Peyton Barber Keeps Starting RB Job

September 10th, 2019

Yes, Peyton Barber remains the man despite being outplayed by the guy behind him on depth chart.

Barber busted one very strong run against the 49ers on Sunday, a 14-yard scamper over the left guard that saw Barber break two tackles. He finished with eight carries for 33 yards, and he took public blame from his head coach for running a bad route that led to Jameis Winston’s first pick-6.

Running back Ronald Jones, however, was more dynamic with 13 carries for 75 yards. Regardless, Bucco Bruce Arians today said Barber will be the starter Thursday night at Carolina. RoJo will relieve him and he’ll stay in if he gets hot, the head coach said.

Fans pining for RoJo to be the featured back are going to have to wait at least another week.

46 Responses to “Peyton Barber Keeps Starting RB Job”

  1. Orlando Kevin Says:

    Not surprised…. short week and let it play out a bit more. May also be a good 1-2 punch of Barber wearing them down initially and then putting in fresh legs.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow…just considering how many were considering him a “bust” a few weeks ago. And now we are talking about how he hasn’t been chosen to be the starting RB. Pretty amazing…good job ROJO, and good job coaches.

  3. LordCornelius Says:

    Paging Kobe Faker

  4. mark2001 Says:

    Wow..just remembering how many were considering him a “bust” just a few weeks ago…and now he is competing for the starting job. Good job ROJO…and who says coaching isn’t critically important?

  5. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Doesn’t really matter who gets the start to me, we have two capable RB’s… actually 3 with Dare… not concerned in the least.. like last game feed the hot hand

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    BA calling out barber makes no sense to me….

    if barber was 3yards out of place, shouldnt winston have seen/noticed that?….and if so why did he still throw it knowing barber that barber was in the wrong spot?….

    JW is still making rookie mistakes….smdh…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  8. Mike Johnson Says:

    BA needs to call out Jameis and his Defensive Pass Rush. Both are gonna put him back in the hospital before the season ends.

  9. Tye Says:

    Hopefully the game plan Thursday is run heavy…
    If they keep letting JW throw away games, I can see players getting tired of it like the news coming out of Miami..
    I imagine Deshawn Jackson, Humphries, Santos, kwon Alexander, McCoy are happier they no longer have to put up with it.

  10. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    let’s not forget that it was Peyton Barber who made something out of nothing last year behind that terrible O-Line

  11. TiredBucFan Says:

    RoJo needs a couple more good games then we will see. I think hes a better choice, but I thought Winston was terrible 3 years ago.

  12. Tim Says:

    Barber is the much better pass block.
    Our tackles both need him, along with fumbles Winston.

  13. mark2001 Says:

    And now Andrew Adams has been resigned to replace an ailing Evans. I like the move.

  14. Hodad Says:

    No surprise, whoever coaches the Bucs starts the wrong players. Why would you start your high second round draft choice who has some speed, when you can start the slow guy who wasn’t even drafted? Didn’t BA say it was Barber’s fault on the pick six Jameis threw? If he really believes his own BS why reward Barber with starting? This just in, it wasn’t Dotson’s fault he couldn’t block. He was wearing banana peels on his feet instead of cleats.

  15. Todd Says:


    “BA calling out barber makes no sense to me….

    if barber was 3yards out of place, shouldnt winston have seen/noticed that?….and if so why did he still throw it knowing barber that barber was in the wrong spot?….”

    Are you serious? That was the most stupid comment I’ve ever read in here.

  16. Says:

    With a 4 day turnaround, the less things you change the better. Plus, if Rojo boasts a 30 yard run on one of his carries, he is going to be featured the rest of the game. Right now, it is all about game planning the Panthers.

  17. Mitch Says:

    Rojo also had an injury earlier this week listed ( toe) they might be managing it given the five day turn around.

  18. Todd Says:

    All I can say is that I’m DIGGING the fact our next game is just two days away! I didn’t even have to imbibe in a box of Blue Chew to get ready for this one!!!

  19. Adrnagy Says:

    Short week , game planning ? Makes me sick. Put your best players. I don’t buy this coaching staff so far. Bruce is lay back. Doesn’t want to put his hands in the cookie jar.
    We need someone like Sean Payton yelling at his players NO penalties DO your job. We need Bruce to set the tone change the losing mentally.

    We have a coach that’s sitting back and sends bryon to be buddy with Winston? And buddy bryon send Peyton barber as a receiver ? Instead of Rojo or dare… where is Watson , Miller heck where is bobo??? Heck where is tj Logan.

  20. Snook Says:

    Who cares who the “starter” is at RB?

    All that means is that he’s out there on the first series.

    Doesn’t matter.

  21. Posey99 Says:

    “The offensive line played bad.” – Every FSU fan

  22. Phil Says:

    Barber shouldn’t be out there unless Ronald Jones & Dare Ogunbowale are hurt.

  23. Snook Says:

    “The offensive line played bad.” – Every FSU fan

    FSU fan here. Been fed up with Winston for awhile now.

    He has bad judgment. Off the field and on the field. You don’t coach that out of someone. Ever.

    How many times do we have to hear a coach (Leftwich today) say “Jameis knows that” about his mistakes. Does he??? Does he really know? So tired of the same mistakes OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Snook … I agree, it really doesn’t matter which RB starts the game. BA & Byron will go with the hot hand. So would any coach. And for all those promoting RoJo (prematurely?), I’m HOPING like everyone else that he can keep it up, BUT … it was just ONE game and the Bucs’ OLine will have a lot to do with how effective he is going forward. THAT’S the group I’m not at all sold on … yet.

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    Todd- Why is 813’s comment “stupid”? Shouldn’t a veteran QB recognize a busted route or play? Secondly, why are we throwing to Barber on the outside in the first place?! It’s a stupid play if that’s the case. He should recognize that the DB did not travel and remains on the outside. That pass should be thrown anywhere but there UNLESS, no one is opposite of Barber, IMO. I would assume he’s there to make the defense show it’s coverage, even a screen.
    I feel like a veteran QB should recognize these type of plays and adjust.

    It doesn’t matter who the “starter” is as long as we are effective.

  26. Buczilla Says:

    Rojo has been a great story so far and also one of the few positives for the Bucs.

  27. Steven007 Says:

    813 and Bucsfan, it was a timing route which is the reason he didn’t see him. He threw the pass before Barber was in the wrong position.

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    007- I get that. My contention is that a RB not known for pass-catching is the primary or only target with a ball-hawking DB opposite him? Whether the timing is off is irrelevant. That play should have never occurred in the first place. It’s hardly a “mismatch” and just simply a play that should’ve been changed when Sherman did not move from the outside. THAT’s what concerns me, not the actual timing of it.

  29. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “My Dad said no more gambling and predictions

    He lost his 10 team parlay

    He would have won if Houston beat the Saints

    Now he has to pay his bookie

    He will be walking up and down OBT friday and saturday night with that hideous wig on”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  30. 813bucboi Says:



    obviously @todd knows all and sees all…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  31. SOEbuc Says:

    @Mitch…Agreed. Take it slow and let him get back to 100% before any decisions are made. RoJo and what everyone thinks is the worst oline in the league totally showed up against a tough dline with some serious names.

    Finally have given up on Jameis. 30 seconds in the pocket. Can’t read defense. 3 picks and should’ve been lucky 5 or 6. Very lucky Godwin used his strength in the endzone. But should’ve had 7 more on both Brate TD that got called back. First one on Dot was nothing short of a perfect block.

    Bucs will never get a break with NFL and zebras because his on and off field issues. Not just this week, but have you ever seen a game with more flags against the Bucs than any other team???

    Total rebuild next year. Keep Ali, Godwin, ME13, maybe Brate but Hudson does not look like a player that can only beat up the second and third defense. Looks like Brate 2.0. Hopefully we can trade D.Smith or at least move him to RT.

    QB Justin Herbert out of Oregon. 6’6″ corn fed white boy with a sick arm. Highly unlikely Sam Ehlinger is going in 2020. He’s been a die hard longhorn since he was three and pulled back guys that would’ve be going in the top rounds last year to come back for their senior year. With our receiver corp, but those guys could f#cking smash it. Not to mention Tua, but we couldn’t even go 0-16 and beat the Dolphins for the #1 pick, lol.

  32. Steven007 Says:

    Bucfanman, oh certainly was ill-conceived. I just didn’t know if you knew it was that kind of route. Yeah he had no business throwing that pass.

  33. PriMech54 Says:

    If timing was disrupted on a route that has everything to do with timing it is absolutely not irrelevant .. 3 yards too deep or not, Barber was wide a$$ open, and if that was JWs current read, thats where the ball should have gone. Timing affected the outcome. Now, if you want to get on Byron for designing a package where Peyton barber of all people is flexed out as an X and a primary read a la New England or the Saints then absolutely.

  34. PriMech54 Says:

    But I’m not about to crush JW for throwing a routine hitch to a back that ran a bad route. Richard Sherman was not in position to make a play whatsoever until after the catch had the correct route been executed – something I have yet to see brought up.

  35. tnew Says:

    Guys are missing the point on the Barber play.. It was a timing play.. Winston threw to a spot. Winston can’t wait to see if Barber stops where he should then throw the ball. He throws the ball and expects Barber to come out of his break in time at a certain point. If Barber is lazy about his route, he can’t be trusted as a split out receiver (NEWS FLASH, he isn’t good in this role). Cmon guys, you are better than this.

    We can beat up Winston, but not for the Barber play.

    Winston’s issues are bigger than this tho. He’s watching the rush and seeing ghost pressure. This is something that ends QB’s careers. Throwing a jump ball in traffic on a screen play during a potential game winning drive.. THAT’S the one that under zero circumstance can happen. He can throw the INT on fourth down trying to force a play down field, but NEVER on the first play of the drive and on a screen. There was high risk minimal reward to that throw. The ball has to hit the ground near the RB. He was probably scared of a grounding penalty. He played scared the entire game. I think he stepped into one throw in the pocket the entire game.

    Want to really get troubled.. Watch the All-22. Either the San Fran secondary is elite, or our receivers are way overrated, or the defense was very well prepared for what Leftwich was going to scheme. The windows were tight to non-existent. The one play on the end zone is a great example that nearly turned into another pick 6. Yes, Winston was a hair late, but just a hair. At the snap the off-side safety was crashing that route. No way should that player come from where he was to impact he play there. That came from film study. Hated that play design. Without a back in the backfield the safety did not have to consider playing a run.

    Being said, no way Barber should get the start over Rojo.

  36. orlbucfan Says:

    Between Barber, Jones and Ogunbowale, the Bucs have 3 solid RBs. Ogunbowale can also play fullback. BTW, he’s a rookie. It’s up to Winston and Arians on Thursday night. Bucs should win this one as they are the better team.

  37. AwShbucs Says:

    Tried telling you over and over again Kobe, you’re no nostradamus.

  38. gobuxfla Says:

    Unless our game plan is totally idiotic, Barber gets 100+ yards rushing, 30 something yards receiving, and at least 1 TD Thursday night.

    Hell, everyone else ran at McMarshmellow, why shouldn’t we?

  39. tickrdr Says:

    Please watch the GIFs of the passes to Barber (Sherman) and the one attempted to Godwin. Both are being shown in a story on Bucsnation.
    IIRC, on the pass to Barber, Arians said that Barber ran his route three yards too DEEP. But, if you watch that replay GIF, Sherman was behind and much further outside of Barber, and actually caught that ball BEHIND Barber. IMHO, he did NOT “jump the route”, like most pick sixes, but the pass was thrown even deeper than Barber’s route right to Sherman, and certainly deeper than intended, especially if Barber was supposed to run a shallower route.
    On the Godwin pass, ALL FIVE of the receivers appear to me to be on the SAME SIDE of the field? Was that intentional, i.e. did they not trust Jameis to “see/read” the whole field? Because that end zone real estate gets pretty crowded as it is, without having all the receivers and their defenders on the same half of the field. Just my opinion.


  40. tickrdr Says:

    @gobuxfla, and special shoutout to DB55:

    Charlie Casserly has a video story on right now about how easily the Rams ran right through McCoy’s gap last Sunday. His next story was on how the Panthers should defense the Bucs.


  41. Billy_45 Says:

    813 really?

    He wasn’t out of place, he ran an incredibly lazy route and cut inside without even looking.

    You could tell it was his fault watching it live.

    Sherman was playing off and Jameis thought he made adequate eye contact apparently.

    If he had caught the ball and made one good move he picks up 20.

  42. cmurda Says:

    Cue all the comments about how this is the right decision. I’ll go on record saying while I don’t doubt any of our coaches, I see nothing in Molasses Barber to like. I respect his grit and toughness but that means squat if it means 1 extra yard. I understand it’s been 1 game but it shouldn’t take long for this to be the norm. These coaches know what they’re doing. Molasses is already hanging on by a thread as the starter. ROJO can break runs, Molasses can maybe get a first down on his best runs. Molasses needs to be the odd man out in a 2 headed RB committee with ROJO and Dare.

  43. diggler Says:

    3 decent backs is a god send. Lets get as much pressure off JW as possible. Thursday night gonna be a runners duel. Will be a fun one!

  44. diggler Says:

    We all discussing the route but understand JW is AWFUL at throwing timed routes. He needs to be rolled out or play action to succeed. Lefty was starting to call more of those and JW was doing better couple that with a decent running game and you got a very decent offense. More Biscuit Less Risk-it!

  45. tickrdr Says:

    Please review the GIFs of that play referenced in my post above.


  46. tickrdr Says:

    The GIFs are in the post by David Harrison called Key Plays.