The Ridiculous Career Record Of 93-2

June 12th, 2019

In episode 30 of The Todd Wright TODDcast, Todd opens up a discussion about whether Rafael Nadal has achieved something that cannot be touched by any athlete or team in any major sport. Todd also explains how the Golden State Warriors and Tiger Woods could create a very rare Sunday night of simultaneous, must-see, major championship television.
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One Response to “The Ridiculous Career Record Of 93-2”

  1. Jim Says:

    Well Todd, how about that Floridian Kelly Stater? That’s something like 11 WORLD Championships. Translated to weeks, that’s the equivalent of 560 weeks at No. 1 ranking. What’s Nadal at, about 196 weeks at number one? Roger Federer’s won more Grand Slams than Nadal, right? Has Nadal ever won in Australia? Slater’s won a ton in Australia…