A Six-Game Story For Bucs

April 17th, 2019

This new Bucs schedule sure is an interesting one.

In many ways, so much will be all about those first six games.

Week 7 is a bye and Joe sure hopes that doesn’t signal a common Tampa Bay tradition during a late-October bye week: draft talk and fans checking out.

Here’s that Big Six:

Week 1 – SAN FRANCISCO, Sunday, Sept. 8, 4:25 p.m.
Week 2 – at Carolina, Thursday, Sept. 12, 8:20 p.m.
Week 3 – GIANTS, Sunday, Sept. 22, 4:05 p.m.
Week 4 – at Los Angeles, Sunday, Sept. 29, 4:05 p.m.
Week 5 – at New Orleans, Sunday, Oct. 6, 1 p.m.
Week 6 – CAROLINA, Sunday, Oct. 13, 9:30 a.m. (In England)

Simply put, it sure seems like the Bucs absolutely must find a way to get to 2-1 before heading to the Rams, followed by a cross-country, back-to-back road game in New Orleans. Ouch!

The thought of a must-win game with, say, the Bucs at 2-3 going to England might be too much for Joe’s weak stomach to bear.

The Bucs just can’t be 2-4 at the bye. It just can’t happen. This team has to stand up and absolutely refuse to let that happen.

No, 2-4 at the bye isn’t a death sentence, but it will feel like one for a fan base that has endured far too much.

54 Responses to “A Six-Game Story For Bucs”

  1. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    Anyone else gonna be at the rams game?

  2. Clw JB Says:

    The schedule is quite nice IMO – especially for early Fall trips to Charlotte, New Orleans, and Nashville -might have to trade the England trip for 3 US based games instead

    Looks like 3-3 start

    Expect 7-9 to 9-7 record range and enjoy the season folks!!!!

  3. DooshLaRue Says:

    Remember last year you worried “schedule guys”……..

    “We’ll never win even one game without Jameis “

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    This is not an easy schedule

  5. DooshLaRue Says:

    Hey schedule ninnies…
    Don’t forget to factor in:


    These things happen every year ya know.

  6. OBP Says:

    Feel free to call me crazy but I like this schedule a lot, depending on who we snag in the draft I think we could end up with a winning record and back in the playoffs.

  7. DanBucsfan Says:

    Home week 3 then not again until week 10. The England game is in no way a home game. That is a ROUGH stretch in my opinion.

  8. Pigsueybucsfan Says:

    I see 9 to 10 wins this season maybe even get to the playoffs!! GO BUCS!

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    It’s not the competition that frightens me but I’m not too thrilled about just two home games in our first six contests.

    I DO NOT live in London and so NO that is NOT a home game. They can call it what they want and I realize one of the two teams has to give up the home game but in reality in terms of just travel and time zones this schedule is actually pretty brutal.

    I’m also not fine with playing one of our three major division rivals both times in just the first six weeks.

  10. JimmyJack Says:

    I am just happy they gave the Bucs an advantaged game at Carolina.

    They will not have any time to study film on Bruce’s and Todd’s new schemes.

    This takes away their home field advantage.

  11. JimmyJack Says:


  12. geno711 Says:

    Looks like we’re going to Nashville for our away trip this year. At least good music!

  13. R.O Says:

    It’s the 5 straight road games everyone should be worried about.

  14. DanBucsfan Says:

    11 and 5 at least. And don’t worry Joe, easily 4 and 2 after the first 6 games. I have feeling Rams have a Superbowl hangover, Saints game and at Carolina are the two games I envision being the potential losses.

  15. Clean House Says:

    Just read that because of the Arians hire, Vegas came out with an Over/Under 14 for our season.

    Justin picked the under.

  16. Eric Says:

    Well it’s always scary to find out we have to play other NFL teams and all.

    But I think we got several teams we can compete with in the early going. Perhaps gain some confidence and get on a role.

    Go bucs.

    Jameis 5000 yards and 35 TDs. and 11- 5.

  17. Ryan Says:

    You’re looking at the wrong stretch of games.
    At LA
    At New Orleans
    Carolina-in London
    At Tennesee
    At Seattle.

    Thats the true test of this team not having a single home game for straight weeks.

  18. humblecrusher Says:

    Btw…no way in hell…(here every day, almost) does this JBF thing have “20,000 unique visitors daily”. Great job misquoting Joe. Typical. What Joe wrote is that the site has more than 20,000 visits per day. That’s a different animal than the “unique visitors” that you made up. In fact, JoeBucsFan hit 7 million visits last year from just under 1 million unique visitors. –Joe No way in hell, no matter whatever the @Joe’s claim. All others reading this can attest.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    I love optimism, but maybe folks should mix in a little reality for good measure? This schedule is a beast. We only get 7 home games this season … YUCK! Let’s see, 2 of the 1st 3 are at home and 3 of the last 4 are at home. Of the other NINE games in the middle, only TWO are at RayJay … and those are back-to-back (Cards & Saints).

    I’d personally feel a LOT more confident if Jameis wasn’t riding a 12-game losing streak on the road. Hopefully he can turn that around starting with the 12 Sept Panthers game in Carolina. Can’t say that I’m hopeful though since that’s a Thursday night game AFTER we play the late game on Sunday. Short weeks never seem to turn out well for us.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Ryan that Carolina game looks key. Winning that one and gaining positive momentum would be huge going into the bye. Then they will have plenty of time to prepare for Tennessee.

    If the Bucs could maximize and win both of those we should be in a nice position.

    Always the key part of a schedule is the backend. We got 3of4 at home.

    We got a nice looking schedule to start the season and to finish. You’re right those 5 games are a tripping point. A solid team could manage that easy…..or at least be able to bounce back if they do stumble.


    GO BUCS!!!

  21. DooshLaRue Says:

    @Clean House

    Ha ha!

    But it’s just a hassle ……..

  22. BrianBucs Says:

    Maybe Winston can narrow the gap on Mariotta a little who owns a 2-0 head-to-head margin on him

  23. Dave Says:

    No matter what anyone says, this will be a very painful rebuilding year.

  24. ThassWassUp Says:


    Hey @Joe….not another whimsy, right…

  25. Doug RR Martin Says:


    It sure seems to me that “deal” the Bucs brokered to get Jameis 3 games instead of 6 might just be realized with this schedule release. It sure seems like it could be a tough sell to find a team willing to give up a precious home game.

  26. Lamarcus Says:

    That’s a 4-2 record. This team I think is win now. We are good for a 11-5 year. This year. Our time is now. Book it. Guys like rojo Justin Evans etc will be alotta better.

  27. Pryda...Sec 147 Says:

    We could win a lot of games this season especially with a defense and a RUnning game 😉

  28. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    4-12 to 6-10 and clean house well played

  29. Dave Says:

    Im tired of the NFL taking home games away from teams like the Bucs, or Phins or Jags or Rams.

    If you are going to do this, they need to start doing it to the big markets included. Take a home game away from the Cowboys, Giants, Packers, or Patriots. Otherwise this is destroying the competitive parity when those teams are NEVER giving up a game.

    Otherwise, just forget the whole international crap.

  30. DanBucsfan Says:

    Im with you Lamarcus !!! I actually feel exact same way you do, the suffering is over, we will be better prepared as a team and all those one score losses we usually get, I see our squad winning their fair share of them.

  31. DB55 Says:

    Other than the Rams we’ve beat each team at least once.

    With McCoy out the picture we might get some more crucial stops. Let’s see if BA can fix the jumping offside and penalties in general.

    Make no mistake, in all arenas DEFENSE win championships. Don’t let Tom Brady fool you, Bill Belichick’s defenses have been winning championships since the 1980’s. He’s won championships in each of last 4 decades. Incredible! To me that says the defense is the constant but wtfdik?

    -In 1986 Phil Simms threw 21 TDs and 22 Ints
    -In 1990 they took the ball out of Phil’s hands resulting in an epic running game and 15TDs to 4 Ints.

    I’LL GO ON TO SAY THAT BRADY threw 52 ints his over the course of his first 4 seasons vs 58 for AmUrIKa Z tUrNoVeR MaZhEEn and Brady won 2 rings in that time. Sure Brady played 8 more games and ATM extrapolates to like 64 but still…lol.


  32. DB55 Says:

    Last 10 games will tell the story and imo the Bucs face the falcons week 17 for the division title but wtfdik

  33. NOSBOS Says:

    Don’t sweat those consecutive games away from Tampa. I’ve heard a number of athletes over the years express how being away from friends and family mulitiple weeks bring the team closer to each other. They formulate a “us against the world” mentality that often times carries the team as a whole during later parts of the season. Example a road playoff game.. Might be precisely what the football Dr ordered.

  34. James Walker Says:

    4-2 seems optimistic?

  35. Buccfan37 Says:

    Wow, fan predictions went from lousy to a winning season after the schedule release.

  36. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    You play the game in front of you, if we can’t possibly beat any team on the schedule we don’t belong in the league

  37. Buccernutter Says:

    We will beat the team in front of us no matter what the weather and environment is around us.


  38. D1 Says:


    Calm down and consider, Since the international games have been played, the Patriots have participated in 3. Which is the most league wise. The bucs have played 2 games.

  39. __TGH__ Says:

    Comments closed on the last posting Joe??? Worried about what people might say? That is F&$@ing weak. Hardly. Joe has no interest in spending all night screening a bunch of hate speech, personal attacks and misrepresentations. It would be a pointless waste of time. Joe’s post was very clear and fans can take their comments elsewhere.–Joe Sorry your friend turned out to be a POS. Not your fault, you actually never really know who people really are. Some people only ever let you meet their representatives.

    Check his computer, there will be more than podcasts on there.

  40. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    Joe comments r closed on the justin thing. I just wanted to say I hope it’s all some kind of mistake but if it’s TRUE he deserves whatever happens. With that said it has nothing negative to do with u. Unfortunately we do not always truly know ppl as well as we think we do. As always GO BUCS

  41. JameisAlmighty! Says:

    NFL setting Jameis up to get out of Tampa and put up big digits. I like the schedule. As long as Jameis is the QB then all games are winnable. I’m Jameis I Trust!

  42. adam from ny Says:

    why do i have this team going 15-1…

    because i just smoked a bag of ybor city’s finest and inhaled a batch of drywall dust

  43. FortMyersDave Says:

    D1: but of the 3 international games the Pats have played, have they ever given up a home game? I suspect that they were the “road team” but I could be wrong. On the other hand, the Bucs Rams, Fins and Jags always get a home game ripped from them when they go overseas so I see Dave’s point. On a tangent: Ihow about ripping the Thanksgiving homes games from Dallas and Detroit and make them travel on the road every other year as well if we want actual parity…. But back to my first point ; he NFL looks at ratings and ticket sales when they assign these international games. The Bucs and Rams got to go international because they are hosting Super Bowls per the NFL but I see Dave’s point, the league does favor markets such as Dallas, New York, Chicago, Boston etc…..

  44. EvolvingBucsFan Says:

    Good teams win where ever they play, we will see. I do not like the stretch of the following:

    CAR- Home in London (yeah Right!)

    If we can win a couple on the road and have a decent showing at home like BA preaches we could have a glimmer of hope. I also agree that a long stretch with out a home game (if they are winning some or get streaky) will boost home game ticket sales. But if we are consecutive road game losers again we will get a bunch of empty seats like last season.

  45. Z31 BUCS Says:

    humblecrusher Says:
    “Btw…no way in hell…(here every day, almost) does this JBF thing have “20,000 unique visitors daily”.”


    Such a piece of garbage wannabe.
    Constantly going on about how much you know better about how everything should be run while you sit on your ass. Stout Loser.

  46. spdefdan Says:

    I think for the record that this site does get 20k hits a day. That number might actually be a little low. I don’t agree with everything Joe says about the Buccaneers. That’s part of life but what I don’t get is the joe hate. Joe started a blog for us to discuss our favorite team he grew this thing into something amazing. Everyday you get great content on here, draft parties, golf outings, something for everyone. The commitment it takes to keep this site up to date is something most people are not capably of. Think of the hours Joe spends daily, weekly, to make sure this site doesn’t miss a beat. Sure he makes some money but he also provides us with a pretty awesome opportunity as fans. He deserves our respect and gratitude for that.

    Now as far as the schedule goes that England game may not be a home game but I think most people don’t realize that the BUcs are the most popular team in England. I believe that will be a win. IN fact I think 4-2 at the bye is the goal. I see a 3-0 start for our team. The game I am looking forward to the most is Houston. Lets hope that game is for a playoff spot!!

  47. Joe Says:


    Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated.

  48. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Yes, the JOE hate is garbage. Luckily it is from a very small percentage. We do very much appreciate you being there and all that you do. Thank you.

  49. Eric y Says:


  50. Eric y Says:

    THeres joe hate because he thinks Gerald McCoy is a great player and he believes jameis is elite

  51. spdefdan Says:

    McCoy has been one of the best Buccaneer players of all time. Done nothing but represent our team and community with class. Winston obviously isn’t very good but like him or not he will break every passing record in team history this year and for the sake of this franchise you better hope he figures it out. This is the best site on the internet for things pertaining to the buccaneers. To me what JO did is inspiring and gutsy. He built something with his own passion and talent. He clearly loves the Buccaneers and if you hate jo or the site that’s ok 20k people a day are coming here. It is easy to sit back and down this mans work but most posters don’t have the drive, energy, or talent to pursue their dreams. Joe did and as a fellow human being I respect the guy for it. Whatever you agree with or don’t isn’t the point. The point is the guy provides us all with something awesome. Something he built with his own two hands that deserves respect. ENd of rant lest go BUcs!!

  52. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^ Extremely well said, spdefdan, and agreed on ALL counts (regarding JBF).

    There is a reason that we are all here.
    Obviously a lot of damn work has gone into that.
    It is most definitely appreciated greatly.

  53. jerseybuc Says:

    The NFL didn’t take away games from the Bucs. The BUC FANS took away the extra home game. The only teams that lose home games are teams that can’t sell out and support their team. You will never see the Giants, Packers, Eagles, Skins, etc…as a home team out of this country.
    Support the team fellas. Go to a few games and put your arses in those seats so we don’t have empty seats, or worse, visiting fans, sitting in em.

  54. Buc4evr Says:

    What an absolute screw job by the nfl. Do you think the nfl would make the Pats fans wait from Sept 22 to Nov 11 to see their team play at home? Every year the Bucs get a screwed up schedule. Playing in England is just plain stupid and serves no purpose as the nfl will never be a worldwide brand.