Decision Jameis Poll No. 2

November 22nd, 2019

Have your say in this new, weekly, 24-hour poll on the Bucs future of Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback. Poll posted at 4:04 p.m. See last week’s results here.

118 Responses to “Decision Jameis Poll No. 2”

  1. Lamarcus Says:

    6 year deal worth 190. Million. 98 guarantee. 20 for stress. Another 20 for surrounded by muppets

  2. Morgus the Magnificent Says:


  3. DooshLaRue Says:

    You suck JayMiss.

    See ya!

  4. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    And IF they re-sign him, they’re signing up for however many more years of 6-10 seasons, and league-leading turnovers, WHICH CANNOT BE OVERCOME!!! (Not to mention the Glazers would certainly appreciate averaging more than 40k fans per home game).

  5. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Id love to sit down and burn a jay with Lamarcus and enlighten him .

  6. miken Says:

    @Joe…Is #3’s contract garanteed for injury next year if he were to get injured this year?
    Jameis has no contract for 2020. –Joe

  7. tickrdr Says:

    Just a reminder.
    The Bucs with JW3 starting have won
    three games in 2017 and
    three games in 2018 and
    three games so far in 2019.
    How should I vote?


  8. Wesley Says:

    A mediocre q.b. simply isn’t good enough.

  9. SteveK Says:

    Walk year walk on

  10. Lamarcus Says:

    We can we win with TOs. Ask Brett Favre. You never win with that secondary at any time

  11. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You continue to amuse me by posting FACTS. That’s not fair on a Sports Blog is it? LMAO

    Meanwhile I’m curious if you would let JW stay for another year at the right price?

    This is the worst kind of speculation considering there are other teams in the league that would over pay for him…..but….if he finishes this year as he’s started his value might go down….perhap when monkeys fly out of my butt…or when JW become a consistent QB. This is why I voted with the majority.

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    If we are gonna keep Jameis then we’d Deeyham better shore up out Defense and make it a top 5 one. That’s the only way. Because Jameis is gonna score but he will turn it over repeatedly..again and again. We had better be able to stop somebody. We will NOT win shootouts.

  13. SteveK Says:

    Can’t pay top dollar for most turnovers ever.

  14. Kansas95Buc Says:

    Multi year deal, all of the Buccaneers problem isn’t on him. But then again, who said Winston wants to be here….

  15. tmaxcon Says:


    Bucs have sucked long before jameis and will embarrass themselves long after jameis is successful elsewhere… you and the rest of the blind haters bring up all jameis faults and yes he has faults yet you completely ignore the fact glazers have set jameis up to fail from day one…. no offensive line, no running game and washed up has beens that never were in bad character lovie Smith and the family plan, then clueless koetter and now the latest circus sideshow BA and merry band of morons…..

    You talk like Bucs have been consistent contenders yet history proves outside of the fluke championship season this team has never contended….

    I did here based on your math the NFL will be dropping superbowl and just awarding the Lombardi to the team with least interceptions

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs have only so much money to spend, just like every other team. We’ve already got too much tied up in contracts for 2020 & beyond as it is for average players. Bucs need to re-evaluate ‘who they want to be when they grow up’ and reprioritize their spending accordingly.

    No matter which way we go though, investing in long-term contract for Jameis makes no sense, financially or otherwise. Find a truly mobile QB who can escape taking a beating behind this OLine for at least the next 3-4 years while we rebuild it. No more pocket passers who keep getting creamed, no matter how tough they are. Some rookie similar to Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson,or even Derek Carr would do fine. They do exist, we just have to find the right one.

  17. rosadog Says:

    Deshaun Watson threw his first home Int in 303 attempts last night.

    Just imagine what that is like?

    Time to move on! Yards mean nothing. The team is not good but the QB decison making doesn’t help.

  18. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I’d rather we try to win next season with a new rookie QB than lose with Jameis anymore. He’s had his chance and it’s time to move on.

  19. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I think someone with a quick release and accuracy would be an upgrade.

  20. tmaxcon Says:

    You people are beyond hilarious…. blaming a 25 year old qb for a this franchise failures is asinine….you dumbarses do realize jameis was 8 years old the last time this franchise won a meaningful game….i think its adorable you fools think glazers are trying…. so cute yet so damn ignorant

  21. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Franchise him and draft a Qb. Nobody entering camp with a guaranteed job. Not even Jameis.

  22. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Ok Jean and who do you think that would be? I don’t see any talent coming available in the draft or FA that can win with this defense. Our best chance is with Jameis and a fixed secondary from FA.

  23. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Jimmy Johnson drafted Troy Aikman and then used a supplemental pick on Steve Walsh, QB out of Miami the same year and let the fight it out. If competition rattles Jameis at this point in his career, he’s way beyond fixing.

  24. Jeagan1999 Says:

    its been 5 years now and Jameis Winston is still completing less than 60% of his passes (not even in the top 50 in passing %) and still turning the ball over at an alarming and historic rate!

    It’s been 5 years now and Jason Licht has still yet to build a competitive (let alone winning) roster around the aforementioned Jameis Winston…despite all the cash that has been splashed around for free agents, and the early draft picks every year, we still have huge needs all over this team!

    Sure we could get rid of one of these and see if the team improves, but I would say cut both and start fresh because one can’t stop turning the ball over and the other clearly has issues recognizing and drafting talent!

  25. Aaron Says:

    We have to some how be an average run team with an average defense or it just doesn’t matter what we do…

    We have 100 coaches – is anyone getting better?

    Our GM will still be the one picking the groceries…so I have zero faith we turn this around…we are so bad…unless we revamp our scouting team and GM…we’ll absolutely ruin a rookie QB

    What’s really sad – what good coach or GM wants to come here…

    Sad times in Buc land…

  26. Slugglife Says:

    Sometimes it’s just a business decision. I know the GSU homers won’t like that, but oh well. ME and CG will probably be consulted and hold more weight than us.

    Johnny football was able to throw the deep ball to ME better than JW.

    Wish the guy the best but it’s just not working out. Use that money to build the D like my esteemed colleagues have suggested.

  27. Lamarcus Says:

    Kapernick is available. He has not thrown no picks in 3 years.

  28. Slugglife Says:

    Yup, mobile QB or bust. No more statues with long throwing motions. JW has made some great plays with his legs, don’t get me wrong. He can be fun to watch at times. Just can’t stomach these picks anymore. Sucks the wind out of the stadium.

    Especially after we win the toss and the first pass is a pick. Drink!

  29. Slugglife Says:

    That is one hell of a stat Lamarcus. Well done Sir.

  30. T REX Says:

    45 people at the time of this post are out of their freaking minds or that’s Winston family. Dump him. tmaxiepad can go with him. We don’t need you pal.

  31. Jean Lafitte Says:

    tmx 🖕

  32. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    It just isn’t gonna happen for Jaboo here. Best of luck to him in another uniform; its time to look to the future here.

  33. Jean Lafitte Says:

    anybody 87 …ya never know until ya try

  34. soggy Says:

    The wheels on the bus go round and round… Bottom of our Division Suckers…Time to start over..

  35. Ed Says:

    If Winston was white, would this poll even be posted.

  36. BucsFanRioDeJaneiro Says:

    Build the trenches first!!!
    2020 class is loaded with very good OTs, take one in the 1st round, then pick the best DE available in the 2nd round. Trade up for a DT (2nd round) and draft a developmental C in the 4th.
    Grab a shutdown CB and good depth at OL in free agency. Ré-sign Barrett, Nassib and JPP.
    Take our franchise QB in 2021. Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence are far better prospects than Herbert, Fromm and Burrow. Tua is injury prone and short.

  37. Jean Lafitte Says:


  38. Mike Says:

    @ed… not sure, but they wouldn’t if he was any good.

  39. gotbbucs Says:

    What is there left to see? Honestly. I’m not trying to be smartass, but how can there possibly be any question about needs to happen inside the organization? The only explainable reason from their points of view to keep him around is to not admit that he’s not what they wanted him to be. That’s it.

    He’s proven over and over again to be an absolute rollercoaster ride. What’s the longest stretch he’s ever had before he’s melted down? Everybody loved to make fun of the “waiting for the other shoe to drop” type of deal there was with Fitzpatrick starting, but how is Winston different?

    Winston is a #1 overall pick. The only reason why he is still a starter on thus team is because of the investment, not the production. You can’t continue to subject the rest of the roster to this fiasco unless you really want to lose the entire locker room. Those guys all know this is a lost cause. They’re not playing for this QB or this organization anymore, they’re looking forward to the next QB or the next team they could play for.

    The veterans on this team that know better are all disenchanted at this point. Why go out there and risk injury for a team that isn’t turning over every rock there is to try and win? The organization is choosing Winston over winning.

  40. DooshLaRue Says:

    So the poll shows what I expected.
    About half the fans, the Nuthuggers……..are effing retarded!

    And Ed, you might be one of the head tards.
    Any QB, regardless of his skin color, who turns the ball over like JayMiss is gonna be discussed.

  41. ben Says:

    as a season tkt holder ,bucs need an average qb ,at least …move on

  42. Bucsfanman Says:

    What a stupid post! If he were a 2nd pick, would we be having this conversation?! Yea, race!
    Anyway, there’s no way signing him to a long-term deal makes sense. Franchise him and draft his replacement. That’s the smart business play.
    Although, I do think it’s time to move on. That’s what my heart says. We’ve seen enough.

  43. tmaxcon Says:

    Miss jean the laughable luv you too ma’am… truth hurts doesn’t….. you cant dispute history so you break out tbe finger…. luv me the little keyboard tough guys….

  44. gotbbucs Says:

    We had a white QB that threw INT’s just like Winston, he won us two huge games to start last year,…they benched him in favor of Winston after his suspension was over for gropping an Uber driver and lying about it to the entire organization.

    Put the race card back in your pocket, buddy. Winston has gotten more time than most QB’s with similar resumes to prove himself.

  45. firethecannons Says:

    thanks Joe for the Jameis poll, I was calling for this after the last game. Results so far as I expected.

  46. Buccfan37 Says:

    You could almost say Winston dragged FSU down to also ran level. The Bucs couldn’t resist, for whatever reason still unclear. The Licht Special.

  47. Figures Says:

    Lamarcus and tampax are among the dumbest people I’ve ever had the displeasure to come across.

    I’m literally dumber for reading anything they post.

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    Still want to see if Ryan Griffin has anything in the tank. He’s under contract for next year already, and it’d be nice to see if he’s a viable backup, or heaven forbid, MAYBE even a viable starter.

    In other news, it’s interesting that the Browns are sitting at 4-6 now, after starting off 2-6 in the first half season after 17 turnovers in 8 games. Yup, 2 wins in a row. And what’s REALLY interesting is that they haven’t had a TO in these last 2 games. No turnovers … 2 wins. Hmmm, strange happenings up in Cleveland.

  49. Figures Says:

    Lamarcus and tampx are racists.

    And they prove it all the time.

    Racists. And stupid to top it off. A combination of EBT and low credit score with those two.

  50. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Know the #Winstondefenseforce knows what his QB coach said. Clyde Christensen has been around the block more then a few times. they have tried literally everything to get him to stop turning the ball over. Jameis Winston is a career backup. deal with it FSU homers. also DB55, Ndog, T…..x and Lamarcus should rent a house together.

  51. Lamarcus Says:

    Add some paid vacation and a signing bonus and some ownership stake. Whatever we need to do!!!

  52. lewis Says:

    JM and the gm are the only 2 Constance let them both walk i wont go to a game until he is gone and i know the owners dont care but its like that

  53. lewis Says:

    meant JW

  54. Tye Says:

    66 games
    5 years
    3 HCs
    plays no better than rookie year
    many drafted since him are far better at taking care of the ball
    3 straight losing seasons

    the guy contribute to the losing, often…
    he is far more the problem and surely not the solution.

  55. AlamoBuc Says:

    This was the year to see if he could turn it around and it just hasn’t happened. Time for a change, it’s not working after 5 years.

  56. Gettinthebucs Says:

    Wow it’s pretty much 50/50 at the time of my vote. I say give him 1 more year with Bruce and company. We’ve already been dookie juice 1 more year won’t hurt if they suck again.😂

  57. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Time to cut bait.

  58. SB Says:

    Not Enough Options on the Poll.
    Couldn’t answer.

  59. NPRSageBoy Says:

    JayMiss is actually worse since “The Quarterback Whisperer” and his enormous coaching staff arrived.
    “Experts” said if BA can’t fix JayMiss he can’t be fixed. Not sure what to make of this $hitshow, but I’m leaning towards BA is a washed up has-been who sold this fan base a bill of goods.
    Bottom line: JayMiss is a never was and BA if full of crap.

    Burn it down and start over. Fire everyone.

    Peace, out

  60. tmaxcon Says:


    Pansy arse like you have rendered the words racist and bigot completely meaningless….. back to your safe space pansy

  61. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Build. A. Defense.

  62. JP_09 Says:

    If you draft a qb in round one and let Jameis walk you will have roughly an additional 25 million more in free agency to fix the D and OL opposed to keeping Winston.

    RD 1 QB roughly 5.3 million (Devon Whites first year salary)
    Winston franchised Roughly 30 million

    The Bucs will have roughly 65 million in cap space I believe. Would you rather have 60 million to fix the D or 35?

    Someone can look up the actual #s but these are close from what I recall.

    My opinion, is to let him walk or sign a two year 30 million dollar contract (and still bring in another QB via FA or the draft) with playoff incentives

  63. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    Titans are preparing to get rid of Mariota, why we shouldn’t do the same…..
    JW < MM , should be simple…. but wait .. we got JL which is screwed up as a GM, so before he goes down, is going to hold on JW with all the cost…. we are doomed in this city….period

    BA = LovieS 2.0

  64. Buczilla Says:

    Jameis would have to take 3rd string money for me to keep him. Draft one of the highly rated offensive tackles in April (2 or 3 potentially really good ones) and take Jalen Hurts in the second round. Hell, trade back into the bottom of the first to make sure you get him. If someone offers me a 2 for Ali or Donovan I’m shipping them out as well since they are soft and overrated. Licht does not deserve to draft another qb and he would be the first to go.

  65. Tbbucs3 Says:


    Marcus Mariora is not better than Jameis Winston. You only think that because Mariota doesn’t turnover the ball over.

    Here’s an important football lesson. Just because a QB doesn’t turn the football over doesn’t mean he’s a good quarterback.

    JW is a good quarterback with a turnover problem. MM has games where he is incapable of moving the ball and scoring any points.

  66. Tbbucs3 Says:

    BA paired with Jameis is a match made in H-E-L-L.

    Jameis plays best when he is asked to game manage. He doesn’t need a washed up coach telling him to force the ball downfield every single play.

    JW needs a coach that will run a QB friendly offense that naturally cuts down INTs (See Adam Gase or Sean McVay)

    Get a defense while your at it.

  67. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It depends on a lot of things, but I am going with Franchise…AND draft his replacement. Expecting Arians to turn him around in a year was stretching it. Tagging him let’s us see if Arians can turn him around in year 2, and drafting a guy in the second round or so gives us a fallback option.

    But like I said, it’s hard to say. Does Arians bench him before the end of season? Do we get to see Griffin play? How does Griffin do?

    Wouldn’t it be a kick in the privates if Griffin does not play, signs somewhere else and ends up playing elite for 10 years?

    And it also depends on the guys in the draft and in free agency. Just too many things to consider.

  68. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I’m not a Mariota fan, and definitely not a Jameis fan. I didn’t want either one, but to say Marcus Mariota is garbage doesn’t hold water. Obviously he doesn’t have the big yardage numbers but look at the stats vs Jameis.
    …..and he fumbles a hell of a lot less than JayMiss.

    2019 1,179 7 2 91.7
    2018 2,528 11 8 92.3
    2017 3,232 13 15 79.3
    2016 3,426 26 9 95.6
    2015 2,818 19 10 91.5
    Career 13,183 76 44 89.6

    Soiled Messiah JW

    2019 3,078 19 18 80.5
    2018 2,992 19 14 90.2
    2017 3,504 19 11 92.2
    2016 4,090 28 18 86.1
    2015 4,042 22 15 84.2
    Career 17,706 107 76 86.5

  69. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Yea Bonzai I can see it now….

    Pat Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Ryan Griffen, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady

  70. Cubano Bucanero Says:

    Franchise him. Give everyone one more year. Sign a veteran qb. Maybe draft a 2nd round qb.

  71. BrianBucs Says:

    With the Salary Cap situation that Licht has put the Bucs in, it would be absolutely ludicrous to franchise Winston and give him 27 Million Dollars. To many other holes to fill with better players. Next season would just be a repeat of this season.
    Also, Winston has NOT earned a multi-year deal whatsoever. The only thing he has proven is that he can lead the league in turnovers.
    If the Bucs do make the mistake of trying to keep Winston, then they need to let him test the free agent market and see what his value would be. Then when he finds that it is much lower and less than he thinks they can maybe lowball him an offer at his real value then see what happens.
    However, it really is time for the Bucs to move on from Winston

  72. Defense Rules Says:

    Bonzai … Franchise tag would cost WAAAY too much. It’d hamper our ability to fix the defense and the OLine & RB situations. JP_09 is spot on … That’s $25 mil that wouldn’t be available to meet other needs. We’d be in exactly the same spot next year as we are this year.

    According to Spotrac, Bucs have the third most salary Cap space in the NFL in 2020 at $93.3 mil. That’s VERY deceiving though, because we only have 35 players under contract (the Dolphins & Colts above us have 44 & 40 players under contract respectively). And as I look at our 35 players, at least 5 of them almost certainly won’t be with us next year (they’re all very low paid, totaling about $3 mil, and haven’t seen any action). IOW, we’ll really have about $96.3 mil to pay for about 23 players to bring us up to the 53. IF we keep 6 draft picks like we did this year, at a cost of $9.3 mil like this year, that’d leave us $87 mil to sign 16 FA players (to include re-signing some of our own obviously.

    Sounds like a lot of money, until you start looking at the big money guys like JPP, Barrett & Suh (could easily be $35-$37 mil right there for them OR FAs equivalent to them). That’d leave us with say $50 mil to sign 13 quality players. Include in that number 2 quality veteran OLinemen, 1 RB, 1 CB & 1 Safety PLUS a QB … all to make us ‘competitive’ … plus another 7 players to round out the 13, and that $50 mil would disappear VERY rapidly. There’s simply no way we could pay $30 mil plus to franchise tag a QB and still make the other fixes we NEED to make. The money just doesn’t work IF the intent is to build a competitive TEAM.

  73. SOEbuc Says:

    Defense Rules

    “only so much money to spend”

    Exactly. No JPP. No huge Shaq contract. Possibly have to trade a good player. Every time I think of cap space I think Chris Godwin will be going into his final rookie contract year in 2020.

  74. Defense Rules Says:

    DoooshLaRue … For low money, I wouldn’t mind seeing us take a chance on Mariota. But to use him in a role very similar to how Baltimore is using Lamar Jackson. Problem is that QBs like that don’t ‘fit’ BA’s BOMBS AWAY offense. Neither does Jameis apparently. IMO the problem is just as much the offensive philosophy (a dinosaur) as it is the QB trying to run it. The only other teams I see using that deep pass philosophy (Browns, Falcons, Bengals … maybe a few more) don’t seem to be doing that hot. LOTS of turnovers on all 3 of those teams, although not as many as what we’ve had.

  75. Ndog Says:

    Why in the world would this team use any draft capital on a QB at this point. It either has to be Jameis or another vet as a young QB would get ruined on this team plus we need to use as many picks as we can to improve the oline and dline. But the bottom line is, which I am very sad to say, is this coaching staff seems to be just as bad as the last one. They simple are not playing to their players strengths as we have a decent but not dominate oline. Our WRs are big and physical but take a long time to get open so long routes means the QB has to hold the ball longer than you want. Combine those two and you get sacks and TOs. Then there’s Jameis who has always proven to be excellent in the no huddle and quick game yet we never do that. Just simply watch his college tape he was excellent at slants and is excellent outside the pocket yet we never move the pocket or use the quick game. So they are not playing to the strength of the oline, WRs or QB other than that their are great. And oh yeah they don’t really use the TEs at all. It’s not the play calling either it’s the plays themselves. Watch all of the current successful teams and they have multiple screens every game, quick flip passes to guys in motion, slants, swing passes, then the occasional deep shot. What they DON’T do is constantly run deep seam routes, fly routes, comeback routes. They also run out of the shotgun, which we never do which makes us more predictable. This offense is stagint and I will be the first to admit I liked this hire but the complete lack of willingness to adjust has made me really dislike this hire. We can only hope at some point they see what is clear to everyone else, but the reality is it’s not likely to happen.

  76. DB55 Says:

    I think it’s fair to point out the Blane Gabbret is on IR bc he hurt his shoulder behind this oline. Ryan Griffin also hurt his shoulder and JW did too.

    So by all means throw any avg qb out there or even better a running qb and see how that works out. Hi Cam 👋🏽

  77. Andrew Says:

    Jameis is not worth franchise tag money. Tannehill is on a one year 7 or 8 million a year deal. Jameis is that or a little more on a one year deal. That’s his market.

  78. Lamarcus Says:

    Defense Rules

    That’s stupid. Use Mariota in a Lamar Jack role? And I’m really supposed to take Qb evaluation from you? Lay off the pipe

    JW is a lesser Roesthlisberger. Turnovers are gonna happen. It’s the style of play. It’s always been a issue with those QBs and forever will. But it’s rare a guy pushes the ball like that down the field.

    Jimmy G, Goff, Carr, Stafford are not 100 Mill plus Qbs and only attempting 18-28 passing a game.

    Leftwich on Sunday around 0-7 : ” um I gotta start booking the flights so here you go” -hands him the entire gameplan

  79. Lamarcus Says:

    Defense Rules

    That’s stupid. Use Mariota in a Lamar Jack role? And I’m really supposed to take Qb evaluation from you? Lay off the pipe

    JW is a lesser Roesthlisberger. Turnovers are gonna happen. It’s the style of play. It’s always been a issue with those QBs and forever will. But it’s rare a guy pushes the ball like that down the field.

    Jimmy G, Goff, Carr, Stafford are not 100 Mill plus Qbs and only attempting 18-28 passing a game.

  80. tickrdr Says:

    Option: Sign Winston to a long-term contract.
    After all, look at Brett Favre. He threw a lot of INTs didn’t he?
    After all, JW3 is only 25 years old.
    Brett Favre made the ProBowl his first and second years starting at age 23, 24.
    Brett Favre had 33 TDs and only 14 INTs in his third year starting, age 25.
    Brett Favre had 38 TDs (6.7%) and only 13 INTs (2.3%) in his 4th year.
    Brett Favre had 39 TDs (7.2%) and only 13 INTs (2.4%) in his 5th year.
    Brett Favre had 35 TDs (6.8%) and 16 INTs (3.1%) in his 6th year.
    Favre and the Packers lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs in his 4th year.
    Favre and the Packers won the Super Bowl in his 5th year.
    favre and the Packers lost the Super Bowl in his 6th year.
    Brett Favre was the LEAGUE MVP in his 4th, 5th, and 6th years starting.
    Does Jameis Winston seem like that kind of player to you?
    Yeah, ………………………. me neither.


    BTW: I believe that playoff-caliber QB play consists of three criteria. Now not all QBs in the playoffs meet these criteria bu it seems to me that most do.
    1) TD/INT ratio of at least 2:1 or greater.
    2) TD%age > 5.0%
    3) TD%age minus INT%age > 3.0
    As I’ve posted numerous times, the league MVP often has that last numb as the highest in the league.
    IIRC, the best TD% minus INT% Winston has ever had was 1.8???

  81. Defense Rules Says:

    SOEbuc … IMO the whole idea is to sign quality players at ‘reasonable’ cost. Guys like JPP & Shaq & even Suh are goldmines when you look at not just the quality of their play, but also the number of defensive snaps they take each game & each season. All 3 really are ‘iron-men’ and that’s invaluable IMO.

    For example, JPP is averaging over 90% defensive snaps in his 4 games since coming back. Barrett is averaging 85% defensive snaps in his 10 games, and Suh is at 78%. Meanwhile Vea is down at 67% and Allen is sitting at 20%. So suh is getting almost 4 times as many snaps, and making roughly 2.5 times the money that Allen is AND playing at a higher level IMO. So my question … Which one would you rather have on your team at their present salaries?

  82. Ndog Says:

    The biggest problem this franchise has and has always had it that we are trying to evaluate talent in very in favorable situations. Heck even look at Raheem Morris the one major problem wit him was his inexperience so we take away all his vets and expect him to win. We draft Jameis and put him behind a rookie LT and RG along with a horrible defense. We draft CBs and say go cover Tyler Lockett and Julio Jones. Folks that is not the way it’s supposed to work. Look around did Mahomes start week one as a rookie behind a bunch of rookie olinemen? Did Seattle say DK Metcalf go be our #1 WR? Guys we just do things incorrectly so how can we truly evaluate any of our players when they are constantly being put in positions to fail?

  83. Defense Rules Says:

    Lamarcus … We both know that using Mariota in BA’s offense is not gonna happen. And I’m a lot of things, but I’m not stupid. But you know what is, to say that a QB like Derek Carr, who’s completing 72.3% of his passes this year and leading his team to a 6-4 record with a defense almost as bad as ours, isn’t worth $100 mil but Jameis with his 3-7 record and 59.6% completion rate is.

  84. T REX Says:

    If they bring back Winston the stadium will be empty. You can sell that dimwit anymore. It’s fraud and so is he. Time to move on and bring the fanbase back together. It was a really bad pick. We don’t need fans that put fsu players before the org. They can all haul arse.

  85. ElBajito43 Says:

    NDog voted 123 times all from different accounts

  86. ElBajito43 Says:


  87. tickrdr Says:

    Option: Franchise tag Winston for 2020.
    So, you really think that JW3 will suddenly “get it” next year in his SIXTH season in the league? Maybe he will, since he did finally throw it away a few times when about to be sacked. Maybe he’ll not lock onto his primary receiver as often, or he’ll get better at seeing underneath coverage. Maybe his accuracy will improve, and he’ll be better with the “long ball”. Maybe the Bucs won’t turn it over 20% of the time. (OK, that was hyperbole, it’s actually only 19.5% of the time). So that means that one of every five drives resulted in a turnover. Unless the turnover occurred near the opponents’ red zone, then the Bucs defense would have been better off if the offense had simply punted the ball back to the other team on their very first play. But if the turnover occurred near the opponent’s red zone, then that means the Bucs lost a scoring opportunity.

    JP_09 and Defense Rules have both given excellent arguments about the financial ramifications of the franchise tag as well. We are already spending the majority of our cap dollars on the offense. Therefore the offense SHOULD be carrying the defense, and NOT the other way around.

    So, if they Franchise tag Winston and don’t also draft a QB, we are almost certainly going to face the same decision next year.
    Lastly, if they franchise tag Winston AND draft a QB, then after the first “bad Jameis” game; the already divided fanbase will be screaming for the rookie.


  88. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Really? You’re going to play the race card. I’m an old dude and remember the raw deal black QB’s USED to get..Warren Moon being exhibit A.

    And I’m not saying racism has been totally eradicated…head coaches are still whiter than the league as a whole.

    But racism..and not genuine racism but just ignorance…see the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” works both ways.

    If JW was white he would have been gone at least two years ago. WHITE people would have been racist enough to say…he’s a slow, lumbering, inaccurate WHITE guy. We need a Russell Wilson…Deshaun Watson type. Code for fast athletic black guy.

    And in fact I’m a white guy who thinks a Russell Wilson, Watson, Jackson type may be just what we need here and it appears that style is the future for the next decade or so.

    Race has NOTHING to do with JW’s fan reaction.

  89. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Tag him, complete the 2020 season 5-11 and clean house.

  90. tickrdr Says:

    IMHO, there is NO right price with JW3. He is a liability.

    Option: Let him walk and test free agency.
    OMG, we will never find a QB as good as him.
    Since 2015, these are some of the QBs taken in the draft, and not all #1 picks.
    and even Trubisky have all had at least one season better than Winston’s BEST season to date.
    Do you think any of their respective teams would trade their QB for Winston?
    Yeah, …………………….. me neither.


    BTW: Best scenario is to sign a game manager on the cheap, and draft the best QB you can at your draft position (without trading up), and play the journeyman while the rookie learns on the bench. Then build the rest of the team with the draft and cap savings, since the absolute best bang for the Buc(k) is a rookie QB on a rookie contract. JMHO.

  91. ElBajito43 Says:

    Thank the Lord St Pete Bucs fan said that
    CMON BRO seriously????
    RACE omg my guy this is 2019

  92. TexBuc Says:

    Nothing we write on this site or any other will affect what happens at One But Place.

  93. TexBuc Says:

    One Buc Place

  94. tickrdr Says:

    It seems obvious that nothing we write even affects anyone on this site, as I don’t think even one person has changed their mind because of what is posted here. I do try to post data to perhaps shape opinion, but I seriously doubt anyone is significantly swayed one way or the other.
    Maybe Joe would let us know how many others may be occasionally lurking and reading without actually posting. Even then, I suspect our opinions carry any weight in discussions around the water cooler.


  95. Lamarcus Says:

    Defense Rules

    Yes and take JW out of the equation and think we gonna win games? Our next Qb better have the arm talent and no turnovers playing for us at our current state is not realistic.

    As far as Carr…. He is not ask to win those games Raiders are 6-4 nothing to brag about 125 mill should get you a better record like 8-2? I’m using Bucs fan Qb money math here. A kicker makes a kick, 2 defensive stops and we are 6-4 but no JW turnovers are the issue here.

  96. tickrdr Says:

    Don’t carry any weight.


  97. Adrnagy Says:

    That decision is not up to me nor I will be involve. So it’s like whatever. I will stay positive and waiting until we compete. Otherwise I will be seeing my bucs be chickens in dog fight. Bcuz we don’t have a dog in us. We prep well. We practice well but when the fight is happening we chicken out.

  98. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The other option is to sign a 3 year extension with Jameis with only the first guaranteed. That would give the Bucs an out after next year.

    On offense the main issue is offensive line. Then QB. Get a great oline and just about any veteran QB will consider the Bucs.

    There are going to be some quality vet free agent QBs after this year.

  99. BucsBandit Says:


    You’re so full of crap it’s hilarious.

    “Our WRs are big and slow and take awhile to get open…” and that makes Jameis hold the ball? ROFLMAO.

    Yeah… Godwin sure is slow and takes awhile to get open, like that quick pass he caught underneath and took to the house 30+ years in this recent game. And Evans catches quick passes all the time.

    It’s JAMEIS that decides to hold the ball when he does.

    And don’t give me this “What good would it do to draft a young QB?”

    A lot it would do. It would give us someone to possibly develop and build our future around.

    We could easily do this…

    1. Not resign or tag Jameis and let him walk.We’d save at least $25M that it would cost to keep him or tag him at a minimum.

    2. We could use that money to sign the best free agency cornerback available… Chris Harris or Marcus Peters. That would immediately upgrade our secondary. INSTANTLY.

    3. We could also use some of that leftover saved Jameis money to sign someone like Ha Ha Clinton Dix, a top Safety free agency next offseason.

    4. And/or we could manage some of that saved Jameis money to sign Jadeveon Clowney and decide if we’re going to keep JPP/Barrett, etc. or not.

    5. We could sign a solid guard like Brandon Scherff.

    6. We draft our future QB in the 1st round — one of the following… Burrow/Tua/Herbert/Eason.

    7. We draft a solid OL player in the 2nd and/or go after a solid Safety prospect.

    8. We draft some slots WRs and other RB talent.


    Just by getting ridding of Jameis Winston and letting him go, the 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks completely different. One cornerback position upgraded to a top corner, possibly a new S and new DE/OLB studs, and we bring in some fresh O-Lineman to improve our line, while also bringing in some young WR and RB talent.

    2020 Bucs are 9-7.


  100. onetrickpony Says:


    While I agree that sounds good, do you really think JL is that
    smart ? He is one of the main problems I will always belive

  101. mark2001 Says:

    Maybe Jameis is better suited to MLB.

  102. Ndog Says:

    Bandit yet again the facts say you are wrong. You can SAY what you want but the FACTS show that our guys don’t get much separation AND they get some of the most cushion because teams know we are going to run long developing routes.
    You are helping make my point by pointing to the slant TD by Godwin because that is where Jameis is at his best (even though ironically that throw was crap) and that is what I am saying we need to do more of. If we are getting so much cushion then why keep running long routes just run quick routes and boom long drives, more TOP, less defense on the field.

    Avg Seperation:
    Chris Godwin: 2.6 (75th)
    Breshad Perriman: 2.6 (78th)
    Mike Evans: 2.3 (109th)

    Avg Cushion:
    Breshad Perriman: 6.8 (8th)
    Chris Godwin: 6.5 (11th)
    Mike Evans: 5.4 (79th)

  103. mark2001 Says:

    Ndog..what good do fast Receivers do Jameis, when he can only hit them in stride one out of twenty throws? I think what you mean is that Jameis needs more quick receivers…ones that can get open less than 20 yards down the field, which is Jameis’s accuracy range…when he is on.

  104. Ndog Says:

    Yes quickness and this is the issue I have with people like Bandit. They don’t understand the other issues that plauge this team and just blame everything on the QB. It is clueless and lazy.

  105. Cometowin2 Says:

    I voted let him walk but would really like backup money with incentives and let him compete for the starting job. Never going to happen I know.

  106. Buccernutter Says:


    Dude you’re so right. These people are fools and that’s why we suck. They influence ownership decisions.

  107. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    NDOG I couldn’t agree more it’s ironic we don’t run more quick underneath patterns instead of trying to always go deep. Especially when this oline cant keep him protected long enough. I think we are one of only a few teams that actually do this which is also why Jameis completion percentage is down and interceptions are up. Most other QBs in the league just go for the high percentage throws which are short pass patterns why aren’t we? Talk about padding stats folks!

  108. Big Rob Says:

    I dont like any of these options, so I choose option 3. Sign Jameis to a team friendly short term deal.

  109. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Buccernutter says,

    Dude you’re so right. These people are fools and that’s why we suck. They influence ownership decisions.

    Do you have any ideal how idiotic you sound? The select few who post on this site has no bearing whatsoever on the Glazers. You must have apple sauce for brains

  110. Buc1987 Says:

    Let Him Walk By Not Renewing His Contract

  111. BucsBandit Says:


    Repeating the same BS over and over and over again doesn’t turn it into the TRUTH.

    Let’s get this through your simple-mind for the 1,000,000th freakin’ time…

    NO ONE. Yes, NO ONE, is blaming the Bucs losses all on Jameis Winston.

    One more time for you to be able to understand… N O O N E is blaming all of our losing on Jameis.

    Got that?

    Again… NO ONE.

    Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… but of course you’ll post the same crap in your next post and ignore it anyway…

    Jameis isn’t the sole reason we’re losing but he is heavily contributing to it with his turnovers and giving opposing teams better starting Field Position. He has a major problem with turnovers. Are you disputing this fact? Are you blaming his turnover issues on “WRs that can’t get separation” or the O-Line (which, BTW, ranks middle or above average in the league for pass protection and other QBs don’t have these turnover issues.)?

    Jameis is a FINANCIALLY liability to due to his Cap Number. Do you not get that??????? The NFL is a SALARY CAP LEAGUE and that truly matters.

    You can’t give a guy at the Most Expensive Position In Football, a $25M+ contract or franchise tag (what it will take to keep him a Buc next year) when he has not proven to be an elite QB (27th in QB Rating and 20th in QBR).

    So the smart strategy is to use that $25M and improve other holes on the team… like getting us a top notch cornerback that will INSTANTLY improve our Defense and even have money left over to make some O-Line improvements too.

    NONE of that can happen if we keep Jameis. NONE OF IT.

    So it all adds up to something very simple… let Jameis walk. Start a new era of Buccaneer football.

    Otherwise, we’re never getting back to the playoffs. We’ll have far too much of the cap invested in a guy that’s not a Top 10 QB along with not being a liability with his turnover and occasional accuracy issues (let alone holding the ball too long).


  112. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Is this a rhetorical question Joe? Of course you let Jay Miss walk so he can wear a visor and hold a clipboard somewhere else, until his personal conduct gets him thrown out of the league.

  113. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    That’s not the real Buc1987…

  114. Buccernutter Says:


    You continuously attempt to call me out and ironically make yourself look dumber each time and fail. Why are you obsessed with me?

    Do you think I was referring to the posters in this site? 😂😂😂😂

    Lol. Wow. No man. I’m referring to the pulse of the majority of this fan base. They’ve ran off many players and scared away many coaches at this point. You’re a great example of one.

    I seriously can’t believe how dumb Jean is! Hahahah I’m still laughing.

    Applesauce for brains? You’re about as witty as Michelle from full house.

  115. Buccernutter Says:

    Whenever I say something about how this fan base is dumb, Jean responds to it like a month to a flame. Like he knows he’s part of the select few unintelligent people I’m referring to. Hahaha.

    Dude seriously thought I suggested posters on jbf influence ownership decisions. 😂😂😂

    Ya I know Jean, my brains are made of pea soup. You got me. You don’t have to respond. 😂

  116. soggy Says:

    Will the real seal clubbers please stand up.. lol

  117. Denjoe Says:

    Keep running poll to you get desired results! lol

  118. SteveK Says:

    Fellow fans,

    Please try and be courteous to one another while expressing your opinion our team is the problem. Too sucky