Bucs Announce Pregame Concert

August 5th, 2019

“Jason, I’ll buy you a matching cowboy hat.”

This should help the Bucs sell out opening day.

The Den of Depression is a stop on the NFL 100 Fantennial Celebration, the Bucs announced today, which means country music star Tim McGraw will play a 2 o’clock concert before the Bucs kick off against the 49ers on Sunday, Sept. 8, and 4:15 p.m.

If you have a game ticket, then you can watch the concert at no extra charge.

If you don’t have a game ticket, then you can still buy one at Ticketmaster or on the secondary market.

Fans can enter the stadium at 12:30 p.m. and McGraw will serve up an encore performance at halftime of the game.

50 Responses to “Bucs Announce Pregame Concert”

  1. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says: Says:

    Oil and water

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    it’s absolutely pathetic a NFL franchise has to do this on opening day to prevent another embarrassment by the opposition taking over the stadium. i am sure some will spin it but bottom line is if you have a quality on field product you don’t get embarrassed at home and have to resort to publicity stunts to fill your stadium

  3. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Word on the street that it will be “Beck” who will play his song “loser” 10 times in a row!!!!!!! I am sure that the sheep can also buy their ole stale biscuit kangol hat and whatever marketing scheme team glazer cash just thought of before the losing of “real” games starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    are they placing a stage on the grass or where will he perform?

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    so joe who was the dumbarse that thought it would be fun to put a bunch of day drinking concert goers in the stadium before the game starts. LOL… there will be unintended consequences.. going to be a busy one for the public servants with badges….

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    get em drunk early with stale pop country then feed them minor league football and put a bow on it…. glazers are brilliant and low standard bucfan will eat it up

  7. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    So cool 😎

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    cheap beer, bad music, hot summer day 5 hours of drinking… hell yeah!!!! Just need jerry springer and girls jumping on trampolines…. hell of good time

  9. tmaxcon Says:

    obviously cheap in quality not in stadium prices…

  10. tmaxcon Says:

    so the concert does bump tailgating back to the Bloody Mary Hour so that is a positive… tim mcgraw fits bucs. after all, no one love their has beens like a bucfan….

  11. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    dirk’s thats what im thinking too… how they gonna throw a 1.5 – 2 hr concert starting at 2 on the field before a 4 pm game; where the players warming up, cool idea but would be better after game its flippin hot out at that time in sept

  12. tmaxcon Says:

    joe since it’s Lynch (best years in denver) aka Matt Millen and the 49ers coming to town maybe they can get AOC and Kapernick to sing the national anthem to the drunks after the concert prior to game…. i bet they would be a beautiful duet

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    TJmax – Do the world a favor, put on some country music, get drunk, then drive into a bridge embankment doing about 80mph.

    God bless.

  14. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    I saw Chuck Berry at a Rowdies game in Tampa Stadium. The old Sombrero..

    It was very cool.

  15. tmaxcon Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    August 5th, 2019 at 6:09 pm
    TJmax – Do the world a favor, put on some country music, get drunk, then drive into a bridge embankment doing about 80mph.

    God bless.

    look at you being a good christian hypocrite acting the arse then closing with god bless… so predictable.

  16. UnderMeBucin’Hat Says:

    tmasscon is especially snippy today…

  17. Todd Says:


    “it’s absolutely pathetic…”

    Up yours you negative sumb!tch!

    You get so tiring.

    Nobody cares about your gamma opinion.

    Get a life. The franchise is making every attempt to invigorate the fan base. For the benefit of the team. What a POS.

  18. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have the concert AFTER the game?
    Alcohol and hot, humid conditions followed by a football game = busy day for paramedics

  19. tmaxcon Says:


    you have to admit it’s the perfect distraction for the minor league on field product that the glazers will once again trot out on opening day

  20. Mike Says:

    The concert is on the south endzone plaza platform on opposite side of pirate ship. Fantastic to do anything that’s ads to the greatness of opening day. Just gunna have to start the tailgate early. He will also be performing at halftime

  21. TDTB Says:

    I can promise you Mr. McGraw will be the last big name artist to agree to perform at 12:30 in Ray Jay for opening day. It will be smoking hot and still inside the stadium. He may pass on the halftime encore.

  22. Buc4evr Says:

    The Bucs owners are going to have a free concert for the fans and some of the A** clowns on this board are trying to spin it. Pathetic, why are you whiners even on this board?

  23. 76bucborn Says:

    my family and I are not country music fans one bit we were going to go but have changed our minds… hopefully this is the only home game that does something like this.

  24. BridleOaks Buc Says:

    Soooo, of all the games to schedule a pregame concert, it’s the first game, and not, I don’t know, in November?..When it’s not still rainy season!

  25. Magadude Says:

    Yes, sad this is needed to get anyone to watch NFL football in person. But, this isn’t just Bucs…it is NFL wide…to celebrate a century of NFL.

    So who the he11 got Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan?

    Still, thank god we didn’t get Bette Midler.

  26. Magadude Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    August 5th, 2019 at 6:04 pm
    “…maybe they can get AOC and Kapernick to sing the national anthem to the drunks after the concert prior to game.”

    I don’t know if it’s possible to get drunk enough for that.

  27. Stanglassman Says:

    Ghost of Darnell- I was at that Chuck Berry Rowdies game too. It was 4th of July Cosmos game. We all got on field, laid out blankets after the game to watch the concert.

  28. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Rod Munch! That kind of talk is uncalled for! We need our bridge embankments embankments unharmed!

    TMax: Serious offer. I put on one of the best tailgates around. I’m cordially inviting you to join us at Al Lopez Park before the 49ers. Great food, beer, full bar…I bet you’d even have a good time. Interested?

  29. Race to 10 Says:

    Buc4evr lol I clicked on threw linked just because of the high maintenance fans on this site who complain and find the negative in everything. Yea its Florida so it’s hot in September no matter where you. What freaking state are you people from that’s this is the complaint? You idiots sound like imports from up north, why are you posers here, if you were born in Florida then your just dumb talking about the heat when its hot year round

  30. tmaxcon Says:


    do ya feel better little buddy…. get it out… come on…. get it all out…. after all the crying, it still does not change the fact that I am right always!!!! i guess it’s hard for people that have no standards to understand high standards. i feel sorry not angry for people that accept failure or label has beens legends because they can not tell the difference between popularity and greatness… it’s like a disease I guess. Hang in there maybe someday greatness will shine upon you and you can feel like me for just a brief moment!!!!!

  31. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    The Bucs should hire my favorite band, Foxes & Fossils to play every home game.

    Here they sing a special song to TMaxcon. Don’t let the past remind us of what we are not now!


    If Sammie Purcell would sing the National Anthem, even Kaepernick would be standing.

  32. Wade Roberts Says:

    If an NFL franchise hasn’t won a “statement” game in 16 years, then might as well pull a gimmick out of your pocket. LOL! All blame lies on the Glazers. They laugh all the way to the bank along with the players. They don’t care as much as you do.

  33. Wesley Says:

    Country blows, but the rednecks will be happy.

  34. tmaxcon Says:


    any ups driver off the street can produce the same 8 basement titles that lvd has while being captain of some of the worst defensive units in league history…. plus it goes without saying the ups driver is more mentally tough so it’s clearly addition by subtraction.

  35. BucsFan727 Says:

    Not sure they play Winston much if at all. Id pay to see Winston play before I would spend my money going to a concert. Its all good though haters. Winston will be back in the saddle week 1. Thats right Americas Quarterback Jamies Winston. Gotta love it football’s back.

  36. Doctor Stroud Says:

    This decision by Team Glazer is clearly an effort to troll AC/DC-lovin’ GM Jason Licht and Spandau Ballet-lovin’ ex-Bucs GM Rock Star Mark Dominick. After the fan base revolts from this debacle, Tim McGraw-lovin’ Bucs owners Team Glazer will most likely pay Mr. McGraw not to perform, or something like that.

  37. Capeaceiskaput Says:

    Spinal Tap and Puppet Show….or was it Puppet Show and Spinal Tap? Either way they will be lucky to get 50k “actual people” in the stands, whether David St. Hubbins shows up or not. Go Bucs.

  38. Magadude Says:

    76bucborn Says:
    August 5th, 2019 at 6:38 pm
    my family and I are not country music fans one bit we were going to go but have changed our minds… hopefully this is the only home game that does something like this.
    BS flag waving high. You can still go and nothing will be different…just show up 90 minutes prior and the normal sequence events happens. Yeah, you will get a song or two at the half instead of the PeeWee leaguers…but that’s concessions time anyway. Oh, are you in the crowd that promised to go to games if the NFL lifted the blackouts or lowered ticket prices? Yeah, they were all over spewing that then, but never showed up. Huhh. Wierd.

  39. stvcl Says:

    Whoever was in charge of hiring the talent to sell out the stadium…YOU’RE FIRED!

  40. Kord Says:

    As much I hate country music, man let em have a concert, who cares. Everyone complains non stop nowadays

  41. Ship Thief Says:

    hahahaha tmax has a case of the Mondays hahahaha I love it

  42. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    I love country music!!!! Not that anyone cares

  43. Barbosa Says:

    Nothing better than sad country music for the den or
    Depression. I wonder what act will perform at our London “home game? Benny Hill?

  44. Pugs&Bucs Says:

    If you weren’t here for 2-14, I don’t want you here for a concert.

  45. Crockett69 Says:

    The team tries to fill the seats with a legit country act and maxi pad has a problem with it. It figures. How about just a little support for the home team and for the home team fans to kick off the season. Do yourself a favor, check into anger management sessions and bring a drool cup. I’m sure the xanax will help your negativity…T-Negative_Nancy_Pad_2020.

  46. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    It is a sad statement, that the Bucs need to do this concert to try to fill the empty seats. Goes back to what I’ve been saying for years, but neither the Bucs nor Tampa/Hillsborough wants to say………we need a new domed stadium. Can you even IMAGINE the attendance? It would be off the charts.

  47. Mcbuc Says:

    I bet if the Bucs did not have the concert that is part of a league celebration of fans, you guys would bitch about them not doing it. Some of you complain about everything. Must be a long life.

  48. Mike Duggan Says:

    Good observation McBuc and Crockett69! I’ve never seen such a bunch of negative people. Heck I remember back in the day when we couldn’t get 25,000 to show up, still had a great time though. Go Bucs!

  49. unbelievable Says:

    Bad music to complement a bad team lololol

  50. Buddy Says:

    What a joke. TEAM GLAZER is so desperate they are running out a dude his 10 years past his prime. Nobody cares about Mr Faith Hill anymore.