“You Went Out There A Little Bit Blind”

September 9th, 2019

The Bucs were not 49ers-ready yesterday. Overall, they didn’t look ready for any NFL team.

Sloppiness ran wild. But it was more than just miscues, says a former Buccaneer.

Anthony Becht, who spent a dozen years as an NFL tight end, says he has an eye for his old position. So when Becht watches a game, he’s especially dialed in to what the tight ends are doing — and not doing.

For years, Becht has coached NFL Draft hopefuls and he was an AAF assistant coach before the plug was pulled on that mess. Yesterday, he watched O.J. Howard and the Bucs tight ends have a rough day and said it went deeper than just ball security and missed blocks.

“To me it just looked like you didn’t prepare yourself enough for that individual opponent that you’re going against, whether that’s a film study and knowing what your guy’s supposed to be doing, or how he plays,” Becht said on WDAE. “I felt like you went out there a little bit blind against your guy and not understanding what his techniques were. And that’s something that’s easily correctable, but it may be sometimes a little bit of a wake-up call for your preparation for the week.”

Joe sure hopes Howard got a wake-up call yesterday. Joe would hate to think that display is the new Howard.

Becht went on to join the legions of Jameis Winston critics, saying Jameis continues to struggle with big-moment throws. But Becht liked the offensive line play and the push and success of  the running game.

He also isn’t having trouble smelling the sweet scent of victory — Bucs victory — at Carolina on Thursday night.

“There’s enough on this Bucs-49ers tape that shows me that they can do some things in some areas to make some plays; they could easily go win this football game,” Becht said.

And what a tonic that would be for Joe and everyone who cares about the Bucs. The alternative would be a straight-up disaster.

34 Responses to ““You Went Out There A Little Bit Blind””

  1. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    “Easily correctable” ??? Now that’s a crock……and we’ve heard that line before.

  2. Bucsalltheway Says:

    Let’s pray the saints come out flat and the new division leader will be named Thursday night for the moment. 1 game people dont freak out just yet

  3. sincethebeginning Says:

    So Bill Belichick’s mantra is “Do your job”. Simple enough right? But first a player’s got to know what his job is supposed to be.

    Maybe OJ Howard doesn’t know he’s supposed to be figuring some of this stuff out — maybe he’s being spoon-fed too much by his coaches and isn’t doing the work himself with the preparation that needs to be done.

    Honestly, Jameis was Jameis and Demar was Demar, you kind of know what you’re going to get with those guys. It’s what we’ve learned to live with unfortunately. I was really happy with what I saw from RoJo and Brate. Evans gets a pass due to illness.

    What really did surprise and disappoint me the most was OJ Howard. He just can’t be that way anymore. Nobody’s going to think he’s a threat if he can’t catch and can’t block and all he can do is run fast and be a target for incompletions and tipped interceptions.

  4. Dom > Licht Says:

    Largest coaching staff in the league and team was unprepared???

  5. Mike Johnson Says:

    Let’s keep it real Buc fans. anytime a team travels from Cali all the way to Fl and Whips you a** in your stadium? They are the far superior team and you suck!
    The 49ers are not that good. We..are just worse. Honeymoon is over Bucco Bruce. fix it or get dumped in the Bay with a long list of others. Lovie/Koetter/Smitty and Schiano got a reel and Rod waiting for you down at the fishing hole in St Pete.if you keep losin. Good luck sir!

  6. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says: Says:

    “easily go win this game”…..well why didn’t they think of that before….Bucs and easily are incongruous

  7. Hodad Says:

    Every year it’s the same old excuses, and stories. Like the movie ground hog day. Watched D Jax on NFL network. He said it’s nice to have a Q.B. who can find him open, and hit him. Ouch!! Wonder who he can be talking about from the Bucs?

  8. ModHairKen Says:

    Bucsalltheway, I agree with you. But the stupid and predictable playcalling and dumb mistakes by Jameis and the O Line and special teams cost them this game yesterday. Arians needs to fix this by Thursday. 0-2 will sink this team.

  9. Says:

    unfortunately no busted coverages for OJ to exploit yesterday as he has in seasons past. I still like him as a player and think he can do well. Meanwhile Evan Engram and Njoku (OJ’s 1st round draft TE buddies, drafted much later) continued to shine. just to be clear, not down on OJ at all, really more just going back and questioning passing on so many people (at more pressing needs than TE) we passed on to take a TE so early that draft.

  10. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    BS, its the NFL…they can rsearch anything and go back years and find out tendencies of DCs & OCs..the niners would have been at a disadvantage because they faced an OC that would never EVER had been an OC in the NFL this year had it not been for BA…this franchise is a crock…they seriously tried to sell the fans that this is a playoff ready roster and then throw out Byron as the OC, no one wanted Byron as their OC except arians and the glazers. At least tedford called plays before and was an HC before he quit

  11. Ed Says:

    The DJAX thing is one of the most glaring exposure of Jameis Winston’s lack of knowing how to get the ball to his targets on time and in a place where they can catch it. How many times last year was Jackson running behind a secondary and the ball wasn’t dropping where he could run under it. Those plays he made yesterday vs Washington were there plenty last year but JW doesn’t throw a catchable ball. OJ Howard shouldn’t let that ball bouce off his hands, thats not a bad throw by Winston but why is he always throwing the ball so high? Its an issue of timing/touch. You have this big strong armed guy who has difficulty with his footwork, going through reads, holding on to the ball too long and refusing to learn from his mistakes. Name another team that kept a first round pick in the starting lineup as long as the Bucs have? Bortles and Tannehill were let go. Alex Smith got traded out of SF. Its a given in the NFL, you don’t get big time QB money unless you win and get better.

  12. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says: Says:

    Bingo !…Ed !

  13. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Um. Dare just started playing RB two years ago. Bad throw, sure, but Dare got washed. Plus whoever decided sending Barber out wide was a good idea (Left), tho Bruce said Jameis never shoulda thrown it. In a way, you want their #1 corner somehow covering the slow running back, you just don’t wanna throw the ball over there. Take away those points, the Bucs win. This poor fanbase, so shellshocked. Did I mention we were on our 3rd string free safety, our top pass rusher is out, and our top two D players (LVD and Vita) were rusty yet still played well? And Devin will figure it out soon. OH, and our god WR had the flu. Remember we were 2-0 last year with an inept coaching staff.

  14. Waterboy Says:

    Howard needs to fix his ball security issues for starters.

  15. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Joe, you should begin to charge a fee for all who come here to cry constantly.

    Some people have to pay good money to a professional to listen to this kind of garbage whining.
    It’s WEEK ONE of a new regime…
    How has winning opening day worked out for us in the recent past?

    It. Means. Nothing.

    The bright side is maybe we have a defense (49ers not the best test) and Rojo looked legit, he finally broke through arm tackles, WOW!

    Also, as bad as that game was, we still had a great chance to win in the end. In the past our defense would’ve laid down and that game would have been a blowout.


  16. aircrew Says:

    With naive optimism, I watched the game yesterday. I’m done !!!! The kneeling put me off last year. No more NFL for me and I say that with sadness because I have an extended family member (Tyler Higbee/LA Rams) who caught a touchdown pass yesterday. I take great pleasure from his accomplishment. The NFL has RUINED a great game. All of the modern technology has turned a sporting GAME into an exercise of technique and science and GREED drove a stake through it’s heart. Thus a simple game of men trying to “get the pigskin over the line” has been reduced to science, analysis, excuses, and BullSh… BA says “the route was 3 yards too long”. NINE FEET was the reason for the interception. NFL (and others) is now nothing more than a con game to extract Dollars from schmucks that keep falling for the scam. Odell wears a $300,000 watch during a GAME. That says it all.

  17. Pelbuc61 Says:

    O.J. has a history of drive killing fumbles. He needs to block and step up his game ASAP! Anxiously waiting for life after JW and Licht and possibly Leftwich.

  18. Bird Says:

    Carolina and giAnts 2 winnable games

    Let’s see what record is after 3 games.
    I had as 2-1 before season started

  19. Ptwalk Says:

    Can somebody go give “aircrew” a great big, he needs a hug.

  20. unbelievable Says:

    uh, I hate to break it to you aircrew, but professional sports have always been about exercise and technique…

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Wow, how fast one game can change things. Optimism abounded just a week or so ago from many JBFers, some predicting 11-5 & a playoff berth. OJ Howard could do no wrong, and just about everyone was hoping for an ‘average defense’. Jameis was gonna be resurrected this year, but no one was expecting much of a running game. Byron was a possible HC candidate for sure.

    Now? Poor OJ has ‘a history of drive-killing fumbles’ and our defense looks to be vry much improved. Jameis is Jameis is Jameis, but RoJo looks to be the one who got resurrected. Byron looks to be very much the new OC that he is. Yup, how fast one game can change things. And to think, there are only 15 left.

  22. richbucsfan Says:

    It boils down to one thing…Jameis is not coachable. He falls back to his old ways every game. Jimbo Fisher couldn’t change him nor has any other coach. He has some coaching greats with him now, but ignores their wisdom. He won’t do better with any other team because he knows it all.

  23. TampaTown Says:

    You speak the truth and most of us are right there with you. The tick-tacky flags have got to stop. It’s ruining the game.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A win at Carolina on national TV Thursday would cure a lot of ills.

    I know it’s tough folks…..but….GO BUCS!!!

  25. Sydney Says:

    I expected Jameis to play up and down in his final season here.

    But I keep telling anyone who will listen, the lack of pass rush has already doomed this team. Besides one good move by Barrett, did you watch our OLB’s “rush” yesterday? Brutal.

    And Nassib playing out of position is not going to get the job done. They’ll have to draft some true 3-4 OLB’s

  26. Buc96NYC Says:

    Joe you gonna be @ the Carolina game?!?…I’m coming NYC to be there, would love to meet you guys x Ira

  27. jjbucfan Says:

    Anybody watch Brian Burns and his speed? He will kill Dotson Thursday night. He is going to need a TE or at least get chipped. He has been a menace. I bet we play much better and may pull this game out. JW can’t play that bad again (I hope)

  28. Spinclub Says:

    Studying film is still the definition of being a pro even at the high school level. Our good years were defined with that. Thought this regime would get that fixed with these young kids. If not what is with the huge staff for?

  29. Old School Athlete Says:

    We had 8 weeks to prepare for a below-average opponent on our home field and we all saw the result. Now we’re taking the mental eggshell to a loud, chaotic environment against a better team on national prime time television? I have a feeling this could go really bad. Like 47-7 bad. I hope I am wrong.

  30. BucEmUp Says:

    Ummm the defense was ready and did there job because they are being COACHED properly.

    The offense, you know….the offense that we all thought ARIANS would help with that is actually 100% being game planned and called by a career below average qb.and a guy that has NEVER been a succesful play caller in this league EVER!!!!!!!

    IM PISSED AND DISAPOINTED IN BRUCE ARIANS!!!! Why the hell did you come back.here Bruce. The entire offense is executing like crap, the playcalling.sucks, is predictable and you are riding around on your golf cart all week delegating.

    F this bullspit. Arians made.his name offensivley and now that we finally have a kicker and a defense we give Jameis the crapiest offensive coaching ge has ever had right? STUPID!!!!! Proof is there..The entire offense was unprepared for a beatable football team. Arians needs to step up. This offense regressed yesterday undsr Leftwhich EXACTLY like I said it was going to..Jameis was on fire to finish off the season last year and would only get better under Arians. Leftwhich is going to ruin this and just like koeters LOYALTY to.Smith its.going to be Arians LOYALTY to Byron.

    I cant wait to see Jameis win a ring for the Jags next year freaking IDIOTS WTF ITS A BUCS LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  31. WestChap Says:

    BucEmUp, no coach is ever going to be able to stop some of those throws JW made to the other team… even if you ignore his blameless deflection off Howard, the Niners left 2 other pick sixes on the field. The ones that broke me were the last one on the busted screen (Ronde said he panicked on the play by play… I’d say he had a brain fart) and the failed TD pass knocked down in the end zone (Ronde said he was late and lucky it was taken back to the house… I’d say he simply never saw the Niner playing centerfield). Mindless heaves with the game on the line and blind spots in the center of the field… sure sounds like a rookie 2nd rounder and not a 5th year Heisman winner. Can’t be blamed on BA, Byron or even Koetter.

  32. aircrew Says:

    After some thought, I will become a Rams fan. It is hard to get football out of the boy who played the game and listened to the NFL/AFL championship game (ie. Super Bowl One) on the radio in 1966. It was then I became a Vince Lombardi – Green Bay Packers fan. I wonder what advice Mr. Lombardi could offer B.A., Jason, the Glazers, and ROGER. How did the game regress from Bart Starr, Roger Staubach (Naval Academy Grad.), Fran Tarkenton and many others ?

    GO Tyler Higbee and the Rams.

  33. Brandon Says:

    Sydney Says:
    September 9th, 2019 at 6:53 pm
    But I keep telling anyone who will listen, the lack of pass rush has already doomed this team. Besides one good move by Barrett, did you watch our OLB’s “rush” yesterday? Brutal.

    And Nassib playing out of position is not going to get the job done. They’ll have to draft some true 3-4 OLB’s

    Okay, so you admit to being stupid? The OLBs, especially Nassib, played great. There should be very little complaints about the D considering the predicaments the offense got them into and their inability to stay on the field. Nassib may not have made splash plays on the stat sheet but he did tons of dirty work to allow others to do so.

  34. Drake Says:


    @Sydney was actually right about the OLBs ineffective pass rush. Go back and watch it as I did and you will agree if you’re being objective. Their play against the run was much better, but that wasn’t the subject of the post.

    Btw: why always call names when you disagree? It’s weak minded.