Devin White = Patrick Willis?

April 14th, 2019

Lofty comparison.

It sure seems like all the mockers believe the Bucs will ignore the pass rush in a top-heavy draft for pass rushers and defensive linemen and instead draft a middle linebacker.

Nothing like drafting a run-stuffer in a passing league in a division with potentially three Hall of Fame quarterbacks. But it seems we are nearing this point.

An inside linebacker has not been drafted in the top-five in 26 years. Not Ray Lewis. Not Luke Kuechly. Not Patrick Willis. Does anyone think maybe there is a reason for that?

So for all the folks who live in 1971 and think a middle linebacker is all of that, here is your man, Devin White of LSU who Nate Burleson of NFL Network believes is the next  Willis.

Joe loved Willis. But unless the Bucs plan on turning White into an outside linebacker who can get after the quarterback, the Bucs are still going to need a pass rusher.

113 Responses to “Devin White = Patrick Willis?”

  1. Carrollwood Bucs Fan Says:

    Would you rather have the next Patrick Willis, the next Aaron Donald or the next Julius Peppers?

  2. Stonedbuc Says:

    If he is hall of fame worthy it doesn’t matter where you take him.

  3. MattHorse Says:

    I love this website but the bias of the writers on this issue is becoming insufferable. We get it, you want a pass rusher at 5. Please stop labouring the point.

    We also need a vocal leader on D who can set and change the tone on defence. Furthermore we need players that can cover. White is excellent in pass coverage.

    If we cant land Bosa, Allen or Williams or can’t trade down then Ed Oliver would be a reach at 5. White is the best available player.

  4. NOSBOS Says:

    Say whuuuudd,a thread on our new LBr from the bayou😳. She must’ve kept you quite warm last night Joe.

  5. Joe Says:

    the next Aaron Donald or the next Julius Peppers?

    Donald or Peppers.

    Another reason passing on White (though it is not the main reason): Licht and his staff have proven they have a very good eye for linebackers. Have all the confidence in the world they can find good linebackers later in the draft.

  6. Timbo Slice Says:

    Who’s to say they won’t make White an outside linebacker? He has the speed, size and build to do it. I don’t have a problem drafting him, but of course I also see the glaring need to DE, don’t get me wrong.

    The way I see it:
    -No addition will “hurt” this bucs defense.
    -It’s difficult to mess up a top 5 pick.

    Whether it’s White or a D-Lineman, it’s a good opportunity to turn the ship around.

  7. NOSBOS Says:

    Oh let me say this.I see some of you trying to wish him to the raiders,good luck with seeing is how they signed two LBs in the off season. One was vet Vontez Burfict. Fill y’all inn a little NFL HCs don’t like relying on rookies. They much more prefer a quality vet that knows the nfl game. That’s why BA stated day 1 LVD is my middle LBr why??? Because he’ll make all the checks and call along with player adjustments. Devin will be free to roam,blitz and play make. Like a Patrick Willis clone is suppose to.

  8. Joe Says:

    Who’s to say they won’t make White an outside linebacker?

    That changes everything but if you can find anyone that suggested that is what the Bucs will do, Joe sure would love to see a link to an article.

  9. westernbuc Says:

    I’d rather they take a player that can play now than some developmental project.

  10. NOSBOS Says:

    131 tackles in 2017,121 tackles in 2018. You know what that means,that’s 252x he stop a man from scoring a touchdown. See while your might get a sack on 1st down that won’t stop that same QB from throwing a touchdown after getting off the turf on 2nd down.

  11. NOSBOS Says:

    Shaq Barret and Carl Nassid are now this team’s main outside rushers people.

  12. Make Lee Stop Says:

    It’s easy to point out the three great QBs in the division but negligent to leave out the fact that we’re also in arguably the division with the best RBs in it. McCaffrey makes Carolina dangerous, not Cam. Kamara is a top 3 most dangerous weapon in football and Freeman is a stud, too. Draft the best player. Kevin Minter is a scrub, Bucannon is an unknown who hasn’t been good in years. MLB is a bigger need than pass rusher. Barrett, JPP and Nassib are a decent group of pass rushers and the last time I checked McCoy is still on the team so DT is also in better shape than LB. IF White is BPA (and he may be) and if he’s a Willis level player (and he may be) then take him.

  13. NOSBOS Says:

    Oh an carrol I don’t need Aron or Julius. I’m running a 3/4 bro.

  14. NOSBOS Says:

    That one hand snag of the football instead of falling on it or securing it with two hands says “I’m bad😠and I know I’m bad mofo”.

  15. NOSBOS Says:

    2019 “Defesive Rookie of the year”. Book dat.

  16. DooshLaRue Says:

    Y’all be needing to heed NOSMAAL

    He fo’ Realz.

  17. NOSBOS Says:

    You might get 20 sacks total between Q,Oliver,Allen and Riley cooper I meant nick bosa.

  18. Lunchbox Says:

    If Bosa, Williams, Allen, and Oliver are all gone (which I don’t believe will happen), what would you prefer? Gary? No thanks. Now if this happens and we trade back, and then get White or Bush, And then maybe get Ferguson later I’d be ok with that. Still hope we get one of the top guys though. Trading back hasn’t really helped us in recent past. Also, I have the same feeling about Politethat I do about Gary. Stay at 5 and get Williams or Allen hopefully.

  19. NOSBOS Says:

    Feminine product is that you???👋🏾 Guy.

  20. NOSBOS Says:

    Douche,look man I cool wit internet wrestling in all but I what I wanna know is will you ever add anything of note to the site dude??? I see you but you never say anything noteworthy.

  21. DooshLaRue Says:

    Slow down play-ya…..
    You gotsta stop mixin’ Dem meds wiff yo purple drank.

  22. Stonedbuc Says:

    Nick Bosa is racist he can stay the hell away from here.

  23. dmatt Says:

    Our defense has deteriorated since the arrival of Lovie n Mike Smith. Koetter is a poor example of a head coach. He fears risk n opportunities. As for Litch, he play a vital role also that y my belief is b n that BA is giving autonomy to his coaches, unofficially, he’s taking over as GM. It’s just a matter of time before Litch is kicked to the curb. BA will not go down without a fight. No risk it no biscuit means a new sheriff in town.

  24. Joe Says:

    Gary? No thanks.

    1,000 percent agree! This dude just screams “Da’Quan Bowers.” Don’t care what kind of freak athlete he is. For him to lay down like he did against bottom-of-the-barrel B1G teams when he knows he’s being watched by the NFL with millions of dollars on the line is shameful.

  25. Alanbucsfan Says:

    If Bosa, Allen or Q Williams is there, that’s the pick. If not,
    White > Sweat
    White> Oliver

    I’d rather see Bucs take an offensive tackle than Sweat or Oliver

  26. Ndog Says:

    Everyone please ignore this post this is just L ee complaining again like a little baby. “I’m gonna give up on this team if they don’t pick an overhyped under productive workout warrior over a Middle Linebacker!” Cry us a river bro so you are seriously saying if evalulating two prospects if our people believe a MLB could be have all-pro ability and a DE can be an average to possibly above average you want us to take the DE? You know what that is, that is drafting Gaines Adams over Patrick Willis JUST LIKE WE DID! How did that work out smart guy?

  27. The Coroner Says:

    We passed on Darnold.
    We passed on Kuechley.
    We passed on winning.

  28. Lunchbox Says:

    Joe Says:
    April 14th, 2019 at 3:05 pm
    Gary? No thanks.

    1,000 percent agree! This dude just screams “Da’Quan Bowers.”
    I was thinking he’ll be this years Taco Charleton, but same thing

  29. gilhealy Says:

    I’d take him right now.

  30. NOSBOS Says:

    😁I see you familiar wit all dat. Me personally I use to solely favor that green leaf but had to give it up. My gig love surprise DTs. But I think I get it now. You like to lean😊.

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Licht and his staff have proven they have a very good eye for linebackers.” Say what? In FIVE years, Licht has drafted a grand total of FOUR LBs & grabbed a 5th after the draft as a UFA. Start at the lower end Joe …

    o Bulloughs – UFA. He won’t even make this year’s team.
    o Bond – 6th Rnd. Nothing special, but probably worth keeping as depth.
    o Cichy – 6th Rnd. He won’t make the team this year either (injury history).
    o Beckwith – 3rd Rnd. Career’s very possibly over; only played ONE year so it’s hard to tell how good or bad he might have been.
    o Kwon – 4th Rnd. Might be making big money now, but he was never a difference-maker in this defense.

    Sorry Joe, but that’s NOT impressive at all to me. Tells me for one thing that Licht doesn’t value LBs, not to mention that the ones he’s drafted have had trouble staying on the field. The only one of the whole group that really impressed me was Beckwith, and a LOT of NFL players slide backwards in their 2nd year it seems (as the league gets film on them & gets to know their weaknesses).

    We all get that you’re biased towards DEs & YOUR vision of getting pressure on the QB mostly from the outside. Other teams though running the 3-4 or hybrid versions of it have successfully pressured the QBs from outside AND inside, all the while defending against the run AND short passes over the middle. DEVIN WHITE is THE MLB that the Bucs NEED to improve on defense. Would draft him at #5 in a heartbeat. His only REAL competition in my mind is Bama’s Quinnen Williams IF he’s available at #5 and IF the Bucs have decided to move on from Gerald McCoy.

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….the “Tokyo Rose” of Defensive Ends…….

  33. Rashad Says:

    Can they not get white and hit on a pass rusher in the 2nd ?

  34. Ndog Says:

    For the record I want Ed Oliver BUT I’m not going to be mad if White is the pick.

  35. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    There’s no way in phucking hell this kid compares Patrick Willis.
    Why because they both played in SEC? C’mon now Willis was a complete LB.

    -He played under control
    -He had an uncanny ability shedding would-be blockers.
    -He always trusted what he saw. Came downhill. And attacked the ball carrier.
    -He was one of the most technically sound tacklers of ALL-TIME.


    Don’t get me wrong Devin has a lot of unharnessed raw talent. And one day IF he could put all together. He MIGHT get a chance to be mentioned with some of the best to have played the game. But slow your damn roll when you’re comparing him to one of the greatest to have EVERY played the position.

    IMO he compares more favorably to D.J. WILLIAMS (MIAMI)

  36. AwShbucs Says:

    Anyone else find it hilarious that the same guy who got on his soap box last season declaring that we absolutely should not draft Quenton Nelson and he went on to become an All Pro as a rookie.

    If anything, the fact that Straw-hat joe is so intently against Devin White, on top of the fact that in the last 2 Ira Podcasts he exposed that he literally doesn’t have any idea what MLBs are asked to do in the NFL, makes me think we absolutely should draft White although preferably after a small trade down.

  37. donuts Says:

    If Nate was talking about WR, I would trust his NFL eye more. He knows zero about DEF players except what his NFL TV script tells him.

    Its not biased to take a DE in the first 5 picks….its commonplace whereas picking a LB in top 5 is rare.

    Did anyone read his weakness section on NFL www??? This does not scream HOF LB…stop with all the hype on this guy….these games are won-lost in trenches….we suck in this area…hence back to back 5 win seasons. If you dont win up front its impossible to win in other areas of the field.

    Instincts are very average
    Can be fooled by key fakes and misdirection
    Coaxed out of position two different times by the same run play versus Alabama
    Diagnosis can run behind
    Too many false steps in initial movement
    Gets caught behind climbing linemen and doesn’t always fight to disengage
    Not a natural knee-bender in space
    Running backs consistently finish under his pads
    Take-on technique needs plenty of work
    Uses shoulder challenges with hands as an afterthought
    Misses tackles when footwork and scrape balance get too loose
    Hard flows to sideline lack leverage and patience
    Relatively unchallenged as a coverage option

  38. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Keep building the trenches – this is where the game is won & lost.

    Then draft the kid out of WVA David Long Jr. in the late 3rd or 4th round.

  39. wausa Says:

    If the Bucs stay at 5 I would want the following in this order(assuming Bosa is gone).

    1) Ed Oliver DL Houston
    2) Josh Allen OLB Kentucky
    3) Quinnen Williams DL Alabama

  40. Tony the Brit Says:

    Extract from TDN

    Devin White
    LB, LSU

    The thing about Devin White is that the mental side of his game is lacking. That’s very okay — it keeps him out of a Round 1 grade for me, but it’s also still totally fine. There are many starting linebackers in the league who have the same issues with recognizing misdirection, remaining disciplined in their gaps, and feeling route concepts in zone coverage.

    I love White’s hitting power, sideline-to-sideline range, and transitional quickness. I think his coverage profile is high-ceiling. He’s a bigger Kwon Alexander, and again, that’s totally fine. It’s just not Round 1.

    Round Grade: Early 2

    People may not agree with this but nobody is guaranteed as a pro bowler. With GMC likely to go and the depth of the draft being in D line / Edge that’s we’re the Bucs have to look

  41. OneBuc55 Says:

    This Bucs defense needs a spark-plug and imo Devin White is that guy…

    Pound for pound, it could be argued that White is best athlete in this draft…Not to mention, being compared to Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis; in my eyes, the pick is a no-brainer…Todd Bowles getting his hands on this kid would be a match made in heaven…

  42. gotbbucs Says:

    Will sacking a QB still be a legal play in a couple years?

  43. Joe Says:

    Will sacking a QB still be a legal play in a couple years?

    That’s not a crazy question. Will quarterbacks soon wear flags?

  44. Oneilbucs Says:

    Patrick had a great defensive line in front of him. The middle linebacker is good as his defensive line. If the d line is bad the middle linebacker is not going to be good. I like Wilson out of Alabama as well but we need to pick all defensive players and running backs. I don’t believe in third down running backs or running backs by committee. We need a every down back . The running back by committee have not work for us . We need to go back to old fashion football and then we will win. For get throwing 40 times a game we need to run at least 25 to 30 times . I don’t believe in the national media about football. They have a agenda and that is to promote the quarterback position and not the team are less the bucs start winning and then it will be about the team cause of the hate for Jamies and to discredit him at all cost.

  45. Nick Says:

    Didn’t ray Lewis rush the passer from the middle?

  46. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    Just a thought, don’t hang me lol
    But it is rumored that Russell Wilson doesn’t want to play in Seattle anymore. Would we even consider trading for him if Winston has another bad year? How much would it take to get him? Is he worth it? Just a thought

  47. rrsrq Says:

    It’s simple, he would be a MLB in a 3-4, not like the MLBs of the past that Bucs have had. He would be a blitzing LB, Bowles would have defenses trying to figure out if it’s LVD coming, is it DW coming, is it JPP, Spence, Nassib, Shaq, it even sounds like safeties and CBS will also be coming, and when they come you need an LB that quickly get to those slants. etc. we don’t need one guy to be a 20 sack guy, would that be nice, sure, but if the collective get to the QB, stop the run and allow the DBs to be aggressive. Also, I do recall, BA saying more LBs than DL to make STs successful.

  48. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Joe, our Achilles heal has been short passes over the middle. Teams got literally no resistance on those passes in the slot. If you don’t think having a pass defending and thumping LB roaming the middle of the field I don’t know what you have been watching. You can’t sack a guy if he can throw a 5 yard slant immediately after the ball is snapped. I think you are going to be devastated if the big 3 are off the board on draft night.

  49. geno711 Says:

    I am not on the Devin White bandwagon but it does seem like he should be a good player in a position of need. So Joe let it go.

    I won’t let go the comparison to Ray Lewis though. Ray Lewis had a much superior college career to this guy and only fell because of his measurables. The great Bill Belicheck passed on Lewis because of a lack of height.

    White went up at the combine time because of his 40 and vertical. Ray went down. Maybe White will be superior but anyone thinking he will be the guy to be able to cover Kamara or McCaffrey is mistaken. Projecting that he will be a great rush guy is just a projection only because he has not done that.

    Tackled a bunch in college, great size, hard hits. Projecting ok instincts to get better, rush attack to get better, or somehow cover ability of special running backs (don’t think he will ever excel at). That is a Buc’s hope which is what we do at this time of year.

  50. NOSBOS Says:

    I’m of firm belief Russell Wilson wants The Big Apple G.O.A.T and necessarily because of football. More so because the opportunity it would provide his wife who’s career has been on ice as of late.

  51. NOSBOS Says:

    And dag,all those deficiencies in Devin White’s game and they name him the “Best Linebacker” in the country??? Wow. The nerve of these people comparing him to likes of Willis and Lewis.

  52. NOSBOS Says:

    rrsrq they wont understand what you break down until they see it next season. These folks are in they’re minds on the 4/3 philosophy. They can’t fathom anything else because as Bucs fans they’ve never seen anything else. I’m a Bucs fan but I remember the 3/4 saints of the 90s,3/4 Steelers of the 90s. More recently the 3/4 pats. They know the ones, the 3/4 scheme that wins the Super Bowl every d&@) season.

  53. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Can we just get this over with please?

    I’ll just throw this out there to please everyone……let’s throw in our 2nd & next year’s first and pick a DE & MLB in the first……Oline in the 3rd & RB in the 4th…..

  54. NOSBOS Says:

    Mentally they just refuse to let it go bro. Funny thing is tho. We are about to go from the bottom of the league in sacks to the top of it. Mainly because of the switch in schemes. Aggressive 3/4 schemes kill QBs.

  55. NOSBOS Says:

    Tampabucfan I challenge you to pull up the Tampa Times article breaking down Todd Bowles 3/4 and come back in here and describe to us all why we even need a DE in this up coming draft.

  56. NOSBOS Says:

    Better yet that challenge is for anyone out there.

  57. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    Whites stock was sky high b4 the combine. His combine only solidified his status.
    He May want New York, but will they pay him? Do they want him? Can’t always get what u want. If JW doesn’t lead us to the playoffs this year we should strongly consider trading for and paying Wilson

  58. NOSBOS Says:

    To include both Joes.

  59. NOSBOS Says:

    G.O.A.T after this season talk about Jameis being anywhere other Tampa will be no more. Trust me. QBing under BA is different from coaches. BA’s system is based on going precisely where he instructs you. That’s why Tom Couch went from trash to looking pretty good bro.

  60. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    I hope ur right. I love JW. But we need some results

  61. BuccoBoras Says:

    I listened to some old press conferences with Todd Bowles with the Jets. They kept asking him why the D wasn’t generating more sacks. He said something along the lines of, of course we want more sacks, but a lot of the time we’re calling up specific types of blitzes that don’t need to end in a sack to be effective. The example he gave was a blitz designed to push the pocket up the middle just enough to not allow the QB to step into a throw. I hate the idea of drafting white at #5. But it does seem like if Bowles calls up exotic blitzes like the one I mentioned then fast linebackers who can pressure up the middle might be more effective for the D as a whole then a typical 4-3 type DE. Especially when it comes to pass coverage. If this kid is Ray Lewis then grab him at 5. But if we can trade down even a little and still get him, i’d feel so much better about it.

  62. Defense Rules Says:

    @NOSBOS … “The nerve of these people comparing him to likes of Willis and Lewis.” OK, I recognize the sarcasm NOSBOS, but nevertheless there is some truth in what you wrote. Why would anyone even think of comparing a rookie (who has yet to play a single NFL game) to ANY of the greatest of all time … in any position group. To me that’s like saying so-and-so would make an incredible fighter pilot, even though all he knows how to fly right now is a Piper Cub.

    We’re talking POTENTIAL when we talk about ANY draft pick. The great picks grow dramatically very quickly; and the wannabes fizzle just as fast. Bucs have had more than our share of wannabes; we don’t need any more.

    Devin White has great POTENTIAL to fill a position of NEED in our defense. Based on seeing him play a number of times he seems to have very good instincts, excellent size and skills (for a college player), and has shown some pretty good leadership traits (again, for a college player). Like BA keeps saying, ‘No risk-it, no biscuit’.

    IF Bucs have moved on from GMC, we NEED another quality DT to pair with Vea. It’d be VERY hard to pass on Quinnen Williams if he was there at #5 (but he probably won’t be). IF he’s not, this draft has a number of other quality DTs who SHOULD be available in the 2nd round. So in that scenario I’d vote to go White then DT IF Q Williams is off the board when we pick. If he’s there though, go Q Williams then best MLB available, then pick up a RB or RG in the 3rd round (depending on who’s still available that meets our remaining NEEDS).

  63. Bird Says:

    Watch white YouTube

    He blitzes up the middle and can sack the QB

  64. Bird Says:

    No doubt the Bucs need to get the QB. Dline is listed as the deepest in this draft. So a guy could be found in 2nd and even third round.
    I would be fine with Olivier.

    However , The Bucs don’t have many linebacker. Or should I say young linebackers that are worth a damn

    They say how great a leader this kid is. He can do everything. They say he lacks instincts as a knock. The GUY has played linebacker for 3 years people. He was a running back his entire career. So he is still learning

    His ceiling /upside with proper Bowles coaching is on he moon. The middle linebacker is most important position in 3/4. This kid could be special and start right away (getting every snap) and chance to win rookie of the year.

    All these quick receiver type running backs in our division are a problem and we haven’t been able to stop them yet.
    Would love this kid as a buc

  65. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    NOSBOS Says:
    April 14th, 2019 at 5:51 pm
    Tampabucfan I challenge you to pull up the Tampa Times article breaking down Todd Bowles 3/4 and come back in here and describe to us all why we even need a DE in this up coming draft.

    OK…..DT instead of DE….

  66. Cobraboy Says:

    Seems the Joes are stuck back in the 70’s.

    Today’s ILBs are cover guys now, but still have to plug run gaps.

    The Bucs missed decent ILB play the last few seasions with that red rooster running headless.

    Unless one of the Top #3 falls, the pick should be White.

    And you will be thankful.

  67. Cobraboy Says:

    Nick Bosa is a racist?


  68. westernbuc Says:

    Supporting Trump and criticizing Kaepernick isn’t racist. Anyone that says otherwise is dishonest

  69. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Our search for DEs is finally over…..we have a 3-4…..and rushing LBs…..
    How about a CB or S blitz thrown in. And….if all else fails we have Nassib & JPP to the rescue.
    So, Joe……RELAX!!!

  70. Stanglassman Says:

    Brett Kollmann’s breakdown of D. White is really informative. Much better than watching someone’s best of reel.

  71. Bob Buc Says:

    Would like to comment but have to go wash off the dead horse meat spatter.

  72. Bucnjim Says:

    At #5 I don’t want the 4th best of anything! Try trading down or take the best player of need.

  73. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Oliver @5. Simple choice really. LB in the 2nd or BPA

  74. cmurda Says:

    Lights out Lightning. This just in. Vasy sucks.

  75. JoeFromWisco Says:

    A.J. Hawk got drafted 5th overall by GB in 2006. I’m with you though… we need a pass rush before an ILB

  76. JimmyJack Says:

    Cmurda everything is atrocious about this hockey team.

    This #8 seed is better then us.

  77. bucs4ya Says:

    This draft is deep at Dline if the “big3” are gone you take White @ 5 (position of need plus the best player at the position in the draft ) then you come back in round 2 and get a good D line prospect. I’m not really understanding those saying they’d take White but not at 5. So what’s the answer if the “big3” are gone and no one wants to trade? Reach for a player at 5 on the Dline but leave the best player at a position of need on the board. That’s just dumb.
    Dang I’m a Bucs fan that’s exactly what they’ll do. Smh

  78. rrsrq Says:

    Veta Vea was drafted to replace McCoy, when changing to a 3-4, you need a NT and 2 players that line up outside the guards, the question is can either Ed Oliver or Q. Williams play those positions, it looks like it will be JPP playing one of those positions and Will Gholston may be better at that position as well. Now you have Nassib, Shaq, Spence and ???. I am sure Josh Allen could be in play, but he is likely off the board. we want to rely on Buchanan and Minter to hold down the other LB position with LVD. Sign me up fo rD. White and find the a OLB/DE in the 2nd or 3rd, believe me someone will slip, maybe Jaylen Ferguson (terrible pro day but) the film shows PRODUCTION.

  79. No expert Says:

    Typical Licht in draft full of defense wr will take an offensive tackle at 5.

  80. BucHead5588 Says:

    Just like RBs shouldn’t go in Round 1 it’s all ppls perspective

  81. NOSBOS Says:

    @Tampabucfan 🤣..

  82. NOSBOS Says:

    Look if Q or Oliver are comfortable wit moving outside then maybe I’m cool. My only concern would be having played inside in college would there be a learning curve.

  83. NOSBOS Says:

    Vea’s backup at the nose in my opinion doesn’t have to be a tier 1 player. Just an adequate backup to Vea.

  84. cmurda Says:

    I know JimmyJack. It’s painful to see the skill and talent on this team unseen in the playoffs. Torts is bending Cooper over like a 2 year old. Tonight of all the games is a good old fashioned butt whipping.

  85. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    rrsrq they won’t understand what you break down until they see it next season. These folks are in they’re minds on the 4/3 philosophy. They can’t fathom anything else because as Bucs fans they’ve never seen anything else.

    Hey, young pimpin’ – so you want us to forget about our Great 79′ Defense? Or the fact for the 1st 16yrs we ran a 3-4 defense.

    C’ mon now Dewey Selmon, Richard Wood, Cecil Johnson, Scot Brantley, and Hugh Green don’t ring a bell? lol

    Ok, how about’ when Houston had Earl Campbell at RB – Curley Culp, Elvin Bethea on the D-line, Robert Brazile at OLB, and Mike Reinfeldt at Safety.

    Or how about’ when the Saints had “The Great” Rickey Jackson & Pat Swillings at OLB, Jack Del Rio, Vaughan Johnson& Sam Mills at ILB.

    No matter if they’re running a One Gap or Two Gap, Over or Under.
    All this sh!t is the same bruh. They Just simply rinse, wash and repeat this sh!t.

    Ain’t nothing new under the sun.

  86. NOSBOS Says:

    rrsrq I think Jaylen Fergusuon would make for an excellent 3/4 DE. Screw drills his bull rush looks epic.

  87. NOSBOS Says:

    😊LUV I was little too young to recall that 79 team brother.

  88. NOSBOS Says:

    And those Oilers. But I do remember how mean that saint 3/4 was. It was hellacious.

  89. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    If it wasn’t for Bubby Brister & those 9er teams. Them boyz would have a ring.

  90. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Glad to see you back. And doing well pimpin’

  91. Ndog Says:

    The Lighting are actually more embarrassing than the Bucs. At least with the Bucs no one is paying attention, with the Lighting they draw all the attention of the hockey world and then go out and play like a bunch of p*ssy’s! Fing embarrassing, they need to blown this team up the after their candy a**es get swept. Time to focus on the Ray’s and draft 100% cause this hockey team is full of quitters. Disgusting!!!!

  92. JimmyJack Says:

    Lightning just flicked a switch at intermission. Could be fun

  93. JoeFromWisco Says:

    Like I said in my last comment that didn’t get posted. Packers drafted A.J. Hawk 5th overall in 2006… he was a ILB

  94. Joe Says:

    Thank you JoeFromWisco!

  95. cmurda Says:

    Yeah the Bolts took on the personality of their emotionless just got stupidly extended Head Coach. Torts is a man of men coach. Bobrovsky > Vasy. That’s why the Bolts are down 3-0.

  96. cmurda Says:

    I can’t wait for Jon’s calm postgame speech.

  97. NOSBOS Says:

    I appreciate it LUV,and yea man they would have.

  98. DBS Says:

    Thanks Bolts for becoming as embarrassing as the Bucs.

  99. Bucsfan22 Says:

    Devin White has HIGH bust potential. I frankly think he will be a bust. The guy misses way too many tackles, tackles too high, can’t shed a block for HIS LIFE. Doesn’t attack plays and allows lineman to get to the 2nd level and eliminate him from the play. Don’t give me “he can cover sideline to sideline,” his speed isn’t going to save him from poor play. Do NOT take White. Oliver, Sweat are good options.

  100. Dave Says:

    For MONTHS people around Tampa have been saying the Lightning is the sport in Tampa watch, not the Rays or Bucs.

    What an absolute total collapse….

    Time to focus on the Rays…..

  101. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    So…having Ray Lewis doesn’t win you championships? I see.

    Maybe it’s time to get out of 1971 yourself Joe and understand the pass rush in 2019 doesn’t have to strictly come from the outside. A three down linebacker WITH 4.42 SPEED is more valuable than a guy who runs up the field after the QB on one play. Name me the great pass rushers New England has had?

  102. J Says:

    Bucsfan22, you’re watching Kenndel Beckwiths tape obviously. People just spewin spit to spew spit.

  103. MadMax Says:

    Yes!!! My God, youre finally seeing the light….yes, he can AND WILL pass rush as an outside lb……what took you so freakin long?

  104. Pickgrin Says:

    Devin White would be an every down player from Day 1.

    Allen or Sweat would almost certainly be situational pass rushers in our new 3-4 alignment.

    If Williams is there – that’s the pick all day. Bosa will be gone.

    Short of either Q or Bosa being available at #5 – I bet White is the highest rated player on Licht’s big board when the Bucs are on the clock.

    Also – White is very capable of contributing 4 or 5 sacks in his first year – which is likely as not to be as many as Josh Allen or Sweat would get in their first year or two here if drafted.

    Also – there’s a much higher chance of Allen or Sweat being a bust than White IMO.

  105. JoeFromWisco Says:

    @Joe I gotchu! Love everything about this website. Keep doing what you’re doing 👌

  106. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the kind words!

  107. cmurda Says:

    @Dave. That’s because the Lightning were the team to watch. They’ve laid an egg in the series. Down 2-0 I still believed but to lose this game was unacceptable. I don’t know if it’s coaching or not. All I know is Bobrovsky is standing on his head and Vasy was decent in this game but boo boo in the first 2. The Lightning have literally hit like 10 posts. They are simply choking. I would love to see the 3-0 comeback and if any team has the talent to do it, it’s the Bolts. This is nauseating. I swear I’m cursed. None of my teams ever win a Championship.

  108. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans) Says:

    Joe loves sycophants, apparently… Jk

    But seriously, Joes. This take is beyond annoying at this point.

    I’m a very educated football fan, and I think White is a WAY more intelligent pick than anyone else in Rd 1.

  109. BetterBucFan Says:

    If you think Devin White is solely a run-stuffer it shows how little you actually know about him!

  110. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    Smart for Joe to keep posting these articles. Is seems we are divided as a fan base on this pick. Then the arguments ensue producing the largest comment count of the last day or two. The more comments, the more times the page gets loaded and reloaded producing large amounts of traffic. In turn producing more ad revenue.

  111. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    Now I’m in moderation lol

  112. Cobraboy Says:

    Just like you should not judge a player based on highlight film, you also should not judge a player based on low-light films.

  113. SOEbuc Says:

    White is a dominant leader on the field. We already have large problem at LB in a 3-4 defense. No problem what-so-ever taking him at #5. Ed Oliver is the second choice.