Jameis Winston Says He Told Himself To Disregard Coaching

February 14th, 2019

Leading up to the Super Bowl, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, put himself out there for the national media to probe his mind.

Prior to that, Jameis had stayed away from all national interviews since he was first publicly accused of grabbing a female Uber driver without permission and in an inappropriate area.

So Joe can only conclude that Jameis wanted the football world to hear from him. He wanted to answer the questions out there about his game and more.

A healthy chunk of what Jameis said left Joe confused, perplexed, stunned and/or head-shaking.

One question posed to Jameis by Tampa’s own Leger Douzable, the former 10-year NFL defensive end, was an inquiry into how Jameis turned things around midseason, specifically how he got himself right mentally to return from an October benching.

Jameis said it was all about self-evaluation.

“I had to look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘Hey Jameis, what do you have to do?’ Jameis explained. “And that was simply, ‘Get back to playing Jameis Winston football. Be yourself. Have that swag. Don’t try to be something that a coach is trying to get you to be.’ You know, you gotta go and be you.”

Well, that there is easily the greatest piece of evidence yet that Jameis was very down on his past Bucs coaches.

Also at the Super Bowl, he said now is one of the first time coaches have had his back and trusted him in four years, a take Joe found ridiculous but important because it reflects Jameis’ mindset.

As for Jameis earnestly advising himself not to be what coaches want him to be, well, good luck succeeding if you retain that attitude, Jameis.

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  1. Cgmaster27v Says:

    Well joe I believe he did succeed with that attitude.
    His play towards the end of the season shows that. You’re reading way to much into his every word. Actually, there’s nothing to read into here. Jameis is very clear. –Joe If he plays like he did the last six games, who cares what he thinks? Maybe he was not comfortable with what koetter was asking him? Either was 13 TDs and 4 picks during that stretch shows it worked.

  2. Joe Says:

    Well joe I believe he did succeed with that attitude.
    His play towards the end of the season shows that.

    Jameis didn’t play like “Jameis” towards the end of the season. He played neutered. Perhaps this post demonstrates, in part, why he was benched? Also, “succeeding” and playing pockets of good games in a season are two different things.

  3. miken Says:

    Jameis still sounds like a college kid, not a pro and very fragile. I think this was the 1st year people/ coaches have told him how great he is. When no qb has turned it over the last 4 years (not even Blake Bortels), you need to listen to coaches. When you get suspended for the same serious stuff you have been accused of in the past and your owners can’t put your banner up… then you have given plenty of reason for some not to have your back.

  4. Cgmaster27v Says:

    Well joe would you rather him play like the jameis with 4 TDs and 13 picks? I dont understand the whole neutered thing at all. We would all love consistancy from Jameis, that’s where he has struggled, but if those stats are neutered, then so be it.

  5. Pepsi Says:

    Well let’s just hope that winston was somehow feeling shackled in koetters system and that a new offense will make him more comfortable. Kinda hard to believe that considering both koetters and monken are among the best in the business for offense. But we’ll see

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I think there is no doubt any more that there really was a strain on the relationship between Jameis and Koetter. Not that it is some sort of huge surprise, but this pretty much verifies it.

  7. Joe Says:

    Well joe would you rather him play like the jameis with 4 TDs and 13 picks? I dont understand the whole neutered thing at all.

    Jameis was drafted, in part, because he was a high-wire act. The team had no intention of a drafting a Checkdown Charlie quarterback first overall that was a safe Alex Smith clone, which Jameis looked more like the final month of the season than a guy who could put a team on his back and carry them. Shoot, even Koetter said the Bucs needed to be careful not to turn Jameis into “Checkdown Charlie.”

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    There are a couple ways to look at this. First, that he might not have agreed with coaches.

    Second, that he refused to be coached…which is not a good thing when you actually think about it.

    However…I’m of the opinion that from his second year one, Koetter was trying to turn him into something else, rather than use his strengths. Jameis, for example, was more mobile his first year, and then suddenly he wasn’t.

  9. Etzel Says:

    Timid Turd Koetter with his terrified coaching tactics and Jameis were a bad fit from the start. Once he was promoted to HC, the timidness got worse. It’s obvious it started to get to Jameis, who became more tentative on throws this season….

    Heck, the whole mindset of the season from Dirk (in my opinion) was to do enough to not get fired. No risks, no burning desire for a title. Lets just kick field goals and hope their offense gets a drive-killing penalty. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  10. miken Says:

    @cgmaster… was there really anything special the last 6 games? Yeah he had 4 tds in the meaningless finale… also had a 54rating vs the ravens and a 62 vs the saints and couldnt put together drives. Just kinda managing the game, average and thats his best stretch in 4 years? Some flashes yes but nothing different from a case kenum type qb. Hopefully BA will help but he’s proven so far he won’t over come any team defiicencies… he needs a great o line, a great run game, a great d and great coaching to be good… what qb wouldnt be good.

  11. Bobby M. Says:

    He’s just a bizarre dude….always talking out of both sides of his mouth. One minute he says he cant be the reason we are losing with turning the ball over, the next minute he’s saying he was being held back and not supported by coaches.

  12. Guzzie Says:

    Winston is a child needing daddy’s approval, and throwing fits when not getting it, and now thst daddy is gone, trying to show everyone he’s a big boy after all, just shut up, he’s the worst when they get a little attention, acting like they’ve arrived after a couple of good games, talking all that family BS, your aka family will kick your arse out as soon as they find someone better, grow the F up

  13. Etzel Says:

    ^^ Never said he was being held back or not supported. Just that deep-down he knew that coaching wasn’t working. Sorry you expect players to behave like slaves and follow their (horrible) procedures until the end. But I want a guy that’ll do whatever to win, go find be a fan of an Alex Smith team.

  14. BucEmUp 7 Says:

    WHERE DA REAL FANS AT???!!!!!!!


  15. Buddy Says:

    Ummm what do you expect. The writing was on the wall everyone inside the building knew that Jameis & KLUELESSKOETTER didn’t like each other. Jameis wasn’t going to listen to KLULESSKOETTER after he saw the types of years the quarterbacks had at his previous coaching stops. Koetter had a snitch down in the equipment room telling him everything going on in the lockeroom. BA has already found out who to trust and who not too. The equipment staff and other support staff are the problem.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    My concern is: Will we really get an answer to the Jameis question this year?

    I certainly hope so……we will have 5 years and a #1 overall pick invested……Where are we if Jameis doesn’t improve?……Can you see Arians admitting coaching Jameis up didn’t work? Draft a QB in 2020?

    Maybe, just maybe we should draft a backup in 2019…..mid round…..someone not threatening to Jameis but someone who Arians can also develop.

  17. Cgmaster27v Says:

    Milken true with those 2 games but you cant did regard the rest. Those were 2 of the best defenses in the NFL to okay against with zero running game and an offensive line like swiss cheese.

  18. SB Says:

    THIS was my biggest fear when drafting him.
    He just proved he is un-coachable.
    Not a good thing.

  19. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    Goes back to what I’ve been saying from the beginning. Loser Lovie and Clueless Koetter paired him with a ZERO experience QB coach from the get go. Bajakian had no idea what he was doing. Jamie’s haven’t thrown the deep ball well ever since bajakian made him change his throwing motion. Finally getting ride of these clown coaches will help Jameis tremendously. We will finally see an offense Taylored to what out players do well. Maybe we will even see different plays other that HB Dive and tunnel screens

  20. Doctor_berto Says:

    Uh, the coaches were obviously clueless on how to coach him up so why would he listen to them? Did any player progress or develop with those coaches? no.

  21. Cgmaster27v Says:

    Joe 70% of his yards last year were air yards, thays not even remotely checkdown Charlie. Thays also good for number 1 in the NFL in air yards. In koetters offense everything was deep so not sure where this check down Charlie came from. You’re misreading what Joe wrote. –Joe

  22. 813bucboi Says:

    this isnt shocking…..lol….

    he ignored dirk in 2017 the last game vs the saints…..and won it despite dirk’s incompetence….that was a telling sign that he didnt trust the coaches and what they were doing…..

    it was obvious that winston didnt fit dirk outdated 4vert scheme….and instead of dirk adjusting he continued to try to force a square into a round hole…..

    he wasnt neutralized, he was tired of the incompetent coaching and playing for a lame duck HC…..


  23. Not there yet Says:

    So after the last benching he turned the ball over less than he ever has in his nfl career and your saying he has to listen to that pathetic coaching staff? Obviously it wasn’t working whatever they said but I guess if your pulling up the final stats on interceptions then yea your talking like someone who wasn’t watching and noticed he turned the ball over less. I like it because it’s a make or break it year and if he succeeds then a lot of the blame WILL go to dirk and rightfully so. We’ve never had a quarterback that anyone at the Super Bowl wanted to interview so if he can take his game to another level pay the man and lets get beyond the divided fan base

  24. Bird Says:

    Just goes to show you HE HAS BEEN ENTITLED his whole life.

    He has been above the law (Steven Seagal style). Getting married and having kid should improve his mentality …we should hope. ..

    “No risk it no biscuit “ sounds good but when you led the league in turnovers since you entered the NFL , that scares me

    No question Arians will get the best out of him. Funny he thinks after a few days and meeting new coaches and no practices that the coaching staff already has his back? In the meantime , Throwing everyone under the bus once again. Making more excuses. Pretty sure the past coaching staff and GM and owners and coaches and even players lost his trust when he lied about his previous Uber incident and even tried to blame the innocent driver for not remembering. Stay classy San Diego.

    Just how much better will Jameis be …that is the question. And will it be worth 25 mil a year moving forward

  25. Nate voss Says:

    Jameis is a very reactionary QB. He doesn’t read the opposing team pre snap just kinda wings it. Most young talented QB’s do that in the beginning. He’s fun to watch he will get it eventually and be great. The games gonna slow down for him no worries

  26. 813bucboi Says:



    players didnt want to listen to dirk or smitty…..neither one of them had the answer…..

    looks like tj ward was right after all….lol…


  27. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree….


  28. Lamarcus Says:


    Your taking everything what everyone is saying and brewing controversy. JW telling the truth and he should not be made out to be SMH at. This is pro football not political debate who is right or wrong. The QB said it. Joe isn’t here to censor the quarterback. And Joe isn’t telling Jameis what to think or say. But please don’t ask Joe to ignore what Jameis says. Jameis is a smart guy and knows what he’s saying.–Joe

  29. Cgmaster27v Says:

    Not sure what I’m misreading joe. You said he was check down Charlie, I gave you air yards. Now if you’re talking about his demeanor ,then absolutely, he was much more subdued. But even that I didnt mind , and I’ve been watching him since FSU. Look at rb catches and such, ours were way down at the bottom of the league. Maybe I’m just not getting what you mean by check down charlie,I just didn’t see it. He also seemed more accurate with the deep ball those last 6 games. Again, maybe I’m not picking up what you’re putting down here.

  30. tbbucs3 Says:

    Bye bye Mike Bajokeian!

    Also dump George Whitefield JW while your at it.

  31. miken Says:

    @doctor… seems Howard evans barber (UDFA) Brate godwin Marpet Smith and Hump all developed in to great player the last 3 years. I guess we will see how clueless Dirk looks with Matt ryan this year. But noone on the otherside of the ball didmuch.

  32. mike malarkey Says:

    disregard the coaching eh? great strategy

  33. Dre Says:

    Lol no coach had magic dust to pour on a qb and boom he’s elite … jameis is who he is and will always be that until he’s out of a job selling insurance for a living

  34. lambchop Says:

    So all those rumors the previous season of a rift between Jameis and Koetter were absolutely true. I think it all started with the way they handled his shoulder injury and being coached on Hard Knocks that he can lose a game for his team if he plays carelessly.

    The thing is, if Jameis plays Jameis’s style of football, there will be a LOT of head scratching plays and a lot of lucky athletic highlight plays. What it won’t be is consistently dominant football.

  35. Loyaltotheend Says:

    So he’s an uncoachable inaccurate turnover prone QB with a losing record who is one drunken Lyft ride away from being indefinitely suspended but the fans should blame the d, the coaches, the RB, the media, the o line, the mascot, Gator fans, Desean Jackson and the parking lot attendants for him not playing like a #1 overall pick…


    Kid just doesn’t get it

  36. doolnutts Says:

    LOL at people suggesting someone ignoring coaching is a good thing… That is how you get yourself fired and that’s for any position. Winston won the power struggle over Koetter with Koetter losing his job but if Winston can’t improve turnovers and W/L ratio it will be Winston who finds himself out of the job. Winston enthusiasts can argue in Winston’s favor all they want the day of reckoning is coming. Perform or be shown the door, period end of story. NO MORE EXCUSES.

  37. Bruce Blahak Says:

    He’s uncoachable, obviously. This is a big time failure by the Bucs in a #1 overall pick. Once this is realized (after another lost season probably) this team can move forward. The GM better have another QB plan immediately! This guy will never amount to anything. How many times does he have to prove this to everyone. This Bucs team is currently like the Groundhog Day movie. Same thing over and over again…

  38. Jmarkbuc Says:

    “He’s just a bizarre dude….always talking out of both sides of his mouth.”


    What he just said in that statement makes little to no sense, it’s like a circular argument. The Chicken or the egg.

    JW should not open his mouth, only bad things happen.

  39. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Joe, can we NOW agree to get rid of this guy??? Honestly, I can’t believe it took this long….

  40. Robert Says:

    I’m probably his worst hater, but I can’t hate on this. I’ve had boss’ that wanted it done their way or the highway, called me on the carpet etc., etc. (you know the real ass kind that tries to get you to quit so they avoid unemployment) I completely disregarded their direction and absolutely killed it. Was there 9 years, they guy was all praises after I proved em wrong, but I never forgot.

    Sometimes yu gotta do you. can’t hate on JW for this.

  41. IStillBleedOrange Says:

    As to Checkdown Charlie, I believe that Joe was referring to the “other” QB that was available to be drafted with Jameis. You know, that “other guy” that Koetter wanted? That other QB that plays for Tennessee and threw a TD pass to himself in a Wildcard victory over Kansas City? Checkdown Charlie is indicative of the type of offense the Titans ran, with the emphasis on power running, but given that Mariota was Koetter’s choice, I’m curious what our offense would have looked like with him at the helm. There isn’t anything wrong with Mariota’s deep ball, he just doesn’t throw it that often in Tennessee.

  42. Tommy W Says:

    Joe wrote:

    Shoot, even Koetter said the Bucs needed to be careful not to turn Jameis into “Checkdown Charlie.”

    So Koetter didn’t want to turn him into Checkdown Charlie, has him throw 50 times a game where they were consistently down, then proceeds to bench him for throwing picks. So yeah, when you are getting setup for failure then blamed for failure, I’d tune out coaching too.

    Koetter sucked, clearly didn’t have Jameis’ back, and supported a diva WR that was CLEARLY anti-JW. But listen to coach because he is trying to make you better, right? Nah. Miss me on that too.

  43. Bird Says:

    Loyalty to the end

    Don’t forget kicker

  44. J.T. Cross Says:

    This is why he will never get better. “Jameis” is lying, entitled, crotch-grabbing turnover machine. Up and down, but on average, the same every year. He will never be elite, and he needs to be some other team’s liability. In two years, if the Glazers fall for his schtick, he will be blaming former Bucs coach Bruce Arians. Oh, as I’ve said…he knows what to say, but at the end of the day he does what he wants. As we saw when he did win the NO game on last offensive play, and when he darn near lost the CLE game last year. A lone trucker will never make it in team sports over the long haul. Not as an elite QB, certainly not as a team captain, and not a respected person by his community, or in this case, even his fiancee. And no, his personal life is not off-limits. It helps explain the train wreck he is on the field too.

  45. BringBucsBack Says:

    Didn’t #3 have a strong finish in the last four or five games of ‘17? Was he following coaching then? Was Koetter to be credited for that strong finish since #3 gets the credit for the “strong” finish in ‘18, even though his more patient approach was a clear result of his necessary benching BY Koetter?

    There may be a better QB coach for #3 than Koetter but, who can argue that Koetter is not a good 0C? Does anyone believe that the infamous advice that Koetter gave is to #3 on Hard Knocks was misguided? It was sound and #3 resisted it, to this day, evidently. “Jameis ball” is sandlot football. He still is not aware that that style of play will not win consistently in the NFL!

    It’s clear #3 does what he wants to when he wants to, on and off of the field, not unlike a middle-schooler. I bet BA doesn’t whisper too long before he starts shouting!

  46. J.T. Cross Says:

    “Perhaps this post demonstrates, in part, why he was benched?” Yeah, it was Jameis out throwing four wreckless picks in three quarters of a very winnable game. If that’s Jameis, who wants him?

  47. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Is JayMiss “uncoachable” or just a knucklehead? I’ve always had serious doubts this dude, but now it’s gone beyond doubt. He has serious mental issues.

  48. AlteredEgo Says:


  49. TexBuc Says:

    Koetter did not trust Winston and Winston did not trust Koetter. Seems the best way forward was for each to go their own way. I still do not understand how Koetter thought the team was ever going to pick the coach over a number 1 pick QB who flashes greatness with his mistakes. This coming season WE will see who was correct.

  50. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:

    If Baker Mayfield makes this comment, then he’s regarded as a great leader who’s unafraid to play the politics in football. Now Jameis says this and he’s supposedly immature.

    Jameis tuned out Koetter, not coaching in general. He performed much better when he decided to take that route. Jameis obviously isn’t going to do that to Bruce, so I think his previous mindset is a non-factor moving forward.

  51. J.T. Cross Says:

    No question about Jameis Winston’s strength (one of them) being his evasive/mobility skills to extend plays. I agree, Koetter should have used that in his offense. At the same time, Winston is just as wrong for deciding to blow off the coaching…you don’t get to pick your bosses. You also don’t give you team mates, coaches, owners, and community headaches by proving in hour behavior off the field that they never should have drafted you. I don’t think the Bucs owners and GM ever wanted a gunslinger either…I think they knew that tendancy and expected Bucs coaches to fix it or channel it so where the risk of such play was better controlled. The sum of Winston’s play and collective actions and words are going to put him on his own island if he’s not careful. This looks a lot like Jeff Garcia coming to play for Gruden…with both just awash in praise and love for the other…and it ended….

  52. Bucsfanman Says:

    There very well could’ve been a major riff at One Buc. What troubles me with this statement is that there appears to be a lack of accountability on Jameis’ part. We are lead to believe that EVERY single problem with our QB was 100% coaching?!
    I’m calling B.S. to the enth degree! And people are just eating it up. It’s funny how nobody had an issue when we were the “#1 overall offense” in the league.
    Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very definition of what we call THE BLAME GAME!

  53. 813bucboi Says:

    winston isnt “uncoachable”….
    winston isnt a “knockhead”…..

    winston is not developed…..

    he’s been playing on raw talent since dirk took over….simple as that…lol…


  54. Tim Says:

    Ignoring coaching is a clear sign of a cancer in the locker room.
    You do not have to like your coach, you don’t have to like what they are coaching. But you do have to take that coaching and play your best under it, if the coach is trying to put a round peg into the square hole it will show and the coach will move on.

    But a player with this type of attitude will not succeed, this is a I know it all and do not need coaching.

    Hopefully Bruce can get through to him that the defensive backs are not on his team.

  55. Tony LA Says:

    Yep, churn the waters to cause controversy. I went and found the entirety of that line of questioning online. The context is very different and far less controversial when you listen to the whole of it. That is such a pile of nonsense, it’s not surprising you didn’t give specifics. Second, this is what Jameis said in context. Third, what’s controversial is anyone’s opinion. Joe found Jameis’ comments interesting and telling. Lastly, if this was BS, Joe would have heard complaints already from Jameis’ camp or the Bucs or whoever. No such thing has or will happen. –Joe

    We don’t live in a world of truth anymore, obviously. There’s no such thing as truth, just a bunch of points of views people choose to believe in.

  56. stvcl Says:

    I gotta go with Jameis on this one. I’ve felt all along that they were trying to make him into the prototypical NFL drop back passer and that was never his game. Turn him loose and let him make plays. Stop try to pound a square peg into a round hole.

  57. Bucsfanman Says:

    Tony LA- Can you give us the link?

  58. BrianBucs Says:

    Yep, back to playing Jameis Winston football – back to throwing multiple picks, turning the ball over, making bonehead plays, staring down receivers etc, etc, etc.
    Also back to being himself – getting suspended, lying, being Mr. Rah Ray Pop Warner guy, etc, etc, ECT.
    I hope that Arians and Leftwich bring themselves a Lot of Tums

  59. BrianBucs Says:

    Also, Winston is showing that he may not be coachable. Can’t develope him that way. Good Luck Arians. You are going to need it.

  60. Dubcity06 Says:

    Yall still inspired by this QB? Football not that complicated. Dont throw it at the other team, dont throw it up for grabs. If a coach tells you to do that, and you take that as “thats not me” then there’s a problem. Its called “well timed aggression”

  61. aceinthehole Says:

    Agreed, the dude is not Roger Staubach or Peyton Manning- he is more like Steve Young. What Jameis is saying is exactly what all of us on the outside thought: the Koetter/Smith regime was unable to adjust to the skill set of the players but tried to change the players to the scheme. Jameis is just being honest that he didn’t feel like the scheme was designed to maximize his strengths. The fact that he recognizes this and felt as if the coaches didn’t support him because he didn’t fit the scheme means he is uncoachable? This ain’t the Bear Bryant/Lombardi era- today’s players are intelligent enough to realize that coaching and/or a scheme isn’t working. Hard for anyone to buy into something that feels like a failure from the start.

  62. donuts Says:

    Winston is immature. It shows on and off the field. At this point, its indefensible.
    I am not sure what wand Arians is going to wave to change that but he will need some magic to turn this OL and QB situation around. Hopefully, Clyde can use drills to eliminate some of the mechanical failures of Winston’s game.

    Speaking of coaches, when I look at all of them incl. Arians…I believe Goodwin will have the greatest impact in 2019…Leftwich will be a very close second. We will see Goodwin affect when camp starts.

  63. StoutGospel Says:

    This falls under the …so what. None of this butting of heads or ignoring coaching is likely to happen with BA and Leftwich anyway. BA has way too much clout with QB’s and even Jameis knws that, plus Jameis’ favorable review of having Leftwich working with him now.

    Movin’ on…much ado about nothing.

    Go Bucs! Get Quinnen!

  64. Ryan Jensen’s Hair Says:

    Guys should say nothing at all. It’s just fodder for every word being nit picked by everyone. You’re never right with anything put out there. Just be silent and play the game.

  65. 813bucboi Says:


    I AGREE!!!!!

    not sure why folks are complaining…..its been evident for so long that was the case….


  66. Buc_The_World Says:

    Well so far Jameis has succeeded with every coaching staff he has had, so his tude comes from working with competent coaches. He can recognize when he is dealing with an incompetent one. Joe don’t act like you never had a boss that was not great at his job and you didn’t agree with things he did. Jameis kept quiet and played the game all through the season never once throwing his head coach under the bus. That’s a professional, so I’m not worried about his attitude.

  67. Buc_The_World Says:

    * Every coaching staff except Koetter’s

  68. Loyaltotheend Says:

    @Buc the world

    How did Jameis succeed with Lovie?

    Jameis has only had one offensive system and coach if you think he’s been a success here you gotta Credit the guy calling plays

  69. Josh Says:

    I dont understand why people think he played well towards the end of the yr. I get he had 13 tds and 4 ints but our offense was terrible…20 second half points in the 4 games before the last game COMBINED…..so do we not care how the offense plays because Jameis finally out up a good td to int ratio?

  70. oar Says:

    Dear raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies, you are the reason I have trust issues..

  71. westernbuc Says:

    His high-wire act ran thin after his suspension. What does it look like when he ignores coaching? The Bengals game. A complete and utter disaster of a game.

    Friendly reminder that Jameis being Jameis GOT MIKE EVANS SUSPENDED

    This just proves that Jameis is incapable of mental growth. He’s saying all this nonsense after he played his worst year. Sorry the coaches didn’t let you be “you.” But “you” get guys suspended, get yourself suspended, and throw the game away.

    Unbelievable. America’s Quarterback my a**

  72. Crack3rK Says:

    Stir the pot Joe. This is another nothing burger. They wanted him to lose his personality. He is who he is. Get over it.

  73. D-Rome Says:

    Joe is definitely not spinning anything here. Jay-Miss is an NFL veteran and knows how important it is to be measured in what is said and to leave no room for interpretation.

    This is just another reason why he will eventually not be the QB of the future.

  74. AlteredEgo Says:

    Is Patrick Mahomes a better QB than Jameis ?

  75. Couch Fan Says:

    a lot of people with reading comprehension issues or very little life experience on these articles or they are just reading what they want this statement to mean to validate their own hate, which is very common for Winston articles.

    The point is very clear. Our goofy former Coach wanted Jameis to be more like Mariota, the QB he really wanted, and not like Jameis. Im glad Koeter is gone and we have a coach that will allow him to play like himself again and not try to change him.

  76. AlteredEgo Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    February 14th, 2019 at 1:51 pm
    The irony in your post is classic !

  77. Jean Lafitte Says:

    The problem is:

    Jameis knows best

  78. Ed chase Says:

    He is not Americas QB, and winston being winston is eating his fingers, grabbing uber drivers and throwing picks. So yeah I understand why Koeter wanted him to change. But winston didn’t want to so he decided he doesn’t need coaching.

    What an idiot. Getting a new coach just gave him 3 more years. Yuk!

  79. AncientAsBuc Says:

    His previous coach lost him when he didn’t commit to him in training camp after the 3 game suspension. He lost Jameis and he lost half of his team. He let doubt creep in and ruin his team and that’s why Koetter was fired. One innocent sentence in response to a question, “who will be the QB after 3 games?”, and he said, ” we don’t know.” Well that’s when you lost the team and that’s when Jameis tuned you out. Maybe Koetter held onto his pre-draft thoughts about Jameis? Who knows but now at least the HC publicly likes him.

  80. Bculaw Says:

    In every Jameis article, some of this fan base will find more fuel for their hate if this guy, and others will find more reason to rally behind him. No such thing as news – just fuel for one side’s agenda or the other.

    What “coaching” was he disregarding?
    What does he believe “jameis ball” is?
    In what way did his disregard of coaching change his game?
    Of which coach was he speaking? Koetter? Bajakian? Whitfield?

    If this isn’t the biggest proof that JW is “America’s QB,” then I don’t know what is! He doesn’t move the needle. Love him or hate him, he IS the needle for Bucs fans!

  81. SnookTB Says:

    Same crap every year.

  82. Loyaltotheend Says:

    “America’s QB” is a bit much he moves the needle of Bucs fans but not nfl fans as he doesn’t win enough for most to care.

    Maybe “Hillsborough County’s QB” is more applicable

  83. Couch Fan Says:

    The irony in your post is classic !

    Said by the fool who literally thinks Jameis is our sole reason for losing. Perfect example of reading only to validate your own hate.

  84. tnew Says:

    Can’t wait until the season starts.

  85. Jaycee Says:

    I get it. When someone tells me to do something that I don’t want to do, I say to myself “ No way Jim is going to do that” I also say to myself, “Jim, why do you always talk in the third person?” I answer back, “Jim doesn’t know why, I just gotta be me.”

  86. Frank Pillow Says:

    The irony is Dirk was never Jameis biggest supporter (rememeber, he was in on preferring Mariota) and yet somehow got hired to do just that—support, nurture and develop him for long term success. I think there were small traces of poison in the well from the very start.

  87. AlteredEgo Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    February 14th, 2019 at 2:46 pm
    The irony in your post is classic !

    Said by the fool “who literally thinks Jameis is our sole reason for losing.” Perfect example of reading only to validate your own hate.
    don’t use big words like reading comprehension when you have none
    I give credit for the good games when Jameis has one…as I did the last game of the season….I am also critical of his bad habits and inability to make progress from the same mistakes and poor judgement he has shown since his 1st NFL pass…remember that one…Jameis is running out of time and excuses…time will tell and I hope he can show dramatic improvement leaving NO DOUBT he is the Bucs QB for 2020 on….

  88. SB Says:

    AlteredEgo Says:
    February 14th, 2019 at 1:46 pm
    Is Patrick Mahomes a better QB than Jameis ?


    That was a rhetorical question right?
    Like “Is having sex with Rachel Watson better than a sharp stick in the eye?”

  89. SB Says:

    AlteredEgo Says:
    February 14th, 2019 at 1:46 pm
    Is Patrick Mahomes a better QB than Jameis ?


    That was a rhetorical question I’m sure.

  90. SB Says:


  91. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Don’t know why you’re confused, Joe.
    Jameis lost Howard and DJax to injuries, had little running game (besides himself) a bad defense, a clueless head coach, yet he still played well the last 6 games.
    Whatever Koetter was telling him, the running game, DJax, we know he wasn’t telling defense anything, was not working, so why would Jameis listen to him anymore

  92. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Finally some words said about the clear tension between Jameis and Koetter. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a maturity issue, Koetter didn’t like Jameis’ reckless throwing of the ball so he rides the pine then comes back and plays more conservatively.

    One thing is clear though, Jameis can’t be Checkdown Charlie but he also can’t be the Jameis from before the benching this season either.

  93. Bob in Valrico Says:

    If Matt Ryan iin Atlanta is very happy to get Koetter back, then you have to wonder why couldn’t Jameis be successful. Lets all blame Koetter for headbutting an opponent,poking another in the helmet,and having to be restrained from going after a referee. Jameis frequent turnovers gave Koetter plenty of reason to not trust him. Should be interesting to see if there progression in Jameis this year.
    I have a strong suspicion BA will be in his grill early and often if he decides to shut out the coaches.

  94. Couch Fan Says:

    don’t use big words like reading comprehension when you have none

    Yet you didnt make 1 single comment that relates to what I said. Reading comprehension. Take your own advise. Btw, thats real nice of you to give Jameis credit for 1 good game. Im sure that took a lot out of you.

    My question is, if you are being fair to Jameis in your own mind then why is it you dont hold anything/anyone else as accountable as you hold Jameis? If you were then you would comment on a lot more than just Jameis articles….

    If you were, then it would be very easy for you to see/understand how awful the team around him is. Do you really think Mahomes would be as good as he was with a terrible defense that couldnt stop anyone? What if he didnt have that great running game he has?…. Common sense for the win!

  95. SB Says:

    C’mon Couch. Mahomes is eons ahead of Jameis in every facet of the position.

    Ask 100 NFL types if they would rather build a team around JW or Mahomes.

    You would certainly get a lot of chuckles but you wouldn’t get one of them to pick JW.

  96. Couch Fan Says:

    I never said he wasnt a better QB than Jameis. Come on guys. Read a little bit. I simply asked a question. Would Mahomes be the same QB without a decent defense and running game? Simple question. Doesnt imply anything about Jameis.

  97. AlteredEgo Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    February 14th, 2019 at 4:05 pm
    I never said he wasnt a better QB than Jameis.

    Mahomes will become the Tiger Woods of the NFL
    Jameis is well on his way to become the John Daly of the NFL
    Both Mahomes and Jameis will sign new contracts next year….and they will be no where close in dollar amount….and then there is the gravy of endorsements….Does Jameis even have any ?

  98. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I love it!

    No coincidence he starts being himself and his turnovers cut down. Hmmm.. kinda like when Dirk left Atl, Matt Ryan wins MVP and goes to the super bowl.

    Thank god Dirk is back in Atl, subtraction by addition in our division!!!

  99. SB Says:

    The Chiefs had one of the worst Defenses in the NFL. Yes they had a better run game but that is mostly because other teams were scared to death of the Surgeon like precision of a kid that threw 50 TDs in his first season as a starter.

    Comparing Mahomes to JW isn’t even like comparing apples to oranges because at least they are both fruit.
    More like apples to broccoli.

  100. Couch Fan Says:

    Overall yes, they were a bad defense. However, KC Defense is #1 is sacks with 52, #11 in Ints. As opposed to our Defense which was #21 and #27. Look at all the stats not just the ones that help your argument. Their running game was better than ours to. You can attempt to justify that however you wish but the only fact is that it was better than ours.

    And its quite funny you two are still stuck on comparing the 2 QBs. I have not said anything about comparing them. Its quite clear Mahomes is a much better QB also on a much better team with superior coaching.

  101. oar Says:

    Boy glad Koetter wasn’t coaching Jameis when he had those record 2 consecutive years for throwing 4,000 yards and single season touchdown record.

  102. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    When you’re THAT TALENTED, who needs a freaking coach??? RIGHT??? Since when is this a TEAM game??? …..smh

  103. Defense Rules Says:

    @Bob in Valrico … “I have a strong suspicion BA will be in his grill early and often if he decides to shut out the coaches.” Exactly Bob. Why in heaven’s name ANY NFL QB would be so dumb as to tell the media ‘Yup, I tuned out my coaches last year’ is way, way, way beyond me. Jameis just burned the ‘Trust Bridge’ with every coach that he’ll ever has from here on out.

  104. SB Says:

    Definitely agree with your last post Couch.
    Not trying to start ish. Just very frustrated after being a life long Gator fan and alum that completely supported the JW drafting even though my FSU buddies didn’t like it. Heading into his fifth yr as a “Franchise QB” he hasn’t proved Anything to prove me right. At best he is an average QB that has some Spectacular highs and Incredible lows. These feathers stuck in my teeth don’t taste good.

  105. SB Says:

    And OF Course the running game will be better when the passing game is so good.
    I mean it is chicken or the egg when it comes to really good offenses. IMO the Patriots run game would stink if it weren’t for the fear Tom Brady strikes into defenses. They can Never completely commit to the run with that dude under center. Look at the Chiefs before Mahomes then After he took the reigns.
    Night and Day bro.

  106. D1QB Says:


    Sacks are not the offset or evidence that the chiefs were better. The fact is they gave up more yds via the pass, more TD s via the pass, more rushing yards and more rushing TD’ s. Yes, the chiefs had more sacks but that didn’t stop team’s from racking up more passing yds and rushing yrs than the Bucs Defense who had less sacks.

    I didn’t mention interceptions because some Buc Fans believe ints are not a deciding factor in wins or losses.

    The Chiefs rushing attack was better than the Bucs by 20yds a game avg. If you factor in the Bucs offense often abandoned the run game early, the 20yds is not statistically significant.

  107. AlteredEgo Says:

    Dwayne Haskins will be creeping into the conversation between BA & Licht after the Bucs start OTAs 1 April after seeing Jameis up close and personal… the kid has GREAT downfield accuracy…

  108. D1QB Says:


    I ran across this article here’s what I thought you may find interesting.

    “Winston has completed more passes (939), gained more passing yards (11,636) and thrown more passing touchdowns (69) before his age 24 season than any quarterback in NFL history.

    Yeah, but …

    No one has played in more games (45) before his age 24 season, so of course Winston would lead in completions, yards and touchdowns.

    Here’s what happens when we use games played as the qualifier: In 45 games, Ryan Tannehill had more completions. In 45 games, Kirk Cousins had more passing yards. In 45 games, Andy Dalton had more passing touchdowns.

    As for Mariota, he has led more fourth-quarter comebacks and won more games than Winston. He’s even won a playoff game, leading the Titans back from a 21-3 deficit to beat the Chiefs in January. That’s the most important thing.”

  109. D1QB Says:

    Koetter preference for Mariota was based on his film reviews of both QB s. He was give this task by lovie , compare film, and before the combine, before the pro days and before interviews , Koetter stated He preferred Mariota.

    If you consider their final seasons, it’s not unreasonable to come to the same conclusion, if film is your only discretionary tool. I don’t agree, but I understand how someone could arrive at a different opinion.

    Going into last year, the difference in their stat lines( 1-18)


    60.8. 7.5 4.5 2.8 87.2


    61.8. 7.4 4.6 2.7 88.6

  110. T REX Says:

    The Winston knob slobberers are in full tilt.

    Wow, you folks are in for one rude awakening.

  111. WalkdaPlank Says:


    Exactly, except the Jameis Mob spins it as if he’s putting up the best numbers to start a career ever in the history of football.

    However, I do not believe that Mariota is better than Winston.

  112. Marlow Says:

    Bad decions in personal life, bad decisions in public, bad decions on the field…. let’s make him our franchise QB.

  113. BucsFIRE Says:

    ^^ Yes Marlow, nothing like bad “decions”. LOL

    He IS our franchise QB, and rightfully so.
    He has been a model citizen for years now, and it’s time for you to let it go.

  114. WC Says:

    I wish he had looked in the mirror and told himself to play good football not Jameis football. He is very talented (duh!) and thus far incapable of putting together a complete season in the NFL. He’s had some memorable plays and games. All that talent will get him 3rd, 4th and 5th chances… I hope he goes off and realizes his potential. All the fanboys slobbering over his “accomplishments” to date need to raise their expectations for Ws/playoffs and quit making excuses for JW. The good news is that he’s not Tannehill, Bortles or Dalton… the bad news is that he may not be Goff, Wentz, Trubisky or Mayfield either (although one or more may not be as good as their teams currently hope).