Defensive Leftovers Slim And Grim

April 26th, 2019

What’s left on the shelf?

In a draft loaded defensive linemen and edge rushers, the Bucs got creative and instead drafted an inside linebacker.

Whether that gamble of going rogue pays off remains to be seen but Joe has deep reservations it will not. But, you can’t change the past, you can only learn from it (though some never do).

And yesterday’s first day of the draft is in the books. So what about tonight? Well, if one believes the Bucs can still find a reliable edge rusher or defensive tackle in the 2019 draft, it’s likely going to be a surprise.

Hall of Fame executive Gil Brandt has a list of best available players and his best defensive linemen are edge rusher Jaylon Ferguson who was a sack machine in college but got banned from the combine for a hassle he had as a freshman at Louisiana Tech. Then, at his pro day, Ferguson had an awful time.

Brandt’s second-best defensive end is Zach Allen of Boston College. He reads like a younger version of Will Gholston. Brandt writes of Allen, “He needs to develop pass-rush moves, though he’s good against the run and has good strength.”

Oh, swell. A defensive end who has no pass rush moves. He’d fit right in with the Bucs!

Mel Kiper has Michigan edge rusher Chase Winovich as the only defensive end in his best available players as we await the draft to resume this evening. Winovich doesn’t sound like a bad prospect at all.

But this is the bed the Bucs made for themselves yesterday. For better or worse.

(Joe thinks after all these years of watching Drew Brees, Matty Ice and pouty Cam Newton tear up the Bucs, Joe has finally figured out the battleplan the Bucs have for stopping these quarterbacks twice a year: Wait for them to retire. Until then, lay back and enjoy it.)

109 Responses to “Defensive Leftovers Slim And Grim”

  1. Ndog Says:

    Welcome to everyone!

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    Slim and grim is the best way phrase to describe bucs future

    Minor league franchise with no leadership

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    Gone “rogue” over the safer pick?! OK.
    We need help in the trenches. Hopefully they address that need today.

    Joe- The sky is not falling! It’s a good pick.

  4. wausa Says:

    I would have gone with Josh Allen, but it’s water under the bridge now.
    The Bucs could get any of the following with their 2nd round pick and I would be happy:

    Cody Ford OL Oklahoma
    Greedy Williams CB LSU
    Dalton Risner OL Kansas State
    Lonnie Johnson CB Kentucky
    David Long CB Michigan

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I know Polite is a name that comes up quite a bit. If not pass rusher there are some good o olienman left and especially corner coukd be great value. Only one off the board in the entire first round. Could be a real run of them now…

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Whine, whine, whine…..get over it……we need to pick the BPA……hopefully Oline or perhaps CB…..there are some great players there and we shouldn’t need to move up.
    If we move up it should be back up into the 2nd round…
    Forget about your Edge Rushers Joe…..whine, whine, whine.

  7. Coburn Says:

    Polite is another name being thrown around. If not pass rusher there are some good offensive lineman around. Also only one corner off the board in entire first round so value is there. Not many thought Greedy would be around in round 2. Could be a run on corners soon though.

  8. kmattin Says:

    LOOK OUT!!!Here comes a flock of wah wah’s.

  9. SkBucssfan Says:

    Time will tell but I believe you nailed it Joe. The only positive is that this draft should be the end of Jason Licht.

  10. Wesley Says:

    This team sucks all around.

  11. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Picking 5th with a historic DL talent group of players ,similar to the 5 great QB’s early 80’s……Bucs go with a LB….now I fear Licht is going to play catch up like a double down losing Vegas gambler….Gawd it has been a rough ride since the Bucs came into the league…at least McKay had enough sense to start with a DE.

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    Whine more than BucBandit over Winston….

    Never thought it possible.

  13. Durango 95 Says:

    Yep, Joe’s 100% right. Licht was served a pass rusher on a silver platter. But, no, he decided to go with a freakin’ inside LB instead.


  14. Pickgrin Says:

    Somebody needs some cheese to go along with that whine.

    Damn dude – how long do jbf readers have to put up with every damn article referencing how the whiny Joe wanted an undersized edge rusher with speed but no power who would have been a situational/rotational pass rusher this year – instead of the every down stud MLB we selected whose skill, energy and leadership will help transform the Bucs Defense into one that can actually stop NFL offenses from time to time?

    Geez – Get over it already.

    Just about everybody who is anybody thinks White was a good selection for the Buccaneers.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “But this is the bed the Bucs made for themselves yesterday. For better or worse.” I agree with TBBF Joe … now you’re just being whiny. It’s unbecoming.

    Not too much doubt in my mind that the Bucs gave Todd Bowles a free hand in Rnd 1 and he chose Devin White to quarterback his defense. He knows better than any of us what HE NEEDS to turn this hot mess into a successful defense. I’m sure that you & a number of other JBFers know more about defense than Todd Bowles does, but my gut tells me to trust HIS instincts more on this one.

  16. East Orlando Pred Says:

    Seriously, you guys have turned into It’s getting tiring …

  17. Ryan Cannon Says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but can an ILB be a successful pass rusher in a 3-4 scheme?

  18. NOSBOS Says:

    Someone mentioned last night that view from the stage was spectacular. I forget your tag sir,but I totally agree. Looked like Super Bowl rally.

  19. SCBucsFan Says:

    Should have drafted Allen then watch Kamara and McCaffery run slants all game long. SMH. Riley Bullough was going to stop those two.

    I know admin won’t change their mind but it would be cool if they recognized opinions other than their own. I agree with above, its become in here.

  20. AllhailJPP Says:

    Least we didn’t draft Daniel Jones

  21. BOOGIE Says:

    who cares what MEL KIPER has to say lol this guy has one of the worst track records as a draft analyst..

  22. buccin cane Says:

    I really dont get the fans and SOME MEDIA….they cry when we finally take the best player available who just happens to also play a position of need…i seem to recall b4 the Cowboys took Zeek it was blasphemous to take a rb that high…point is none of us are privy to those convos J Licht had or are having….JUST CHILL….if it was that easy all of yall complainers would be the GM

    Riding Wit My Team

  23. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    JOE, there is a reason we are all here. We love JBF and definitely appreciate all that you do.

    You very strongly stated your opinion on which way the Bucs should go in the draft. And although Devin White was not your pick, it is pretty clear that you can see the values that this kid brings to the table.

    Is it possible to roll forward with those good vibes instead of the negativity?

    I truly believe that when all is said and done… we are ALL going to be very happy with the selection of this kid to be the QB of our Defense.

    He is a big time leader that will cause others to follow,,, and the first true alpha dog that this D has had since the Sapp, Brooks, Lynch & Barber days.

  24. Blazer Bushido F.F.C. Says:

    I’m no expert in 3-4 def, but it seems to me that as all great middle linebackers do, White should make the other LB’s better. Most of all, it frees up the defense to throw multiple looks at the offense. Versatility! He is the key to opening everything up. Buchanan can truly wild card now, and moonlight in the LB area. David and White will be amazing nickel. David can blitz more. Blitzes from everywhere are now on the menu!

  25. Buc Tastic Says:

    Trade for an extra 2nd round pick. Get a corner and edge rusher.

  26. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Many posters here are cheesed with Joe’s negativity about our draft selection, but compared to a significant number…perhaps a plurality…of posters here Joe is a bright ray of sunshine.

    So after reading the posts…and the usual suspects…I’m not sure why we are going to play the 2019 schedule. It’s hopeless!!!!

    These are not just chicken littles…for them the sky has already fallen. And so instead of remembering the SB era team and how Dungy turned around a situation far worse than our current predicament many would rather dwell on our dismal record for the past decade.

    I understand the feelings of frustration and disappointment. But there is no need to project all of that into the future.

    Again why do these folks even come here…just to beotch? Why are we playing the 2019 season?

  27. SCBucsFan Says:

    In this forum we know who owns the playground, we know who owns the ball… and we know what message will be piped over the speakers while playing. Its not going to change. We ignore the message or move on. The message won’t change.

  28. Andrew Says:

    Devin White appears to be The Who can help us improve the defense immediately pick. Pass rushers can take some time to develop. I’m not so sure josh Allen will light it up year one.

    BA must be thinking, I can score 27 and we can give up 26. The coach 3 years from now doesn’t like this very much.

  29. Figures Says:

    Love the pick. A day one 3 down starter over a “maybe” pass rusher.
    Could be better than Kwon that everyone thought was a huge loss.

  30. theodore Says:

    Licht gambled all that DT/DE talent would stack into the second round. Licht lost that gamble.

  31. c-span Says:

    how in the world did they pass on Allen and Oliver? We can get a a mlb in the later rounds.

  32. SCBucsFan Says:

    theodore he didn’t gamble. He got the player he wanted. He got the player we needed.

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think many who wanted another player other than White are not taking into consideration the leadership skills he brings……
    BA & Licht obviously saw this…..BA told White “You are going to be a Buc”…..he knew from the get-go…..

    It’s not the position…..It’s the player…..stupid.

  34. @Hands2theFace Says:

    Wow….I’ve been a long time reader of this site and have appreciated you guys. But come on, can we just wait for the draft to be finished before you judge? I think you all are above and beyond this thing where you keep regurgitating the same bad jokes over and over?

  35. Joeypoppems Says:

    DBs are still deep. If they go that route Im hoping for Greedy Williams or Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.

    I dont like the value of DL at the top of the 2nd. Winovich is the only one I would consider. Maybe Polite if you trust him. Hoping for Khalen Saunders or Renel Wren in the 3rd.

    OL is where the value is right now. A lot of the top prospects still available.

  36. Bucs Bobby Says:

    NDog, you are exactly right.

    We needed that aggressive linebacker. Can you imagine what our defense would have been if we picked Luke K. instead of Barron?

    Luke transformed that Carolina defense just like White will transform.

    The last defensive end we picked that transformed our defense was LeRoy Selmon. If there was another I’m not aware of them

  37. Destinjohnny Says:

    White is an alpha county boy that is going to set a tone that will be heard
    Allen if u Watched had most of his sacks when he was untouched.
    When he was engaged with a sturdy blocker he had issues.
    We have so many issues after 5 Jason drafts that we couldn’t fix them with 7 first round picks

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Notice how Joe never points out that White had the second highest pressure percentage in ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL last season. Meaning not only is he a great tackler and the new QB of the defense – he was also one of the best at putting pressure on the other team’s QB.

  39. CaptBuc Says:

    I AM SICK OF THE NEGATIVITY!!!! JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW BETTER THEN EVERYBODY ELSE ??? LIKE HOF’ER QB MANZIEL!!!! AND DIDN’T GET YOUR PICK. YOU SOUND LIKE LITTLE GIRLS!!!! BOO HOO!!! I know by the posts I am not the only one that feels this way. GET OVER IT!!! I get better info from over sites and they don’t cry!!! Your hero and mine. Joel B. would be ashamed!

  40. Not there yet Says:

    Nothing but negativity from this site ever aince your girlfriend dirk koetter got fired…..there are wayyyy to many sites out there that know a lot more than you to be logging just to here joe biotching like a little child. OUT on, you’ll start to go the Bucs mob route in less dramatic fashion. Good luck with your crybaby news articles

  41. Dave Says:

    Hard to believe you aren’t a GM

  42. Bird Says:

    So jaylon fegusom college incident is an issue ?

    Jameis ‘s college incident was all good though. No big deal. Shocker.

    I mean you can’t write this stuff.

  43. “That guy” Says:

    Pittsburgh picked bush 10th overall, Carolina picked burns 16th overall. Both teams passed on talent in the trenches. My point being if bucs don’t pick up white, he’s definatly gone to Carolina or Pittsburgh. I did like the Clemson products, and would have taken Farrell if he was available, or bosa.(I just think it’s dumb to draft another DT in the first when we have via, and potentially McCoy, but those were some nice DT that went)ATL made a nice pick to counter Carolina and Tampa(LB) by picking up lindstrom(G).

  44. Bird Says:

    Who is next to joe right now ? Can someone please give him his bottle of warm milk and burp him.

    I really can’t believe the joes actions right now
    Grown men acting like this. Wow.

  45. tnew Says:

    Way time to drop this… Bucs led the NFL last season on % of pressure per drop backs last season. The best way to produce pressure vs the likes of Brees and Ryan are straight up the middle. As the Bucs transition into a 3-4 scheme the role of the DE changes significantly. White was rated as the second best pass rusher in the NCAA’s last season per PFF. He played at LSU as a rush LB. Saying the Bucs drafted a played that won’t rush the passer is fallacial.

    This young man has the attributes that could cause him to be generational. Maybe we should be embracing the fact we might’ve just drafted the next Patrick Willis. Rather than beating a drum, because you see the game differently, that this was a wasted opportunity, maybe try to look at this outside of your muddied view.

    Saying there is “slim pickings” on defense is lazy. There is an interesting development at RT, S and CB brewing for the next pick.

  46. JabooBuc Says:

    Theodore: Really? How did he lose? Do you know what they want or who they are targeting? He made a great pick on a prospect that won the Butkus award, has 3 years of strong performance and most scouts agree is a can’t miss player.

    He drafted the best player on the board that also happens to be a great leader in a position of need. It’s a great pick and people need to quit with the crying.

  47. NYbucsfan Says:

    @joe, don’t you always say a D-end take time to develop in the NFL. That would mean he would not make an instant impact? So in win now mode does white?

  48. Pops Malone Says:

    Same thing every year. We need pass rush, Licht won’t draft them. It is mind boggling to me. Hopefully when they end up sending Licht away, they won’t decide to hire another GM with the mighty “ties to New England” again. Where is the pass rush coming from??

  49. buc up Says:

    Seems like the Bucs ‘drafted for need’.

  50. Bucsdelight Says:

    Josh Allen or Ed Oliver was the better pick at #5. So next up for us is Cody Ford, Jawaan Taylor, Bryon Murphy or Greedy Williams. Getting an OT would be nice.

  51. Bucsdelight Says:

    Would the Bucs take Greedy if he is there? Two LSU players in the secondary?

  52. OBP Says:

    @Ryan Cannon Yes, see Roquan Smith last year. Bowles scheme is very blitz heavy and White was one of the highest rated blitzers in the nation last season, he is a perfect fit for this scheme and I honestly expect 6-8 sacks from him this year.

  53. tnew Says:

    Just get over all of the passive aggressive added commentary. There are a bunch of us, especially long term posters sick of it. If Allen turns out to be the next Jullus Peppers, then you can proclaim I told you so when Licht gets fired. Same thing if Oliver turns out to be the next Aaron Donald, but until then time to focus on what is available and what the defense can look like with White.

    If a discussion wants to break out regarding whether the Bucs should’ve traded this and next season’s second for the opportunity for Montez Sweat, I will listen to that as well. See both sides of that coin.

  54. BucsBandit Says:

    JOE – with all your football knowledge, why don’t you also give “Pass Pressure” credit to COVERAGE?

    In the modern NFL, the majority of sacks are produced because of coverage, much of it happening at the Linebacker level due to short slants (i.e. Edelman) as well as passes to RBs out of the backfield or TEs in the middle.

    The majority of the top QBs in the NFL get rid of the ball quickly, too fast for the best pass rushers in the league to even get to them. So when sacks do happen it’s usually a combination of a great pass rush AND coverage.

    The Bucs pass coverage has been one of the worst in the NFL. That’s clearly another reason our Pass Rush sack numbers have suffered.

    The Bucs had the 24th worst Run Defense last year as well. This makes it hard to rack up sacks in obvious passing situations when other teams ran so well on us.

  55. NOSBOS Says:

    Why don’t you move that flash poll to the top Joey.. 😀,maybe if folks really saw how people really feel about our new STUD inside backer/the 2019 defensive rookie of the year they would realize this negativity thing is but a mere illusion. People are stoked by in large folks😊.

  56. OBP Says:

    “Slim and grim”
    Come on now, we can easily snag a good DB or 2 today as well as Jachai Polite tomorrow, we’ll be fine.

  57. German Buc Says:

    Your post

    Defense Rules Says:
    April 26th, 2019 at 9:19 am
    @Joe … “But this is the bed the Bucs made for themselves yesterday. For better or worse.” I agree with TBBF Joe … now you’re just being whiny. It’s unbecoming.

    Not too much doubt in my mind that the Bucs gave Todd Bowles a free hand in Rnd 1 and he chose Devin White to quarterback his defense. He knows better than any of us what HE NEEDS to turn this hot mess into a successful defense. I’m sure that you & a number of other JBFers know more about defense than Todd Bowles does, but my gut tells me to trust HIS instincts more on this one.

    will become an instant classic, Defense!

  58. rrsrq Says:

    Zach Allen, Chase Winovich, Joe Jackson, Jachai Polite.
    How many of these experts thought Darius Leonard would be All-Pro
    It’s all about right fit for the team, Bucs could find that perfect fit in the 3rd round possibly

  59. Max Vasher Says:

    Somebody call Whine-1-1 we need a Waaahhmbulance for Joe. For sh!t’s sake, man, we get it. You don’t like the pick and you have the only right answer and nobody is listening to you. C’mon buddy. Dry your eyes, shake the snot from your nose and snap out of it. You’re going to choke on a chicken wing at the draft party with all this blubbering. We need you Joe. We miss you – bad grammar, misspellings and all. But the type of disguised sulking in this article is only forgivable considering the hangover you must have today. Now, go get a bloody mary or a doobie or something and let’s enjoy ourselves this weekend. K?!?

  60. danr Says:

    I think in a couple years you will be writing about this the way we write about OJ HOWARD. Great talent at a position where its rare to get it these days fell to us, and we took a stud instead of an overhyped roleplayer.

  61. Lunchbox Says:

    But, you can’t change the past, you can only learn from it (though some never do).
    Or if you’re like Joe, you can relentlessly b1tch about it like a bitter old woman.

  62. Chip Chipperson Says:

    Ira’s word of the day…petulant

  63. BucEmUp Says:

    At this point I think you have to go corner….the best corner avaiable with the second pick and then maybe trade back up gor ferguson? The lvs are going to ve blitzing like crazy and the corners need to man the outsides..Any injuries at corner would screw the entire thing up. Mccoy is going to stay vea is a veast nassib will ve a double.digit sack guy and we.know what jpp can do. Corner is the vuggest my.opinion

  64. Costa Rica John Says:

    We got our defensive end pass rusher last year when we traded a third round pick for JPP….He’s better than any of the edge rushers in this years draft class. We just need to find a way to keep him around. Go Bucs!!!

  65. bucnole Says:

    Im OK with the pick
    A good argument could be made for BPA
    He seems to check most of the boxes and fills a need.
    Time will tell of course as it does with all players.
    R2 I feel we should look to the trenches – it seems some value DBs might be there in the 3rd – if not DL/OL
    RB later rounds

  66. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The Bucs already had the second best MLB in the NFC South in Kwon Alexander before the draft (Luke Kuechly is the best).

    And guess what? They STILL have the second best MLB in the division, because White doesn’t have nearly the elite instincts at the position that Kuechly has.

    So what has changed? Not a damn thing, that’s what.

    Guess what else hasn’t changed? The Bucs still cannot get pressure on the QB, even though they had two players staring them in the face in Oliver and Allen that could’ve changed that whole damn equation.

    This is why the Bucs never get anywhere. Stale, old thinking about “leadership” and “intensity” and “drive” and all that other immeasurable bullsh-t.

    Forget elite production and ability at an impact position of need. Forget game-changing ability to get to the QB and alter the offense’s plan down after down. Nah, we don’t need none of that. Just give us a friggin’ “leader”.

    By the way, do you ever hear the real coaches and GM’s droning on and on about “leadership”? How about Bill Belichick? Nope. You hear him talking about guys who do their job down after down and who impact the game. None of this moronic rah-rah personality ridiculous bullsh-t that the losers of the NFL are always blathering about.

    What a damn waste of an opportunity to get an impact player at the most important position on defense (getting pressure on the QB).

  67. gotbbucs Says:

    Seems to me, the new EXPERIENCED coaching staff has evaluated the roster differently than Pissy Pants Joe.

  68. mp8499 Says:

    For me, im dying for us to take Rock Ya-Sin. With a name like that, he HAS to be good right? I can see the shirts now, a bucs flag with “We Will Rock Ya!” on it.

  69. Frank Pillow Says:

    First, Devin White was one hell of a college football player, if not the best overall player in CFB last year. The draft is predicated on a very scary word- potential. In White’s case, he has the bona fides to develop into one of the premiere young defensive players in the entire league. Pair him with one of the top flight CBs, OL or maybe Ferguson and at the top of Rd 2 and we’re cooking- filling holes. Stop the incessant bellyaching, already. You know darn well there’s rush-capable talent still available in this draft…there are also diamonds in the rough.

    The issue here isn’t the White selection at all. No. The real issue is that other teams find and develop these gems and ours hasn’t. If your response to that is simply draft Josh Allen and all will be well, then your not being honest with yourself or your readers. The more tolerable rant would be you talking about how we failed to live by ‘no risk it, no biscuit’ by not moving back into Rd 1 for Sweat. Then we could really sink our teeth into debating the cost-benefit of such a move.

  70. Chris Sugg Says:

    So Pittsburgh trades a 3rd rounder this year and a first next year foe a Middle LB that was ranked behind White and we made a bad move??? STFU Joe and your complaining!

  71. ElBajito43 Says:

    Can’t help but be upset over the decision to sit there and Not trade up to get back into the late 1st round. Yeah I wanted a pass rusher, yeah MAYBE taking Devin White was the Genius move because there were no amazing blue chip linebackers other than him that were touted as perennial all pro projected…… BUT WHY LICHTENSTEIN WHY??? Why did you NOT go get Someone!!! It didn’t even have to be Montez Sweat 💧 maybe Tillery or one of the 5 or so remaining Defensive Lineman and yes yes I know all about the

    “He doesn’t fit our 3-4 scheme 🤬” cmon Mane great players can be integrated and coached and God forbid maybe play a little bit towards there skill set. This is like Phil Jackson trying to force triangle offense to Karl Malone WTF Licht is so terrible ONLY ONLY WAY THAT YOU REDEEM YOURSELF is if you go up and get Greedy Williams or Jawan Taylor because Dotson is getting old AF

  72. dcking Says:

    isnt this the same website that told everyone to stop whining about the drafting of Vea over James last year? that pick seems to have worked out well so far…

  73. danr Says:

    double down. watch joes head explode.

    Draft ANOTHER Linebacker. maybe MLB/Safety hybrid.

  74. tnew Says:

    Once again.. the Bucs can’t pressure the QB..

    Which team led the league in percent of QB pressures per drop back????

    The answer came across the bottom of the screen during the Devin White pick.

    That would be your Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I honestly had no idea based on the commentary. Facts are your friend.
    Gonna keep beating this drum until people realize it.

  75. theodore Says:

    For all those questioning my comment about Licht gambling on DT/DE availability. What I meant was Licht drafted according to the draft talent, which is the right thing to do. He simply miscalculating all the teams that would draft DL in the first round.

    I have no clue about LB talent in this draft. Both DL and LB are top needs. Choosing DL first may have been worse in terms of finding a LB later.

  76. danr Says:

    this would make lavonte david our olb coverage/blitzer… thereby addressing edge rush.


  77. Herbiebuc Says:

    Geesh Joe you act as if all top 5 pass rushers from the past ten years were all elite! I can name a few who had huge expectations but didn’t live up to that hype. Second you you supposed to be a buc fan right? No analyst ive seen had something negative to say about dwhite so where is all the hate coming from. Maybe pass rushers isn’t a need like you seem to think we did go from dead last in sacks last year to 19 years n the leauge. Linebacker was a huge need not defensive end.we all prayed for a 10+ sacks artist last year we got jpp who gave us 14 stop pushing players away. I still love u Joe lol

  78. danr Says:

    joe which would make you grab the tums faster in round 2?

    Kicker or MLB?

  79. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Can all of the Oliver supporters tell me why he fell so far in this draft.

    We were not the ONLY team to pass on him..Chucky head of us and teams behind us…for heaven’s sake the Lions took a freaking TE..the first time in over twenty years a TE went that high…talk about position value. How many times has a TE ever gotten to the QB?

    There must be some secret baggage to Oliver.

    BTW This is now about White. It’s totally irrelevant how well Allen or Oliver or Sweat play if White plays as expected. There are simply too many good players in the draft to grab them all.

    This reminds me of the JW Mariota debate. How Mariota plays is also irrelevant…he’s NOT a Buc. My greatest hope since the draft of those two is that they BOTH play great and we get to meet TN in the SB. Can you imagine the hype? JW versus MM!

  80. Cobraboy Says:

    Fact: the biggest high draft pick busts are QB’s and “edge” DEs.

    Bucs have gone bust on them at an alarming rate.

    White is the solid, smart pick at a position of need.

  81. Cobraboy Says:

    Jesus…I’m becoming embarrassed for the Joes.

    I haven’t seen this amount of butthurt since Hillary lost.

  82. NOSBOS Says:

    Coasts Rico I agree,dcking Vea might not have been the better pick last year but he will unquestionably be the better pick for us now that we are converting to a base 3/4. Like he said he played in at Washington. Do y’all realize the problem Vea is about to be at the nose??? Most centers won’t match his strength. It will require two men most snaps to deal with this 6’5 340 whatever pound he is now man. That frees others to utilize they’re God given abilities much easier. LVD and Devin about wreck s@&: behind the mountain that is Vita Vea.

  83. Tom S. Says:

    Love the irony of fans who complain about a writer whining when it’s about a team that has averaged a 5-11 record for the past 10 seasons, missed the playoffs every year, is in cap hell and had the same Doofus running the show at GM that helped get them here.

  84. Bucsalltheway Says:

    We’ve been drafting 3-4 players and forcing 4-3 on em….take it east joe the sky isnt falling. We been taking dlineman like all the time in past years daquan Bowers was suppose to be a game wrecker but wasnt. We had alot of missed tackles last year devin white will get us right

  85. Dapostman Says:

    The Steelers understand that LB’s are important. Unlike the Bucs fans who think ‘we’ need to rush the passer. The Steelers constantly are drafting LB’s. TJ Watt, Bud Dupree, Ryan Shazier, Jarvis Jones. The Steelers are constantly contending. The Steelers gave up 3 points more a game on average once Shazier was injured in 2017. Hence they move up to take D Bush. They get it. Looks like the Licht bulb went on in Tampa.

  86. Bucsdelight Says:

    @Chris Sugg

    “So Pittsburgh trades a 3rd rounder this year and a first next year foe a Middle LB that was ranked behind White and we made a bad move??? STFU Joe and your complaining!”

    NFL analyst last night said that Devin Bush was better than White because of his instincts.

  87. tnew Says:

    Lets change the discussion people…

    Bucs truly have some decisions coming. In 7 picks..

    Cody Ford
    Jawaan Taylor
    Greedy Williams
    Dalton Risner
    Nasir Adderly
    Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
    Rock Ya-Sin
    Chase Winovich
    Jaylon Fergeson
    Jachai Polite (pro day killed him, might be a round 3 guy even)

    Other guys who could eat picks but the Bucs shouldn’t pick are
    Drew Lock
    DK Metcalf
    Hakeem Butler

    Where to go???

  88. Jeff Says:

    Jason Light is not a smart man. Proved it once again. Funny how All the edge rushers with any promise are gone. Shows the rest of the NFL realizes the value. Let’s hope White is Ray Lewis sans the murdering.

  89. tnew Says:

    The best physical guy is Greedy, just how much does he want to play???

    Jawaan Taylor, might make Dotson the swing tackle now. Bad medical on knee scaring teams

    There are some intriguing options.

  90. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    I think I’m done with this site. One of the Joes (god help if it’s both) is declaring that they’re a smarter football mind than Bill Belichick, who keeps his inside linebackers and lets his pass rushers go. Smarter than the designer of the defense Todd Bowles, who essentially made this pick as let’s face it, Arians has the longer contract over Licht so Arians/Bowles are in charge. This narrative of PASS RUSHER is stuck in the 4-3/Tampa Two idiom, as Joe declared when he said “this defense despite Sapp and Brooks didn’t take off till Rice”. The Bucs now have two core pieces in Vea and White (though my vote was Derwin and Oliver), even though ironically enough we ALREADY have the edge-of-prime pass rusher in JPP. In Joe’s world, a guy who runs up the edge predictably one play outta 4 is better than a 4.4 Ray Lewis-esque leader who’s impacting every single play (including the pass rush). Joe is stuck in the Butkus past, thinking Devin White is some sort of old school MLB.

    This is almost as bad as thinking Trey Ringo was calling Raheem Morris mentally challenged (risking a post-Berman future) referring to that “cultural touchstone” Cuba Gooding movie over all-time classic Do the Right Thing. The Bucs DID the right thing instead of the “sexy/shallow” thing of the pretty good Josh Allen.

    Always remember, Joe wanted Kevin Minter over Devin White, essentially.

  91. ROFOBuc Says:

    Joe has successfully divided this fanbase. Just because they want their opinion to be right….smh.

  92. DooshLaRue Says:

    NYbucsfan Says:
    April 26th, 2019 at 9:51 am
    @joe, don’t you always say a D-end take time to develop in the NFL. Every position needs time to develop. RB and WR might be the least needy. –Joe That would mean he would not make an instant impact? So in win now mode does white?

    Yes he does NYBF……. but only to support his argument to pick his position du jour.

  93. Kobe Faker Says:

    “We lost alot of money and value yesterday

    Elite DE pass rusher costs 20 mill per year

    We could have had Josh Allen cheap tied up in the rookie salary for 4/5 years

    *sheep screaming about Jameis and QBs tieing up all the salary cap

    20 mill Elite pass rusher contract is nearly as much

    Im guessing since our Family Dollar Gimp doesnt have any money to spend on FA he doesnt know how to value spend”

    Shaman Kobe Faker

  94. tnew Says:

    Kobe… This is a valid argument. The salary cap pass rusher vs MLB is real. However, looking at what Kwon and Mosely received this year, that trend is starting to change. By the end of Devin White’s contract, MLBs will be 20-25 mil a year if the trend continues and if White continues to put up QB pressure numbers as he did at LSU.

  95. JaCon Says:

    Horrible overrated Pick #5 over all a non impact off the ball ILB in a 3-4 defense, good job Bruce. Its not 1979 as far as i know and the league is still a pass happy one especially in the NFC south. The good news is we should be picking near the top again. In a defense that was HORRIBLE last year I dont see an ILB making a difference. Oh well Bucs fans are used to waiting til next year.

  96. Dapostman Says:


    haven’t you been saying we need to cover RB’s because the QB’s are getting the ball out too soon for pass rushers to get there? Now you say we should have drafted a pass rusher. SMH.

  97. CaptBuc Says:

    Don’t forget about Auburn CB Jalen Dean 6’1″ 205 lbs. runs a 4.3 and played college ball with Carlton Davis. Someone that big and fast could definitely help with the Wr monsters in our division. Hopefully he lasts until the 3rd rnd.

  98. tnew Says:

    Thx. Capt. Buc… exactly what Buc fans should be discussing this morning

  99. TB22 Says:

    13 DL were drafted in the 1st round last night.

    The Bucs missed the boat.

    They drafted a vastly overrated ILB, though despite great speed, lacks instincts.

    Now when it comes time to address DL needs in the 2nd round–it will be slim pickings. There was a run on DL last night for a reason.

    Some teams were smart enough to know to get their DL now–because it might be too late come Round 2. The Bucs were not one f those teams.

  100. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    I don’t get it Joe… We have a pretty great looking D-line right now. VV, McCoy, JPP and Massive. Now we have a full time spy in the middle. Alvin Kamara, CMC and Cam Newton are about to meet our new equaliser. Matt Ryan will be stuck waiting for Koetters long developing plays to open meanwhile White will be shooting the gap and hitting Ryan in the mouth. The 4-3 days are over, Joe. In this system, QB pressure will be coming from all over. The Pats just win ring after ring and it seems they’re ALWAYS letting their best pass rushers walk. This defense will be twice as fast and twice as aggressive this season. Instead of counting on two or three guys to get 8+ sacks we can have up to six guys with 5+. Expand your horizons, Joe and remember the S. Rice days for what they are… The past.

  101. firethecannons Says:

    well said, ” Who is next to joe right now ? Can someone please give him his bottle of warm milk and burp him.”

    wtf is wrong with Joe–why don’t you take a look at the life of a Falcon fan lots of fun that would NOT be

  102. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The list doesn’t even include Sutton Smith, who had the most sacks in college football the last two years. He’s a DE.

    However, his height is an issue (6 feet). Which means he would need to play EDGE RUSHER.

    That’s who we need, round 3.

  103. Larry Woods Says:

    I actually hated It when this talk started. I haven’t heard white was the next coming of Ray Lewis, or Derrick brooks yet we pick an ilb at 5 when everyone knows good and damn well we needed an edge rusher and guess what…we do this bull, now we will need 2 next off season smh. This front office is terrible, idc how some of y’all try to prop It up

  104. jjbucfan Says:

    We have to go O-Line here. Ford, Risner, Taylor, etc. we must protect Jameis. If we go corner, can we please not take Greedy. He is allergic to tackling and he is no Deion Sanders. Take the kid from Washington who loves to hit and can still cover. In the 3rd, take the DT Saunders if he is available, dude is manchild!!

  105. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The pick had nothing to do with Salary Cap. I had to do with the best player to pick.


    Because what MLB would they have taken later in the draft? No one is left who is worth taking!

    But there are plenty of DEs, DTs and Edge Rushers, regardless of what this list states.

    Any excuse to whine I suppose.

    I love the pick, although I wasn’t sure about it until a few hours before the draft.

  106. 941buc Says:

    Gets old hearing all that the negative talk from a never was. But here’s to arm chair quarterbacking!

  107. stpetebucsfan Says:


    The Butkus award winner yet people here are still saying he has not talent. SMH

    “When a player receives the Butkus Award he will know two things. First, he is recognized as the best of the best linebackers in America. Second, and in the long run most important, he will understand that this recognition brings a responsibility to serve others by giving back.”
    Dick Butkus

  108. wideleftandright Says:

    If you have to draft a rookie to be team leader then their are far more issues on this team.

  109. Dapostman Says:

    Big Poppa is spot on.