The Ed Oliver Angle

February 27th, 2019

Maybe a DE?

Look, Joe has no issue with the Bucs drafting a defensive tackle.

Defensive tackles are critical to a strong defense. They are important pieces to a football team. But the Bucs already have two starting defensive tackles and to draft a guy at No. 5 and have him sit the pine or at best, be a part-time player, is simple irresponsible for a team with so many holes to fill with full-time players.

Take this Ed Oliver from Houston. Stud. But a defensive tackle. Bucs already have two of those, and good ones.

However, NFL Network draft man Daniel Jeremiah seems to hint that Oliver may have been misused at Houston and could very well play as an end in the NFL.

“Look, he is so dynamic and so explosive,” Jermiah said in a teleconference earlier this week. “And it’s frustrating to watch him because they play him a lot head up over the center, and you talk to some D-line coaches, [they say] when you have an athlete like that, they say, why would you line him up blocked. Let him get in a gap and let him get upfield where he can use that quickness and really be disruptive.

“I think he’ll benefit kind of from a move to that 3 technique full-time, park him in there and let him go. Some people, some teams believe they could put him outside and stand him up and see kind of could this be a Melvin Ingram-type player for the Chargers on the edge.

“He’s got some versatility to more around there. … I think [where a guy lines up] that’s becoming less and less of a thing. I think there’s so much of a premium in the quick passing game in the league right now that even some of these traditional two-gap teams, hold-the-point teams, you’ve got to find somebody that can get some penetration inside because they’re finding ways to somewhat neutralize what you’re doing off the edge. The ball is just out, you can’t get home. So even some of those traditional teams I think are trying to make it work with somebody that’s maybe a little bit undersized.”

Is Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles new age enough to be able to use three defensive tackles at the same time and have one play outside?

Joe just cannot image for the life of him that any NFL team would draft a guy at No. 5 and not want him on the field for 90 percent of the snaps on his side of the ball.

22 Responses to “The Ed Oliver Angle”

  1. Dave Says:

    The way I see it, they have Nasib and JPP and Vea and McCoy starting.
    They need depth, so D-line is not a rd 1 draft pick unless they land a top DE pass rusher.
    It really all depends on free agency but I see them going with a DB or linebacker, if they let Alexander walk and if they were moving to a 34

  2. MadMax Says:

    The great thing about Devin White being a converted RB, use his skills on Offense as such, in those goal line situations….not all the time, just when really needed.

    Oliver would be a great pick if we hadnt retained GMC. I was all for it if Williams wasnt there (who is probably going first overall, I see Bosa 2nd and Allen 3rd)

  3. cmurda Says:

    No. Go O Line or CB if said CB is Greedy. DT and even DE as it stands right now is not a dire need. This isn’t a rebuild. Our draft pick needs to instantly come in and make an impact. Since I don’t see Josh, Bosa or Quinnen being available for us and since there really isn’t a no doubt top 5 pick tackle or guard available, I hope for a trade down. A guy like Devin White or Jawaan Taylor could make sense after trading down a few picks.

  4. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Oliver would be a good option in a trade down scenario. Gerald is on this team until a Quentin Williams or Josh Allen fall then bam, he is gone for a 5th rounder. A lot can happen before we kickoff next year and I’m not 100% sure Gerald is going to be here.
    I think Stroud got played and was planted that info, he was just dying to get some kind of scoop since JoeBucsFan got the scoop on the Head Coach. This is still the season of smoke and why say your trading GMC and have everyone know you want a DLineman? Or why act like you don’t want him, making teams ask why they would?

  5. Bird Says:

    A lot of question marks with him on how his senior season played out.

    No question he has talent. Just not at 5? Trade down yes .
    I like devin white more and more each day.

    Especially since they wonder if Beckwith injury may be career ending
    And Kwon coming off Acl and missing games since he has been in league and wanting big bucks for a guy that just seems ehhh. Kwon makes way to many mistakes.

    White is compared to Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis. That’s good company. For those who haven’t watched …..put on his YouTube highlights. Watch him blitz up the middle. He is filthy for a guy his size.

  6. teacherman777 Says:

    Top 5 pick is only worth a DT, DE, LT, or QB.

    We need another DT.

    I want an elite 4 man DT group.

    I say we build scary depth on the d-line.

    I want 8 killers on the d-line.

  7. Bruce Blahak Says:

    It should be a “best player available” pick as it should always be….time to think long term success…Bucs have been in a quick fix mode forever….build a damn team with drafting and player development..

  8. Joeypoppems Says:

    Ed Oliver was misused at Houston because he played NT. He should be a 3-Tech in the NFL, I agree with DJ there.

    Idk if moving him to DE just to get him on the field is a good idea. Just draft a DE at 5 in that case

  9. ncbucsfan Says:

    3-tech is assuming a 4-man front primarily in nickel, which we run 70% of the time so he’d be valued there. The question is can he play a 5technique in a base 3-4 (JJ Watt, Aaron Donald role). Then he would be considered a DE. Him, Vea, and GMC in a base 3-4!!! I can see that. Nassib played some 5-tech with the Browns. We’d need Edge-rushers still because JPP is our only Edge-rusher (unless Bowles can get Noah Spence going). Lavonte is NOT an Edge guy as I’ve seen stated on here before. Free agency will dictate whether Oliver is a target or not. If we don’t bring in some secondary help, Safety and Corner, or Oline starters, the Dline will not be a 1st rd pick.

  10. BucEmUp 7 Says:

    Here is the good news, no matter who the bucs draft they finally have a proven defemsice staff and we.dontnhave tonworry about losing bowles as hr probably wont get another shot at head coach.

    Canr wait to see if noah spence makes the team and plays up tonhis second round value. Guy should be playing olb.

    What are this guys measurables???

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Which would help the Bucs more this year … a DE, MLB or Tackle? IMO, there’s only one correct answer: YES.

    For those advocating that we draft BPA at #5, play the ‘What If’ game for a second. What If the BPA is a TE or a WR or a Center or a QB or a Safety? Is THAT what you spend your precious #5 pick on when right now you desperately NEED a MLB, Tackle and DE? Right now Bucs have no LT, no MLB on the roster, and BOTH are critical positions. We’ve got JPP & Nassib at DE and that’s really about it. Which puts us one injury away from having 1 DE. Sorry, but that’s NOT how championship teams get built IMO, although it’s precisely how our current & past GMs have tried to build this team. The results speak for themselves.

    Bucs NEED quality players at EVERY starting position. We NEED quality key rotational players at certain positions. And quality depth sure would be nice, for a change. We’re strong at some positions right now, average at some others, and woefully deficient at several others. We NEED to fix those that we’re woefully deficient at on a PRIORITY basis … in either FA or the draft. And free agency comes first. Let’s see what BA & company can do there BEFORE worrying about who to draft at #5, IF in fact we hold at #5. Personally would really like to see a lot more articles Joe on what our FA options look like at those critical unfilled (or marginally filled) positions. Like Tackle, Guard, RB, LB, DE, CB & Safety. Oh wait, and kicker & punter too.

  12. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    How come all these guys are always labeled “dynamic and explosive”.

    And then when playing for the Bucs, they become labeled “soft and weak”

  13. old time buc Says:

    In this case I whole-heartedly agree with “Defense Rules” A lot said and a lot to take care of.

  14. OneBuc55 Says:

    Williams, Oliver, and White are my 3 personal favorite defenders in this draft…

    Imho the most overrated is Bosa, he has buyer beware written all over him…While being good players both the Bosa brothers seem to be very injury prone…As Bill Parcels once said, “the best ability is availability”…I’m literally praying we don’t take Bosa…

  15. 813bucboi Says:

    the bucs always make the mistake of waiting for a hole to open up before they start thinking about fixing it…..

    good teams are proactive….when they see a player on the tail end, they find his replacement, create good quality depth and let that replacement develop….Dee Ford is the perfect example…..was drafted in the 1st round even tho they had tamba hali and justin houston playing at a high level… was a part time player for 2 1/2 years…..during that time he provided great depth for when justin houston tore his acl and when tamba hali got put on IR…..chiefs didnt miss a beat…..and after being allowed time to develop, dee ford is one of the elite pass rushers in the game….mainly because he sat, learned and developed…..

    drafting Ed Oliver would allow us to make a smooth transition to the 34 defense if thats bowles intentions….if not, he would be a great pick for a 43 defense as well….his versatility would allow him to line up at DT or DE….and most importantly, he would provide quality depth and have a chance to learn from GMC and develop into a elite starter…..

    trading down and drafting Ed Oliver is the best move licht can make….your killing 2 birds with 1 stone….


  16. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Oliver may be a rotational player in 2019 but could be a full time player for 2020-2030.

    And I would think he would see the field a ton if he ends up being the pick. Nothing wrong with putting a line of JPP/McCoy/Vea/Oliver out there. THat sounds like they could wreck some sh1t for sure.

    Or in a 3-4 – Oliver/McCoy could play DE next to NT Vea.

    Imagine just rushing 3 lineman and still getting pressure; or rushing 3 lineman and having a delayed LB blitz while still having a ton of bodies in coverage.

    I’m all for Oliver personally. Ideally in a trade down but I like him/White a lot

  17. SOEbuc Says:

    All for a DT at number 5? We are likely going to pay a 31 year old that talks about Next Top Model to the other team when he gets in his stants $13 million. We could of got one of any of many stud rookie DTs that are much younger, faster, and more athletic. Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, Jeffery Simmons, Dexter Jackson. But no. Devin white at number 5 needs to be the pick and they’d be very dumb not to do it in a 3-4 hybrid with a LB corp that has nothing but guys with serious injuries in their past.

  18. SOEbuc Says:


    I would be down for Greedy Williams if we traded down and missed Devin White. We desperately need big CB bad to fill in Grimes spot. I can already smell Jawann Taylor being a bust. If you’re going to take a olineman in the first you need to trade past twenty and get Greg Little or Cody Ford.

  19. 813bucboi Says:

    I can already smell Jawann Taylor being a bust.

  20. 813bucboi Says:

    I can already smell Jawann Taylor being a bust.

    SOE, your joking right?…….

    thats laughable….lol…you must be a FSU fan…lol…

    he’s the best lineman in the draft….can play RT and LT….LG or RG… better go do some research and watch the film….


  21. #1bucfan Says:

    I agree with teacherman777 we need killers on the Dline

  22. MadMax Says:

    813 Greg Little will be the bust of this years O line draft.