Suh On Bucs’ Radar?

May 20th, 2019

Bucs’ target?

So what are the Bucs going to do for a pass rush?

No, Joe is not all on Howie Long Carl Nassib being the answer. Yeah, he had career year last year with 6.5 sacks. Also one of the best general managers going (who didn’t draft him) didn’t think he was worth keeping as a backup on a cheap rookie contract.

Well, Greg Auman seems to think the Bucs will quickly grab GMC’s replacement. The Bucs beat guy stated word is “circulating” the Bucs will now target Ndamukong Suh and may be able to land him for $10 million.

Now this would be interesting. Suh, who played for the Rams last year, is coming off a Super Bowl appearance and is a free agent. It is interesting to Joe that the Rams, who seem to have an idea of what they are doing, have yet to find a way to keep Suh. The Rams in the past couple of years always found salary cap room somehow to sign and keep good players. But it’s been a different offseason for them with the loss of stud guard Roger Saffold to the Titans and Mark Barron (Steelers).

Even more interesting would be if the Bucs think Suh, who was drafted just before the Bucs selected Gerald McCoy at No. 3 overall in the 2010 draft, is a better flyer over a much younger (albeit more expensive) Leonard Williams of the Jets.

Williams, who played for Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and was his’ first draft pick as Jets head coach, reportedly is now unwanted by new Jets ringleader Adam Gase.

In a report yesterday by long-time Jets beat guy Rich Cimimi, currently of BSPN, Bowles apparently lobbied Jets suits to extend Williams’ contract with the Jets.

Williams and Suh, 32, had very similar stats last year for the Rams. And Suh also played on the same defensive line that had future Hall of Famer Aaron Donald. Williams, 24, did not have that luxury.

Of course, Williams is still under contract. But it would be a cheap trade due to his contract ($14 million).

Now one fairly could ask how the Bucs could not afford GMC but afford Williams. Well, the Bucs could still afford Williams with a couple of other transactions. If the Bucs are willing to move on from Jason Pierre-Paul, who will miss a large chunk of the 2019 season due to his neck injury suffered in a one-car accident earlier this month, and cut bait with Will Gholston, that would provide the salary cap room.

Williams would be a much smoother transition if not fit for Bowles than Suh. And it has been more than three years since Suh had more sacks than Williams or GMC had last year.

62 Responses to “Suh On Bucs’ Radar?”

  1. DBS Says:

    They would be just that stupid. Another paid Florida vacation.

  2. theodore Says:

    Bucs should just play a 2-5 defense with Vea and Nassib up front.

  3. Unimpressed Says:

    Lol so we’re downgrading? Cool.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d pass on Suh…..but kick the tires on Williams…..we need to get younger if possible.

  5. Unimpressed Says:

    Lol our stupid fans will love how mean he is though. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  6. Bird Says:

    Not sure about Suh

    They need to get someone though
    Jpp ain’t playing this year – trust me on that

    Since non football injury , not sure they owe a whole lot of JPP’s salary . Or any of it ? Any word on that joe ?

  7. Bucsfan1988 Says:

    You’re not downgrading w Suh….

    Suh’s skillset is better in a 3/4 than McCoy.

    PLUS he doesn’t pick up opposing quarterbacks off the ground and apologize for hitting him, lol! 😂

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    it would be righting a wrong 9 years to late. what a great day the crying clown captain blowout no longer holding these young kids back with his heartless ways and soft play…. there is finally hope!

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I think they actually have to cut JPP to save $7.5 mil of his salary…..if he isn’t cut, he gets his entire $14,900,000……

  10. Snook Says:

    Gee how will we replace all of those plays 93 took off? Or all of impact plays he never made? Thank God the cancer is gone. Bucs got better today. Too bad so many blind fans can separate the man from the player.

  11. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    @DBS… Imo, coach BA wouldn’t let that happen. IF Suh comes here, it’s because there’s war to be had! Playoffs! Yea I said playoffs. THIS BUCS TEAM will be ready to play e’Sunday!!! Ya heard?
    Go BUCS

  12. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Such couldn’t be motivated for the Rams who were in the hunt. Chris Baker 2.0.

  13. DB55 Says:


    Can you help me find the video of Suh crying at a press conference? Oh wait that never happened. Luckily McIceCream has on multiple occasions.

  14. Ndog Says:

    Typical Joe, Suh hasn’t even been signed yet and Joe is already ripping him and the decision. There is a reason this should be called

  15. Waterboy Says:

    I’m not sure that Suh is worth 10 mil a year at this point in his career. He didn’t do much of anything in the regular season last year and that was while playing next to Aaron Donald.

  16. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    @SC Bucs Fan…
    Then he won’t play here. Simple. I’m not talking about Williams because he’s under contact. That’s just specs… Suh can be had without a trade of some sort. IF the jets put Williams out there then ok.
    Go BUCS

  17. DBS Says:

    WhatdaBuc. Your Delusional if you believe this team is even going more than 6-10 But what ever you want. Your as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

  18. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Whatda I understand the appeal of signing someone and not giving up anything in a trade but I’d rather sign a young hungry guy trying to prove himself than a bored guy collecting a check waiting to retire.

  19. Isaac haggins Says:

    The problem as I have stated all so many times is once again Light received less than median and mean value , the guy loses value every step of every transaction!!! He couldn’t negotiate swapping his cold water for sand in the desert !!! It is beyond comical !!!

    Btw , as I said McCoy is gone !! But I also said they wouldn’t go lb at 5 and they did , but again losing cap value by doing so !!! Oh another Licht median value move !!! I love the player just not the position he was picked and a nice pick from the Giants but clown ass blew it !!! Please demote Licht , somebody slap dem Glazer Boys !!!

  20. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    Not getting suh people sit back and enjoy the show

  21. JP_09 Says:

    Why not both?

    Release JPP (7.5 mil), trade Brate (7 mil) and two 4ths to the jets for Williams(14.5 mil)

    Sign Suh (10 mil), McCoys release (13 mil)

    Bucs have 3 mil left over.

    Release santos, and one of the back up QBs (Griff or Gabbert) 2.5 mil

    Bucs now have 5.5 mil- sign remaining rookies

    New DL- Williams, Vea, suh

    Obviously it’s not that easy, but moves can be made to free up cap space and still bring in players. I was just using estimated numbers so other moves might have to take place too

  22. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    @Waterboy … say fam. Don’t trip on the money. It’s not yours. If they can sign him or whoever to help this team win, then do it! So, so… so tired of the losing. From selling peanuts and hot dogs in the Big Sombrero as a Boy Scout in ’86. Defending them all across this great country we all call ‘merica!!! as a truck driver during the Sapp, Brooks, Lynch n Barber days. Now we are here… we. must. win. now…

  23. GauisfrakkinBaltar Says:

    Only Jason Licht could throw away 10 million dollars worth of salary cap space on a DT when we have a cheaper, younger, and much better human being in Vita Vea that should be the DT.

    Instead of throwing away more money for a backup jerk DT, let’s get some edge rushing ability instead.

  24. MadMax Says:


  25. GauisfrakkinBaltar Says:

    @WhatdaBUCisthis: you sound like me back when I was in elementary school. 1985. Third grade. Nine years old. PE teacher sees me wearing a Bucs shirt. Jerk makes fun of me in front of the class. I told him they might stink but they make more money in one year than he will in his entire life. Got sent to the office. Didn’t care. PE teacher got fired during the summer. Turns out he was bringing his, ahem, lady friends into his office and got caught.

  26. GauisfrakkinBaltar Says:

    Bucs need edge rush help more, imo. Now if Suh wants to sign for 6 or 7 million and be part of the rotation then great. But pigs will fly first. Which has happened before actually. Pink Floyd concert at the Old Sombrero.

  27. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    starting to think some of y’all are tripping…. I’m high… the season hasn’t started yet and it’s already doom and gloom. DAMN chicken littlest things… go back in the coup. Wish we could post pics. Out here in Austin Tx rolling black on black Benz wit them BUCS flags flying proud. REPPING!!
    Go BUCS

  28. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    GauisfrakkinBaltar… thank you sir
    Go BUCS

  29. Ndog Says:

    This is the beginning of the turnaround folks. They are getting the kind of player/attitude they want this team to play with. McCoy is just not the right kind of player to dominate in this league especially at 13 million a year. He is just not quite what we drafted but he was ok, not a leading man but a dang good sidekick, too bad we never got a leading man. Suh well I wanted him in that draft but it might be a little too late at this point.

  30. Louis Says:

    Instead of going out after Wilkerson or Su, I’m thinking it would be a better idea to go after a Right guard don’t know who’s out there that’s being dangled in trade, or spoken about as to trade for but I think that the team will get more mileage out of having a solid Right guard brought in, to tighten up the offencive line.
    New d line…Vea, Stevie T and Allen at tackles , and rotate in rush ends from the linebackers. That’s just under 1000# of tackles to clog the middle …..yikes

  31. Bird Says:

    What purpose will Tmax have in life anymore ?

  32. SammyRebel Says:


  33. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    @Louis… nice thinking. Not sure who’s out there either but yea. Get to working the Oline as well please, thank you

  34. Race to 10 Says:

    That’s a nonsense take if anything McCoy and suh have had somewhat the same career but suh has still had more sacks and way more tackles for loss. The way people get led around like sheep based on a journalist take that picks and chooses words and stats to fit his narrative… sad

  35. Cobraboy Says:

    Suh is basically McCoy but with a surly, nasty attitude.

    And if there is one thing this team, especially the defense needs, it’s a surly, nasty attitude.

  36. Race to 10 Says:

    Suh played in a 3-4 last year Geraldine never has. Williams is good but not 14 million good. Suh is the right play and we know what position our 2020 top draft pick will play

  37. DooshLaRue Says:

    Stevie T?

    Didn’t he get cut?

  38. Bucsfan951 Says:

    We’re in this predicament because Jason licht ignores the d line.

  39. Louis Says:

    @doosh, Stevie T was med released then resigned, I think

  40. LakeLand Says:


    SMH, only the Bucs

  41. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Is Winston’s $21 million guaranteed?

  42. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    No Fuss No Fight

    Covert Base Salary to the minimum
    • Mike Evans || Save: $12,956,000
    • Lavonte David || Save: $4,410,000
    • Cameron Brate || Save: $4,956,000

    • DE – Jason Pierre-Paul || Save: $7,400,000
    • DE – William Gholston || Save: $3,750,000)
    • C- Evan Smith || Save: $2,000,000)

    Total: $35,472,000

  43. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Trade for (Make’em An Offer They Can’t Refuse)
    -DT Leonard Williams – 2020 2nd rd pick, 2021 3rd rd pick
    -DE Whitney Mercilus – 2020 4th Rd Pick, 2021 5th rd pick
    -DT Solomon Thomas – 2021 5th & Beau Allen

    • Danny Shelton
    • Tre Boston

    Potential Depth
    DT Leonard Williams | Solomon Thomas
    NT Vita Vea | Danny Shelton
    DE Carl Nassib | Anthony Nelson

    Whitney Mercilus | Noah Spence
    Devin White | Kevin Minter
    Lavonte David | Deone Buccanon
    Shaquil Barrett | Lavonte Bond

  44. NOSBOS Says:

    Cobra suh hasn’t really played that way since leaving the D. Once Miami gave him a mountain size ransom he’s been somewhat mean and surly but nothing like the menace that played for the lions. Mo Wilkerson problem solved.

  45. BucsBall80 Says:

    Pass on Sue. Heard he coasted last season and turn it on in the playoffs. Now Williams would be the move to make. And we still need more pass rush help with JPP out. We cant rely on him getting better. Do they trade for someone. Or wait for teams to trim there rosters. More cap saving cuts are coming.

  46. BucsBandit Says:

    2 – 1 4

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    Suh and GMC have almost identical stats. Yet, some fans seem to believe that because of Suh’s attitude, he’s somehow a better player.
    PRODUCTION is greater than attitude ALL day long. Robert Ayers should’ve proven that to Buc fans.
    Suh is NOT the answer. Stats PROVE it.

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    Having Vea, Allen & Stevie T as our DTs is a scary thought. Vea will be just fine this year, but if he goes down every team we play will run against us all day long. Allen wasn’t very impressive last year and 7th-Rounder Stevie T has spent 2 FULL seasons on IR (THAT’S the definition of camp meat IMO). We do have Beckner, Nunez-Roches & Ledbetter who could play inside but not sure at this point if any of them will even make it out of training camp.

    Bucs now NEED another quality DT, but Suh isn’t the answer. At best he’d be a high-priced 1-2 year bridge player who’d contribute about 4-5 sacks. BA can spin it all he wants, but the Bucs’ defense is REBUILDING right now. We NEED to replace GMC with a quality starting DT/DE who fits Bowles’ hybrid defense. And we may well NEED to replace JPP in that same defense (too early to tell?). But in any event, we NEED to pick up someone who gives us FLEXIBILITY & VERSATILITY inside AND outside on the DLine. Players like that are hard to find though, and thus expensive to ‘buy’.

    Todd Bowles knows Leonard Williams better than any of us, and better than anyone on the current Bucs’ staff (except for maybe Kacy Rodgers). If he gives Williams a thumbs-up then I’m all in. It’s Licht’s job to find a way to make it work IF the Bucs want Williams. Do your job Jason.

  49. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Suh for GMC???? The Bucs are insane. And The Den of Depression shall persevere.

  50. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Licht signing Suh would be reminiscent of Spandau Ballet-lovin’ ex-GM Mark Dominik signing Albert Haynesworth. Suh is thinking about his post-football career and is hanging out with the likes of Warren Buffett (no relation to Jimmy).

  51. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    If he comes here it would because the Bucs offered the most money….If I were him I’d take less and play for a RING !….We’ve been BURNED by last big payday guys playing for the $$$$$$$$$$

  52. Jfat Says:

    I like the idea of it. Suh was solid last year for the rams. Yeah there is Aaron Donald, but Donald also had his best year by far with Suh as his wing man. Vea and Suh in the middle of that 3-4 would be imposing to say the least… I just have a feeling he is looking for more than 10mm.

  53. Bucsneedhelp Says:

    Suh older and slower would be a waste of money. But this is right up Lichts alley would be a very stupid move.

  54. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, there’s not much sense in folks commenting on your articles if their comments are going to stay in moderation for extended periods of time. When FINALLY ‘approved’ they appear to show up at their original posting time. As a number of others have already pointed out, that becomes a meaningless exercise, aka, waste of time.

  55. Defense Rules Says:

    Aah yes, my comment complaining about ‘Awaiting moderation’ just got sent to … tada … ‘Awaiting moderation’. That’s precious.

  56. Defense Rules Says:

    Hysterical Joe. I’m wondering now if the trip word on the algorithm is ‘Joe’ or ‘moderation’.

  57. Bucs2002 Says:

    Go get both, Suh 9 Million. Trade for Williams for a 6th and his contract. Cut JPP and Gholston. McCoy is gone should have enough money for both.

  58. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Ed Oliver and VV….would have been….

  59. The Buc Realist Says:

    A “real” Head Coach and GM……would have been……!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. VeeJay24 Says:

    Really? You cut McCoy for this? This is what happens when you let head coaches make personnel decisions!!!

  61. SenileSenior Says:

    When we have 3 linemen down on defense it would not surprise me if it should be Allen, Vea and Stevie T. Having these guys is not so scary for me, Defense Rules. That is my best guess from this vantage point during the off season. I think Allen will surprise many this year and play well. Stevie T might be there just because he is adequate and because of his bulk. We would have, say, 325, 340 and 320 pounds across that front respectively.

    When we are in a 4-3 base I think Allen and Vea will be there. I don’t have a clear picture of who else would be the main guys. Nassib and a newbie (a guy not on the team at present) could take their places on each side as our DEs.

    This is one reason I can’t wait for training camp to see how these guys actually look. It is going to be very important how the front line shakes out.

    I don’t expect Suh to be brought in to replace GMC. The indications say to me that we really will go in a different direction with our new hybrid defense under Bowles.

    I do see Leonard Williams as the possible newbie for DE/OLB.
    Go Bucs!!!

  62. Siege the Bay Says:

    Replace one aging rusher with another. The Licht way