Audio Of JPP’s 911 Call

May 8th, 2019

Hear JPP’s call to 911.

Joe has to tip his hat to the guy who dug this up.

Something called “Slater Scoops” (not to be confused with A.C. Slater or Zac Slater) had obtained both the audio of Jason Pierre-Paul’s 911 call to report his accident last week that allegedly caused him to fracture his neck.

That’s not all! also has 911 audio of someone who witnessed the crash.

Something that Joe found cool was that JPP was tooling around in a red Ferrari.

Joe cannot embed the audio but you can listen here.

(Hat tip: Jenna Laine of ESPN.)

39 Responses to “Audio Of JPP’s 911 Call”

  1. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Maybe he can play with an inflatable donut collar…

  2. Tom S. Says:

    Well, at least JPP did the responsible thing in calling 911. He also didn’t sound under the influence (as much as that matters). That said it’s only natural for Bucs fans to be talking about one of the top players on the Defense missing the year due to a car accident while Browns fans excitedly talk about the playoffs….instead of Cleveland South the next bad team in the NFL outside of the Dolphins will be named “Tampa North”

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    No mention of injuries or especially neck injuries? Could have been in shock but any serious pain you would think would have been mentioned.

  4. JA Says:

    The “purveyor of facts,” TMZ, reporting false information!!!
    Say it ain’t so, Joe …

  5. Todd Says:

    Not drunk. By airport…could have been picking up a friend who had a delayed flight. Ferrari’s must not have seat belts. Good think the car didn’t flip.

    Bottom line, this sucks.

  6. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Lot of surface area on those low profile tires….weeeeeeeeeeeeee ! light car….weeeeeeee!

  7. DBS Says:

    And of course the first people throw stones are the people that obey traffic laws. Like speeding and texting.

  8. SpringHillBuc Says:

    I just think it’s kind of weird that a Ferrari of all cars would be spinning a 360 on the interstate….. heavy rain huh? There must’ve been cars littered all on the highway.

  9. pick6 Says:

    for those who have been blessed with a chance to drive a ferrari any other very powerful RWD vehicles, many of them spin out with just a little too much gas\torque at the wrong time. i have been in an older model ferrari (less horses than the latest ones) and had it spin a full 270 degrees just from accelerating taking a right from a dead stop. heck, i’ve seen mustangs spin out while changing lanes on a wet road. unless they’ve got sophisticated traction control, rear wheel drive sports cars are fairweather machines that are a terrible combination with anything resembling wetness on the road

    i really can’t come down on the guy, since i only know better from having been through it, and thankfully my incident ended with me, the car, and everyone else in one piece

  10. DBS Says:

    And all it takes is hitting a water filled rut one of these tractor trailer constantly leaves and it happens all the time.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Did not sound intoxicated….called 911, so probably wasn’t. Very unfortunate accident…..and it is common not to feel anything at first…..lets hope that this is more of a “soft-tissue” injury…..but doesn’t sound like it.

  12. Tony LA Says:

    Between 2.5 million and 3 million people are injured in car accidents every single year in the United States. But yeah, you judgmental know-it-all commenters go ahead and judge a man’s integrity because he got into an accident in a car better than yours. Ridiculous.

    Just stop it.
    It happens.
    It sucks.

  13. JoeT14 Says:

    “No video for me to study here but with fact pattern of released from hospital the same day & then vertebrae fracture, doubt significant or unstable fracture (unless hospital really dropped the ball). Hope to avoid surgery & even if fusion, could be back in four months.” – Dr. David Chang aka profootballdoc

  14. Marine Buc Says:

    I am frustrated as hell right now. But I’m not going to talk smack about JPP. I’m just extremely disappointed by this entire team from top to bottom. It’s as disgrace and a laughing stock of the NFL. Nothing else to say. This sucks balls.

  15. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    @pick6 – spot on.

    I had a Fiat X/19 back in the day, that car would spin on a dime if you had a heavy foot, especially on wet roads.

  16. Slugglife Says:

    It’s just one player guys. If he’d been injured early on it’d be the same situation. Roster cuts will allow the team to acquire more d- line help.

    Step back from the ledge. It’s only football.

  17. Totally Exonerated Says:

    Hell it could be just as simple hydroplaning from the cruise control accelerating. I’ve had my cruise automatically shut off on a Grand Prix hydroplaning in the rain. That was easy to control tho compared to a Ferrari.

  18. Dewey Selmon Says:

    You’re not supposed to use cruise control with wet roads.

  19. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    So now JPP knows about 1/4 sticks of dynamite and using cruise control on Ferrari’s…anyone want to chip in on a gift certificate to a fortune teller?

  20. BucEmUp Says:

    Cruise control sucks.

  21. Max Says:

    I’ve had a much less powerful car do a 360 on the highway in wet conditions in a nissan 350z, really sucks he hit something. I got extremely lucky and no one was around me at the time and the traffic behind me could avoid me. RWD and rain, possibly bad traction on the tires…gotta thank god no one got seriously hurt.

  22. TraumaMurse Says:

    And crickets from the peanut gallery… not last night, last night you guys had flat earth-er theories and nothing good happens after midnight BS. All the disparaging remarks and not a damn word today…JPP has never been a problem. He is the kind of guy i want on my squad. The firework incident was an accident. He even admitted a careless one and now the guy is branded as a “dumb” or a “problem”

  23. NOSBOS Says:

    😊… 😁… 😆… 🤣… Not one word BucnJim. And nurseTrama you didn’t answer either of my questions this morning. I wonder why???

  24. geno711 Says:

    JoeT14 Says:
    May 8th, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    Thanks – Love football doc’s info on these things

  25. Todd Says:


    Relax, big fella. Good Lord. Disgusted too to bottom? Sh!t happens.

    There’s lots to be hopeful about.

    Man, I’d HATE walking around in the heads of faux football fans who spew faux outrage over…every-effing-thing.

    Go be a Patriots fan. Please. They’re perfect in every way you need them to be.


  26. OldManBA Says:


  27. Clw JB Says:

    UGHHHH – it was an accident by gosh!!!!!

    Native Floridian, haven’t you hit a water dip on the interstate and feel the hydroplane effect?? I have many, many times…

    In a Ferrari, RWD power machine…easy to hit a spot and slide

    If it wasn’t for bad luck, we would have no luck as Bucs fans

    He’s a Pro Bowl difference maker, damn the luck!!!!!

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    I sure hope he recovers fully and quickly. Bones heal though often better than tendons. He’s a really good dude and everything seems legit. I’ve driven that same stretch many times in the rain but usually faster than 65. The crazy thing is that those cars have high performance tires with treads to maintain traction at high speeds. Maybe he dropped the joint in his lap, looked down and lost control. Kidding. Get well soon bro.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    If I had the money some of these guys do, I’d be chauffeured around in a Bentley or Rolls Royce. “Home James”

  30. D1 Says:


    Traffic on the interstate in Tampa at 2 am is not the same as it is in Miami . Ask Tony in LA
    about traffic early in the morning 2am. The traffic in Tampa Bay is getting worse each year no question about it. But Tampa isn’t a 24hrs city and won’t have anywhere near the amount of traffic during the late evening or morning hours than miami.

    My guess, 9 of 10 posters have a picture of jpp driving on an empty interstate , no one in sight,
    then hydroplanes out of control. I’m not disputing that btw, just saying that is unlikely.
    But it’s completely understandable if so.

    Add a lot more traffic , consider people drive like they’re smoking Crack and texting all at the same time, the number of suv’s is high in proportion to family sedans then reduce visibility because of rain, and how low the car is..especially in relationship to the suv, trucks, semi tractor trailer,’s not the best vehicle for the conditions.

    Too many of you guys accuse the guy right off the bat with a variety of invented chit.
    Never considered the guy , who he is as a person ,just hear a report and you let the sickness run wild..Not once did I come across a comment about the real possibility that God hates JPP.
    Makes more sense than 90% of crapola that’s being thrown out He is Haitian …
    tell me God loves Haiti. ……He’s after em..and jpp. is a Lil wiley.

  31. Clean House Says:

    I like JPP. He’s a tough badass… Feel bad for his predicament, hope he heals fast. That sounded traumatic!

  32. TraumaMurse Says:

    Nosbos I didn’t answer your question because I don’t value your opinion. I broadly stated what I thought of your “take” and those like it. The end. JPP is not a problem. On holidays I see accidents of the fireworks variety in a plethora. And it’s just that accidents that happen to people of all walks of life with mini explosives.

  33. Cody Jinks Says:

    Cast no stones.

  34. Chris Simms 2020 GM Says:

    I’ll bet it was a rear engine model like the 488 Pista, he would have been better off in a front engined Portofino.

    If he had spent the big bucks and got the La Ferrari, he wouldn’t have wrecked at all. Those have all wheel drive and state of the art computer drive systems.

    Joes, find out what model he was driving.

  35. David Says:

    He was sober
    Driving the speed limit
    Called 911

    He didn’t do a damn thing wrong other than lose control.
    If he does have season ending surgery that would suck.
    Even though the Bucs are in cap space hell, I also think it would suck if they stuck him on the injury list where they didn’t have to pay him anything.
    That’s just BS and not very loyal to your players

  36. Ndog Says:

    All I know is if he was in Tampa at OTAs he wouldn’t have been there. Case closed, if someone is going to pay you 12 plus million to play a game after you already blew off your hand I think it might be worth your time to show up watch film and walk around for a few days. But no he would rather be doing whatever he was doing a 3am. Every decision has consequences and thus he has to deal with his decision, period.

  37. Billy_43 Says:

    On a different note of the 8 QBs who won’t sign 30 million dollar deals, I would rather have Winston than any of them.

    Another 8-10 teams have proven nothing at the QB position.

    Still another 5 teams within 3 years of retirement.

    Only teams looking good are the Chiefs and Browns.

    Common denominator there and if Winston doesn’t shine gotta be ALL IN for Lawerence when the time comes. This LUCK won’t last regardless of what happens while BA is here.

    Gotta have FAITH.

    STILL at some point this does have to cross the line from Reload to Rebuild.

  38. Capt. Blighe Says:

    Its BS and not loyal to put a guy who has a non football injury on the non football injury list. SMDH. Its all Jason Lichts fault anyway. Josh Allen was there and you didnt take him now we must be punished.

  39. Jackpc1 Says:

    I live in South Florida. There had been deluge of rain on Friday and Friday night. It’s possible that the road surface was slick and the car could have been speeding with low profile tires not meant for rain. In any event, I wish JPP the best and hope he is able to get the right medical opinion and contribute this coming season.