“Around $9 Million” And “Up To $10 Million”

May 22nd, 2019

Your newest Buccaneer

The NFL Network reporter who broke the story on the Bucs signing manbeast defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh served up more details this morning.

Ian Rapoport explained that Suh sat on the free agent market for many weeks because Suh wouldn’t accept a salary below the amount he deemed acceptable. Suh stood firm, Rapoport told WDAE-AM 620, insisting on a $10 million salary.

With the Bucs, Suh’s salary will be “around $9 million” and “up to $10 million,” Rapoport said, likely referring to incentives potential.

The knock on Suh? Rapoport noted he knows there was frustration with Suh’s effort — taking plays off — with the Rams last year. But the team got what it paid for because Suh was one of the Rams’ best players during the playoffs.

As for Gerald McCoy, Rapoport said McCoy’s agent Ben Dogra “asked the Bucs to figure out a solution to this” for two months. Rapoport said he never received confirmation that the Bucs tried to negotiate a lower salary for McCoy, who was due $13 million before he was cut.

The Browns, Seahawks, Saints and Patriots are potential landing spots for McCoy, Rapoport said.

92 Responses to ““Around $9 Million” And “Up To $10 Million””

  1. Wombat Says:

    $10M Suh > $13M GMC that is probably one of the best deals Licht has done since being the GM

  2. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Suh plays 16 games and is a very intelligent player.
    Definitely an upgrade

  3. Sarasota Garey Says:

    A motived Suh, could be dangerous

  4. isrBuc Says:

    Its all about his attitude. This is not even the usual case when a FA comes to the bucs with all the hype, hopes and hollow words. I don’t think suh has any expectations and he almost certainly didn’t ‘choose’ the bucs as he didn’t have better options.
    everybody assumes he will come in with all his nastiness, push piles, change the culture and turn vea from a teddy bear to warren sapp.
    i don’t see it. i see ~10 mil and no state tax. we have been there before.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We didn’t want GMC….he would have stayed for that.

    I’m good with Suh….the price was right

  6. Bird Says:

    Suh taking plays off


    McCoy only does that …
    But Suh is mean. That makes him a better player according to the many posters here. Suh had this said about him on every team he has been on ….hope he brings his A game here.

    . “When he wants to …suh is great “ are what analysts are saying this morning.


    In all fairness , I like the around 9 mil number. Maybe he makes up to 10 mil with incentives. So they saved some money which is awesome. They had to bring in someone so I’m cool with it. Just wondering why arians hated McCoy so much. They handled him poorly. Now 3 mil is a lot when you are struggling to sign your own players but in the end , it was over 3 mil ? What happened that they just dogged McCoy so bad … cause they are basically the same player. . Except Suh has a decent chance to take a big dump right in the middle of the locker room

  7. Dewey Selmon Says:

    No one is going to pay GMC 13 mil this year. Unless it’s in pesos.

  8. Ndog Says:

    This just says that this new coaching staff saw what most of us fans saw, as they didn’t want him at any salary. They saw a player that is quick and jumps through gaps with zero regard to gap control or responsibilities, and was more concerned with getting his than winning games. It’s time to move on, finally……

  9. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    …and he can play the run, so linebackers don’t have to do his job AND theirs!!!

  10. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Still need help on the interior 3….IMO if Suh feels he is not getting help and carrying most of the load he may then coast on plays…

  11. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    … and he willingly learned a new position so that he could play in a 3-4 alignment! Apparently he did this without going all passive aggressive and forcing his coaches to fit everybody else on the team into square pegs so he could be happy!!!

  12. isrBuc Says:

    What’s his motivation Garey?
    Would he be more motivated and committed than GMC if he stayed?
    Do you think anyone outside of some homer fans believe this team is going to have a playoff run? he’s 32 and knows tampa is the place where players come to fade away.
    10 mil with no state tax and he came. thats where it starts and ends.

  13. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Suh is better vs the Run, as his tackle stats indicate. Plus, he is much more durable. Both him and McCoy take plays off.

  14. Ndog Says:

    Bird it is clear to anyone with eyes, McCoy jas quick get off and lived off his sack numbers. From a football standpoint he brings nothing else to the table. If he doesn’t get through quick and get a sack he is invisible on the field. I know you don’t get football but I would think even you would be able to see that.

  15. Sarasota Garey Says:

    isrbuc well why even work incentives into your contract? thats a little bit of motivation.

  16. El_Buc941 Says:

    No one is gonna pay GMC 13mil because hes not going to be a starter,hes going to be a rotational player at max and since he will be a rotational player he will get paid like one.

  17. NOSBOS Says:

    H3ll yea Sarasota,this move is Huge because every coach in our division now knows gameplanning to simply pound us in the middle is a lot more difficult now. Someone put together Suh+Vea+David+White allows our defense to now dictate what an offense does on Sunday’s. They spread us out and throw the ball all day fine. That’s where those 6 or 7 DBs come into play. But for the few out there poo pooing the move carry on thinking next season we about to be p***y. We gone soon see about that. Licht now go get Mo Wilkerson.

  18. Hodad Says:

    It’s all about attitude. McCoy is a good player, but not a bad ass, that’s what B.A. is looking for. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a picture of Suh smiling. McCoy accepted losing with a smile, that’s unacceptable in Tampa now.

  19. Bird Says:


    Are you serious ? McCoy was more concerned about getting his than winning games. I can’t believe you just said that.

    Do you realize that Suh doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything. He is coming here for a paycheck . His mentor he claims is warren buffet. He gets best deal here. He is a hired assassin that takes plays off and plays better at end of year to get next deal. You think he cares if bucs win games. This is one year stop gap. Maybe Bucs give him another 10 mil next year

    Thanks for the laughs.

  20. Totally Exonerated Says:


    So thats what GMC’s ig post was about. He wanted to negotiate and the Bucs told him nah. (Allegedly)

  21. Buc believer Says:

    We now have a true STUD and a MEAN player who will give you everything he has versus a little pansy who craves being the center of attention and wants everyone to know what a great guy he is. Plus we now have 3 million or so extra to sign players. Great move!

  22. Bird Says:


    And read my posts. I’ve been clear that McCoy not worth 13 mil. But to claim these players are any different is funny

    You think Suh doesn’t care about getting his 😂 and McCoy is only a me guy 😂

    I like how you claim how obvious things are with your own 2 eyes. Dude are you cross eyed ? I think it’s funny how you are the self proclaimed one of the most knowledgeable posters here. Think you said you played QB too 😂

    Again , thanks for the laughs. I am dying this morning.

  23. Tc Says:

    At 9-10 mil the bucs would of kept McCoy. Suh is a better value at 9-10 mil than McCoy for 13 mil.

  24. NOSBOS Says:

    Chris@Apple that’s why this move is big deal. I’m more happy about his run stopping ability more than the number of sacks he may get next season. And memo to you fans,most vets that have played this long are going temper their efforts thru out the season. Warren Sapp said “nobody gose 100% effort every play thru-out and entire season”. I want 100% go from him during pivotal moments of a football game. Theirs more than enough youthful exuberance on this defense for all that.

  25. Bird Says:

    Suh is coming here for a paycheck

    He could care less about the Bucs or his teammates
    Just like on any other team he has been on
    The dolphins are paying 13 mil in dead cap this year to have him off their team from 2 years ago.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    So in Rapoport’s words … “But the team got what it paid for because Suh was one of the Rams’ best players during the playoffs”. So the Rams paid him $14 mil on the promise that he’d show up IF they made the playoffs? Wow, talk about an irresponsible conclusion.

    This was primarily about money, but it appears there was something else afoot. McCoy had 3-years to go on his contract, and I don’t think that Arians wanted him here for 3 years. BA may not be calling it a ‘rebuild’ but on the DEFENSIVE side it sure does look suspiciously like that IMO. GMC simply wasn’t the ideal DT/DE to have centering Todd Bowles’ defense along with Vea. Suh isn’t ideal either, but he makes a better ‘bridge’ than GMC would’ve it would seem. Only time will tell though.

  27. Sarasota Garey Says:

    And how many games has Suh missed over his career?

  28. NOSBOS Says:

    Totally that may be true,but for people to think BA would watch that mans film and come away feeling like he must keep him around is laughable. Check the nature of some of the people that have played for BA. You’ll be hard press finding cute and cuddly.

  29. Bird Says:

    My other post in moderation ?

    But Suh claims his mentor is warren buffet. He is coming for paycheck. It’s about the money. He is a hired assassin that takes plays off and doesn’t get to the Qb. He is a good tackler. No question. But we talking about tackles.

    And to claim McCoy was worthless and Suh is instant upgrade is crazy
    They are practically the same guy but one guy will spit in your face.

  30. Buc believer Says:

    Bird…. do you mean like GMC just collecting a paycheck the last few years? Tell me ONE game just ONE where he made a difference. And please don’t give me that crap he was double teamed blah blah blah. That’s a bunch of horse crap.

  31. NOSBOS Says:

    Bird every player in that league expects that paycheck bro.

  32. NOSBOS Says:

    Mo Wilkerson can be added for cheap.

  33. Alanbucsfan Says:


    Every player in the NFL plays for a paycheck- that’s why they all work their asses off .
    It’s up to the coaching staff and organization to mold them into winners

  34. NOSBOS Says:

    And props to what 813 noted last night. This man has played on three different teams. All which went the playoffs while he was on the roster. That’s saying something man.

  35. NOSBOS Says:

    The dolphins???

  36. NOSBOS Says:

    Don’t give a d$&@ what anybody says. BIG DEAL MOVE.

  37. Bucsneedhelp Says:

    Licht finally did a good job.

  38. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    Does anyone else find it troubling that there has been no official announcement yet?

    What if this turns out like the Tuna Altar?

    Until it’s signed on the dotted line, he ain’t a Buc yet.

  39. DR FEELGOOD Says:

    White, Suh, Vea are gonna be animals this year in terms of bringing nasty attitude to the D. I love this move. In this D, he will be perfect for what Bowles does. Hold his gap, apply pressure, draw attention, and watch the LBs and DBs feast on the gaps he leaves them to race through. This could get really fun pretty quickly because our O should have no scoring problems so our D can start playing differently because we won’t be chasing leads all day. GO BUCS!!

  40. Bird Says:

    Of course the money matters. But when you only care about money and not the team or your teammates that’s a problem.

  41. Bird Says:

    You think Suh cares if bucs go 5-11 or 11-5? Nope.


    Again …didn’t say McCoy worth 13 mil. Just questioning how people are blasting McCoy and praising Suh when they are literally the same player
    Again , we got Suh for 3 mil less so all good there.

    Just concerned that Suh will be Suh . He is been a ticking time bomb every place he has been

  42. Youngbucs Says:

    Gerald McCoy when he finally gets a quarterback sack or hit “sorry let me help you up I didn’t hurt you did I Ben Rapistburger? my bad bro. Suh when he gets a sack or a hit “oh you didn’t like that hit Aaron Rodgers? good I’m going to stomp on your face! BTW no ill-will toward Rogers I actually think he’s a decent guy but who the hell would you want on your team as a defensive tackle?

  43. LakeLand Says:

    Congratulations Ndamukong Suh
    Enjoy your sunny All-Exclusive Florida vacation

    Complements of Jason Licht

  44. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    OK folks….the number game…that will be DJT HUGE…..if Suh wears #93……HUGEEEEEEEEEEE Posts a Popping !! on JBF….LOL…

  45. NOSBOS Says:

    I think he better be wearing #93 next season.

  46. Buc4evr Says:

    McCoy wanted to stay, Bucco Bruce wanted mean and nasty. I have feeling this isn’t over. With the loss of JPP, the Bucs are going to be doing another trade with Brate as potential trade bait. I don’t think this team is going back to a true 3-4 like the old days, so possibly a stud DE is on the radar.

  47. Buc believer Says:

    Can’t argue there Bird but I think he will bring some attitude to the team (hopefully a bad one in a GOOD way) which we have been missing. Football is a violent sport and not saying you can’t be a nice guy OFF the field ( look at Reggie White) but when you get on the field you BETTER be an animal. McCoy was an animal but it was a kitten and we need a lion.

  48. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    What was the audio referenced last year on headset…JPP calling out McCoy…I want to know the details and context…

  49. theodore Says:

    This has a year of loafing written all over it. Swaggy, Ghost, just like them all. Come to Tampa, get a paycheck, move on.

  50. TexBuc Says:

    I believe they are trying to instill a mean streak into this defense which has missing since Sapp.

  51. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Interesting ESPN story about Suh…


  52. Youngbucs Says:

    Joe facebuc’s fan right? Might as well be with this garbage PC world we are starting to live in. Awaiting moderation.

  53. NOSBOS Says:

    https://youtu.be/9sKnRK9D8wA – The man clearly still has plenty game. A session not highlights.

  54. diddler Says:

    LakeLand Says:
    May 22nd, 2019 at 8:28 am
    Congratulations Ndamukong Suh
    Enjoy your sunny All-Exclusive Florida vacation

    Complements of Jason Licht

    ^^^Exactly! This move is nothing but a stop gap/1 year rental.

  55. D-Rome Says:

    31 other teams passed on Suh over the past couple of months.

    The Bucs are doing typical Buc things by signing him. We’ve heard this all before about the “attitude” and “culture change” players like him will bring. Nothing changed with JPP, nothing changed with Swaggy Baker, and nothing changed with Robert Ayers.

    Really though, at the end of the day this isn’t about Suh or McCoy. This is about the inept, backstabbing GM that has put this team in salary cap hell. The NFL’s Black Monday can’t come fast enough.

  56. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    D-Rome Says:
    May 22nd, 2019 at 9:17 am
    31 other teams passed on Suh over the past couple of months.
    naw…this is not the draft….maybe he passed on 31 other teams…that is how FA works

  57. Posey99 Says:

    He will make our offensive line better too, Hopefully Evan Smith gets a few snaps in practice against him haha.

  58. tnew Says:

    Suh may take plays off, GMC takes quarters off.

  59. Eric Says:

    It is a stop gap rental.

    Neither Suh or Gerald are long term answers. All the good teams do stop gap rentals.

    For example the rams and suh last year.

  60. 813bucboi Says:

    good deal….

    GO BUCS!!!

  61. NOSBOS Says:

    What Eric said.

  62. NOSBOS Says:

    A one year rental that will lead to a playoff birth.

  63. SOEbuc Says:

    Hopefully Suh can teach man monster Anthony Nelson how to get mean (physically).

  64. tmaxcon Says:

    Bird Says:
    May 22nd, 2019 at 8:26 am

    You think Suh cares if bucs go 5-11 or 11-5? Nope.

    clearly cancer93 did not care either…. all he did was make people around him worse and collect basement titles. at least suh understands what playoff ball is like and never held his team back like cancer93 has…. you can’t ignore the on field results because you have a man-crush on a failure… we have all picked losers in our lives so get over it and move on your man-crush failed…

  65. BA FAN Says:

    If the Bucs put Suh at LDE and Beau Allen at RDE you can bet nobody is going to be able to run between the Tackles on us and that will force the other team to become one dimensional and we should have the CBs and Safeties that are also ball hawks to get turnovers for our potent Offense to outscore them and demoralize our opponents. Props to Licht for structuring Suh’s contract with incentives to keep him motivated and not Swaggy Baker. Suh played hard in the playoffs for the chance to get a Super Bowl Ring. That is a good thing. BA needs to emphasize to him NO DUMB PENALTIES!

  66. NOSBOS Says:

    Y’all think like fans,projecting years and ish. In that league operate on a year to year basis because of the high level of turnaround every off season. A single year is considered lengthy people.

  67. Tim Says:

    This move does two important things
    1. frees up needed money to sign the rookie class
    2. brings a dog on the defense, Kwon is gone and he was the biggest dog on the D. JPP had nasty in him too, but is gone likely most if not all year.

    Suh gives the D an identity and place him next to VV and you got two nasty men in the middle of the line.

  68. NOSBOS Says:

    And speaking of DE play BA fan there is film of Suh rushing from DE last season. You would think he’s played that his whole career. He and 93 are not equals,never have been. Suh is waaayy more versatile and durable.

  69. BA FAN Says:

    Next year we need to stock up with DTs and OL. I think we will have plenty of DEs and OLBs who are sackers.

  70. SOEbuc Says:

    To any haters, guy has missed 2 games in his career. Played in Miami so he knows what the heat is like. Played great ball on the Ram’s way to the SB last year. He’s hungry. This isn’t a one-year “Grimes sign.”

  71. patrickbucs Says:

    @Bird I think you have made some really good points.

    I also think it’s worth the savings and to move on from McCoy at this point. Suh was great his rookie year with the Lions, really good after that not great and some so so years. He’s not a HOF Player either IMO, followed him as I’m originally from Michigan since day 1. I was hoping Bucs would get him, Lions would always draft before us and get the player I wanted like Megatron:(

    The last 4 years here’s the team rush defenses rankings each player has been on:

    Miami: 28, 31, 14
    Rams: 20

    9, 22, 23, 31

    Both have had top ranked defenses against the run in the past. I think Suh is more versatile and better against the run but not that much better or different. He would blow through the line with both the Lions and Miami looking for sacks and they would run right at his spot. In Miami he would freelance and absolutely piss his coaches and teammates off, which was regularly reported.

    Let’s see if he keeps that motor going this year and continues to stay healthy, which has been his biggest attribute at a tough position to do so. I like the potential of the defense this year.

  72. Mike Johnson Says:

    OK so we addressed the run. As for the the most important pass rush??

  73. Lord Cornelius Says:


    For all your sh1t talking about Suh wanting just a paycheck and not caring about winning…

    The guy we just got rid of said his least favorite season was the one we actually won 10 games…

    The guy we got rid of never cared about losing. Never acted upset about it. Immediately moved onto probowl brags.

    Suh has been to the playoffs with 3 different teams / misses less games /makes literally almost double the tackles per game. Not sure how that = some guy who is just going to mail it in. He’s coming off a great season – both the regular season where he was great, and playoffs where he was elite. The great players typically step up in the playoffs (at least that’s what you’d think you’d want).

    That doesn’t sound like a guy who just mails it in and doesn’t care about winning. Sounds like a guy who barely misses games and has been part of 3 winning teams. Also happens to kick dudes in the nuts sometimes. A good Bucs season = cementing himself as a HOFer.

    Also Suh was also playing nose tackle for the Rams so that Donald could consistently rush more. He will likely be rushing the passer more from Bowle’s 1 gap system.

    This isn’t some move that pushes us over the top or anything. But it is a net positive. Better player that fits the scheme and culture change better for less $$ = win win.

    30+% more production in every statistical category but sacks, where McCoy averages like 1 more per 16 game season. Give me the 30% boost for 1 less sack

  74. SOEbuc Says:

    Mike Johnson

    Can’t say a good pass rush is needed from the line, but do you know how much blitzing this team is going to use? It’s why we’re going to have 1,000 DBs on the field at one time. Best blitzer is going to go far in the starting nickel competition. Two ILB that I would say are in the top 10 fastest in the NFL playing behind 700 lbs on the inside dline. QB gets scared, gonna put the ball in one of the hands of a DB that Bowels put on the field because he thought was the best in his great secondary system.

  75. unbelievable Says:

    Sweet, a guy with less sacks and less production over the last 4 years.

    This is how you turn a team around!

  76. SOEbuc Says:


  77. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Where are my comments ?

  78. jmarkbuc Says:

    Strange irony..

    In Suh we get exactly what we had in McCoy..1st round pick, big hype, but largely a so-so career. The only difference being McCoy is McSoftie and Suh is McNasty (as legend has it).

    Florida vacation sounds about right. I would have rather taken a chance on a couple of less expensive, younger, hungrier players. Not expecting a whole lot of wins this season, so it would have been good to get some young players cutting teeth this year.

    What we got was a $10M band aid, whose effort and production may not be a great improvement. Cutting McCoy to sign a McCoy…it’s a Bucs life.

  79. Defense Rules Says:

    I don’t know if it’s JUST JBFers or all Bucs fans, but so many seem to be preoccupied with comparing Suh to McCoy. One word describes that comparison: IRRELEVANT. McCoy is NOT a Buc any longer; time to move on. McCoy never played in Todd Bowles defense … no one knows how he would’ve been used or how well (or how poorly) he would’ve done. Fact remains: It’s IRRELEVANT.

    What we have RIGHT NOW is the framework of a pretty decent defense. It should be obvious to everyone that BA & Bowles started this ‘rebuild’ at Ground Zero and that it’ll take some time for it to all come together. Hopefully not TOO long though ’cause the natives in Tampa get restless if it takes longer than 1-2 weeks.

  80. jmarkbuc Says:


    That seems a little naive.

    ALL football fans and talking heads EVERYWHERE compare one player to another…yep, GMC is gone, but to expect people not to compare what we added is unrealistic. And like I said,

    I would have rather taken a chance on a couple of less expensive, younger, hungrier players. Not expecting a whole lot of wins this season, so it would have been good to get some young players cutting teeth this year.

    Expectations are low, this would be the year to actually start developing a roster but alas, Licht is swinging for the fences on a mediocre pitch.

  81. NOSBOS Says:

    What Lord said. And it ain’t hard to comprehend at all.

  82. Bucsfan1988 Says:


    Suh takes “plays” off.
    McCoy takes “games & seasons” off, lol 😂!

    That interior d-line w Suh & VV is going to be BEASTLY!!
    LVD & White should have monster stats behind those guys!

  83. Defense Rules Says:

    jmarkbuc … “Cutting McCoy to sign a McCoy…it’s a Bucs life”. You just made my point jmark. Comparisons are meaningless; well except in the framework of the team structure. i.e., our run-stopping ability SHOULD be better with Suh than with GMC, and MAYBE that’s exactly what BA & Todd Bowles were looking for. Well THAT and a shorter (1-year) contract for less money. But Suh & McCoy are 2 VERY different players, so I question if we REALLY did cut McCoy to sign a McCoy.

  84. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So…cutting McCoy only saved $3m in the end.

    Guess that means some more cuts are on their way. I can easily think of a few without hurting the overall team.

  85. Oneyed buc Says:

    9 or 10 mil for Suh is okay lets just hope this is not the big splash BA(BS) has said.

  86. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Sarasota, if Suh was taking plays off for a Super Bowl contender what makes you think he will be more “motivated” playing for a crappy team. Glad they at least got someone to replace McCoy, but I doubt he is going to be some kind of savior.

  87. Reach87 Says:

    He’s on the team now. Hope he does his job no matter whose narrative it supports. Go Suh! Welcome! Go Bucs!

  88. Eric y Says:

    Only missed 2 games in his career … and it wasn’t because of injury … McCoy … takes plays and games off

  89. unbelievable Says:

    Major LOL if you don’t think Suh takes plays and games off.

    That’s literally his MO and has been for the last 5 years of his career.

  90. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sean Payton can’t be dumb enough to sign McCoy

  91. Isaac haggins Says:

    Bird, I will take the over on 16 tackles and that is a year older !!! He did live off the get off and had 16 tackles and i lol bet 8 of them were on the first or second possession!!! You got Suh at 16 and under I will take the over !!! 100.00, 500.00, 1000.00 dollars you name it !!! Your getting a discount for one year of added age and no Jpp to run away from !! So I got Spence plus a year of age so you name the bet and 10.00 is fine also , you name it !!!

    Have a lil fun Bird , you name it 😎

  92. Wiscobucsfan Says:

    3rd team in three years for a reason. Just another albert Haynesworth