JPP Sighting

August 25th, 2019

He’s alive!

Jason Pierre-Paul exists. No, not on Instagram. In real life. In the actual flesh and blood.

Friday night prior to the Browns-Bucs preseason game, JPP, the Bucs sackmeister, was seen on the Bucs sideline with no neck brace. Justin Granit of WTSP-TV Channel 10 got a screengrab of JPP hanging out and Twittered it out.

This is good news, clearly. Early last week, JPP, who uses Instagram a fair amount, posted a photo of himself wearing a neck brace. So unless the photo JPP uploaded was an old one, JPP had the neck brace removed or isn’t required to wear it as often.

So now comes the physical rehab. JPP loves to post Instagram photos and videos of himself working out, and he has not done that since he first had his car accident just a few days after the draft.

Who knows how long the rehab might be?

34 Responses to “JPP Sighting”

  1. West Los Says:

    I’m just glad that we’re going to have a solid defensive scheme this year.. #gobucs

  2. Pryda...sec147 Says:

    He is coming back faster than expected! Such great news he is going to be a beast once he gets into shape again

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Lol this Bum is praying to see how stupid the Bucs are

    Praying to get that last 7 mill from the gullible Yucs and twist his ankle”

    Kobe Faker

  4. Rob Tanner Says:

    His dr.’s should just tape it up like they did his hand. He’s good to go. He has 7 million reasons to tape it up. #JustTapeItUp

  5. Ben real Says:

    Glad he’s doing good … get better JPP … get that money brother …don’t rush back…come back when your ready! See you when your back

  6. SteelStudBuc Says:

    C’mon Kobe stop crying. All u do is cry like a baby.
    We all know he’s hurt… it’s obvious… does that mean you need to cry about everything? Like your some prophet… go buy a lottery ticket if you’re so right all the time.

  7. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Happy for the guy… hope he doesn’t jump back into things before he’s really ready, but it must be nice to not wear that brace.

  8. Clean House Says:

    Kobe, the guy is clearly not a bum-
    Numbers speak for themselves and he’s done it over time and after a horrific hand injury-
    You sound foolish

  9. UnderMeBucin’Hat Says:

    I’m just hoping he’s gonna be ok life-wise. It would be a bonus if he plays for the Bucs again. Incredible person though a bit unlucky(intrepid).

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    I have no doubt he’ll be back stronger than ever. The dude is absolute beast no offensive tackle wants to play against him. Licht should extend him now and let him retire in Tampa. Spence played well last night but Suh and JPP together will dominate. He’s faced bigger hurtles and come back. This is just another bump in the road. Vea needs to get back too and no matter how bad the O line is, this defense will win games this year. This is a defense that can old opponents to 16 points per game. Hide and watch. Todd Bowles will see to it. Next year we draft O linemen and take over the league. It was frustrating last night but the pieces are there and we need to hold out just a little bit longer. It’s going to happen and as hard as it is, we can’t think short term. BA hired the right guys to make sure it happens. No more coaching changes. These are the right guys. Stick it out and get that ring.

  11. FireJasonLicht Says:

    What Kobe is trying to say and I kind of agree with him is that he is trying to make it seem like he is healing faster than he probably actually is so the Bucs dont think about cutting him. Tbh we need offensive line help more than we need a twice seriously injured over 30 yr old DE.

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    Like BigMacAttack, I also believe that one day JPP will “be back stronger than ever”. Today’s not the day. Tomorrow’s not looking so good either.

    There’s something ‘too convenient’ about the timing of that photo. Bucs have to make a decision in roughly one week about ‘what to do with JPP’. Obviously they can’t put him on the 53-man roster, but putting him on IR with possibility of return (and having to pay him another $7.4 mil) is an option, as is putting him on the NFI list (with the option to not pay that last $7.4 mil) OR outright releasing him (to save $7.4 mil). But in any event, a decision must be made.

    So now, right before that decision must be made, we have a JPP sighting? After months of no JPP sightings? (Except on Instagram of course). No other information, just a photo. JPP looks good, and isn’t wearing a neck brace … at least right then. Beyond that we know nothing. But surely the Bucs do (hard to believe that JPP’s attendance on the Bucs bench at the game was a surprise to the Bucs).

    Personally been in favor of putting him on the Reserve NFI list for awhile now. Also in favor of NOT paying him that last $7.4 mil and using that money to bolster our OLine. Keep him under contract though and IF he makes it back this year & gets into good football shape THEN pay him for the number of games that he plays. If not, then HOPEFULLY JPP makes it back for next year (when he’d be due to make $12.5 mil (that’s not guaranteed & that has no Dead Cap). That approach keeps the Bucs in the driver’s seat, provides enough money (hopefully) to fix our OLine (assuming that some OLinemen of value come available shortly with the cutdowns), and keeps JPP in the fold with the possibility of making $12.5 mil next year (assuming that he can make it back). It’ll be interesting to see what route Jason Licht & the Bucs hierarchy take.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … Just read that 30-year-old Andrew Luck retired yesterday because of injuries suffered in the past & at the start of this year’s training camp. Jacoby Brissett takes over for him apparently (4-11 in 2017 in filling in for the injured Luck). We play the Colts Dec 8th here.

    Colts’ fans booed him when he walked off the field after last night’s game. Classy. Guess they forgot those years when he was badly beaten up because the Colts’ OLine was the worst in the league. Good reason for the Bucs to FIX OUR OLINE.

  14. geno711 Says:

    I have always been that guy that said JPP has not been wearing that Aspen neck brace all day long. It is not designed to be worn all day.

    JPP does not like OTA’s, does not like practice, does not like training camp, does not like exhibition games. If on NFI, he does not need to report to Buc’s doctors and can control when he is coming back.

    If he wanted to, he could come back now with no repercussion to his career. After all, it appears that it was a non displaced fracture with no nerve root involvement. He should heal better than John Lynch.

  15. DB55 Says:

    RN’s don’t need rehab. He told the operator he was good. Prayer never hurt anybody and JPP and Suh will dominate. Although depending on how the season goes maybe he does twist his ankle. 😉

    As for the Colts maybe offer them next years first for Nelson in case the colts are in the market for a QB.

  16. Knoxvillebucfan Says:

    Could’ve sworn that was him head butting Suh on the sideline

  17. Pittsshore Says:

    Cut the whack job

  18. Todd Says:

    Holy Cow!!!

    Licht pulled one out of his a$$!!! Excellent job!!!

    Bucs trade next year’s first round pick and JPP to the Colts for all-pro offensive lineman Quentin Nelson!!!!!


    And then my alarm clock went off.

  19. MadMax Says:

    Hope he makes it back but unless theres some hidden happenings to surprise teams and be unpredictable, im not buying it. Would be awesome if he only misses a few games though. As long as the healed injury cant take the whooping of his position every game. One good thing would be he’s limited and on fresh legs a lot, playing lets say half the snaps as normal. Could still be worth his contract as long as he isnt missing more than 3 or 4 games.

  20. I will take things that explode and cars that go fast for $500 Alex Says:

    Was it at the Fireworks store or a Ferrari dealership?

  21. Hodad Says:

    I agree with Kobe, dude is hoping the Bucs pay him the rest of his money. Don’t worry JPP, Licht loves giving away Glazer dough for nothing. What we really need is a competent right tackle. If you could replace Dotson I’d be pulling for you, other wise go light some fireworks while driving around at 4 in the morning.

  22. NOSBOS Says:

    Week 1.. Like I’ve stated for more than a month or so now Joe. Vast majority of your site’s visitors go for anything. I’m not one of them🤫.

  23. tmaxcon Says:

    jpp will do enough to give the bucs false hope so he gets his payday and collect another basement title on his way to his next immature bad choice. it’s awful expensive to be that stupid…

  24. Tony1775 Says:

    I like JPP, but I like using his salary to fill holes elsewhere for depth. Unfortunate he had the accident hope he recovers fully.

  25. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    NOSBOS… maybe week 1 of next season. Probably in a different uniform.

  26. firethecannons Says:

    Man, NOSBOS if you are right dude–that’ll be happy times cause that would mean you probably right about Devin White too.

    Thinking JPP comes back in week 3 and latest after the bye.

  27. BA FAN Says:

    I agree with big MacAttack. Some of you should show more appreciation for the first double digit sacker for the Bucs in ages. You probably wanted to dump Bennet too!

  28. tmaxcon Says:

    BA FAN

    you have it completely backwards as usual, dude maybe JPP should have showed the organization, his teammates and bucfan some appreciation and respect by not being such an immature dumbarse…..

  29. Joe in Michigan Says:

    It’s a great world we live in where a person who has no idea how to capitalize letters would call someone “stupid”, and call a Hall of Fame Coach a “bum”.

  30. tmaxcon Says:

    Joe in Michigan

    what is more concerning is optimists rewriting history to justify that POS Bum’s failures… hall of fame was rendered meaningless when dungy the clown was enshrined pal… career losing postseason records have no business in the hall of fame

  31. Cobraboy Says:

    @Defense Rules: Luck retiring means Winston is more valuable, and most likely the Bucs will extend.

  32. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bucs shoulda Dumped JPP like a bad habit right after his injury. They could have easily gone after another free agent. I get so pissed at our..Forever..mediore team. If not now..When people?! This Defensive line as it currently stands Sucks..It Sucks to holy hell and beyond! And you all are gonna see it about that 2nd game time. great secondary though and they shall earn every penny of their salaries chasing down completed bombs. BucLife baby.

  33. Jason S. Mclaurin Says:

    He’ll be ready week 1 you can bet on it but he has an exam coming up next week on his next and I believe he will be cleared and should be ready by Week 2 against the Panthers.

  34. Siege the Bay Says:

    JPP is one of those guys that heals really fast.