Ira Explores All Sides Of The JPP Decision, Talks White-David Dynamic, “Very Active” Late-August Coming, Arians & His Golf Cart, And Ira Addresses The Lost Generation Of Bucs Fans, And More

May 13th, 2019

Big decisions are looming for the Bucs and the Sage of Tampa Bay sports is all over them, in addition to having plenty to say about what’s happening — and about to happen — on the practice fields. Your twice-weekly fun is always presented by Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa and Ed Morse Cadillac Brandon. Shop their new May online offers while you listen.

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9 Responses to “Ira Explores All Sides Of The JPP Decision, Talks White-David Dynamic, “Very Active” Late-August Coming, Arians & His Golf Cart, And Ira Addresses The Lost Generation Of Bucs Fans, And More”

  1. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Of course there is no way to contact the Joes so I post this latest on Soldier Winslow…emphasis on lowwwwww

  2. Joe Says:

    First time Joe has seen anyone try to connect the dots that Winslow has CTE.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Zack…..(Lost Generation)

    Here is some advice from a fan who was a season ticket holder in 1976 and never missed a single Bucs play since….
    After suffering a humiliating start for a sports franchise, the Bucs got it together and hosted the NFC Championship in 1979……and yes…..I have experienced the SB win….
    Back in the beginning, we used to relish achieving a first down or forcing a punt….much less scoring….

    My advise is this……relish some of the very great Buc plays……Kwon ripping the ball away from Julio Jones…..Jameis’ scramble vs the Falcons….or even the TD pass to Godwin to beat the Saints…….

    You will see the Bucs succeed…..hang in there!!!

  4. Tom S. Says:

    Regarding Sgt Winslow, whom I recall Joe mentioning he took specific issue with…it was pretty clear both in that “I’m a F’in Soldier” rant at ‘Tha U’ and subsequent popping of wheelies on his motorcycle that Sgt Winslow wasn’t playing with a full deck. How the “Rockstar” would decide as one of his first moves to trade a 2nd and 5th and make Sgt Winslow the highest paid TE in the league despite his shredded knee and obvious personality red flags is beyond me.

    Regarding TJ Ward who was mentioned on the podcast. Ward took 5 million in Glazer cash handed to him by Jason Licht after being released by the Broncos. After he proved to be a huge waste of money in 2017 he would never played another snap in the NFL.

    It should be noted that one of the reasons the Browns could still add players to their roster like Gerald McCoy and in addition to Olivier Vernon and Odell Beckham this offseason is because they carried over 56.5 million of unused cap room from the year before.

    While Jason Licht was going out of his way to blow huge sums of money on “Ghost” Johnson, “Floppy Hat” Sweezy, TJ Ward and keeping the mummified remains of the Muscle Hamster on an unguaranteed but top 5 RB salary, the Browns were pushing unused cap room forward. Just another reason to have Licht walk the plank.

    Licht’s misdeeds in free agency the past 5 seasons are currently costing the team a lot in cap room that was never rolled over. Taking on JPP’s 13-15 million dollar salary vs the 3rd round pick they traded becoming BJ Hill’s 4 year 4 million dollar contract is another example of a move that looks better on the surface than if you look at it’s implications for the cap and the fact that as a rookie DT Hill had almost as many tackeld (48<58) and half the sacks as a rookie to a player the Glazers are likely to pay over 20+ million to for one good season on a 5-11 squad. All hail Licht and his motley crew of apologists!

  5. SenileSenior Says:

    Sage, Joes (you too Zack), Fans,

    Has Arians typically used a golf cart when conducting these “camps” as a head coach? Does this represent some kind of change in his approach to accommodate previous stress related health problems that caused him to go into retirement for a year? Is it possible that he made some changes because his better half asked him to before she relented and supported him in returning to the fray? Or is this the way he has always rolled (pun intended)?

    This “youth” wants to know.
    Culture Change, Team=>Fans
    Go Bucs!!!!! Win Now!

  6. THETRUTH Says:

    IRA you partners there seem to try to read I to everything. Just to make a story.

    “Above my pay grade “, “ talk about who is here “ , someone wearing 93 on field. Cmon!!!

    Coach talk 101 !!! Why do you think a coach will show all his cards or GM for that point. Any answer they ever give Lee twist it around. He is doing the right thing by not negotiating and talking contract through the media. If he says something the first response by Lee would be “why is he talking negotiations in public !”

    Cmon guys you been in business long enough to learn by know at least IRA shoes his experience by not putting much into thuvgs said.

  7. D1 Says:


    The Browns have a ton of cap room because the carried over unused cap space .
    True but not enlightened analysis.

    How did the browns accumulate that space, what strategy have they employed that could possibly be of interest to the bucs. How could the bucs use the Cleveland model moving forward.

  8. THETRUTH Says:

    D1 browns don’t have to pay QB 20 million. Young QB opens up cap it she en they get new contract things get tight

  9. D1 Says:

    Yeah that’s a big advantage over teams paying a QB on a second deal.

    I know that the former GM either traded or released any veteran players who were high priced.
    They traded for draft capital and accumulated a lot of draft picks.

    Do you think the bucs would do anything along those lines . I’m sure there’s a lot more ideas to barrow from them but I don’t know the details.