bucs was anywhere near as smart as those running the Titans..
    They grow a set, swap QBs and by that simple act they have improved and won more games..
    Only the Bucs would be this bad at business decisions..

    Jags might be Florida’s only hope for True NFL quality football any time soon!

  55. DooshLaRue Says:


    The eating Ws speech was telling.
    The multitude of bad decisions on the field is too.
    And as far as coaches raving about his intelligence why do you think they don’t let him throw the ball in critical situations too much anymore.

    JayMiss says what he’s supposed to say but hardly ever DOES what he’s supposed to do.

  56. Ndog Says:

    I love how you people seriously believe the problem with this team is the leader of the #3 scoring offense in the league yet seem to have no issue with the leagues worst scoring defense. People’s lack of brains never ceases to amaze me.

  57. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    I concur Ndog I wish these folks would take their anger out on the defense more then anything. They should all no better after all that’s what won our Super Bowl. Without a defense or oline you can kiss any dream of a super bowl goodbye just ask Andrew Luck.

  58. bucy Says:

    100 turnovers in less than 5 years and many games less than all the other QBs people refer to on that list and you want to resign him….. Yeah No. He will never learn, he will go to the bears and continue on his trajectory of failure.

  59. Ndog Says:

    Hey bucy how many of those TOs came while being down and having to force the ball in predictable situations? Once you find that come talk to me cause I bet it’s at least 30% of them.

  60. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    LMAO @ Doosh! Auburn scored 48 points, 41 by the offense. Yeah, lousy defense played a bit of a factor in the loss today. FFS we have the dumbest fan base.

  61. Ndog Says:

    Just ignore Doosh he doesn’t even know what a football looks like.

  62. SOEbuc Says:

    Hes exactly right. Bridgwater coming from Sean Payton scheme would of course be the best replacement. DT Javon Kinlaw in the first, RT, DE, LG, LT, RB, WR. Stack the trenches like we’ve constantly say every year. We have NO decent oline depth. Pay a safety and resign Shaq.

  63. Rick Says:

    If they don’t qb in the first, j can see them going trenches in the first three rounds

  64. Ndog Says:

    Teddy Bridgewater would be horrible here. That NO scheme is nothing like ours NOTHING.

  65. mickman Says:

    better be careful…if bucs let Winston go he could end up at Carolina or New Orléans and win twice a year against bucs.

    or better yet end up in New England and be the next Brady, or even Saints and be Breese in the next two years. Don’t think Steelers would not sign him.

  66. JimmyJack Says:

    SOE I keep hearing Bridgewater but I fail to see how it makes any sense. He is not a good fit for Arians offense. He’s never been asked to use the whole field in his pro career and I’m sure I’ve heard was not used that way in college either.

    If we are going to get a new QB shouldn’t it be one who can run the offense? Dalton Rivers & maybe even Eli could be possibilities. Heard Tannyhill bantered around too. Don’t know if he fits or not.

  67. Craig Says:

    No matter what, we need to see Ryan Griffin chuck a ball or two in the regular season. There is one positive, that I can see with Jameis, he is a durable QB.
    That would be great for somebody’s back up.

    He is not a starting QB anywhere other than Miami. If anyone else thought that Jameis was worth anything there would be rumors of bank trucks backing up to his door. Look at last year, even Case Keenan had that happen. Jameis is as entertaining as a Halloween scarce house.

    No one wants a QB who can only stay one touchdown above his interceptions.

  68. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    this guy is wrong Jameis will be extended. New offense and it has some hiccups with the WR/QB not being on the same page bet my left nut Jameis has less INT next season.

  69. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    I love how there are people in here that consider us to be bad fans cause we don’t want a 27.5 million dollar a year QB that turns the ball over almost twice a game.

  70. SOEbuc Says:

    Dalton is underated behind a good oline. I watch AJ Green highlights from ’17-18′ and say “hey we have Godwin and Evans.”

  71. Not a blind bucs fan Says:

    Have we ever resigned a qb? The answer is no.Have we ever had a talent like this ? No.We have a opportunity to build and if the defense is made formidable we will win.The old bucs said give us 17 .we give 28 and lose.Look at the numbers not the QB

  72. BucsBandit Says:

    I would bet anything that Arians does NOT want Winston at QB next year. A huge staff has worked with Winston to make him better this year and cut down on the turnovers and he hasn’t improved at all, even his completion percentage has plummeted.

    Arians is a football strategist. He knows that turnovers are the kiss of death in football. So much of his comments at press conferences have been playing politics not to upset Jameis or get the media pressure to intensify.

    I think Arians already knows this season is over and so is Winston’s run in Tampa Bay. Just he quickly brought Gabbert onboard (knowing Winston’s turnover issues) I think if Gabbert didn’t get hurt Jameis would have been benched by now.

    Look for Arians to bring in a new starting QB next season.


  73. snookman Says:

    Jameis will never change. If you feel you can build a winner around a guy who turns the ball over often then make Jameis the Franchise QB. I think that is a mistake.

    I would approach the draft like this. We are either going all in on a new QB and signing Jameis to a 1 year deal franchise tag. Or we are going to improve our team and sign Jameis because we feel we can be a winning team with him at QB.

    The problem with Jameis and the bucs is that Jameis does Play well enough at times to make you think he can be the guy…………then he makes stupid mistakes. Last week was a microcosm of Jameis career………….Horrible turnovers and then Stud throws into coverage that very few QBs can make.

    I don’t trust him.

  74. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    We have resigned a QB. Only one. And that QB is…?

    Ryan Griffin. I’m not joking.

  75. Bucs47life Says:

    At this point 3 gives us our best chance to win. Winning is all that matters. He is our QB. Kurt Warner threw 27 ints the year before he won the superbowl. Favre at this point in his career threw more ints. We are going to get these seasons. (Tennessee Giants).
    If our D was ranked 15th we would be anywhere from 6-5 to 8-3. Period.
    Regardless of any turnovers we have had.

  76. onetrickpony Says:

    drafting a qb and having him sit behind JW ?
    Do you really think that is a good idea ?
    Something is wrong when your qb is so fragile that you dare not have competition for him,so what is one sitting in the wings and learning whatever from JW going to do, and what will he learn from him?
    How to be inconsistent? And why hasnt RG been on the field than,if all this is a game plan.
    Its fish or cut bait time but like the past,he will give false hope with a few good games and all will be forgotten

  77. MadMax Says:

    ^ yeah….what did Aaron Rodgers do behind Favre?

    Look, not saying the kid up next needs to mimic JW….ffs, just give him a year to learn the plays and get up to football speed.

    At the rate Hurts is going and if we win against other teams tanking for the draft, we’ll have to use our first on Jalen….i saw a mock with us taking Tua but thats a real serious injury thats hard to recover 100% from. No, let somebody else take a chance with him.

  78. whats the bucs plan 2020 Says:

    Can you ever be a consistent winner with an inconsistent QB? No.

    Well put Mr. Jeremiah.

    Jaymiss Winsnot isnt worth 25-30 million a year…….. period

  79. adam from ny Says:

    the guy nailed it without stating:

    “jameis is the carmelo anthony of football”

  80. adam from ny Says:

    the thing is, moving forward, he is going to have that one year where he barely throws any ints..all long term full time qbs have that one big year on their resume…the question is, does he have that year with the bucs or elsewhere ???

  81. adam from ny Says:

    because he hasn’t had his “career year” yet

  82. adam from ny Says:

    potentially in that career year he would throw for:

    4800 yards
    40 tds
    8-10 ints…

  83. DooshLaRue Says:

    @ MadMax

    Did you forget that JayMiss can’t handle the pressure of his successor waiting in the wings?
    His fragile psyche can’t handle it.

  84. MadMax Says:

    @Doosh, Yeah, another maturity issue he needs to overcome or GTFO.

    Man, I feel for Arians and Licht….so much going on and decisions to make.

  85. Easy Says:

    Draft Jalen Hurts in the second round.

  86. Issac haggins Says:

    Glazers !! Jason, We cant evaluate our Qb until my defense can get off the field on third down ( hasn’t happened for 5 years),O Line is considered top 10 ( has never happened), Running game is getting 25 carries and consistent 100 yard games ( last time it happened the QB went to the Pro Bowl). Tony was games away from getting fired and Peyton was headed to the bench and may have never been had the team around Peyton finally improved enough that he didn’t need to make a heroic play every series to win the game. Peyton was a turnover machine and so were others but no qb has had a worse , Running game ,o line,coaching and defense than what Licht has provided his number one overall pick. Let’s Put the failure in true Licht !!! I believe Winston will always be more like Farve than Manning but rest assured he s going to try and win the dam game !! If your D SUCKS , Running game sucks,and protection of the qb is bottom 5 , The Dam Qb is going to be a Turn Over Machine !! That’s putting the true Licht on the situation .

  87. orlbucfan Says:

    Aww, BS on a stick!! How about keeping the same HeadCoaching krewe for 3 seasons in a row???!! That would be a record. Go Bucs!!

  88. donuts Says:

    The great QBs (franchise QBs) dont need a great DEF. See Dan Marino as a superb example. The QB position is the only position on the field that can literally lift the entire team on his back. Lets be honest, Winston has had 5 years and he has never shown he has that ability. Show me the game where he was clearly the
    difference and the Bucs won. You have 25 of 65 games to choose from. 25 wins in 5 years screams change. If you dont agree, you are in denial or are the author of a bad book with a 2 star rating regarding Winston.

  89. Isaac haggins Says:

    Well you got two of the three today and a W, no one receptions, close to 70% completion rate in high winds !! The stuff ain’t hard folks and it doesn’t take magic ………. other than the touchdown run the running game was absolutely atrocious and the fact that Bruce and Byron don’t understand their personnel in the run game is mine boggling !!! But they did pass protect fairly well and the defense had some big plays and obviously a big stopAnd you end up with a W