Stat Suggests Bucs On The Cusp

June 18th, 2019

Need points.

Just on face value, no NFC team having a longer playoff drought than the Bucs means sooner or later the law of averages will catch up and — behold! — the Bucs will be in the playoffs.

But man, there are just too many holes on the Bucs roster for Joe to merrily fly to Vegas and drop a few thousand dollars on the pewter pirates, something like this drunkard did with an NHL bet in January.

But Colin J. Liotta of USA Today is of the mind the Bucs can perform a turnround this year. And he believes he has the stat to prove the Bucs are on the cusp of ditching their loser labels.

In 2018, the Bucs scored the 12th most points in the league (396). That, in and of itself, is impressive, but what’s notable is that of the 11 teams ahead of them, only two didn’t make the playoffs, the Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburgh Steelers, respectively (and for the Steelers, it came down to Week 17). Plus, the team ranked right behind Tampa Bay with the 13th most points scored (389), the Baltimore Ravens, made the playoffs as division champions.

Well, Joe will admit the Bucs defense was so outrageously horrible last year, the Bucs could still have the worst defense in the league this season and it would be an improvement.

Also, Bucco Bruce Arians has to find a way to score points. The Bucs did a fine job on offense last year of moving the ball between the 20s. But once the Bucs got into the red zone, it was like a speedboat running up on a sandbar. The stats all tie into the “27 plan” at One Buc Palace.

Score more points and maybe try to play a little better defense, and who knows?

29 Responses to “Stat Suggests Bucs On The Cusp”

  1. SOEbuc Says:

    Three words

    Second…Half…Defense. Still gives me chills in my sleep.

  2. DBS Says:

    6-10. Even if they got into the playoff hunt they would fold like a cheap suit.

  3. Sarasota Garey Says:

    Mike Evans contract was just restructured, any word on how much cap room that leaves us?

  4. SOEbuc Says:

    Sarasota Garey

    Highly unlikely it’s going to be MIKE EVANS! to restructure. He’s earning his $55 million and we’re lucky we got him for that price.

  5. SOEbuc Says:

    Sarasota Garey

    Read you wrong. He did and it’s freed up $3.2 million taking away $4 million from his $17 million base salary. F#ck yeah! True team player Mike.

  6. Mike Johnson Says:

    Yadi yadi Yah,,,Show us Jameis. Show us. You’ve been on this so called
    Greatness cusp for what? 5 yrs?

  7. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    “The stats all tie into the “27 plan” at One Buc Palace.”

    I remember when our defense was so great, that we had a 13-point plan.

  8. TexBuc Says:

    Evans did restructure and allowed 4 mil of his salary from 2019 to be turned a bonus. Meaning we just added 1 mil to his 3 remaining years and just got 4 mil now as a bonus versus a weekly game check during the season. This move did free up 3.2 mil for this year.

  9. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Kinda like if you flip a coin 10 times, comes up tails every time, you think the next time it will be heads.

  10. Jean Lafitte Says:

    “stats are for l…..”

  11. Jean Lafitte Says:

    unless it supports your argument

  12. Darin Says:

    Score the same amount of points and play better defense and I know.

  13. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Gonna be hard to score 27 per game with

    -No Djax and Hump, they combined for 10 TDs and over 1600 all purpose yards
    -no new RBs
    -Same o line
    – no elite qb play for a few weeks

  14. tye Says:

    Much like the other offseason when we heard the Bucs were picked to be the turn-around surprise team and, well, we all know that was wrong…
    Every year with all sports teams, there will be some that blow smoke to hoping to sell tickets, boost jersey sells, increase business… Then you are stuck without that money, tickets you can’t give away and in a stadium as if you are the visiting team…

    From those I’ve heard from, even if the Bucs could bring in an acquisition at QB such as Flacco or Foles, it would not be good enough for most fans… It would have to be a Favre or Payton Manning caliber to really fill the seats!

  15. Eric y Says:

    All I’m gonna say at this post is “LMFAO”

  16. Eric y Says:

    We wouldn’t have beat New Orleans and Philly if it wasn’t for desean and Fitzpatrick… as long as Jameis is under center we will be crap 3-13

  17. JimmyJack Says:

    We do have a legitimate offense but it is not consistent.

    Blaming just the defense is a lazy assessment. Two games jump to mind where the offense let us down. Baltimore & Washington. Your defense played alright in them games and was good enough to win but the offense stunk out loud in them games.

    Then there are all them games that we’re over before halftime. It takes both sides of the ball playing bad to get blown out like that. This team has to play better football all around if they wanna sniff the playoffs.

  18. Magadude Says:

    So the longer they suck, the better the chances of playoffs are over time. Hmmmm. Won’t be long they’ll be instant SB contenders were we to take the stat at face value.

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    Eric your dumb because Jamies has beaten New Orleans. Stop pretending.


    GO BUCS!!!!

  20. BucFan727 Says:

    Bucs will look like a new team. Players resurrecting there careers under a real coach. Whos been here before, pulling ateam out of the gutter. Changing the accountability and knows what hes doing. Those stats are from last year. They have no bearing on this year. Good or bad stas from last year mean nothing with the coaching change and defensive over hual. Its a different team . And I have high expectations for the 2019 Bucs. One Ship. One Cause. Go Bucs

  21. Oregonbucsfan Says:

    Joe, I’m surprised that you fall for that old adage that is something doesn’t show up for a long time then odds favor that the next time it will. YOU KNOW that each coin flip is a 50-50 proposition regardless of the last 10-20 flips.
    Actually, if years go by without an NFL playoff position I think the odds are less than 50-50 each year that passes. Something else is skewing the results. Like owners that don’t have a clue or GMs/coaches that know less than that.
    The Bucs need to show its fans and the world that they can win. Then we can start predicting playoffs.

  22. NOSBOS Says:

    12 new hired coaches over the last 3 season have taken over teams and lead them to the playoffs in the first year of service. Screw this weak logic it takes time to get into the playoffs now. Parity killed that bs.

  23. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    When has Jameis ever beaten the Saints and Brees in a shoot out?

    Bucs 26
    Saints 19

    Bucs 16
    Saints 11

    Bucs 31
    Saints 24

    Failed to beat the Saints or score in the second half

    Nothing Jameis has shown in over 50 games played proves he can put up 41 points 5 total TD’s and will his team to victory like Fitz did in week 1

  24. Pryda...sec147 Says:


  25. NOSBOS Says:

    But yet a new regime saw fit to send Fitz packing. Wow.

  26. Oneilbucs Says:

    Eric yall will soon get what want. Jamies will play good this year are some other team will get him and win a championship while yall complaining about the new quarterback and how he suck. Steve Young was ran out of town. Doug Williams and he won a super bowl and what was it like back then while they were winning? Yall was still complaining how bad this team is and when Jamies leave it will be the same thing. Lol lol lol ….

  27. Billy-43 Says:

    Who said anything about a shootout?
    Fact is: Jameis has beaten NO just fine.

    Shootout only happened because the Defense sucked.
    Your stats only prove JimmyJack right.

  28. D1 Says:


    Steve Young absolutely positively sucked something awful. Yes He turned out to be a great QB but you’ve got to have screws falling out of your head if for a split second you think Young would have been hall of fame caliber had He stayed with the team.

    I know you’re not the first one to toss out ..young went on…..or williams won a superbowl.

    Williams after the Bucs went to the USFL. He wasnt signed by any team in the NFL. His superbowl year….He was a backup not the starter.
    SO WHEN THE bucs let him go…it was the unanimous opinion that williams wasn’t nfl starter material.

    If Winston is cut and then wins the superbowl…..undoubtedly they’re will be a vocal section of fans searching for anyone that will listen to them predict this year’s ago.

    Missing from all this nonsense is a simple truth. Simple, but it renders anything else to its undeniable core. The players listed didn’t get it done here.
    Stop…thats it.

    Redskins..who gives a fiddlers phuc about their superbowl win. 49ers,
    ..ravens..etc etc….not a damn thing.

  29. jameis winston Says:

    We Will Make the playoffs this year. Willing to bet my house on it