Make The Call!

October 12th, 2019

4-hour flash poll posted at 6:55 p.m.

12 Responses to “Make The Call!”

  1. Jason Parker Says:

    This team is one gigantic enigma to me.

  2. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    NS… how could you vote any differently?… Bucs have been frustratingly inconsistent…. spin the wheel, pay your money and take your chances

  3. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I see a team that can’t get it together consistently. We drop to 2-4 with 2 weeks to think about it before another 2 game road trip vs Sea and Ten. This could all be over before Halloween. again…

  4. Tye Says:


    The difference this time around will be Kyle Allen
    The Bucs stopped CMC last time because Cam struggled passing and so the Bucs could load the box and challenge him to throw.. Allen will just turn to throwing and exploit the Bucs DB…
    I predict that if the Panthers jump out early and get the lead, it will bring out ‘bad Jamies’ to play trying to force plays that will incur interceptions that will put the Bucs in a whole and play from behind throughout the game..
    I see it like this: Panthers win – no one is shocked or surprised; Bucs win – and many are surprised and shocked..

  5. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Rojo has a breakout game and the Bucs sweep.

  6. richbucsfan Says:

    I appreciate those who believe the Bucs will win. However, I don’t believe they will win. Too many injuries to Oline with very unproven subs. Can’t see it happening.

  7. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I said Yes, but I’ve been wrong a lot in 35 years. In fact I’m wrong at least 10 out of 16 times every season.

  8. Roadwarrior Says:

    This is not a game the bucs typically win. This is a game they will get blown out. Anyone has been a Buccaneers fan very long knows this is what typically happens at this point of the season. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it. Hopefully this will be a turning point in the bucs future. #sell the team.

  9. DB55 Says:

    Hard to say but I’ll say this, teams who win on the road win in the playoffs.

    You can have a 20 point lead at half with this team and still lose CONSISTENTLY so who to say? Maybe they can fight and claw their way back to set up a game winning field goal? Maybe they’ll score 5 TDs, who’s to say?

  10. JA Says:

    Love it when an impossibility is postulated.
    Will planet earth spin out of orbit tomorrow at noon, EST?
    * Yes
    * No
    * Not Sure

  11. Wesley Says:

    Not gonna happen.

  12. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    38-17 Panthers

    Bucs weakness is pass defense so Car will throw throw alot

    Car weakness is pass defense so Bucs going to try to run

    Blueprint to embarrass the Bucs in full effect

    Worst coaching staff in the NFL”

    Son of Kobe Faker

    Game of the year- Jacs -1.5 over Saints