It’s All About Confidence

May 4th, 2019

“Baby steps” in repair job.

Just like Bucco Bruce Arians and Bryon Leftwich have a major task on their hands in getting America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, on track, so too does running backs coach Todd McNair have a task.

That is, saving the career of Ronald Jones.

RoJo was a second-round pick and a terror in the PAC-12. But with the Bucs he didn’t show one time he was worthy of a second-round draft pick, or any draft pick for that matter. In fact, it was difficult to see any NFL value in RoJo.

Earlier this week speaking to the Tampa Bay pen and mic club, McNair said he believes fixing RoJo is a multilevel project where the goal is to basically get RoJo’s mind right.

McNair said it is “baby steps.” And there was one word McNair constantly repeated when discussing RoJo: “confidence.”

“The biggest part is restoring his confidence,” McNair said. “Once he starts getting to the second-level clean — once a guy comes out of college [being a high profile pick with high expectations] and he [begins struggling] his confidence [McNair points his thumb to the floor] I’ve seen it happen before, his confidence can wane a little bit.

“Baby steps. Learning your approach. Learning how to be a pro. Learning the little stuff. The day-to-day, going to work. He’s young. He’s a little immature.”

McNair even openly wondered out loud about RoJo’s personal family background and if that could be playing a role in his football play.

During the first series of practices in underwear football, McNair said, RoJo dropped a few passes and McNair corrected some things physically with RoJo. Since, McNair said RoJo has been much better in catching passes.

Right now, it is not just RoJo’s confidence that is lacking, so too are Bucs fans in their confidence RoJo can contribute. It would be a massive help to the offense if RoJo can shake off whatever demons are bothering him.

49 Responses to “It’s All About Confidence”

  1. LakeLand Says:

    I believe in Todd McNair more than any of the Bucs coaches. I seen what he did with the RBs at USC.

  2. BucEmUp Says:

    Rojo and Spence will both be fine and everyone hating on Licht will be searching for another reason to fire him

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    leftwhich is a star in the making. hopefully the glazers do not destroy his career upswing like they have so many previous coaches…

    not sure this rojo cat is worth the time but what the hell the damage is already done might as well see if they can get a game or two out of him.

  4. louden Says:

    how did “RoJo” get the yards in college??
    maybe he had good blockers ?

    but like i already said:

    O-line: rotten
    >> will lead to bad rushing game (especially short yardage)
    >> will lead to Jameis being in much more pressure
    >> will hurt the Passing Game

    only realy good ones that are not so easy to replace:

    Godwin, OJ Howard, Mike Evans

    rest is (easy) replaceable
    only one injury away from being less than average = WR/TE corps..

    no good depth..

    so Offense isn’t in very good shape (=SuperBowl Contender Talent)

    don’t get me started with the Defense..

    just let me tell you, that besides the QB – the two Lines define a teams backbone..

    the O line is rotten (Dotson is lacking and old, even if some dump people are still talking him up, as if he is an good RT – don’t give me sh.. it about some gradings by some sites – he’s simply just not good – lacks strengh, gets overmauled way too often in run and pass game..)

    RG: is it possible to get worse?
    Marpet: i’m good with him
    Center: pffff, meeeh @ 10 Mio per year ?!
    LT D.Smith = Dotson , maybe average, easy replaceable, could have had drafted many many better players instead of Smith back then, and time and time again

    but Suckaneers suck @ drafting.. and @ evaluating talent..

    so they even decided to throw alot of money @ Donovan Smith
    and thats one of the reasons why Buccaneers are in Cap Hell, even though they got sh.. itty Talented Roster..

    MLB’s have lower value, which means you can easily get an capable MLB per Draft or FreeAgency, while pass rushers come at premium cost (FreeAgency or generall high draft pick)

    this year – many great D-liner were available (Clemson guys, and EdOliver the DT the Suckaneers weren’t drafting, will be one heck of a player barring injurys..)

    and a good DT makes whole defense better (against the run and pass), thats why they have more value then MLB’s and this guy was a freaking sure shot of top talent, while our new MLB may have great Potential, and looks to be a okay or good player, the DT had more value >>> better prospect (pretty much best player available) and we only have/had VitaVea and McCoy as good DT’s..

    as all teams tend rotate a lot, you can be very happy to have 3 very good ones.. especially since injurys happen all the time and MCoy is nearing the End of his career…

    why is it that i can see it, but the guy getting lots of money to do it for are living is too stupid to realize all that?!

    year after year i complain about things like:

    getting rid of good players (Michael Bennett as Steve White always said he should have played more)
    Matt Bryant (one of the best Kickers in the NFL)

    and now some fans even want to cut McCoy
    (when he should easily still be worth at least a 2nd round pick)
    he is old but good – maybe not very good, thats debatetable, but he is way better than anything the Bucs have at DT besides VitaVea.. but Vea is a different type of player/DT..

    and they spend too much money on too weak players like Dotson, Donovan Smith, Jensen

    and in terms of drafting:

    very often, there is still good talents on the board, but the Suckaneers just seem to like lesser talent..

    year after year i say: draft this one if available, and the Suckaneers even get the oppertunity, but they decide to get another future Suckaneer and the player i wanted goes on to have good career…

    realy year after year the same BS..

    i am better than the whole “professional” Suckaneers Organisation @ evaluating talent..

    it’s laughable
    because i am an arm chair GM..

    fans should start to boykott this Clown-Show until the Glazers decide to sign an actual intelligent football mind that is able to evaluate talent and to build a good Roster/Team..

    this Suckaneer team is full of holes, is lacking talented players and it’s even in SallaryCapHell…
    what the hfreaking heck..

    Bucsfans, join the Fire-Licht-Tonight movement!

  5. Tom S. Says:

    27-53 is enough reason to fire Licht BucEmUp. It’s one game worse than what got Dominik fired over the same 5 year stretch. But hey, you can dream of RoJo and Noah Spence leading the team to the SB if you want. Because NFL coaches with decades of experience in the NFL are the reason why a 2nd round pick out of USC couldn’t even beat an undrafted rookie FA out of Duke (Shaun Wilson) let alone the UDFA out of Auburn who starts for the team 🙄

  6. louden Says:

    VH3 in the first round should have have been a different player

    Freaking Kicker in the 2nd round (?!)

    who is not even on the team anymore

    signing Smith to a way too big contract

    and Jensen

    and Dotson

    and drafting bad O-Lineman prospects in the later rounds instead of skill position / special teamers / good depth players …

    they suck and suck


    why do you advocate drafting a RB so much when even Barry Sanders would suck behind this O-line?

  7. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    I place a vote of “no confidence” for Jason Licht and barring a miracle, Jones is a whisker away from being out of the NFL. I can appreciate the new staff trying to put a positive on things/likely busts.

  8. louden Says:

    and drafting RoJo in the 2nd round…

    when good RB’s can be fou d in the later rounfs easily compared to lineman..

    Suckaneers whole Organization is a Clownshow of a “professional” team..

    even i can do better draft plans and player evaluations…..

    fire licht tonight

  9. Mike Johnson Says:

    RB coach McNair believes this kid Jones is salvageable. We hope so. Major disappointment thus far esp coming out in the 2nd rd. He gave us a flat zero last season. I want the kid to do good but…this is the NFL. And if cannot cut the mustard? NEXT. All eyes on you Mr Jones. Good Luck.

  10. louden Says:


    and why did you advocate adressing the RB position – even Adrian Peterson would suck and be sruck behind this horrible O-line..

    O-line is key for balanced Offense and rushing/passing game

    it would make play-calling and playing the QB position easier and helping the whole team.. but no..

    suckaneers choose to suck..

    by stupidity or design – i don’t no – but it’s so laughable

    even i am better at draft planning and talent evaluating than the lousy Suckaneers..

  11. Snook Says:

    Koetter ran the most predictable offense I’ve ever seen. That’s why we couldn’t run the ball.

  12. #1bucsfan Says:

    I get what your saying but what you are saying is Jason has found better talent in UDFA then actually drafting 🤔

  13. Chris Simms 2020 GM Says:

    “I get what your saying but what you are saying is Jason has found better talent in UDFA then actually drafting 🤔”

    What we’re saying is that good UDFA’s are beating a path to One Buc Place because the draft picks are so bad that they’re legendary.

    Fire Licht tonight!

  14. Tbbucs3 Says:

    All the Ronald Jones apologist will defend him by saying it the the Olines fault but I didn’t hear Peyton Barber complaining behind the same O-Line.

    I think we can all agree that Barber is a pretty average back

    So even if Ronald Jones does improve, what’s his ceiling? Benny Cunningham? Cause their are absolutely 0 signs that ROJO will be a breakdown top 10 back. ZERO.

    – He’s slow and trips over himself when he gets the ball
    – Can’t catch screen passes
    – Gets tackled too easily on first contact
    – No vision

    At least when Kenny Bell there was something to be excited about.

  15. louden Says:

    @chrissimms 2020 GM

    preach on brother!

  16. Buc Raybolt Says:

    @joe, would you please stop louden from spamming every article with the same comment?

    As for the article, keep an eye out for all these “busts” and how they perform. It’s going to tell us how to judge the previous coaching staff.

  17. Destinjohnny Says:

    After 6 Jason drafts our running backs are Peyton and Ronald…..
    Let’s just say what if Barber gets hurt?
    We then instert our 3rd down back who can’t catch or run.
    His slashing one cut style doesn’t work when you are 6’0 190

  18. Tbbucs3 Says:

    As far as I’m concerned the NFL is a production based business and based on the results, Ronald Jones is the worst running back in the National Football League.

  19. Todd Says:


    Come on. Whenever someone sees a wall of words like you just posted the entirely ignore them.

    Have some restraint.

    More is not better. Please reach for the capacity to be succinct.

    We might then read your posts.

    Try again.

  20. Says:

    We will sign another vet before week 1.

    A former part time starter 6 or 7 years in who doesnt have the juice anymore.

    Good for first down and goal line.

    Joe has already announced on this very website that barber has dealt with lingering injury issues. Bucs will get some insurance.

    Hope Ron Jon makes the leap.

  21. MrGone Says:

    ^^^What Todd said.

  22. Nick2 Says:

    Dirk Koetter never saw importance in the run game. If running backs couldn’t pick up the blitz they were worthless to him. This was his undoing and why the game he called plays in netted 500 plus yards and 3 points. Rojo shares the.l blame but when you have a head coach never committed to running the ball and you struggle as a rookie your goose is cooked. Koetter seemed to excel at killling guys confidence (i.e.-Jameis Winston) He’s fine with an established runner like Maurice Jones Drew who struck lightening immediately but don’t count on him to understand that confidence matters he doesn’t have a clue.

  23. Nick2 Says:

    Licht hasn’t done us any favors btw to not draft a rb in the last draft is almost criminal. Praying we get an established vet with street cred or we will be in serious trouble.

  24. louden Says:


    well if someone wants the Suckaneers to become the Buccaneers again

    they just need to educate themselfe by reading it..

    in short:

    Suckaneers suck @talent evaluating and @ Foster Building

    thats why they need an arm chair GM like me, because i am truly better than this Clownshow of a “professional” Organization

    and thats laughable

  25. Smashsquatch Says:

    Listed as 5’11” 208 and runs too upright. Easily knocked off his base as a result. Needs better vision too. Could also benefit from running with more tempo and rhythm. Appears impatient as he only knows one pace. The good: he has excellent burst, can start & stop quickly. Excellent top end speed coupled with loose hips and plenty of wiggle allow him to be dynamic in the open field. If he can improve on his weaknesses, he’ll be a valuable asset on this team. That’s a big IF though…..

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our predictability screamed to the other team…..Rojo is running the ball!!!

    Hard to gain confidence when three defenders are on you when you touch the ball…..

    Koetter had the perfect opportunity to give him some work at the end of the year but failed…..

    Not fair to compare him to Barber because of game situations……

    My solution….play action with Rojo…..because that is not what will be expected.

  27. louden Says:


    it’s not spamming.

    i am responsing to the articles by Joe – but he always misses the (important) point and i am getting his article by my comments complete…

    because it seems like Joe is blind sometimes..

    how could he advocate to draft a RB when not even Adtien Peterson would be good behind this O-line..

    and with no running game there is more pressure on Joes Loveboy Winston and passing game..

    and the Roster is rotten beyond anything…

  28. Tom S. Says:

    To the idiots who believe that Jason Licht is some master of UDFA:

    The Bucs and EVERY TEAM, takes a dozen fliers on UDFA’s each year. This year they have 14 UDFA signed and 4 more to rookie camp deals.

    Let’s say you have 20 players graded between 4.75 and 5.2 you sign as UDFA at some point during the offseason. You have 4 players you graded from 5.3-5.5 that you selected in Rd 4-7. What are the odds that a few of those TWENTY players you graded marginally lower outperform the FOUR you drafted on day 3?

    Why is that concept so hard for people to understand? Why?!

    Mark Dominik signed LaGarrette Blount and Michael Bennett during their rookie years as UDFA. Dominik pushed to have Bruce Allen sign Donald Penn as an UDFA his rookie year. Bruce Allen also signed Earnest Graham as an UDFA.

    To the dear ignorant Licht apologists, go make a list of Licht’s UDFA’s and compare them to the above players. Then tell me how Licht’s are better. Then stare at Licht’s 27-53 record like it’s a spread from Playboy and fantasize about how you could be as bad at your job as he is and still have morons defend you at every turn.

  29. louden Says:


    preach on brother

    not to forget:
    Dominik was lousy, but even he was better than Licht but thats debatable..

    case is i am right with everything i have wrote above so BucsFans who want a actual competetive team should join the


  30. louden Says:

    #everything i have written..


  31. tmaxcon Says:


    write on man… don’t let these self adsorbed or self appointed board moderators change your style… if they don’t like they can sikp it or kiss your ARSE!!!!

    short posts can not describe the disaster that is the minor league buccaneer organization and the pop Warner talent on this 3-13 roster led by cancer93 the undisputed face of the basement years and leader of the worst defensive units in nfl history.

  32. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Walk the plank Jason Licht!!! ARRRR!!!!

  33. Pickgrin Says:

    So I guess the takeaway here is that louden is off his Meds……

  34. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    Pickgrin Says:
    “So I guess the takeaway here is that louden is off his Meds……”

    🙃 JBF is like the Chattahoochee of sports blogs.

  35. Billy_43 Says:

    Exactly Pickrin.
    Who wants to read even half of that.

  36. jjbucfan Says:

    The answer is play calling and play designs. It was like the play called didn’t work with the blocking scheme for said play….and Koetter did nothing about it. Tragic. I cannot wait for this year. Defense will be better, as will the offense. We will surprise a lot of people. Last years predictions were a year too early.

  37. tmaxcon Says:


    Play calling and design can overcome the fact our rt, lt and rg can’t play football

  38. THETRUTH Says:


    31 other teams in the league how many phone calls have you gotten to be GM ?

    Thought so!! GM’s dont have time to state scenarios on Joebucsfan post thats why we all do it from our couch.

    opinions and thoughts are great that is what this is for, but when you actually think you are better than and more knowledgeable than the guy who has been doing it for years and getting paid at it becomes ridiculous.
    who would you have taken in 3 years ago, than look at the other 31 guys and anyone can say we could have had this guy or that guy..

  39. Clean House Says:

    TMAX, what is your reason for such confidence in leftwhich? I’ve only heard terrible things about his time in AZ. I’d love to hear your rationale.

  40. adam from ny Says:

    last year rojo was a no-go…

    this year hopefully rojo is a go-bro!…

    if he fails to go-bro, then he’s a joe-blo wit zero mojo…


    if rojo is just so-so, we can type away & hit him wit the low-blows

  41. JabooBuc Says:

    I found it really hard to evaluate RoJo last year. I’ve never seen an RB hit immediately upon handoff as much as this guy last year. It was literally as if he pissed off the entire OL and they decided not to block whenever a play was called for RoJo. I seriously did not see one good opportunity for him in preseason which I would imagine could screw up your confidence pretty quickly as a rookie.

    Obviously we did not see him in practice daily but hoping this guy actually has some talent and can do something this year.

  42. Todd Says:


    Your grammar and mid-split-sentences are insufferable to read.

    You as our armchair GM…I’ll take a pass, thank you.

    I prefer substance to word-salad-diarrhea.

    Keep your wall of words to yourself. Let’s have you be our SILENT armchair GM…deal?

    My eyes and mind thank you in advance.

  43. JabooBuc Says:

    What Todd said

  44. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    What Todd said

  45. louden Says:


    many people here in the comment section just suck as much in using their brains than the lousy-Clownshow-WannaBe”professional”-SuckShow-Organization known as the Suckanneers.

    as i wrote – i am not lying- i would have had way better draft results than the Suckaneers, simply because i would select talented guys and would draft them in context of what is left on the board and in context of team needs (aging players, contract situation, etc…)

    The mighty expert of scouting – Fuchsbaum – (Joe always writes an article aobut him – once a year or so )

    he didn´t need to be hired by an professional team. and he was damn good at evaluating players.

    Well – i can say:

    I am way better @evaluating Talent than the whole Suckaneers Organization:

    Simple examples:

    – The Center for 10 MIO a year ?! are you kidding me, he would never ever see that kind of cash-amount from me

    – i have always been a supporter of Michael Bennett and i was frustrated when he got traded (or cut?)

    as Steve White did (another guy who seems to be a way better talent evaluater than the whole Suckaneers Organization – check his articles at

    – never understood getting rid of Matt Bryant (now one of the best NFL Kickers) and now we got Kicker problems

    – never understood drafting VH3
    – never understood drafting Donovan Smith
    – Never understood MJ draft
    – never understood 2nd round kicker (who is not even with team anymore)

    – and now:

    never understood this years Offseason approach, especially not drafting EdOliver instead of White

    DT´s are more important and harder to get than MLB – simply as that
    the Ed Oliver is a sure fire very good or even star in the making

    while our MLB has a lot of potential
    but looks to be “just” good enough as starter…

    and i never understood then resigning Donovan Smith to big money and instead letting Kwon go..

    Donovan SMith should have never ever been drafted (i was sooooo angry as there were other very good prospects left..)

    and Smith should have been replaced…
    just like Jensen and Dotson and the RG tooo..

    besides Marpet – the O-Line is BS

    and people wonder why the Suckaneers can´t score..
    especially in the redzone..

    don´t get me started with the defensive failures…

    i am sooooo much more intelligent than the whole >Suckaneers Organization ahahhahahahahahhahaha


    Go Suckaneers and suck another year ahahahahhahahahaha

  46. louden Says:


    so you can add nothing to what i wrote but an “uh oh, your grammar..”

    while it´s an sports site to talk/inform about the (former) Buccaneers / (now) Suckaneers ..

    tell me if you don´t agree with anything i wrote about this team – but i guess:

    1) i am right with everything i wrote and every human being with common sense should know anyway

    2) you have problems with your intellect and maybe i can help you out?

    please select a number 😉

  47. SenileSenior Says:

    Having to just skip over the comments when I see certain names requires work and takes some of the fun out of checking out the posts.

    I come here to get a variety of viewpoints from other fans.I come here to learn more about the Bucs and football also. Lively debate sometimes is good too. That I enjoy.

    Eleven years of losing has put many fans in a funk. I get it! I have to continually relearn patience. At this point I reckon it will take TWO winning seasons in a row to change expectations for Buc fans in general.

    Culture change by the team will lead to culture change by the fans.
    Go Bus!!!!!! Win now!

  48. louden Says:


    i think your post is totaly laughable

    just as the Suckaneers Front Office 🙂

  49. BringBucsBack Says:

    Also, what talented, NFL-ready RB(s) is/are losing precious reps because so many resources are being used to try to improve Rojo in an attempt to justify his high draft pick & protect Licht’s fine rep as a “talent evaluator”?

    Dang shame. Yes, the O-line leaves us wanting! Gee, whose job is that?