“He’s Been Extremely Well Coached”

May 4th, 2019

The new QB guru weighs in

The quarterback whisperer and his crew of tacticians have watched all the film on America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Their conclusion, at least the one via the new quarterbacks coach, is that Jameis was well schooled and just needing polishing.

QB coach Clyde Christensen was asked Thursday where Jameis is on his mechanics and how much of a factor they’ve been in his turnover issues.

“You know, he was extremely well coached before. That’s one thing, right,” Christensen said. “He’s thrown the ball for a bunch of yards; they’ve been successful offensively. So it wasn’t a restart. So we’ll hone in on that thing.

“I think it’s his fifth year; you know, the young stuff’s done; I see him as a veteran player now. I’ve always believed in technique and we will stress that thing. I do think a lot of the interceptions, we broke down every one of them in his career and an awful lot of them were from accuracy, you know, more than decision making. That’s easier to fix, right. Judgment and throwing balls up for grabs and doing those things, you know, that’s harder to fix. The accuracy thing we’ll put a huge emphasis on and I really think he’s improving.

“I really think he’s improving. He works his tail off as you all know. He wants to learn. He wants to be coached. For a coach, that’s all you can ask for.”

Well, if ball security is a priority for every quarterback, and the Jameis interceptions were mostly about accuracy, and he was very well coached previously, then Christensen, Bucco Bruce Arians and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich shouldn’t have much of a challenge on their hands with Jameis.

A couple of tweaks and a little different emphasis and Jameis should emerge from the pack and become a top-10 or top-12 quarterback rather easily.

We hope.

96 Responses to ““He’s Been Extremely Well Coached””

  1. OBP Says:

    “Extremely well coached”
    >Has been making the same mistakes for 4 years
    Don’t even need Maury to know that the lie detector determined that that was a lie.

  2. John5 Says:

    Jimbo Fisher and Dirk Koetter are two amazing offensive minds. He has had a lot of years of great offensive coaching.

  3. louden Says:

    coaching falone fixes nothing..

    a older post of mine explains the Suckaneers problems:

    O-line: rotten
    >> will lead to bad rushing game (especially short yardage)
    >> will lead to Jameis being in much more pressure
    >> will hurt the Passing Game

    only realy good ones that are not so easy to replace:

    Godwin, OJ Howard, Mike Evans

    rest is (easy) replaceable
    only one injury away from being less than average = WR/TE corps..

    no good depth..

    so Offense isn’t in very good shape (=SuperBowl Contender Talent)

    don’t get me started with the Defense..

    just let me tell you, that besides the QB – the two Lines define a teams backbone..

    the O line is rotten (Dotson is lacking and old, even if some dump people are still talking him up, as if he is an good RT – don’t give me sh.. it about some gradings by some sites – he’s simply just not good – lacks strengh, gets overmauled way too often in run and pass game..)

    RG: is it possible to get worse?
    Marpet: i’m good with him
    Center: pffff, meeeh @ 10 Mio per year ?!
    LT D.Smith = Dotson , maybe average, easy replaceable, could have had drafted many many better players instead of Smith back then, and time and time again

    but Suckaneers suck @ drafting.. and @ evaluating talent..

    so they even decided to throw alot of money @ Donovan Smith
    and thats one of the reasons why Buccaneers are in Cap Hell, even though they got sh.. itty Talented Roster..

    MLB’s have lower value, which means you can easily get an capable MLB per Draft or FreeAgency, while pass rushers come at premium cost (FreeAgency or generall high draft pick)

    this year – many great D-liner were available (Clemson guys, and EdOliver the DT the Suckaneers weren’t drafting, will be one heck of a player barring injurys..)

    and a good DT makes whole defense better (against the run and pass), thats why they have more value then MLB’s and this guy was a freaking sure shot of top talent, while our new MLB may have great Potential, and looks to be a okay or good player, the DT had more value >>> better prospect (pretty much best player available) and we only have/had VitaVea and McCoy as good DT’s..

    as all teams tend rotate a lot, you can be very happy to have 3 very good ones.. especially since injurys happen all the time and MCoy is nearing the End of his career…

    why is it that i can see it, but the guy getting lots of money to do it for are living is too stupid to realize all that?!

    year after year i complain about things like:

    getting rid of good players (Michael Bennett as Steve White always said he should have played more)
    Matt Bryant (one of the best Kickers in the NFL)

    and now some fans even want to cut McCoy
    (when he should easily still be worth at least a 2nd round pick)
    he is old but good – maybe not very good, thats debatetable, but he is way better than anything the Bucs have at DT besides VitaVea.. but Vea is a different type of player/DT..

    and they spend too much money on too weak players like Dotson, Donovan Smith, Jensen

    and in terms of drafting:

    very often, there is still good talents on the board, but the Suckaneers just seem to like lesser talent..

    year after year i say: draft this one if available, and the Suckaneers even get the oppertunity, but they decide to get another future Suckaneer and the player i wanted goes on to have good career…

    realy year after year the same BS..

    i am better than the whole “professional” Suckaneers Organisation @ evaluating talent..

    it’s laughable
    because i am an arm chair GM..

    fans should start to boykott this Clown-Show until the Glazers decide to sign an actual intelligent football mind that is able to evaluate talent and to build a good Roster/Team..

    this Suckaneer team is full of holes, is lacking talented players and it’s even in SallaryCapHell…
    what the hfreaking heck..

    Bucsfans, join the Fire-Licht-Tonight movement!

  4. Petra...Sec147 Says:

    Jameis mvp season coming up

  5. louden Says:



  6. Buc1987 Says:

    louden Says:

    “fans should start to boykott this Clown-Show”

    Have you been to Ray Jay lately?

  7. sunshine Says:

    Dirk must be a good coach as Atlanta wanted him back as soon as he was fired and brag about having him . Maybe you can’t teach accuracy even with good receivers.

  8. Todd Says:


    Lots of rather encouraging posts lately.

    Thank you.

    It’s been refreshing.

  9. chopshopp Says:

    Hmm, all we heard about from Koetter was that Jameis needs to improve his decision making. I think decision making is a lot easier to fix with the right coaching than accuracy. At least with bad decisions, you can coach a player to recognize why he should have made a better decision and what to look for in that situation again.

    Accuracy? How are you going to coach that? Yea, you can practice accuracy, but some QBs just have it and some don’t. Jameis has tall WRs and TEs who high-point his air balls. So, he doesn’t *need* to be deadly accurate most of the time. So, he has that cruz to fall back on. Plus, it’s a lot harder to remain accurate under duress. When he throws into double and triple teams, how is that an accuracy problem?

    At the tail end of last season, you could see a pedestrian Jameis making better decisions by not forcing balls. Letting Jameis play his style of football is exciting when it works and devastating when it doesn’t. Do you let him play his style or coach him up? I really think that’s the problem with him; let him play his game and hope to minimize the damage by limiting his total number of throws. Gotta have a running game and a defense for that.

  10. 407buc Says:

    An improved running game could make all the dirrefrence in the world

  11. louden Says:

    Dirk Koetter coached @ SuperBowl Contending Level back then with Falcons

    = good Coach


    Suckaneers Roster is build for sucking and not for
    SuperBowl Contendermess..


  12. tickrdr Says:

    Jameis is very accurate at throwing to a fixed spot.
    Throwing at moving targets,(especially moving directly away from him)……
    not so much.


  13. unbelievable Says:

    Let’s hope he can improve. He needs to.

    How about our run game and defense though?

    Imagine if we didn’t have a BOTTOM 2 defense, or a BOTTOM 2 run game? Just try to imagine Bucs fans… I know it’s been a while, but try.

  14. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    is anyone besides louden reading louden’s epic posts?

    I tried and gave up. Too long.

    Let the attacks on me begin!

  15. tickrdr Says:

    I thought the coaching sucked??? Wasn’t that the excuse? I’m very confused.


  16. JimmyJack Says:

    Louden…….Dirk was never a HC before. Keep reaching bud.

    Maybe you think being a OC aren’t much different then being a HC but then you would be wrong.

  17. Bobby M. Says:

    Accuracy is why Winston has predominantly large body/athletic receivers…..He has to have guys that create a bigger window or else the results are what we saw with D-Jax. His ball placement has always been suspect…to say the least.

  18. OneBuc55 Says:

    Yeah I guess running for your life every other play because your offensive line can’t even give til 3 Mississippi before all he** breaks lose can kind of affect your accuracy…

  19. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs under Dirk Koetter were a team built on stats
    Bucs fans were bragging about the offensive passing yards
    The wins didn’t mean anything to them

    Stats are for losers and that’s exactly what the Bucs are

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Lakeland I still remember you and I fighting them fans telling them that our offense was not nearly as great as everybody said. In the end they were a 5 win offense and most people saying g how great they were have been silenced.

    There are still a few stragglers saying how great they are. Noting you can do about those. As long as there is a internet their will be crazies talking on it.

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    OneBuc55 Winston was actually among the top in the league for pocket time of QBs.

    Our pass protection was pretty decent last year.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    Now if you wanna talk about long developing plays and slow reads/progressions & poor game planning that’s another thing.

  23. Bob in Valrico Says:

    While I think Jameis accuracy has gotten better from 35 yards and in, I also welcome this focus on accuracy. Much of this is footwork and putting the right amount of air underneath the ball. IMO, there is still room for improvement on the deeper passes which should also be a part of his arsenal.

  24. Ndog Says:

    Bobby M. Says:
    May 4th, 2019 at 2:21 pm
    Accuracy is why Winston has predominantly large body/athletic receivers…..He has to have guys that create a bigger window or else the results are what we saw with D-Jax. His ball placement has always been suspect…to say the least.

    Yet he had a great connection with Adam Humphries so I guess he was a big bodied receiver right Bobby? You people are so clueless.

  25. JimmyJack Says:

    Against the Redskins we racked up an insane amount of yards. But we scored barely over half a point per hundred yards gained.

    That’s not great that is your offense losing you a game.

    This was also a game where Peyton Barber didn’t touch the ball on the plus side of the 50 for sixty full minutes. The run game was completely abandoned in that game for no reason and for no gain…………This is bad offense. Opposite of great.

  26. LakeLand Says:


    The Bucs offense were 1st in passing yards
    First in turnovers
    12th in points scored

    This has nothing to do with the defense

  27. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I don’t think the goal was to have the best stats in the league. We just were not a well disciplined team and the results showed on scoreboard.

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    Ndog…..What BobbyM makes some sense if you look at passes where Winston attacks the deep sideline. Hump doesn’t fall into that catergory since he works the short zone.

    I think you’d have a hard time arguing that Winston has better accuracy throwing go routes(to smaller faster Receivers) then throwing comeback routes(to bigger receivers).

    One gripe I have always said and our play designs never utilized is that Winston accuracy on deep passes has been much better when attacking the middle of the field……….yet we never saw Djax running posts to that area…..or a TE in the seam………our last OC seemed obsessed and hell-bent on attacking the sidelines. I guess we will never know why.

  29. unbelievable Says:

    @JimmyJack and LakeLand,

    I must have shouted 10,000x last year that yards are meaningless, all that matters are POINTS.

  30. JimmyJack Says:

    Lakeland……….We we’re 12th in points scored which isn’t terrible but if you factor in context it’s not really very special at all.

    A large percentage of our points came when we were trailing in the game……which is great to have an offense to have comeback ability. But that alone does not make you a great offense.

    If our offense is great they should have great ability to set a tone and jump out to leads. Our team was built to win with offense so they should be expected to provide us with leads…….Doing this will actually make the job of the defense easier because the opposing offense will have pressure to keep up……..Often times this will make them one dimensional which makes a defenses job even easier. That’s called complimentary football which is what good team do.

    Even if we can’t jump out to big leads the next best thing is to keep games even after the other teams score on you……….This is what good offenses do. The Bucs were not good enough which is why we often found ourselves blown out at halftime many many times over the past 3 seasons.

  31. BrianBucs Says:

    So much for all of the folks that blamed Winston’s many failures on his coaching

  32. Bob in Valrico Says:

    The one thing we haven’t done yet is improve the right side of the O Line. Whether its a running play or a screen pass you have to have an equal chance for success from either side of center and we didn’t have that. I wonder if we are going to address that before the season starts.

  33. louden Says:


    Being HC and being OC are different things.
    but as a HC you can absolutely do a OC’s job (Gameplanning, Gamemanaging etc)..

    and i am also complaining about failures in Koetter tactics x and o’s as Buc HC


    with a better talent, he would have had more success..

    read my post above

    every sane person should see how bad this Roster is.

    Suckaneers are gonna suck again big time this year.

    i alread, know it.

    and it wont change as long as the Suckaneers keep sucking @Roster Building..

    just like in this very offseason..

    totally trashed, draft and totally ignored exploring good FreeAgents..

    freaking stupid organization and “profesyional” team..

  34. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Ndog Says:
    May 4th, 2019 at 2:43 pm
    Bobby M. Says:
    May 4th, 2019 at 2:21 pm
    Accuracy is why Winston has predominantly large body/athletic receivers…..

    Yet he had a great connection with Adam Humphries so I guess he was a big bodied receiver right Bobby? You people are so clueless.
    Most of the Jameis to hump connections were with Hump the dumpoff…standing still

  35. louden Says:

    and many Offensive stats came in “garbage time” when the game was already lost

  36. NOSBOS Says:

    John5 during an episode of Hard Knocks Jameis enters klueless office sits in a chair and asks klueless “what is it you want me to do Coach” Klueless response “ don’t make dumb mistakes” I wouldn’t call that coaching bro. But Jameis was looking for some in that moment. Stuff like Coach Clyde is eluding to in this article. Coaching.

  37. Ndog Says:

    I think you’d have a hard time arguing that Winston has better accuracy throwing go routes(to smaller faster Receivers) then throwing comeback routes(to bigger receivers).

    JimmyJack actually no I would not have a problem cause the only example we have is DJax and he was a quitter and clearly did not play hard for Jameis. Other than that please tell who he misses deep big or small? He consistently hits Godwin, Evans, Brate, OJ and everyone else but Jackson yet you people think the problem is Jameis. Just like tickrdr and his Jameis can’t hit a moving Target crap, last year during a game I posted after every throw where hit a moving Target perfectly and all of a sudden tickrdr went bye bye. You guys just make crap up when if you actually watch the games the truth is tight in front of you, but the problem is you don’t want the truth you want him to fail plan and simple. So keep rooting for him to fail and he will keep being our QB while you are miserable and hoping we lose so you get your wish. It is really pathetic.

  38. JimmyJack Says:

    Louden I read you post. Agree with half of it and disagree with other half. Too many points to talk about all of them but starting at top I disagree with your second point that the OL can’t give Winston enough time……that wasn’t true last year don’t see why it’ll become a issue suddenly.

  39. NOSBOS Says:

    407Buc bingo. Funny I never heard any of this when Jameis winning every week while at FSU. Largely in part because Jimbo ran the football. Where klueless preferred throwing it 50x. I really hope he has Matt Ryan throwing that much when we face them. It’ll be like taking candy from a baby.

  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    AKickInTheBucNuts Says:
    May 4th, 2019 at 2:07 pm
    is anyone besides louden reading louden’s epic posts?

    I tried and gave up. Too long.

    Let the attacks on me begin!

    I think they are letting Ted Kaczynsky post from prison…….a manifesto on JBF.

  41. Ndog Says:

    Altered you mean like this :


    or this


  42. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:


    I think his manifesto can be condensed down to two words.

    We suck.

  43. BucEmUp Says:

    Bull….watch his interceptions go down and wins go up with this staff

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    Ndog…….Just like I said we will never know why we didn’t target the middle of the field….I will say same about your post. We will never truely know why Winston couldn’t hit Djax.

    He’s gone now and old news. What isn’t old news is that Winston missed wide open trows on go routes. I don’t care why he missed them. Winston is a professional QB. He didn’t do his job on those plays…..whatever the reason was.

    All’s I know is I’m glad Jackson is gone he was worthless as a Buc and he clearly couldn’t handle not being a focal point of the offense. He let it affect him and became a bad teammate because of it. We will be a better team without him. That’s my theory.

    Your post makes a lot of sense and is a good one but you got one thing way wrong in it dude. Never once did I root for Winston to fail. That is a ridiculous statement by you……..It has no basis either.,……..I say this just to say it for the record. Multiple times I have been critical of Winston and been labeled a hater. Don’t know what rattles through y’all’s brains but there is a huge difference between critism and hating. Seems like commen sense to me but I guess it’s not that easy for all.

  45. louden Says:


    i am not talking about time..

    i am talking about @ss sucking talent @ O-Line

    which will have negative effect on run and pass blocking,


    therefore there will be more pressure on Winston.

    Simply because pass and run plays are depending on the O-line to create running lanes, and time and room to let a pass develope and the QB being able to throw..

    Suckaneers O line is way overpaid and sucking @ss

  46. NOSBOS Says:

    Petra I told you it’s too early. Give you my take,he’ll be in contention for the MVP but they’ll find a reason to give it someone else same way they did his rookie year when the fans voted in his favor but they instead gave it to Gurley.. Oh an we going to SuperBowl,and we gone win that B-@“*.

  47. NOSBOS Says:

    See,Jimbo gave him a running attack,a mean defense and quality special teams. Proceeded to win every game. BA??? ✔️,✔️ and ✔️.

  48. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ JimmyJack

    You can be critical and still support a player to succeed…..nothing at all wrong with it…….some here are very sensitive, especially when it comes to Winston….

    He was a #1 overall pick….making millions….face of the franchise….Joe’s “America’s QB” an unfair pedestal for Jameis to be put on…IMO.

    My only criticism is his accuracy on deep passes….seems to always overthrow…..don’t know if it’s subconscious ego showing arm-strength or not….but always overthrows.

  49. NOSBOS Says:

    BA😊about to make him a One Hundred Million Dollar Man.

  50. NOSBOS Says:

    I sincerely hope that was louden enough for you all.

  51. louden Says:


    if O-line would be better, than run game would be better, than playcalling and playing the QB positions becomes easier (think of setting up the play action and being able to mix run and pass plays so defenses wont know what will hit them)..


    but the Suckaneers O-Line sucks and therefore running game sucks and therefore there ismuch more pressure on Winston..

    Suckaneers O-Line is like Jason Licht – way overpaid and sucking @ the job


    loosing season coming Suckaneers!

  52. NOSBOS Says:

    We going to the Super Bowl and we gone win that b$&@. Is that louden and clear??? Mutha**** how you feel.

  53. louden Says:

    as i said:

    time to boykott this lousy sorry a#! of a team..

    Glazers have to hire a guy able to evaluate talent andbeing able to build an roster..

    this team is beyond laughable

    GoSuckaneers – suck again this season!

  54. Ndog Says:

    Tim Hassleback seriously just said he thinks the largest remaining hole on ANY roster in the NFL is the Bucs QB position! He said the Bucs don’t believe on Jameis and that makes it the biggest hole. Let the smear campaign continue ESPN, why stop now you’ve doing it for 7 years and even most of the dopes on this here website are still buying your crap. You can’t make crap like this up.

  55. JimmyJack Says:

    NOSBOS………First let us get good then we can be great!!!

  56. NOSBOS Says:

    Jimmy it is not unheard of a team having so-called sorry for a long and turning it around quickly. What were the Steelers of the 70s prior to Chuck Knoll giving a d$&@. The 9ers of 80s prior to Bill Walsh giving a d$&@. The Bills of 90s prior to Marv Levy giving a d$&@. The Cowboys of the 90s prior to Jimmy Johnson giving a d@“$. Getting my drift any bro???

  57. NOSBOS Says:

    The Patriots of the now prior to Bill Belichess giving a d$&@.

  58. NOSBOS Says:

    Dumb@$$ come in here having not given a new leader that has won in this league a chance is well.. Dimb as f$&@ in my eyes.

  59. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Steps for Jameis to take in order to have a great season….

    1- Cut ties with George Whitfield (overrated QB coach with undeserved media hype and no track record of successful QBs)

    2- Have great offseason of REAL QB training and clear his head (last off season was a mess with the suspension)

    3- Repeat number 2

  60. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Interesting that Joe did not pick-up on the very obvious here. What Bucs coaches are saying is that Winston is essentially maxed out in terms of coaching–they have NOTHING to offer above and beyond what the previous staff did. That is NOT a good thing, actually.

    Since judgment and decision-making are clearly the issues here, and these are things which cannot signficantly be improved upon, then the only solution is to put Winston in situations which minimize the kind of risky throws he has available to him. Run the ball more and more effectively, and design plays which allow the receivers to get open quickly–typically SHORTER passes–because the risk of an interception is directly proprotional to the distance the pass is thrown.

  61. Steven007 Says:

    Akick, he lost me at “suckaneers”. So very 1977. Or seventh grade. Take your pick.

  62. JimmyJack Says:

    NOSBOS agree but all them teams had to earn their greatness and get good first.
    The Cowboys didn’t just wake up one day and start pummling the Bills for SB titles.

    A lot of work went into it.

  63. Destinjohnny Says:

    Need to get him a running game and a good offensive line

  64. BucsBandit Says:



    Oh Boy… these comments from Christensen are HILARIOUS!

    Jameis Winston already has nearly 2,000… TWO. THOUSAND. passing attempts in games. He probably has logged over 5,000 passes when you include all the practices since coming to the Bucs.

    And now magically Christensen (after seeing his inaccuracy is what caused most of his INTs like I’ve been saying for ages) that he’s just going to change some mechanics or make some little tweaks and Winston will suddenly (before the season starts) become ACCURATE?


    No… REALLY?

    If Clyde Christensen could easily fix a QB’s accuracy issues (with just certain routes mind you) he’d be getting paid $50 MILLION A YEAR as a coach and could take almost any strong arm, inaccurate passer from college and turn him into a laser-beam accurate NFL MVP.

    The fact that he said the “throwing balls up for grabs” decisions are HARDER to fix (if this article is accurately quoting him) is FREAKIN HILARIOUS.

    Really? Judgment is harder to fix than accuracy? Well, Winston lacks BOTH so this should be an interesting season.

    Yet another EXCUSE for Winston’s piss poor, lack of consistency in the NFL…

    “He’s thrown for a lot of yards but he has accuracy problems. No big deal, we’ll fix that.”


  65. Defense Rules Says:

    @louden … “as i said: time to boykott this lousy sorry a#! of a team.”

    Fabulous idea louden. Could YOU start NOW please.

  66. BucsBandit Says:

    @Joe – do you honestly think that “few tweaks” is going to make Winston a more accurate passer this season? Really?

    Thousands upon thousands of MUSCLE MEMORY repetition in his throws (since High School) and now all of a sudden coaches are going to “tweak” that and he’ll be accurate?

    I’m not buying it.

  67. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Ndog Says:
    May 4th, 2019 at 3:35 pm
    Altered you mean like this :.
    we all know Jameis hits those once in a while…not as often as he throws interceptions however

  68. LakeLand Says:

    When did Clyde Christensen become a QB guru?

    Am I missing something here?

  69. Rod Munch Says:

    Literally was 4th in QBR last year. The idiots that think he hasn’t been a good QB are just that, idiots.

  70. Ndog Says:

    Keep on keeping on BucsBandit your digging your own grave but no worries Will Greir is here to save us right? Oh wait……..you were wrong yet again, like always. It’s ok little buddy maybe one day when you pick up a new sport you might get something right. Though I doubt it, until then keep spouting out the nonsense as it is entertaining watch you be wrong over and over again.

  71. Defense Rules Says:

    For everyone beating down on Jameis, keep in mind that he’s got a clean slate right now with BA, Clyde & Byron. That’s critical to Jameis IMO, because the situation with Dirk Koetter was beyond repair I think BEFORE the season ever began. It’s obvious now that the ‘trust factor’ between the two of them was irreparably damaged with the way Jameis ‘hassle’ worked out.

    But it seems like Jameis has now come back rejuvenated. No doubt though that he knows this year is critical to his future, both with the Bucs & in the league. I don’t believe for a second that to Jameis it’s about money, or ever has been. I get the sense that what drives Jameis is his desire to be at the top of his profession, and the way HE measures that is WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS. He’s got talent galore, and with the right coaching AND TEAM around him he can achieve that goal. Question is … Will he be quarterbacking the Bucs when that happens?

  72. BucsBandit Says:

    @Rod Munch – now post his QBR by HALF and by quarter. His first half QBR is much worse.

    His standard QB rating was 24th in the league for the entire season.

    I also saw a stat (trying to find it again) that his QBR for when inside the opponents 20 is terrible.

    All of this is evidence that he contributes more to his QBR against prevent defense or when the opponent makes it easier to pass on them (unlike in the red zone).

    Winston is one of the WORST redzone rating QBs in the NFL. He’s in that lower 50% of QBs in the NFL in nearly every redzone efficiency category. Completion %, avg. points, etc.

  73. BucsBandit Says:

    Ndog – you need some new material… desperately. When anyone states FACTS, you resort to using some sort of nonsense that has nothing to with the stated argument. I state how Winston has accuracy issues (that he’s own coaches are now admitting that see on tape) and your retort is that I was wrong in an ex-UF QB that I thought we would draft in the 3rd (that Carolina took one pick after us).

    Keep calling me little buddy, I kinda like it. It gives me visions of a 7-year old kid knowing more than you do because you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. A more fitting nickname for you is, Little Brain. You obviously lack the ability to analyze facts and then present the ones of your choosing as a rebuttal to an argument that someone has made.


  74. JimmyJack Says:


    Go back and look at who Carson Palmer was before he played in Arizona and then who he was after Bruce was his HC.

    Then you may sit down. Thanks.

  75. Ndog Says:

    Ok little buddy here is some facts for you Jameis has improved his comp% each year of his career. See below for some facts:


  76. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    I’m trying to figure out what Superbowl level team Louden is talking about. I can’t recall koetter ever coaching a Superbowl team, but I do remember the first year after Atlanta fired him the falcons made the Superbowl with Matt Ryan’s best year.

  77. NOSBOS Says:

    Defense,bro I understand it’s a process. The way my mind works tho is I mentally go str8 to the finish line. That gives me the push I need when going thru the grind of things. But truth be told I whole-heartedly feel like we now have a championship roster. Not a perfect roster but one good enough to beat any team in that league.

  78. Craig Says:

    I love the chat, it stimulates more discussion, I don’t do stats, feel free to tell me off for that at your leisure.

    Fact 1, 🙂 we were poor last year and the year before.
    Fact 2, still :), we had poor coaches, didn’t protect our possession, didn’t defend aggressively.
    Fact 3 still 🙂 ing we drafted to address some of our problems.
    Fact 4 bored of :), we didn’t address offensive line, edge, DT (seriously) and RB.
    Fact 5 pure :), I am so optimistic about this year, JW03 is going to scorch the NFL. Why? Because we have a new coaching team who have zillions of years of coaching experience. It matters not how much success they have had recently, I don’t think our previous incumbents had that much success? If We had gone into last year with BA, TB, HG and BL as our coaching heads I think even with JW03’s suspension I might have been happy?

    So let’s get positive. Terrible schedule but 9 and 7 sneaks us into a wild card win playoff against the Packers, a Seahawk’s victory in the divisional match up followed by us v the Saints (we win that) and then a chance to deny New England?

    Bucs win again 2002 revisited?


    Love you all.

  79. Says:

    This article makes no sense. The guy is a 4-5 yr nfl qb. Coaches can coach out bad decisions. They can coach how to read defenses better. They can coach better mastery of the offense. They can call better plays.
    MUCH harder to coach someone to throw more accurately. You’ve either got accuracy or you don’t by like senior year of high school.

    This is one of the most disturbing JBF articles I’ve read in a long long while. Had hoped all the turnovers were coachable mental errors. Sounds like the man can’t spin it right.

    Hope JW3 figures it out.

  80. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Stats are like bikinis…

    Especially from a ladyboy”

    Kobe Faker

  81. oxycondoms Says:

    thats all you can ask for comment doesnt sound like a ringing endorement. he comes across to me with a feeling of wow this guy sucks

  82. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    extremely well coached…regardless of what the Dirk Koetter haters think.

  83. Buccaneer Bonzai Says: Says:
    “You’ve either got accuracy or you don’t…”

    That is total bull. Accuracy becomes better with practice…with experience. Christiansen is right. The bad decisions are the harder thing to fix.

    Tell me…do you shot? Play golf? Pool?

    Accuracy can totally be taught…just ask any golf instructor.

  84. Tbbucs3 Says:

    ^ Not everyday do I agree with Bonzai but accuracy can absolutely be taught for QBs

  85. Tbbucs3 Says:

    But I will agree 99.97.92 that accuracy can not be taught with George Whitfield. Cause that clearly doesn’t work.

    If Jameis wants to succeed in the NFL he has to stop taking those LA party trips to “train” with fraud Whitfield.

    LA and Jameis is a combination that yields bad results on and off the field.


  86. Dapostman Says:

    Completion %
    2015, 58.3%
    2016, 60.8%
    2017, 63.8%
    2018, 64.6%

    Passing yards per game
    2015, 252
    2016, 255
    2017, 269
    2018, 272

    Winston has improved every year and if you count the last 6 1/2 games where he threw 13 TD’s and 2 real picks he improved there too.

    Winston Derangement Syndrome simpletons, expect more improvement in 2019.

  87. BucsBandit Says:

    JimmyJack – OH PLEASE! Carson Palmer made the Pro Bowl TWICE in 2005 & 2006 for the Bengals and won Pro Bowl MVP. This years before he ever played for Arians. He was a #1 overall pick that always had the talent and actually produced very well as an NFL QB. He had some down years but also had some injuries. But you act like he sucked an Arians made him into this amazing QB. He was already a great QB and then had one really great full season year with Arizona in 2015 and then he tailed off the next years when there a .500 team and *NEWSFLASH* Arians was still the coach when they started to suck again.

    So… YOU sit down, knucklehead. Don’t try and tell someone to sit down when you don’t even have your facts straight.

    Ndog – Yep, that is correct. Thanks for using some stats. Humphries’ receptions also increased during those same 4 years (higher each year) so one could say Winston was throwing more short/slant routes as well which could be contributing to his avg. completion %’s going up. Winston’s yards-per-attempt also went up for the last 2 years, like his completion %, but we also went from a 9-7 team to two seasons of 5-11. When you’re multiple scores behind and teams play softer coverage and give you more underneath stuff, a QB’s completion % and yards per attempt will definitely go up. I don’t know for sure that’s the case as I haven’t analyzed it game-by-game, but I think it’s a fair assumption.

    Not sure what stat resource one might be able to use, but it would be interesting to see Winston’s completion % based on pass distance (how far ball travels in the air) and how that has changed during his career. I’d also love to see his completion % by quarter. He’s definitely a SLOW STARTER where he doesn’t heat up until late in the game and that’s often too late to pull out the winner. Even you have to admit (as a big Winston fan) that he often does NOT drive us down the field on our opening possession (or two) and score early in games. That has definitely put us at a disadvantage.

  88. chopshopp Says:

    @Buccaneer Bonzai,

    Tim Tebow is on line 1 for ya. He says he wants you to teach him accuracy.

  89. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    chopshopp Says
    “Tim Tebow is on line 1 for ya. He says he wants you to teach him accuracy. ”

    If you are trying to make a point, you failed. Here’s why:

    1. I’m not a coach

    2. It’s not just a matter of accuracy being coachable, it’s also a matter of finding a coach who knows how to improve it

    3. Tebow’s issues were more than just accuracy, but even if that was his only issue, it still would take him being willing to learn, him having a coach who could teach it, and him being on a team that is patient enough to give him the time needed to learn it.

    I’m sure you are above this, but some people try to distract others from seeing they are wrong by making backhanded comments or attempting to insult to put someone on the defensive.

    Thankfully, you would never sink to such depths.

  90. Defense Rules Says:

    Bonzai … I like your last line. Good show. Playing hockey growing up, I noticed that some guys would try to goad you into fights (strange sport that ice hockey … we used to say ‘I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out’).

    Anyhow, I’d take the bait too often and I remember to this day my college coach telling me ‘You get into a peeing contest with a skunk and you’ll always come out smelling worse than he does’. He was right, but danged those fights were fun.

  91. BucsBandit Says:

    @Bonzai – accuracy for QBs is NOT easily improved. In “theory” it seems like it could be, but it’s not. The golf and billiards analogies don’t compare as they are stationary sports without as many physical variations like moving to one side or the other, or throwing on the run, or varying velocities/arcs and distances.

    If you really think this is the case, i’d love you for to list for me some NFL QBs that had accuracy issues that ended up improve that problem and becomre accurate QBs. I’ve never heard of any that made a substantial improvement.

    If it were so easy to fix QB accuracy issues then we’d see a lot more inaccurate but strong arm college passers could drafted high. It’s typically the opposite… one of the major reasons Mayfield was drafted #1 overall… he had better accuracy than the rest of that year’s QB class.

    Accuracy matters. it’s NOT easily taught nor improved dramatically after these guys have the muscle memory of thousands upon thousands of throws from high school football to the NFL.

    Clyde Christensen especially isn’t some “Accuracy Guru” or he’d be making a lot more money than he is.

  92. T REX Says:

    What was the average completion % in the NFL this year?

  93. chopshopp Says:

    @Buccaneer Bonzai,

    You shouldn’t tell someone they are wrong when your argument is weak yourself. Tebow had numerous throwing coaches in the off-season and QB gurus. His number one problem was accuracy, the kid could win with sheer will (playoff win against Pitt) but he would repeatedly throw into the dirt. a QB who can’t deliver a catchable ball won’t survive beyond any other problems. His issues were mechanical that caused inaccuracy. That is usually always the reason someone is inaccurate and it’s not that simple to correct. Sometimes quirky mechanics work (Kosar) and sometimes it doesn’t.

  94. D1 Says:


    Buc bandit identified one of the most significant obstacles necessary to improve . He’s absolutely correct. He didn’t mention another restraint that stands in the way of progress.
    I find this one to be far more difficult. It’s TIME!

    You state accuracy without question can improve with practice. Let’s accept that as true.
    How many reps is required to change from one motion and master another? If you believe it’s not that many, your opinion is understandable. If you believe that during this process that there is only one possible course that can be traveled, improvement, then again, Solid reasoning. If these are true then it’s possible to improve accuracy in a short time period. 6mos
    to accuracy. .or so you suggest. If this is all correct…then you’ve implied jameis winston isn’t working on the offseason …yes, that’s a stretch. .but it’s not inconsistent along the lines of your argument.

    Quickly, I’m not sure why you are convinced that you’re correct. Golf is not remotely comparable to a QB . It’s one of oddest things I’ve heard ….which is why I can’t understand why you’re convinced your right.
    There’s another part, can accuracy be taught or is it something your born with.? This bonzai is a topic that has been debated for years. One side is players and coaches and the other academic types. Not that there’s 100% of each group supporting one side, but the numbers ( overwhelming majority of each group in one camp) stayed the same for decades..

    More importantly and more convincing is ..reality. the you can’t teach it….
    Comes from people teaching, or learning it…the other side is theory based upon the idea of mastering anything is possible by sheer will and hard work. It will point to a case here or there as proof, relying on the exception not the rule. Then quickly returns to the safety of broad ideas and little evidence.

    Each side is correct on the way they align it. Which is why the debate is still being argued today as it’s been for 50 yrs +. So tell me again why your 100% correct and the debate is over. ….

  95. D1 Says:


    Why did you leave out total passing yards per season, total TD’s, Total INT’s, fumbles, yearly QB rankings. .just to name a few…. ..It couldn’t possibly be because those stats don’t show the steady improvement you claim. No way you’d cherry pick .. only a simpleton with Winston derangement syndrome would do that. …

    Not too sure why you’d even include his completion avg in year one and two without mentioning how many passes were dropped by his receivers. I mean it’s not like the recievers didn’t get blamed for dropping balls. Some people even went through the game film and broke down every drop ball and provided a play for play explanation for why the pass wasn’t caught but the throw was perfect or catchable. Thousands of these in depth film breakdowns were posted daily so ….Winston’s completion percentage in year 1 and 2 was adversely effected due to bad route running, and dropped balls. We bought that explanation. So why didn’t you mention it..

    It’s not because it would seem that the receivers dropping a few less passes than before is why the numbers look better the following years. Obviously, that really throws a wrench into your cherry bowl. And lets be real here, you picked so few to start with.. that omitting something as talked about as that really requires some explanation. …Again, why would someone do that?

    I suppose it does destroy your argument and make you look like a deranged uber fan and not a complex thinking intelligent fan like you profess…But I’m not buying that simple explanation.
    Not about you….But I could see others may not dismiss all that evidence and come to their conclusions…So for those simpletons , could you clear up why you omitted so much data…

  96. T REX Says:

    JW was BELOW the NFL average for completion %. So, whoever was the idiot that posted those numbers…make sure you tell everyone he was BELOW average in the NFL.

    Freaking Japologists. I hate em.