“I’m Home Baby”

June 5th, 2019

Joe had mixed feelings seeing this.

Former Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy joined the Stinking Panthers and made it clear he wanted to play for a contender.

So yesterday when McCoy signed his contract and held a presser in Charlotte, GMC took to the turf of Bank of America Stadium and did his famous Batman flyover as he often did after sacks.

As GMC did his Batman moves, he hollered, “I’m home baby!” This from a man who bragged he would come back to Tampa and “I will retire as a Buc.”

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    Fake Ass!!!!!

  2. No_Bucs_Given Says:

    Now joe is starting to see the real McCoy


    They gave him ICE SCREAM after the presser. lol

  4. westernbuc Says:

    I don’t know what we expect him to do. Licht should’ve cut him loose when teams had cap space.

  5. Todd Says:

    The dude’s a poser. Always has been. The Peter Principle comes to mind, actually. Arians sniffed it out like an old bull. He knew. GMC feigned the desire to play for a contender, but chose $4 million guaranteed instead. He’ll NEVER retire a Buc. There’s a new #93 in town who has angry muscles in his beard. He will single-handedly (sorry for the reference, JPP) hit CTL-ALT-DEL of all the mediocre contributions GMC made to this franchise. Oh, GMC lovers, relax. If you still want to hold on to your GMC memories, no problem. You can just go back to the Bucs record books and jerk off to the GMC porn within…because he holds so many Bucs records.

    Wait, scratch that last sentence. He doesn’t hold ANY Bucs individual records…forgot that. My bad.

    GMC…”Poof, be gone!”

  6. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Yeah, the phony bum is showing his colours now. Can we just forget this fake ever played here. Ring of Honor lol. This guy is item #1 for the Bucs Ring of Garbage…

  7. JA Says:


    Heard Ronald Jones reeled in some nice passes yesterday.
    Thought I’d get that in before the subterranean’s come forth with their “witty” banter …

  8. Todd Says:


    You’re on the record.

  9. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    “Fake ass” “Bum” ” Poser”…….dang, you’d think he played his free agent card to get out of the Den of Depression…..but noooo…..we DUMPED him. And now he’ll shine. Good guy, great player.

  10. BucnJoe500 Says:

    That’s literally his team’s HOME stadium now. Y’all sound like a bunch of bitter exes after a breakup. Just trying to find any little reason to hate this man lmao! This is a non-issue. None of us would have a problem if a FA we just signed said, “I’m home”, after stepping foot in Ray Jay. Smh. I’m glad the Joes haven’t been following Kwon the same way. I can only imagine all the crying & name-calling that would come after some of his comments or tweets lol.

  11. BucEmUp Says:

    Wow….cant wait to see Suh show his ass up

  12. Todd Says:


    Q: Why was the 6’6″ guy so brokenhearted after his 4’9″ girlfriend dumped him?
    A: He was nuts over her.

    While you may be “nuts over” GMC, the fact is, he was dumped.

    GMC didn’t use his free agent card to escape, BA dumped him. He didn’t quite like like the pu$$y…know what I mean?

  13. DooshLaRue Says:


    Don’t make me laugh.

  14. J Says:

    I’m kind of embarrassed for him. He just looks out of place. Maybe I’m finally seeing his true colors?

  15. Tom Edrington Says:

    A change of scenery can be very inspirational to people in all walks of life…..I think it’s waaaaaaaaaay to soon to judge how either Gerald of Suh will perform…..all this mini-camp and preseason stuff is like practice rounds in golf…..it just DOESN”T COUNT!

  16. OneBuc55 Says:

    Maybe he’ll start dressing up like Black Panther now; this dude is the biggest goof ball ever; not to mention super sensitive…Thank goodness he’s gone…

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    My my. Just listen to all of you haters.

    I wish Gerald well in his future, except against us. I do not wish the Panthers well at all.

    Personally, I think he chose the wrong team. They actually have the worst QB in the division. Goes to show what a team with a good defense can do for an average QB.

    And I hope Arians is a candidate for coach of the year, and Winston becomes league MVP.

  18. Bucslifer Says:

    Batman and Superman on one team… both lack maturity and that is their fatal flaw

  19. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Todd….you’ll not find one post of mine that proclaims that I am “nuts” over GMC. He IS a classy guy. My comments specifically have addressed how the Bucs went classless in how they mishandled the situation, the jersey number, and how dumb fans are attacking him, when he would have gladly remained here in Tampa Bay. This wasn’t GMC’s choice. BucNJoe500 is right.

  20. Buczilla Says:

    I can’t blame the dude for trying to endear himself to his new fans and teammates and I have got to imagine that he is bitter that we dumped him for the guy we really wanted back in 2010. I’d love to know whether or not we offered him more than what he got with the Panthers or if we just told him to take a hike? Did he refuse a pay cut? Hopefully those details come out some day.

    Above average players with only 2 outstanding years should never make it to the ring of honor. Maybe if he had kept that fat a$$ clown from Washington in check or stuffed DeSean Jackson into a locker I could see it, but this guy brought no noticeable leadership skills to the team.

  21. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Stay home !

  22. Unimpressed Says:

    lol it’d be funny to see how the fans react if he’s mic’d up during our Thursday night game and he doesn’t apologize after hitting Jameis.

  23. Bucsfanman Says:

    He’s a Panther now, right?! Is there a moratorium on how long we discuss opposing teams’ players?! Don’t we have camp going on right now?
    Just asking. Getting old already.

  24. Jeff Says:

    “I’m home” So fake.

  25. Pa Privateer Says:

    Didn’t even read the article. I was always a McCoy supporter but, He moved on, so have I. I hope Jensen or Marpet pancake his A$$!

  26. isrBuc Says:

    I think he’ll have his best season barring injury. He’s been practicing like crazy

  27. Br luceletdadogsloose Says:

    I have never liked this player , Way Overrated and just never fell for his antics ! I’m just glad he’s someone else’s problem now & we should seriously stop talking about a stinkin panther on this BUCS site !

  28. Sailor Jerry Says:

    Play for a contender? Then why the Panthers? Ravens and Browns both have a better chance of making the playoffs. It was all about the $$

  29. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Can we officially have a “McCoy Burial” on JoeBucs? …it’s just negative talk now. This team is on a positive spin now. Looking up! Suuuuhhhhhh!!!

  30. Phil Says:

    Glad he’s gone.

  31. Allbuccedup Says:

    I like Suh better in a 3-4, but bucs luck tells me Suh will do ok and Mccoy will get 8 sacks and go to the pro bowl.

  32. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    McCoy said he’ll be back….maybe for the dedication of the parking lot named after him….

  33. Bird Says:

    You all ran him out of town. Basically blaming every loss on a defensive tackle of all people. Called him every name in the book.
    The new coach even took turns telling the media he was not really good.

    Now he is trying to act happy on another team (his new home ) and that’s upsetting to you.

    Was he worth 13 mil. Hell no. But the dude didn’t deserve to be everyone’s scapegoat. And no. He wasn’t even in my top 10 favorite current Bucs but it’s amazing the kinda misguided hate here.

    And their is no question , playing against Bucs had something to do with where he landed. Wouldn’t you if you were kicked out of your job. Go to a contender and try to shine. Make the old company feel like they made a bad decision ?

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    Ira’s podcast mentioned that Marpet & Evans were both sitting out the practice. What’s going on with Marpet?

  35. #1bucsfan Says:

    What would you like him to say joe. I hate this place. He’s a panther now. I didn’t want him to be on that team but he is so leave it at that. Would you want any FA to come to our team an not call it home ?

  36. Ken Says:

    McCoy just became a vegan a few months ago because he blames meat for having sore joints. I don’t think he understands what effect veganism is going to have on his body and strength. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s completely out of football within 2 years.

  37. Todd Says:


    Nope!!! Get out of that mindset. The worm has turned!

    We are all going to be rewarded for being long-suffering fans!

    It’s over. Done. Kaput.

    There’s a new sheriff in town and all that.

    There’s TRUE power in positive thinking. Literally.

    Being perineal losers is officially in the rear-view mirror.

    It’s been ported to North Carolina like a faux comic book hero!

  38. ATrain Says:

    GMC is All about GMC

    Childish from his twitter to his press conference

    I didn’t see Suh dancing around.

    Oh that’s right Suh is HERE to win

    GMC is there to SHOW

    IM CALLING IT NOW: By mid year the Panthers will have a problem in the lockerroom and GMC will be the center

  39. Durango 95 Says:

    McCoy was never and will never be a leader. “Simple as that”.

  40. Allbuccedup Says:

    Lets hope so, but new mind set can’t control injuries and bad luck i.e. fractured neck, turf toe, and whatever Marpet has.

  41. RonaldJones2 Says:

    Man! His body is looking weaker and weaker every day with that vegan diet and lack of gym time. Hopefully Carolina is ready for some nice runs up the middle!

  42. Hodad Says:

    After watching both Suh, and McCoy being introduced to their new homes, I have know doubt we’re better off with Suh. McCoy’s a poser, look how he’s dressed compared to what Suh was wearing, a plain Buc shirt. No hairdo, fancy outfit, a Buc tee shirt. I’ll take nuts, and bolts, over feathers, and fluff.

  43. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    For the #93 RoH crowd….#56 ain’t there….just because you were “one” of the better players in the skid mark years and made ZERO difference on or off the field other than building your fantasy world persona ….should not even get a mention for the RoH….I am not a McCoy hater merely pushing back on ignorant fans

  44. Heilan Laddie Says:

    Only surprise is that anyone is surprised – its all about the money. The days of “playing for the jersey” were finished when Mike Alstott etc retired.

    That’s life nowadays – follow the money and say anything which suits the moment.

    Loyalty – BLAH

  45. Heilan Laddie Says:

    PS – Still have my 2 Mike Alstott jerseys. He WAS a player and a REAL man.

  46. Heilan Laddie Says:

    Real Bucs man

  47. JA Says:


    Based on zero empirical data, I’m guessing that they’re being careful with Marpet’s 2017 knee injury.
    No need to risk further injury in June …
    ‘Gut’ feelings are ‘in’ today. One can forcast anything without the remotest chance of accountability. See sentences one and two.
    Accountability can also be circumvented by using the words ‘may’ or ‘could.’
    It’s an error free world!

  48. ModHairKen Says:

    Suh is a Hatfield.

  49. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    “Follow the money”….another poor reflection on the man Gerald McCoy…he has plenty of money …to chose a little more over the BEST chance at a SB ring…..SMH…well taking the money says it all….IMO…hell a real competitor would make a statement by playing for any amount a SB team offered just for the chance to wear a SB ring

  50. Architek79 Says:

    I’m tired of these Dam clown show McCoy stories. Please let him be a clown in peace.

  51. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    What a clown!

  52. Couch Fan Says:

    I dislike GMC the player. I think we should of rid are selves of him a long time ago. But I am not mad over this. This is whats best for both sidies. The Bucs can rid their selves of a over rated and paid vet, get that chance of culture that we’ve been needing and GMC goes to an already establisted defense where he can be a decent rotational piece like he always should of been. He will not be going into the ROH, cry all you want fan boys, and I could care less who/what he retires as. Thank you for the years of service and good riddence. Now lets move on.

  53. gotbbucs Says:

    Joe, the jilted ex-girlfriend.

  54. Eric y Says:

    Joe this was your boy lol …. now you see your boys fake lmao

  55. Ndog Says:

    I don’t know why this is surprising? This is who he is and has always been. A player all about himself and LOVES the spotlight. That’s why he was so upset to get cut from here cause he thought all the love he was getting was over. But what he was wrong about was that the weak Tampa media turned him into a disrespect case so the national media picked it up. The issue for McCoy is he might be on the national spotlight now and could finally get exposed for the gap shooter and nothing more player that he always has been.

  56. adam from ny Says:

    omg…the dancing pear of instagram….

    with gurly hairdo…

    and gurly 3 piece necklace…

    featuring a snug fruitcup outfit over a vegan pear bulb…

    sweet home carolina just got a vegan pear garlic bulb

  57. Couch Fan Says:

    Win, win for both sides. Bucs get that change of culture that we’ve been needing and GMC gets to be a decent rotational piece on an already established defense which is what he always should of been. Dont care who/what he retires as. And no he wont be going to the ROH. Thats just laughable.

  58. Wombat Says:

    I have an idea, what about joeGMCfan.com? Where you can keep up to date with all the frolicking of the giant vegan panda and his escapades….

  59. Totally Exonerated Says:

    Home is where the heart is.

    We always knew where his heart was. Or should I say “wasn’t.”

  60. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    GMC dancing already.

    I thought he would be quoting a line from Batman but instead he’s quoting the Three Stooges, “I’m home, Moe!”

  61. buc53 Says:

    I hope he has success against everyone, but the Bucs. He was a tremendous Buc, and he’s a good addition to any team.

    High character and solid player—to pretend otherwise is just sour grapes.

  62. BucDan Says:

    I wish the guy luck.

    HOWEVER! If our guys are not playing THROUGH the whistle on every play against GMC I will be highly disappointed.

    Lay this man out on his ass and then lend him a hand to help him up with a hearty:

    “My bad, Gerald!”

    Every. Damn. Play,

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  63. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Love McCoy!!! Period! What did you want him to say? Dumb a**

  64. snookman Says:

    GMC will be successful on a much better team. It was the right move for both franchises and GMC. He is not a game changer but he will fit in and excel in a better program. Suh will do well here as he bring and attitude this defense needs. I liked the move for everyone based on value. I will say GMC is going to be successful. Say what you want he is a very good player and maybe his soft side wont be as big of an issue on a defense like Carolina.

  65. THETRUTH Says:

    3 teams that we know of actually asking for him yet Buc fans know more football than these organizations and still say he is terrible.

    I’m happy with Suh as replacement and his 93 s not worthy of retiring the number so anyone can wear it. I agree he didn’t play up to price of contract but to say he is bad plAyer just tells me some fans don’t know football and just go with the wind.

    Good for him we should wish all people well and not wish bad in anyone. He just wasn’t a good fit as coach said and no need to read more Into straight up direct words.

  66. SCBucsFan Says:

    What do you guys expect, for him to report to his new team and start crying “but I want to be a Buc”? Just like Suh is happy to be here, McCoy is happy to be there. Nothing more than that.

  67. NOSBOS Says:

    7 str8 games lost to end the 2018 season,if that’s what you call a better team then we’re definitely in a world trouble.

  68. NOSBOS Says:

    Add inn the QB with the bum shoulder. But if that’s better in your mind I can’t understand how why you’ve wasted so much of time calling yourself a Bucs fan.

  69. 813bucboi Says:

    good for GMC….

    now lets expose his soft @$$!!!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  70. Marine Buc Says:

    From $13 million to $4 million… The Panthers still overpaid.

  71. BigMacAttack Says:

    Panthers will take over NFC South Cellar. Rivera is probably out afterwards along with his new pal, GMC.

  72. chargedcbh Says:


  73. alaskabuc Says:

    No more articles on this d!ck shine please Joe, the cancer has been eliminated, moving on.

  74. lowercaseg Says:

    Proves he’s the biggest baby in the NFL.

  75. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The worst thing about looking for Bucs news is having to sift through all of the news about ex-Bucs. If they’re no longer on my (our) team, I’ve moved on.

  76. SCBucsFan Says:

    Marine Buc 4 million? Where you reading your news?

  77. BADMAN Says:


  78. Marine Buc Says:

    @ SC

    Only $4 million is garunteed. $2.5 million is tied to bonuses (sacks,pro bowl,play offs) which I doubt he will earn. His base salary is $3 million and he gets a roster bonus. If he makes it healthy through most of the season he will earn @ $8 million…

  79. ElioT Says:

    What a douche canoe.


  80. NOSBOS Says:

    And again the only money that matters is nfl is the guaranteed money. All other money is wishful thinking. What world do some of you live in.

  81. Nick Says:

    Tampa Bay has finally come back to its roots !!!!

    The NO wussy zone !!!

    Bye bye GMC ! Thank fir taking the wussy to the Panthers !!!

    They now has a wussy DT to go with their wussy QB.

  82. NOSBOS Says:

    And I agree Marine they overpaid with 4mill. But hey like he said yesterday “ that’s their problem”. Also this will be river boat Ron’s last go round,their were grumbling before the start of last season.

  83. Lord Cornelius Says:


  84. 813bucboi Says:

    GMC is right…he’s home and in his rightful place playing ROBIN to k.short aka BATMAN…..

    panthers just dont know how mentally weak they’ve gotten…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  85. Me? Says:

    He got cut you idiots, what else is he going to do?

  86. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Hmm his comments sound like someone who was envious of the Panthers for years…

    Seems like he’s where he always wanted to be…

  87. Nick2 Says:

    Whatever hopefully the days of putrid defense went out the door with him.

  88. Nick2 Says:

    Maybe he brought a roll of charmin with him to show his new teammates how soft and fragile they should be.

  89. JimmyJack Says:

    If I did Twitter I would have deleted him from my account two months ago when it was obvisous he wasn’t a Buccaneer no more.

    It is fun reading y’all’s reactions. My favorites are the guy talking about his press conference……hahaha, are you obsessed with Gerald?

    Other favorite is the fans who say he would have been happy to stay in Tampa and think it was about the money.

    It was never about money. Was about his oversensitive attitude and being one of the worst captians this team has ever saw.

  90. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Curios anyone been to a Panther message board since McCoy’s arrival ?

  91. Adrnagy Says:

    Good for him. Better for our 93.

  92. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Altered ego

    Yes. The general consensus is they are expecting McCoy 2012 when in reality they getting McCoy 2019. They are heading for disappointment city…

  93. wausa Says:

    GMC is a good defensive tackle, but he was terrible at tackling and his football awareness is awful. He has always had a great first step, but way too many times he did nothing with that great first step or would miss the tackle.

    I think the Bucs are better with Suh than they were with McCoy.

  94. Brandon Says:

    What a soft little vegan B. I’m so glad that he’ll be a Panther. He will suck for them way worse than he sucked for us. This vegan thing will spell the end of his career. Suck it, McSofty. If the Bucs bring him back to retire with the team, I’ll never watch another game. The Bucs gave that scam artist millions and millions of dollars and didn’t get anything in return. Worst defense after worst defense with terrible leadership and direction…. the heart of the Bucs D is gone… the rotten, weak heart that is three sizes too small. A heart transplant is mandatory.

  95. Jmarkbuc Says:


    “You all ran him out of town. Basically blaming every loss on a defensive tackle of all people. Called him every name in the book.
    The new coach even took turns telling the media he was not really good.”

    He averaged 1 tackle per game in 2018

    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck….

    Nobody on this website had anything to do with “running him out of town”..if we had that ability, we would have already re shaped this roster years ago.

    Who are you and what have you done with Bird?

  96. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    Regardless of how you perceived Dwight Howard McCoy, The play no longer matched the Pay…He had to restructure or go, period.

    Curious to see how the home crowd reacts when they come to town.

  97. Bucsfankev Says:

    McCoy told the bucs fans to go f themselves. No ring of honor and dont let him come back no matter how cheap.

  98. taylor Says:

    Weird he wouldn’t restructure his contract here ??????????

  99. Buccernutter Says:

    I don’t think McCoy would do anything on a team with an average or less ol but the Panthers are stacked. They will rotate and he’ll get his usual numbers. 2 sacks against us total in his 2 games. He’s a great player and a great guy no matter what anyone says or thinks.


    I couldn’t be happier he’s gone. Just not the persona I want on my football team. Especially named after savage pirates. He’s definitely more like a Panther. A baby one.

    Interested to see how he interacts with cam. The second least accurate QB in the NFL.

  100. Buccernutter Says:


  101. Anonymous Says:

    Stay home

  102. Buc believer Says:

    @Bradentucky…. you won’t see him play at the den of depression which is EXACTLY as he wanted it! He only has a one year deal and this year the Bucs are playing Carolina as the home team in London. He gets to steer clear of Ray Jay! Dont think this wasn’t planned! He KNEW he would suck so bad there is NO WAY Carolina would give him another year. PROVES he is a fraud!

  103. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    GMC is a major part of the Buccaneer failures with leadership. Now Jameis can lead. Fitz and DTrash gone and now GMC. Clean house so Jameis Almighty can take over and lead the Bucs to the promiseland. Jameis is the natural leader of the team and now he’s got the locker room to control! Good stuff! Once Licht is fired and the Bucs get a kicker… Super Bowl!

  104. Mike Johnson Says:

    Quit hatin fellow Buc fans. We did not want him. So why be pissed because he found himself a new home. I’m happy for him. And for those of you who have never had the courage or audacity to..get out there beyond your comfort zones, a change od scenery often times does a person good. Initially I was afraid to leave Tampa..back in the day. But I did. And now I’m makin 3 times more than I ever would have in Fl. All because I..dared to think..there was greener grass on the other side. I hope GMC succeeds greatly. And Yes, I’m still a die hard Buc fan. Just not bitter..like a lot of yas.

  105. E Says:

    Flying high like a bird set free. Good for GMC.

  106. T REX Says:

    Worst fans ever. We get what we deserve.

  107. Phillybuc Says:

    Is this JoePanthersFan? Enough already how about some Bucs articles.

  108. Buccanole Says:

    That’s fine . I’ll no longer have to see him telling guys on the sideline “to just have fun” while they are getting their asses kicked. Losing should never ever be fun… unless you’re a loser. Good riddance ✌🏼

  109. David Says:

    I don’t blame him one bit. Since he’s been in the league, he is a top-five DT and the fans here in Tampa treat him like he doesn’t deserve to be a starter mainly because he smiles and doesn’t play dirty. Whatever.

    A LOT of ignorant football fans

  110. Marine Buc Says:

    @ T Rex

    Your absolutely right. This team has been horrible for 15 years and it’s the fans fault… SMFH…wow

  111. Mayhem41 Says:

    Just want to touch on this “93” issue….. THE NUMBER ISN’T RETIRED! Stop with this nonsense. Players pick their numbers from those available, Suh has worn 93 at 3 of his 4 teams (including college), 93 was available, he picked it, end of story. Such a non issue. Guess we can thank TKraz for starting this asinine diatribe.

  112. chopshopp Says:

    Just to give McSofty the benefit of the doubt, the football field could metaphorically be home as the dude knew he was on the outs in Tampa. What else is he going to say in Charlotte to that fan base? I’m playin for yall so I can get revenge on the Bucs till I can retire a Buc?


  113. T REX Says:

    Marine…I expect our fans to have a modicum of class and just wish him well. Instead its constant bashing. It is sad. Crappy fans. Our fans deserve a loser with immature goober actions.

  114. Bucsfan3 Says:

    Will the real GMC please stand up…finally showed his true “home” colors. Now we got BAD BLOOD! Welcome back home baby boy, where you leave injured.