Offseason Moves Showing?

October 31st, 2019


Clearly, the Bucs made a bunch of moves in the offseason. Most moves are to make a team better.

Right now, the Bucs look like the same ol’ Bucs, in some respects worse.

Gary Davenport of Bleacher Report graded the Bucs’ offseason a “C+” and after two months of the season, regraded the Bucs’ offseason as a “C-.”

Davenport liked how the Bucs picked up Bucco Bruce Arians and little else.

The bright spot for the Buccaneers in free agency has unquestionably been edge-rusher Shaquil Barrett. The 26-year-old had 14 sacks over his first five seasons in the NFL. He has 10 over his first seven games in Tampa.

But that’s just about the only bright spot. Wide receiver Breshad Perriman still can’t catch. Offensive tackle Donovan Smith still can’t block. And the latter didn’t come cheap…$27 million in guarantees over the next three years.

Among the rookie class, inside linebacker Devin White spent time on the shelf with a knee injury, but when on the field he’s looked the part of a top-10 pick. Among the rest of the rookie class, kicker Matt Gay’s made the biggest positive impact. That’s not a good sign.

Well, first, the Ndamukong Suh pickup wasn’t bad at all. He’s been pretty much invisible in the pass rush but good grief is he a wall on the NFL’s No. 1 run defense.

Joe would also take exception that White is looking like a top-10 pick. He’s looking like a second-round pick. Maybe.

A No. 5 overall pick on defense should be blowing people up, making a significant impact. Aside from forcing a fumble on a fake field goal, Joe has yet to see White have an impact. As in a big impact.

When your fifth-round kicker is having the biggest impact from your draft, that certainly is not a good early indication.

And yes, it is still very early for the rookies.

57 Responses to “Offseason Moves Showing?”

  1. passthebuc Says:

    This week’s QB ratings.
    It’s the same old story for Winston, who lives dangerously at the most extreme levels of volatility. He’s maintained his usual presence ranking near the top of the league in positively graded throws (third this season), but he’s also kept his spot near the top of the turnover-worthy play rankings, as well (second-highest at 6.1%). Every week is a roller coaster of emotions when watching Winston as his aggressiveness allows for the ability to light up the scoreboard, but it also keeps open the possibility of a four-turnover game at any time.

  2. Sarasota Garey Says:

    No salary cap room will do that to you. Thanks Jason.

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    Its gonna get real interesting next season guys. Changes galore are ah comin. Arians is not.. A Loser. I can see he and licht having a few arguments and Licht doing exactly what Arians wants. Bruce really did think he and Bowles could do a turnaround this year. They now know its gonna take a monumental effort to right this ship and rid it of its loser mentality. Give Arians a chance. Hell, we gave that chance to Schiano, Lovie and Koetter. Just hope Arians does not lose his health in the process.

  4. ou812 Says:

    First offseason move should of been getting rid of Jameis he is playing like an undrafted free agent. Maybe ha! ha!

  5. The Coroner Says:

    Hmmm Devin Bush🤔

  6. The Coroner Says:

    Devin Bush🤔

  7. Lamarcus Says:

    Naw man. Devin White better turn into Keuchly, Willis, or Raquon Smith. He better. Know what? At least Barrett Ruud that with setting it low.

  8. Buczilla Says:

    Eugene Marve Jr. is another reach (middle linebacker at 5 overall is just silly) by Licht that has yet to pan out. There’s still hope for him obviously (White not Licht), but it doesn’t make things any less frustrating. Licht must go.

  9. Waterboy Says:

    Joe your Devin White rhetoric is getting old just like last year when you were riding that Derwin James bandwagon and basically insinuating that Vea was a bust. Just because the bucs didn’t draft Montez Sweat, Ed Oliver, or whatever 5 or 6 players you felt they should’ve taken at 5 doesn’t mean the guy is not a good pick.

    One future suggestion that would make for good entertainment on the website, you all should start posting 1 player in each round of the draft who you would’ve taken with that pick instead of throwing out an umbrella statement like they need to draft a pass rusher and let’s track the success of those 7 players career.

  10. ChanEpic Says:

    Waterboy, but is Joe really wrong though? Devin White, injuries aside, has NOT looked like a top 10 pick, those are just the facts. Doesn’t mean he is a bust, or not a “good” pick but in the top 10, we need GREAT picks.

  11. Waterboy Says:

    I think 4 games is too early to evaluate whether a player is a top 10 pick or not. Especially considering the guy probably shouldn’t have played week 1 and was injured early in week 2. Way too early to start pushing a narrative that is easy for some (not all) uninformed fans to latch on to and take to be fact or truth.

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    Now we know it’s rebuild next year if BA sticks to his word if he’s even here. First thing is move D. Smith to RT. Hed be good stand up RT. That’s serious RT dough but he cannot block good DEs and OLBs for sh!t. Jensen is gone unless he’s willing to take a pay cut. The only guys we need to keep on offense is Mike13, Godwin, Ali (possibly expendable), and Cappa. What the f#ck is the point of having two big time receiving TE if you’re never going to use them

  13. SmittyToiletBowles Says:

    At least we have a kicker!! Woohoooo

  14. Buddy Says:

    Worst move of the Off-season?? Hiring Grandpa Bucco Bruce and not firing Burner Boy Licht!!! Neither want to take accountability for anything.

  15. D-Rome Says:

    I predicted 6-10 after the draft. I never thought they may actually be worse than that.

  16. Cgmaster27 Says:

    Jameis derangment syndrom in full effect. An article that has to do with free agents and some of you trolls cant get jameis’ jock out of your mouths. I hope he gets resigned just to watch your heads explode

  17. ocala Says:

    Actually, the Bucs are in great shape with the salary cap next year:

    Per ESPN:
    With Jason Pierre-Paul off the books next year — he restructured his contract, making him a free agent — the Bucs are projected to have the most cap space in the league, according to Roster Management System, with more than $84 million to spend.

  18. Marine Buc Says:

    I’m willing to give White another year before I render a judgment.

  19. PRBucFan Says:

    I’m pretty sure White caused the fumble and would be TD we got robbed of

  20. lambchop Says:

    With the track record of the Bucs and kickers post Matt Bryant, Matt Gay making a strong impact among rookies just shows how wretched the kicking game has been in Tampa. It says nothing to the other rookies. As far as I know Devin doesn’t play K and Gay doesn’t play LB.

  21. Buc believer Says:

    I’m pretty sure Brucie is going to want a new golf cart this off season

  22. SOEbuc Says:

    First part of the fire sale needs to be the baby b!tch Glazers outta here and a good new owner to totally revamp except for Bowles at DC. I still have faith in him cus he wasn’t the one that picked our entire DB squad that are still under rookie contract. Justin Tucker is my second string to Gay now if you can believe that. He’s gonna be an asset to the Bucs for a while. Giving White another year to see what happens like RoJo who has certainly made a big turn around from 1.9 yrd/average his rookie year. Glazers sale, Justin Herbert, and new jerseys.

  23. PRBucFan Says:

    Willing to give White another year rofl…

    White will be here a loooong time.

  24. jjbucfan Says:

    We all hated Vea at this point last year (still absolutely should have been Derwin James), but Vea is really improved and is anchoring the number 1 run defense in the league. I am more than willing to give White more time. What I can’t forgive is his 2nd, 3rd and even fourth rounders not being used to protect his “franchise”. Pure stupidity.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    @Mike Johnson … “Give Arians a chance.” If BA would just stop digging himself a deeper & deeper hole I think most Bucs’ fans would’ve gladly given him a chance. He’s no longer believable … and that’s NOT something any fan should be saying about their head coach. Joe’s previous article that has BA basically telling the world ‘Why not?’ when asked why he took the Bucs’ job is an incredible statement IMO. It’s akin to saying ‘Hey, I don’t like traveling and I’ve got nothing better going on so what the heck, I’ll coach the Bucs’. YGBSM!

    And Joe, I think it’s way too premature to dump on rookies trying to learn skill positions in our Secondary. And especially when there’s no veteran presence back there to help guide them (thanks again Jason). As for the rookie class overall, White, SMB, Edwards & Gay are steadily growing IMO. Dean has me somewhat concerned because of his injuries this year & past injury history in college. i still don’t have a clue about Nelson, but Miller & Beckner don’t do a thing for me … Bye Bye.

    I think that Ndamukong Suh was a tremendous pickup, and that’s his presence on the DLine has really helped Vita Vea. Really like Shaq Barrett also, and hope that we can keep him next year, as well as JPP by the way. This defense is gelling & it’ll get better and better as the season rolls on (barring injuries of course). Wish I could say the same for the Bucs’ offense.

  26. Joe Says:

    Joe your Devin White rhetoric is getting old just like last year when you were riding that Derwin James bandwagon and basically insinuating that Vea was a bust.

    You must be confusing Joe with someone else. Joe was never on the Derwin James bandwagon. Vea is developing into one of the best interior linemen in the game.

    Joe damn near got into a fight with Ira on one of his pods Joe was so against drafting the guy. Now that he is with the Bucs, Joe hopes the guy has a Hall of Fame career. But he has done nothing to suggest he is an impact player (yet), except for one impact play on special teams.

    Kwon Alexander, an inside linebacker drafted in the fourth round, had a bigger impact as a rookie than White has had (so far).

    Feel free to document where Joe is wrong.

  27. ChanEpic Says:

    I think we need to make a distinction between a good player and a player whose value is judged vis a vis their draft position. We all agree Vea turned out to be better than his rookie season showed, but the criticism based on his draft position was warranted. Does not mean he is a bust does not mean he isn’t a good (great in Vea’s case) but there are expectations based on draft position. It is what it is and as of now White is underachieving based on his draft position. Consider:
    Nick Bosa
    Bosa shares the league lead in tackles for losses with Rams’ Aaron Donald at 11, and has seven sacks — seventh-best in the NFL and tied for the most among rookies. He also has an interception, a forced fumble and 13 QB hits in addition to his 36 tackles. Bosa may even be in the running for Defensive Player of the Year if he continues on this pace.

    picked 3 spots ahead of White: 17 tackles, 1 for a loss, 0 qb hits, 0 sacks, 0 interceptions, 1 pass defended.

    So only 3 picks apart and a world of difference in results. Again, these are just the facts and the facts say he is underachieving BASED on DRAFT POSITION.

  28. ChanEpic Says:

    Also, I know White has been hurt. I get it but the best ability in pro sports is availability. It all factors.

  29. chris L Says:

    giants game aside which was unlucky, at least the kicking game has been the best it has been in years!

  30. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe is right. As a top 5 pick you wanna see impact and we haven’t yet. It’s just a question of potential at this point. Great NFL players usually show some flash in year one. Only fair to wanna see it with Devin. Each passing game gets you more nervous with this player without seeing a impact.

    Once White starts flashing I think everybody will breathe a little easier with this pick. Til then each passing game gets more worrisome.

    I do think we see him flash soon. He’s played very well in the last two second halfs. All collimating to his game winning tackle/fumble which for some dumb reason doesn’t actually count…..Maybe if that play does count Critism about White goes on hold for a week. Kinda hard to criticize a hero.

    GO BUCS!

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    Something interesting I noticed. Been trying to focus on White during the game and from the TV angle it’s hard to tell the difference between David and White presnap.

    But if you look at both players just before the snap White is always seen moving more before the snap. David sometimes doesn’t move at all. White is moving every play. If both players are moving White is always moving more.

    Don’t know what to make of that but it does help while watching the player to tell the two players apart.

  32. Tbbucs3 Says:

    This feels like more a dumpster fire than the Bucs have been since 2014.

    Sad that this is Jason Lichts 5 year product.

  33. Brandon Says:

    I disagree on Donovan Smith. He hasn’t been great, but he’s been pretty good. Considering how long Winston holds onto the ball and how long Arians’ plays take to develop, he’s done well. He has been flat out beat a few times… he’s a LT taking on the other team’s best pass rusher, it is supposed to happen. I think he has actually been solid. Our biggest issues in pass protection are usually blitz pick up and Winston holding onto the ball too long.

  34. JimmyJack Says:

    Good point Brandon. There is physical proof that Donovan is playing well this year right on the comment section………Just scroll up and look how many commentors are complaining about Smith. There are none and that’s your proof. D.Smith has a microscope on him from the fans. If he was playing bad we would definitely be hearing about it.

  35. Buccfan37 Says:

    White will develop into a very good player with the Bucs. Watched the Steeler Dolphin matchup Monday night and Devin Bush did not stand out as special.

  36. Kevin Says:

    Josh Allen has 7 sacks. Glad we didn’t take him.

    Literally everyone not in the Bucs organization thought we should take him instead of a low value position like ILB at 5. Or derwin James the year before like everyone not in the Bucs organization so we could take a 2 down NT. Not saying those players are bad, just a terrible value for high picks. Like taking a nickel corner with a top 10 pick. Nailed that one too. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  37. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Greedy Williams was a great pass by the arians/licht regime

  38. TOM Says:

    Its ok to say get rid of this player or that player or players but my question is who do you replace them with? Draft choices that Licht will probably be making. We all know how that will turn out. You just don’t get rid of players without having a plan how to replace them with something better. One thing I’ll say about Belicheck & the Pats they are not afraid to trade draft choices with good vets. They don’t seem to worry about the future as much as winning now & they know how to make all the right moves in most cases. I think a big reason is know that the draft is a big crap shoot in most cases. If I were the Bucs I would gladly have a couple of really good veteran DB’s in stead of thecrap they drafted. But that’s just me.

  39. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    None of our 1st round draft picks have set the world on fire early in their careers with the possible exception of Mike Evans…..

    I am certainly willing to give Devin White some time…..I am confident he will produce…..Vea is looking worthy as are Rojo and Cappa…..let’s hope SMB, Dean and Edwards pan out.

    Matt Gay may be a long-term winner.

  40. Mitch Says:

    Joe can you or will you squash the Jameis 1of1 thing? The national types are talking recklessly.

  41. Allbuccedup Says:

    Why are Vea and Rojo playing less than half the game?

  42. jjbucfan Says:

    Brandon- DS76 has NOT been good, IMO. If you are going to say JW3 is holding the ball too long- I will agree with you. However, why is that? When you watch this weekend or if you have games that are DVR’d watch our WRs. They take forever to get separation and a lot of that is on the routes they are being asked to run. This offense is very similar to the 4 wide Koetter offense. There are very few outlets and short routes being run consistently. BTW, it isn’t just Smith, it is almost like it is someone different on every pass play that blows their blocking assignment. Not absolving JW3 of the fact he is holding the ball, but most of the time he is running for his life and is outside the pocket (which is when he needs to be smarter and either throw it away or run).

  43. doctor_berto Says:

    Derwin James and Josh Allen >>>> Vita Vea and Devin White

  44. doctor_berto Says:

    White has a PFF grade of 39.0.

  45. Mike Says:

    Even though Matt Gay has missed some very important kicks this season, I still feel that he’s the most imortant player we drafted as he finally filled the kicker void that plauged the bucs for years.

  46. JD Says:

    Jameis has to go along with licht. Jameis has not produced since he has been here except excuses. Bucs will never win with him as a quarter back.

  47. Defense Rules Says:

    Just out of curiosity, is there any JBFer who thinks that we’re 2-5 right now because we drafted Devin White instead of Josh Allen? Ya right. It’s called a DIVERSION and Joe’s a master at it.

    I do know of two OTHER 1st Round picks who’ve had a VERY PRONOUNCED role in us sitting at 2-5 right now. Anyone want to take a guess who those other two are? Ya you’re right, too easy.

  48. Tbbucs3 Says:

    So the Bucs ever since Licht took over have primarily had major weaknesses in the secondary and with pass rush. Yet come draft day Jason Licht ignores those two key positions and drafts a LB in White and a run stuffer in Vea.

    I’m proud of the way Vea has come along but you simply do not take a run stuffer DT over a potential elite strong saftey. You just cannot do that.

    Oh and when we do draft secondary who does Licht get? Vernon freaking Hargreaves. It’s unbelievable how bad Jason Licht is at this.

    So to answer your question Defense Rules….we are 2-5 because of Jason Lichts swings and misses in the draft and in free agency. So many holes on this team across the board with occasional keepers for the future.

  49. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Don’t care who the QB is right now. The Bucs will not win until they get a defense.

    Drew Brees couldn’t even win without a defense.

    Matt Ryan is a pretty good QB and he is 1-7 right now.

    Yes, Jameis Winston has a turnover problem. No doubt about it but just because a QB has a turnover problem (that can still be fixed) that doesn’t mean he’s a bad QB. That’s what most fans cant understand. I know PLENTY QBs in the NFL who will give you a 0 int stat line but throw for only 100 yards and 1 TD. Jameis Winston week in week out is still moving the ball and throwing for 300+ yards and 20+ points a game.

  50. Tbbucs3 Says:

    And I am certainly do not have a pro Jameis Winston agenda like DB55 or a handful of other posters. This is just simple logic.

    A lot of teams in the NFL are a plug and play QB away from being a instant contender, we are not one of those teams.

  51. doctor_berto Says:

    Defense Rules, yes its the fact that they are wasting top picks with positions of lower value every single year.

  52. Mike in MO Says:

    Boy does Drake look good for the Cardinals. What did he cost them? A 6th round pick? Why couldn’t the Bucs have traded for him.

  53. lambchop Says:


    I won’t argue that we’re only a QB away from the playoffs. Cuz that is not true. We need a lot more pieces.

    But, you say Jameis has a turnover problem that can be fixed? I gotta call you out on that BS. It’s been 4.5 years bro. The only consistent thing about Jameis IS the turnovers!

    What makes you think a zebra can change their stripes? He doesn’t get it. And he never will.

  54. Destinjohnny Says:

    Devin is playing like he played at LSU
    No suprises

  55. Allbuccedup Says:

    Rumor has it that there is 5 or 6 players that have ask to be traded, but it didn’t happen. Not a good sign.

  56. deuceswild78 Says:

    sure glad we didn’t draft josh allen who is tearing it up in Jacksonville right now

  57. BA FAN Says:

    I don’t think that on Defense at least that BA has done badly. With Bunting and Dean at CB and Vernon or Edwards at slot CB and all playing man for man, and Adams and Whitehead at Safety our backfield will improve on Defense the more they play together with out wasting cap space on getting a veteran back there (we already got one veteran Safety, Darian Stewart, who isn’t good enough to start). With both Barret and PFF starting and putting big pressure on the opposing QB and our DC using some of his creative blitzes pressuring too our Defense will be fine as long as our DC stops playing zone at the end of games. With White back to be a spy to stop running QBs we should never go to zone again and pressure all game long. No way should we not resign Barret, PFF, and Suh next year!