“Holes That We Hadn’t Seen In A Long Time”

September 10th, 2019

The Bucs ran the ball wonderfully well Sunday.

How refreshing it was. The stink of two years of Doug Martin averaging 2.9 yards per carry and one year of last year’s mess may finally have left the building.

Peyton Barber grinded out 4.1 yards per carry. Ronald Jones opened eyes at 5.8 yards per carry, as the two combined for 108 yards on 21 rushes.

This wasn’t lost on game analyst Dave Moore, the former tight end who dives deep on Xs and Os alongside play-by-play man Gene Deckerhoff. Yesterday, Moore reflected on the offensive line and the work of Jones.

“They opened some holes that we hadn’t seen in a long time in the run game. Peyton Barber last year made a lot of things happen on his own,” Moore said. “And the protection at times was very good, I think at times Jameis held the ball longer than he needed to instead of getting to that checkdown a little bit quicker. But once San Francisco got ahead, the Bucs had a hard time slowing that rush down.

“The O-line did a good job [in the run game], the tight ends did, as well. I mean, we saw some tight ends in the backfield leading up into clean holes that gave [Jones] the opportunity to get into the open field. And then it was good to see him stay between the tackles. That was one of the things and, you know, as a younger runner, when you’re athletic and fast enough in college that if you don’t see anything, you’re fast enough to get around outside and beat everybody; at this level it’s a little more difficult to do. Since his initial preseason last year, he’s obviously gotten bigger, stronger, and we heard great things throughout preseason about how was playing and how he’s matured as as runner, it was great to see him go out and put that to practice.

“Very much like [Vernon] Hargreaves, you know when you get hurt and you’re out of football, yes, you have the opportunity to kind of see it from a different view and learn the game. But in the back of your mind, you still haven’t gotten to that level where you feel comfortable enough where you can be out for a while and then step right back in and be the same level player you were. You know, confidence goes a long way.  … Confidence makes all the difference in the world, not just for kickers, but at all positions.”

Joe sure hopes the run-game success continues. After watching Jameis Winston’s decison-making Sunday, Joe is more convinced than ever that America’s Quarterback needs a running game to lean on.

43 Responses to ““Holes That We Hadn’t Seen In A Long Time””

  1. mark2001 Says:

    Stop Dave…Stop. You will destroy the narrative that our line totally sucked in all aspects the last game, and that is why Jameis had such a poor showing.

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    Improved running game and improved defense nice to at least see a couple positives. Even the kicker Gay looked ready to play. Offensive line run blocking improved from the last few years. Two very disturbing things were the continued stupid penalties and the lack of QB improvement. Also after watching Bree’s and Watson last night I’m not sure we have the right guy for the job.

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    Of topic but can someone tell me why I keep seeing Winston throw these 95 MPH fastballs on simple crossing patterns and curls. Surprised the WRs (and OJ Howard) were even able to get their hands on the ball.

  4. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Defense and running game improvement were positive take away sang Gawd knows we need some positives

  5. ClodHopper Says:

    Running game excuse gone in this game
    Defense game excuse gone in this game
    Kicking game excuse gone in this game

    Are there any excuses left for Jameis? Of course. 2 penalties and a bad route.

  6. mark2001 Says:

    Bucsjim…franchise QB’s like Bobby Douglass, who played for the Bears in the 1970’s, throw those five and ten yard fast balls all the time.

  7. SteveK Says:

    Imagine the run game if the offense could hit a deep ball. This productivity knowing damn well the deep ball is non-existent.

  8. mark2001 Says:

    BTW..before you say “bobby douglass who”?

    “However, Douglass had little success as a passer, going 507-for-1178 for 36 touchdowns and 64 interceptions with a quarterback passer rating of only 48.5 during his 11-season NFL career.

    After his NFL career was over, Douglass briefly played minor league baseball in the Chicago White Sox organization. In 1980, he pitched four games for the Iowa Oaks where he had 7 innings pitched, issued 13 walks and failed to record a strikeout.”

  9. Bucamania Says:

    Bucnjim – so true. Winston makes everything look hard. Watch Drew Brees and the guy throws the most catchable ball, WInston is just clueless.

  10. DustEbuc13 Says:

    Just change the jerseys already! They look like kids ready to go trick or treating.

  11. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    So if the run game is improved, kicking game improved and d is better who is causing the turnovers and bad decisions for the most pro ready qb of the 2015 draft who was hyped with having a great football IQ and a great leader at FSU…

  12. unbelievable Says:

    It’s amazing what better play out of the o-line will do for your run game, isn’t it?

    Or does J0e think the o-line has always run blocked this well, and RoJo and Barber just magically decided to learn how to be good running backs in the last week?

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s a long season…to me nobody’s “improved” just yet.

    1 game…and there’s improvement across the board all but QB….

    Some of you are silly imo.

  14. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Yet Clueless Joe thought the line was ok…

  15. mark2001 Says:

    Sure Loyal…compared to the best O lines in football, they were just OK. Just like comparing Jameis to the best QB’s in the league, he is just OK. What? Nevermind.

  16. Ndog Says:

    Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:
    September 10th, 2019 at 12:34 pm
    So if the run game is improved, kicking game improved and d is better who is causing the turnovers and bad decisions for the most pro ready qb of the 2015 draft who was hyped with having a great football IQ and a great leader at FSU…

    Simple, two on OJ, one on Barber and one on Jameis. Plenty of blame to go around but I’m sure those facts bother you so please as usual ignore them.

  17. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    The running game was improved against a DL of the niners that was done come 4th quarter and that one dude that got kicked out was not in the game any longer. If the run game was so great then why not more play action? This is going to be such a long year. I mean near the goal line a screen? On a team that was gassed? How about play action then throw a deep post or seam or hit brate or oj up the seam….but a screen is a great play against a team that is gassed and not getting up field

  18. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Ndog…..how about the other 2 that were dropped that would have been 6 the other way, JW would have thrown 4 niners tds sunday had 2 not been dropped, that were dead center in their mitts

  19. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    “All Jameis needs is a running game and some defense”………well………he got both and SUCCCKKKKEEEDDD

  20. SteveK Says:


    What about the two dropped INTs, even though they weren’t caught and intercepted, they were still poss poor decisions. What about both of the fumbles? We didn’t lose them, but the ball was put on the ground.

    There were 7 chances for a turnover from Jameis in that game. To damn money. How is Thursday going to go? Ok hopeful for Jameis to ball out and win, but I just don’t see it or expect it. Especially after last week’s abomination.

  21. Bucnjim Says:

    How do you blame that under thrown ball on Barber? Should Never have been thrown in the first place. OJ Howard? High and hard thrown ball that maybe should have been caught but triple covered. Screen pass to nowhere should have been thrown in the dirt.

  22. SteveK Says:

    There was little to be inspired about by the play of Jameis last week. I hope he turns it around this week. Last week looked like Cincinnati last year. Just bad. No way in hell a QB gets paid $30 million per for that mess.

  23. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    “All other NFL receivers always run PERFECT routes”……LOL

  24. Ndog Says:

    I know you guys want to blame the QB for everything but it just is not reality. The Kwon play he was hit in his lower half when throwing and in the endzone play BA clearly stated that Jameis had to wait for Godwin to sit his route down because the 9ers busted the coverage and they had never practiced that scenario. And BucJim it was not an underthrown ball it was thrown to a spot where Barber was supposed to be and he wasn’t there thus it looks like a bad throw when it actually was a perfect throw. On the OJ throw dude come on really the ball hit him in two hands without having to leave his feet. That’s really reaching but the last one I’ll give you but other than that he was no different than many others on Sunday.

  25. Tye Says:

    keeping JW as starting QB is like trying to swim in the ocean with an anchor chained to your leg… drags you down… It’s not wise!

  26. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Maybe Barber ran the route 3 yards deep so the ball would hit him in the hands:-)

  27. LordCornelius Says:

    “Some of you are silly imo.”

    I mean with the tone of this site / comments in general this offseason and looking at this game as such a must win, a week 1 loss was going to mean an end of the world reaction regardless of how it happened.

    My biggest concern is Winston is mentally broken down at this point. I hope I’m wrong but if the’s broken mentally then this season/team is f*cked.

    If WInston plays well, and we win this game, then the ship will feel righted and hope all around restored and we’ll be 1-0 in our division. But after seeing how scared / unconfident he looked last week I’m worried.

    GO BUCS!

  28. Frank Pillow Says:

    I suppose it’s too late now, but I’d love for one of the Joes to get some insight into why Bryon moved away from the single back- iso (C-G double-team) that was working so well and moved RoJo into I-Backs, which got blown up, and lead to the 4th down try??? The 49ers were gassed and that poor DT was on roller skates- but we let him off the hook.

  29. Buc_U Says:

    Ironically all the things we were worried about in the off season the run game, the defense, the kicker all showed up. However the wide receivers, tight ends, and QB looked like hot garbage. I still remain cautiously optimistic but this team is starting to make me look like an idiot. Another losing season will push me over the edge and I may become…dare I say.. a Nega-Buc.

  30. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    Here’s a hole that’s perfect.

    0 wins.

  31. 813bucboi Says:


    running game wont matter if JW continues to play like that….JW is making the team 1 dimensional by himself…..if teams know JW cant beat them with his arm, they’ll just stack the box and force JW to make bad decisions…..

    JW needs to look in the mirror and realize he’s f’ing up….no excuses….

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  32. Hodad Says:

    There was one hole we’ve seen to often. The hole in Winston’s brain.

  33. Bobby M. Says:

    With every article the hope for Winston drifts closer and closer towards Trent Dilfer territory where the team just needs Winston not to kill the effort with turnovers. Despite all that, Ravens won a Super Bowl with Dilfer….there’s hope.

  34. Snook Says:

    Be sure to tune into the Falcons running game this season if you want to know why the Bucs couldn’t run the ball the last two seasons.

    Some of you people just never get it.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There may be a subliminal issue here for Jameis…..notice that all of his deep balls are overthrown…..and many of his intermediate passes are fastballs….(he was a pitcher)……
    Perhaps Jameis is subconsciously trying to prove his arm strength….
    Don’t laugh…It’s as good an answer as anything else.

  36. 1sparkybuc Says:

    One real game is not enough evidence that this coaching staff can’t win with Jameis. If there is no progress by mid season, make a change.

  37. TampaBay55 Says:

    All we have to do on Thursday is right directly at GMC…. please do t over complicate things, Bucs!

  38. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I’m convinced after watching that offensive debacle by Joe’s American Quarterback we need to solely rely on the running game.

  39. Bucsfanman Says:

    A run game makes the Fanman very happy! I have stated time and again that less Jameis= more wins.
    Just for fun, go look at Jameis W/L% when throwing 35+ attempts. Make sure you have a shot of Jim or Jack at the ready because it is NOT pretty. He had 36 attempts in Sunday’s debacle! Just sayin’!

  40. BigHog Says:

    Did we gain 100 yards on the ground Sunday…that’s why they got my overall grade of D!!

  41. RustyRhinos Says:

    In this photo Ali looks like Cappas little brother.
    6’6″- 6’4″

  42. TDTB Says:

    Altered Ego, that was funny

  43. Clw JB Says:

    Ummmm, we had a punt blocked, our return game sucked, the D gave up the TE booty all day long and the OLine excelled at one thing, up the gut running -they gave up 3 sacks and umpteen pressures

    JW looked exactly the same

    PB did too

    ROJO finally looks like he belongs

    They all have a lot to prove still, not just the QB