No Big Needs?

March 18th, 2019

Offseason job aced?

Now here is some wishful thinking.

The Bucs have an overabundance of nickel corners and safeties, none of them would be remotely considered top shelf.

The Bucs, as a result of having enough nickel corners for an entire division, have a big fat hole at (real) corner.

The Bucs also don’t have a starting right guard.

The Bucs also don’t appear to have a running back who can carry the mail.

The Bucs also could be down an edge rusher if Jason Pierre-Paul is cut or traded due to the salary cap, which would be a terribly short-sighted move (not like this franchise hasn’t had its share of those in the post-Chucky era).

But in the mind of Paul McDowell of, the Bucs have all their top needs filled a week after legal tampering began.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Top Needs: None

Key Additions: The Bucs dumped one speedy wideout when they dealt veteran WR DeSean Jackson, but they quickly replaced him with another deep threat in WR Breshad Perriman, who asked out of his Browns contract following the acquisition of Beckham. They probably aren’t done at the receiver position.

Holy roster, Batman! Does McDowell really believe the team doesn’t need a safety, corner or right guard or running back? He must be listening a lot to Dirk Koetter, Father Dungy and Bucco Bruce Arians.

There sure are a whole lot of NFL coaches who think the Bucs have talent. Just wish this talent could at least, you know, win games.

52 Responses to “No Big Needs?”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    Need WINS…15 years of bad football

  2. Tackleblockwin Says:

    This all depends on how we define the word Need.

  3. Guzzie Says:

    Wish I was a Browns fan, this team a joke

  4. Kobe Faker Says:

    “No money no honey…

    BA and Bowles knows we have huge holes but we have absolutely no money to get even backups…

    All we are getting is players cut from NFL teams

    This imposter of a GM will still not be blamed for the 2019 season by the confederate Bucs fan base



    Kobe Faker

  5. SkBucsFan Says:

    Can we please get over the running back issue? We need an improved O-line. Particularly Right guard. Fix that then we can run the ball more effectively. Wasting a high pick and /or oodles of money on an RB is pointless without an improved home security system

  6. 1sparkybuc Says:

    The biggest difference this year is the coaching staff. We really don’t know who will be here in September or what these coaches can do with them. Not really concerned with the holes on this team just yet. By September they might not be.

  7. Todd Says:

    Sure why not trade JPP the guy that broke our sack record finally since 2005 to get 10 or more sacks

  8. Ra'Shad Says:

    @ Guzzie

    You still can become a browns fan.

  9. DooshLaRue Says:

    Sorry, but GMC will be gone before JPP.
    I believe we’re going to swing a draft deal using Softie93.

  10. PriMech54 Says:

    The secondary is littered with 2nd rd picks and one top 12 pick. Running back has a second round pick that was riddled by bush league coaching and the absolute worst run blocking unit in the NFL, and another 900 yard rusher that grinds hard and punishes people on the second and third levels of the defense. They signed a man for some depth on the line and there’s others who are versatile enough to play multiple spots on the right side.

    Does anyone really think George Warhop, Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith were equipped to put these guys in position to beat the man in front of them? Hell no….

    I’m not saying they don’t have needs, but bush league coaching yields bush league results. BA was probably sippin’ Crown watching Buc games this year having fits over how amateur it was. Translation: NFL caliber coaching can bring out the best in a player. He’s been saying it the whole time. “Reload, not rebuild baby. Yes indeed!”

  11. Not there yet Says:

    All these needs your talking about can be addressed in the draft. Licht can’t go out and sign any big name safeties in free agency because otherwise what are the glazers paying him for if he said he would build through the draft and sprinkle in free agents. That’s the vision he sold

  12. Etzel Says:

    “All we are getting is players cut from NFL teams” …. well you see… that’s kind’ve how free agency works…. nevermind….

    Also not sure where this over-abundance of nickels is, Joe. We have Hargreaves… then undrafted Javien Elliot?? Ryan Smith plays outside. MJ is a safety now.
    Does Devante Harris play nickel??

  13. zzbuc Says:

    What about a second QB Joe? common sense dictates we should have faith on BA and his staff and I do have it……But again I still think we have a much less talented team that what everybody thinks….We got some talent on WR and TE, I also think JPP is a very talented player, Maybe Marpet…..also LD…….please what about the rest? OL, DL, secondary, RB!!!!!

    The problem here is that majorities say that our biggest problems in the past were the coaches, and not the GM or the players….Well I think is the exact combination of all, probably more on the GM…..Because we do not have a talented team since the early 2000´s…….

    But I guess we have to keep optimistic tha BA will be the savior because Koetter and Lovie were to bad…….I find this pretty simplistic……

    Lets see what happens

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Kobe…I’ve already started to beat that drum early with….

    “It’s all Jameis Winston’s fault!”

    I’ll beat that drum all year too….cause we ALL know where the blame will lie at the end of the season. Jameis Winston’s fault the secondary is trash. It’s also his fault that the running game and o-line are trash too.

    “It’s all Jameis Winston’s fault!”

  15. Guzzie Says:

    13 million on a 6 sack, declining DT and 7 million on a backup 28 catch TE, how many decent starters can we get for 20 million, and we can’t rely on. rookies, outside of a top 10 pick, to be major contributers, Licht sucks

  16. Etzel Says:

    QB, WR, TE. – Only positions that are not needs for us. Jason “Madden Franchise” Licht.

  17. Polkfan Says:

    Cb is top , Carlton on one side , Vernon in slot and god knows who on the other side, I would be fine with a trade back for one of the top Cb’s in this draft. With Mike T , Julio and co something’s got to happen. I liked Whitehead at saftey for a rookie and Deonne Buchanon has got mlb for a year.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    McDowell & Joe both missed the biggest need…..and it is a glaring need…

    MLB…….I guess the reason why everyone overlooks it is that they are assuming Devin White.

  19. doolnutts Says:

    1sparkybuc — Totally agree. I am not as much up in arms as many other fans. Not because I trust Licht but because I am excited about this staff. We have said it for years Koetter built a very poor supporting cast of coaches and our record showed. BA and company were great with the Card’s and I expect much of the same type of player development here. The draft is still amongst us so I would assume some of our other needs will be found there. I think if we can add another serious pass rusher and some other pieces we should be fine. Again BA has to prove he is as good as we have all said.

  20. Cobraboy Says:

    Hard to say what the holes are, especially on defense, considering the Historically Horrendous Smith Coaching Trainwreck of 2018.

    Remember when folks—including me—claimed the best offseason acquisition was retaining Smith?

    Maybe Bowles has the Ruby Slippers.

  21. BuccOff Says:

    I’m with @Doosh.

    And what is this dude thinking here, maybe depth-wise he’s closer to correct, but overall hell no. Can’t wait till draft night!

  22. PriMech54 Says:

    But if you’re looking to solidify, the Vikings have a gaping hole to fill at 3-tech. GMC could easily restructure to a more incentive laden deal when we ship his a$s and a 5th rounder to the cold north for Xavier Rhodes. Ink him to a new deal and draft a true 5-technique in the 2nd or 3rd round. Devin White or a an elite pass rusher with the 5th.

    Now you’re cooking with peanut oil. “Yes indeed!”

  23. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    5-11 teams usually are well built and dont have glaring holes

  24. SCBucsFan Says:

    Guzzie go be a Browns fan. Nothing is stopping you. If you paid attention at all you’d know Brate was hurt all year, he just tried to play thru it. And God your punctuation makes your posts difficult to read.

  25. SCBucsFan Says:

    Duthsty 2 years ago the Rams were 4-12. That’s how fast your fortunes can change in the NFL.

  26. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    😊All the happenings going on in the league this what y’all come up wit. What @&& corn-ball site.

  27. Andrew Says:

    We’ll be trading for a starting corner. Not sure where we’ll get the money. Likely from releasing cam Brate and Evan Smith.

    Unless Jason forced himself to draft another corner very high in the draft, which is probable.

  28. Danny Says:

    I think we had some reading comprehension issues here.

    “As always, I’ll just be discussing the QB, RB, WR, and TE positions.”

  29. Bucsdelight Says:

    Here are the top 5 graded Prospects.

    1. Quinnen Williams 6.70
    2. Jeffery Simmons 6.67
    3. Josh Allen 6.66
    4. Nick Bosa 6.55
    5. Rashan Gary 6.40

    All 5 are defensive lineman. If we don’t get one of them, then we are failing. I don’t see us getting Simmons because he is a DT.

  30. SB Says:

    Right now RG troubles me most as there isn’t much for them in the draft.

    For those that love college hoops I set up a Tournament Challenge for all JoeBucsFans. Feel free to join.

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    i agree with the article….

    i think all the pieces are currently on the roster and in the draft…..

    our biggest off-season need was coaching and development…..the coaching is in place…..development will start the first time players hit the field…..players will be consistently getting coached up not just sitting around “taking mental reps”…..


  32. Issaic haggins Says:

    Well they have signed a few in free agency, and used two # 2 s and a fourth in the last few years , so if they sign or need another , sorry the GM must be let go …….. You can’t keep losing value on a per transactional basis !!! That’s all BA is here to do , coach up and bring Lichts talent above the mean line value point . He has so many value loss transactions it’s comically scary !!!! No one GM hits on all their picks and signings but you must be well above the avg GM / organization in order to win consistently. Having a starting QB on a rookie deal gives any GM a 10 percent Cap advantage that should result in two to three pro bowl caliber starters if the GM nails it !!! Come Year 5 you are back entering a level playing field !!!

    I hear blabber mouths clucking all the time about build through the draft , build through the draft well that’s just babble !!! Go through the Super Bowl rosters and you will find an offense or defense r two or three that have 40 percent and maybe higher free agents , especially the Rams ( rookie qb contract , 10 percent more cap) . The draft builds your salary pool , more so than your roster ., smart teams must target the highest paid positions to have under a five year contract , creating a higher percentage of cap for roster building .

    The Rams did a beautiful job of building a roster due to his cap position , but is he a genius?? No he’s just more aware than the Jock world he’s surrounded by and said I’ve got a rookie qb contract let’s cut the dead weight or even below mean line value and go sign people ( infuse talentaround Young drafted guys) above the mean line and play ball. He’s not worried about the cap Three years from now he worried about using all his leverage with the rookie Qb Cap advantage . New England must build differently and they are masters at it and they get 110 percent from the coaching and value players and fitting the system to each other . Bye Brady’s Cap hit is way less than it should be as he takes less to stay with the Winning Culture which in the long run extends his career and overall earnings !!! They both have plans that are different but execute both of them . The Browns just loaded the roster with the draft and free agency but the Cap was managed through the draft ( Baker and Myles) and now they are going full Rams Mode !!! Really two basic ways Several Vets under great contracts or high paid poisons under rookie contracts and you must get above mean value . The Raiders are in a tough one because of Carr , Chucky wants that’s savings at Qb so Carr has one year to win !!! Maybe !!!!

  33. Owlykat Says:

    When we sign Claiborne I will fully agree with 813bucboi!

  34. Kobe Faker Says:


    The confederate Bucs fanbase is ready to pounce on the first interception and loss

    They probably wrote their posts already and will just copy and paste

    JW is in a no win situation

    *BA mental and medical evaluation tests just came in….not good

    will disclose soon”

    Kobe Faker

  35. Guzzie Says:

    SC BUCS fan how’s this for my punctuation @$&! get over yourself, and recognize a joke, this site is for entertainment purposes, don’t take it so literally, also the biggest need this team needs is a competent GM

  36. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Joe you conveniently left out our most glaring need and that is at LB. Right tackle is also a huge concern and needs to be address sooner rather than later.

  37. tbbucs3 Says:

    Saftey is the biggest need right now

  38. J.T. Cross Says:

    Arians recently said he liked the players he has. He would not say that if he had $30M in cap space. So really, he can’t say anything BUT he like who is here because he can’t afford who is on the market. He may not be able to afford who is already on the 5-11 Bucs. This is shaping up to be the worst team since 2010. And we had more of a franchise QB then (which turned out to be not one) then than now. Just saying don’t assume JW is here for the long haul either. We had a DT named GMC then (before IR), and actually some other decent players…but by and large had many holes, especially in the D’s secondary. Yup, Ronde was here, and guys like EJ Biggers and Barrett Ruud (no comments). Yeah, they went 10-6 and shocked many, but that was really a fluke. This team is worse. So sure, build through the draft, and see how long it takes a RG to develop, or let’s let Licht whif on another high round RB. This is “rebuild” all over it–just no one in One Buc can admit it. So Bucs fans, let’s start the 3-5 year clock over again (for the 6th time since 2010).

  39. ATLBuc Says:

    We have enough talent on this team to win. Our losing can be attributed to one thing: Bad coaching.

  40. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree! People may consider me delirious but here is what I hope happens.

    Great chance that QB’s will start going and we end up with Josh Allen at 5. Some had Chucky taking Allen 4th…one even had Chucky taking White at 4th. Some had us taking either Quinnen or Sweat and one even had us taking Rashad Gary.

    Point is..we have to be able to get either Allen..Quinnen or White at 5…one of them will be available.

    If it’s Allen and we scarf him up then it depends on when White goes. On average the Mocks have him going around 10th. If we could use GMC and a draft picks to move up and grab him that would be a killer draft. Allen and White..two impact players for our D. Still leaves us needing a RG but we’ll have to be creative to find one.

    One mock had us taking Juwan Taylor 5th…the most absurd mock had us taking Brian Burns and FSU OLB at 5th!!! Dang even the FSU homers here haven’t suggested that absurd move.

  41. Ptwalk Says:

    We signed a safety in Bucannon, Hargreaves will be outside with Davis playing press which is playing to their strengths, Devin White at mlb, OG in the draft and believe it or not Barber and co. are good at Rb. I don’t see the are holes.

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JPP is going nowhere.

    If GMC is traded, it will be before the draft or after. Licht does not trade players during the draft.

    There are about 6-8 players who can be cut beside JPP or GMC.

    We could use a corner, but the truth is that we have what we need if coaching was the problem.

  43. Buc1966 Says:

    Ryan Smith will be first off the roster.

  44. joestang Says:

    We need a GM with a brain.

  45. T REX Says:

    Wow, everyone really is trying to blame coaching?

    Ho lee fu.. no way Licht’s winning % is lower than Mark D’s because of coaching. Lots of bad moves. But don’t worry, Leftwich is here to save the day. Ouch.

    The skyway is going to be busy next football season.

  46. T REX Says:

    Wow, everyone really is trying to blame coaching?

    No way Licht’s winning % is lower than Mark D’s because of coaching. Lots of bad moves. But don’t worry, Leftwich is here to save the day. Ouch.

    The skyway is going to be busy next football season.

  47. Rod Munch Says:

    The Bucs have needs at CB, LB and OG.

    It’s not the doom and gloom the dullards paint, and depth isn’t a “need”, but they certainly need a #1 corner (Davis is a #2 corner), a MLB (Joe Dirt doesn’t cut it) and a guard.

    Good news is that they can literally walk away from the draft addresses these positions. If they draft for need they can take Greedy, make him the #1 corner and be set. You can then alway find a LB/OG combo with the 2nd and 3rd picks, but ideally they trade down a few spots in the 1st again and pick up another 2nd, then they really should be able to address those spots.

    Of course people say don’t draft for need, but if it’s the difference between a DT that is 3rd on your depth chart and takes 2 years to develop versus starting Ryan Smith at corner and tanking your entire defense, then you take Greedy and hope he can be a day 1 starter.

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    St Pete …………forget that plan is infeasible.

    Our only chance to trade back into round 1 for White is if he drops really far. Like into the mid 20’s. That just ain’t happening. 1% chance.

    Otherwise it will be too costly. McCoy is only worth a 4th or 5th so that isn’t getting you much. We’d basically have to trade our enotre draft plus a 1st next year. Just ain’t happening.

    A more realistic scenario, though low probability is if White drops to the teen and Bush is still on the board near the end of Round 1. Probably won’t happen but if it does it wouldn’t cost too too much to move up 7-8 Slots.

    For now that’s my dream draft. Q and Bush…….I’d love to say Q and White but seems to unrealistic

  49. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Each offseason we basically have desperate needs because our D is bottom 3-5. Each offseason we spend a bunch on it and it never pans out.

    We haven’t developed a single draft pick from the last 5 years on defense.

    You can criticize Licht because he deserves it, but it’s kind of insane that no matter who he’s drafted we haven’t seen much development outside of offensive skill players and Winston. Warhop never coached up the O-line past what they were when they got here. Koetter never scored points to match his yardage. Smitty/Lovie didn’t improve a single player under their watch.

    At least Schiano – as big as a dumb4ss coach as he was – got Lavonte’s game to improve. Not sure any coach here the last 5 years has improved any defensive player and that’s f*cking insane.

  50. BuccOff Says:


    Very astute of your sir. Nailed it! The author of the article did indeed mention his premise prior to…well, this article…

  51. D1 Says:

    Isaac Higgins,

    Excellent post!
    There’s far too many people who believe in the simple answer. An example, the Rams turn around is as simple as hiring McVay. I’m not suggesting that the hire wasn’t a part of the turnaround. I am suggesting that if the only take away from the Rams is changing coaches, then it’s an incomplete evaluation of the situation.

    Additionally, the build thru the draft crowd is the same crowd that believes, defense wins championships, run the ball to open the passing game, and any number of euphemisms that are as enlightening as a bumper sticker slogan.

  52. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Fireee Licht