Bucs Beating Bucs (Rewind)

November 17th, 2019

Talks mental errors.

Boy, when the Bucs put their minds to it, they sure do come up with creative ways to hand games over to their opponents.

Of course, what would a Bucs game at the Den of Depression be if the Bucs didn’t make dumb moves? There was the old (Demar Dotson getting flagged for a false start on a critical third-and-one play) and the new (O.J. Howard trying to Be Like Mike and pull a behind-the-back ankle breaker that likely was a backbreaker for the Bucs).

Howard talked about the Bucs beating the Bucs in his postgame remarks this afternoon.

“We know we have the talent and we know we have a great team,” Howard said. “We’ve just got to put it all together and we’ve got to stop beating ourselves.”

Of course, Howard admitted his stunt, which will live in infamy thanks to NFL Films bloopers, was a key reason the Bucs got so far behind early.

Joe doesn’t deny the Bucs have the physical talent. What Joe doesn’t know is if the Bucs have the mental talent. And Joe doesn’t know how or if a coach or general manager can fix that.

The Bucs have tried a player’s coach (Dirk Koetter) and a hardass coach (Bucco Bruce Arians). And still the Bucs made dumb mistake after dumb mistake.

Joe is quickly concluding this is an unrepairable problem.

35 Responses to “Bucs Beating Bucs (Rewind)”

  1. Buddy Says:

    Bad coaching again today by Bucco Bruce.

  2. Jean Lafitte Says:

    That turnover was a catalyst but it doesn’t answer why the Bucs could only muster 17 points today.

    This offense looked like a high school team

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe Faker is going to say the honest truth-

    If Sean Peyton and saints DC Dennis Allen swapped teams and the

    Bucs was coached by Peyton and his schemes

    BUCS WOULD WIN 10 OUT OF 10 times

    BA is ancient and cant win”

    Kobe from the heart

  4. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    I blame OJ’s Garo like bobble botch on me…I showered him with praise prior to the game.

    The Den of Depression/Debacles lives on.

  5. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The Saints have a better team.
    Better OLine
    Better QB
    Better RB
    Better D Line
    Better Secondary

    So if you lose the turnover battle 4-0 when you are facing this, you have no chance.

  6. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Plus our defense gave up only a FG when they got that turnover on our side of the field

  7. Kobe Faker Says:

    Kobe has been watching Drew Brees for the last 15 years

    this Brees today was not the same Brees

    this version (hand/age) was 50% effective of 2 years ago

    He couldnt throw a 15 yeard out if his life depended on it

    he threw crosses and rb dump screens all day

    This saints team will get destroyed in the playoffs

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    This team was unprepared and out coached


  9. JimmyJack Says:

    OJ has done more this year to hurt the team then to help & that’s just a fact. He is not nearly the great pass catching weapon all y’all try to say he is.

    Personally I’m perfectly fine moving forward with this team without OJ. Brate does just fine for me. Call me crazy but I just got a little hangup for pass catchers who can…..you know, catch.

    Evans with another disappointing game too. Getting sick and tired of him being an unreliable reciever in multiple games per year. Freaking annoying.

  10. Zzbuc Says:

    OJ en s wrong. The Bucs have very few talented players….. this is not a talented roster by any means!!

  11. Bucsfanman Says:

    OJ is just another example of poor personnel decisions by a horrible GM. We spent a 1st rd pick on a TE that can’t play while ignoring the most important position on offense, the OL. There was no reason to draft him with Brate on the roster!
    What a joke!The word overrated comes to mind.

  12. Bculaw Says:

    Blow it up.

  13. Wesley Says:

    Bye bye Arians.

  14. dmatt Says:

    Players are not disciplined. We as fans can predict the outcome of the game. When I look at teams like the patriots, they are disciplined n play mistake free ball. No way Belicheat, Peyton,Andy Reed, even Gruden put up with consistent mistakes Winston make i.e., fumbles, ints, over/under throws, etc. How will the rookies learn from vets making same bonehead mistakes during critical/crunch time, vets such as DDotson consistent with bonehead penalties, DSmith, soft, passive, n scared (embarrassing). The only player on offense that plays beast mode consistently is CGodwin. Perriman need to be cut, he’s a waste. I see Scotty Miller the rookie is trying to step it up up, n he will cause unlike Perriman, SMiller is not passive but determined n hungry. Please sit O.J. Howard down n add Tanner Hudson to the starting lineup. If O.J. isn’t injured he’s missing passes or fumbling, n he’s soft at blocking. MEvans May have his days at making plays but he’s not a game changer. The Saints do not respect his presence as one would a Jerry Rice, TO, Antonio Brown, Randy Moss, Michael Irvin, Joey Galloway, etc. Evans should be known more for his game changing abilities than known as ME.

  15. Colorado Says:

    Why the hell is BA still challenging those PI calls?

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    Need to mic up BA on the sidelines so the fans can at least have something to laugh at besides the team play.

  17. Allbuccedup Says:

    This team is light years away from a playoff team. Bruce Arians is not going to flip sh_t with this team. This team needs a partial rebuild O-Line, QB, RB, and some free agent help on defense. I.E. Defensive backfield Byron Jones, Marcus Peters or Chris Harris take your choice.

  18. Allbuccedup Says:

    O J Howard sure doesn’t look a #1 pick does he.

  19. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Bruce Arians did not forget how to coach FFS. This is an Occum’s Razor deal. We don’t have good players. Period.

  20. orlbucfan Says:

    Arians–what a piece of over hyped crap!

  21. Ndog Says:

    In both games vs the Saints this year their dline destroyed our oline. I’m addition to that Cam Jordan talked trash about D Smith in the off-season. So they just bring it all day vs our oline and there is simply nothing we can do about it. They are just better end of story and if anyone else thinks there’s more to it than that is sadly mistaken. Same can be said for their oline vs our dline.

    In addition to that no one can seem to get open vs this team accept Brate.

  22. Ndog Says:

    If you switch QBs today the Saints win 48-3, cause Kobe is right Brees is done.

  23. Jean Lafitte Says:

    you said Bridgewater wasn’t good now you think he’d done better than Brees

    We should go after Bridgewater next season

  24. Kobe Faker Says:

    good playoff defenses will flood the short passing lanes

    they will dare Brees to throw deep front of the safeties

    they miss mark ingram to convert 3rd and short and wearing out the defenses in the 4th quarter

  25. Warrenfb12 Says:

    I’m getting sick of hearing the cliche “we need to stop beating ourselves.” No you got beat by the saints. They kicked the bucs ass all over the field. Bucs got beat by saints.

  26. Mike Johnson Says:

    Please Buc fans..Stop clutching them prayer beads and wishin and a hoppin. I told you all we were gonna lose. The Saints are a far superior team than we are. ATL caught them sleeping. And this week, there was no way in hell there D was gonna lay down. Didn’t you see it? Stevie Wonder saw it! They bull rushed our O line and beat..them..DOWN! Bruce rains talked a lot of smack before the season..Remember? Now he clearly see’s. He’s gonna have to do some surgery on this cancerous Buc losing team! Batter up Bruce..You’s gonna have to earn them duckies baby!

  27. tgregs Says:

    Funny Very funny Who pn this team other than Mr Whiney has talent

  28. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Hey I have a challenge for all you Bucs fans instead of talking crap about your team all week because that’s the new thing to do today is talk about why me how about talk about how we are going to kick arse! Support your team or get out! We don’t need you around!

  29. down in the dirt doug Says:


  30. George Rauh Says:

    Sometimes the team you play is better than you. The Saints are just a better team than the Bucs. We should lose that game. Not happy with the way we lost the game. That said, we are a better team than the Giants and the Titans.

  31. CalBucsFan Says:

    Howard: “We know we have talent and we know we’re a great team”.

    Hard to have the mental “talent” Joe when the players are delusional.

  32. lambchop Says:

    @Kobe and @Ndog,

    Brees has a splint in his throwing hand. He’s not done as much as the Bucs are done sucking.

    Drew Brees will be fine once the splint comes off. Book it.

  33. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bridgewater will sign long term deal with saints why would any decent QB come here with this horrible offensive line.

  34. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    I wish he had been traded.
    He is a waste of a roster spot.

  35. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ OJ Howard, that is.