Jameis, Godwin Weigh In On Gerald McCoy

April 10th, 2019

As of yesterday, six-time Pro Bowler Gerald McCoy was still staying away from One Buc Palace despite most of his team reporting back for work April 1.

It’s a big deal because McCoy used to savor joining his Bucs brothers on Day 1 of the new season.

But not this year. The Bucs will owe McCoy $13 million if he’s on the opening day roster, except the Bucs don’t have that much salary cap room; they’re really not close.

Plus, general manager Jason Licht has been non-committal — multiple times — about McCoy playing for the Bucs this season. And new head coach Bucco Bruce Arians said two weeks ago today that McCoy isn’t as good as he used to be and “I gotta evaluate him.”

Yesterday at One Buc Palace, Joe asked wide receiver Chris Godwin about whether he felt the absence of McCoy last week and if McCoy returned yesterday. Godwin gave a rather odd answer, saying since the defense did its conditioning drills separate from the offense, he wouldn’t know whether McCoy was there or not. So much for McCoy being a commanding presence!?!?

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, was asked about McCoy, too.

“I’ve talked to him every week,” Jameis said of McCoy. “He’s out there training. He’s being an excellent father. And he’s living his life, man. We definitely miss him and we love him.”

Nice answer by Jameis, but nothing about McCoy coming back soon — or later.

36 Responses to “Jameis, Godwin Weigh In On Gerald McCoy”

  1. 813bucboi Says:

    no time for smiles and hugs…..


  2. AlteredEgo Says:

    Market price….

  3. Pickgrin Says:

    Unless he’s willing to take at about a 40% pay cut – McCoy has played his last snap as a Buccaneer.

  4. Jean Lafitte Says:

    The dudes butthurt for being called out. He acts like the brand deserves $13 mil even though the results are pedestrian to say the least. If he’d just play with this chip on his shoulder the same way he’s pouting, we wouldn’t be discussing his salary today.

  5. Ghingus Kwon Says:

    I just figured it out, Pickgrin = Jason Licht

  6. D-Rome Says:

    The Bucs will likely cut him at $13 million owed but that’s OK because according to Bonzai there are teams out there willing to pay $15 million for his services.

  7. Not there yet Says:

    In the end how other players feel is irrelevant. Every year players come and go and it’s just a matter of how and when

  8. tmaxcon Says:


    Fine sir please dont forget bonzi, pickgrin, Hawaiian and others made it clear that teams would be throwing multiple draft picks at bucs for her if she became available… how’d that work out??? I’d say about as good as glennon’s visit to the windy city….

  9. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t matter. Somebody is going to pay GMC. And it will be the Bucs loss.
    Watch how long he stays unemployed once the Bucs let him go. That will show you how other teams feel about him. Good Luck to him. I will not say bad things about GMC. He gave his all when this defense had zero.

  10. rrsrq Says:

    Why would he be butt hurt, he understands the game/business. If the scenario is that he may not and is highly unlikely to return to the Bucs, why be out there to potentially get hurt and lessen your value to a team. GMC is a pretty smart guy, why take a pay cut and play out of position, if they cut him, he will take a pay cut and pick/play for a team that could use his services, I could see some 4-3 teams like Dallas, Cleveland, Panthers, Falcons that would welcome him.

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    Mike Johnson

    you thought the bucs should have kept bad character loser lovie and the family plan. you are not about bucs winning. it’s about keeping your favorite players and coaches regardless of results.

  12. tmaxcon Says:


    he is butt-hurt he because he is a selfish me first clown that thinks he is above the rest of the team…. he has never produced anything but meaningless pro bowls and bad video clips yet he wants to be treated like a 3 time super bowl winner. the guy has been a fraud his entire career. it’s okay to admit you misjudged this clown, he fooled a lot of smarter people than just the small market buc fans.

  13. Hodad Says:

    Don’t know why it’s taken this long to make a decision on McCoy. No one is trading for him, so cut him already. I say the same with JPP. We were 5-11 with both of them on the field last year. Draft their replacements, move on, pocket that 25 million or so in cap space, and don’t look back. Neither showed up for work outs, neither is worth what they’re being paid. Watch who the Giants draft with our 3rd who they got for JPP, bet he has a better year.

  14. Bucnjim Says:

    It’s taking a long time because the Buc’s don’t have to do anything yet. After the draft the team can then judge if there is any interest before straight up cutting him. There will be no renegotiation of his contract. He’s out one way or the other and most of our current players and coaches could care less.

  15. Marine Buc Says:

    $13 million for an average (at best) often injured defensive tackle is a joke. He won’t get more than half of that elsewhere. He is worth @ $6.5 million IMO…

  16. Smashsquatch Says:

    GMC is a goner. Nothing to see here, move it along. Only way the Bucs are able to trade him is if they eat a significant amount of his salary in exchange for movement on draft day. Depending on how much $ they eat vs draft capital will determine if they actually benefit from such a trade compared to cutting him, which is more likely. Either way, say your goodbyes, turn the page, and get excited for a new look defense run by a competent DC.

  17. El Buco Realisto Says:

    I don’t see why some sheep want to see GMC back at a reduced price!!!!!!! He has declined for 4 years straight!!!!! He does not fit the system!!!!! He clearly does not like playing in any system unless he is the defacto undertackle in the outdated versions of tampa2!!!!!!!! And They will have it even worse next year, with another year of decline!!!!!! more drama of him not fitting the scheme!!!!!! Would it not be wiser just to get someone that fits, that won’t complain and roll their eyes and give backhanded comments, and get more production at a greatly reduced cost??????

    Time to move on!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jean Lafitte Says:

    exactly Marine

    if GMC would accept $6.5 mil and consent to a rotational role, he’d probably be able to end his career in Tampa. But I get the feeling he’s been wanting out of Tampa for awhile now, at least according to his play the last couple seasons. And if he does move on, don’t be surprised how he miraculously finds his second wind as if to prove the Bucs were wrong to call him out. For me as a fan, it would only confirm that he was just collecting a paycheck, and one of the reasons this team lacked leadership, and commitment.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree….there will be no restructure……and likely no trade…..the Bucs are holding all the cards…..they can cut him before the season starts at any time…..why not use whatever time they have to attempt a trade?
    I don’t think GMC has hurt feelings….he certainly saw this coming and he knows it’s a business…..
    He will land….but doubtful at $13mil.

  20. Bucsdelight Says:

    Why is it odd that an offensive player who isn’t practicing with the defense not know who is there and who isn’t. I’m sure he isn’t out there looking for G.M. You could ask a defensive player about G.M. and see what they say.

  21. Buc believer Says:

    Batman is taking ballet lessons so he can prance the sidelines again…. hopefully for a different team.

  22. Bejesus belt Says:

    The bucs should respect GMC a little more. If he isn’t reworking a contract just cut him loose. There is obviously not a market for older DT on the backside of their career. If Suh can’t find work as free agent you will not find a trade partner at 13 million for McCoy. Pretty obvious. Jason just needs to cut the cord and thank him for his years in Tampa.

  23. ATrain Says:



    He should have shown up first day and practiced like the ELITE PLAYER AND LEADER Everyone(Joe) says he is

    This is the exact example of why a good player is not adored by all the Fans

    Did Brooks skip practices his last season he knew what was coming

    If GMC was a Leader he would have simple said renegotiate for a three year extension paying 9 million and move down to 6 million guaranteed or something similar

    Win Win

    Nope he pouts and sits out

    So Cut Him

    I have a bucket of beers he won’t get a bigger contract somewhere else for more this year

  24. BigHog Says:

    Why the hell is a “meaningless pro bowl” …what an assinine statement!!

  25. DooshLaRue Says:

    I just hope they retire his #93……. so I don’t ever have to be reminded of him when he’s gone.
    I can’t wait for the day he is gone.

  26. Bucsdelight Says:

    ATrain, You realize GMC doesn’t negotiate his own contract right? He has an agent for that.

  27. Marine Buc Says:

    Hold on to him until after the draft. If no trade is reached and he won’t restructure his contract than he gets cut and can move on. I will be very interested to see what another team is willing to pay for his services. He might be very disappointed.

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    If nothing else, and without commenting, it’s just time to move on.
    ATrain- You’re right. That behavior does not befit that of a leader, let alone a player excited about football. That gets lost in a lot of these conversations. I mean, how awesome would it be to lace up the cleats on Sunday and play a game that you supposedly love?! New coaches, new schemes, new attitude…I’d be champing at the bit to get on that field!
    The writing is definitely on the wall and GMC would be best served to keep quiet.

  29. gotbbucs Says:


  30. humblecrusher Says:

    Hopefully this Russell Wilson supposed trade talk mixes things up even more to the Bucs’ benefit in the first round…

  31. stvcl Says:

    Hopefully we’ve seen the last of Gerald in a Bucs uniform.

  32. unbelievable Says:

    A-train that’s some revisionist history (not that I’m surprised).

    Brooks was cut after the season was over and Gruden was fired.

  33. DB55 Says:

    And if he does move on, don’t be surprised how he miraculously finds his second wind as if to prove the Bucs were wrong to call him out. For me as a fan, it would only confirm that he was just collecting a paycheck.
    Again, it’s not that he doesn’t have the talent it’s just that he has no heart!

    This is always how I’ll remember McIceCream, getting pushed 2 yards out of his gap (1on1 block no less) on the goal line to allow the go ahead TD for a loss to division rivals. Normally that would be bad enough but Cam had time to fumble, pick it up and run threw McIceCream gap for the win and celebration. But but but Jameis blah blah blah


  34. DB55 Says:

    If Suh is worth 4 mil on the FA market McIceCream should be worth 10k

  35. ButtMonkey Says:

    McCoy was the 28th ranked DT last year. If he’s not willing to be paid like the 28th DT salary of $4M then ship him out.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    Gerald is 100% about himself. He’s made $100 million since coming to Tampa producing very little results. Some of the best quarterbacks in the game have renegotiated their salaries to help their teams win. Gerald doesn’t care about that and hopefully they can unload him on draft day. He’s been a headache since day 1 and today is no different. I hope Licht gets good value for him even though he waited 2 yrs too long to trade him. He won’t be missed. Clown