A Word About The Jason Licht Confidence Poll

October 15th, 2019

General manager Jason Licht

Regulars here know Joe runs a weekly, 24-hour confidence poll that measures Bucs fans’ confidence in the head coach. Joe started it during the Lovie Smith administration.

Lots of fans send Joe nasty notes because they want the same poll for general manager Jason Licht. And those hate-filled messages have been escalating.

Yes, Joe publishes GM polls, but since the GM doesn’t call plays, Joe doesn’t poll fans every week on front office performance. That’s typically done before and after the draft, when roster cuts are made in September, and then during the bye week and following the regular season.

So yes, the Jason Licht Confidence Poll is coming next week as scheduled. So please stop barking your hate at Joe.

32 Responses to “A Word About The Jason Licht Confidence Poll”

  1. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    How do you send “notes” ? to Joes

  2. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I mean this has to be at 100% no confidence on this poll. 5-11 records prove that and it is not getting better. Should have hired arians back when he was with the colts…fire schiano and grabbed BA then in 2013, things probably be a little different with the franchise and players

  3. knucknbuc Says:

    lol no need to run a poll joe anyone that doesnt vote zero confidence obviously arent bucs fans. the guy is worse the dominik never thought i would say that. bucs are the new browns maybe worse. thanks licht!

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    i am not sure why a confidence poll is needed when we just need to look at the box score and standings every week. Isn’t that the ultimate poll….

  5. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    Save your time Joe.

    Everyone will vote TOTAL DISASTER.

    Poll over.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Since this is the topic on a regular basis…..how about a poll on Jameis’ future….or are you reluctant to see the results…

    Trade or Cut Jameis
    Franchise Him
    Sign him to a long term contract

    A poll on a GM who has just been signed to a 5 year deal is far less relevant than our starting QB’s future.

  7. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I will vote no confidence unless fire him immediately is a choice.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    Uhhh, Jason Licht is the Architect of this Hot Mess, but he’s NOT solely responsible. Musical coaching staffs have had a major impact to be sure. THAT’S as much on ownership as it is anything else.

    What this team has lacked for years is VISION. No one’s setting the VISION for this team like say John Lynch has done for SF & Bill Belicheck has done for the Patriots. ALL winning teams have a clear VISION based on a well-defined TEAM IDENTITY. We used to have that. We were a DEFENSE FIRST organization SINCE OUR INCEPTION … UNTIL Lovie & Jason Licht decided we should stress an OFFENSIVE IDENTITY. Not only has that fallen on its’ face, but it’s compromised our DEFENSE in the process. Now we’re left with a ramshackle offense & a defense that’s very young & inexperienced because it was neglected for so long.

    Good job Glazer Boyz. Good job Jason. NEITHER of you apparently know what you’re doing. OK, morning rant over. I feel better.

  9. Troy Says:

    Here Joe. I wrote the poll for you.

    * Totally Confident Licht Sucks
    * Completely Confident Licht Sucks
    * Confident Licht Sucks
    * Somewhat Confident Licht Sucks
    * Not At All Confident We Have A GM

  10. Bird Says:

    Have a 💩 emoji below the no confidence choice slot

    Cause you can always be worse then zero /none
    It’s that turd sitting at the bottom of the toilet waiting to get flushed.

  11. Pewter power Says:

    Lol Jason licht man either you are not good at drafting impact players or you keep drafting guys with performance anxiety. Maybe you should stop meeting with players before the draft and draft solely based on film because the players you talk to and fall in love with stink on game day.

  12. doctor_berto Says:

    Worst GM in football. Fire him before he gets another shot at the draft!

  13. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Why bother? He needs to be fired

  14. pelbuc Says:

    JBF, as stated above there is absolutely no need for the GM confidence poll. He has managed to destroy the roster year in and year out and for that, he gets a 5 yr extension to continue to showcase his incompetence. Bucs will continue to be bottom feeders until a new GM comes in and completely remakes the roster. Thanks to Licht, that will take years to accomplish. Bucs fans are enduring a losing era worse than the Culverhouse years with no hope in sight.

  15. alaskabuc Says:

    Nailed it bruh

  16. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Confidence as in “con man” ?

  17. Bucamania Says:

    And the Glazer boys gave this guy an extension. No one has a clue at OBP.

  18. 813bucboi Says:


    you’ve done a poll on the HC’s who call the plays…
    you’re doing a poll on the GM who picks the players…..

    do a poll on the QB throwing the ball…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  19. Steve Lee Jr Says:

    The votes for very little confidence will be astoundingly high I predict.

  20. down in the dirt doug Says:

    What three rating sites have to say about Licht.
    1.rated number 24–fails to fix constant weak spots and burns big bucks
    2.rated number 20–has a sound and fury approach to the offseason with little positive results.
    3.rated number 31—How does jason still have a job?He has spent a ton of money and botched many of his picks.

  21. Dan Says:

    29-57. I’m confident alright. In the Glazers rewarding loosing.

  22. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Save your ink, Joe. I vote “no confidence.”

  23. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Well done Troy! Be sure to charge Joe a fee for your hard work.

  24. T REX Says:

    Hot garbage

  25. Hodad Says:

    Tmax, simply put. I’m guessing Joe fans aren’t asking for the poll to heap praise on Licht. Why bother, as mentioned his record speaks for itself. The only person who believed in him died a couple of weeks ago.

  26. Buc4evr Says:

    No need for a poll, Gump is a Chump.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I thought it was pretty cool when fully clothed he dove into his pool after _a_ win. I liked that he got soaked and now would like to see him take a long walk off a short pier.

  28. Wesley Says:

    Anyone who has confidence in him is a buffoon.

  29. Jim Says:

    Umm,..think you already got your poll, Joe.

  30. Mike Johnson Says:

    Lets keep it real here fellow Buc fans. The confidence poll is in the Wins and Losses. And thus far. Licht has been and is..A LOSER. Licht is proof these Glazers know nothing about running a team. Licht Should have had his walking papers along with Lovie Smith. You bring in the biggest coaching staff ever in the NFl and still cannot pull it off.

  31. CalBucsFan Says:

    GMs do not not operate in a vacuum. Does anyone really think he analyzes all the players available in the draft or in free agency all by himself, and then selects all the roster positions in secret, without getting input from his staff, ownership and coaches? The man’s name is Licht, not Trump.

    I would be nice to see a GM poll as the trade deadline approaches and then another after the deadline.

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