Ugly Night For Jimmy GQ

August 20th, 2019

Faces Bucs Sept. 8.

In less than three weeks the Bucs will host the 49ers to open the 2019 season. And if last night is any indication, 49ers quarterback Jimmy GQ is rustier than a barge that’s been at the bottom of the Gulf for 15 years.

In his first game action since blowing out a knee in Week 3 of the 2018 season, Jimmy Garoppolo was downright awful. He completed one of six passes for zero yards and had a pick.


Folks, if Jimmy GQ is that far behind the eight ball, this has to be good news for the Bucs. Of course, playing against the first-team Broncos defense, Denver put pressure on Jimmy GQ that he will unlikely see when he faces the Bucs defense Sept. 8.

The Broncos have a fierce pass rush; the Bucs have Stevie T. This is what is known as “night and day.”

Joe can only imagine the reaction if America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, had such a preseason game. Why the very earth would shake beneath our feet. But Jimmy GQ will get a pass because he dates porn stars.

Jimmy GQ is a long way from nursing a hangover at the original Jimmy John’s in Charleston, Ill., after a night of cheap boozing at Ike’s. Joe has been there, done that.

51 Responses to “Ugly Night For Jimmy GQ”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Actually the pass rush looked good against the dolphins but all u mentioned was Stevie t ?

  2. Bucky23 Says:

    EIU graduate myself Joe. Class of 2013. Ended many drunken nights at that very jimmy johns. Jimmy G was a class behind me.

  3. Bucky23 Says:

    Have seen Jimmy G there on several occasions

  4. Sport Says:

    Joe Whiny Fan .com.

    TB will have his defense ready to play, regardless of injuries. We have Suh! 3rd or 4th string, if not cut. When will it sink into your thick skull that the LB’s and safeties will be applying QB pressure in this scheme?

    Th offense will be ready and we have improved FG Kicking.

    Ready to make some noise! And not your incessant whining….

    In BA I Trust!

  5. Waterboy Says:

    I agree, if Jameis is a night like that you all would run him out of town.

  6. Joe Says:

    Have seen Jimmy G there on several occasions


    EIU graduate myself Joe.


  7. JGhoti86 Says:

    Pressure actually looked great throughout in the Dolphins game. And Stevie T, really? I’m starting to see why this website is starting the reputation it is now. And it’s sad because the site was so good. Where’s your sense of humor?????–Joe

    Also, I’m not sure what this Joe’s problem is, but he’s starting to sound bitter. And making stretches to do so.

    Yes the Broncos pass rush is better than ours, but our D and pass rush looked great in Miami (minus a few gashing runs from bad gap integrity) and with a new defense and DC, that’s all we have to go on. Stevie T, SMH. What a sad way to try to make a point. And just bad journalism. Man, this site is trending down, unfortunately, and this is becoming more popular conjecture. Glad you have the pulse of the fans. You’ll probably enjoy a story Joe will have later today. –Joe I’m finally starting to see why.

  8. Clay Travis Says:

    If only @Magadude was our team’s GM … he would have cut JAY-MISS and used our 1st round pick on the great WILL GRIER … so what if Grier might get CUT by Carolina and can’t even beat out Tyler Heinieke for the 3RD STRING position in Carolina, let alone the garbage Kyle Allen for the backup spot … he’s still obviously better than JAY-MISS!

    @Magadude knows QBs … he is a genius!


  9. Tom S. Says:

    Eh I wouldn’t overreact to a bad preseason game which is the first time he’s matched up against another teams first strong defense. GQ will obviously have the next week to iron out some of the kinks and more practice time to figure things out.

    Jameis threw a pick 6 his very first NFL throw, the Bucs as a team were most definitely not “Tennessee Ready” in week one of Jameis’ rookie year and yet it was one of only two times the Bucs were pushing for a playoff spot halfway through the season in the Lichtanic-Meets-Iceburg Era that the Glazer Babies have been so kind to give to the fans of Tampa.

  10. BucsFan727 Says:

    Its pre season. It dosent count but it matters. This old coach once said. (Its never as bad as you think and its never as good as you think)
    Its somewhere in the middle. Player development is key for this team. Thats why weve got such a big staff and have multiple practices going on at the same time. Heres hoping for meaningful football in October l. Weve been out before Halloween for a couple years. Is that to much to ask ?

  11. D1 Says:


    Uhhhh….He has…and He’s still here…

    But thanks for playing …….Bucs fans sux …

  12. Ocala Says:

    This is one of the worst articles I’ve ever read on JoeBucs fan
    I’ll chalk it up to a bad day for the site.

  13. richbucsfan Says:

    Good article and good approach to reality. The Bucss are what they are. They are a solid lock for 4th place in the division. No doubt about it.

  14. Oneilbucs Says:

    Well Joe is telling the truth. You all go crazy if he throws a interceptions in practice. But for Jimmy G it’s just preseason. Ok yall are so fake. Some of you are not real bucs fans !!!!!

  15. macabee Says:

    Here’s a closer look at the QB the Bucs will face in game 1. You could see this coming from his practice tape. Let’s hope he continues this rare form when he plays at Tampa.

  16. webster Says:

    @ clay

    Many on this site sweared up and down that jimmy g was better than winston. For the record, i put no stock in preseason games yet you will have this same dumb fan base bashing winston if he does not have a perfect night on friday against the browns. Nevermind the fact those same idiots who will not bash jimmy g and the stinker he put on display tonight but will bash jameis on friday. Btw…..jimmy g could have had 2 ints.

  17. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Any bets on Jimmy G Q has a career game against us?

  18. Magadude Says:

    Probably not a realistic comparison, Joe.. In the long run it could be. Jimmy G. was drafted 62nd overall. He has barely a season under him, if that taking snaps full time. He’s also not the 1st overall pick in his fifth year. Absolutely Jimmy G’s performance won’t cut it. Winston doing the same with the experience he’s got is even less acceptable. Jimmy G is also not the first overall pick that is tied with Blake Bortles for INTs in his first years. Two different things here. I do hope he plays like this when he comes to Tampa. And I hope Winston doesn’t play like he has on his downward curve. Or we may be looking at another 6-3 game in the 4th and a 0-5 start.

  19. Buccaroo Says:

    GQ was rusty, but I suspect he’ll be up for the challenge in our first game. The 9ers fan base has already chalked this game up as a win for them.

    Is that because they have confidence or just down right arrogance?

    Winning cures all that ails.

    We will win, we have the Kraken if needed.

  20. TDTB Says:

    His back up Mullins is a gamer though. Likely not good enough to start but always plays well under the bright lights.

  21. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe Faker thought Jimmy Garoppolo was a good Italian boy raised in a strict conservative catholic family

    Dating porn stars?

    From the great Italian film directed by Francis Ford Coppolo – ROCKY

    “Women weaken legs”

    34-17 Bucs win”

    Kobe Faker

  22. DooshLaRue Says:

    SF defense looks like it could give us some problems.
    I hope we’re ready.

  23. Bucsfanman Says:

    Jimmie G doesn’t have film as a starter that says he’s a turnover-prone QB.
    I love how we act like fans just fabricated this “turnover-prone” thingy with Jameis in a vacuum. Which of the following QBs does not share the same statistic? a.) Bortles b.) Winston c.) Garropolo

    But yes, it’s definitely about dating porn stars!

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    And I’m well aware of the fact that he hasn’t played as many games. Still.

  25. BucEmUp Says:

    Who typed this.? Comparring the entire broncos line yo Stevie T? Are yoy searching for attention? Thats just dumb….

  26. Ocala Says:


    I felt the same way.
    Using a player on the Bucs roster that was signed two weeks ago as the example of what the Bucs defense is at this point is not a good look for this site, but like I said let’s chalk it up to a bad day for Joe.

  27. Pittsshore Says:

    Broncos front 7 are legit. Jimmy G is not.

  28. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Not buying it! Jimmy G is really a backup, and the Bucs D have made the likes of Case Keenum and Derek Anderson look like All Pro, All World, Hall of Famers. This can be a good win for the Bucs if they stay focused. Don’t let your guard down! Beware of the backup QB!

  29. Mark Alstott Says:

    Going off the last decade plus, this just means Jimmy GQ will ball out and have a career day. Hope I’m wrong though.

  30. JGhoti86 Says:

    @ Joe

    If that was meant to be funny, then that was actually pretty funny and my bad. It was late and I thought you were being serious, which would’ve been like me picking out the worst article you’ve ever wrote (and everybody has written a bad article) and using that for comparison’s sake to others (specifically others work that is great). That just wouldn’t be remotely fair and a big stretch to make a point. I’ll happily apologize there.

    And I’ll be happy to read the article later. As I am every article you guys write of everyday. As far as pulse of the fans, I clearly don’t have the entire pulse, but there is a conjecture trend from a growing number of fans (probably only the small amount in the grand scheme of things) that this site is not as beloved by ALL as it used to be. But again, this is just personal conjecture. And clearly I’m still a fan as I’m here now and I’m here reading all the time.

  31. D-Rome Says:

    Joe, even Jameis would get a pass if he suffered the same injury and missed that amount of time. That being said, I doubt he’s getting the pass from 49ers fans. Unlike the Bucs they have a history of great, winning football and they have certain standards.

  32. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    It’s obvious that many “fans” here look at Jameis Winston and our team as pretty much the same team as last year, playing in almost the same schemes with only minor changes in the coaching staff. In that case it makes sense to expect similar results to the two previous seasons.

  33. Pittsshore Says:

    What will be higher in the season opener?….the number on JW jersey or the amount of turnovers he has??? Start a poll Joe

  34. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Stevie T is listed as 4th on our depth chart at nose tackle behind Vita Vea, Beau Allen and Terry Beckner Jr. Is he just a placeholder for practice purposes till Vea gets back? Hunh?

    By the way he weighs 320 while Beckner is the small guy at 295.

  35. Wesley Says:

    This d**che is vastly overrated.

  36. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    ” As far as pulse of the fans,”

    As the highest rated poster on this site, I will tell you the true pulse of the fans.

    We thought “Garoppolo” was a STD, you got from either living in San Francisco or from unprotected sex with a porn star. They are actually one and the same.

  37. Locked In Says:

    all this means is he will play like an all-pro when we face him. Or his 2nd or 3rd string backup will.

  38. 813bucboi Says:

    9ers defense is solid….their dline is stacked and their run game is pretty good….

    it’ll be a good test week1….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  39. Hodad Says:

    The problem with Jimmy G is he doesn’t play for the Pats anymore. How many times have we’ve seen teams go after Belichick’s back ups, and asst coaches only to watch them flame out with their new teams? Jimmy G is no different.


    Bowles and the wolf pack are drooling…..

    Go Bucs!!!

  41. Tval Says:

    “Maga” sounds remedial, per usual. 😂🤣🤣
    Draft position is IRRELEVANT after Jimmy’s new $$$$$
    If ANYTHING position drafted hurt Jameis, you simpleton.
    Sorry, I’m tired of people who know NOTHING about football commenting like they know a THING. INSUFFERABLE!!!!!

  42. ChipBuc Says:

    All I know is, if Winston threw 5 consecutive interceptions in practice, all the bashers on this site would want him cut immediately. Always thought Jimmy G was overrated, this news does nothing to disprove that opinion.

  43. Cgmaster27 Says:

    @maga draft position means nothing on how a qb plays. Anything to make yourself look smarter, which we all know you’re not. Any excuse to cut into Jameis. Its kind ofnredindant and pathetic with you and pittshore, heck you might even be the same lonely person with multiple accounts. You seem like that kind of loser.

  44. Jim Says:

    Um…49ers won. Jus’ sayin’…

  45. Magadude Says:

    Only a fool, or the ultimate Winston apologist, would think after reading an article where a slight comparison is made on a 62nd overall pick with probably a fifth of the snaps being compared with the the 1st overall pick…doesn’t rate further compare and contrast–when it comes to fan and media response. You can bet your bottom dollar the 1st overall pick five years into his career in a contract year that has a game like Jimmy G did…is going to be scrutinized hard for it. Meaningfully or not, the ground would be shaking nationally about it. Look a bit to the north where Mariota is already taking heat. And he wasn’t first overall. Let’s hope Winston pulls in a good game with a more complete look this Friday night…and NOT a Jimmy G. Too many tix still to sell to give us another downer.

  46. orlbucfan Says:

    34-17 Bucs win”

    Kobe Faker
    Did I read that right, KF?? It’s usually the reverse according to you. 🙂

  47. Kobe Faker Says:

    “We are stuck with what we have

    BA and Gump isnt going anywhere

    Last 2 years we didnt have accountability because we only had 2 decisionmakers

    dumb and dumber (Gump and Klueless)

    We now have BA, Bowles and even Leftwich adding input

    BA is a blowhard but a team player

    we might have the exact same personnel without too much change but BA redzone scoring will be the huge difference to the wins and lossess

    BA redzone scoring will dictate the flow of the games.

    *If are top in scoring offense we might be in contension at the last few weeks of the season of playoffs

    however, NFC is LOADED with playoff caliber teams”

    Kobe Faker

  48. Kobe Faker Says:

    ” ^ top 5 in scoring offense”

    Kobe Faker

  49. Isaac haggins Says:

    I question the Long sustainability of any running qb as well as any qb under 6’2” ……. players are just big, Long and fast and fast amplifies big and strong . It’s just hard to throw over and around speed and length and when they figure out the qb s tendencies, well the field gets smaller so the 6 foot two guy may look great for a season or two but after that they have the qb s figures out and the physical limitations show up !!! Baker will be interesting to watch but he will ultyper past 10 yr history either take to much of a beating by game 30 or 40 or his pocket limitations will be exposed !! Just sit back and watch , he’s got this year and maybe next and that will be it !! Watch !! It’s not rocket science and there are very very few anomalies !! Watch , Just watch Arizona and Cleveland have 30 to 40 games and that’s it !!! That goes for Baltimore also !!!

  50. Isaac haggins Says:

    Sorry for the typos , spend more dan time fixing autocorrect and voice text !! my bad !!

  51. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    If Jameis or the majority of other non established starters played like Jimmy G they’d be destroyed

    Dude gets a pass for not doing much