John Lynch Talks Kwon, Pass Rush

March 18th, 2019

Yes, Joe sat through (suffered through?) the 25-minute news conference that introduced Kwon Alexander to the San Francisco-area media.

A couple of interesting nuggets emerged.

The first came as Bucs icon and 49ers general manager John Lynch talked about how Kwon raises the game of those around him. If that’s true, the Bucs are in deep, deep trouble.

There is a reason Bucs officials and players called Kwon the heartbeat of the defense, which was sort of like calling a guy the heartbeat of a corpse. But again, if Kwon was a guy who made players better even if the results didn’t materialize, then Joe sure hopes the Bucs find a way to replace him. So far, they have not.

Also, Lynch talked about the importance of the pass rush and gave a very short and sweet explanation Bucs fans will understand.

“I know in my career I learned the tough way that in Tampa, three Mississippi was a lot easier than the five Mississippi I grew to know in Denver,” Lynch said. “And that’s no disrespect to the guys that I played in Denver. It’s just we had something special; it makes everybody better. You know, I think that’s always been true in football and that holds true today.”

Powerful take there by Lynch, as he sat alongside Kwon and beastly pass rusher Dee Ford, who was traded to San Francisco by the Chiefs and signed a new contract. And that’s exactly why Joe wants the Bucs to land a manbeast defensive lineman with the No. 5 overall pick.

Fun fact: Kwon said ex-Bucs receiver Louis Murphy helped convince him to play for the 49ers. Murphy played there in 2017.

32 Responses to “John Lynch Talks Kwon, Pass Rush”

  1. pepsi Says:

    Heres how Louis Murphy helped convince him to play in SanFran. Murphy: “DUDE THEY OFFERING YOU 13MIL A YEAR!!!!!”

  2. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Right on the money there, Pepsi. The contract coming off injury still stuns me.

  3. adambomb418 Says:

    Good job Murphy. The Bucs defense should be a lot smarter now and lined up better. Let’s not forget Kwon had trouble calling the defensive plays and Lavonte David had to call them.

  4. Easy Says:

    Happy for Kwon gettin paid but I’m not gonna MISS THE BAD ANGLES AND MISSED TACKLES.

  5. D-Rome Says:

    Bucs lost with him. Bucs can lose without him. No big loss.

  6. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    Salty @ss fans. Who cares if u didn’t like him. Have some class, he gave his heart and soul for this team. Put us on his back a few games. Save your classlessness for people like DJax who did nothing here but cry.
    Good luck Kwon, well deserved.

  7. Loyaltotheend Says:

    Kwon was not good here, as a leader or for his individual play

    The d has been a awful unit for a long time

    Outside of a splash play every now and then he was out of position pushed around by linemen and missing lots of tackles

    Defense needs an injection of bad asses who can purge the soft mentality here

  8. Kgh4life Says:

    Love Kwon’s intensity and leadership, but lets not forget that he was part of one of the worst defense’s the last couple years, so did the Bucs actually loose that much? Remains to be seen

  9. Bucsfan Says:

    We lost a young, great player in Kwon…but seeing we have a great coaching staff for our team which is something we haven’t had in awhile why don’t y’all give them a chance? Majority of the teams that were signing, trading and giving out huge contracts are teams that aren’t usually any good, and people are trying to figure out why the Colts didn’t spend much money. Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles and gonna to be the root of changing Buccaneer culture, and by mid season you guys won’t be thinking about Kwon or Humphries when you realize the success starts with evaluation and coaching.

  10. Loyaltotheend Says:

    How can anyone “love his leadership” if all he led his team was losing?

  11. SCBucsFan Says:

    You haters are correct. Cut or trade all 11 starters since we left. Replace them with AAFL players I guess.

  12. Wausa Says:

    Agree with Joe.
    Don’t over think this Bucs. This is one of the best DLine drafts in a long time.
    Get a Defensive line player in the first round.

  13. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    no one on the bucs aside from ME13 & OJ should not be trade bait and are expendable, the bucs have assembled some poor talent, thanks to that dinwit gm. lynch has the starting qb & starting qb on the defense coming back from season ending injuries good luck

  14. Pick6 Says:

    I’ll always remember that Atlanta game, and a few others, but between the missed tackles and the major injury the team can’t justify the major bet that SF could. Not enough cap space and Licht doesn’t have the goodwill to burn on a bad signing like Lynch does right now

  15. Doctor_berto Says:

    Gotta go Dline first round

  16. Loyaltotheend Says:


    With a d this bad there is no defending any of the over paid players from that poor unit

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    Who knows? The SF Bay area might breathe new life into Kwon. Hope so for his sake. Sometimes a change does make a better player..sometimes. Good luck Kwon. You got paid. Personally though, I don’t think we lost that much at all.

  18. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Have fun paying a subpar, injury prone LB 13 mil a year for the next 4!

  19. 813bucboi Says:

    stop being salty fans….lol….had kwon resigned folks would be rejoicing and happy as ever… that he’s signed elsewhere, folks want to bash him and claim good riddance….lol….

    folks act like he was will gholston….lol….the man made the pro bowl in 2017 calling plays and playing in a trash outdated system led by smitty…..

    i am happy kwon was a buc and wish him well…..he was one of the few true leaders on the team….besides winston, kwon was the only player to jump on baker…..not GMC, not LVD, not gholston, not grimes, not conte, not mike evans…..winston and kwon…..

    good luck, money was well deserved…..


  20. Doctor_berto Says:

    Sign Burfict

  21. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (the guy who had to buy '87 a Winston jersey on a bet when we drafted him) Says:

    Joe: ‘If Kwon was a guy who made players better even if the results didn’t materialize, then Joe sure hopes the Bucs find a way to replace him. So far, they have not.’

    Yet, Joe (at least one of them) is acting ridiculous and is going to flip out if we drsft the best LB in the nation at #5 overall…. That is absurd.

    White is the pick, fellas.

    I mean he HAS to be the pick, right?

    C’mon Man!?!

  22. joestang Says:

    Kwon hit the lotto, not worth the money. good but undisciplined player, also injury prone. GOOD LUCK.

  23. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (the guy who had to buy '87 a Winston jersey on a bet when we drafted him) Says:

    Kwon’s intangibles started to outweigh his tangible contributions on the field of play…

    We can do better.

    And we will, hopefully; with the number 5 overall pick… Devin White LB LSU

    (Haha, in Joe’s face Lmao)

  24. Nano Says:

    Kwon is not a 13 million dollars a year LB
    David outplays him
    Missed tackles are his weakness
    Tend to take bad angles
    It’s the business of the NFL
    Oh coming from ACL
    get the LB from LSU
    monte drops trade to get him

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    Actually someone did a big write-up on Kwon and compared the Bucs defense with and without Kwon on the field, and in every single category the Bucs defense was better with Kwon on the field, every category. The idea suddenly that Kwon isn’t a good player and the Bucs defense didn’t miss him is 100% fake news.

    I wish we could have kept him but I agree that the contracts being thrown around were just too high.

    Also, yes, David is a year-in year-out all-pro LB who gets zero respect on the national state and in a tier higher than Kwon, but he signed his contract like 5-years ago. Comparing pay of a 5 year deal to current is retarded.

    Anywho I have very little doubt that Kwon goes out to San Fran and is a year in and year our pro-bowler who might even get an all-pro 2nd team award once. It won’t happen next year since I figure he won’t be at 100% until, at earliest, halfway through the season, but those mocking this deal, when a lesser guy like Barr got the same money, well, you’re dopes. The Bucs couldn’t afford him right now, but that doesn’t mean he’s not any good.

  26. Cobraboy Says:

    Kwon who?

  27. Mr Lucky Says:

    @Cobraboy – Kwon who?

    It was Kwon, the $13 million cat herder

  28. 813bucboi Says:


    great post!!!!!


  29. Doctor_berto Says:

    Kwon? The guy who leads the nfl in missed tackles since he’s been drafted and that includes all the time he’s missed. Give me a break Rod

  30. Iron Wombat Says:

    Kwon makes guys around him better. McCoy makes guys around him better… they must of cancelled each other out. Like magnets.

  31. unbelievable Says:

    I mean, what do you expect Lynch to say?

    “Here’s a guy that was the heart of a historically awful defense, so we just gave him $13mil to come here and be awful”


  32. ElioT Says:

    You can’t celebrate watching Kwon walk out the door…

    ALSO, if the Bucs would have kept this guy at $13mil/yr they’d have been considered “Bat Sh*t” Crazy!!!

    The only Bucs’ defenders that have proven worthy of a deal even close to that are Brooks & Sapp, and they’d have been considered dramatically overpaid during the time they suited up.

    I wish the best of luck to Kwon, but he’ll need to be a perennial ALL PRO for 3 years+ to prevent inclusion in the latest class of extremely overpaid free agents.

    Go Bucs?