Leadership Key In White Draft

April 26th, 2019

Bucs GM Jason Licht.

Do intangibles equate to production? That is a question Joe is seriously pondering.

In the Buccaneers.com video below, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht discusses with Buccaneers.com reporter Casey Phillips all the merits of drafting inside linebacker Devin White.

Of course, one element is leadership.

Joe is going to becoming jaded and cynical about all the talk — Hall of Fame linebacker Jack Ham called it “rhetoric” — about leaders. Ham has four rings to his name.

Joe is sincere as a heart attack when writing the following: former Bucs linebacker Kwon Alexander may have been the perfect teammate. There is so much behind the scenes that Alexander did, not just his emotional antics on the field in front of TV cameras.

Yet as much as the Bucs rightly crowed about Alexander the Leader, how did that turn out? The defense he supposedly led was not just godawful, it was the worst ever witnessed by a human being. It was so horrid that if we lived in the old Soviet Union the entire Bucs defense and defensive coaches would have been lined up against a wall and exterminated.

Until the Bucs start winning, Joe doesn’t want to hear a damn word about leaders or leadership like it is some rerun of “The Dan Sileo Show.” That’s all that meathead ever talked about, “lee-dehrs.”

Instead, is it too much to ask for some production? Is that really such a horrible thing to request?

79 Responses to “Leadership Key In White Draft”

  1. BucsBandit Says:


    This anti-LB draft schtick is lamer than the Winston America’s QB buffoonery.

  2. Tbbucs3 Says:

    More undersized LSU linebackers! Yay!

    Let’s stick with the mold that has kept the Bucs defense so awesome for so many years.

    But let’s pass on huge premier pass rushers like soon to be great Josh Allen. This ones gonna hurt if Allen turns out to be really good.

  3. BucsBandit Says:

    Devin White IS a great leader… BUT…

    He can also tackle consistently, Kwon couldn’t.


  4. BucsBandit Says:

    Of course your star middle linebacker is THE LEADER… he often calls the Defensive Plays!


  5. TampaBay55 Says:


  6. Magadude Says:

    A lot of guys don’t know this and it is probably the elephant in the room that meant a pick on “leadership” in White as the discriminator over Josh Allen: The Bucs need a guy who can be a generational player and lead the D long after guys like David and JPP are gone. They need a guy who can focus and think clearly ALL the time. So here it is: Josh Allen has ADHD. Doesn’t mean he won’t be a beast NFL player but just maybe he lacks the guaranteed mental/focus aspect the Bucs are looking for. We saw how Freeman slow leaked, and set us back five to seven years at least from a QB stability standpoint. Let’s not do it with a guy who needs to be the brains of the D.

  7. BucsBandit Says:

    Tbbucs3 – “Soon to be great Josh Allen” that one of the best scouts/draft analysts ever Mike Mayock had the Raiders TAKE A PASS ON.

  8. JabooBuc Says:

    So, drafting players like Brooks, Sapp and Lynch in the past had nothing to do with leadership qualities? Those were players that certain qualities that other players rallied around. White is that type of player.

  9. Leon Says:

    Generational linebacker talent who gets uttered in same sentences as Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis, and freaking Luke who has tormented us for years. Devin is more athletic than all of them, sky is the limit!

  10. BucsBandit Says:

    NOTE: Notice how Joe doesn’t want to mention at all how the 6-TIME SUPER BOWL CHAMPION, Pittsburgh Steelers, just paid a “Draft’s Ransom” to move up in the draft last night to select the 2ND HIGHEST RATED LINEBACKER in the Draft.

  11. JabooBuc Says:

    How is White undersized? Perfect size for a MLB and runs a 4.4. Yes please.

  12. Costa Rica John Says:

    Joe it was the scheme Mike Smith had the players running. No one can play that far off the ball and not let the other team complete passes all day long. Let’s see what some real coaches can do with the players we have. I bet we surprise some teams and open some eyes this year.

  13. German Buc Says:

    Thx, Bandit. Just started to wonder if I was the only one who noticed that with the Steelers.

  14. Brett Says:

    Kwon was the most overrated player on the Bucs terrible defense. You now need White to have a Hall of Fame career as a MLB/ILB. The Bucs must think he is as good as Urlacher or Kuechely.

  15. Darin Says:

    The Raiders run a 4-3. Allen is a perfect fit in a 3-4 as your beloved Bucs now run. Jax took him anyway even tho they run a 4-3. We’ll see how that works out. Id have loved Allen but i welcome all the picks with open arms. Life goes on. Go Bucs. Plenty more picks to come.

  16. Tvan101 Says:

    Joe you are reaching the point where you hurting your brand.
    Joe keeps it real. That’s always been Joe’s “brand” if there is such a thing. Joe’s not a fan of the pick, just like Joe’s not a fan of losing football games. Joe’s over a loss when it stops hurting. Lastly, Joe isn’t here to worry about people’s perceptions of Joe’s takes. That’s for political consultants.–Joe

  17. BucsBandit Says:

    ADDED BONUS: The LB position is also one of the SAFEST positions to evaluate from a risk perspective.

    How many of the top rated LB prospects drafted in the 1st round been BUSTS?

    Very, very few.

    Now how many top rated DTs and DE prospects drafted in the 1st round been BUSTS? Hahahaha many! So many DT/DEs that look good in college don’t end up dominating in the NFL.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization is in desperate need of some “SURE THING” LOW RISK draft talent for a change. Far too many of our draft picks haven’t panned out.

  18. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans) Says:

    Get ’em, BucsBandit!

    Finally some Wise words being spoken here…

    No offense to anyone else, but whoever doesn’t like the Devin White pick is pretty clueless…

    I’m guessing all you guys have never actually played football before and therefore don’t realize the value of a Dominant MLB.

  19. Reach87 Says:

    Kwon wasn’t perfect but the problem with our defense wasn’t him. He led where he could. But IMO, the problem was primarily poor scheme, poor weekly adjustments (game plan prep) and poor game-time adjustments. We have a new staff…lets see if they can get those pieces right. If there is any improvement whatsoever in those areas, it will directly translate into a few more wins (reference how many times over the past 2 seasons we had a 4th quarter lead with under 3 minutes to go…and lost…not to get the ball back again). Add that to improved players (draft) and improved player development (starting now and continuing week in/week out) and we should get a few more and be competitive in Dec. Go Bucs!

  20. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans) Says:

    We now have our best player on D, at the Most Important position on a 3-4 Defense…

    How difficult is that to understand?

    Lol, at all u silly people who are down on the Devin White pick

  21. Lord Cornelius Says:

    So I haven’t been back since before the draft. Few notes

    1) This was the first draft I’ve missed in like 10 years. I had to pick my wife up from the airport and I recorded the draft (or so I thought). Didn’t check my phone with all the intentions of re-creating the live moment. However when we got home it never recorded. I think some other auto recordings came up and then our space was too full. So I basically said f*ck it and turned on the draft like 10 picks in and caught up.

    2) I would have taken Josh Allen or Ed Oliver. Seeing them go at 7 & 9 was even more frustrating because we probably could have traded back with either of them and still gotten Devin White or Allen or Oliver. But hindsight 20/20 and all that.

    3) Devin White better make the pro bowl year 1, and push for the AP all pro list. If not – you over-drafted a MLB at 5.

    I HOPE that he is the catalyst to a culture change.
    I HOPE that he is a better player overall than Josh Allen & Ed Oliver when we look back in 5 years. He f*cking better be is more like it.
    I HOPE that this is a sign that MLB is more valuable in 2019 than it was the past history of the NFL. Which is possible.

    CJ Mosey & Kwon’s contracts were absolutely insane. Kwon is like the 60th best LB in the league and making $13M. CJ Mosely isn’t even the best ILB in the league and is making $17M.

    Then again pass rusher or dominant DT = $20-22M.

    But if ILB market = $13-17M for Kwon-CJ Mosely – they are now being paid like top CBs – which are absolutely justifiable positions to draft top 3-5.

    We also saw the Steelers -a historically solid defensive team – trade up as if they were going after a QB – just to get Devin Bush – the 2nd ILB of the draft…

    SO at least 4 teams (Jets/Bucs/Steelers/49ers) have basically said “ILB = one of the premiere positions now” with their moves this offseason

    Now let’s go get an OL or 3-4 OLB/edge and OL these next 2 picks because the DT value isn’t there anymore.

    If we could somehow maneuver to get

    Chase Winovich &
    Elgton Jenkins


  22. Jaboo’s_Crabshak Says:

    Joe, we’ve heard the explosions and disappointment from you for a month. 5 of the top 10 teams in sacks last year missed the playoffs. That’s great. Sacks have never equaled playoffs or Super Bowls. But overall QB pressure is really another animal for many reasons. –Joe

    Nassib had 6.5 sacks and that was playing part time until about halfway through the season. Playing nickel a lot of the time, transitioning to a 3-4, and with absolutely zero LB talent out side of David, this was the pick that was needed and correct if White is as advertised. In a 3-4 you rely on pressure from at least 1 LB, White runs a 4.4 and can spy on athletic QBs and cover the talented scat backs that reside in the NFC south. If David is the pass rusher everyone talks about, then that is going to be as beneficial as drafting a DL. What with a top 5 DL do you do??? Rotate him with Nassib or draft a tackle and rotate with Vea? Say we got a DL and he had a monster rookie season…..13 sacks, 2 FF, FR, and 60 tackles…..you’re essentially taking the 5th overall pick on someone who will add 5.5 sacks on top of what Nassib had last year. Is that more important than a player who may rack up 100 tackles 4 sacks, Int, 2FF??? Time to hop off your soapbox. Get behind the move and the player and quit whining, time to find a new topic. Joe is totally behind the player.–Joe

  23. Pickgrin Says:

    Now you are just being ridiculous.

    In the last 2 years at LSU – Devin White had 256 tackles, 25.5 TFLs, 7.5 Sacks, 9 passes defensed. 1 int, 3 forced fumbles and 2 fumble recoveries.

    If that’s not production then – um – oh never mind.

    Isn’t it time for the other Joe’s shift to start??

  24. Max Vasher Says:

    There’s actually better football info in the comments section than there is in these whiney articles above. Thanks fellow readers – interesting about Pittsburgh’s move in relation to our pick. Glad I can still get good info here even if it’s not from the author of the actual article. Don’t worry, Joe. We’ll keep things going for you until you’re feeling better.

  25. Frank Pillow Says:

    I’ll say this…Joe your trolling is sure driving keystrokes. Kudos. That being said, you can’t sit back and tell me (or anyone else) that this team isn’t devoid of mental toughness and leadership. In fact, you should listen to your past podcasts where you recently discussed this teams abysmal December record and opined that these results were, at least in some part, likely due to a lack of accountability and real leadership. Devin White steps into OBP as the most athletically gifted, alpha dog defensive player on the team. Maximizing his abilities and personality is what this coaching transition has been all about. Short of Q. Williams falling, he was the right selection.

  26. Pickgrin Says:

    Oh – and White had 30 QB pressures to go along with the 7.5 sacks on 86 attempts. Among the best in College football when utilized that way. Hmmmmmm……

  27. Adrian Says:

    Perfect pick. I’ve been calling it all along. This guy will be great. All you wanting josh look at bears Mack in the playoff game .. choke. Double team. He went missing. White is a horse all over the field. NFL teams now has RB. TE all over the field. This guy will locked down. And … he’s great at pressure qb. The next Luke. Now let’s go and get rock ya sin. And Buchanon will be in the back end.

  28. kmattin Says:

    I like the pick. A storong middle, pushing the line back into the QB’s face, JPP coming from the edge to pick up the pieces. Block the throwing lanes. Good pick Bucs.

  29. passthebuc Says:

    Joe, try writing about something else important, like how all world JW is.

  30. No expert Says:

    Not that the Steelers are the standard but they have a record of success. Middle backer is so important to them that in a off season that saw Antonio Brown and Bell leave they still gave up a 1,2 and 3 to go get the second best middle backer in the draft. A may not be 1970’s NFL but it’s not 2010 either. Offense is changing read options to freeze pass rushing ends and rpo’s refreeze mlb with out enough speed to recover in coverage.

  31. BucsBandit Says:


    The Bucs weren’t “one player away” from making a run in the playoffs. Adding some extra pass rush with a stud DT that *did* end up panning out wasn’t going to make that much difference to this team.

    This team has A LOT of holes that will take a few years to fill and build a new foundation barring some lucky break-out players and free agent signings.

    Devin White is a New Bucs Generation pick (at least that’s what they’re thinking).

    That no matter what happens in the short term, White will hopefully be a solid anchor of that Linebacking Corp for 10+ years for us.

    The Bucs desperately needed to start making some SAFER draft picks. This is a pretty safe pick that also served a positional need.

  32. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Viscous pass rushers in a QBs face> Good coverage with a soft Bucs pass rush

    Ever been behind the pocket of a great pass rush? I wouldn’t recommend it.

  33. ElioT Says:

    You NEED real leaders who are also stud players to CHANGE THE CULTURE.

    I wasn’t blown away by this pick, but when I heard White’s post draft interview on Sirius I was sold. He’s a grown man with a good head on his shoulders and he’s a f**king beast on the field.

    The best leaders motivate others around them, set the example and don’t allow any bullsh*t on their squad.

    I seem to remember Hardy Nickerson being a huge factor in changing the Bucs culture. I’ll be rooting for White to do the same.

    Will there be some video footage of those credentials being turned in?

  34. BucsBandit Says:


    How is Joe going to feel when the Bucs draft QB WILL GRIER in the 3rd round tonight and his beloved Jameis is going to have real competition to be replaced as the future of the franchise?


  35. Cobraboy Says:

    Alexander’s mouth did not match his play on the field.

    Hardy Nickerson was a True leader. The Red Rooster, Mr. Look At Me, was 70% mouth and 30% play.

    He made nobody better around him.

  36. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Also I have no issue with Joe being mad at the pick.

    That’s just him being consistent in his position from before the draft.

    Be mad Joe!

  37. BucsBandit Says:

    Tbbucs3 – sure, but the Bucs lack vicious pass rushers, good coverage, and good tackling.

    You aren’t going to solve them all by just drafting someone that adds to the pass rush.

    Vea will only get better. Nassib now has a chance to really get better too. Spence could be a wildcard in a new 3-4 Defense.

    Devin White is a LONG GAME move. This Team had to get back to basics and build for the future. We’re not going to make a deep playoff run anytime soon no matter what SINGLE PLAYER got drafted at #5.

  38. 13frain Says:

    Let it go already!!! The one good thing is this is giving us break from hearing about Las Vegas PD running,, former defensive linemen Michael Bennet. By the way, Carl Nassib is on Varney and Company talking finance.

  39. bucfan999 Says:

    Everybody including Joe needs to take a deep breath and remember this is the NFL draft, by definition a crapshoot. I remember watching past drafts and having Mel Kiper say that the Colts were crazy to pass on a franchise QB in Trent Dilfer. Now in hindsight we can see Trent was not a franchise QB, he was a descent starter and a good backup. I can remember a few years ago Joe telling all of us on this website that the Bucs should give Josh Freeman a new 4 – 5 year contract because he was a good QB and in hindsight we all saw a QB that went mental and was out of football within 2 years of Joe calling for the extension.
    All this is a crapshoot I also like Josh Allen but once he gets into the NFL and starts playing with the big boys he may or may not be the stud pass rusher we think and Devin White might become the next Mike Singletary or Ray Lewis we just don’t know until they put the pads on and play. So until that time everyone just chill and enjoy the draft and hope Bruce Arians, Jason Licht and our scouts have it right this year.

  40. Tc Says:

    White is an alpha dog. He is the perfect cornerstone to build on. He has attitude. He has all pro written all over him. Now if we had only drafted Derwin James we would of had 2 young cornerstones to build upon. Can you only imagine the havoc.

  41. chargedcbh Says:

    BucsBandit love your stuff! Can we just start our own site?

  42. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Devin White does not just have intangibles: the kid produced! His college stats are HUGE. Compare them to Kwon’s and you will see why Kwon was a 4th round pick and Devin was a top 5 prospect. Kwon had intangibles but made bad reads, missed tackles, and led a historically bad defense. Devin White will turn this thing around! Let’s go!!

  43. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Sobriety has been replaced with mild hangover today..I guess I have come to
    terms with us passing on Allen. Hope you guys sold on White being generational are right. And as someone else posted in another thread…at least we didn’t really reach for a player like the Giants likely did. I can at least laugh at my NY brethren this morning and numb the pain.

  44. Cobraboy Says:

    @ BucsBandit:

    I really like Grier a lot.

    But I doubt he will be a Buc. Seems Arians does not like QB competition when he has a solid QB.

    Gabbert will be the backup unless Ryan Griffin explodes in TC.

  45. Buc_U Says:

    Every year around this time it’s the same whiney nonsense and Joe is leading the charge. Last I checked Joe wasn’t in any draft meetings or considered to be an expert in the field of drafting. Every year you guys get hooked on one or two names, and when that name is not called you go on a tirade on how stupid the picks are. First of all you guys a judging the players based on Mike Smith’s lame coaching. That’s like judging a Lamborghini being used a family vehicle. We don’t know what our players are because they have not been used properly. BA and Todd know what they are doing and they have spent countless hours analyzing film. White is a great pick and you guys know it, but because you think you know everything your pride won’t let you accept it. When this guy balls out and our defense is wrecking people I don’t want to hear Sh@t from any of you whiners.

  46. go for the face30 Says:

    Maybe you need to look up what Roquan Smith did for the Bears, and what the linebacker did for Indy. Difference makers. Devin smith is an everydown line backer and whos to say he won’t be covering the Flat on 3rd downs? There is literally ZERO credible analysts “poo poo’ing” the pick. Except for one person – you.

  47. lurker Says:

    Read Jenna Laine’s review, backed up by espn stats.
    Also, had heard on nfl radio about how small Allen’s hands are. They seemed concerned.

    Talking about white:
    “He can get into the backfield too, recording the second-best pressure percentage among FBS players with at least 100 pass rushes in 2018.”

    And she had about the Buc’s defense:
    “The Bucs’ defense allowed the highest completion percentage in the NFL last season (72.5 percent), according to ESPN Statistics & Information. They allowed a completion percentage of 82 percent when a linebacker was the nearest defender, according to NFL Next Gen Stats, also the worst in the NFL.”

    But the sky is falling, right?

  48. SteveK Says:

    I hope White is as good as Ed Oliver, my #1

  49. lurker Says:

    Oh, and difference-maker on his team:
    “Opposing quarterbacks had a 28.7 quarterback rating when White was on the field at LSU and a 63.0 rating when off the field. “

  50. Tbbucs3 Says:


    What does small hands have anything to do with rushing a passer?

  51. ROFOBuc Says:

    BucsBandit, totally agree with you. Joe just wants their opinion to be right. They no longer seem to care about much else accept for being right. All you have do is listen to Ira’s podcast and hear the whining and complaining for yourself.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Bucs bandit, I cant wait for us not to draft Grier. I’ll be right here trolling you afterwards. But maybe your “friend” told you about the pick?

  53. BucsBandit Says:

    Cobraboy – yeah, no doubt, BUT…

    I have the strong ‘spidey sense’ that the Bucs are going to draft a QB prospect within the next 3 rounds and shock a lot of people.

    This is Winston’s final contract year. They’re already in Salary Cap Hell. Either Winston plays LIGHTS OUT this year (which he hasn’t yet done in any of his previous 4 seasons) or the Bucs aren’t going to give this guy $30M+/year in a long-term deal and will let Winston walk next season.

    They have to know that moving on without Winston is a real possibility. They can’t wait until the last minute to have his replacement waiting in the wings.

    I have this ‘feeling’ about WILL GRIER…

    He has tons of potential and he started at University Of Florida where you know a lot of people tied to the Bucs have been scouting him for years. Grier has tremendous UPSIDE potential and could one of the next great NFL QBs. He just has that ‘magic’ surrounding him.

    I could see the Bucs taking him in the 2nd or 3rd round (if he’s still available) tonight.

    The one thing that would make this team better in a hurry would be to SAVE $30 MILLION in salary cap next season by moving on without Winston.

  54. Joe Says:

    NOTE: Notice how Joe doesn’t want to mention at all how the 6-TIME SUPER BOWL CHAMPION, Pittsburgh Steelers, just paid a “Draft’s Ransom” to move up in the draft last night to select the 2ND HIGHEST RATED LINEBACKER in the Draft.

    Yes, Joe noticed that. He also noticed how Kevin Colbert isn’t crazy enough to trade up into the top-five for an inside linebacker.

  55. BucsBandit Says:

    Anonymous – my same friend that was in the Green Room at the Draft last night and letting me know all the picks 5-10 minutes before the cards were turned in, and that I was posting in the open thread last night? That PROVED I was telling the truth again and again.

    Well, no, that agent friend didn’t say anything about Grier. I just have a strong feeling about him, especially with his UF connection as well as the position the Bucs are in with Winston.

    The odds are very high the Bucs will NOT draft Grier (Pats probably will). But I have a feeling they might.

  56. BucsBandit Says:


    Kevin Colbert WAS crazy enough to trade up into the TOP 10 to draft the 2ND best inside linebacker.

    C’mon, man, your logic & rebuttals aren’t very convincing.

  57. Cobraboy Says:

    @ BucsBandit: you make a great point about cap hell.

    If Winston isn’t The Guy worth a massive second contract…and I hope he is…a Plan B is necessary.

    Grier is one of my top QB in this draft, and I would love to see him as a Buc.

  58. JabooBuc Says:

    Joe, kind of a dumb response. He didn’t trade up into the top 5 because he could get a great player at that position at 10 and gave up less. Nobody defending the pick of White is saying that Bush is not also a great player. White is better but would have been a much bigger move for them.

  59. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    White may turn out to be great…we shall see. It’s not like he was going to be picked in the top 4. Everytime I see Licht Weight, I cringe just a little more. Kudos for ditching the burgandy blazer movie ushers wear. BA has given him style tips as well. I sure hope BA is up for this…I loved the hire…the golf cart and relying on unproven guys is starting to worry me a bit.

  60. BucsBandit Says:

    Cobraboy – it will be interesting to see if they draft Grier (or another QB). If they don’t, they’re really rolling the dice on next year’s draft. Maybe as their “Plan B” (i.e. if Winston is going to be resigned) they see enough QB talent in next year’s draft already.

    But without having the #1 pick, which will probably be Tua, they will end up with the 2nd/3rd/4th rated QB next year (if they have to draft one). If they don’t like any of those guys more than Grier, then maybe they pull the trigger and grab Grier NOW.

    If they were to draft Grier, and they do resign Winston, and Grier is showing a lot of promise, then they either continue to develop him or look to trade him. They’d definitely have options. Having too many good NFL QBs is never a bad thing. Having none is the kiss of death for an NFL Franchise.

    Anyway… we’ll see. I’d love to see the Bucs grab Grier just like you. Odds are very unlikely it will happen, but you never know.

  61. stpetebucsfan Says:


    OK I’ll play along. Joe will have to worry about the Bucs drafting Grier in the 3rd when monkeys fly out of your butt.

    The Bucs MAY pick a QB very late as a long range prospect/backup. But given Licht’s success at UDFA’s he might as well wait for a UD player.

    Meanwhile Bandit see if you can follow the logic. The Bucs have ALREADY invested a kings ransom in JW. They are not going to simply throw it away without confirming their worst fears. Right now their worst fears do not seem to compete with their greatest dreams of what JW will do this year.

    But IF…IF you are correct and JW doesn’t work out this year our record will be abysmal once again and we’ll pick high next year. Blaine Gabbert is not going to lead us to the promised land.
    Next year’s draft has better QB prospects than this one.

    This is pretty obvious to all but the JW haters and I very rarely call people who disrespect JW a hater…but I don’t know how to refer to someone who thinks so lowly of him that we’d waste a 3rd round pick on another QB.

  62. Joe Says:


    OK I’ll play along. Joe will have to worry about the Bucs drafting Grier in the 3rd when monkeys fly out of your butt.

    The only interest Joe has in Grier being drafted by the Bucs is that Grier is married to a Bucs cheerleader.

  63. Stonedbuc Says:

    White is an arm tackler, don’t compare him to ray Lewis and Willis. Bush was the better linebacker and ran faster.

  64. JimmyJack Says:

    Kwon was never the Top Guy in the locker room. It has always been McCoy & been that way since he walked through the door.

    Whites situation seems much different then Kwon.

    This is the guy we are going to build around on defense.

    VitaV looks like a real nice piece too.

    My bet is that Bowles played a big part in this decision. Switching from 4-3 to 3-4 is not an easy thing………Looks like Todd disagrees with you Joe about what’s most important for that #5 draft pick.

    Im confident Bowles knows exactly what he is doing.

    I do agree that if we don’t win I don’t wanna hear about leadership over losing

  65. BucsBandit Says:


    The millions the Bucs have already invested in Winston has ZERO to do with their current evaluation of his first FOUR seasons of play, and the fact that this 5th season for him is an option year on his original contract and that he’d become a Free Agent next year if they choose not to resign him to a long-term deal.

    Those are simply “THE FACTS.”

    So the REALITY of the situation is this…

    The Bucs Organization knows that within less than 9 months from now (and could be much sooner) they’re going to know whether they’re going to give Jameis Winston a $100,000,000+ long-term deal… OR NOT.

    Drafting a solid QB prospect in this year’s draft is in no way “throwing away” what has been invested in Winston so far, or his future potential with the team (most likely determined by how he does this upcoming season). It would simply be SMART STRATEGY and having OPTIONS, in case they end up on the “We’re NOT going to give Winston a $100M+ deal” side of the upcoming decision.

    As for the Bucs having a bad season this year (which the odds are probably pretty high of due to major needs and cap issues) that doesn’t put them in a position to draft their “for sure” QB of the future…

    Bucs could end up around the #5 pick again next Draft. That may only land them the #3 ranked QB in next year’s draft. Some years the top 2 QB prospects go #1 and #2.

    The Bucs KNOW all of these scenarios. Their scouts already know who is mostly going to be drafted next year and where. If they aren’t that high on any of them, or let’s say any of them outside of Tua (who may command #1 overall), and they like someone a lot in THIS YEAR’S DRAFT (like Will Grier) then it’s not a stretch that they draft a QB in this draft; even potentially with a somewhat high pick.

  66. BucsBandit Says:


    Furthermore… the fact that the Bucs have apparently made no effort in already extending Winston to a massive deal (and they’re just going to ride out his 5th year option) says Ownership is probably leaning towards NOT giving Winston a massive long-term deal — but still being open to the possibility if he were to have a major breakthrough this year.

    So with that being said, it wouldn’t be a stretch to draft his potential replacement NOW.

  67. Magadude Says:

    Joe says: “The only interest Joe has in Grier being drafted by the Bucs is that Grier is married to a Bucs cheerleader.”

    So could he be sleeping his way to the top?

    That’s what you call serious career planning.

  68. Magadude Says:

    @BucsBandit…wow…you mean that’s why they haven’t signed Winston up already? Wow, so smart. Eureka! Thanks for that info. How come no one figured that out already? 😉

    Too funny.

    No one in the room last night would risk texting anything out of there. And even if they did trust you (which they wouldn’t…would cost them their job), you betrayed that trust. GTFOH dude. LOL.

  69. BucsBandit Says:


    The comment about Winston not being offered any type of deal yet was stated in CONTEXT of an argument, something you’re obviously not bright enough to understand.

    As for you calling me a liar that I had a source in the Green Room texting me what was happening long before the broadcast revealed it (or cards even turned in for picks) well… you’re an idiot. Go look at the timestamps of that open draft thread from last night and my posts to it — when I stated someone was getting picked (I called tons of them) I had 100% ACCURACY. Hell, I called the Daniel Jones to Giants pick 10 minutes before it was officially announced at the podium.

    As for your statements about someone losing their job, again, you’re an idiot. There’s nothing against communicating info going on in the Green Room. My buddy is one of the owners of the sports agency anyway. If you still doubt me, and would like to be royally embarrassed (and lighter in the wallet) I’ll gladly bet you $5,000 that I’m not lying (and can easily prove it). Your call, fruitcake.

  70. lurker Says:

    Josh Allen’s hand size is 8 3/4” which puts him in the 1 percentile for edge rushers (higher the percentile the better). They compared to Nick Bosa who has 10 3/4” hands and in 94th percentile. They mentioned it.

    I can only think of a t-rex terrorizing a qb but not able to tackle him at this level. Especially a Cam Newton.

  71. Walt Says:

    Joe, I’m getting a felling about the new kid. Sure a rookie year, flashes of greatness, just finish. The second year, this guy is gonna be like Clubber Lang. Meeting Rocky. Predictable, I predict pain for the NFC South. He’s bigger and faster than anything we have seen. He’s a grinder, accountable, and doesn’t settle for BS.

  72. Magadude Says:

    @Bucsbandit. Did I call you a liar? No. You just exposed yourself though…yes…no one else. Some people here know the business. Got it. I’m an idiot and you’re the omnipotent guy in the know. Have it your way. LOL.

  73. Magadude Says:

    “Anonymous – my same friend that was in the Green Room at the Draft last night and letting me know all the picks 5-10 minutes before the cards were turned in, and that I was posting in the open thread last night? That PROVED I was telling the truth again and again.”

    Reminds me…my lawn could use some fertilizer and there is plenty of it here. LOL.

  74. BucsBandit Says:

    @Magadude – I’m not trying to get into some argument with you over this (it’s all meaningless anyway) but you kinda did imply I was lying, hence my response to you. I had a friend (agent) that was there last night and he was occasionally texting me when a certain player’s table would start celebrating (meaning they got the call they were going to be the next pick) and so I was able to post who the next pick was at times long before the TV broadcast reported it, etc. Not really a big deal. Happens a lot with others that are there in the green room that post it on Twitter every year. But my point was/is, I’m not lying about it and have no reason to. The timestamps on my posts about the picks clearly show I was able to call those picks in advance (and many picks weren’t easily predictable so not like I was just stating obvious picks and guessing right). And I apologize for calling you an idiot but I was getting
    a bit insulted by you implying I was lying (and even now making a post saying it’s BS). As per someone getting fired or whatever, it’s just the media that gets reprimanded by the NFL for publishing any info before their TV broadcast announces it as that’s frowned upon. But they can’t do much about friends/family/etc in attendance spreading any news even before it’s shown on TV. Again… not a big deal anyway to even be arguing about this.

  75. Magadude Says:

    @Bucsbandit. You are on big BS watch. LOL. I don’t care, frankly.

  76. Magadude Says:

    Why big BS watch? “it’s just the media that gets reprimanded by the NFL for publishing any info before their TV broadcast announces it as that’s frowned upon. But they can’t do much about friends/family/etc in attendance spreading any news even before it’s shown on TV. Again…”

    No. That stuff doesn’t go out. Ever. The player himself even gets a phone call often only after the pick is in. This is billions on the line. Punk azz dudes don’t get the info.

    LOL. “Frowned upon.”

    “Thanks alot Bin Laden.

    Out here. Time to see find out who is getting picked soon. Yeah, I could get it here from you Bandit, before even the GMs know, but that would take the fun out of it.


  77. BucsBandit Says:

    @Magadude – LOLZ. You must be new to watching the NFL Draft. Many times on TV they even show a player celebrating in the Green Room and ‘taking the call’ that a team is going to be picking him BEFORE the card is even turned in. And many times the card IS already turned in, but they don’t go to the podium immediately to announce it on TV. They often wait (commercials, more commentating, etc.) as it’s a TV SHOW. If you think they announce on TV what pick has been made at the very second the pick is made then you know very little about how the NFL Draft even works. “Billions on the line” HAHAHA WHAT? What billions are on the line? The team on the clock just decided who they were picking and they call the player to tell them and then it gets announced on TV. The team already decided who they were picking. Any ‘info’ getting out where someone can post before it’s shown on TV would only steal the thunder of the TV show not getting to announce it first. It happens all the time.

  78. Magadude Says:

    @bucsbandit….yeah, what do I know? I’m sure the clock isn’t running and deals aren’t being made and I’m sure not anyone is allowed in the room who is not essential. They got time to text you tell you so you can be sure and send it out. You are such a great friend. Wow. I mean, yeah, I’m sure with all the commercial breaks with the clock stopped all that stuff is worked out well ahead. The media guys all know, and we just wait. You are right I’m sure. Thanks for making sure we all know how it works. You should start a blog and tell us what we all need to know…please include the GMs all the reps they have there. It will improve the draft. Man, glad we have you, dude. Yes, you are sandbagging us. My advice. Change your handle.

  79. BucsBandit Says:

    @Magadude – sorry, man, but you still don’t get how it works. The green room is just the waiting room for players and their friends/family/agents. They don’t get a phone call to let them know they’re being taken until it has already been decided by the team. So there is no “clock running and deals still being made” going on. The pick has already been decided and that’s why the team calls the player to let them know (and so they can start celebrating). So no potential deal/trade/change of pick/move by another team is affected in anyway. Thanks for the laugh, though! And BTW.. I’m not posting to let ‘everyone here know how it works’… everyone here already knows how it works… I merely posted to teach YOU how it works because you obviously didn’t know based on the ridiculous stuff you posted here.