Bucs Front Office Hammered

March 14th, 2019


The natives are getting fed up. That’s what losing year after year after year does to folks.

Now Joe did not expect the Bucs to go drunken sailor this week on free agents like the Jets or the Browns. Why? They didn’t have the cash.

You can’t shop at Ed Morse Cadillac if you can barely afford a bus pass.

But don’t tell Martin Fennelly that. The humorist for the Tampa Bay Times couldn’t hide his disgust at the inactivity of the Bucs during the legal tampering period. And in no uncertain terms, Fennelly writes that well-run organizations would have found ways to get some decent players. To be specific, Fennelly believes just about everyone not named “Mike Evans” who has a steep salary should have been traded or released.

In other words, Fennelly believes, why do they deserve to be so handsomely paid when the Bucs are in the position they are in because of p!ss poor play, losing 22 games the past two seasons?

The point is that Monday was Black Friday. Store doors flew open, shoppers rushed in. And the Bucs, despite being lousy, were looking for quarters under couch cushions. It’s just another indicator of how badly this organization is run.

At 5-11, you have so little cap space you can’t even afford to keep the young players you want to keep. Really?

The Colts had $100 million to spend. And they made the playoffs last season. The Bucs’ pockets are empty.

Fennelly made points Joe has touched on before. One is why the Bucs didn’t trade malcontent wide receiver DeSean Jackson last year. Joe answered that question: People in the building, both suits and coaches, were desperate for wins and you often don’t win games by unloading talent, even if that talent shat all over the locker room and poisoned the place worse than the MRSA.

Joe isn’t angry the Bucs have been relatively inactive this week outside of dumpster diving for the likes of Breshad Perriman.

What Joe is outraged about is that they didn’t trade for Dee Ford, the Chiefs’ elite pass rusher for a second-round pick (you know, the same round where such treasures of professional football are found like Austin Seferian-Jackass, Roberto Aguayo, Ronald Jones and M.J. Stewart). You wave goodbye to GMC to pay for Ford and then draft a defensive tackle at No. 5 and now for maybe the next decade you have a ferocious defensive line capable of making quarterbacks cry and dominating offenses.

But nah, the Bucs have Will Gholston. They’re good. They don’t need Ford when Jason Pierre-Paul likely plays his last snap for the Bucs in December 2020. They can bank on Noah Spence, another crown jewel of the Second Round Club.

If Joe can see this, why can’t the folks collecting big checks from Team Glazer?

And Joe can just smell it now like a roaring barbeque from across the street. Just like the last two years when damn near every team solved its running back problem through the draft while the Bucs trolled for guys who apparently passed illiteracy tests and can’t read playbooks, the Bucs at No. 5 will pass on a generational edge rusher, the lone position on defense that can directly affect a game, and draft an inside linebacker. In a passing league.

Can you say, “Irresponsible?”

83 Responses to “Bucs Front Office Hammered”

  1. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Beau Allen restructured to stay with the team.

    I like the move for depth.

    He must really like the atmosphere.

  2. DK Says:

    A generational pass rusher is Myles garret. This class is loaded don’t get me wrong. But josh Allen could be Aaron curry 2.0… Bosa isn’t as good of a prospect as his brother was coming out. Williams is a beast but sub and McCoy where better prospects. Honestly the best overall prospect is probably going to be Devin white- he’s just a LB which is easier to replace and not as crucial of a piece as a D lineman or O lineman. There’s not even an elite O lineman prospect like Nelson last year. It’s just a deep class.

  3. DK Says:

    No elite DBs like Patrick Peterson or Jalen Ramsey. No elite RBs like Saquon. Draft is ok. Moving back and stock piling talent might be best.

  4. DK Says:

    I’m 1000% with you we should have traded for dee ford. Our front office can’t hit a 2nd round pick lmao

  5. The Buc Realist Says:

    Its funny to see joe’s rallying cry was “hold them accountable” last year when it was a coaching staff they did not like, But are totally giving the front office passes???

    2019 season will give answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. IsrBuc Says:

    Fenelly is spot on. Read the whole piece again, maybe you’ll understand it better. You took one paragraph and created a context of your own. I advise people to read it with an open mind. We all know we got no cap room. It can happen. Being a loser and have no cap its a different matter and that’s what the column is about.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Only a million pay cut though.

    On topic, this is the first year we’ve had cap issues in a long time. And why is that?

    Because we have players to keep past their rookie contracts. That’s a good thing.

  8. Bird Says:

    Overpaying for mediocrity never works out

  9. IsrBuc Says:

    @bonzai he probably didn’t have any other option and the bucs cannot afford to replace him with a decent player.

  10. Curse of Gruden Says:

    The position the Bucs are in compared to the Colts is downright scary. I’m beginning to question why our GM still has a job. It’s hard to get perspective when you live in the Tampa Bay bubble.

  11. Bird Says:


    Hey . If you are watching posts. You were right on Kwon deal. Big Bucs. However , Only around 14 mil is gauranteed …injury language involved.

    They can move on from after one year and 14 mil
    The funny thing is it may take 2 years for him to be healthy

  12. Bird Says:

    Big bucks $. Not big Bucs

  13. Bobby M. Says:

    Read that article….they nailed it. Wouldn’t be shocked if Team Glazer floated that one out there to let the fans know who created this mess and send a warning shot to Licht, its do or die.

  14. rrsrq Says:

    Fans were pissed we didn’t take Luke Kuechly, Devin White could be as good or better. He also meets a need. This draft is deeper at defensive line than LBs. So get the best athlete in White if he is available, as much as this is a passing league, you have Freeman, Kamara and McCaffrey to deal with out of the backfield. You need a sideline to sideline guy who is a sure tackler, now you have two in White and LVD. There will be potential inside and outside QB hunters likely into the third round or maybe Licht trades back up into the 2nd after selecting a guard (who can move to RT next year). Remember defensive philosophy is changing, no more 20 yards off the ball

  15. Bird Says:

    Beau Allen takes 1 mil pay cut for more guaranteed so he will be on roster.

    So we got an extra mil now to spend.

    There were rumors of redoing mike Evans contract as well but nothing out yet.

  16. Cutlass79 Says:

    Trash GM period! Look at hargraves draft class, complete trash

  17. VeeJay24 Says:

    Absolutely agree!!!! I was asking the same question about Dee Ford. There were people available via trade. Come on guys!!!

  18. Andrew Says:

    Mind you, it was a 2020 second round pick. Not even this year.

    Without a doubt, Licht will be trading for a veteran corner like he did last year for jpp.

  19. Figures Says:

    Jason licht five years and this is what he’s built?

    Lmao laughable and pathetic.

  20. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    A salty Joe…most enjoyable. Licht Weight has to be on his 9th life by now…no pressure Bucco Bruce.

  21. donuts Says:

    Man that was a good read. Poking at most of the Bucs operational troubles as a business.

  22. Buc4evr Says:

    A 5-11 team in Salary Cap hell because Jason Gump overpaid for marginal and high risk players. Nobody’s job should be safe, but as long as the Bucs are content with just filling spots on the roster with injury prone, second rate, overpaid players then we will continue to occupy the nfc south basement. Article nails it: Gump is a chump.

  23. AncientAsBuc Says:

    Joe is getting pretty whiny-just like Fennelly. The salary cap has never kept a team from success. The best teams are always against the cap. We are not the best team but maybe we have learned that winning the first week of free agency is fool’s gold. Besides GMC, name one player considered overpaid, and GMC is not even necessarily overpaid. BA has seen enough of over-priced FAs and let’s see what happens. Also, coaching staffs here have had a lot more say on talent then you report. They all do. I bet BA is better at that Koetter and his guys.

  24. doolnutts Says:

    The point in all this that many fans seem to be missing is Bruce Arians clearly likes the team. He has been watching film all offseason if he didn’t want McCoy, Smith etc than they would not be here. Licht’s record speaks for itself we haven’t been winning in a long time but this is no longer the Licht show. I fully am buying what Bruce Arian’s is selling until proven otherwise!

  25. D-Rome Says:

    Jason licht five years and this is what he’s built?

    Lmao laughable and pathetic.

    It’s been a 5+ year reign of terror. What’s hysterical to me is that some Bucs fans are *STILL* blaming the head coach for all these moves and that Arians is somehow hamstringing Backstabbin’ Jason Licht.

    That said, the Bucs should have made a move for Tevin Coleman or Mark Ingram. Either of them could have been signed. You telling me the Bucs couldn’t find $15 million over three years?

    I agree with Joe’s points on Dee Ford.

  26. Pryda30.... sec 147 Says:

    We don’t need much on defense just average play and some smart play at the end of 1st half and end of the game

  27. rrsrq Says:

    Drew Bree’s restructured his contract, where is GMC who knows he is not playing up to 13 million this year, you can also have ME move some money around (though he shouldn’t have to). Cam Brate will Be traded on draft day (unless BA feels that JW needs that security blanket). Will Gholston, do they see him being more successful in a 3-4 defensive alignment? Is Beau a back up NT?

  28. Figures Says:

    Lmao basement again guarantee it.
    I love the optimism but be real.
    This team is worse and will not win many games.

  29. WyldKat Says:

    If they’re hammered now, another year of losing and they’ll be out cold in the gutter before kickoffs.

  30. Bird Says:

    They seem to be putting all their eggs in one basket

    They Appear to feel there is enough talent on this team and just bad coaching was the problem for a losing team/losing culture
    Puts A lot of pressure on arians. .

    Hope Bucs don’t give him a heart attack.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s all Jameis Winston’s fault!

  32. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    Front office deserves to be hammered.

    GM and the Scouts.

    It’s almost been like…everybody in the world says this guy in the draft is killer, a monster, a can’t miss guy.

    So, the Bucs always pass him up for some super smart wizard pick they think is going to show everyone else how smart they are AND IT NEVER WORKS.



  33. buc up Says:

    Prime reason I did not renew my tickets after supporting the Bucs since 1978!

  34. Buc4evr Says:

    Btw, agree on Dee Ford, nauseating but understandable as to why we passed on any thoughts of a trade. Gump wants to draft another kicker in the second round this year.

  35. Kobe Faker Says:

    “For those that are putting all your eggs into BAs basket of hope…

    The dna and blood sample report finally came in

    On behalf of the Bucs fans, both poster Dr Stroud and myself have finished the psychological report of Bruce Arians

    The official medical report and analysis will be released later today”

    Kobe Faker

  36. Defense Rules Says:

    Come on Joe, tell us how you REALLY feel. You’re right about Licht (aka, Front Office?) but wrong about Dee Ford. Bucs are in no position at this moment to afford all the high-priced talent that we’ve got, much less adding to it. Even IF we released GMC to free up $13 mil, that’s still $4.5 mil SHORT of Ford’s salary AND we would have to use our #5 pick to replace GMC with an equivalent DT. (OMG, that just woke up tmaxcon). That’s a pretty steep cost.

    Besides, Ford won’t be the difference-maker that Devin White will as far as I’m concerned. Bucs got eaten alive in the middle of the field this past year, in BOTH the passing game AND the run game. A MLB with Devin White’s size, speed & talent will make a huge difference there. People keep expecting huge impact plays, as in crunching tackles, sacks & INTS, but the guy who consistently shows up in defeating 3rd down conversions is just as valuable IMO. Not necessarily a ‘splash’ plays, but they’re critical to the end result. Devin White can have that kind of impact I’m convinced.

  37. TOM Says:

    Don’t always agree with Fenelly but this time he is right on. The Bucs should have cleaned house but no as usual they fart around and do practically nothing. Now they still have a bunch of overpaid average players & no cap room. This is how you remain below 500, along with bad drafts & bad FA signings. Why is Gholston, Bennoch, Dotson & especially McCoy still on the roster? Some things in life never change & the Bucs is one of them. Licht may go down as the worse GM in Bucs history.

  38. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    “Forget the Salary Cap. Try a dunce cap.”


  39. Bucsdelight Says:

    “Last season was the time. Everybody that made money should have been gone, Jackson, Gerald McCoy, Jason Pierre-Paul. McCoy is a good man, a good player, a good draft pick. How many playoff seasons has he had with the Bucs again?

    And when the Bucs do come up with and develop a nice find in the draft, like Alexander, or find a Humphries, who is now off to Tennessee, you just have to watch them walk.

    And when Arians sends five receivers out in the fall and Jameis Winston ends up under five pass rushers, we’ll have your answer. We haven’t even gotten to the elephant in the Uber in the room, that Winston might stink anyway.

    No one can truly explain why the Bucs have decided to pay Smith and Dotson like this. Is there any team out there that values these guys this much except the Bucs?”

    Fennelly is on point with this. We could have traded DJax towards the end of last year. We could have traded GMC, JPP, and others. We didn’t. By not being active last year at the end of trade deadline, we were stuck with what we got. We lost Kwon and Hump to FA, because we couldn’t pay them. We ended up paying Dotson and Smith. I understand Smith, but Dotson? Come on. Failures at the end of last year affected our decisions at the beginning of this year.

  40. TheCollegeBuc Says:

    I’m reminded of Lovie’s fateful FA period of 2014. Scary times. Watching players leave with worse replacements (on a smaller scale this year) is worrisome. Hopefully BA is carrying the atickcin the draft room because I have no confidence in Licht. Simply too many misses especially in the second round. Now we are losing some of his few good pickups like Kwon and Humphries. Cant sign players in FA (all his years), cant draft well, cant keep his players who do well. I’m off the Licht train.

  41. Knucknbuc Says:

    jason licht is a moron. his team building skills are god awful at best. i expect the bucs to maybe win 5 games this year with that dumb dumb running things.

  42. Dubcity06 Says:

    Ive been saying I could do a better job than Litch since he got hired. But no one wanted to listen. Meanwhile the team is still not well built. But ok… Bucs will continue to bring these suits in that know nothing about the Bucs

  43. John Says:

    Don’t forget we have Winston — Greatest football player ever

  44. StoutGospel Says:

    Well yes…it’s a multiplicity of issues with Licht and the front office.

    The LARGEST issue, which has just now presented a real problem for the first time in 6 years or so (especially after back to back 5-11 seasons) IS…that the Glazers likely have insisted via Mike Greenberg to keep the books ultra clean with high annual salaries, high roster bonuses year by year, and NOT re-working contracts with signing bonuses to pro-rate those bonuses over additional remaining years in an effort to LOWER the base salaries to a minimum, to then target a couple key FA’s, such as Ford, Bell, whomever else.

    A sinister combination of Glazer agenda to run the bottom line on strictly next year’s Operating Revenues (from the TV deal annual income + stadium and ancillary revenue) is ALL the Glazers want to account for. Each year of Bucs’ football and stadium activities pays for each year of expenses. PERIOD. Plus it also accomplishes, NO DEAD MONEY (if you happen to have to cut a player unexpectedly) principle almost entirely, with that accounting behavior.

    Case in point….the Eagles, and how Howie Roseman conducts the constant restructuring’s to fit additional FA’s in or trades like DJax.

    Case in point….the Saints just re-worked Brees’ contract again for the 3rd time in 5 years, to gain an additional $10.8 million in cap space THIS MORNING, to fit Ziggy Ansah DE (likely cause visit today) under the cap, and Latavius Murray’s contract also. Ansah is upgrading from Alex Okafor last year.

    Case in point….the Rams and how Les Snead constantly fits additional people under their cap in restructurings…to make it to the Super Bowl!!

    Simply put, this accounting behavior is an ANTI-COMPETITIVE philosophy, that only results in an opportunistic 1-2 year window every 5-7 years or so. And yes, it is fortuitous in coaching/GM changes cause the books are clean for the next regime—still no excuse!

    Because…..IF ALL this wasn’t exactly what I just laid out above…then Licht could restructure….DOWN TO MINIMUM SALARIES….

    1) Mike Evans $20 mill down to $3 mill or lower, w/ massive signing bonus.
    2) JPP $14.9 million —SAME AS ABOVE
    3) GMC $13 million—SAME AS EVANS
    4) Jensen $ 10 million—SAME AS EVANS
    5) Marpet $9.1 million—SAME AS EVANS
    6) Donovan Smith new contract—SAME AS EVANS


    Ask yourself this last question…..from that list of money above, if not cutting any of them except maybe GMC in the next 3-4 years, WHY THE HELL NOT DO IT?!?.. because cutting them early in the pro-rated signing bonues handed out is the only concern.

    Look at how much more $$$$$$ we could use to be….COMPETITIVE.

    Gotta go talk to Greenberg, and the Glazers. I suspect if you look, at how Manchester United’s books look, you’ll likely find the same. They want each next operating year, to simply pay for itself.

    You’re welcome.

    Go Bucs! Land Quinnen!

  45. Billy_43 Says:

    Talk about shatting on yourself?

    80% of this board seems to do that when they walk into Walmart and see that Brand New 4K TV for $4,000. Sell the couch, kitchen table. beds and sit on a bean bag while they watch South Park. But a shiny bong to go with it!!!

    I mean when BA said they looked at the roster and saw TALENT everywhere, he confirmed Licht’s sales pitch to the owners. IT WAS THE COACHING.

    Now we expect BA to follow the crowd to Walmart.


    If Licht however is wrong he will never work in the NFL again. Last Straw. I agree.

    But NOBODY should act like this wasn’t the writing on the wall.

    In fact, I’m more impressed that this staff is backing up what they believe than anything!!!

  46. Bucsdelight Says:

    Justin Houston is still available, K.J. Wright is still available, Suh is available (I hate Suh, I think he is a POS), Ronald Darby could be gotten cheap, Golden Tate is out there, Zach Brown is available, Bryce Callahan is still there, there are a lot of folks still out there. Let’s get some signings done.

  47. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What’s with the Dee Ford obsession……only a 2nd round pick and $17 mil…..then we would find ourselves needing to replace GMC in the draft…..oh, that’s right Ed Oliver, problem solved.

  48. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Hopefully the difference maker from last season to this season is the coaching. While most people are hoping for new players to get us over the hill (make the playoffs), I am banking on the coaching. We have the talent to win 10 games this year, if not, Licht will be barbecued. This year is a freebee for Licht as it was his influence that gave us coach Arian.

  49. rrsrq Says:

    New coaches ✅
    New system ✅
    Maybe we find out how much Jameis helped Hump, more tha Hump helping Jameis, remember when Fitz was in there, Hump was invisible. So maybe we see Perriman thrive in the BA offense.
    Maybe we see Gholston thrive in a 3-4. Buchanan and Minter will be on the field teachers. I am tired of winning in the off season and our season is 💩. Let’s give it a chance with coaching, the draft and see who else becomes available prior to kickoff

  50. Destinjohnny Says:

    Martin must have been reading my post ha
    We have a train wreck of a front office

  51. Not there yet Says:

    You only need big name free agents because of poor job building roster or sprinkling in big name here or there to supplement the roster. What lynch did looks good in the short term but what he’s paying the quarterback also, short term fix that may or not pan out.

    Better roster won’t have fans begging for overpriced players. With a new coach see what the players we have can do before going out in free agency, licht made that mistake when he signed the linebacker from Dallas to be mlb then dude got beat out by Kwon. Smart to do nothing now.

  52. SammyRebel Says:

    You know what’s funny is the Bucs can’t win for lose, they’re doing the right thing, buildiing through the draft, waiting for the right guys to come to them at a good value, no more throwing money at guys who chase the check IE DJax, so why doesn’t everyone stop playing GM and let these guys who actually get paid for it do their jobs and just watch on Sunday, amateurs smh

  53. Doctor_berto Says:

    Gonna be so pissed when we take a MLB in the top of the first round. D line or trade way back

  54. Deminion Says:

    lets face it I had faith in Licht but reality so many teams have passed us that were terrible (Bears Browns Niners) I think he will be canned barring a playoff run. A lot ppl say the next coach Is on the staff I think the next GM is on the staff and that’s Arians… what you think @Joe

  55. Joe Says:


    You make some good points.

  56. Issaic haggins Says:

    Are you constantly above the mean line of the league , adding value or constantly below ( 2nd round picks playing like thirds ) , swapping a 7 for a 6th vs getting a third for Jackson Last Year !!! Getting a 2 Nd and a future 6 for McCoy last year of getting a third or 4 th this year !!! 10 negative vs 10. Positive value transactions/ draft picks is a value difference of twenty !! If you follow the logic , plus 10 wins more , negative 10 wins less !!! But for every negative transaction your losing another arithmetic mean to a plus organization ( -2) . Light has allot of negative mean transactions and also negative mean non transactions !!! BA HELP !!!

  57. stpetebucsfan Says:

    @ Buc’87

    OK you got me to smile with that post.

    If Licht is a moron, dunce,pick your insult…what does that make Belichik who had him as his college scout and then PROMOTED him to his National scout?

    FA’s are only valuable IMHO if you are a player away from an extended run to the SB. They are NOT the way to rebuild or reload. They are ALWAYS overpriced and something is wrong or their teams would not let them walk! Salary cap casualties are BS…great players…impact game changing players are never set free..their teams find a way to keep them. Does anybody here believe we are a player or even two away from a SB run?

    Overpaying for other team’s castoffs is a sure way to the cap hell we now find ourselves. IMO that’s the ONLY thing that truly blemishes Licht’s record…too many overpriced FA’s.

    As a college scout/drafter this year’s FA’s PROVE his value.
    He had a 4th round draft pick just cash in…he had a freaking undersized slow UDFA cash in with the Titans. That’s EXACTLY what you want…and to wear it out…”The Patriot Way” where Licht learned from Belichek. Find values in the draft and even UDFA’s NOT overpay high priced guys whose own teams for “some reason” could not(read would not) come up with the shekels.

    IMO this has been a GREAT FA season so far. Perriman is exactly the kind of player Belichik would take a chance on…awesome speed to replace the loss of DJAX…he’s not here to be a possession receiver…just to help keep safeties honest and stretch the field a bit.

    BTW I haven’t seen the “guaranteed” money in the offer. Perhaps I’m mistaken but there is no gamble here. Either he makes the team or he doesn’t get paid.

  58. MED215 Says:

    After reading, all week, about the admission scam at USC, it certainly explains how Ronald Jones can graduate from there with no basic comprehension of reading and writing skills.

  59. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Martin Fenelly is sick and tired of losing, and so am I.
    Tampa has become the new Cleveland of the NFL.

  60. SOEbuc Says:

    “Not rebuilding but reloading” makes BA and Licht look like a pair of jacka$$’s

    I want Devin White soo bad but now I feel a good trade back deal is a must not doing anything in FA. Like it’s been said, we don’t even have barely enough to pay our low salary guys. Seems like we don’t have enough money to fill a complete roster.

    Keeping GMC on is a joke. Maybe they can restructure him and saving him for picks.

  61. Loyaltotheend Says:

    When did Ford become “elite”? Guy averages 6 sacks a season…

    Licht is awful let’s face it. He’s been here for 5 drafts going on 6

    We still have questions at LB, Safety (both spots) CB DE K RG RT RB and a QB we aren’t sure is the long term answer.

    He also overpays for mediocre talent that doesn’t produce wins

    Other teams turn it around quickly in one or two offseasons but not Licht he’s on a 10 year rebuild plan

  62. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Well you’ve struck on something we all agree on. We are all sick and tired of losing.

    Where we disagree is the reason for that. D.R. and others have pointed out that we’ve changed coaching staffs/schemes far too often. The winning teams have the same guys in charge for the past half dozen years.

    But I also believe as does Belichik…who if you saw the morning nugget is at the freaking beach for the start of FA…that our desperation led us to try and fix those losing ways with FA’s who are always priced waaay to high. There are no such things as cap casualties…if a player is a game changer or impact player teams will find a way to keep them.

    Look at our losses…Kwon…waaaaay overpriced…great guy but not worth the bucks Lynch gave him even when healthy much less coming off an ACL tear….Hump…again a guy ya gotta love but not a game changer…NOT irreplaceable and NOT worth the money the Titans paid.

    There is no such thing as a “cap casualty”. We LET those guys walk because they weren’t worth what they were asking. It’s been the same for the other teams whose FA’s we sign. We are blessed this year that we don’t have the money to waste.

  63. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    So you are ok with giving up a 2nd round pick, in a draft with really good talent in that round, and a massive contract for a guy who had a good contract year and basically nothing the previous 3 out of 4 seasons??? Cut that trash out lmao! This is how mediocre teams stay mediocre. You sound like a spoiled kid who didn’t get the xmas gift he prefered. Booo hoooo

  64. Tbbucs3 Says:

    When is the ceremony where the Browns officially pass the torch to the Bucs?

  65. Widerightandleft Says:

    The pic where Swaggy Baker is humping a palm tree says it all,then again he may have just been using the tree to keep the heavy coin the bucs gave his worthless arse from falling down.No wonder we are in such bad shape with a salary cap.

  66. Stanglassman Says:

    To be fair Jason had a 3rd round pick lined up for DJax but Koetter didn’t let it happen. I get it he thought Jackson on the team gave him a better chance at winning and keeping his job. He’s gone, problem solved.

  67. BADMAN Says:

    This goes to show you that the Buc’s have piss poor owners that don’t know a dam thing about football, Please sell the team and move on Glaser’s and let us have new owner’s…thank you

  68. TonyC Says:

    Paying ( literally) for the horrendous short sighted moves Licht’s made over past two seasons. As a fan I’m sick of it. They better find a veteran corner, another safety or lb, and decent right guard. I feel like someone needs to hold Licht’s hand on every move. What the hell are they paying him for? Steve from Joebucsfan is the only one who’s been openly critical of Licht. Why does this guy keep getting a pass?

  69. Dan Says:

    Why can’t we just admit Jason is a lousy G M. Winston is a lousy qb and the Glazers since Malcom stepped away are lousy owners. Increased ticket prices in 2016 and 2017 on us pass holders while we choked down the garbage Winston and company gave us each week. We are a team and organization built for loosing. I feel bad Arians has to waste his time when we all k low what’s gonna happen. Winston throws picks. Jason can’t draft and Glazers don’t know how to fix it. Sad

  70. JimmyJack Says:

    This is a dumb piece that does little but unnerve fans.

    He mentions how the Colts are considered a contender without a bunch of high priced players. They were not contenders til they got better QB play. They didn’t buy their way out of problems. Why should the Bucs have too?

    No, let’s not try to rationalize things let’s whine and feed the kneejerk fans.

    I guess he would have nothing to say had we dumped most of our roster(which we could have done with no dead CAP hit) and gotten some big names………No you and I both know he would then start whining about how roster overhaul don’t work, cause we been through them before.

    You’ll never win reading this guy. He will always have something to whine about. No matter what. He whines when Tampa teams are contenders and whines why they are bad. I wouldn’t mind critism. That aren’t what this was. He didn’t say what moves needed to be made and who needed to be cut. That’s cause he don’t know and he knows he don’t know.

    Wouldn’t mind this writing if there was a shred of substance but there never is.

  71. JimmyJack Says:

    Isn’t he a Yankee fan too? All I need to know.

  72. JimmyJack Says:

    Dan I know what’s gonna happen. 10-6 that’s what we’ll do.

  73. Buc believer Says:

    Of course he took a pay cut he knows no one else wanted him! YAY Licht…. 💩

  74. Defense Rules Says:

    @Stanglassman … “To be fair Jason had a 3rd round pick lined up for DJax but Koetter didn’t let it happen”. Please tell me you’re NOT serious Stan, because what you’re saying is that Koetter held a bigger hammer than our GM when it came to personnel selection. IF it were true that a ROOKIE HC held more power in an administration than an EXPERIENCED GM, then someone needs to be fired … and it’s NOT the rookie HC.

    StPete … Being a very good scout doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a very good GM IMO. One job description is far more demanding (and much better paid I’m sure) than the other, if for no other reasons than the scope of responsibility in terms of team-building and salary-Cap management.

    The Bucs right now are in a VERY strange position: brand-new coaching staff with its own offensive & defensive philosophies but no money to ‘buy’ ANY top-level talent they’ll need to make those philosophies work optimally. Thus they’re relegated to ‘making do with what they got’ for the most part, although they might be able to make a FEW roster improvements. Hopefully though we can (1) re-sign several of our own key FAs (which we’ve pretty much done), (2) make a few mid-roster improvements (improve our DEPTH especially), (3) fix just a couple of ‘starting/key rotational holes’ (CB, OG, RB especially), and (4) then draft extremely well (getting at least 2 preferably 3-4 starters/key rotational players). THEN possibly an improved coaching staff might have a chance for at least a break-even season. Free agency has just started so we’ve got time. I’m just hoping that BA’s REALLY in charge & that Lichts-Out doesn’t strike again.

  75. Anonymous Says:

    The young players we “want to keep” aren’t exactly key pieces anyway. A slot receiver and a lb coming off a acl tear can be replaced easily. Buchanon and perriman might not have the same level of talent as the guys we lost but they can be productive players brought in on cheaper salaries and will give us options moving forward so we aren’t in this same situation down the road. As far as the front office goes I agree That there has been some whiffs in free agency and the draft but that happens sometimes when you go out and try to “win” the offseason every year and there have been plenty of wins too, especially on offense. Yes the secondary needs work but that doesn’t mean we need to overpay another free agent like we have year after year. We have some good young pieces we can develop into solid players given some time. I think arians can work with Winston and mold him into a decent starting qb. Add some depth in the front 7 a starting caliber right guard and a corner that can start on the outside opposite of Carlton Davis and we’ll have a decent team. We might be in for another rough year next year but I think we have some really good pieces in place and will improve.

  76. Phil Says:

    They could trade or cut GMC to pick up some cap room.

  77. Bucfan94 Says:

    The young players we “want to keep” aren’t exactly key pieces anyway. A slot receiver and a lb coming off a acl tear can be replaced easily. Buchanon and perriman might not have the same level of talent as the guys we lost but they can be productive players brought in on cheaper salaries and will give us options moving forward so we aren’t in this same situation down the road. As far as the front office goes I agree That there has been some whiffs in free agency and the draft but that happens sometimes when you go out and try to “win” the offseason every year and there have been plenty of wins too, especially on offense. Yes the secondary needs work but that doesn’t mean we need to overpay another free agent like we have year after year. We have some good young pieces we can develop into solid players given some time. I think arians can work with Winston and mold him into a decent starting qb. Add some depth in the front 7 a starting caliber right guard and a corner that can start on the outside opposite of Carlton Davis and we’ll have a decent team. We might be in for another rough year next year but I think we have some really good pieces in place and will improve.

  78. Wesley Says:

    Does anyone seriously think he’ll be around next season? They’re wasting another season should have fired him along with dirk.

  79. SenileSenior Says:

    Trade down and get White if possible then pick OL and DL for now and for the future. Otherwise take White at 5 and get the best linemen you can out of the picks you have. Then get the best available at other possible positions of needs/wants.

    I am with you rrsrq.

  80. 1sparkybuc Says:

    MLB is the QB of the defense. Getting the best one should be the top priority. The draft is stacked on the DL. I suspect BA will make Licht look brilliant.

  81. Anonymous Says:

    How does this man still have a job ? This horrible organization kept selling us that last years team was a playoff contender and just imagine if they would have traded DJ, Gerald, JPP, and Brate what the haul would have been. Yet this organization thought the fans were blind because the play on the field wasn’t matching up with the sell job.. How is Denard ( CB ) and others not a Buc right now and don’t get me started about Dee Ford. Cut Jensen and trade JPP now, so they can fill some roles. This team may win 4 games and once again will be at the bottom in the south and next year the Bucs will still not have money? Poor Malcom because his kids have ruined this team and they don’t care !!! Point black Licht ( who must have something on them ) still has a job and at least Gettleman got a stud safety and two picks. Poor Mike Evans deserves so much better and would love to see him finish his prime years with a team who cares !!! THANK GOD WE HAVE THE LIGHTNING

  82. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    •”… dumpster diving for the likes of Breshad Perriman.

    I hope that young man doesn’t read that. You’ll cause him to be scarred for life. 🙁

    •”Noah Spence, another crown jewel of the Second Round Club.”

    Damn, Dude! LOL

    •”… guys who apparently passed illiteracy tests and can’t read playbooks,

    OMG. Can you imagine if he failed it?? How the fudge do you study for THAT?

    I guess I’m just easily entertained tonight. Really, I’m commenting on old-ass threads that nobody but me and you are ever going to read again. Derp

  83. Brandon Says:

    We spend a ton of cash and win the offseason and don’t make the playoffs. Winning the offseason every season the fans come out and shame the team for that. Now, we sit tight and wait for the bargains and now they’re getting shamed for that. The Patriots have NEVER overpaid for a player… and when they thought they would have to they traded the guy. That is winning. You can’t win in the NFL when you are paying multiple players a disproportionate share of the salary cap. You still have to pay 49-50 other players that will likely be the true difference makers when the games start.