“He Will Set The Tone For Our Offense”

March 27th, 2019

Bruce Arians goes national with his deep love of Peyton Barber (story and video)

Bucco Bruce Arians was talking about the core elements of our beloved Buccaneers on NFL Network yesterday.

If you doubted when Joe wrote weeks ago that team officials consider Peyton Barber to be a top-5 running back, then just go ahead and watch this video below. The head coach changes his voice when talking about Barber and explains that “he will set the tone for our offense.”

Arians loves Barber, loves him.

Of note, Arians hints at wide receiver blocking lacking in the video, something he talked about needing a boost with Joe and reporters yesterday at the NFL Owners Meetings in Phoenix.

38 Responses to ““He Will Set The Tone For Our Offense””

  1. Wausa Says:

    If you believe what BA says about the Bucs roster then you also have to believe the former Bucs coaches were awful.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    not seeing a top 5 running back. Barber is a good serviceable back but not a back i would center my team around.

  3. SCBucsFan Says:

    Barber is the star running back on a 6-10 team. Things get no better with him as our lead back.

  4. 813bucboi Says:

    that means were going to run the ball…run the ball and run the ball again…..


  5. SCBucsFan Says:

    813 run 3 yards…. run 2 yards … incomplete… send out the star FA signing

  6. JimmyJack Says:

    Barber is my fav Bucs. He bruises opposing players. He is not a game changer. What he does do is affect the game though.

    If you don’t think getting hit real hard affects the way you play then you have never played football before.

    Ever hear the announcers say stuff like “softening up the defense”? They don’t just say that cause it sounds pretty.

    Or rewind old MNF games and listen to Gruden tell you much momentum can be built off of smashing the ball to convert 3rd & 1.

    Barber can be the most physical player on the football field. He does things that other RBs can’t do. Y’all might not think physicality matters but I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

  7. JimmyJack Says:

    You cannot win a SuperBowl if you can run the ball.

    You’ll never make it. You can win games being one dimensional but eventually you are going to run into a defense that will shut down you’re aierial attack………..You gotta be able to win on different ways in this league or you’ll never make it. At least it been that way for the last 53 years.

  8. Frank Pillow Says:

    It’s hard to trust anything that comes out of BA or Licht’s mouth heading into the draft.


    Hopefully Peyton does not struggle with the new playbook.

  10. JimmyJack Says:

    813 I don’t think it will mean we are going to get plan to be a run heavy team…….I bet Bruce didn’t plan to run all over us when he blew us out but when AP got the ball he ran for 7. So hBruce ran again for 9 more. Then 6 more then 11…….6……8……..9……..TD. or something like that.

    Next drive same thing same results. Then they opened up the pass attack.

    I bieve Bruce will adjust and stick with a rush attack if it is working.
    Our last coach had other plans…….which failed.

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    Was referencing Bruce coaching against the Bucs when Dirk got blow out in the desert..

  12. K2 Says:

    It is great having a coach that is not afraid to win!!! Even our wins looked shaky last year. The team acted like “I can’t believe we won… we are suppose to lose.” In stead of getting nervous when we are playing well, They should have been more concerned about eliminating all the mistakes…and stop playing bad.

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    sc & jimmyjack

    im saying BA wont abandon the run like dirk and the run game will set the tone instead of airing it out, throwing deep to set the tone…..

    BA has been saying all offseason how players were misused and the oline is no different….our oline excels at run blocking(d.smith, marpet, dotson all help doug to #2 in rushing 2015) but because dirk abandoned the run early and often, linemen never got into a groove…..it was obvious warhop focused on pass protection more vs run blocking because our offense was designed to be a pass first, pass sets up the run type of offense…..

    get the olinemen back to what they do best which was run blocking and have barber, who runs hard and is a productive RB when given a decent amount of touches set the tone for the offense…..


  14. JimmyJack Says:

    813……..I agree with that. I look to see Bruce go pass heavy if it’s working too.

    I don’t mind abbonding the run if you the pass is working.

    I’ve always though Dirk’s problem is that he changed the running game when he got promoted. He changed the way we attacked and stopped doing what was working with our rush.

    The easiest way to see this is the formations. In 2015 we ran a ton of plays with a split backfield(Martin/Sims). After Dirk became HC we rarely saw 2RBs in the backfield. It was only 1. If we had 2 RBs in Dirk had them on the line or in the slot.

    We stopped attacking the edges in Dirk’s offense. I think that had a huge difference and made it much tougher to generate any yards in the middle.

    Also ……..I don’t know much about blocking assignments and symantics but it seems to me that when you change the way you attack you are changing the blocking schemes/styles. Part of the reason we were so bad at running could be bacise of this.

    I know we lost Logan Mankins when Dirk got the HC job but it seems pretty naive to say that was the only thing that caused our running game to collapse.

  15. T REX Says:

    Another losing season incoming. We lured a retired sick coach out of retirement. Kept a GM with a worse record than Mark D. We have no salary cap room. This franchise is a disaster.

  16. The Fighting Schiano’s Says:

    The more and more I hear this guy talk, the more and more I think I was wrong about Koetter. I loved Koetter, but it certainly did seem like we had the talent and couldn’t put it together for whatever reason.

    Next season cant start soon enough. Can’t wait to see what this team looks like under this new coaching staff!

  17. Issaic haggins Says:

    Barber fan for a long time but he runs way way to high after clearing the line and constantly loses and often getting taken off his feet like he weighs 200. Must improve his shoulder lean to survive in the nfl

  18. SFNJ Says:

    Maybe it’s me and the past ten years of losing but this guy feels like Sam Wyche 2.0

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    813bucboi … “that means were going to run the ball…run the ball and run the ball again”. OK bucboi, is that 3 times each series or 3 times in a game? Actually, I think you’re over-stating it a bit … BA did best in Arizona when he had a BALANCED ATTACK. For instance, in his first 3 winning years (2013-2015) Cards ran the ball on 40.7%-40.0%-43.4% of the plays respectively. In his last 2 break-even years (2016-2017) they ran the ball 36.7% & 38.6%. Using that as a guesstimate, BA probably would prefer to run the ball 40-45% of the time. So would about every OC in the NFL me thinks. That’s a pretty good balance in the running vs passing game.

    Incidentally, the Cards best defenses were in 2013-2015 (based on POINTS ALLOWED). The Cards QBs were just average IMO (especially in 2016 & 2017), and it looks like the Cards records reflect what was working best. No surprise there.

  20. diggler Says:


    Well said. Also the run blocking was terrible and admitted as much by Ali. What Barber did was develop a great little stutter to get past would be tacklers that were way too often getting on their side of the ball way too quickly. Barber turned a lot of bad run plays into 2 and 3 yard gainers. With good blocking he can be a 1200 yard rusher. Now catching out of the backfield? Hope he’s working on that in the offseason. Love Barber man!

  21. diggler Says:

    T REX Says:
    March 27th, 2019 at 2:06 pm
    Another losing season incoming. We lured a retired sick coach out of retirement. Kept a GM with a worse record than Mark D. We have no salary cap room. This franchise is a disaster.

    ^^^All too true. It’s really the owners that are the disaster. They consider BA a splash hire. Que?! They hired him with no cap space. Que?! They allowed Licht to spend a boat load and kept him on after such dismal seasons pretty much excusing Licht’s reckless ways. Finally, the love affair and loyalty they have for Winston is baffling after Wiston lied and lied and lied making a fool of himself over and over and over. Maybe Licht has the Glazier’s locked away like Richard Simmons.

  22. 813bucboi Says:


    obviously you missed my 2nd post…..

    read @jimmyjack


  23. buc15 Says:

    BA is the MAN! That is all

  24. Kobe Faker Says:

    “In todays NFL game, you cant win 4 yards at a time

    explosive pass plays to the runningback is as important than the 4 yard carry

    key to winning NFL games is to score 30 pts…

    you cant score 30pts by running 4 yards at a time”

    Kobe Faker

    2019 draft top players
    defensive player- Josh Allen
    offensive player- David Montgomery

  25. Bobby M. Says:

    Slightly off subject….but if Ronald Jones struggled with learning the playbook last year, learning a whole new offense this year is probably going to be a challenge for him again.

    I like Barber though….I think he’s got a chunk of upside still un-tapped.

  26. JabooBuc Says:

    Barber has been good running behind the worst line in football. Give the dude a chance behind an average line.

  27. BucEmUp 7 Says:

    Barber is a good back but we need a speedy pass catching running back..Rojo didnt gey enough , coaching or reps. That kid joe shared wrote an article about yhe other day was very intriguing on tape. Thats an important role. Again though we havent seen what Rojo can or cannot do. Not nearly enough opportunities

  28. BucEmUp 7 Says:

    Pretty disrespectful. to call BA sick to diminish his value. The guy is healthy and younger than two other winning head coaches..Thats an idiotic statement.

  29. gman Says:

    If Barber is going to set the tone…we are screwed, blued and tattooed

  30. Ndog Says:

    Wausa Says:
    March 27th, 2019 at 12:42 pm
    If you believe what BA says about the Bucs roster then you also have to believe the former Bucs coaches were awful.

    YES that is correct, and anyone with a brain could see they sucked out loud!!!!

  31. Ndog Says:

    Barber is a very good back and if we commit to actually running the ball and have improved oline play he will prove to be productive.

  32. D1 Says:

    Jimmy Jack

    The lost 2 starting linemen and the running back that gained all those yards for half the season. The other half, he just sucked. So no….there wasn’t just a single change.

    No mention of situational football either, what was the score and what was the passing game doing. The run game , as everyone seems to believe, does not exist in a vacuum. Ex, The offense turns the ball over and the defense is nonexistent to start the game and you think a coach is going to give up a possession to “wear a team down” “commit to the running game ”
    I know you don’t, but you understand the point.

    The rest isn’t directed to you or your post , just an observation.

    There’s been 1 million posts acknowledging the team had zero problem moving the ball up and down the field, between the 20s, and there’s nothing on this thread but a commitment to cliques.

    Do we need to run the ball move effectively, of course, but this team isn’t constructed for that purpose. But the comments neglect that fact and substitute a false history that 2015 is the same team as the following years with one exception Logan Mankins. That’s not at all true,
    But it sets up the false premise that DK abandoned the run for now reason whatsoever.

    Seriously, stupid chit from some extremely devoted fans. Devoted, no question about it. Knowledgeable, it’s hard to see it among the Bullspit , invented history and penchant for seeking a single player or coach to place all the blame on.

  33. D1 Says:


    Coaches see the players everyday at practice. This is something lost on fans. They didn’t see what they needed to in practice, you think they owe it to the fans to show them? Of course not.

    Rojo may turn out to be good and very much the player they believed hed be when they drafted him. He may not. There’s no shortage of comments critical of Jason’s licht and his free agent aquisitions and his draft selections. Yet, there’s no integration of those thoughts into a situation like this. So it must be xyz. Could be, but that doesn’t work with the other well established idea that Licht is not a good evaluator of talent. I’m suggesting that if the latter is true, why is there any surprise that Rojo wasnt the best pick. Missing the mark in the 2nd round is something of a tradition with him at gm. Yet , you seem to find every possible explanation but the one that is right there. Occam’s Razor.

  34. T REX Says:

    Arians himself said he would grade his health out as a C. A freaking C. That’s not good but you mindless zombies keep thinking that everything is going to miraculously change. We didn’t hire Jesus. Mu god you people are iun for a rude awakening. Rude.

  35. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Hey BA has certainly earned some leeway to say some crazy sh!t, but Barber as the guy setting the tone!? Don’t get me wrong I respect Barber…guy was an undrafted player who has worked his butt off to improve and runs hard every time he gets the ball. That said unless something drastic happens with the O Line the tone will likely far too often be run for 4, run gain 1 (or get stuffed at the line), get a holding penalty, fail to convert on 3 and 16, punt. You can’t teach speed, and regardless of ROJO’s disappointing rookie season that young man is the potential home run hitter RB this team will need to emerge if they have any shot at a dominant running game..IMO at least.

  36. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Payton Barber is nothing special and there definitely needs to be an upgrade at that position. You guys fall in love with mediocre players like him all the time. There is not a team in this league that is thinking “damn I wish we had Payton Barber.” But our fans just love the guy lol.

  37. BuccoBoras Says:

    Almost every buc game the commentators gushed over Barber. They all said the same thing. He’s far better the numbers suggest.

  38. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Fake news!