Here Comes Josh Allen

March 25th, 2019

Bucs’ interest high.

The Bucs aren’t exactly hiding who they lust for in next month’s draft (one month away!).

Last week the Bucs sent defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to gawk Kentucky manbeast Josh Allen at his pro day. But wait, there’s more!

Per NFL Network, the Bucs have scheduled a private visit for Allen at One Buc Palace at an undetermined time.

Joe would absolutely love to see Allen in a Bucs uniform but Joe also isn’t sure how that can happen short of the Bucs trading up. For Allen to fall to No. 5, the only way Joe can see that happening is if (at least) two quarterbacks are selected in the top-four and Chucky loses his damn mind and picks, say, Brian Burns over Josh Allen.

60 Responses to “Here Comes Josh Allen”

  1. RustyRhinos Says:

    Falk to #5 ???

  2. Jecir Says:

    So you’re saying there’s a chance???

  3. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    Josh Allen to the Bucs is my dream scenario. I’d take him 1st overall!

  4. Siege the Bay Says:

    Could also be a smoke screen

  5. Lord Cornelius Says:

    If 2 QBs go top 4 I’d imagine it’s very likely Josh Allen is there.

    Q Williams / N Bosa discussed as the potential top pick much more often than Allen. I don’t think I’ve seen Allen mocked #1 much but I’ve seen Williams / Bosa there a lot.

    Either way 2 QBs going top 4 = a automatic shot at a top 3 blue chip player at a position of need that is also worth taking that high

  6. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Grudog wants Khalil Allen so badly he might moveup to get him

    no way in hell is Allen going to pass Chucky

    1- ARI Murray
    2- SF Bosa
    3- Jets Allen/Williams
    4- Grudog Allen/Williams

    Bosa,Allen, Williams will never ever reach #5”

    Kobe Faker

  7. Joeypoppems Says:

    Rashan Gary at 4 is such a Gruden draft move lol. I fail to see how Burns over Allen is crazy. Other than thats what the media say

    I think either Allen or Quinnen will be there at 5

  8. FlBoy84 Says:

    While I’m sure they like Allen, fairly certain he’s one of a few guys they’d be happy to grab at #5 if they stay there. Personally don’t put much stock in what’s said or done publicly in the months leading up to the draft.

  9. macabee Says:

    Persona;ly, I think the Bucs ought to sit tight and let the draft come to them. However, if the Bucs are so inclined to get DE/OLB Josh Allen, this is what could happen or something like it.

    ESPN’s Rich Cimini believes the Jets will be “all ears” if a quarterback-needy team calls about the No. 3 pick in April’s draft. New York addressed its QB need by nabbing Sam Darnold in last year and they are changing their defense from a Todd Bowles 3-4 to a 4-3 under new coach Adam Gase. They could use an experienced 4-3 DT.

    Spring forward 30 days until draft night. Arizona takes QB Kyler Murray at #1. San Fran takes DE Nick Bosa with the 2nd pick. Bucs trade DT Gerald McCoy to the Jets and a 2020 3rd round pick for DE/OLB Josh Allen. McCoy agrees to restructure with the Jets. Jets get McCoy, Bucs 5th and a 2020 3rd round pick. Bucs get Josh Allen (next Chandler Jones), 13mil in cap space, and replace next year’s 3rd pick with comp pick from loss of Kwon Alexander (need one more free agent to sign, Grimes or Conte, to cement comp pick).

    Then we restructure WR Mike Evans by giving 8mil roster bonus, avg. salary now 12mil, spread 8mil over remainder of the contract, put 8 mil in cap space. Bucs now have 21mil in cap space, game changer in Josh Allen and cap space relief from JPP contract in 2020.

    Now the Bucs have 23.7mil in cap space (21 plus 2.7 current) to cover 9mil rookie pool, get experienced CB (Mo Clairborne) and get experienced RB (Isaiah Crowell) in 3rd free agency following the draft. There are more cuts coming too that I didn’t count. Go Bucs!

  10. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    Hey how about this gruden loves vets we trade them g-Mac plus our third and seventh for there 1st round pick we get cap relief plus the Allen and okaland gets a dt and only swap picks and get a player that fit there defense

  11. Lord Cornelius Says:


    In that case hoping for the trade down. Then it’ll likely be White, Oliver, “chicken legs” Sweat, Jonah Williams/Cody Ford, or Brian Burns who they’ve also met with.

    Burns was a beast at FSU against both the run / pass. Combine #’s very impressive. In general a super deep edge rush class when a guy like that is more likely a mid 1st than a top 5-10 lock

    As an FSU homer I am OK with him as the pick in a trade back. Still fits prototypical 3-4 OLB / DE mold. 4.5 40 at 250 lbs

  12. tbbucs3 Says:

    The Bucs are always just barley good enough to fall out of reach of easy great picks like Allen. If he’s there at 5 it’s a no brainier.

  13. josh Says:

    = to Noah Spence ….=(

  14. Kobe Faker Says:


    I agree. I love DWhite but if we can get another 2nd round pick and drop only a few spots on the 1st round would be glorious

    Devin Bush/Burns/ Jonah Williams/Jawan Taylor 1st and 2nd round pick

    our 2nd round pick – top corner
    3rd round miles sanders/snell rb

    we need 4 plug and play rookie studs”

    Kobe Faker

  15. JA Says:

    Although I find it humorous that Kobe Faker signs his name at the end of each post after Joe opens the post with “Kobe Faker says” (who the hell do we think is posting—Demented Don?), I have to agree with him. No way Allen is available unless there is a trade up for a QB and Gruden loses his mind, yet again.


  16. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I forgot to list Devin Bush. White’s been a bigger name but Bush is right up there

    This draft sets up to get 3-4 starters through R3 if we do it right

    pass rusher

    Would be my preferred 4. Can probably get OGs in R2/R3. RB in R3/R4. Pass rusher R1-R3. ILB might have to be R1 for an immediate impact starter

  17. Todd Says:


    You’re one smart mo-fo!

    Love your analysis and draft strategy in your post.

    Love it.

    I hope Jason L reads your post!

  18. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    This.Guy.Is.A.Fruad. He is not a dog,he’s a one trick pony. Uses his. Speed against inferior college level comp to win. That and that alone won’t work in the league. If the Bucs draft him someone will be getting fired come seasons end. Just YouTube Kentucky vs Georgia from last season. He’s a ghost on the football field. Game lacks physicality.

  19. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    All thru out his video he comes free or untouched to win. From what I see if you can simply get hands on him he is totally ineffective. Y’all see sack totals on the collegiate level and your mouths water. They don’t necessarily tell the whole story. What was the kid from Tennessee a year or so ago the eagles drafted??? I think he set sec records for sacks while in school. Don’t know if he even has recorded one in the league since being drafted.

  20. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    C’mon man Kobe you called him “Khalil Allen???”??? Huh! Look at Khalil film while in school at Buffalo and then look at josh allen’s. Their nothing alike.

  21. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Now I dare anyone of you to refute my analysis on this soon to be bust by finding and posting a film session by anyone of him beating an opponent with something other than speed. Take ya time I’m at work ain’t no rush.

  22. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Please,make me eat my words..

  23. Jamaal Stanley Says:

    Ima check back in here in about hour. I’m coming right back to this thread.

  24. Wausa Says:

    For Allen to fall to No. 5, the only way Joe can see that happening is if (at least) two quarterbacks are selected in the top-four and Chucky loses his damn mind and picks, say, Brian Burns over Josh Allen.

    I don’t agree the second part of this comment by Joe.
    Top four picks
    1) QB Murray
    2) DL Williams
    3) Trade for QB Haskins
    4) DE Bosa

    5) Bucs select DE/OLB Allen.

    If that scenario causes the Raiders to draft Allen over Williams I think the Bucs will still be ecstatic to select Williams.

  25. JGhoti86 Says:

    You are putting words in Joe’s mouth. Joe wanted an edge rusher. If you want to label the guy a linebacker, knock yourself out. An inside linebacker at No. 5 with edge rushers are the board for this team is the height of irresponsibility. — Joe.

  26. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Derek Barnett had 5 sacks as a rookie rotating on a limited snap basis due to the depth of the Eagles D-line.

    Got hurt the next year and only played 5-6 games with 2.5 sacks, or pacing for like 7.5-8.

    Not amazing but hard to judge a DE that got hurt their 2nd year. Also the guy was a mid 1st rounder not the consensus top 5 pick that Josh ALlen is.

    Watching the Harris Highlights (which have bad angles until almost a minute in). 1st play is at like 40 seconds is a sack untouched. 2nd play the same for a TFL.

    However, just 3 plays in (1:07), he sheds the RT block and easily side steps him to get into the backfield for the sack. That isn’t a pure speed move. He had to hold the point of attack and shed off the block then explode with speed.

    4th play the LT sees him and tries to slow him down but it doesn’t matter. Too much explosion/bend. It wasn’t unblocked/a free release it was just too much for the LT.

    5th play similar delayed speed rush.

    6th play he uses an inside/outside counter to trip up the LT (against Tennesssee) to get the edge and get a sack even while being held.

    Next play he easily bends around a UF OT to get to the QB.

    Next play is a free release blown protection by the other team (South Carolina).

    Stopping there. He definiitely mostly wins with speed/athleticism especially as a standing edge rusher type. But that’s true of most and he was doing it vs mostly SEC teams in the film I watched… not scrubs

  27. Joeypoppems Says:

    @Jamaal Stanley

    I kind of agree with you. Im not ready to call the guy a complete bust but I agree with some of your points.

    He is somewhat of a 1 trick pony with speed being that “1 trick” although it is a very good trick. He also is unblocked in a lot of his splash plays.

    I think he is getting the top 5 hype because of other reasons. His improvement from 2017 to 2018, his size and speed combo, clean off the field, and raw upside and potential.

    What I DONT understand is why he is the conversation with Bosa and Quinnen. Fans on here keep calling it the big 3 when its Bosa, Quinnen, then everyone else.

    Ive made it clear in posts that I believe Brian Burns is better than Allen and would take Burns top 5. I could listen to an argument that Ferrell is a better prospect than Allen.

    People talk Josh Allen up like a special, cant miss, prospect and I dont see it.

  28. catcard202 Says:

    I think every prospect has flaws…But I also think Florida / S.Car / MIZZOU / TXa&m / VANDY / Miss State play in the SEC & send a ton of talent to the NFL every yr….So, It’s not Josh Allen was compiling his sack totals against total scrubs, when he was wheeling under/around/past future NFL draft picks…

    Is it that he did it at Kentucky???

    2018 – Senior (Team Captain)

    Started in all 13 games
    Had a team-high 88 total tackles, 17 quarterback sacks, 21.5 TFL, seven QB hurries, five forced fumbles, four pass breakups and two fumble recoveries
    Led the SEC in quarterback sacks, tackles for loss, and forced fumbles
    His 17 sacks were the most by an SEC player in a single season since the NCAA started official sack records in 2000
    Ranked second nationally in sacks, fourth in fumbles forced and sixth in TFL
    Thirteen of his 17 sacks were in the second half, four in the third quarter and nine in the fourth quarter
    UK did not allowed a point on all 17 opponent possessions that he had a sack
    Consensus First-Team All-American (Walter Camp Football Foundation, Sports Illustrated,, ESPN, Associated Press, College Football News, Football Writers Association of America, Sporting News, USA Today, CBS, American Football Coaches Association, Athlon)
    SEC Defensive Player of the Year (AP, Coaches, Athlon, ESPN)
    First-Team All-SEC (AP, Coaches, Athlon, ESPN)
    Bronko Nagurski Award winner, National Defensive Player of the Year
    Chuck Bednarik Award winner, National Defensive Player of the Year
    Ronnie Lott IMPACT Trophy winner, National Defensive Player of the Year
    Jack Lambert Award winner, National Linebacker of the Year
    Birmingham Monday Morning Quarterback Club SEC Lineman of the Year
    Butkus Award finalist
    Walter Camp Player of the Year finalist
    Ted Hendricks Award finalist
    Maxwell Award semifinalist
    Lombardi Award semifinalist
    Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week (10/28)
    Four-time SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week (9/10, 9/24, 10/1, 10/29)
    Helped lead UK to its best regular-season record in 41 years, since the 1977 team went 10-1
    Earned unanimous All-Bowl Team selection (ESPN, USA Today, Associated Press and Sports Illustrated) after charting three quarterback sacks and a QB hurry in the 27-24 Citrus Bowl win over Penn State … Also blocked a field goal that provided the margin of victory
    Named Lott IMPACT Trophy Player of the Week three times, the first player to win the POW award three times since Manti Te’o of Notre Dame in 2012
    Named Walter Camp Football Foundation National Defensive Player of the Week after charting a then career-best 11 tackles (nine solo), including a pair of quarterback sacks both of which caused fumbles, in the win over Missouri
    Named SEC Defensive Player of the Week four times after wins over Florida, Mississippi State, South Carolina and Missouri
    Had a career-high 15 tackles, including a pair of quarterback sacks for -12 yards vs. MTSU
    Had eight tackles, four tackles for loss (-19), including a career-best three quarterback sacks (-17), one fumble caused and one quarterback hurry in the win over South Carolina
    First UK player with three sacks in an SEC game since Marlon McCree vs. South Carolina in 1998
    First UK player with four tackles for loss in any game since Marlon McCree vs. Florida in 1998
    Totaled six tackles, two tackles for loss, a quarterback sack, a pass breakup and a QB hurry in the win over No. 14 Mississippi State
    Had five tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, one QB sack, one fumble caused, one pass breakup and one quarterback hurry in the win at No. 25 Florida
    His QB sack on the game’s final play caused a fumble that UK returned for a touchdown, clinching the win for the Wildcats … Also had a key pass breakup on a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter
    First-Team Preseason All-SEC (Coaches, Street & Smith’s)
    Second-Team Preseason All-SEC (Media, Phil Steele, Lindy’s)
    Third-Team Defense Preseason All-SEC (Athlon Sports)
    Midseason All-American (CBS Sports,, Sporting News, AP, The Athletic and Pro Football Focus)

  29. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ catcard202, if you maybe could just give us some specifics….


  30. Kyle Says:

    damn dude, you have a lot of time on your hands ^^^^ Impressive resume

  31. Sorry Jamaal Says:

    Get back to work!

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t we entitled to several player interviews….& don’t we have enough time and budget to send Bowles just about anywhere….
    What this means is…..if Allen is there at 5….we are probably taking him.

    But, I think we knew that before today.

  33. Joe Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t we entitled to several player interviews….& don’t we have enough time and budget to send Bowles just about anywhere….
    What this means is…..if Allen is there at 5….we are probably taking him.

    Yes, there are several player interviews. Yes, the Bucs have the budget to send Bowles anywhere. That’s not the point. A team is not going to throw away cash and very valuable time sending their defensive coordinator to a workout unless it is important. The defensive coordinator could be at One Buc Palace trying to find ways to stop this year’s opponents or watch film of his new players to find ways to best use them. So for Bowles to hit the road for a Pro Day, that’s a big tell.

  34. JimmyJack Says:

    If Murray goes #1 we have a good chance.

    Somebody’s trading up to top 5 for Haskins. My eyes are on the Jets pick. They are wanting the extra picks because they are hungry for offense right now.

    If no trades happen and Q is at 4 I am begging for a trade up.

  35. Bruce Blahak Says:

    This is the same damn pickle as last year, hoping Nelson dropped one more spot to the Bucs. The first 4 picks look set in stone with Murray as the first overall and 3 defensive studs. Bucs might have to TRADE DOWN, again, and hope someone wants to sell the farm for Haskins or someone else.

  36. BuccOff Says:

    Joe Says:

    March 25th, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    “So for Bowles to hit the road for a Pro Day, that’s a big tell.”

    OR…it’s a bunch of obvious smoke this time of year. 32 teams might like Allen. Sending Bowles there is due diligence, not necessarily anything more. After all, since BA has been granted a coach for just about everything from cutting the grass to judging the wind direction before gametime, the scouting budget prior to the draft will be limitless. Done and done.

    Solution: JUST LAND QUINNEN WILLIAMS. Done and done.

  37. JGhoti86 Says:

    @ Joe

    I agree completely on your last sentence. I wasn’t referring to that. If you think I did put words in your, then I will apologize. And initially on last weeks Ira Kaufman when Lee made the statement I did take it for being an ILB. But if you listen to this past Thursday two parter podcast, Ira mentioned Lee’s BOLD statement and stated he was referring to ANY linebacker. I’ll go back and listen to make sure I didn’t misinterpret it or am wrong in any way in my comment, but I’m almost positive when Ira brought it up on this last podcast, he used the words “any linebacker” re: the other Joes statement from the week prior. If I’m wrong, silly me and owe an apology to all three of you guys.

    Either way it’s semantics and ultimately doesn’t matter that much and I ALWAYS appreciate you guys and your Bucs coverage at

  38. 813bucboi Says:


    they’re getting GMC’s replacement 1st round…..either QW or EO in a trade down….j.polite in the 2nd round-OLB/DE….tytus howard in the 3rd….


  39. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree….


  40. JGhoti86 Says:

    @ Joe

    2:30-3:15 on Thursday podcast titled, “Talks Smoke-Blowing Lynch” – “if they draft a linebacker, no matter who it is”.

    Everyone has a labeled position on the official depth charts. I’d imagine if we drafted Allen, they would label him as a LB. again semantics, but I wasn’t putting words into any of the Joe’s mouths.

    And I agree w/ you, a pass rusher is the right move. I’d even go as far to say that I would take Oliver over White if Williams, Bosa and Allen are all gone.

    But I will give an apology for being too technical, I guess. No harm, no foul!

  41. Joe Says:


    Thank you for the kind words.

  42. Ndog Says:

    I am afraid we are jussssst outside of the elite player range, like usual….

    5 is like the worst spot to be in this draft.

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bowles can watch film on his new players on the plane ride…..and, isn’t it refreshing that a DC is taking such strong interest in a player or the draft in general….hardly a waste of time when you are talking about a #5 pick.

    This means Licht is likely less involved in the pick….and that’s a good thing.

  44. macabee Says:


    Bucs have 30 pre-draft visits in Tampa

    DE/OLB Josh Allen/Kentucky
    DT Quinnen Williams/Alabama
    S Darnell Savage/Maryland
    OT Tytus Howard/Alabama State

    Source: WalterFootball

  45. JGhoti86 Says:


    Of course! And no thanks necessary. I wouldn’t be as informed and wouldn’t be anywhere close to the Bucs fan I am today w/o your guys’ website and Bucs related knowledge.

    Thing I respect about you guys the most is your integrity. I’d love to hear this DeSean Jackson information you guys are sitting on re: the derailment of Jameis. But “off the record” truly means “off the record” to you guys and that says it all


  46. SCBucsFan Says:

    BucOff you realize Williams won’t be there at 5 and the last thing we need to do is trade high draft picks away right now. We can’t trade a 2 to move up 2 spots with all our needs.

    Or maybe you don’t realize that.

  47. BigBucKy13 Says:

    I live in Lexington and have seen this man play live on more than one occasion. Trust me fellow Bucs fans, WE WANT THIS GUY!

  48. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Of course they want him. They better. But he probably will be off the board when we pick. If by some miracle either Williams, Allen, or Bosa are on the board at #5 we will be good to go.

  49. GhostofSchiano Says:

    The thing I like about this time of year, thousands of opinions, analysis, etc. and Licht being Licht you just never know….Aguyao anyone?

  50. bucs4ya Says:

    Many seem to be forgetting that Gruden brought in Mike Mayock. Gruden knows he sucks at drafting. Don’t expect anything dumb fron the Raiders as much as it pains me to say it. The smartess thing Gruden did was bringing him aboard to help with drafting.

  51. Maze Says:

    Well Burns might be better so

  52. BuccOff Says:


    You do “realize” that you don’t “know” d**k about d**k right, honkytonk there in the Carolina!

    See your noise, has objectively any more clairvoyance or omnis ience on how many teams will/will not/will….trade up for Haskins, and with Raiders working out both Murray and Haskins b4 draft and picking at four, plus Gruden’s praise out loud in 3 separate events for Drew Lock, and Carr’s very tradeable salary…..YOU ain’t got no f’n idea what’s gonna happen in the top 4, especially with Elway having a hard-on for Lock also, Gettleman saying maybe Haskins doesn’t fit their mold for their future too slow in pocket.

    You ain’t got no f*ckin idea. You’ve squawked before.

    So when I say “land Quinnen”…that’s the objective.

  53. BuccOff Says:

    Shout out to a sensible @Bucboi….appreciate cha!

    Land Quinnen! Go Bold, go big, go Quinnen!

  54. BuccOff Says:

    *hasn’t any more clairvoyance, damn auto correct

  55. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Mike Mayock was smart because he had scouts from every team feeding him information. He is now a GM with only one team’s scouts (Raiders) and no other team’s scout in his right mind is going to give him anything of value. He is a figurehead GM, Gruden’s lackey and nothing more.

  56. Bucsdelight Says:

    I posted this last week and still rings true.

    WalterFootball has the following Mock Draft:

    Cards – Kyler Murray
    SF – Quinnen Williams (previously Bosa)
    NYJ – Nick Bosa (Previously Sweat)
    OAK – Dwayne Haskins (Previously Williams)
    Bucs – Josh Allen

  57. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Joe Says
    “A team is not going to throw away cash and very valuable time sending their defensive coordinator to a workout unless it is important.”

    But is the importance what you think it is?

    Smoke and mirrors. Maybe they want to scare someone into trading up for him so that a player someone else wants drops down and wants to trade with the Bucs.

  58. stpetebucsfan Says:

    The QB grass is always greener somewhere else in the eyes of Jon Gruden. He’s not happy with his current starter.

    I’ve actually seen one draft where they had Chucky taking Drew Lock at 4. That’s hard to imagine simply because he can be had a lot later in the draft. I thought the consensus had Haskins far better than Lock but stranger things have happened.

    I’d be happy with Allen but I also really like White. Five is NOT the worst place to be in this year’s draft. Bosa, Quinnen, Allen and White…one will have to be available if a QB goes in the top four.

  59. Pryda30.... sec 147 Says:

    What would it take to jump up a spot ?

  60. MadMax Says:

    its possible we’ll have our choice of Q, Allen or White (then trade GMC if we draft Q)…..and since our cap is so horrible, i’ll take them in that order.

    But Q. will be gone, as will Allen more than likely. So, White it will be!