“I Thought Donovan Played Really Well”

August 24th, 2019

Bucco Bruce Arians has scrutinized the film of his offensive line last night and he’s not feeling as bad as many Bucs fans are.

Arians marched to the podium at One Buc Palace today and assessed his O-line after Jameis Winston was sacked five times by the Browns in the first half at the Den of Depression, and after the running game was a non-factor.

“I thought Donovan [Smith] played really well,” Arians said. “Ali [Marpet] played solid. [Ryan] Jensen played solid. [Alex] Cappa had a couple; he got beat on a twist, he got beat on a spin move. [Dotson] got beat once. I thought in that 10-play drive we had a nice run-pass mix and moved the ball really well, a couple of third-down conversions. But overall, it was not their best night. It wasn’t their worst, either.”

So there you have it. The O-line had an off night but it was ok, and not as bad as it appeared.

It sounds nice, but Joe’s not buying it.

The mentality Arians desires — and said was coming — isn’t evident. Joe’s not sure the mental makeup of this group will ever have it be a consistently nasty and physical group. But Joe still thinks it will be good enough to put up a lot of points.

51 Responses to ““I Thought Donovan Played Really Well””

  1. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    “Really well,” if you like giving up the booty!

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    No way BA buys his own BS

  3. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    The OL is better than they looked last not….they have some shaky guys but still not as bad as last night… they’ll improve is they can stay healthy

  4. Dubcity6 Says:

    What was he supposed to say. “My OL sucks” would be honest but an unrealistic expectation. He also vouched for them in the offseason. He doesnt strike me as a person to admit when he’s wrong. Ignoring the OL in the draft was criminal. They made their bed… now the Jameis will be put to sleep in it all season.

  5. Zzbuc Says:

    Delirium, serious delirium!!!

  6. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    The talent level of this offensive line does not have not championship level potential. It can be improved with solid work. It can become adequate for this year.

    We will have to build that quality in the next few years or we won’t become perennial playoff contenders.

    It is just that simple in my opinion.

  7. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    When they were bad they were REALLY bad. When they were good they were just ok. Jameis will get tired of getting hit and with no added protection in the scheme he’ll start hitting those check downs quick. Problem with that is when that becomes predictable defenders will jump those short routs for pick sixes. The real fix will be to establish a consistent running game. The question is are these the type of guys to really be physical and wear down a front seven? I just don’t think so.

  8. DB55 Says:

    Not their worst either? Omfg! There’s more? Jameis would be wise to buy some injury insurance cuz at this rate he will not securing any bags in the near future.

  9. StonedBuc Says:

    These dudes are just collecting paychecks, they arent football players.

    Offensive line you have to play nasty, cant just block tou have to impose your will

  10. DB55 Says:


    Gotta get rid of Dotson and allow at least 10 years for the stench of McIceCream to leave the locker room.

  11. Dubcity6 Says:

    Sounds like just press conference talk. No way he believes the OL is good enough for a playoff run. Maybe the expectations aren’t Playoffs. Which is sad. Starting a season expecting to lose half your games.

  12. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    I shudder to think of what their worst is.

  13. DB55 Says:


    Agreed! There haven’t been many real football players here since Sapp n Brooks left.

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m not buying it either Joe. Right now I bet Licht is beating the bushes looking for OLinemen.

  15. Joe Says:

    What was he supposed to say. “My OL sucks”

    Arians? He sure did last night.

  16. DB55 Says:


    He’s has 6 months if not 5 years and in his drunken stupor he’s elected to draft division II AND III kids to protect one of the best nfl prospects in recent history.

  17. Bucsfan951 Says:

    My guess is BA laid into him hard behind closed doors, Smith blubbered like a big baby and now BA is trying to salvage what’s left of Smith’s confidence. I mean, we are tied to him for the next two years, thanks to Mr Lichts brilliance

  18. Bird Says:

    So I thought BA was a straight shooter

    It’s like after a horrid practice a few weeks ago from Jameis wherein every buc website said he looked awful …even joe said for once (ever) which he had to backtrack later cause he was scared of all the bad feedback

    Arians said he looked “fantastic”

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Arians didn’t say what I say! GRRRRRR!!!! He’s LYING TO EVERYONE!!! GRRRRR!!!!

  20. Adrnagy Says:

    Marpet and Jensen are ok. But the rest oh boy. There’s a Difference between what they can be versus what now. Productive.
    It reminds me of the oline Andrew luck had acouple years back. Until the current GM rebuilt and look at the guys now.

  21. Section 219 Row A Says:

    My dad, brother and I had the privilege of being invited into the owners suite last night and we were totally blown away by the hospitality of the Glazer family. I’ve been a buc fan since 76, but now I’m a Glazer fan too. I’m just a regular guy, and they treated my family as peers and friends. They are truly an asset to the region, and I’m not just saying that because of the sweet swag bag we got. Go Bucs!

  22. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    Um…I know the coaches and big shots in the NFL have access to film angles and such that we mere tv-watching-peasants don’t, but it can’t possibly be THAT different. BA lauding the O-Line seems less about facts and an honest evaluation of their being slapped-silly and more about frantically trying to prop up the O-Line’s confidence so they don’t end up curled under a table chugging Jim Bean. That’s fine, I guess, if it works, and the O-Line ends up performing well, but it does make me less inclined to believe anything BA says.

  23. RCS Says:

    I get real confuse by some of the people who cover the Bucs. When BA says something they agree with they laud him for always being hard on players and being honest. But when BA (who has forgotten more than some in the media has even known) says something that the media experts don’t agree with its “I’m not buying it” …. Either you think the guy is no nonsense and straight forward or you don’t.

  24. Howard Cosell Says:

    Sounds like BA is blaming 2 sacks on Cappa, 1 sack on Dotson and 2 sacks on Americas QB himself

    Accountability mf’ers!

  25. Wesley Says:

    It wasn’t just sacks though JW was pressured all night.

  26. Race to 10 Says:

    BA has no issues calling players out now all of a sudden what he is saying about his players is bs? Damn who knew media and bucs fans knew more about watching film than a guy who’s done it at this level for his entire working life. Note to Jason licht next time just go out in the stands after the last game of this season and hire bucs fans to coach because you clearly cant hire someone with more experience watching film than couch coaches. The most pathetic fans in the nfl are bucs fans and live on this site letting everyone know it.

  27. Lorenzo has a crush on captain fear Says:

    I think that Ba is just sticking up for this gorgeous hunk of a man!

  28. Kobe Faker Says:

    “The moment Donovan Smith contract was released,

    Cam Jordan couldnt believe a terrible player like turnstile can get a contract like that. He mocked this Bum and couldnt wait to pad his stats

    Kobe believes Cam Jordan”

    Kobe Faker

  29. Rayjay1122 Says:

    BA may need new glasses.

  30. Buc believer Says:

    Way off topic but Andrew Luck has retired from the Colts… Good move Andrew

  31. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    If it was a real game then you already know this would have been different.

  32. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Donavan pass blocked well but his run blocking is nothing to write home about. Marpet is a beast, he moves people. Jensen doesn’t get his pad level low enough and gets stood up too often. Cappa’s not a guard and will require a season or two to become good at G. He should be the RT where he is very experienced. Dotson great guy but old and slow. Does decent in pass blocking but terrible at run blocking. He just can’t bend his knees well anymore, a must requirement in run blocking.

  33. Bobby Says:

    Our offensive line was God awful….period! You give up 5 sacks in the first half you stink on ice. We need to be pulling players off practice squads after final cuts and try and find some players. It’s been way too long since we paid attention to the O-line.

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    Luck was informed he was going to be traded to the Bucs and would have to play behind this line…

  35. tmaxcon Says:

    Luck was never a winner talented guy but mentally weak punk very similar to cancer93 and lvd. Simply not a winner…that entire soft arse generation is scary weak

  36. Craig Says:

    Three of those sacks were from Jameis holding the ball too long. Two were on the O-line. So much for statistics.

    Jameis seems to have learned a lot for Byron. That long, slow windup almost killed Byron, now it is almost killing Jameis. Why can’t he grow up enough to understand what a check down player is?

    I still think Ryan Griffin will take us further, maybe not far enough, bu further down the road.

  37. tmaxcon Says:


    Lol that’s hilarious bonzi …. he has not had time to get the ball out of the centers arse before that line crumbles like cancer93 captaining a home game much less windup…

  38. Bucsfan1988 Says:

    Watching Andrew Luck retirement news press conference.

    He just thanked Arians for what BA contributes to Luck while with the Colts.

    I feel sorry for Luck.
    He was a great QB when he was healthy.
    Good luck man!

  39. Rod Munch Says:

    TJmaxx, pull an Epstein and end your miserable existence, you won’t be missed.

    God bless.

  40. $acbuc$ Says:

    i think we would get better production out of our line if we just put The Earl of Watford in at RG. Experience instantly! Earl out there man handling player and Cappa out there getting man handled. We would have all experienced players in the trenches at least dam.

    Bruce Arians is known for having trashy olines. Carson Palmer and all the QB after him was getting smashed from that terrible line evaluation. Why would you put a 2nd year player in there he should be playing next to Caleb on the second team. Cappa need size strength and development!

    Since we gotta our title gentleman let’s run with it. COUCH COACH! So couch coach says the two 3rd team tackle look better then every tackle on the roster. Proehls and Ruble. Starter them and the Earl of Watford!

  41. buc15 Says:

    Not their worst? I mean at least they lined up in the right direction.

  42. David Says:

    Why wouldn’t they have a consistently nasty attitude?
    With Cappa, Marpet, & Jensen they should have a nasty attitude in the middle.

  43. West Los Says:

    I’m just glad that we’re going to have a solid defense this year

  44. Stanglassman Says:

    BA pretty much gave us the cuts today. He said E. Watford, Z. Bailey and C. Benenoch (on right side) looked good. Then said the rest are just fighting or something like that. Liedke injury was huge. That’s 8 and you got to believe they’re going to pick up a OL guy off the wire. Boozer and Bailey are probably your practice squad candidates. Bumping on in off the 53 roster throughout the season.

  45. FireJasonLicht Says:

    I’ll ne happy if we get to 8-8. This offensive line was almost as bad as the Hurricanes tonite.

  46. Defense Rules Says:

    Something’s not right here. Just read a report on NBS Sports (entitled ‘Bruce Arians angry at Bucs’ offensive line’) published yesterday morning that says …

    “Asked how his offensive linemen played in the game against the Browns, Arians was succinct. “They got their ass kicked one-on-one. Simple,” Arians said.”

    So like you Joe, “I’m not buying it” what BA said above about the Oline.

  47. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    WTF does nasty mean anyway? It’s meaningless bs. There is no nasty test at the combine. It seems like nasty is what you call a dude when you can’t point to any real skill he has. Just because Crappa is disgusting to look at doesn’t mean he can block.

  48. D-Rome Says:

    I’ll trust the head coach over the mouth breathers any day of the week.

  49. K2 Says:

    I thought Smith was ok…and Cappa was BAD!

  50. K2 Says:

    It sounds like there will be changes on the o-line and outside backers after the cuts. Unless some guys step up quick!

  51. bucs4ya Says:

    @DR watch the interview on YouTube BA did say they got their butts kicked one and one then went on to say they got Cappa with a twist and some other things but he felt they got better and he did say he thought Donovan played well. I wish they had someone on that line that would take control and hold the others accountable. And please just find someone to replace Dotson. If I can tell run or pass from his stance I’m sure those across from him can.